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Monday, October 14, 2002

Marina, wearing the red dress she borrowed from Harley's closet, fights off the guy from the bar. Ben sees and comes outside, but he thinks Marina is playing a game when she claims the man is kidnapping her. Harley runs into Ben and realizes that Marina was there wearing The Dress. Harley goes to Eden and demands that she tell her who has Marina and where they are. Eden plays dumb. Gus tells his sister to fess up and help them find Marina or he will arrest her right then and there. The kidnapper calls Eden and tells her they got the wrong the girl. They set up a plan to trap Harley and then plan to kill both she and Marina. Ben's cell phone rings and it is Marina. She has managed to hit redial on her phone and this allows Ben and Harley to hear her talking to her captors. She gives out their true location, and Eden, Gus and Harley take off to rescue Marina. When they get up to Laurel Falls, where Marina is being held, Ben is following them.

Lizzie is astounded to find her mom and Bill together at the carriage house in an obvious post-coital state. Beth tries to explain, but Lizzie runs off in an indignant huff. Beth follows her to the mansion, where Phillip is made privy to the situation that occurred. Lizzie says perhaps she should acquire a second personality so that she can do whatever she wants with whomever she wants, as well. Phillip rips into Beth and tells her she is becoming a rotten mother. Beth asks if he intends to take her children away as he has done with Harley. Beth lets him know that would happen over her dead body. He tells her to get her act together and she won't have to worry about him trying to take the children. After Phillip is gone, Alexandra comes in, having overheard most of the conversation. She offers Beth her allegiance, and asks for the same in return. Alexandra feels that if they stick together, they can put a bridle on the power of the Spaulding men for good.

Phillip thinks Olivia would never be marrying Alan were not for his wealth. Olivia assures him that is not so, saying there are many other things about Alan that she finds attractive. Alan happens to overhear and is quite pleased. He asks his fiancÚ to take him up to bed. When Alan wants to make love, Olivia declines for fear of his ill health. She asks Alan to hold her instead, which he does, wishing it were more.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Marah and Michelle are sitting in The Beacon lobby, talking. They wonder why they let Ben talk them into speed dating. Michelle says, to her "it sounded so ridiculous it had to be a little fun." Marah tells her that Reva was actually the one to talk her into going. She wanted her to get her mind off of the sentencing hearing tomorrow. Marah also tells Michelle that her mother is throwing a "pre-sentencing" party. Cassie walks up and joins them, complimenting them on their appearance. They tell her about their speed dating adventure and when Cassie asks if they met some interesting men, they answer "my husband" and "my ex-boyfriend." A surprised Cassie asks if Danny and Tony were speed dating too. Marah answers that Tony already has his next girlfriend all picked out and Michelle says that Danny is too busy taking care of business. Cassie asks if it is really over between them, then after Michelle answers she tells her how sorry she is for her. Michelle replies "me too." Michelle wants Marah to stay for another espresso, Marah agrees, but needs to make it quick, she has to get home for the party. She invites Cassie, but Cassie makes excuses why she can't go. Cassie, changing the subject, tells them that she bets it was Reva's idea to do the speed dating thing. Marah says "Chapter 6 in the Reva Shayne Lewis Guide to Living, if your whole world is falling apart, you just go out..." Cassie interrupts, laughing and smiling "put on a good face, put on a sexy dress and have a blast!" All three decide that misery does indeed love company and say "let's party" very sarcastically. Cassie gets a phone call and leaves them. The two of them are still talking, and have decided to now blame all of their problems on fairy tales. Marah states, "it's like, you grow up believing in fairy tales and when reality his you in the face, where does it leave you?" Michelle responds "with a tan line where your wedding band used to be." They take turns telling the other how much they actually have going for them The decide they must start being more like Reva.

Danny is on the phone in his office at Infierno. Tony walks in, seeing he has a bag packed and asks if he is finally sick of sleeping on the couch. Danny answers, no, he is sick of receiving black roses and so is Cassie Winslow. When asked if he is going to take care of it, he replies "You bet I am." Tony wants to know where he is going and Danny let's him know that the less he knows the better. When Tony protests "That's not good enough" Danny answers, "It has to be." In walks Carmen, he tells her he has to take care of a few things on his own. He leaves. Carmen starts questioning Tony as if he knows where Danny is going and exactly what he is doing. Tony tells her that Danny just left his wife and his kid, the big guys are breathing down his neck about this Cassie Winslow thing, so she can figure out what is wrong with Danny herself. Carmen reminds him that Danny is soft and needs to get over it. She wants Tony to help her by stepping in and save Danny themselves. She asks him if he thinks Danny is making a mistake protecting Cassie Winslow? Tony answers that it is not his place to question the Head of the Family. Carmen explains to Tony that family is the most important thing, and Danny needs to finish what he started. Before she leaves, she sternly tells Tony "Collect the debt from Cassie Winslow."

Cassie's phone call was Danny ordering her to meet him in her hotel room. Danny lets her know that after the second rose, there are no more warnings. She tells him that business for the hotel is good, she just doesn't have any money because of Olivia. He informs her, yet again, that she needs to make a payment now. She asks him if she should move and get a new identity, he tells her that they would find her no matter where she is. Cassie says "You're acting like your walking away from this." He tells her that he is going out of town for a few days and he NEEDS her alive when he gets back. Cassie gets extremely over dramatic asking if they make bullet proof vests for toddlers. She tells him that it seems she will never have enough money! Cassie then wants to know if his life is worth not having Robbie and Michelle. He tells her that he will call her when he gets back in town. He leaves her room, stops in the hallway seeing a desk with a note pad. He starts writing a letter to Robbie. As he is doing this, Cassie, still in her room, picks up a picture of her and Richard, kisses him and starts crying. When Danny is leaving The Beacon, he sees Michelle and is walking toward the door. He stops Marah, who is also leaving, and hands her the letter he wrote to Robbie. He persuades Marah to give it to Michelle and tell her not to give it to Robbie until he is old enough to understand. Marah asks if he is going away, he doesn't answer her question, he just thanks her again and walks out. He goes to Millennium and ,while standing outside looking in, he removes his wedding ring. His driver suddenly appears and asks if he is ready to go, he is. Marah gives Michelle that letter and leaves. Michelle crying, takes her wedding ring off and throws it out the window saying "Goodbye Danny."

Ripley is stomping on Marina's phone screaming at her, wanting to know who she called! She screams right back at him "I am tied up, how can I call anyone?" She tells him to stop being paranoid and then threatens him with what Harley is going to do to him. He calls Chris and leaves a message, all the while Marina is still running her mouth about how bad of kidnapers they are. Finally, tired of her mouth, he duct tapes it shut and threatens her. Outside, Gus is taking the handcuffs off of Eden while telling her exactly what she has to do. Eden sarcastically asks " What, your going to use me as your battle ram?" Harley blames her for getting her niece kidnapped and Eden turns saying "It is your fault for impersonating me in the first place!" Ben comes up and says it is all his fault. Harley and Gus get him to go back to the car only after assuring him that if they need help they will call him. Eden goes up to the shack, knocks, and identifies herself. Ripley questions why she is there. She gets him to agree to let her help with "the kid." As Ripley opens the door, Eden yells " Don't push me!" He slams the door shut and grabs Marina holding her at gun point just as Harley and Gus bust the door in, with their guns drawn. Ripley asks Eden "who else is out there?" She lets him know that they didn't have time to call for backup. He tells them he is going to take Marina a couple of miles down the road and drop her off, and if they try to stop him he is going to shoot her. Just then, a rock flies through the window. Marina, realizing she has an opportunity, elbows Ripley and throws herself to the floor. Gus wrestles him to the ground, handcuffing him while Harley is with Marina. She pulls the tape from her mouth and Marina tells her that she is okay. Harley tells her she is very proud of her because of the phone call and what she just did. Marina responds "Oh please, I have so many cop genes, I should practically have my own set of handcuffs." The she tells her aunt, "maybe all the popular kids at school will want to eat lunch with me, and maybe they will make a TV movie about me, then I could go to Hollywood and meet Brad Pitt, because he is really, really cute" She finally breaks down, hugging Harley, they both start to cry. Meanwhile, Gus has called for back up to go pick up Chris. Ben rushes in, hugging Marina, asking her if he hit her with the rock. Gus tells him "Good job Reade, you probably saved her life." He takes Ripley out to the car with Eden trailing behind him "Nicky, Nicky, I didn't mean for that kid to get hurt!" He responds "and if it was Harley instead of Marina, would you have felt the same way? I don't think so." He walks away from her, taking Ripley to the car.

Harley leaves Ben and Marina. Marina tells Ben that he wasn't led by guilt to save her, he saved her because he cares about her. He says no way and leans down to kiss her. Marina starts hitting him calling him a jerk and telling him that he almost got her killed!

Eden is talking to Gus saying that she didn't do anything wrong. She blames Harley and Gus, because she was trying to buy them some time for Marina, and they thought the worst of her. Harley just wants to arrest her and get her in the car. Eden tells Gus that she knows he believes her. He is just standing there, staring and Harley exclaims "Tell me you don't believe a word of this!" Gus starts questioning Eden, and orders her to tell him the truth, starting with her job. She gives him a song and dance about how rough life was in a catholic school and with out him. She starts laying on the guilt trip really thick. He asks her why she didn't just stop working and she informs him they wouldn't let her. Eden, again, starts blaming Harley, crying this time. Gus decides this is the time to hug his sister. Harley is rolling her eyes and looking furious.

Ben admits that he didn't do anything to help Marina immediately because, not only did he think she was playing a joke on him, he was jealous. She calls him an idiot and they start kissing. After a while of this, she asks "is this because of what we just went through? " he answers, "I don't know, I don't care" and starts kissing her again. Harley walks in on them and tells Ben that she likes him, so she won't tell her brother what she walked in on. Marina starts to protest but Harley cuts her off. Then Marina asks if she can at least tell her "Why Butch and Sundance were after you and got me instead?!" Harley agrees to this, only she will tell her later.

Gus tells Eden that she knows why he couldn't contact her all those years. He starts wishing that he never let her back into his life. She denies his accusations of trying to get Harley killed and tells him that she is still his little sister. He tells her that unless she confesses to Phillip regarding the murder, he is going to arrest her for blackmailing, murder and accessory to kidnapping. She yells at him "Who are you?!" He tells her to go to Phillip and then get out of his and Harley's life forever. Eden is begging Gus not to leave her. He quotes something his father had taught them, taking responsibility for their actions. Eden blows this off and blames him for leaving her, saying it is his fault she is this way. He explains that he isn't going to let her hurt Harley any more. While he is talking, Eden notices Chris (I think) in the bushes with his gun drawn, and doesn't even flinch. As Gus tells her "We deserve a good future and you are not a part of that future" Chris fires the gun!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

At Laurel Falls

As Eden was trying to convince Gus that she was innocent, a shot was fired from the bushes. From inside the cabin, Harley ran out shouting, "freeze." Harley apprehended the man who fired the gun. Gus went to Eden's side because she was the one that took the bullet. Harley told Gus to go with Eden to the hospital. Gus exits.

Eden began to regain consciousness. She begged Gus to not leave her. Paramedics enter. Frank enters. He enters the cabin to check on Marina. Marina told Frank that Ben saved her.

At the Beacon

Cassie was trying to figure out where she got all of the cash that she found in an envelope. Blake enters. Cassie mentioned the envelope was not hers. She told Cassie she was there because of Reva's sentencing hearing. Cassie said if she showed up it would revert to being about her and not Reva. But Blake said it would be a sign of support if Cassie attended. Blake said she wished that Richard had left a living will. Cassie said she would afraid she would hurt the situation of she went to the hearing. Blake told Cassie to forgive her for pushing. Blake exits.

Carmen began to talk to Edmund. She noticed that he was holding a gift and figured it was for Alexandra Spaulding. Carmen accused him of being interested in Alex and she commented that she doesn't take well to betrayal.

Edmund approached Cassie and told her they had some issues to discuss. But Cassie said they had nothing to discuss. Edmund asked her to deliver the present to Alex's room. Edmund told if there was anything she needed to let him know. Cassie wanted to know if he had a living will. Edmund remembered how he burned the document.

Cassie answered the phone to fond Reva. Reva told her about the family gathering and everyone would like to see her. Carmen intercepted Cassie to remind her to pay her obligation as soon as possible. Carmen exits. Cassie exits.

At the Lewis house

Reva thanked Ross for everything he had done. Ross told her to hope for the best and have a good time at her party. Marah enters. She told her that she wanted to be at Reva's party. Reva got everyone's attention and said that they were not going to be alone. She played the song 'jail house rock' and they began to dance. Reva thanked Mindy for coming so far to be with them. Blake enters. Ross told her to turn on the personality and join the party.

Outside Josh told Reva that she had somehow managed to turn the evening to something that the family and friends would remember for a long time. He said she would be coming home with him tomorrow. He reminded her about the agreement they had of never being apart. Josh and Reva embrace. She suggested that he return to the party. Josh exits. Reva prayed to keep her family safe. Cassie enters. She wanted to know if Reva gave her the money. But Reva said it wasn't her. Reva said she would use the money to pay off the debt. Reva suggested she join the party and let the family help her. Cassie joined the party. When she entered, Marah ran to her and hugged her. As Cassie left, she ran into Josh. Josh wanted to let her know that he said some tough things to her. He said that Reva wanted them to be a family and he would like to give it a shot. They embrace and rejoin the party.

At Cedar's hospital

Mel enters. Rick was trying to convince her that she would be reinstated. Rick suggested that they come up with a backup plan in case Dr. Grant doesn't reinstate her. He told her to come up with the best I am sorry speech. Rick exits to check on Dr. Grant.

Gus enters with the paramedics. He found Mel to ask her to help them. She ordered a chest tube and directed Gus to the waiting room. Harley enters. Harley said that Eden saved his life and it changed everything. Crying Gus told Harley that he loved Eden because she was his sister. Mel enters and told them Eden was shot on the right side of her chest and a lung collapsed. She said she would be fine and they needed some blood. Gus exits to see Eden before giving blood.

At Eden's side, Gus told her that she pretended to be so tough.

At Company

Frank told Marina that she nearly gave him a heart attack. Frank told her to give him the fake I.D. Frank said he told her he didn't want her to date older men. Ben enters. Ben said he would take responsibility for everything that happened.

Outside Ben told Frank the night was a total mess. Ben said she saved herself in a dangerous situation. He admitted that it was his fault because he would like to date Marina. Frank said no.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

At the Spaulding Mansion

Alan was trying to convince his lawyer that he needed to regain control of his company. Alan suggested they postpone the meeting. Phillip enters. He said that Alex was moving in the master suite because the CEO can move into the mansion. Phillip told Alan to calm down because Alex doesn't have the other votes. Olivia said if they could prove that Alan was healthy then Alexandra's threat would be history. She suggested doing what she is good for and that was sex. Olivia's said she could give sworn statement about the passionate lovemaking she had with Alan the night before. The lawyer said it might work. San agreed. The lawyer exits to get things started. Phillip exits to spend time with the kids.

At the Spaulding Boardroom

India enters. Phillip and Alan asked what she was doing there. She wanted to make the vote in person. He informed her that he and Beth was no longer an item. Alex enters. Alan suggested that he and Alex have s word alone. Outside of the boardroom, he wanted to know if she was surprised to se him up and about. He told her that a judge signed off that he was longer incapacitated. She threatened to expose his secret to the board members. But he said she didn't have it in her to do that. Alan said that is why he was there and he was calling her bluff. He informed her that she would never take his family away from him.

Alexandra began the board meeting with how she cam to Springfield to look out after Alan. She told Phillip that he was an even bigger disappointment. She said they would vote to see if she or Alan would be the CEO. The latest voting members of the board entered as the ex-wives club. Blake, Harley, and Beth enter.

At the Beacon Hotel

As Alex was dining, her attendant told her that her move to the mansion was in progress. He exits. Edmund enters. Alex wanted to know what his girlfriend thought about him sending gifts to another woman. Edmund said that wasn't his girlfriend.

Bill enters. He asked Beth if anyone was joining her. After he sat at the table, he and Beth kissed. Beth said that when she saw Lizzie, Lizzie spoke her mind in front of Phillip. He told her to hang in there. As they were kissing, Mindy enters. With a shocked facial expression, she wanted to know what happened to Phillip. Mindy told Beth that she was shocked to see them lip locked. Bill said he was hurt that she didn't call him. Beth mentioned that her and Phillip were through because Phillip has become like Alan. Mindy wanted to know if their relationship was serious. Bill said they haven't had time to define their relationship. Bill exits to go talk to Cassie. Beth began to tell Mindy that Bill accepted her for who she was. But with Phillip it was always complications.

Edmund kissed Alex's hand and told Edmund they could discuss things later. She exits.

At Company

Frank told Blake that Marina had been kidnapped the night before. Harley enters. Frank wanted to know if she had a rough night. Harley once again apologized to frank for Marina's life being in jeopardy. But frank said Gus should be the one to apologize because of his sister. Harley told Blake that her life had been the opposite of perfect. She said that after the night before, nothing had changed and they have gotten worse. Blake wanted to know how it could get worse. Harley explained that Eden got shot, but she will be fine. Harley said that the bullet was aimed for Gus and Eden took the bullet. Harley realized three things. First thing is how much she loved Gus; secondly, how much Eden loved Gus, and third how much Gus loved Eden. She said she was back to square one.

Harley said they had all the evidence but if they use it Eden would go to jail for a lifetime. Harley said Gus would not let Eden go to prison. Blake explained how terrified Gus was when he thought Eden was going to die. Blake and Harley exit to do some shopping.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Merry Christmas:

Reva and Josh wake up in bed on the day of Reva's sentencing. Mindful that Christmas is Reva's favorite holiday, Josh and the kids have set up a tree. Marah gives Reva a Bible containing letters from Josh, Shane and Marah. Shane gives Reva a CD player approved by prison officials. Josh gives Reva a wedding band made with braided horse hair from Hawk's Palomino. Reva improvises, giving Shane her SUV, Marah gets Sarah's opal ring. They have a group hug and head for the car.

Welcome to Phillip's Nightmare:

Alex opens the first meeting of the Ex-Wives Club. Harley reminds Phillip that she received shares from Alan-Michael and Alex. Alex makes a motion naming her CEO. Mindy Lewis seconds the motion. With the votes of the non-present Board members, Alan is ahead by three votes: 23-20. Alex votes for herself. Mindy reluctantly votes for Alex. Beth votes for Alex, explaining that she wants the person in charge of Spaulding to be someone who will look out for Lizzie's best interests. Harley votes for Alex, and tells Phillip he used to know to watch out for Alan. Despite what Alex did to Blake and Roger, Blake votes with Alex, noting that Phillip has been good to her but not to anyone else. Alan and Phillip vote for Alan, and the votes are deadlocked, 23-23. India breaks the tie. Alex is the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises.

After the meeting, a dismayed Alan says he has always taken care of India. Alex says India went to the highest bidder. India apologizes to Alan, and reprimands Alex for always underestimating her. In another corner of the room, Phillip tells Mindy he knows Alex must be blackmailing her. Alex interrupts, handing Mindy an envelope of presumably nude pictures. Alex announces to the room that there will be a champagne celebration at the Beacon. Phillip assures Alan that there will be another vote in six months, and he still has Phillip and Olivia by his side. Alan looks unimpressed.

At the Beacon:

At the Beacon, Bill says innocent people are always hurt by Olivia's manipulations, then returns to work. Lizzie is trying to stay away from the house. Olivia wants to know if she is all, but Lizzie says everything was fine until Olivia moved into the mansion. Olivia apologizes and the two bond over chocolate. Knowing it would please Alan, Olivia asks Lizzie to be the maid of honor. Lizzie agrees. Olivia checks on the staff.

Beth arrives, but Lizzie doesn't want to hear her explanations. Wanting to avoid surprises, Lizzie informs Beth she will be Olivia's maid of honor. She leaves. The other women arrive. Alex proposes a toast to Alan, but Mindy refuses, telling the women that Alex is just vindictive. She knows Harley and Beth they had their reasons, but reminds them to watch their backs. Mindy walks out. Alex tells everyone that she appreciates the risks they took and will never forget it. Olivia walks in on the party. Alex tells her she is moving into the mansion but would like to keep a suite at the Beacon. She heads for the door, asking Beth to do the honors. Beth informs Olivia that Alan is no longer CEO. Beth and Olivia yell and storm out of the room. India wants to know why Beth and Phillip broke up this time. Blake notes that Beth has gone through many changes; India is not surprised. She asks anyone whose marriage was ruined by Beth to raise their hands; everyone present raises their hands. Beth and Bill kiss passionately in front of the group. Jaws drop.

At the mansion, Alan slams his drink against the wall and trashes his wheelchair. Phillip rushes in, calms Alan down and urges him to be strong so they can take Spaulding back. Alex asks Phillip for time alone with Alan, and Phillip reluctantly agrees.

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