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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Aaron and Lucy help Luke work on a science project and Luke confides in them that Will is a liar. In the hospital, Alison calls Aaron with the news that Will has woken up. Hal doesn't want to force Will to talk about the fire and Ben advises them to wait, but Barbara is determined to find out who started the fire. She pressures Will to implicate Aaron as the arsonist. Alison overhears their conversation and calls Hal to get Barbara to stop. Will, who remembers playing with the matches, insists to Hal that he saw Aaron start the fire. Margo works on locating Stenbeck when Abigail shows up with Adam, who reveals that he has dropped out of school to start working. When Abi admits that her life is confusing, Adam invites her to join him in Los Angeles. Simon and Katie ask Jack for his permission to investigate the Snyder Barn fire, and he gives it to them. Meanwhile, Craig tells Rosanna that he is not going to stand for her meddling in Mike and Molly's relationship. Rosanna accuses him of choosing to protect Carly, via Molly, over her again. Rosanna refuses to back down and shares her plan to expose Molly at Carly's wedding. They continue to argue. Rosanna walks out as Jack arrives to confront Craig about the Blushing Bride photo shoot. Craig claims that the photo shoot was Carly's idea. Molly and Mike agree to help Carly convince Jack to be on the magazine cover with her. Later, Molly overhears Rosanna telling Mike that she has something to show him.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Molly continues to worry about Rosanna exposing her secret to Mike, but Carly reassures her that Craig will keep Rosanna under control. Meanwhile, Craig tells Jack that it was Carly's idea to publicize Monte Carlo at the wedding. Later at Java Underground, a doubtful Jack confronts Carly, who confirms but lies that the publicity is part of her lifelong wedding fantasy. Jack then agrees to the press coverage as long as Craig keeps out of their wedding. Just as Rosanna arrives to stir up trouble, Craig stops her. He later tells Rosanna that it would be a much better time to out Molly to Mike after the wedding, but not before.

Alison calls Aaron to warn him that Will has accused him of setting the fire. Despite Tom pointing out to Hal that he doesn't have a case against Aaron, Hal insists on keeping Aaron in custody. He vows to have Aaron convicted after he learns from Barbara that Will has suffered another seizure and that he may not make it. Hal then forces an uncooperative Alison to make a statement that she witnessed Will's accusation against Aaron. Later, Alison confides to Emily that Barbara coerced Will to blame Aaron. Emily confronts Barbara about Will while Alison heads to the police station in a plot to help Aaron.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Rosanna and Craig discuss their relationship. Rosanna tells Craig that he has "lost his edge." She says he is only concerned about his crush on Carly and she doesn't want to be second best. She knows that with Craig, Carly will always creep in and part of her will always be thinking about Mike. Craig says some people have love triangles, but they have a square. Rosanna says their relationship is just a temporary arrangement. She asks Craig to just say three little words to her. He replies, " I want you." Not exactly the words she was looking for but she tells him that although she adores him, she doesn't love him. Rosanna finally agrees not to reveal to Mike that Molly donated the money to the hospital until after Jack and Carly's wedding. Craig says it will benefit their company. He tries to offer Rosanna champagne and oysters but she declines. She leaves and makes a phone call. She tells the person on the other line to meet her at the Lakeview Lounge. Later, she meets Henry and tells him that she needs to get out of a contract. She says she has an "out clause" but she wants Henry to prove that Carly and Craig are "working overtime."

Carly takes Jack back to the office and surprises him with her trousseau. She tells him that nothing is more important to her than her life with him. She tells him that their wedding is everything that she has ever dreamed of. Jack receives a call from Holden who says that Aaron has been arrested. Jack leaves to go to the police station.

Lucy goes to see Aaron is jail. She tells him she is scared for him. Aaron says that Hal Munson is building a case and he won't quit until Aaron is locked up for good. He tells Lucy to go away because he feels as if he can't protect her anymore. She says she won't go away because it feels right being with him. Aaron says he wishes they could just jump on his bike and go off together.

Meanwhile Lucinda arrives at the police station because Alison has asked for her help. Lucinda tells Lucy and Alison to go home and that she will help Aaron in the morning. Alison tells Lucy she has a plan. She goes to Hal's house and takes his keys. She then goes back to the police station and dressed as a cleaning lady, uses the keys and lets Aaron out. She says she'll put the keys back before anyone realizes they are gone. She says Aaron should just lay low for a while. He says he has a friend that goes to Webster University in St. Louis and he can help him.

Mike and Molly share some hot chocolate together. Mike says the luckiest day of his life was when he walked into that bar in New York and found Molly. He says that fate has gotten him the perfect job at the perfect moment and he's happy being back in Oakdale. He tells Molly he is falling in love with her. Molly gets very nervous and calls Carly. She tells Carly that Mike must never find out that she got him the job at the hospital.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Jack calls Hal at home and gives him the bad news that Aaron has escaped from the jail. Hal goes off. He can't believe that they let a teenager escape from the jail. He slams down the phone and tells Emily what happened. She gets a funny look on her face and says, "Uh-oh." Hal asks what is she thinking. She tells him that she had a discussion with Alison about the keys that Hal keeps in the kitchen drawer. Hal says that at least they know how Aaron got out of the jail cell.

Back at the police station, Jack is putting out an APB on Aaron. Craig walks in and hears this and Jack informs him that Aaron has broken out of jail. Craig calls Lucy on her cell phone.

Lucinda and Lucy arrive home at Lucinda's mansion. Lucinda tells Lucy that she is tired and is going to bed. Lucy promises to follow her grandmother soon. After Lucinda is upstairs, there is a knock at the door. Lucy opens the door and Alison is standing there. She says that she has a surprise for Lucy. Alison steps aside and Lucy can see Aaron standing out in the drive. Lucy runs to him and gives him a hug. Lucy asks how did he get out jail and Alison informs her that she broke him out. Lucy tells them that this is wrong. Aaron says that he has to leave town or he will go down for setting the fire at the barn. Lucy tells him that Will is lying and Tom Hughes will make everyone see that. Alison informs the two that she is going to run off with Aaron. Aaron says that nobody is going with him. Alison starts to argue, but Aaron tells her to go home so he can say goodbye to Lucy. Alison walks over and kisses his cheek and leaves. After she is gone, Lucy's cell phone rings and it is her father. He has found out about Aaron escaping from jail and he asks if she is with Aaron. She doesn't lie and she tells him that she is with Aaron. Craig implores her to stay away from Aaron because he is an escaped convict and she could get in the line of fire. Aaron tells Lucy to go home to her father. He tells her not to break her father's heart. Lucy asks Aaron what about her heart. Lucy tells her father that she is sorry and she hangs up. She tells Aaron that she has made up her mind and he can't change it. She walks over to his bike and lays her cell phone down and picks up her helmet. She tells him to take them somewhere that they can be together. Lucy's cell phone begins to ring. Aaron walks over to her and gives her a kiss. They both put on their helmets and get on the bike and leave. As they are riding away, Lucinda walks out on the porch and sees them riding off.

Back at Hal's house, Hal tells Emily that he will handle Alison when she gets home. Emily tells Hal that she can't believe that Alison would do something like this because she had been doing better. Even their mother had seen the difference in Alison. The door opens and Alison sheepishly walks in. Hal demands that she give him the keys. Alison looks at him like she is puzzled. He tells her not to try it and that they know that she helped Aaron escape from the jail tonight. Hal informs Alison that she has committed a felony and he demands that she tell him where Aaron is. She hands over the keys, but refuses to tell him where Aaron went. Hal gets a call from Jack that Aaron has been spotted at Lucinda's. Hal hangs up and tells Alison that he will deal with her when he returns. Hal leaves and slams the door as he goes. After he is gone, Emily tells Alison that she doesn't know what to say. She tells her sister that she is in a lot of trouble and sends her up to her room. Alison heads for the steps and turns to her sister. She says, "Aaron didn't start that fire. He didn't." She goes upstairs and Emily goes to the phone. She picks up the phone and then hangs it back up. She says, "Sorry mom. You are going to have to wait until I can figure out what the heck to say to you."

At Java Underground, Bonnie watches as her mother and Ben dance together. Henry walks up and starts talking with Bonnie about Paul. Henry suggests that Paul has something heavy on Travers and that maybe there was something more on the tape that Paul has against Travers. Bonnie thinks for a moment and then she starts out of the club. As she goes past Isaac, Ben and Jessica, Isaac asks what is wrong. She tells them that she has to go see Paul and she runs out. Jessica tries to stop her but it is too late, her daughter is out the door. Jessica gets a sick look on her face.

At the Lakeview, Paul meets with Marshall. Paul tells him that all he wants is to know when his father will return to Oakdale or he will use the tape he has on Marshall and Jessica. Marshall tells him that he doesn't want Jessica hurt. Marshall takes a piece of paper out of his jacket and hands it to Paul. He tells Paul to read it; it is a telegram from his father. He says that Paul's father will be arriving in Oakdale on Halloween night. He tells Paul to read the telegram. Paul unfolds the paper and reads, "Arriving with the ghouls. Stop. Will instruct. J.S." Paul asks if that is it. Marshall says that his father loves to joke. Paul tells Marshall that his father only deals with people he can control and he asks what James has on him. Marshall says that they should stick to the issue at hand. He tells Paul that he got what he asked for, his father is returning on Halloween night. He asks, "Are you satisfied?" Travers tells Paul that when he finds out where his father will be, he will call Paul and someone will lead him to James. Paul asks if he will prosecute James when they get him. Marshall says he will. Paul asks if they have an understanding and Marshall says that they do. Bonnie walks in and says that someone better tell her what in hell is going on. Marshall and Paul look at each other like two deer in the headlights. Marshall stands up and tells Bonnie that she was warned to stay out of his business. He says that he has a call to make. Bonnie starts to say something and Marshall points his finger at her and tells her not to push him. Marshall looks at Paul and asks if they understand each other. Paul nods his head. Marshall looks at Bonnie and tells her to be gone when he gets back. Marshall walks out. Bonnie sits down with Paul. Bonnie tells Paul that she thinks there was more on the tape and Paul has been blackmailing Marshall. Paul admits that there is more on the tape than what he told her. He tells her that he told Marshall that the tape would stay buried as long as he delivered James. Bonnie says that she can't believe that she trusted him and he lied to the police. She demands to know what is on the tape. Paul says that he can't tell her. Bonnie tells him that he is playing with fire and he is going to bring everyone down. She says that she is going to stop the insanity and go talk to her mother. Bonnie gets up and leaves and Paul chases after her. After they are gone, Marshall walks back in and sits at the table. Brandy walks in and sits down also. Marshall mutters that this day gets longer and longer. Brandy tells him that she will not be dumped like garbage. She says that if he doesn't pay her what she is worth, she will make his life very hard. Marshall tells her that he will pay and she will earn every penny. He hands her an envelope under the table. She opens the envelope and says, "Whoa! That is a lot of money. That is more than I have ever asked for." Marshall says that she is going to earn every penny. She says that if this means that she has to go to bed with Paul Ryan then they have been there before. Marshall tells her that she doesn't have to go to bed with him, just get close to him. He tells her that on Halloween night he will call her and tell her where to meet Paul. She jokingly says that for this kind of money he probably wants her to kill the guy. Marshall stares at her. She tells him that was a joke. Marshall doesn't flinch. She asks how Marshall knows that Paul will go with her. Marshall says that he will think that she is taking him to James Stenbeck. Brandy tells Marshall that she will help him. She stands up and shakes Marshall hand, but he won't let her hand go. She pulls her hand away and tells him that he doesn't scare her like he used to. He says that they will have to work on that. Brandy leaves. Marshall has a flashback of telling Jessica that they should just let Paul release the tape. He shakes his head and says, "I may not be scaring you, Brandy, but I am scaring myself. Half to death."

Back at Hal's house, Alison comes downstairs with her coat and hat on and a bag over her shoulder. She leaves an envelope with Emily's name on it on the table. She says, "I know that you're not going to understand, Emily, but there is just some things a person has to do." She turns and walks out the door.

Friday, October 25, 2002

by Andy

Emily finds a letter Alison left on the kitchen table. She reads, "Emily, thanks for trying to help me. Alison. P.S. I love you." Emily runs upstairs to tell Hal. Emily assumes responsibility for driving Alison away. Hal says Alison's head was clear "when she helped Aaron break out of jail." Susan arrives on Hal's way out to pick Alison up and head to family court. Susan tells Emily that Alison "is due in front of a judge in an hour. Go tell her to get moving." Emily breaks the news that Alison ran away and gives Susan a Tums chaser. Susan is frantic trying to imagine what the judge will think when he finds out Alison skipped town. Both Emily and Susan agree they need to lie to the judge to stall for time. Dr. Susan will tell the court clerk that Alison is sick, while Emily circulates some flyers.

Carly brings Jack lunch at the station. Jack is trying to find Aaron and Lucy who have skipped town. Carly confirms with Blushing Bride that the photo shoot scheduled for today is still all right. Jack, on the other hand, doesn't think he can get away because Aaron and Lucy are missing. Carly gets him to commit to a shoot during his lunch break at the Lakeview, and then she runs to meet Craig at work.

Rosanna is on the phone with Henry and she demands that he find Craig asap. Craig walks into his suite, and tells an agitated Rosanna that he's been out all night looking for Lucy. Aaron broke out of jail yesterday, and the two of them ran off together. Rosanna changes her attitude and asks, "I want to help. What can I do?" Craig doesn't have time to coddle her and simply says, "Leave." "Craig, I'm not walking away from this." "Well, would you then please walk to your place down the hall? Walk anywhere but here. If you really want to help me, you will not be here when I get back." Then Craig walks out to continue his search.

Mike tells Molly he's not worried that she didn't say I love you in return the night before. He says, "Whether you say it or not, I know you're getting there." Abigail stops by for a visit, and tells her mother she's leaving tonight for Los Angeles. Molly is stunned. Abigail wants to spend time just vegging out in California with Adam. Molly doesn't put up much of a fight, but sheds a few tears for her daughter and wishes her well. On her way out, Abigail says, "I won't forget where home is." Mike soon follows, and Molly calls Rosanna on her cell phone demanding to meet with her at the Lakeview Lounge, "in twenty minutes." Molly hangs up on Rosanna, but Rosanna has to have the last word. She calls Molly back at Mike's place, but Molly ignores the call and heads out the door. Mike's answering machine picks up the call and Rosanna leaves a message. Later, Mike returns home because he forgot something, and finds a message on his machine. He listens to Rosanna's recording, "As much as I look forward to airing out our situation, I don't appreciate being hung up on. I'll meet you at the Lakeview, but I'll meet you at my convenience, not yours." Mike says, "That's what you think," then rushes out the door.

Hal arrives at the station, and Jack tries to send him home but Hal can't stop working. Hal gives Jack the bad news that he will have to postpone his honeymoon because there are too many things going on at the station. Jack's eyes fix on Hal and says, "There's no way I'm going to postpone my honeymoon. You got that?" Jack storms off. Hal throws his coffee into the trash as Holden arrives at the station demanding to know why Hal never told him what happened with Aaron. Hal defers Holden's questions to the commissioner because Hal doesn't like Holden's tone. Holden threatens to take the story to the City Times. Hal counters with the threat of a libel suit if he follows through, and says, "You want to play it tough? You want to play it mean? You've come to the right place."

Carly is at the office when Craig arrives. She tries to console him, but Craig is just as angry at Carly because she has a "soft spot for anything Snyder," and because she counseled him to be patient with Aaron, just like everyone else in the town. Now Craig is concerned with what might happen when the police find Aaron. What if Lucy gets caught in the crossfire? Craig vows that when this is all over, "I will make sure that he never lays eyes on her again!" Carly tells him to get real. "Lucy didn't just run away with Aaron. Lucy ran away from you!" Craig tries to draw a comparison between how he doesn't agree with Carly's plans to marry Jack, but he is supporting her anyway. He wants the same courtesy when he comes to her looking for sympathy with his situation with his daughter. Carly redirects him to Rosanna if he wants hypocrisy. Craig brings up the coming anniversary of Bryant's death, and reminds Carly that his only other child has been kidnapped. He then gives up and starts for the door. Carly finally caves in and says, "Wait!"

Jack arrives at the Lounge for the photo shoot and meets with a publicist and a photographer who flamboyantly sizes Jack up for the shoot. Later, the publicist springs the news that Craig changed the location of his honeymoon from Aspen to Monte Carlo.

Rosanna finds Molly at the bar, and Molly begs Rosanna to not use her proof (that Molly made the large donation to the hospital so Mike would stay in town) against her. Rosanna smirks and says, "This day just gets more interesting by the second. What's in it for me?" Mike bursts into the room and Rosanna chooses not to divulge Molly's secret and leaves the couple alone. Molly looks into Mike's eyes, and says, "Mike. It's time I finally told you the truth."

Aaron and Lucy are seen riding his bike in St. Louis. They arrive at Webster University and meet up with Brady, Aaron's old friend from Seattle. They find out that the news of Aaron's jailbreak reached St. Louis when two of Brady's friends recognize Aaron's face.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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