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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, October 14, 2002

Craig tries to convince Carly to allow him to publicize her wedding, but she adamantly refuses. Later, Molly fills Carly in that Rosanna knows about her funding the new Burn Unit. Carly promises to help keep Rosanna's mouth shut but putting Craig to the task. Molly is touched when Mike gives her a key to his house. At the hospital, Hal calls Jack to ask him to take over the fire investigation and arrest Aaron. Jack doesn't think there is enough evidence to arrest Aaron yet, but agrees to pursue it. Meanwhile, Alison warns Aaron and Lucy that the cops are after him and he decides to go to the Old Mill to spare Holden and Lily from having another scene in their house. Jack goes to question Lucy and when Craig realizes that she is with Aaron, he calls her and demands that she come home. Aaron wants Lucy to go so she won't see him get arrested and she agrees, but asks Alison to keep her up to date. Later, Will has another seizure. Hal finds out that Jack never got the warrant for Aaron's arrest and calls Jessica to get the warrant himself. At the Lakeview, Paul instructs Jessica to get in touch with Marshall or he'll expose their affair. He meets with Brandy and says that he no longer needs her help. Brandy reports back to Marshall, who informs her that he doesn't need her anymore either. Jessica tells Marshall that she wants to continue their relationship. He reveals that he thinks Paul still has the videotape and plans to use it against them.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Jessica reluctantly agrees to meet Marshall at her house. She goes home and finds Ben, Isaac and Bonnie waiting for her and can't get in touch with Marshall to cancel. She explains that she needs some time alone and Isaac and Bonnie leave. Ben stays behind to comfort her, but she grows panicked when the doorbell rings. Henry tells Simon and Katie that he got their first client: Rosanna. Katie lays down the law that they are not going to involve family members and since Rosanna is Craig's girlfriend, they have to drop her. Meanwhile, Lucy refuses to answer Jack's questions about Aaron. When Jack convinces her that he's trying to help, Lucy admits that Aaron is at the Old Mill. Katie exposes Rosanna's business to Craig. Rosanna covers with Craig. Katie discovers that Lucy has slipped out of the suite. At the Old Mill, Alison tries to convince Aaron to run away before he gets arrested, but he refuses. Holden promises Aaron that the family believes he is innocent. Jack tells Aaron that everything will go smoothly if he turns himself in. Lucy arrives and they rush into a hug. At the hospital, Hal gets upset when he sees Will being strapped down to the bed and changes his focus back to Aaron's arrest. When he finds out that Jack hasn't arrested Aaron yet, he takes him off the case. At the Old Mill, the police are separating Aaron and Lucy when Hal grabs Aaron. Later, Alison promises Will that she is going to look after him.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

At the Lakeview, Henry parades around with a cigar in one hand and two women on either side of him. He tells them that he likes to live on the edge. Also at the Lakeview is Marshall who sees Henry and suddenly remembers seeing him before in his hotel room as the "valet". Marshall's suspicions are confirmed by the bartender. Marshall knows that Henry is connected to Paul so he approaches Henry. Marshall says he knows that Henry was involved with Paul in bugging his room and he shows him the smoke detector which he says he'll test for fingerprints.

At Java Underground, Bonnie and Isaac spend some time together. They talk about everything that happened with the election and they hope that Marshall doesn't revoke Isaac's liquor license. Henry goes to Java Underground to talk to Bonnie. He tells her that Marshall knows everything. Henry says that Marshall "looked like he wanted to eat the eyes right out of my skull." Henry asks Bonnie if her mother can help them. Bonnie says she will handle it herself.

At Jessica's apartment, Ben answers the door and receives a package from a messenger. Inside the envelope is a note from Marshall which says that he saw Jessica was not alone so he didn't knock. He wants to meet her later where no one will see them. Jessica makes an excuse to Ben that her secretary sent the message and that she has to prepare her files for court tomorrow. Ben agrees to leave but says such sweet things to Jessica, pouring his heart out so much that Jessica feels guilty and just can't send Ben away. She decides to reschedule her "court date" and with Ben there, Jessica calls Marshall to tell him she will not be able to see him. Marshall is surprised and says, "She'll be here." Then, after making love to Ben, Jessica calls Paul and tells him she can't do what he wants her to do with Marshall.

Bonnie goes to see Marshall. She tells him, "I want you to be angry at the right person me." Bonnie says she was the one who spied on him, that Jessica and Isaac knew nothing about it. Bonnie tells Marshall that Paul got rid of the video because it was useless - Stenbeck wasn't on it.

The police arrive to arrest Aaron. Lucy and Aaron are pulled apart and they desperately try to grab onto each other's hand. Aaron gets upset seeing Lucy being held and he jumps on the police officer. Hal arrive and grabs Aaron. Despite Jack and Holden's pleas, Hal handcuffs Aaron. Jack tells Hal he's acting stupid, even threatening Lucy. Craig arrives to comfort Lucy. Aaron is brought to the police station where Tom meets him and Holden. Tom asks Aaron questions about the fire. Aaron says the matches were in his backpack and that either one of the boys could have found them. Tom asks if Aaron would take a lie detector test. Aaron quickly answers yes because he has nothing to hide. Aaron thanks Holden for trusting him and for standing up for him. He tells Holden he is worried about Lucy. Holden tells him not to worry because Lucy is more like her mother and Lily and they don't take orders from anybody. Lucinda also arrives at the police station to give Lucy support. Finally, Lucy is allowed to see Aaron. She tells him she'll never let him go.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Mike begins work on the Burn Unit, and Molly frets that Rosanna will expose her secret. Carly is stressed out about her wedding plans and is called away from work by Molly, who needs Carly to talk to Craig about stopping Rosanna. Meanwhile, Craig tries to get information about Aaron's arrest from Jack, but he refuses to divulge anything. Jack leaves to meet Carly for lunch, but she has forgotten about their plans. They agree to postpone and meet up for dinner. Carly worries that nothing is going to go right at her wedding and Craig surprises her surprises her with news that he set up exclusive coverage with Blushing Bride magazine. Carly ultimately agrees to turn her wedding into a media event if Craig recovers Molly's stolen bank check from Rosanna. Paul reiterates his threat to Jessica. She tries to convince him that they can work together to bring down Stenbeck and Marshall, but Paul refuses to listen. She calls Marshall and admits that she is being blackmailed. When Marshall realizes that she is using him, he is reluctant to help her and insists that they can let the video be exposed, but then consents he will handle Paul. Later, Bonnie tells Paul that Marshall knows about Henry's involvement in their surveillance scheme. Paul goes to Jack and reveals that he does have a videotape, but he can't show him what is on it. Paul just wants Jack to be aware that the tape exists in case anything happens to him. Marshall calls Paul to arrange a meeting.

Friday, October 18, 2002

by Andy

Carly stops by Molly's new place with news about the upcoming wedding. She says that Craig thought it would be good for business if the media were there to cover the event. She also tells Molly, in exchange for the media blitz, Craig will keep his mouth shut about Molly's donation to the hospital that kept her boyfriend Mike in town. Jack calls Carly and asks to meet her at Java after work. Carly agrees and invites Molly and Mike to join them. Molly advises her against the publicity stunt. A wedding is something intimate and special. "You can have a publicity stunt any day." Carly won't hear anything different from her original plan. Molly caves in and agrees to support her cousin.

Margo is hot on the trail for James and a border control agent confirms that Lester Keyes, a.k.a. James Stenbeck, has crossed the Mexican border and is in the country.

Ben checks on Will at the hospital, with Barbara and Hal looking on in the background. Barbara thinks Will's condition is improving, but Hal demands that Ben ease up on the sedatives so Will can wake up sooner. Ben advises against this suggestion. Later, outside the hospital room, Jessica tells Hal she is dropping all charges against Aaron. Candy striper Alison smirks in the background triumphantly. Hal flips his lid, but Jessica demands more evidence.

Paul meets Travers at the Lakeview Lounge. Marshall inquires about the tape, but Paul toys with him. Marshall doesn't want to waste his time so he gets up to leave. Paul demands that he sit down "and listen to someone else for a change." Paul demands to know when and why Stenbeck is coming back to town, or he'll release the tape one hour before his inauguration ceremony, which would destroy Jessica's life.

Aaron tells Lucy that in order to prove his innocence, he has to prove who really started the fire at the Snyder barn. Aaron thinks the police may have missed a clue at the barn. Lucy offers to help him look. "You and me against the world. It's worked so far." Alison stops by with the good news that he's not going to be charged with the crime. Tom isn't far behind and confirms the news.

Barbara is at the bedside of her son, cooing at him trying to get him to wake up. Hal breaks the news that Jessica is dropping the charges against Aaron. Babs' fangs drop and she repeats the case against Aaron. She spits, "What do we have to do draw her a map?" She demands further that Hal take charge. "You put Aaron Snyder where he can never do to anyone else what he has done to our precious boy!" Hal says, "What do you want me to do? Manufacture evidence? I can't snatch it out of thin air." Babs, with eyes afire, sneers at Hal, "Damn that woman." She storms out of the room and finds Jessica in Ben's arms. Jessica defends herself by saying there simply "wasn't enough evidence." Barbara snaps back, "Well, that certainly didn't stop you from dragging me through the mud, did it? The criminals have all the rights." Jessica retorts, "Which explains why you're still walking around free." "Heaven help Aaron Snyder's next victim, because God knows YOU won't!" Hal comes out and breaks up the fight.

Back at the station, a lieutenant advises Jack that Blushing Bride magazine is on line two. They're interested in knowing when he would like to have his photo taken...before or after the wedding?

Alison returns to the hospital, and to Will's side, and promises to act like a big sister to the boy and encourages him to wake up. Suddenly, Will's eyes start to flutter. Alison rushes to get Hal, and then Will says, "Dad?"


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