One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on OLTL

Viki visited Allison at St. Anne's. A mystery man tailed Natalie; it was revealed that the mystery man might be Mitch Laurence. Rae refused to grant Asa a divorce. Natalie and Jessica bonded over their newly discovered sisterhood. Michael Lazarus befriended Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Jessica and Natalie are stunned to learn they are sisters. Viki is equally shocked over the fact she gave birth to twins. Bo begins an investigation to get answers for Viki.

Jen is surprised to learn she is in her second trimester of pregnancy and begins to believe she is carrying Cristian's baby. Dr. Conklin's assistant, Marcie confesses to Jen that she changed the due date in Jen's file because she thought that is what Jen would want. Al believes Cristian is the father of Jen's baby.

Troy panics when Lindsay accuses him of once being married. After making Troy squirm, Lindsay claims she confused him with Colin. Lindsay denies Sam's accusation that she ran Nora off the road the night Nora nearly drowned.

Asa suggests Rae give him a divorce in order to make amends with Viki. Rae has no intention of divorcing Asa.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Viki calls Clint to tell him the news that Jessica and Natalie are both their biological daughters: fraternal twins. But she's interrupted and stunned by the long-missing Todd at her door. Todd briskly dismisses his legal problems as being "taken care of" and then asks Viki to help him see his children. He concocts a plan, which she turns down flat. Todd reminds her that she was fine with his illicit activities previously when she was drinking a beer in the "sunny" room. Viki then realizes that it was Niki who was fine with it. Todd is surprised that Viki's D.I.D. returned. Viki explains why: Both Jessica and Natalie are her biological twins and Niki knew it. Todd correlates he can understand why Blair would want to keep him from his children but asks Viki, "Why would anybody want to take one of your kids?" Todd continues to solicit his sister's help to see his kids, but Viki will not even entertain the idea. She is skeptical about his deserted island story and points out all the holes in his story. She deduces that someone else had to be on the island with him. He confesses that Téa and Ross were with him. Viki is shocked that Todd has left them there, but he casually expresses no concern for their rescue. Todd chuckles about the fact that his raft washed up on Guam and he's sure that Téa and Ross are happy in their island paradise. Viki forces Todd to call the authorities, which he does in a huffy manner. Viki then tells Todd about Ben's coma. They share a brief second of empathy, but Todd breaks it. Viki then kisses her brother on the cheek and tells him she loves him. Todd is still perplexed that Allison Perkins would switch twins. Todd leaves and Viki calls Clint back to tell him about Todd's observation. She wonders if Allison knew they were twins.

Roxy is excited that Max wants to have dinner with her. She pulls the silver candlesticks out of the bag she was going to flee with and starts arranging a romantic atmosphere. Jessica arrives at the door and slaps Roxy hard across the face. Roxy denies knowing that Jessica was Natalie's twin. Jessica doesn't understand how Roxy could let her believe that Roxy was her mom. Jessica motions for a police officer waiting nearby and informs Roxy that she's "going to jail." Roxy struggles with the handcuffs as she begs Jessica to give her one more day so she can have that romantic dinner with Max. Jessica is unmoved by her desperation and Roxy is arrested.

A new character, Michael Lazarus, defends Natalie from Al's sexually threatening behavior at the quarry and gets rid of him. Natalie thanks him and they talk about her troubles: the fact that her newly discovered biological twin sister "hates her guts," and that she's in love with an engaged expectant father. Michael explains that sometimes "it's easier to talk to a stranger." He mystically talks of karma and tells her he sees good things for her "on the horizon." She thanks him again and smiles. He leaves her and says that maybe he'll see her around sometime. Jessica suddenly arrives at the quarry, just missing Michael. She looks at Natalie with wide, sympathetic eyes. She tells Natalie that she had Roxy arrested and they both concur that it's appropriate. They bemoan not having the opportunity to grow up together.

Liz asks Nora to do the legal work for the surrogate adoption procedure. They sit down to discuss it and Liz confides there's a person in Llanview that could ruin her relationship with Keri. Nora guesses it's R.J. and Liz somewhat confirms her guess. Nora promises to ensure that the baby will be "legally hers."

Keri waits for Antonio at the diner. He enters with a pretty girl named Whitney who mentions a "hotel" and Keri drops her glass. It's sudden shattering draws Antonio's attention to her presence and her worried face. Keri suspects that Whitney is the girl Antonio slept with at the motel. Antonio explains that they are both cops working on a string of hotel robberies. Keri reveals she's really not doing well with his infidelity after all and laments that she is weak and whiny about it. As Antonio promises to make it all up to her, Carlotta enters the diner crying with her friend who had witnessed Antonio and the woman he rescued on the roadside. As Keri goes over to comfort her, Liz enters the diner. Antonio's face freezes.

Starr is jumping on the living room furniture in delight that "Daddy's home, Daddy's home!" Blair quickly scolds her for lying to her about the legal document that prevents Blair from pressing charges against Todd. Starr pleads with her mother to let Todd "back into the family." But Blair fears Todd will kidnap the children. She calls for their nanny, Suzanne, and explains to her that the children need "24-7" supervision and that there is a court order preventing Todd from seeing them. Blair then dashes out of the house. Nora arrives at the door. Suzanne, upon seeing that it is not Todd, reluctantly lets her in and goes upstairs. Starr promptly shoves a dollar bill in Nora's hand and brightly announces that she is now her lawyer!

Blair races into Sam's office to tell him that Todd is back. Sam encourages her to relax because the restraining order is still in effect and she can have him arrested for even coming to her house. They joke about the deserted island story possibly being true as Blair quips to Sam that "Gilligan built himself a raft." But Sam brings the discussion to a serious tone and asks Blair how she felt when she saw Todd. Blair retorts that she hates Todd. But Sam wants a deeper answer. She recounts that she'd said she still loved Todd, but she can't have him in her life. Todd's latest manipulation of Starr has sealed her commitment. Sam kisses her passionately. Todd suddenly barges into Sam's office and witnesses their affection.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

At the quarry, Jess and Natalie share their amazement at learning they are twins. They discuss who might have wanted to play with their lives. Nat realizes that Jess went after Roxy because of her. They apologize for their hurtful treatment of each other in the past and Nat is able to make Jess believe that she and Seth did not sleep together. She tells her that she and Cris are unable to be together because of Jen's pregnancy and she also suggests that Jess give Seth another chance. Nat has something to take care of but once she goes, Seth arrives looking for Jess. Jess fills him in on her new found relation to Natalie while he insists that he went to Michigan to help her, not to check up on Rex. He just knew something was wrong and wanted her happy. Jess concedes that she knows he didn't sleep with Nat and confesses that she loves and trusts him.

Michael Lazarus reads up on the latest newspaper articles involving the baby switch and Natalie's return to Llanview. When he is handed more files, he corrects the woman's rendering of his name. He's a reverend, he smiles.

Max visits Roxy in jail where she reassures him that she's not in for anything serious, only fraud, kidnapping and conspiracy. She divulges that the Buchanan girls are twins and requests that he help her to get out of jail. He can only smile and inform her that he wants her to stay. Roxy compares herself to Luna and also tells Max that she was planning to run away but then he asked her to dinner. Max cringes at Roxy's comparison and once the guard orders him out, he makes a hasty call to Nora. There's been a break in his case, he states.

A sobbing Carlotta is comforted by Keri and Innocencia. She cries that her best friend is leaving Angel Square and moving to Miami but not before scaring Liz and Antonio. Liz sneaks out with Antonio close behind, though he first hears Keri's offer to help Carlotta find a date to visit Florida. Liz figures they're home free with the woman moving away until she happens to spot them on her way from the diner. She recognizes Liz immediately as the woman at the motel with Antonio and wants to drag her back to meet Carlotta. Antonio manages to dissuade her by having her agree that she and Carlotta have already said their good-byes and there would be no sense in getting upset all over again.

Starr wants to hire Nora as her lawyer and explains that she wants to see her daddy. Nora kindly returns the young girl's money and tries to let her down as easily as possible. She's a mother too and cannot go against her mom's wishes, she tells her. A perturbed Starr orders Nora out of her house.

Todd walks into Sam's office only to confront the lawyer kissing Blair. He wants his lawyer's help to get him his kids back, he announces. Sam declares that they are no longer friends after all he pulled on Blair while Todd accuses him of moving in on Blair a long time ago. Blair urges her ex to blame her if he must blame anyone at all. A nearby Sam listens as Blair tells Todd to blame her because she forgot how many times he broke her heart while she only wanted to make him happy. She wants him to go but he demands to speak with Sam first. He accuses Sam of going after Blair because he was mad at Todd. Sam denies this and remarks that Blair deserves better than Todd. He also mentions that Blair wanted to allow him his rights with the children in Hawaii which causes Todd great dismay. He wouldn't have had to plan the kidnapping after all; Blair dropped her plan after learning of his. Sam urges Todd to let Blair have her new life. Todd arrives to a decision and beckons Blair back into the office. He refuses to let Blair have the kids-he will take them from her, he proclaims.

Keri suggests that Carlotta and Liz try to be friends but she realizes that Carlotta really doesn't want to. Carlotta is forced to admit that she just wishes the baby would be her grandchild but is comforted by the fact that Keri and Antonio will have their own some day. Keri is doing this for her mother and she wasn't pressured by her to have this baby. Outside, though Liz is once again happy that Innocencia is gone, Antonio is still perturbed over keeping the secret but the pair returns to the diner. Carlotta offers to make Liz a quilt for the baby.

Nora stops by to see Max and learns about the recent happenings, much to her confusion. Roxy could get 20 years in prison, she tells an ecstatic Max and he will be able to get his divorce and keep all assets. She inquires about the set table and he mentions the Luna tapes that Roxy turned over to him. She didn't have to tell him about them but she did. He almost appears caring for a second but shrugs it off quickly. Nora can only say that she hopes he gets everything he wants. After she's gone, Max leaves a phone message for Viki.

A jailed Roxy receives a visit from Natalie who wants to know why Roxy even kept her. The woman utters that no one wanted her or looked for her. She only hated Nat because she reminded her of all of the awful things her husband did. She's in an extremely upsetting position now though, she admits. Nat wonders if Roxy ever did anything good for her or anyone else. A waiting Nat takes Roxy's silence to mean no. Well then, there's not a person around who will ever do anything for Roxy, she retorts.

Starr tells Jack that they will get to see daddy.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Natalie is looking at a cake with "Congratulations Jen" on it. Rex walks in and asks how weird it was to find out that she and Jessica were twins. Jessica, who arrives just in time to hear his comment, wants to know who told him! The doorbell rings and Natalie goes to answer it. Rex explains how he found out and that he tried to talk to her earlier but she was sleeping. Jessica admits that she wasn't sleeping when he knocked on her door, she just didn't want to talk to him.

Al is at Max's and tells him that Jen is pregnant. Max starts to ask if it is his, but even before he can finish his statement, Al cuts him off and says no. He tells his father that he was so sure it was his child but the medical reports confirmed the due date. He then begins having wishful thinking about him, Jen and the baby being one big happy family.

Jen and Lindsay arrive at Llanfair, commenting on the fact that the mansion is decorated just for her, Jen thanks Natalie. She then hands her a form and practically guilts her into taking her Pre-Cana paper to St. Jude, explaining that because of her delicate condition, she needs her maid of honor to handle it. Natalie is trying to get out of it, but Jen lays it on thick, about how they are getting married so soon and they need to go through the Pre-Cana classes in order to get married in a Catholic Church. Natalie finally agrees and leaves. When they are alone Lindsay questions her daughters motives. Jen answers "I have my reasons."

Alone in the hallway of St. Jude's, Cristian looks at a statue of The Mother Mary holding a child, then down at his Pre-Cana forms.

Bo tells Viki that he talked to Larry and Clint and got basically the same story that they both left the room after the first baby was born. After they left there were only four people in the delivery room, Viki, Dr. Balsom, Scrub Nurse Wells and Special Nurse Johnson; and the only three that could help them are dead.

Jen tastes the cake and makes a spoiled brat comment on it not being the icing that she wanted. She begins to complain that Natalie can't get anything right. Lindsay questions why Jen is being so nasty, she is trying to understand why Jen is pushing Natalie and Cristian together. Jen explains that she is torturing them. "Their honor will prevent them from acting on their feelings as long as they think I am carrying Cris's baby." She wants them to pay for hurting her. Lindsay displays concern that her plan might blow up in her face!

Cristian meets the priest and hands him his form. The priest informs him that Jen asked for the next available date possible but then begins to explain exactly what the Pre-Cana classes are for. "These classes are to help you make sure your not rushing into something." Natalie walks in and the priest says "There is your beautiful bride now."

The woman in the library hands Michael the college yearbook. He thanks her and sets it aside, opening instead a file folder, looking at an article about Jessica and Natalie. He begins thinking of his conversation with Natalie, remembering her telling him about being in love with Cristian. He closes the folder, glances at the newspaper, then finds a picture of Jen and Cris in the yearbook.

Rex asks Jessica if she didn't want to talk to him because he's really not her brother? She denies it and tells him that she will miss having him as a brother. They agree to be friends and Rex tells her that he will be moving out soon, not to worry. Jess tells him that, that is not what she is doing, she is not kicking him out into the street. He assures her that he will be okay and leaves.

Viki obviously knew that Dr. Balsom was dead, but was extremely surprised to find out that the nurses were dead too! Bo informs her that Scrub Nurse Harriet Wells was killed by a hit and run driver, who was never found, 3 weeks after Viki gave birth to the girls. Nurse Maureen Johnson had a fatal heart attack, at the age of 27, with no family history of heart problems. Bo also tells her that Nurse Johnson resigned from the hospital four days after Viki delivered the babies. She had just begun working there one month before. Bo is curious that they were possibly killed. He promises to figure out what happened. Viki reminds him that there is one person they could talk to, who might know what happened...Allison Perkins.

At St. Ann's, Allison is sitting on a bench, in an empty room, with her legs up to her chest. Suddenly she opens her eyes, that have a eerie look in them.

Max tells Al that maybe it's a blessing in disguise that Jen is pregnant and it's not his. Al gets upset, yelling at Max "I don't care what you think!" His father replies "Do you care what Luna thinks?" He then explains the tapes and how Roxy gave them to him, remarking that it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for him.

Rex visits Roxy in jail. He wants to make sure she isn't going to tell anyone he knew that she wasn't Jessica's real mother. She agrees, but it depends on what he does for her.

Jen tells Lindsay to relax. But, she continues to go on about how Jen might have made a mistake pushing Natalie and Cristian together. If her plan backfires, her mother reminds her, then Cris will call off the wedding and Jen will have to raise Al's baby alone. Just then, Jessica walks in asking if everything is ready for the party. She tells them to sit down and relax, the doorbell rings, she excuses herself.

Natalie is just staring at the priest who rambles on about being able to tell when two people love each other by the way that they look at one another. Cristian finally corrects him and he apologizes profusely. He leaves to get his calendar to set up their classes. Natalie turns to leave, but Cris grabs her arm and asks her to wait.

Al is watching Luna on tape, listening to her say "that he is special boy and feels things other people don't, but he has more strength than most people too! He may fall down but he will bounce back." Al is nodding his head at her comment.

Max is waiting outside Llanfair. Jessica answers the door and he explains why he is there. He asks her to drop the charges against Roxanne.

Jen thanks Keri and Carlotta for coming. Marci is there too, and Jen asks her to stay close by just in case she gets woozy.

Lindsay introduces herself to Keri and Keri acknowledges that she knows who she is and asks if Lindsay is aware that she is R.J.'s daughter. Keri begins questioning why Lindsay won't exonerate R.J. on the charges of him helping her escape from prison.

Cris asks Natalie if she is okay, explaining that he heard about her and Jess being twins. Natalie admits that they haven't been friends in the past but they are trying. Cristian starts talking about Roxanne paying for what she has done to both of the girls and Natalie tells him not to worry about it, she survived. He starts playing the "what if" game and she replies "you can't change the past, even if you want to."

Michael, still looking at the yearbook and file on Natalie and Jessica, sets them aside and picks up the newspaper. He circles "TO WED CRISTIAN" and "ST JUDE CHURCH" in Jen's wedding announcement.

Viki and Bo are brainstorming about how it is either very coincidental or very deliberate that the twins were both kidnapped, and ended up in the same house. They decide to go see Allison, even though it will bring up bad memories for Viki, Allison is the key to all of this.

Allison has a creepy look on her face, stares straight into the camera saying "I did a terrible thing"

The Sister at St. Ann's doesn't want to let Bo question Allison with out a subpoena. After explaining that she may have vital information for Viki regarding her children, the sister seems to be considering letting them talk to her, but she does inform them that Allison has often been catatonic since she has been there. Viki continues to plead with the sister.

Rex agrees to talk Jessica into dropping the charges, but only if Roxy does what he wants. She thanks him and tells him that "I won't forget this kid!" Walking away Rex with an evil smirk on his face, says "I will, oops, I have already forgotten."

Max is trying to talk to Jessica with no avail. He leaves saying that he will be in touch with Viki about this. Jessica assures him that Viki wants Roxanne in jail as much as she does, she closes the door. A frustrated Max responds, to the closed door, "gotcha."

Jen tells Marci she doesn't know where her Maid of Honor is. Marci starts in "If I was your Maid of Honor, I wouldn't leave your side." then asks "Where could she be that's more important than your shower?" A worried Jen answers "That's what I would like to know."

Lindsay is trying to talk her way out of telling the police that R.J. helped her. She explains to Keri that after the experience she has had, she doesn't want to set one foot in the police station ever again. Keri is getting more upset and finally, unable to make any more excuses, Lindsay walks away.

Lindsay walks up to Carlotta, acting like the proud grandmother and Carlotta calls her on it, asking her if she ever speaks honestly. Carlotta asks her "You've never liked my son, and I've never liked you." She responds "At least your son did the right thing and proposed." Jen interrupts them, apologizing to Mrs. Vega, pulling Lindsay aside. Jen admits that pushing Natalie toward Cristian was probably the stupidest thing she's ever done.

Cristian tells Natalie that he is sorry that they can't go back and change things. The priest interrupts them with the information that Cris and Jen need to come back tonight for the Pre-Cana classes. The priest apologizes again to Natalie for the confusion and walks away. Natalie tells Cristian that she wants to stop talking about it, what he is doing is the right thing. He leaves. Natalie walks back into the church and daydreams of her and Cristian's wedding.

Max shows up to visit Roxanne. She is surprised he is back and asks "What are you doing here?" He responds "I'm here to set you free." They both have silly grins on their faces.

Al rewinds Luna's tape and listens to her say that "He will eventually find the love of his life. He may have to fight for it but in the end, he will win her heart"

Lindsay says that if Cris and Natalie run off, Jen can get on with her life. Jen is completely floored by her mother's comment, "What is the matter with you?!?" Jen starts rambling about how she made a mistake by wanting to watch Natalie suffer. She says "I've got to get Natalie out of the picture and make sure she stays there." She looks over at Carlotta and with a sneer, states "And, I know just how to do it."

Natalie is still daydreaming about her and Cristian's wedding, when Michael comes in the church and puts his hand on her shoulder, smiling.

Bo asks Viki if she is sure she doesn't want him to go in with her. She answers "I have to do this alone." Bo assures her that he will be right outside the door if she needs him. Viki walks in and says "Allison." Allison turns to her and says "I've been expecting you."

Friday, October 25, 2002

Todd shows up at Llanfair and Jessica answers the door. He tells her that Jack should see his father, but Jessica says that Blair has a restraining order against him for a good reason. Todd then reminisces about last year when Jack was born, but still thinks that he is a good father.

Today is Jack's birthday and as Blair is holding him, she remembers what happened to her exactly a year ago. Blair then promises Jack that she will never let him go again. Sam walks in on them and Blair tells him that she wants a quiet birthday for Jack. Starr overhears them talking. Starr calls Todd and asks him if he would like to see Jack. Star then drops Jack's cake on the floor and blames it on the nanny, telling her that she should go to the bakery and buy another cake.

Blair and Sam walk downstairs and ask Starr if she's ok. She agrees that everything is ok and runs upstairs where she meets Todd. Todd leans over Jack's crib and tells him that if he gets caught, he would be arrested. Todd then realizes that Jessica was right - he did this all to himself. A few minutes later, Blair appears at the door and listens to Todd apologizing to Jack.

Michael sees Natalie crying in the church and asks her if she's all right. Natalie inquires as to why he is here. Michael tells her that he is there to pray. He also tells her that he abandoned his "flock", but still has the desire to help people. Michael tells Natalie that God has a plan for everything and that if she needs to talk, he'll be there for her. Natalie says that she ran into Cris before and kept picturing herself marrying Cris, not Jen. Michael tells her that maybe the two of them were brought here for a reason. Natalie realizes that it's getting late and runs off, thanking Michael for everything. Michael says he is going to light a candle for someone who died that was very close to him. He then says, "Rest in peace, Mitch Lawrence", with a smile on his face.

Jen decides to get Natalie out of the picture for good. Lindsay asks her how she plans on doing this. Jen walks back inside and begins speaking with Carlotta. She then tells Carlotta that Natalie isn't back from the church yet and that Natalie probably ran into Cris there. Jen then adds that Natalie hangs out with Cristian all the time. Jen says that she is so lucky to have a friend like Natalie and Carlotta remarks that she shouldn't be so sure about Natalie. Jen keeps pushing Carlotta to tell her what she meant by that. Carlotta slips and tells her that Natalie is in love with Cristian. Everyone at the party hears this and looks at Jen. Carlotta says she didn't mean to say that and Jen then walks away. Lindsay runs after Jen and tells her that this is not the answer to her problems. Natalie walks in and Jen asks her if she was with Cristian. Jen then tells her that Mrs. Vega said that Natalie is in love with Cristian.

Cristian runs into Al while he is sweeping the floor in the gym. He asks Al why he is here. Al then begins to rant about the kind of girl Natalie is and that he is next in line. When Al starts to say how Natalie practically threw herself at him, Cristian punches him and tells him never to say anything about Natalie again.

Viki visits Alison in St. Anne's and Alison tells her that she was expecting her. Viki asks Alison if she knew the babies were twins when she switched them. Alison calls Viki "mom" and is glad that she is here to take her home. Viki again tells Alison that she is not her mother, but Viki Davidson. Alison tells Viki she would never keep a baby that didn't belong to her. Viki reveals that the babies are twins and asks Alison why she did it. Alison tells her to ask Mitch. Viki walks out of the room while Alison keeps saying "Ask Mitch." Alison then pictures herself talking to Mitch (now Michael) long ago.

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