All My Children Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on AMC

Edmund punched David after seeing him with Maria. Aidan and Kendall grew closer. Brooke and Adam succumbed to temptation and made love again. JR and Jamie tried to give Tad a Halloween surprise, but Tad was overwhelmed with memories of Dixie. Greenlee attempted to cope with the loss of her husband.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, October 28, 2002

At the boathouse, Trey reaches out to Greenlee, who begins to soften towards him. The moment is short lived when reporters arrive and Greenlee learns Trey and Kendall retrieved Vanessa's diamonds and that Trey later used them to make a deal with Jack. Greenlee is disgusted by Trey and Kendall's actions. Greenlee physically attacks Donald Steele when he captures her tirade on videotape. Liza tells Mia she realizes her marriage is dead. After admitting she is lonely, Liza becomes angry when Mia supports her thoughts of divorce. Liza learns Adam didn't come home the previous night. Adam tells Brooke she makes him feel alive again. Despite knowing better, Brooke finds herself drawn to Adam. Adam returns home to find Liza waiting for him. Frank and Zeke's argument over Zeke's treatment of Simone nearly leads to a fistfight. Jake breaks up the altercation and defends Frank to Zeke while explaining that Frank lost his father at a young age. Simone confesses that her brother, Anthony, overdosed on drugs and has been in a coma for years. Simone believes Zeke sees Frank as a reminder of the son he lost. Simone tells Frank that Anthony overdosed while living in New York City.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Jake pulled Mia into the chapel and told her that she can't tell Frank he's the father, at least not now, because he can't handle it. She asked him why he's changing his mind and Jake told her how Frank ripped into Dr. McMillan, and that he has a rotten temper. He told her she has to be prepared for any reaction. Mia collapsed in the chair as Jake was called away. On his way out, she told him that she'll try to come up with a different plan in dealing with Frank.

Adam asked Liza why she was in his bedroom, and she told him that she was cold and she apologized, and she hoped that he'll forgive her. He was surprised, as she continued. She told him that she regretted what she said to him and she went to find him, but he had already left. When she came back here, she realized he had been gone the entire night. Adam asked her what she hoped to happen in his bedroom. Did she hope they would make up? His phone rang, and Adam picked it up asking "What the hell do you want?" Adam told the other person not to do anything, and he'll be right there. He told Liza that there was a problem at Chandler Enterprises that he had to go fix. Before he left, Liza asked him where he was last night. Adam responded that he couldn't sleep, so he went for a walk. After he left, Liza told herself that she'll find out where he really was, because she always does.

Chris showed up at his room to whisk Erica off to a romantic dinner. Just as she finished getting ready he opened the door to a reporter. The reporter asked Erica how it feels to know that the D.A. made a deal with the arsonist who burnt down her home, and he's the son of the man who raped her. Erica reacted in shock at the news. The reporter informed her that he just interviewed Trey down at the boathouse, and then asked her for a quote. Chris responded by shutting the door in his face. She ripped on Chris for keeping her in the dark, while he told her he was only trying to protect her. He agreed to never keep her in the dark again, and she asked him to wait for her in the lobby because she had to call Bianca to warn her, just in case reporters stop by and bug her. After she saw Chris leave, Erica put on her jacket, waited a few minutes, opened up the door, and quietly left the room.

As Trey ordered Donald to leave Greenlee alone, he began shouting about suing her, and he'll ruin her life for messing with "the free press." Greenlee ignored him and walked away. He started to follow her, telling her she made a big mistake, but David grabbed him from behind in a headlock and said, "No, Donald. It's you that have made the mistake." It didn't deter him, however, as he continued to scream about suing Greenlee, and how she injured him. David asked him if he was really injured, as he turned Donald around to face him. He applied pressure to Donald's nose and told him that he doesn't need any reconstructive surgery, at least not yet. He gave him three seconds to leave Greenlee alone, and Donald took him up on it. Trey asked her if she was okay, and she railed on him some more about stealing the diamonds, and told him that he doesn't care about her at all. David took her away, but not before telling Trey and Kendall to stay away from Greenlee.

Kendall tried to comfort Trey, but he told her not to waste her pity on him. He didn't care what anyone thinks about him, and he called himself a seasoned outcast. Kendall told him that she could relate, because she's always wondered what it would be like to be loved by Erica. Erica walked up to the boathouse, hearing this last line, and told Kendall that it was impossible. She said that she was just like her father, in heart and soul, and so is Trey. Kendall and Erica exchanged insults for a few minutes, and Erica accused her of being in with Trey when he burnt down the house. Kendall said she's being paranoid again. Erica told Trey that, even with an immunity deal, his life won't be worth living. She promised to crush him. Chris heard the end of this as he walked up. He told Erica to be quiet, for her sake. After warning Kendall and Trey not to say another word, he confronted Erica and asked her what this was accomplishing. She told him that he reminds her of what her mother would say. Her mother used to tell her to put this horrible thing behind her and don't look back. Chris told her it was a good idea, and he led her out of the boathouse. Once they were gone, Kendall told Trey that Erica was wrong about him, but Trey responded that she was wrong about both of them.

David brought Greenlee back to his cabin. He told her that he wanted to get her away from anything that might remind her of Leo, but she told him that Leo is apart of her. She said that Vanessa should have died instead of him, and that she will spend the rest of her days hating Vanessa. David said that's a big mistake. He hated Vanessa for what happened to his father, and it helped ruin his life. Greenlee said that she needed something to help the pain she's feeling. A light shown in her eyes as she said, "You're a doctor!" She asked him to shoot her with a drug to make the pain go away. When David refused, she reached for his medical bag. She pulled out a bottle of pills and asked him if these will numb the pain. When he told her they'd kill her, she responded, "Perfect." David screamed at her and told her that taking those pills would ruin everything Leo wanted for her. Greenlee relaxed and he pulled the pills out of her hand. She told him she has to go home, and she moved to leave. She stopped, however, and said that she can't go home. She can't go home because Leo wasn't there. When David said that Leo loved her deeply, she responded that he didn't love her. He promised that Vanessa would never hurt them, but she did so he lied. She began tearing up as she told David that they should be in Paris right now, but they're not. Greenlee let her grief finally overwhelm her as she broke down in tears. She said, "I loved him, and he loved me! Oh, my God he loved me perfectly!" David had a hard time holding his emotions as he saw Greenlee collapse into a fit of tears before him.

Adam showed up in the chapel to meet with Mia. She told him that she needs his help, and she doesn't want him to tell Liza. She said that Liza probably wouldn't appreciate her turning to him, especially after what happened last night. Adam asked her how she knew about last night. Mia responded that it doesn't matter, but he better not do it again, or it'll push Liza away. When she told him that she knew about his dinner, and rekindling romance with Liza, Adam relaxed. He said the gesture was heartfelt, but Mia told him that it was overkill and he should tone it down. They switched the topic back to her request. She told him that she's planning to unload some of her secrets she has, and she wants to tell William's father about him. She said that she wants the power to make sure that he can't hurt the only family William has ever known.

After following Adam to the hospital, Liza wondered to herself who he could be meeting. She ran into Jake and told him that she was just meeting Mia. He was helpful and told her that Mia was in the chapel, and Liza left to find her. A few minutes later, she was walking out side the chapel door and heard Adam inside, comforting Mia. She slowly pushed the door opened and saw Adam embracing her. With a distraught look on her face, Liza let the door swing shut.

As Erica led Chris back into their room, she saw a newspaper with Trey's picture on the cover. She told him that she'd like to follow his advice, but she can't. She said that she can't let Trey get away with almost killing him and Bianca, and burning down her house. Chris grabbed the newspaper from her and replied, "No Erica. I won't let him get away with it." He slammed the newspaper down on the desk.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

In their Valley Inn suite Chris was typing on the computer while Erica paced back and forth ranting about Trey being a criminal. "It makes my skin crawl that Jackson is cutting a deal with him!" she whined. Chris told her to calm down, which really irritated her. Erica told him not to fight her on this, that she wanted Trey to pay for his crimes. Chris said he was behind her 100%. They discussed Trey's evil deeds and Chris told Erica their whole lives shouldn't revolve around Trey. Chris said that Trey couldn't stay on the straight and narrow for long and he will eventually hang himself. Erica said she couldn't wait for him to do that, she wants him to rot in prison now. Chris reminded her that they can't be vigilantes but then said they could take care of this right now with two little words. "I do" Chris said to a puzzled Erica. She said she didn't understand what their wedding had to do with Trey. Chris explained that by planning and having their wedding the focus will be on them, not Trey. He suggested a Christmas wedding and Erica said that could be beautiful. Chris talked about how they could use holly and garland and then asked if she thought she could pull it off in 2 months. Erica said yes but asked if he thought this would make her forget about Trey. Chris told her that it was about putting them first and took Erica in his arms. Erica said "this isn't my first wedding" and Chris reminded her that it was his first one. Erica said "But it is my last!." Chris pulled back a little and said seriously, "We need to talk." Erica was uneasy until Chris told her that his family was strange and quirky. She could tell he was nervous about her meeting them when he said he was worried about how they would behave at the wedding. Chris said one cousin only wears plaid and another thinks he's a great comedian. Erica just laughed and asked if he thought he was marrying a snob. She reminded him that her best friend was Opal, who has plenty of quirks. A knock on the door interrupted them and Erica opened it to find Opal standing there. She walked in and told them the lobby was swarming with reporters, some of whom offered her money to spill dirt about Erica. Chris mentioned the upcoming wedding and Opal got very enthusiastic. Chris said they could make sure their wedding replaced Trey as front page news and Erica ran downstairs to talk to the reporters. Opal told Chris it was a good idea to take Erica's mind off Trey but Chris said it was only a bandaid, he was worried that her problems will come back bigger than before. Opal said she was worried about Erica and all of her unresolved issues with Richard Fields and Eric Kane. Chris agreed and said because of them she's never been able to count on a man. Opal said until now, that Chris is the one who will be with Erica forever. Erica returned beaming and saying "Mission Accomplished! We're going to blow Trey right out of the papers!" Opal had to leave to pick up Petey from dance lessons. After she was gone Erica grabbed Chris and planted a big kiss on him. She said it was for suggesting a Christmas wedding. Then she said she wished her mother could have known Chris, that Mona would have loved him. Chris asked what other relatives she'd like to have at the wedding. Erica mentioned her brother Mark but said he'd never leave Hong Kong. Chris asked "What about your father?" Erica said no way and then started talking about venues and designers. She went in the bedroom to begin making calls. Chris called Jackson and told him they needed to talk about Erica.

Anna sat alone in the boathouse and remembered Leo and Greenlee's wedding. She remembered Leo telling her that David wasn't so bad. Jackson showed up and told her the report from Quanitco was back. He said they couldn't isolate the chemicals or compounds so the tests were inconclusive which meant that David slipped away from them. Anna looked relieved and Jackson noticed. He asked her about it and she admitted that yes she was relieved that they couldn't pin point what was in David's vial. She then said she wasn't fit to be the police chief. Jack said he understood that they were all grieving for Leo but it didn't mean David was reformed. He said he didn't want Anna to wreck her life for David. He wondered how a man like David could make himself so desirable to smart women. Anna said it was the unknown, a side to David that he rarely showed. She said though that there was only so much she could take and that it was exhausting trying to get through to that side of David. Jackson wasn't sure Anna wanted to continue the case against David but Anna reassured him that she was still going after David. Jack asked what with since they had nothing. Anna said David didn't know that and that she was a very good bluffer. Jack told her to be careful and they left the boathouse.

At his cabin David signed for a delivery while Greenlee came out of the bedroom. She asked what was in the envelope and was it about Leo. David said maybe and pulled out a smaller envelope addressed to him. He said it was from Vanessa, who had arranged to have it delivered in the event of her death. He couldn't believe she had done this and Greenlee thought it was a way for Vanessa to get revenge on them. David opened it and began to read it out loud when Greenlee told him to stop. He said he'd read it later but Greenlee said it had to be full of lies and he shouldn't read it. David said the letter contained Vanessa's last words but Greenlee said she heard Vanessa's last words at Miller's Falls. She said Vanessa was greedy and selfish to the end. David wondered what Leo would do. Greenlee begged David not to let Vanessa have power over him. She told him to leave her dead where she belonged. David finally put the letter in the fireplace and watched it burn as he said "May you and your last words burn in hell Vanessa." A little later David showed Greenlee the cradle he was making for the baby. She saw the letter L carved on it and asked what it stood for. David told her that Anna said if the baby is a boy she'll name it Leo. Greenlee was deeply touched. She went to get freshened up and there was a knock on the door. This time it was Anna and David was happy to see her. But Anna said it wasn't a social call and told him they got the test results from his vial. He asked if he should guess the results. Anna said that he knows what they are and now she does too. She told him he should now do the right thing and go to the police station and turn himself in. Greenlee came out and screamed at Anna, saying she couldn't believe Anna would arrest David so soon after Leo's death. Anna apologized and said she didn't know that Greenlee was there. Greenlee said she didn't get how Anna could name her and David's baby after Leo but then come over and bully David. Anna said you can't always get what you want. Greenlee told them that they are each other's' big loves and that they have their whole lives in front of them. She told Anna she should resign and that she and David should be together. Greenlee said they should leave Pine Valley and take her apartment in Paris. Anna said she and David were not Greenlee and Leo. Greenlee said no, they're alive and should embrace it. Her words hit home with David and Anna. Greenlee left them alone. David said Greenlee made sense and that he couldn't stop loving Anna. He said together they made a new life and that they should be pulling together, not apart. He said he was sorry for everything he'd put her through and begged her to give him another chance. Anna softened towards David.

Maureen, Edmund, Maddie and Sam played together at the park. Edmund took Sam to fly a kite while Maureen and Maddie made sand castles. Maureen watched Maddie dig with a small shovel and had a flash back to the beach where David found her. She saw David shoveling sand over something. This shook Maureen up and when Edmund returned he saw that she was upset. She told him she remembered something and that she was sick of not knowing who she was. She wanted to follow through and they decided to go see Dr. McMillan after dropping the kids off at Isabella's. At the hospital Maureen told the doctor about the memory flash and that she wanted to be hypnotized. Dr. McMillan was reluctant but Maureen insisted. Edmund left the room. She told the doctor exactly what she remembered and he wondered if she was trying to protect David Hayward. She didn't think so. They began the hypnosis session. When she was under Dr. McMillan told her to go to a place where she felt happy and content. Maureen started to describe where she was, and said she was in a man's arms and that nothing could hurt her. Dr. McMillan asked if it was her father but she said no. She said he was very handsome and smiled. Dr. McMillan asked if it was Edmund Gray and she smiled more. Outside in the hallway Edmund asked God to give Maria her memory back. Inside the doctor asked again if the man holding Maureen was Edmund. In her mind Maureen saw herself in the man's arms and he put his hand on her face to caress her cheek. She looked up at him and saw David Hayward's face.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

While being hypnotized, Zeke asks Maria to remember a time she felt loved and safe. Maria recalls being held in someone's arms she looks up to see it is David holding her. Startled, Maria cries out in alarm and snaps out of her hypnotic state. Edmund rushes into the office asking Maria what she remembered. He wants to know if she's remembering anything about their relationship. Maria again reminds him that she is Maureen and has no memory of her life with Edmund. She tells Edmund she needs to be alone for a while. Edmund is reluctant to leave, but Zeke agrees with Maria. Edmund gives in and leaves. Zeke asks Maria if there is anything she would like to talk about because she seemed troubled by her vision. Maria asks him if what she saw was real, or if it could just be something from a dream. Zeke doesn't know. Anything is possible.

At the cabin, Anna flops down on the sofa telling David she is SO tired. She doesn't understand why it is so hard to let him go. David calls her bluff on the analysis of the contents of the vial. He knows the results were inconclusive and that she was setting a trap for him. Regardless, David tells Anna he loves her. Anna asks why? What makes her different from all the rest? The conversation leads to her bringing up the Maria situation. They go round and round again on his motives. Finally Anna says it is time to bring an end to the madness. She has to leave Pine Valley. David makes her doubt her instincts. David assures Anna that he would have done things differently with Maria now. He has changed because of Anna's influence. He wants to become the man she loves. Their intense conversation is interrupted by the ringing of David's cell phone. It is Maria. She needs to see him right away.

Anna returns to her room. Jackson comes over and Anna tells him how David walked out in the middle of their conversation. She hands Jack her badge and says she can't go after David anymore. Her heart isn't in it. Jack replies that they "danced the resignation tango before." He tells Anna to get some rest. Things will be brighter in the morning. Before he leaves, Jackson places Anna's badge back on the table.

David meets Maria at the park. She asks David if he ever kissed her. David says yes. He was in love with her. David tells Maria that her survival was miraculous. Her will to live overcame her many brushes with death. He was in awe of her spirit. Maria begins to remember more. She remembers feeling immensely grateful for David's help. David tells Maria that they weren't lovers. His kiss was only an expression of deep affection for her. Maria tells David he treated her like a bird with a broken wing. David answers that once she was healed, it was time for her to fly. That was why he let her go. He sent her to Nevada so she could start a new life. Maria is touched, she reaches out and tenderly strokes the side of his face. They embrace. Edmund is watching the exchange. He becomes enraged.

Brooke and Opal put the finishing touches on the Halloween wonderland they created out of Tad's living room. JR and Jamie bring in pumpkins. When Tad comes home, they jump out and cry, "Happy Halloween!" Tad can barely conceal his anger. He tells them he wants it all down. Now. "Dixie is dead." He says. Jamie runs from the room with JR following. Brooke reminds Tad that the kids lost Dixie too. He isn't alone in his grief. Since Dixie loved celebrating Halloween, they wanted to keep up the tradition as a tribute to her.

The doorbell rings and Adam is there with Colby dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Tad asks where's Liza? Fearing an altercation, Opal whisks Colby to the kitchen for cookies. Tad follows. Brooke asks Adam what he is doing there. Adam replies that he can't stop thinking of her. Brooke tells him to go home to his wife. Adam answers that Liza doesn't understand him. Brooke is the only woman that ever knew the real him. He calls Liza a "magnificent woman." Tad overhears and agrees. Yes, Brooke is magnificent. Adam and Colby leave. Tad apologizes for his conduct and says he misunderstood her motives. He asks how he'll manage to get through the rest of the holidays. Brooke assures Tad that he'll make it through because he has to. Tad tells Brooke he plans to go away for the holidays and rent a house in the Caribbean. He invites Brooke and Jamie to join him. Brooke is shocked. Both her ex's are suddenly interested in her. She tells Tad she needs time to think about it.

When Opal comes in, she finds everyone gone except Tad. She asks what spooked Brooke? Tad answers it was his fault. He still feels guilty about keeping Brooke away from Edmund in the first place. She would be happy today if it weren't for him. Tad feels sorry for Brooke and tells Opal no one should be that lonely.

Brooke returns home to find candlelight and Adam dressed in a robe getting comfortable on her couch. He raises a glass and makes a toast. "Trick or treat?" He asks.

Friday, November 1, 2002

Adam, dressed in red silk pajamas, lounged on Brooke's bed, sipping champagne. He tried to convince Brooke to join him and later they would fly on the Concord to London. He had two tickets to Macbeth at the National Theater in his private box. He pointed out to Brooke the chocolate truffles from Geneva, which he had flown in especially for her and the red roses from Philadelphia. Brooke was wary at first saying it wasn't going to happen in a teasing way. She tried to be adamant when she said no to Adam but allowed herself to be convinced otherwise, slipping into her bed beside Adam. She let her head get turned from Adam's generous compliments about her desirability, passion, beauty and lack of inhibition. They both agreed their liaison was not about love.

At the Valley Inn bar, a well-dressed, moneyed woman was sitting at a table, sipping wine and beckoned to Aidan who was tending bar. He asked her if she wanted another. She flirted with him briefly and then asked for another Chablis. She complimented him on being very attentive. Petey, Palmer's son, was sitting at the bar drinking cherry cokes and asked Aidan for another with a double shot of syrup. Kendall joined him and chided him for dumping all the money from a charity collection jar on the bar in payment for his coke.

The woman customer asked Aidan over to her table and wrapping a $100 bill around her hotel key, she slipped it into Aidan's pocket. She told him she would be waiting for him when he got off his shift. Aidan took the money and key out of his pocket and gave it back to the woman telling her she was making a mistake. He left the bar, annoyed.

The woman demanded a nearby waitress to get the manager. When he appeared she proceeded to tell him her pedigree. She was Meredith Cabot of the Philadelphia Cabots. She then proceeded with a story not quite truthful and demanded that Aidan be fired. Kendall butted in and countered with what really happened and said she was a close friend to Donald Steele, of the smut peddling Steeles. She gladly offered to tell the tabloids how Meredith was trolling for boys. Meredith left in a huff. The manager asked Kendall what was she doing there. Kendall replied she was filling in for Aidan because he had to make a phone call about his sick Mum in England. The manager decided it was okay for Kendall to finish Aidan's shift. Aidan returned to the bar and the manager reappeared reprimanding Aidan for walking out on his shift. He told Kendall if he wanted her help, he would ask for it. He then left the bar again.

In the park, Edmund continued to hit David and pummeled him to the ground. David did not resist. Maria failed in her attempt to break the two apart. Edmund paused to ask Maria why she continues to protect David. The police arrived and pulled Edmund off David and handcuffed Edmund, reading him his rights and put him under arrest. Maria demanded Edmund tell her why he was so angry with David. "He stole your life and lied to me about your being alive." replied Edmund. Anna arrived and released Edmund, telling him to go directly home. Seeing the injuries to David's face told him to go to the hospital. David refused to go, not wanting anyone to see his beaten face. She convinced David to go with her to her room at the Valley Inn so she could give him band-aids and iodine.

At Anna's room, she washed David's face, chiding him for fighting with Edmund. David talked to her about seeing her at the restaurant with Jackson. He thought she should have Jackson in her life because he would give her and the baby stability. David said he regretted not growing up feeling secure. He didn't want his child to experience the anxiety and fears he had growing up with Vanessa. Anna told David to find a room at the Inn for the night. He shouldn't drive back to the cabin until morning. David admitted she was right all along about their marriage. He apologized for hurting her. "You don't need me," he replied. Anna argued that no, she didn't need him. Suddenly she whirled around and faced David. Finally, giving in to her real desire, she told him she didn't know how to let him go. "I need you so much." She grabbed his hand and then put his arm around her as she softly cried on his shoulder. David was both perplexed and pleased. She began to unbutton his shirt. Passionately they kissed and made love.

Edmund stormed into the stables at Wildwind, grabbing at halters and bits hanging on the wall. He was going to go riding to work out his anger. Maria followed him to the stables. Seeing his agitation, she said she was a good listener if he wanted to talk. Edmund admitted that riding sometimes doesn't help him blow off steam especially when he can't control his anger at her. Maria asked him what she did. "You died!" replied Edmund. He continued on explaining his feelings for Maria. She thought he meant the Maria he knew. "No," Edmund replied. "I am in love with who you are now." They kissed softly and gently.

Brooke saw Adam to her front door. She told Adam she wouldn't see him in her bed again. Adam tried to cajole her to sleep with him but she stood firm. Standing in the open doorway, they couldn't keep their hands off each other, kissing passionately. Suddenly they heard footsteps approaching. "Look who's here," exclaimed Adam.

The bar shift over, Kendall was in her room at the Valley Inn. There was a knock on the door. It was Aidan. Without a word the two looked longingly at each other as Aidan entered the room.



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