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Everyone in Pine Valley gathered at Wildwind to remember Leo. A slightly tipsy Brooke and Adam made love. Anna told David that she would like to name her child after Leo. Trey used Vanessa's diamonds to get out of a sticky situation. Edmund tried to impress Maria on their date.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Maria sought out Dr. McMillan, but he was away so she got his assistant instead. She told her that she's had a very brief memory, and she wants to find out more about it. The doctor, Dr. Kimberly Reid, told her that she's obviously improving, and to give it more time, but Maria asked her about hypnosis. The doctor said that her memory loss might be because she's repressing the horrific plane crash, and she asked her if she really wanted to relive that. Edmund walked in and began listening to their conversation while Maria told the doctor that she couldn't continue doing this to Edmund, Sam, and Maddie. The doctor assured her that her flash of memory is a good sign, but she told her she'll check with Dr. McMillan and see what he says about hypnosis. Maria thanked her as the doctor left. Edmund walked up to Maria and told her that he agrees with the doctor that she should take it slow. He did say he had a way to help her regain her memory, and that would be to go out with him, tonight.

Trey was sitting in front of the TV, watching news coverage of Vanessa and Leo's death, while Kendall fielded a call from the "Pine Valley Bulletin" asking for a comment from Trey. Trey told her he had no comment, and Kendall told them he'll have to get back to them, before hanging up. She tried to console him, and said that he must be grieving. Trey stood up and said that he's glad Vanessa is dead, and he barely knew Leo, so why should he grieve. He also ripped into her for making him out to be some hero. There was a knock on the door, and Kendall went to answer it while telling Trey that he will be seen as a hero soon. She opened the door, and Jackson entered. He was serious as he told Trey not to get too used to the limelight. When Kendall said that the whole town will be calling Trey a hero, Jackson responded, "What will they call you when you're charged with arson?" He asked Trey if he regretted not taking that flight to San Francisco that he booked. When Kendall acted surprised, Jackson told her he booked a one-way flight last night, probably to flee prosecution. Kendall stammered and then told Jackson that Trey didn't book the flight, she did. She told him she saw a motorcycle convention on TV, and thought she saw Ryan, so she was going to fly out there. Jackson wasn't buying it, and told her that it was in Trey's name, and on his credit card, and you need a photo ID to board a plane. Trey stepped in and told him that he was going to drive Kendall to the airport, and he would settle it if there was a problem. Jackson just chuckled and told them that they are quite a pair. He warned Trey once more about leaving town as he left their apartment. Afterwards, Trey thanked her for sticking up for him and he poured them each a drink. As he made a toast to the best sister anyone could have, she through it in his face. She yelled at him for buying the ticket, accusing him of wanting to run away from her. At first, Trey told her that he was trying to escape prosecution, but then finally admitted that he was afraid of having another sibling who would leave him some day. He then said that Leo showed him last night what it meant to be a real brother, and he assured her that wanted to be that brother to her. He asked her for forgiveness and for another chance to be her brother.

Woodruff, Greenlee's grandfather, walked up to Jake and Mary in the hospital to find out how his granddaughter is doing. Mary told him that she can't accept that Leo's gone, but Jake assured him she wasn't physically injured. He did say, however, that they will run more tests to determine how much of a psychological toll this has taken.

Anna found David in the hospital and told him that she had some news. David told her that he just heard about it. She offered to tell Greenlee, but David said he'll take care of it. As he walked away, Aidan walked up to her. He consoled her on the loss of Leo and they walked away together.

David walked into Greenlee's room while she was on the phone trying to hire a helicopter to search for Leo. After hanging up, she turned around to see David, Mary, Woodruff, and Jake standing in her doorway. David quietly said, "Greenlee," as she asked hopefully, "Did you find him? Did you find Leo?"

Aidan dragged Anna into the chapel, where he proceeded to chew her out for being too stressed out, and not looking out for herself. She assured him that she's capable of taking care of herself, but he told her that he's prepared to move into the Valley Inn and police her if that's what it takes. Her phone rang, and she was called away. Before leaving, though, she told him to worry about Maureen Gorman, not her.

David told Greenlee that the police officers looked in the water, on the beaches, and in the forests, and they couldn't find Leo. He said they've changed their search from rescue to recovery. Greenlee said that you can't count on civil servants as she picked up her phone to dial. David hung it up for her, though, as Woodruff and Mary tried to convince Greenlee that Leo's gone. Jake said that they aren't doing her any good, and he asked everyone to leave. David stuck around, though, as Greenlee said she won't believe he's gone without some concrete evidence. Anna entered the room and told them both that they found something. She said that they found something that may have belonged to Leo, and an officer is bringing it over for Greenlee to identify. Greenlee was excited, and said that this might be the proof she needs that Leo's alive. She saw David and Anna exchange a look, and she screamed at them that she's not crazy just because she refuses to accept the worst. There was a knock at the door, and Anna opened it and grabbed an item from the officer outside the door. When she turned around, David and Greenlee saw that she was holding a jacket that looked like the one Leo was wearing when he fell. Tears formed in Greenlee's eyes as she grabbed the jacket and confirmed that it was Leo's. David tried to put his arm around her, but she shook him off. She told them both that this doesn't prove that Leo's dead. And she won't believe he's dead, because she can't feel it in her heart. She asked them both to leave, saying she wanted to be alone. As they left her room, David told Mary that she can't see Greenlee, because she wanted to be left alone. Mary and Woodruff left the area as David told Jake to get a grief counselor for Greenlee. Jake went to call the doctor who's working with McMillan, leaving Anna and David alone. David looked over at her and walked away.

At first, Maria seemed excited and accepted Edmund's invitation for a date, but she changed her mind and told him that she can't tonight, because she has other plans. Edmund followed her gaze behind him, and saw Aidan standing there. She told Edmund that she had made dinner plans with Aidan. Aidan interrupted and told her that something came up and he had to reschedule their plans for tonight. He told Edmund that she's suddenly free, and Edmund told Maria that he would go make reservations. Maria said that it sounded great, as she watched Edmund leave. She turned to Aidan and asked him if he really had plans. He said he needs to move out of the Pine Cone Motel, because he needed a change of scenery. Maria asked him not to move because of her. He told her that he's moving because he needs to take care of Anna, not because of her. He said that he still wants to help her get her memory back, and if that means getting out of the way between her and Edmund, he would. Maria told him that he wasn't in the way, and she appreciated all her did for her. Edmund walked back up as Aidan said his goodbyes. After he left, Edmund told her that this date might not be such a great idea. Edmund gave her the opportunity to keep her date with Aidan, but she told him she wanted to go out with him. He made a date to pick her up at 7:00, and she left. Edmund walked over to a payphone and called Mateo. He told him he needs a favor, something that will help bring Maria back to them.

Greenlee was lying in bed, clutching Leo's jacket to her chest. Later, Greenlee was on the phone trying to order a helicopter again when Dr. McMillan's assistant walked in. She asked her if she wanted company, and then proceeded to give Greenlee some advice in dealing with her loss. When Greenlee realized what she was doing, she told her she doesn't need grief counseling, and asked her to leave. After she left, Greenlee picked up Leo's jacket and said, "I won't give up on you Leo."

A woman walked into the hospital looking for Greenlee. When a nurse told her that Greenlee isn't to be disturbed, the woman said, "She'll see me. I need to tell her about her husband." Greenlee heard this, opened her door, and asked, "What about my husband?"

Kendall had her luggage packed, and asked Trey for some help. He asked her what she was doing, and she responded by giving him her apartment keys and told him that she's moving out. She said that he was right, he probably would end up hurting her, and she's not going to let that happen. Trey tried to stop her, but Kendall turned around and kept walking. Trey stalked around his apartment and said, "Fine! You don't want me as a brother? I know someone who does." He grabbed his jacket and left the loft.

Anna found David in the chapel. She asked him if praying helped, and he said he doesn't know because he's never done it. He reminisced about Leo, and she told him how sorry she is and asked if there's anything she could do to help. He said, "As a matter of fact, there is." David told her that she needs to love their child like he deserves to be love, not like Vanessa loved Leo. Anna assured him that he has no reason to doubt her love for their child. Their child will always know the love of his mother. David accepted what she said and left.

Aidan stopped in the Valley Inn bar, ordered a beer, and told the bartender that the front desk is going to call for him when his room is ready. As he walked away, he tripped over a duffle bag that was attached to Kendall. She reacted with a smile on her face and said, "Looks like we're going to be neighbors again."

Greenlee asked the woman what she knows about Leo, and she asked to speak with Greenlee privately. They walked into her room, where the woman ran to Leo's jacket and picked it up. Trey and David entered the room, and watched in surprise as the woman told Greenlee it was just as she thought. "Your husband is alive," she said.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

A woman claiming to be clairvoyant tells an excited Greenlee that her husband is alive. As he checks into a room at the Valley Inn, Aidan is irked to discover that he and Kendall are once again going to be neighbors. Adam prepares a romantic surprise for Liza, who eyes the gesture with open hostility and suspicion. Bridget explains to a skeptical David how she's "seen" Leo struggling to get home. Meanwhile, Trey surreptitiously lifts the woman's wallet and asks Anna to run a background check on the phony psychic. After observing Palmer giving financial aid to his son's nanny, Aidan accuses Kendall of using her body to make her rent money. Anna warns David that Bridget has a long history of defrauding gullible marks. Later, Greenlee is crushed when her new "friend" is unmasked. Adam asks Liza for the chance to start over but she insists she can no longer trust him. David's anguish begins to tug at Anna's heartstrings. Marian urges her daughter not to stay in a loveless marriage, while Stuart worries that his twin is about to wreak more havoc. Greenlee slips away from the hospital. Armed with fresh information about Vanessa's fortune, Trey approaches his wary sister with a new scheme designed to make them both rich.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Adam was storming around the hospital when Marian stepped out of the elevator. She wondered what he was doing there and he claimed to have a meeting with the hospital board. Marian asked Adam to go get coffee with her but he rudely refused. She told him that she was on his side and that she really wants his marriage to Liza to be successful. Adam was very skeptical and was not happy that Stuart and Liza had told Marian what had happened with his dinner plans. Marian said Liza was hurt and needed time to heal. Adam said Liza just shut him down and when Marian tried to give him some suggestions he told her he wanted no more out of her. He said because of her and his brother's meddling he had lost control of his family. Marian told him that love isn't about control. Adam flatly stated that he wasn't playing by Liza's rules forever and storms away from Marian.

At the Valley Inn Isabella talked with a friend about community work. Brooke stood close by and listened to the conversation. The other woman asked about Maria and her memory. Isabella sadly admitted that her daughter didn't remember her but that she was hopeful that one day soon Maria's memory would return. Isabella turned and saw Brooke. Her friend left and Brooke walked up to Isabella, saying she wanted to speak with her. Brooke told her that she had received the papers today, her marriage to Edmund was officially annulled. Isabella thanked Brooke and told her that she had courage to tell her that in person. Brooke said she hoped one day Isabella could forgive her for what she had done. Isabella said her church believes in forgiveness but that she wasn't there yet. Brooke apologized again for all she had done. Isabella went on and on about now there would be no confusion as to who Sam and Maddie's mother is. Tad listened in and watched Brooke's sad face. After Isabella left Tad and Brooke sat down at a table. Brooke ordered wine and Tad tried to make jokes. Brooke asked where Jamie was and Tad said he was having dinner at the hospital with a candy-striper and was to go pick him up in 27 minutes. Brooke told him there was no harm in being early but Tad didn't want to leave her alone. Finally he took the hint and left Brooke at the table by herself.

Tad arrived at the hospital and ran into Adam. He asked if Liza was ok and Adam said she was fine. Tad gleefully goaded Adam about the separate bedroom living arrangements he and Liza had. Tad said that after all Adam had done to Liza he should be thankful that Liza was sharing a roof with him and that if he had anything to say about it Liza would've moved out long ago. Adam snipped "Why's that? Because misery loves company?" Tad said Adam was whining because Liza wasn't putting out. Adam ordered Tad to stay out of his life. Tad said no way, not while Adam was married to Liza. Tad snarled "You blew up your marriage and now you're getting just what you deserve" and walked away.

Adam went to the Valley Inn and sat down at a table. Brooke watched him from her table as he ordered a drink from a pretty waitress. The waitress introduced herself and then asked Adam if there were any hot spots in Pine Valley. Adam started to flirt with her while Brooke kept watch.

At SOS Edmund led a blindfolded Maureen into the room. As he removed the blindfold Mateo started up the country music and a group of people began to line dance. Maureen was thrilled and thanked Edmund and Mateo for transforming SOS into a country western bar for the evening. She asked Edmund to dance and they hit the dance floor. They had a great time and when the song ended they sat down at a table. Mat came over and said it was just like old times. Edmund said "And new ones", smiling at Maureen. They ordered beers, and Maureen ordered hers just like Maria did, "Cold, Mexican with a lime." Mateo went to get the drinks and Edmund commented that it was like she hadn't forgotten a thing. She said she really wants to remember being Maria. Edmund told her that just being there and dancing with her was heaven to him and she was touched. They talked and Maureen told him about some of the small towns she'd lived in for the past 5 years. She said most of them had more bars than gas stations and that she especially liked one called "Lily's." He asked if she missed it and she said "Not at the moment" and smiled at him. Maureen asked Edmund how this date compared to their first date. Edmund said this one was better because there was no pool table. She laughed as he told her that she had beaten him at pool on their first date. "Beauty, brains and a dead on shot" Edmund told her. She thanked him for the evening and said she hadn't had this much fun in a long time. Maureen left the table for a moment and Edmund went to the bar to speak to Mateo. Mat asked if his sister remembered anything and was disappointed when Edmund said not yet. But Edmund told him that she was on her way back to them, that her heart was remembering.

Trey told Kendall about Vanessa's diamonds but Kendall said she wasn't interested. Trey said only he, Kendall and Greenlee know about them so no one else will be looking for them. Kendall said they were probably washed downstream by now but Trey said there was a pool at the bottom of the falls and they could've fallen there. He desperately wanted Kendall's help and she was very suspicious. Trey finally admitted that he needed Kendall to dive for the diamonds because he can't swim. Kendall told him that he really was a freak because his brother and mother just died and he wants to cash in. Trey said he'd rather be rich than sad, which piqued Kendall's interest. She finally agreed and they went to the falls. Kendall put on a wet suit and oxygen tanks and suggested that Trey go to the top of the falls and drop rocks into the water, then she'd have an idea of where to look. Trey balked at the idea and Kendall finally badgered him into admitting he was afraid of heights. Kendall ordered Trey to the top of the falls or she wasn't going to swim for the diamonds. Trey overcame his fear and climbed up. He looked over the edge and dropped a rock down. Kendall said she saw where it went and started into the water. Trey slowly climbed down and when he got to the pool Kendall wasn't there. He began to worry about her, thinking she'd been under water too long. She came out from behind some bushes and said she was freezing and that it was disgusting down in that water. Kendall said she couldn't see a thing and didn't find anything under the falls. Trey was very upset and started to walk away. She said "Don't you want to see what I found on the ledge?" and held out the bag of diamonds. Trey was thrilled until he opened it and saw that most of the diamonds were missing. He accused Kendall of taking some, which she heartily denied. They argued about it but then realized they were still "stinking rich" and went home to celebrate.

Anna walked into Greenlee's hospital room and David told her Greenlee was gone. He realized that Leo's jacket was missing also. A policeman came in and told Anna that Greenlee wasn't on the floor and then got a call. He relayed the info to Anna, that Greenlee was spotted in the hospital parking lot wearing Leo's jacket. A few minutes later another policeman came in and said they lost her. David got very upset as Anna put out an APB. David thought Greenlee might have gone to the loft and ran out of the room. When he got there he banged on the door but got no answer so he let himself in. He walked around calling out for Greenlee but got no response. He found a shirt of Leo's lying on a chair and began to cry. His cell phone rang and it was Anna. He told her the loft was empty. David told her that they shouldn't have to be looking for Greenlee, that she should be in Paris with Leo. He hung up and then found some pictures of Leo and Greenlee together. He remembered Leo telling Greenlee he couldn't go to Paris right then because David was in trouble. Then he recalled the conversation when Leo said he would steal the evidence bag off of Anna's desk for David. He remembered begging Leo to leave Pine Valley and forget all of his brother's troubles. David said out loud to himself "Why didn't you listen to me?" in an anguished voice. Anna walked in and told him they still hadn't found Greenlee. David was distraught and said it was all his fault. Anna told him that he wasn't responsible for his brother's death. David said Leo stayed in Pine Valley because of him and they just had to find Greenlee because he couldn't lose someone else. Anna was moved by David's grief. David talked about his father's death and how Vanessa moved them out of the house almost immediately. He said he would ride his bike back to the house frequently to just stand outside and look at it. Anna said it was because it was the last connection he had with his father. David looked at her and then said "I know where Greenlee is!" and rushed out of the loft.

At the falls, Greenlee climbed to the top. She stood close to the edge and looked down.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Kendall and Trey hurry back to their apartment so they can take a look at the stash of diamonds they recovered. Kendall dumps them out onto the table and the two marvel at the treasure and what it can buy for them. They imagine mansions, yachts, caviar...everything money can buy. In the midst of their happiness, Trey flashes to the night at Millers Falls when he saw Leo and Vanessa plunge to their deaths. Kendall asks what's wrong, but Trey is no longer interested in the diamonds. He can't stop thinking of his brother. Trey tells Kendall they have to turn over the diamonds to the police because Leo's blood is on each and every one.

Kendall can't believe her ears. She tries to convince Trey that Leo would want them to have the diamonds. She reminds Trey that he did rescue Greenlee and the diamonds should be his reward for saving her life. Trey disagrees. He now sees the diamonds as a symbol of Vanessa's evil. Kendall is ready to take the diamonds for herself if Trey doesn't want them. They argue, but are interrupted by a sharp knock on the door. Jackson, flanked by two detectives, is there with a search warrant for the apartment. Trey and Kendall are nervous as the detectives begin their search. A detective comes from Trey's bedroom with a receipt from a printing shop where Trey had files from a CD copied. Jack sends another detective to search Trey's storage area in the basement.

When the detective returns, he has the missing Proteus files in hand. He found them taped inside a duct. These were the files Trey stole from Chris before setting fire to Erica's house. As Trey is put under arrest, Kendall asks to speak to him for a moment before they take him away. Kendall tells Trey he should use the diamonds as leverage. Trey gives the diamonds to Jackson. He tells the DA that if he is given immunity, he will tell where the rest of the diamonds are at. Jackson says he has to talk it over with Anna and he won't promise anything.

At Millers Falls, Greenlee stands in the spot where Leo fell. She contemplates joining him in the same fate when David calls out to her. Greenlee screams that she just wants to be left alone. David refuses to leave and tries to talk Greenlee back from the edge. Greenlee cries that she is all alone and no one needs her. David says that isn't true. He needs her. He tells Greenlee that he loved Leo too. Greenlee tearfully replies that Leo was her whole life. Leo was the only person who truly understood her. Together, they were going to make up to each other for all the bad things that had happened in their lives. Greenlee can't imagine a life without Leo. David tells Greenlee they can figure it out together. He extends his hand and Greenlee takes it.

David and Greenlee sit together and share in their misery. David asks Greenlee what Leo would want her to do. Greenlee doesn't know. All their dreams are dead and gone. She asks David if he thinks Leo is watching over her. She thinks about what it will be like when she grows old, dies in her sleep, then is reunited with her love. David believes they should hold a memorial service for Leo so all his friends and family will have a chance to say goodbye. David begins crying as he tells Greenlee he wants to speak to everyone about how much he loved Leo. The tables turn and it is now Greenlee comforting David.

Adam flirts with the waitress as he sips on a martini at the Valley Inn. He checks his watch, then places a call to Mia asking her to meet him there for a drink. Over in the corner, Brooke watches with amusement. Adam spots Brooke and decides to join her. Brooke orders a martini then asks how Liza is doing. Adam tells her that Liza has recovered, but their marriage has not. Adam recognizes the fact that he has faults, he just needs to find a woman who will overlook them. Brooke tells Adam that his problem is that he wants what he can't have. He wants to be adored by a woman and Liza knows him too well.

Adam: "You're mean when you drink."

Brooke: "You're mean when you're sober!"

Adam confides to Brooke that he thought he had reached a stage in his life when he should have found happiness. He proclaims that a person only has one shot at life and they have to try to find happiness no matter what.

Brooke is ready to leave and asks Adam to call her a cab. Instead, Adam offers to have his driver take her home. When they arrive at Brooke's house, she invites Adam in for coffee. Instead, they have brandy. Adam sees the annulment papers and assumes that is the reason Brooke was sitting alone drinking. Brooke tries to say that it wasn't. She tells him that Isabella requested the annulment rather than a divorce. Adam asks if God can forget the marriage, why can't she? Adam looks through Brooke's cd collection and asks if she has the music they played on their honeymoon. She does. She puts on the music and Adam asks Brooke to dance. They dance, looking into each other's eyes. Before the song ends, Brooke tells Adam he should leave. She has an early morning. Adam heads for the door, but Brooke calls out his name. When Adam turns, she gives him *the look*. Adam grabs Brooke in a passionate kiss and they begin to frantically undress each other.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Adam followed Brooke downstairs to the living room from the bedroom. It is morning and Adam asked Brooke, "What's for breakfast?" Brooke was annoyed at Adam and told him she didn't have time to make him breakfast and wanted him to leave before Aunt Phoebe arrived. Adam was reluctant to go and wanted to talk about their love making the night before. There was a knock on the door and Brooke was frantic. No one must know Adam stayed over night at her house.

Tad continued to knock on the Brooke's door, badgering her to hurry up and open it. Adam, in no hurry to leave, teased Brooke about telling everyone where he spent the night. Brooke made him promise to keep silent. After convincing Adam to hide in the other room, Brooke hurried to the door, not realizing she had not finished buttoning her blouse. She looked disheveled. Tad wanted to know what she did after he left her at the Valley Inn bar. Brooke did not comment. Tad asked her if she was going to go to the memorial service and when Brooke realized it was at Wildwind she decided not to go. Instead she needed to get to Tempo Magazine to finish her work. She finally convinced Tad to leave. Adam taunted Brooke that Tad was after her. Brooke reminded Adam that their night of lust would never happen again. It was a mistake.

Maria visited Edmund at Wildwind to thank him for their date the previous evening. She commented about the limo carrying flowers coming up the driveway. Edmund told her it was for Leo's funeral, which is being held at the Chapel on the estate. Edmund left the room for a moment and Maria picked up the morning newspaper. She began to read the article about Leo falling over Miller's Falls into the rapids below. Her breathing became labored as she experienced another panic attack. She dropped the newspaper and ran out of the house. Edmund came into the empty room, seeing the newspaper on the floor, wondered where Maria went.

Bianca was at the boathouse. She sadly placed a single flower on the rowboat and said her goodbyes to Leo as she thought about the time she confessed to Leo she was gay. He was the first person she told about her sexuality. Maggie and Erica arrived at the boathouse. Bianca told them she didn't have a chance to say goodbye to Leo. They left for the memorial service together.

The chapel was decorated with many flowers in white and yellow. A picture of Leo surrounded by flowers was in front of the altar with an American flag on one side of the frame and a French flag on the other side. Greenlee stood in front of Leo's picture and flashed back to a romantic moment she had with Leo where they agreed to meet someday on a distant planet. Leo had replied, "It's a date." Greenlee murmured, "It's a date" as she gazed at Leo's picture. She turned around and saw David entering the Chapel. They hugged each other. David wished he could take Leo's place so Greenlee would have her Leo back. David commented that Leo had a beautiful heart.

People arrived for the service and took their seats. David began telling everyone that the music being played was not funeral music but up-beat music that Leo liked. David continued that Leo was truly loved by everyone and he will live in my heart and Greenlee's. Greenlee got up to say a few words, wiping away her tears. She thanked everyone for loving Leo. As Greenlee spoke about Leo, Maria listened unnoticed at the back of the Chapel. Greenlee then asked Bianca to sing a song. Bianca was reluctant at first but after looking at Leo's picture she sang, "Goodbye My Friend."

The service ended and a few people gave their condolences to David. Anna told David she had decided to name her baby, if it were a boy, Leo. David was pleased. After Anna left, Maria spoke to David about the service for Leo. She flashed back to when she saw David digging in the sand at the plane accident scene. Then she suddenly rushed out of the chapel.

Greenlee went to the boathouse and sat by the rowboat filled with flowers. "Goodbye my love, my angel, my life," she said as she kissed a yellow rose and placed it in the boat with the rest of the flowers. She pushed the boat out into the lake, tears streaming down her face.



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