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Monday, November 18, 2002

Aaron comes into the room just as Lucy comes out of the shower, then a few minutes later Aaron comes in fresh from the shower. Lucy takes off her robe and tells Aaron that she wants to make love. Aaron hesitates and says that he doesn't want their first time to be a compromise, and he reassures her that he thinks about her all the time. Aaron says that he believes that they will have their time together, and that someday things will be the way they are supposed to be. Just as the two of them kiss, Alison bursts into the room with takeout food, and suggests that their next stop be Virginia Commonwealth, where they can get another car.

Mike tells Carly that it is just a matter of time before Molly discovers that Mike and Carly slept together. Mike tells Carly that Rosanna guessed that the two of them who slept together. Carly asks Mark to watch Parker for a while, so that she can see if she can make some headway with Henry.

Emma brings a pie to Katie and Simon, and she asks the two of them to tell her what they found out about Aaron. Carly arrives and asks Katie to help her muzzle Henry. In the other room, Emma tells Simon that she has discovered something about the fire that she thinks will help Aaron. Emma says that her neighbor saw smoke coming out of the barn before Aaron drove up in the truck. Emma professes her trust in Aaron.

When Carly returns to Mike and Parker, Mike leaves his yellow hard hat with Parker.

After Isaac decks Marshall Travers, Marshall picks himself up off the floor and tells him that he is just trying to warn him that Bonnie is in trouble. Bonnie runs up and tells Isaac that she is going after James Stenbeck. Isaac warns Bonnie about Stenbeck and orders her to stay away from Stenbeck., but offers to help Bonnie when she insists on continuing her pursuit . Jessica arrives and tells Bonnie that she is not going to tell Ben about the tape of her and Marshall, because she thinks that James Stenbeck is satisfied now that Paul is in jail. Bonnie and Jessica discuss how hard it is that Jessica has always seemed to be perfect, and so she has a hard time admitting that she is human and makes mistakes. Jessica advises Bonnie that she also should accept Isaac just as he is without trying to change him. Bonnie goes to Isaac and he tells her how much she has improved his life

In Will's hospital room, John asks Barbara why it is so important for her to live with him specifically. Barbara tells John that she wants James to think that she is in love with John, and that they are together. Barbara tells John that James wants her to be a willing partner, and she admits that she had been a devoted wife to James, in every way, when they were in Singapore. John had been tempted by Barbara, but when he finds out that he was just a means for her to get away from James, he is angry. Barbara asks John to forgive her and to help her fight James, to keep her from losing herself altogether. The two of them agree to work together, then share a passionate kiss.

From his jail cell, Paul asks James what he can do to help Bonnie. James gloats that he loves seeing Paul behind doors, impotent. Paul offers to do anything for James if he will leave Bonnie alone. James tells Paul, "I want what I have always wanted. I want your mother." He wants Paul to convince Barbara to go back to James. Paul refuses to consign his mother to a life with Stenbeck. James says that Barbara has a capacity for greatness that only he can unleash and "allow her to soar, unfettered, ferocious." Paul refuses and warns John that they come from the same DNA and that he will never stop trying to get Stenbeck - John will have to kill him. John replies with a sneer, "As you wish, son."

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Jack and Carly learn from John that the paternity test proved that Jack is the father of Julia's baby. A vindicated Julia demands an apology from Jack, while John comforts a distraught Carly. Later, Julia overhears her doctor tell Carly and Jack that he has no intention of letting Julia go free and is planning to have her re-institutionalized.

Katie warns Henry that if he continues doing business with Rosanna, she will dredge up the history of his past criminal offenses. Later, a reluctant Henry meets with Rosanna. She gives him a pen with Mike's fingerprints on it to compare against the prints on the glasses from the night of Mike and Carly's fling.

After receiving yet another offer on Jake's penthouse, Molly seriously considers putting it up for sale. Holden comes over to help Molly pack up Abigail's things and they both commiserate about missing Abigail and Aaron. Later, when Mike encourages Molly to sell the penthouse, she misunderstands his motivations and thinks he wants her to move in with him.

Alison agrees to allow film students at Virginia Commonwealth University videotape her telling her runaway story. Lucy and Aaron realize they could be caught if the students sell the tape of their story to the media. Aaron, Lucy and Alison then devise a plan to steal the tape and drive off. Meanwhile, Holden is thrilled when Simon tells him that Emma's neighbor may have information to help Aaron's case. Recap --->

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Margo, Jessica and Bonnie arrive at the hotel room where Brandy was killed. Paul arrives in handcuffs led by a police officer. Jessica explains that she got a court order to temporarily release Paul so he could help them reenact the night of the murder. Paul sees Bonnie and doesn't want her involved, but Jessica says that Bonnie is a material witness. They begin to go over that night's events. Paul remembers feeling drugged and seeing James taunt him. He heard the door slam, then fell to a chair. He saw James and shot twice, but he never saw Brandy. Margo says there was a third shot – the one that killed Brandy. Bonnie has a theory. She says that Brandy was also drugged and was kept in the closet. Once the two shots were fired, James got Brandy and placed her on the floor, shot Paul's gun killing Brandy, then escaped out of the window. Bonnie says she can prove her theory because she has a witness that saw James at the hotel the night of the murder. Paul makes Bonnie promise not to underestimate James. He says that his father is capable of anything and that Bonnie is extra vulnerable. Bonnie asks, "Why because I'm a woman?" Paul replies, "Because you're important to me." He tells her she is "a friend, a real friend." He hasn't even told Rose what has been going on because he doesn't want her to come back to Oakdale and be in danger.

Marshall is outraged to find out that Paul is released. He rushes over to the hotel and Jessica explains to him that the release is only temporary. He yells at Margo and she tells him that he is rushing to prosecute without all of the facts. Marshall says that Paul already gave a statement but Margo says he was drugged at the time. She says there was a second gunman that night. Marshall says that Paul Ryan will go to trial for murder and he will be convicted.

Mike and Molly have a misunderstanding. She thought he was asking her to move in but he was only offering storage space. He says he still loves her but he doesn't think they are ready to live together yet.

Jack is adjusting to fatherhood now that Julia's doctor told him that Julia will be locked up. Jack wants to re-arrange Parker's room to accommodate little Jackie too. Carly is getting upset and Jack says that they can't let the baby come between them. Carly says, "It already has." Jack believes that Julia won't bother them, but Carly says that Julia will fight them even from a padded cell. Carly knows she is pulling away, but she is afraid to open her heart to the baby because Julia will use that to destroy them.

Jack goes over to Molly's place to get some of the twins' things. Molly and Jack talk and he offers his support to Molly who feels bad about her misunderstanding with Mike. Meanwhile, Mike and Carly talk. Mike says he is confused by his own actions and wonders why he is pulling away. Carly asks Mike if he is pulling away because of his guilt. She tells Mike it was only one night and not to let it destroy his relationship with Molly. She then asks if he ever thinks about that night with anything but guilt. Mike says he won't ever regret it. They hug and Rosanna walks right in. She says she is there to give them "fair warning because the ‘you know what' is going to hit the fan." She introduces them to Henry – her gumshoe – and says she wants to show the world that they are both frauds. She says she has evidence that they made love the night before Carly's wedding.

At Java Underground, Bonnie walks in and sees a man's jacket. Then the lights go out and she hears a noise. She grabs a flashlight and turns around to see James Stenbeck. She is terrified. Meanwhile, Isaac is driving and realizes that something is wrong with his brakes.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Rosanna is ready to bust Carly and Mike for sleeping together the night before Carly and Jack got married. Henry has some bad news for Rosanna. He tells her that the fingerprints on the glass were Craig's not Mike's. Rosanna gets upset with Henry and tells him to wait on the front porch for her. Carly tells Rosanna that she did not sleep with Craig. Rosanna says that she knows it wasn't Craig because Craig was out of town that night. Rosanna tells them that she knows that they slept together because she can see the way they look at each other when they meet up with each other. She tells them that when they get together bad things happen and it's not fair and it's not right and she won't let it happen again. Rosanna walks out leaving the door open. Carly goes over and closes the door and turns to Mike and says, "She's crazy." Mike says, "Maybe not." He tells Carly that bad things had happened when they were together and they had lost a child together. Carly says that was the saddest day in her life. Then they realize that the things they had been agonizing over, Mike's problem with Molly and Carly being jealous of Jack's child, seem so small. Mike asks her what are they going to do about it. Carly tells him that she is going to give Jack whatever he needs and Mike says that he is going to go fix things with Molly. Mike suggests to Carly that they need to stay away from each other. Carly says that he makes it sound like they have a secret passion for each other. She reminds him that what had happened between them was because they thought they were the only two people in the world that night. Mike tells her that today Rosanna walked in and an innocent hug turned into ammunition. He says that they dodged a bullet today and he is not sure how many more they can get away with. Carly holds out her hand and says that they can still be friends. Mike takes her hand and says, "Always." Jack walks in the door and the two let go of each other. Jack tells them that he just came from Molly's house and Mike says that he has to get to her. Mike leaves. Carly asks Jack what was he doing at Molly's. Jack tells her about getting all the baby stuff from her. Carly tells Jack that she doesn't blame him for the situation they are in. She adds that it may seem like it, but she doesn't. She says that she has been so frustrated with Julia and it wasn't his fault that she climbed out of the woodwork. He tells her that it is all right and he didn't expect for her to jump for joy. She says that he expected a lot more than she gave him and she let him down.

At the hotel room where Brandy was killed, Jessica tries to get Marshall to tell her what James has on him that he keeps doing his bidding. Marshall tells her that he doesn't have anything on him. The only thing he will tell her is that James gets to you through the things you love most. Jessica questions Marshall further, but he won't give her any information. Marshall tells her that it is too late for him, but she can save herself and her family. Jessica says that she will not step down from Paul's case. She informs Marshall that she knows about him and Stenbeck and she is looking forward to standing in a courtroom with him to see if he will spit in the face of justice. She adds that she doesn't think he will do it. Jessica turns and leaves the room.

Isaac is heading to Java Underground and finds that his breaks are not working on his car. He swerves to miss a truck and crashes his car.

At Java Underground, Bonnie comes bouncing in and turns on the lights. Then the lights go out. She calls for Isaac, but there is no answer. She gets a flashlight and starts around the corner and runs into James Stenbeck. Bonnie screams. James asks if it is too early to get a drink. Bonnie tells him to leave. She yells for Isaac. She looks at James and asks what does he want. James says that he wants to know why she is so interested in his personal affairs. Bonnie starts yelling for him to get out. The lights come back on and she hears Lisa's voice. Bonnie runs past James and into Lisa's arms. Lisa asks what is wrong and Bonnie points at James. Lisa turns and sees James and tells him that he is not welcomed in her establishment. James tells her that is not being hospitable. He picks up his coat and tells Bonnie that he just wanted to chat with her. Bonnie says that he is lying. She tells Lisa that if she didn't come in, she doesn't know what he would have done to her. James gets in her face and says, "I wouldn't hurt a pretty thing like you." James turns and walks out of the bar. Bonnie is very shaken and Lisa pours her a drink. As Bonnie is drinking her drink and trying to settle her nerves, the phone rings. Lisa answers and when she hangs up she tells Bonnie that Isaac has been in an accident and is at the emergency room.

Bonnie rushes into the emergency room at the hospital and finds Margo. Margo informs Bonnie that Isaac was lucky. She tells her that his breaks gave out and he wrapped himself around a tree. She goes on to say that his air bag inflated and that saved him. Margo tells Bonnie that Ben is checking him out and she points to the cubicle that Isaac is in. Bonnie runs into the room and hugs him and he cringes from the pain. Bonnie says that he is in pain. Ben tells her that he has a broken rib or two but he had a guardian angel with him. Ben leaves the two alone. Isaac tells her that the thought of never seeing her again would be worst than any hell. He adds that she is his whole world. She tells him that he is her whole world too. She helps him up to get dressed. As they are putting on his shirt, Margo comes in and tells Isaac that his breaks had been tampered with. Jessica walks in and hears that Isaac's breaks had been tampered with. Bonnie starts saying Stenbeck, Stenbeck. She tells them about James being at Java Underground. Margo asks what Stenbeck had said to her. She says that James said that he wouldn't hurt a pretty thing like her. Bonnie looks at Isaac and says that while he was saying that he was hurting Isaac. Bonnie says that she was warned, everyone warned her about that man. Jessica, under her breath, says, "Stenbeck gets to you through the things you love the most." Margo asks what she just said. Jessica says that it was something someone had said to her. Margo tells them that she is going to the station to prep for a little Stenbeck Q & A. Margo leaves. Jessica hugs her daughter and makes her promise to stay out of Stenbeck's business. Bonnie promises and Jessica tells them to be careful going home and she leaves. Bonnie tells Isaac that she just promised her mother to stay out of Stenbeck's business but she feels like she has left Paul out in the cold. Isaac tells her that she has him. Bonnie tells him that she doesn't want him to get involved or get hurt. He tells her that the first thing they teach you in marshal arts is peace. Bonnie asks if he is a peaceful man. He says that he is until someone messes with him or someone he loves. She asks what is he planning to do. He says that he is going to find Marshall Travers and James Stenbeck and even the score. Bonnie asks exactly what is he planning. Isaac says that he is going to find out where Travers and Stenbeck's path cross and then he will take them down.

Mike goes to Molly's apartment where she is still packing all her stuff. She tells him that she would rather just leave everything there and make a run for it with nothing but the clothes on her back. Mike says that he has a better suggestion. She tells him not to look at her with that guilty look on his face and ask her to move into the cottage with him because she won't do it. He tells her that he was wrong before. He tries to explain that always before, when he started to get to close with someone, he just felt like running. Then he tells her that his life is with her now and she makes life worth living. She asks what is he trying to say. He says that he is an idiot and he wants her to move in with him. She tells him that she doesn't know. He says that if she doesn't move in with him then he is going to move out of the place because it is too big and cold there without her. Then he begs her, "Please move in with me." Molly caves in and says that she will move in with him. Mike tells her that they will send someone to get her boxes. He says, "Now, let's go home." As they are leaving, Molly shuts off the lights and then looks back into the dark living room. She turns and walks out the door.

Jessica is at Java Underground having a drink and talking to Lisa. Marshall walks in and Lisa asks if Jessica wants her to get rid of him. Jessica says that it is ok; she will take care of it. Lisa leaves and Marshall walks up to her table. He tells her that he has been trying to get her on her cell phone. She says that she turned it off when she was in the emergency room. He asks if Bonnie is all right. She tells him that is an interesting question and why would he think that something would be wrong with Bonnie. Then she quotes him, "Stenbeck gets to you through the things that you love the most." She asks if he really did it. Marshall asks her what happened. Jessica tells him that it was Isaac, this time. Marshall asks if he was hurt. She says that he wasn't, not this time. She tells him that her daughter could have been in that car with Isaac. She adds that if something does happen to her daughter, she will hold him responsible. He says that he can't be responsible for what that lunatic does. She says that he can put a stop to all of this, but he won't. Marshall tries to get her to listen to him. She tells him to stop. She says that all the sudden she doesn't like the company and she gets up and leaves.

At the Lakeview, Margo walks in and up to Stenbeck. She tells him that she never thought she would say this, but she is glad to see him. He says that it is good to see his favorite detective. She tells him about Isaac Jenkins's accident and that his breaks had been fouled. She asks if he knows anything about that. He says that cars are not his forte. She says that it is time that they have a talk and how does ten a.m. tomorrow sound. She says that she will have the coffee just the way he likes it. He says that it sounds delightful and should he bring anything. She loses the smile on her face and says, "Yes, your lawyer." Margo walks out.

Friday, November 22, 2002

by Andy

Jessica talks with Margo about James' impending interrogation at the police station. Jessica thinks she finally convinced Marshall to prosecute James after she told him that Isaac's brake line was cut. Margo doesn't buy it and says, "Are you really going to walk through life holding onto the hope that this man has some kind of soul?" James arrives.

Marshall pays Barbara a visit at the hospital to plead with her to testify against her husband. She says, "James is misery to me, nothing more." Marshall tells her James crossed a line that he can't live with. He wants to prosecute James for kidnapping Carly, Emily, and Rose earlier this year. Barbara scoffs, "Isn't it a little bit late for you to develop a conscience?" Marshall calls her a coward. Barbara is afraid for her children's lives and her own.

Hal is packing his bag in a hotel room on the road, when Craig arrives with Holden. Holden demands to know why Hal is acting like a vigilante because he hasn't checked in with the Oakdale PD, or even his new wife Emily since he left town. Hal is on fire and says, "I deserve a medal when it comes to comes to dealing with your son." Holden tells Hal that a neighbor saw Aaron arrive after the fire was raging. Hal doesn't buy it. Craig tries to mediate, "At this point, what does it matter who started the fire? I want my daughter back safe." The phone rings, and Hal answers. Chet gives Hal some information, and then heads for the road without Craig and Holden. Hal wishes them both luck in getting to the kids first, but he warns, "Stay out of my way." Craig thinks that if he can get Margo on his side, maybe she can help deliver the same information that Hal is privy to.

Aaron and Lucy bring Alison to a bus station in North Carolina. Lucy gives Aaron the slip and pawns a key chain Bryant gave her to help pay for medicine for the feverish Alison. Aaron brushes a hobo away from Alison. Later, a police officer starts to walk around and Alison and Aaron pretend to make out to blend in. Lucy comes back with some medicine. The police officer returns and the three kids sneak out before they're discovered.

Carly and Jack arrive at the courthouse to testify against Julia. They want to keep her locked up in the nut hut. A nurse rolls Jackie's baby carriage up. Julia bends down and coos at the child that the judge will soon set her free. She adds, "Mommy is going to buy a house right next to daddy and we can see each other every single day." She looks up at Jack and Carly, then grins. Julia asks that Jack protect Jackie if she is sent back to the psyche ward. Jack says he'll protect the child..."even from you." She asks to see the baby alone. She brings Jackie up on her shoulder and whispers in his ear, "I chose you well little one. You may not be quite as beautiful as mine would have been. But you came through in a pinch. Listen to this. Do you have any idea how happy I am to get rid of you?" She gives the baby back to the nanny, and they all enter the courtroom. The judge enters the room and is ready to listen to arguments, but Julia's lawyer asks for a continuance because Dr. Weiskopf is nowhere to be found. Her lawyer also asks that Julia should be released until a new doctor can reassess Julia's condition. Julia leans back in her chair and looks triumphantly at Jack and Carly. The judge calls both lawyers into chambers. It dawns on Carly that Julia may have something to do with Dr. Weiskopf's absence. Jack leaves to search for the doctor, while Carly stays behind to raise hell if it looks like things may be headed Julia's way.

At Java, Isaac and Bonnie get the idea that Paul might know when James and Marshall first crossed paths. This can be a reference point in finding a weak spot in Marshall's armor. They head to the station to get answers from Paul.

Dr. John finds Barbara crying outside Will's room. She has regrets about wanting to include John in a plan to outwit James. She also regrets using Will in her defense in holding James at bay.

Marshall arrives at the station and demands to see James alone. Margo objects because if James says anything in private to Marshall, whatever is said will be under attorney/client privilege, and therefore would never make it to court. Marshall bristles, and interviews James in private anyway. In the interrogation room, Marshall warns James he's going to charge him for the kidnappings of Carly, Emily, and Rose. James scoffs. Marshall tells him that he has Barbara in his pocket, and she has agreed to testify against her husband. This grabs his attention, but James calls Marshall's bluff, "I don't believe you." Marshall presses further. He offers James a way out: either leave Oakdale now, or face charges.

The judge returns and denies a continuance. Julia says a few words on her own behalf. Carly jumps up and says, "Julia is a danger to everybody around her, and she should be locked up for good!" The judge scolds her for her unsolicited comment. During a recess, Julia walks over to Carly and asks her where Jack went. She says he went to look for Weiskopf and then accuses her of having something to do with the doctor's disappearance. Julia giggles and says, "Jack's already too late, honey." Carly is stunned, "What?" Julia says, "Jack may find Dr. Weiskopf. But it won't do him any good." Carly says, "Why? Where is he? Is he alive?" Julia clams up, smiles, and returns to chat with her lawyer.

Jack arrives at Julia's house and breaks the door in. Jack quickly searches the house and finds another locked door. He tries to get through, but Dr. Weiskopf is bound, gagged, and lifeless as he is wedged against the door on the other side.



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