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Passions Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on PS
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Mrs. Wallace has a little run in with Julian while he is in the bath. He remembers her as the person who "wet" his antique chair. He orders her out of the room as he gets a special delivery letter.

Luis and Sheridan as well as the rest of Antonio's "support system" gather for the big announcement. Beth rushes in and yells 'stop' to the couple. Antonio questions if they are hiding anything else from him. She makes up a clumsy lie about not being able to find her mother, which buys her some time to come up with a plan. Beth tries to get Luis and Sheridan to see that Antonio must be made to realize that they fell in love long before Bermuda. Beth says otherwise Antonio will think they were cheating behind his back. Both Luis and Sheridan admit she has a point.

Eve examines Gwen. Rebecca looks at Ethan and calls him a murderer. She accuses him of causing Gwen's serious condition. Rebecca also tells Ethan he has poor taste in women. She wants to know how he could choose a little slut like Theresa over her own daughter. Ethan then finds out that Gwen is planning to move to New York. Gwen is determined to leave on a plane for New York tonight. Eve says Gwen can leave after she runs some tests on her. Eve promises to have the tests sent to the mansion so she can work on Gwen there.

Rebecca breaks the "bad" news to Ivy that Ethan jilted Gwen again in favor of Theresa. Ivy vows she will not let Ethan marry the little guttersnipe. Ivy faces off with Ethan as they argue his choice. Theresa listens in on the conversation and hears Ethan stick up for her. Ivy point blank forbids Ethan to marry Theresa. Ivy tells Ethan it's her or Theresa. She says she will cut off all contact if he goes through with marrying Theresa. Ivy says it's her or me. Ethan says "So be it! I'll miss you but I won't be bullied!" After hearing this, Theresa is sure nothing will ever come between her and Ethan again.

Julian laments the fact that since Theresa moved in, there always seems to be white trash in the house, like that Wallace woman. Rebecca eggs him on in the hopes he will finally get rid of Theresa once and for all. She gets him to agree to giving Theresa a divorce and leaving her penniless. Rebecca plans on snapping Julian up, becoming the next Mrs. Crane and using all her resources to break up Ethan and Theresa.

Gwen is stunned to find that Eve ordered a pregnancy test for her.

Pilar goes to Liz and tells her she can tell Liz loves her son very much.

Luis gets photos of the wedding plans he and Sheridan made before their illfated trip to Bermuda. These plans will confirm the fact that Luis and Sheridan were engaged long before she met Antonio.

Julian gets Theresa to sign a document saying she will divorce him and has no claim on the Crane fortune. Theresa has no clue what she signed.

Gwen finds out she is pregnant.

Luis hands Antonio the book containing their wedding announcements. Antonio begins to look over the newspaper clippings. He says "I don't believe this."

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Chad and Whitney make love at the recording studio while Simone broods over her back stabbing sister.

Kay gives Simone advice on how to keep her man. Kay insists that Simone use hot sex to get Chad away from Whitney. Simone wants her first time with Chad to be special. She nixes the idea. Kay comes up with a new plan. She reminds Simone that Whitney needs to win a few tennis matches before she and Chad can announce that they want to be a couple. Kay tells Simone to sabotage her sister's next tennis match.

Antonio looks at Luis and Sheridan's engagement announcements and says he doesn't believe it. Luis tells him to take a closer look. Antonio replies it won't do any good because he went blind. He tells Eve he can't see a thing, just like the last time it happened. Sheridan falls apart. Liz watches in horror, blaming her sister for all that has happened to her and Antonio. Beth tells her mother that she is still in the game to win Luis.

Rebecca and Julian role play as they make whoopie. They are both thrilled that Theresa signed away her claim to any part of the Crane fortune. Rebecca starts to plan her wedding. Julian begins to put her off. Rebecca reminds Julian she can blow the whistle on his scheme that almost killed Luis and Sheridan. She throws a few more blackmail threats his way in order to make him agree to marry her.

Ethan goes to check on Gwen and to finally tell her his wedding plans. Ivy tries to stop him. Theresa intercepts her. They face off. Theresa asks Ivy to call a truce and at least be civil to each other. Ivy tells her no way in hell. Theresa then pulls the battery wires off of Ivy's wheelchair and wheels her into the bedroom. Theresa tells Ivy to give it up. She is here to stay. Ivy says she will never accept that. She refuses to let her precious son raise Julian's bastard.

Theresa gets deathly quiet. She orders Ivy never to call Little Ethan a bastard again. She says he has more right to the Crane name than most of the other occupants of the house. She also tells Ivy that she and Ethan will be giving Little Ethan many brothers and sisters. They can call Ivy Nana if they want. Theresa enjoys taunting Ivy and making her squirm.

Gwen tells Ethan that she is pregnant and assures him the baby is his.

Eve breaks the news that Antonio has very little time left. He could die as early as tonight.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Ethan can't believe the bombshell that Gwen dropped on him. She is certain that she is pregnant with his child. Ethan tells Gwen that they have a lot to discuss. Gwen can't discuss anything with Ethan now. She says she has too much on her mind and many decisions to make.

She does tell Ethan that her condition changes nothing. She also requests he not tell Theresa until she tells her mother. Ethan agrees. As soon as he leaves he runs into Theresa. She asks him why he looks so serious. Theresa explains that she "talked" to Ivy, trying to get her to accept their impending marriage. Theresa feels that in time she will come around.

Sam gets angry when Grace leaves his side to attend to John, who has a slight fever. He tells Grace that since David won't say he doesn't love her, they can't get an annulment. He begs her to just divorce David. He tells Grace that they can start their new married life tonight if she will only agree. Grace puts Sam off by putting John first. She gets annoyed with Sam for not realizing she needs to be there for her son since she was not around for him when he was small. Sam walks out angry.

Ethan tells Theresa something serious has come up and he needs to be alone.

Ivy has her disabled wheelchair looked at by the maintenance staff. The repairman warns Ivy that if the wires keep coming loose like that, the chair could go up in flames.

Ethan takes a walk to be alone and think.

Luis still insists on telling Antonio the truth. Sheridan is shocked and asks him why he wants to kill his brother. Eve tells Pilar that any shock at all could worsen Antonio's condition to the point of just killing him on the spot.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Rebecca hears Theresa and Ivy going at each other and wants to know what all the shouting is about. Theresa tells Rebecca that it is all over and she will be marrying Ethan. She tells Rebecca that ought to give her sweet dreams. Rebecca yells "NO!" and then tries to retaliate by baiting Theresa. She accuses Theresa of being stupid by walking away from the Crane billions. Theresa confesses that the money means nothing to her and never did, all she wants is Ethan.

Luis and Sheridan argue over telling Antonio the truth. Liz does her best to try to change Luis' mind over telling Antonio the truth. Liz manages to get Sheridan away from Luis to go and sit by Antonio. Liz begs Luis to have Antonio die in peace. Luis says that Sheridan is not a gift he plans on sharing with any man. Liz accuses Luis of being out for revenge. They go at it in a heated argument. Liz, fueled by her anger takes it all out on her sister Eve. Liz says if it weren't for her betrayal she and Antonio would be happily married and his life would never have been in danger. Liz swears Eve will be made to pay.

Connie and Cecil want to go out on the town and cause more mayhem. Tabitha stops them. She says she is in no mood to go chasing after them all night. Tabby insists that they stay home and read a book. They both look at her as if she was crazy. Tabitha throws a copy of Hidden Passions at them and tells them they will enjoy all the lies, deceit and sex that is packed in between the pages of the book. They are skeptical but try reading it anyway.

Connie and Cecil begin to enjoy Hidden Passions. Cecil is reading out loud. Connie gets turned on and attacks him.

Tabitha is sacked out on the couch as she is plagued with nightmares about naughty babies.

Ethan tells Sam about Gwen's pregnancy. Sam is delighted until he hears Ethan chose Theresa to be his wife. Ethan tells his father he doesn't know what to do. He confesses to his father that Theresa is is soulmate. He reminds Sam how many times Theresa put her life on the line for him. Ethan asks Sam what he would have done if he found out way back when that Ivy was pregnant with his child. Ethan says he needs to know what choice Sam would have made. Sam confesses if he knew about Ivy's pregnancy he would have never married Grace. Grace hears and is heartbroken.

Gwen smiles as she tells Ivy and Rebecca she is pregnant with Ethan's baby. The pair can't be happier. They plan on using the pregnancy to break up Ethan and Theresa but Gwen does not. Ivy and Rebecca cheer and clink glasses as they toast the news. They are both betting that Ethan will now ask Gwen to marry him.

Theresa stumbles in on Ivy and Rebecca's celebration. They take great pleasure in dropping the bombshell on her head. They tell her that Gwen is pregnant with Ethan's baby. Theresa says she does not believe it.

The babies get loose and run all over Tabitha's house. One of the babies runs into the Crane mansion and jumps into Gwen.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Sam's confession hurts Grace a great deal. David tries to take her home but she adamantly refuses. Grace feels that she needs to stay and listen to everything Sam has to say. Ethan leaves and Sam then sees Grace. He wants to talk to her and share the good news that his son is about to become a father. Sam sees David hanging around and gets angry. Sam accuses David of causing trouble for him. Grace tearfully tells Sam that she heard his confession to Ethan and how she heard Sam say he wasted so many years. She screams at Sam that he is allowed to feel badly about missing out on Ethan's growing up but she has no right to feel bad about missing out on John's childhood.

Ivy and Rebecca have fun tormenting Theresa with the news of Gwen's pregnancy. Gwen walks in telling Rebecca not to say anything to Theresa. One look at Theresa's face and Gwen knows that Theresa has already found out. Theresa questions Gwen if the news is actually true or is it just a pathetic attempt to cause trouble for her. Gwen half heartedly laughs. She tells Theresa that no one has to make trouble for her, she does a great job all by herself. She can cause trouble in her sleep, blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back.

Theresa reaches out to touch Gwen and Gwen recoils. She tells Theresa to take her hands off her, to stay away from her and her baby. The taunts become too much for Theresa. She turns away with tears welling up in her eyes. Rebecca and Ivy remind Theresa how just a few moments ago she was taunting them. Theresa calls them cruel heartless bitches. Gwen says to stop because she doesn't want to referee a cat fight. Gwen orders Ivy and her mother to leave her alone with Theresa.

Theresa accuses Gwen of trying to trap Ethan. She calls it all too much of a coincidence and says she will see Gwen if hell before she lets her take Ethan away from her. Gwen tells Theresa that she never had to resort to tricks when it came to Ethan, unlike her. Ethan walks in on the conversation and tells the two women that they all need to have a long talk.

Antonio asks his brother Luis to take care of Sheridan for him once he is gone. Luis stalls with the answer wanting to tell his brother the truth. Antonio thinks Luis' reluctance is because he is afraid his "love" Beth will be jealous. Antonio talks to Beth and assures Luis that it will cause no trouble in his relationship with her. Luis agrees to his brother's request.

Theresa panics and reminds Ethan that he can still be a big part of his child's life even if he and Gwen are not together. She tells Ethan that this news does not have to change anything. Gwen agrees. She tells Ethan she can send emails and pictures of the baby. He can fly in anytime to see them. Ethan asks what Gwen means by "fly in." She reminds Ethan that she is still taking the job offer in New York. Theresa even offers to move to New York with Ethan after they are married so he can see his child everyday. Ethan says it is not that simple. He says the pregnancy changes everything.

Antonio seems so helpless and pitiful. His blindness did not pass. Liz looks at him with tears in her eyes. She spitefully whispers to her sister Eve that all this is her fault.

Ivy calls David on his cell phone for an update. She can't believe her ears when David tells her about the fight going on between Sam and Grace. She is ecstatic to hear that Grace is crying over the fact Sam admits he should have married her way back when instead of Grace.

Grace tells Sam that up until now she was pretty good at fighting Ivy because she wanted Sam as much as Ivy did. Grace said that she feels like she got kicked in the gut by Sam. She isn't sure if she should fight anymore.

Antonio wants to let go of Sheridan so she won't be hurt by his illness anymore. Mrs. Wallace laughs that Antonio is handing Sheridan over to Luis on a silver platter. Beth looks sick at the news.

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