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Monday, October 14, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Marissa is thrilled when Jamal announces he sent their song to Stephen Clay, but Ricky is positive they are wasting their time.

In Tess's Cave, Jack is shocked when Tess begins to gasp for air and collapses on the ground.

At the same time, Livvie pulls herself out of the poisoned water in Alison's tub and staggers out the door, hoping to race to the E.R. in time to save her life and the life of her unborn child.

Meanwhile, in Rafe and Alison's living room, Rafe is shaken when Alison informs Rafe that his new friend Elizabeth is really Alison's mother. As Elizabeth gushes over Alison, Alison gives her mother a frosty greeting. Then Alison demands to know WHY her mother has suddenly returned to Port Charles after so many years abroad.

Back in the cave, Jack realizes his cell phone is dead, so he can NOT dial 9 - 1 - 1. Jack decides to carry Tess into town to the Emergency Room.

Meanwhile, in the ER, Frank and Karen discuss the complications that Livvie's baby will add to their lives.

When Livvie staggers into the E.R., Frank and Karen begin immediate First Aid.

Meanwhile, back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison can NOT figure out WHY Liz has suddenly stopped in to visit Alison. Elizabeth keeps insisting that she DID come SPECIFICALLY to see Allison. Rafe asks Liz WHY she and Alison's father did NOT show up for a special surprise Rafe had planned for Alison - or when Alison was in a coma or even when Alison was on trial for her life.

Liz then surprises both Rafe AND Alison when she admits she HAS been a terrible mother - but Elizabeth insists that she DOES love Alison! When Alison continues to coldly demand to know WHY Liz has suddenly returned to Port Charles, Liz finally admits to Alison that Liz has returned to Port Charles because Alison's father is 'gone.'

Back at the Recovery Room, Marissa is impressed when she receives a call from Stephen Clay himself! Marissa announces that Stephen Clay LOVED their song and is coming to Port Charles to meet Marissa and Ricky.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Liz explains that they were sailing their yacht in the Aegean with some friends, and Alison's father fell over board. Liz told Alison that they have been searching for his body ever since, but have finally given up. Elizabeth also asserts that Alison's father DID love her!

But Alison coldly suggests that it is time for Liz to head for her hotel, and Alison calls a cab.

At the hospital, Livvie remembers how she tried to poison Alison's bath, but fell into the poisoned water herself.

Karen finally gets Livvie to admit that Livvie believes there was something poison in her bath water. But Livvie begins to go into cardiac arrest.

At the same time, as Jack races toward town with Tess in his arms, Jack realizes that Tess's heart has stopped and there is no pulse.

Back at the Recovery Room, after Marissa talks to Stephen Clay, Jamal suddenly has misgivings that Stephen Clay's motives for showing such an enthusiastic interest in the music is just a bit 'off.' Jamal wonders HOW Stephen Clay got Marissa's unlisted cell phone number!

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Liz suggests that she stay a while, but Alison barely listens to Liz and, instead, decides that she will tell Amanda the news the following day. Liz tries to appeal to Rafe to urge Alison to let Liz stay a while longer, but Rafe is unwilling to intercede for Elizabeth. As Elizabeth leaves, she is disappointed when Alison merely says that she will call her mother - later.

After Liz leaves, Alison admits to Rafe that she did NOT know her father all that well, so Alison is going to be fine! But Rafe can see that Alison is choking back tears.

Meanwhile, as Frank and Karen work to get Livvie's heart started again in the E.R., Jack is in the woods, frantically working to start Tess's heart.

When Frank and Karen finally succeed in getting Livvie's heart started in the E.R., Tess suddenly sits bolt upright and Jack holds her. As Livvie begins to regain consciousness, she calls for Jack. Then Livvie assures her baby that they are all going to be just fine now.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

At a new hospital in Canada, Ian and Lucy discuss the improved care Ian is sure that Kevin will receive from Dr. Fox.

Meanwhile, Kevin told Dr. Fox that it was his wife and her boyfriend who got him locked up in a mental hospital - and Kevin plans to NEVER forget that!

As Tess recovers in the woods, Jack takes her back to her cave. But, as soon as Tess arrives at the cave, Tess begins a frantic search for her 'baby.'

At the same time, Livvie begins to recover in the Emergency Room. When Karen and Frank come in, Livvie apologizes to Frank and Karen for the way she has been behaving and promises them that she is going to do better. But, as Livvie talks about her baby and how her baby is all that she has left now - Karen reluctantly informs Livvie that they have NOT been able to detect a fetal heartbeat. Livvie refuses to believe that her baby is dead and accuses Karen of just wanting to convince Livvie that the baby is dead so that Karen can get rid of the baby. Livvie freaks out when Karen hands her a consent form for a procedure to remove the dead fetus before the toxins again threaten Livvie's life.

Jack tries to calm Tess down by helping her search for her missing 'baby.' And Jack finally finds Tess's 'baby' for her. Tess grabs the 'baby' and lays down beside it in a corner of the cave.

Meanwhile, in the E.R., Frank tries to convince Livvie that she needs the procedure to protect her own life.

In the meantime, Lucy visits Kevin's room in the Canadian Hospital, while Dr. Fox steps out into the hall.

In the hallway outside, Dr. Fox asks Ian if Ian is sincere about wanting Kevin to recover and about wanting to see Mr. and Mrs. Collins reunited. When Ian insists that he is genuinely sincere in wanting that, Dr. Fox told Ian point blank to leave Mrs. Collins alone.

In Kevin's room, Kevin accuses Lucy of betraying him in order to get him locked up again in a mental hospital. When Lucy told Kevin that she can NOT stay with him at the clinic, Kevin calls Lucy on it - pointing out that Lucy originally told Kevin that being in a Canadian Hospital was supposed to make it EASIER for Lucy to be with Kevin. As Kevin told Lucy that he no longer believes anything she says - Lucy reminds Kevin that he has tried to kill her more than once. Then Lucy informs her husband that she is through letting Kevin blame everyone else but himself for Kevin's problems.

Back in the Cave, as Jack tries to comfort Tess, she runs to get a book and wants Jack to read a story to her. Instead of reading a story, Jack told a fractured fairy tale about Cinderella meeting the seven dwarfs and three bears. When one of the bears got gruff with her, Cinderella went up on the Interstate to try to hitch a ride to get out of town, but met a handsome Prince on a big, white, Harley-Davidson, who gave her a lift.

Meanwhile, in the E.R., as Frank tries to reason with Livvie, Livvie insists that her baby IS alive because Livvie would KNOW it if the baby were dead. Livvie reminds Frank that they both KNOW that this was a special child, who would have special powers.

Livvie suddenly appears to accept what Frank is saying about the baby being dead, but Livvie asks to be alone for a little while, so Frank and Karen leave.

Back at the Canadian Clinic, Ian bristles at Dr. Fox's suggestion that Ian would be the one impeding Kevin's progress toward a full recovery.

Meanwhile, in Kevin's room, Lucy told Kevin she wants him back, whole and well.

KEVIN: "You know, Lucy - you told me that you would love me forever. I guess 'forever' is a LOT shorter than it used to be - isn't it?'

Lucy told Kevin that he must focus on himself, rather than on other people. Kevin observes that Lucy sounds very cold and more like she needs to hurry back to IAN!

When Lucy leaves Kevin's room, Ian and Lucy discuss Kevin's treatment and Ian confesses that Dr. Fox suspects that Ian wants Lucy for himself. However, Lucy assures Ian that they are just friends - and they hug.

In the meantime, Dr. Fox returns to Kevin's room with a cassette player and informs his patient that he plans to use 'music therapy!' The first song Dr. Fox plays is 'Naked Eyes.'

But, when Lucy hears the same music, she finds it immediately disturbing and Lucy begs Ian to take her home - immediately!

But, inside his room, Kevin listens intently as the singer asks: "Are you down with your old friends?'

Back in the Cave, Jack tries to explain to Tess what 'happily ever after' means. Tess impulsively kisses Jack's hand and he kisses her hand.

Back at the Hospital, Karen told Frank that she is sorry that Livvie's baby is gone. But, when Frank and Karen return to the treatment room, they find that Livvie has gone.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Marissa, Ricky, and Jamal wait anxiously to met Stephen Clay. As they wait, two guys and a girl, all decked out in leather, enter the restaurant. The girl comes up to Marissa and introduces them as The Band. As the two guys stand behind Marissa and Ricky, the girl explains that Stephen Clay liked the song. He sent The Band there to check them out. One of the guys rudely asks Marissa how the girl in the song died. Jamal takes offense at his tone and there verbal argument nearly turns into a fist fight until Marissa diffuses the situation.

Lucy is going through her mail when Rafe sneaks in behind her. Lucy is startled to see him, but tries to tell herself it's just a vision because Rafe is in Heaven. Rafe finally convinces her he is back for good. He also told Lucy that he and Alison will be getting married. Lucy can't believe she is finally hearing some good news for a change. Rafe also has some not so good news. Alison's father passed away and now her mother is in town. Lucy knows Elizabeth and calls her a gold digger. Rafe says he has a bad feeling about her and calls Elizabeth big time trouble. Rafe told Lucy that when he and Alison started to leave town, he got some weird vibes telling him he needed to be in Port Charles. Lucy says she had the same type of feelings when she was in Canada. She wonders if it has anything to do with their family's business then asks, "Is Elizabeth a vampire?" Rafe says yes she is. Elizabeth is a human vampire who sucks the life out of you.

Rafe leaves and Serena comes in. When Lucy tries to ask Serena something, the girl doesn't respond because she listening to music through headphones. Lucy asks what group it is and Serena told her it's the Stephen Clay Experience. Lucy listens to the music through the headphones, then told Serena she shouldn't be listening to that kind of thing. It's weird and creepy. Lucy then says to herself, "I sound like Tipper Gore!" The phone rings and it is Ian calling from the Recovery Room. Lucy can barely hear him because of the background music. It is the same song Serena was listening to. Lucy told him the music makes her skin crawl. Ian went outside where it's quieter then told Lucy that Livvie miscarried and is now nowhere to be found.

Alison is having tea with her grandmother, trying to find the right moment to tell her Malcolm is dead. Before Alison can gently break the news, Elizabeth barges in to tell Alison she shouldn't have to be alone to tell Amanda her son is dead. Amanda is shocked and Alison dismayed. When Amanda wants to know what happened, Alison insists her mother share ALL the details. Elizabeth explains that Malcolm fell overboard in a boating accident. There was an exhaustive search, but his body was never recovered. Elizabeth went on to say that they were on their way home to Port Charles because Malcolm was going to expand the Barrington Foundation. Amanda asks her driver to take her home so she can make plans for a memorial service.

Once alone, Alison demands to know if what Elizabeth said was the truth. Elizabeth says that the truth is that Malcolm was cold and selfish. Is that what she should have said to Amanda? At that moment, Rafe comes in with the rest of the story. He told Alison that he just found out her father didn't die recently, he fell off the boat months ago. The reason Elizabeth didn't come to town sooner was because she was being held as a suspect in his death. When Alison hears this, she slaps her mother hard across the face.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Joshua Temple explains that he is NOT Stephen Clay - but is the manager of The Stephen Clay Experience. Joshua told Jamal, Marissa and Ricky that no one ever meets Stephen unless Stephen thinks it is necessary - and, at this point, Stephen does NOT believe it is necessary to meet Marissa or Ricky.

In the woods, Livvie sits down by a rock and promises her baby that Livvie will take care of her baby and that Jack will love the baby also. Livvie remembers Karen telling her that her baby is dead, but Livvie remains positive that her baby is still alive. As Livvie promises her baby that Jack will make them whole again, Jack prepares to leave Tess's Cave to get some supplies in town. But Tess begs Jack to stay with her.

At Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison demands to know if her mother killed her father.

Rafe told Alison that his information is that Alison's father was in the yachting accident four months ago and that Elizabeth was investigated for his death.

But Elizabeth contends that EVERYone on board the yacht at the time of the accident was considered suspect. Elizabeth reminds Alison that Elizabeth lived with Alison's father and tolerated his cruelty and his various affairs for more than twenty years - and IF Elizabeth was capable of murdering her husband, she would have done it a LOT sooner!

Meanwhile, as Jack prepares to leave the cave, he promises Tess that he will return by sundown - and gives her a long, lingering kiss good-bye. At the same time, Livvie promises her baby that Jack will arrive soon to help them.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Elizabeth told Alison that she has police reports, witnesses, many details of the search for Malcolm - from two different countries and three different law enforcement agencies. Alison questions WHY the news media did NOT cover the disappearance of someone as important as Malcolm Barrington - but Elizabeth insists that she was able to persuade the news media to forego broadcasting the story until the family could be certain about Malcolm's demise. Alison still refuses to believe Elizabeth and orders her mother to leave.

After Elizabeth leaves, Rafe urges Alison to talk to him about all of her pent up emotions.

Back at the Recovery Room, Joshua told Marissa that Stephen believes she is a true artist. Jamal told Joshua that Jamal is Marissa and Ricky's manager - and they are ALL leery of signing with someone they are not even able to MEET!

Joshua opens a metal case full of money and offers it to Marissa in payment for her services. But Marissa is NOT impressed!

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison tearfully told Rafe about all the great hopes and daydreams she continued to have about her parents turning into REAL parents. Alsion told Rafe that, while some people had imaginary friends - Alison had imaginary parents! Rafe promises Alison that they will have their OWN children and 'do it right' for those children. Alison breaks down and finally cries in Rafe's arms.

After Jack kisses Tess good-bye at the Cave, Livvie paces nervously around in the forest, expecting to find Jack at any minute. Livvie suddenly believes she hears someone in the bushes, but decides that no one was really there. But Livvie suddenly begins to experience serious pain and falls to the ground, calling out for Jack.

Back at the Recovery Room, Joshua hands a contract to Jamal - and Jamal promises that he will have a lawyer check it out. But Ricky tries to convince Jamal to go ahead and sign the contract right away. However, Jamal insists that there is too much that sounds shady about this deal for them to rush into anything.

Marissa casually asks WHEN Joshua will see Stephen Clay next and Joshua answers that he is headed to see Stephen as soon as he leaves the meeting at the Recovery Room.

As Jamal and Ricky argue about the contract and Jamal's plan to have Kate look at the contract BEFORE they sign anything, Marissa suddenly disappears.

Outside, Joshua makes a call: "It is a go! Yeah. The girl is a little too curious about the great Stephen Clay. I have got it covered!'

As Joshua leaves, Marissa follows him!

In the woods, Livvie writhes in pain, calling out for help for her baby.

At the same time, in her cave, Tess clutches her rag doll and writhes in pain, calling out for help for her baby.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth sits down on a Park Bench and makes a cell phone call: 'Well, you know this would be SO much easier if my darling daughter did NOT hate my guts! No! I know what is at stake. I know more than anyone. Listen - I WILL do whatever I have to do!'

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison finally drifts off to sleep, still telling Rafe about her father. Rafe told Alison that he would like to make all of her wishes come true and make all of her make-believe real.

Suddenly, there is a bright light! Rafe says: "Just remember what your dreams are made of, Alison. Just follow your heart.'

Rafe suddenly fades away!

Friday, October 18, 2002

At the Hospital, while Kate checks out the contract from Stephen Clay, Jamal informs both Kate AND Ricky that Jamal STILL has 'bad vibes' about this particular rock band.

Meanwhile, as Marissa follows Joshua, Joshua makes a cell phone call: "Everything is as we discussed? Excellent! No - I am almost there. AND I am bringing the package with me!'

Joshua looks back to make sure that Marissa is still following him.

At Rafe and Alison's Place, as Alison drops off to sleep, Rafe told Alison that he would like to make all her make-believe real and make all her dreams come true. As a bright light suddenly illuminates the living room, Rafe told Alison: "Remember what your dreams are made of, Alison. Just follow your heart.' Then Rafe slowly fades away and Alison dreams that she is walking in the park with Rafe and sees herself as a young girl, enjoying good times with her father.

As Jack heads through the Park, Lucy sees Jack and informs Jack that Livvie lost her baby and that Livvie ran out of the hospital before she could have a procedure to remove the dead fetus from her womb. As Lucy insists that Livvie's life is in danger and that Jack should help her look for Livvie, Jack protests that he has someone special waiting for him to return.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Livvie is doubled over in pain, but assures her baby that everything will be OK.

At the same time, Tess is also doubled over in pain in her cave! Clutching her rag doll, Tess promises her 'baby' that everything will be all right.

As Alison dreams of spending happy days with her father, she suddenly hears her father say: 'Alison - Princess! Can you hear me?'

ALISON: 'Yes, Daddy.'

DREAM DAD: 'I AM here, Alison. I am always going to be here. Just like you used to imagine!'

ALISON: "Well, why won't you let me see you?'

DREAM DAD: "You can. Just close your eyes, sweet girl. And know that I will always, always take care of my little princess!'

ALISON: "He loves me!'

Back at the Hospital, Ricky calls Marissa and leaves a message, informing her that Kate has OK'd the contract. But, when Ricky hangs up, Jamal is worried that they have not actually been able to speak to Marissa for quite a while.

In the meantime, Marissa follows Joshua down a long hall in an old theater, but Joshua suddenly disappears - and the lights go out - so that Marissa is in the dark.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Livvie promises her baby that they will wait for Jack and, when Jack gets there, they will begin a wonderful life together - just the three of them.

Back at her cave, Tess picks up Jack's digital camera and is happy to see Jack's face in the camera. But the image suddenly disappears.

Tess hears a noise outside and leaves the cave to look for Jack.

At the same time, Jack finds Livvie in the woods and tries to convince her to return to the Hospital with him, while Livvie tearfully told Jack that she loves him.

As Rafe suddenly reappears at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison wakes up and told Rafe about her dream, and Alison asks: "Do you feel like that - people's spirits can come visit you in your dreams?'

RAFE: "Look who you're asking!'

Alison told Rafe that, following her dream, she feels peaceful, calm and loved.

RAFE: "You ARE loved! And cherished. And safe! And I am going to make sure you feel that way for the rest of your life!' They hug.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Jamal becomes more worried about Marissa and tries her cell phone, which rings while Marissa is trying to follow Joshua through the darkened hallway. Marissa told Jamal that she is following ---, but, before Marissa can tell Jamal WHO she is following, Marissa stumbles and screams. Jamal hears Marissa call Joshua's name, before Marissa's phone falls on the floor and went dead.

A door suddenly opens and Marissa screams.

Back in the woods, Jack promises Livvie that he will NOT let anyone hurt her, and gently prods her to trust him. As Livvie gets up, apparently prepared to go to the Hospital with Jack, Tess stumbles out to the road, still clutching her doll.

A car suddenly stops and Lucy rushes to Tess's side, mistaking her Livvie. But Tess has no idea who Lucy is and Tess recoils in fear!

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