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Passions Recaps: The week of October 14, 2002 on PS
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Monday, October 14, 2002

Liz says she is alright after she was checked into Harmony Hospital. Liz does her best to try to talk Antonio out of eloping. Luis gets angrier and angrier as he listens to Antonio talk about his future and his honeymoon with Sheridan. Antonio goes to call the justice of the peace. Luis asks Sheridan just how much more is he supposed to take.

Sheridan says if she does not marry Antonio he could die. Beth is happy at hearing this news. Luis is about to go off again when Sam calls him. He explains what is happening at the Crane building.

Sam asks Luis for help. He tells Luis to call Hank and Sheridan wants to rush off to see how Ethan is. Antonio once again reluctantly puts off the wedding. Beth can tell Liz loves Antonio. Beth says that if Antonio marries Sheridan, Luis will need her more than ever. She also is glad to hear that if Antonio is told the truth Liz will be there for Antonio.

At the Crane building, the elevator cable finally snaps. The elevator car begins to fall. It is awkward and shaky and stops wedged between two floors with an unconscious Ethan laying on top of the car.

Whitney and Julian survive the fall. Julian rips his shirt apart to make a bandage for Whitney's bleeding hand.

Charity does not want Miguel to leave her side. She is still pretty shaken after seeing the strange baby running all over the hospital. She begs Miguel not to let anything come between them. She fears this baby is a sign of that. Simone berates Kay for her attitude. She cannot believe Kay wants to see her parent's marriage suffer.

Grace tries to get Eve and Theresa to calm down. Grace tells Eve to give Theresa a mild sedative. When Theresa is alone with Ivy, Ivy goes after her verbally. Ivy blames Theresa for Ethan's condition. She says that if Ethan dies, it is her fault. She tells Theresa that ever since the day her son met Theresa she has systematically ruined Ethan's life. Ivy says not to compare Theresa's love for Ethan with her love for Sam. Ivy tells Theresa she saw what her life would have been like if she married Sam and it was wonderful. Grace overhears and glares at Ivy. Ivy goes off on Grace and everybody else. She throws hints to Theresa that TC was not Eve's first love or lover.

Whitney asks Julian why he is being so nice to her. She feels that there is an ulterior motive other than kindness. Whitney tells Julian that both her father and her mother hate him. Julian seems hurt at hearing this and flashes back to his meeting with Eve in the library. He remembers Eve confessing that she once loved him. Julian tells Whitney that like it or not, she is just going to have to trust him. Luis and Sheridan make it to the Crane building.

Whitney sees that Julian is bleeding and he got hurt trying to protect her. She finally realizes that Julian's concern is sincere.

Theresa and the others doubt that Ethan can hold on until the rescue team arrives. Theresa realizes that Ethan does not have much time left. She knows she does not weigh as much as the men so she jumps onto the main cable, intent on rescuing Ethan. Ivy says, "That stupid little bitch is going to get everyone killed!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Miguel feels that the only way he can stop the evil that has come back to Harmony is to tells Charity the entire truth. Kay is listening outside Charity's hospital door. She and Simone fall and land inside Charity's hospital room. Kay is sure that Charity hears the truth about Kay having made love to Miguel, she will fall apart before her eyes. Miguel tries his best to tell Charity but fails. He knows that it will hurt her. Kay tells Miguel the only reason he did not tell Charity the truth is because he knows their love is not strong enough to survive the truth.

Ivy is livid at Theresa's stunt of jumping on the elevator cable in order to save Ethan. The cable is covered in grease and Theresa is slipping. Ivy shouts out that Theresa is going to fall on top of the elevator car and kill everyone.

Theresa does eventually land on the car but the car is in check for now. She realizes that Ethan is not dead. She tries desperately to wake him. Ivy and Sam both pray for their son's life.

Whitney and Julian hear Theresa's voice. They look up into the hole in the ceiling and see Ethan. Julian cries, "Oh my god! I have to pull him in. I have to save my son." As Julian tries to figure out a way to save Ethan, Whitney falls through the floor. Julian begs her to hang on.

Julian manages to pull Whitney to safety.

Antonio and Luis want to go into the elevator shaft after Theresa. Sheridan begs Antonio not to go. Grace then questions Sheridan. She asks her why she seemed more concerned over Antonio's safety than Luis'.

Sam tells everyone that there is a way to save the elevator car and stop it from crashing, using the controls in the basement but it is too risky. Anyone trying to use the controls could be electrocuted and die.

David sneaks to the basement with Grace on his trail. David begs Grace to take care of John if he should die. He tells Grace he loves her and before he found her again, he did not care about danger. He says the only reason he fears losing his life is because he will be leaving her.

Theresa is given a chain that she attaches to the car. All they need is a winch to be pulled to safety. Whitney thanks Julian for saving her life. She says she would have never made it without him.

Theresa confesses her love to an unconscious Ethan. The chain holding the car and everybody's life begins to pull apart.

Sam goes to the basement in time to hear Grace tells David that even though she loves Sam she loves him too. Sam tells David to get out of the control room. David says that someone is needs to man the manual brake. Grace insists that she stay with David. Ivy is enjoying the scene.

The chain breaks and the car falls. David tries to stop the car with the manual brake as sparks start to fly everywhere.

Wednesday, September 16, 2002

Cracked Connie tries to free Hecuba from her prison bottle while Tabitha takes a nap. She knows full well that Hecuba will try to kill Tabitha but she tries to free her anyway. Tabitha catches Connie and grabs her by the wrist. She asks her what in the name of hell she is doing.

Miguel asks Charity to marry him much to Kay's horror. Kay later tries to talk Miguel out of it. He keeps telling Kay that their making love was an accident and a mistake.

Gwen arrives on the scene at the Crane building. (The part of Gwen is now being played by Liza Huber who originated the role.)

Gwen is angry to hear that Theresa threw herself into the elevator shaft to help save Ethan. She swears that she will not lose Ethan to Theresa again, no matter what she has to do.

The elevator car crashes to the ground but David is able to use the manual brake before it hits the ground. It stops near the lobby. The rescuers hear Theresa and manage to pull both her and Ethan out of the shaft. Ethan is alive.

The men get the elevator door open and free Julian and Whitney. Whitney falls back into unconsciousness. When the door opens and TC sees Julian laying near Whitney he starts to beat him.

Tabitha goes to visit Charity. Charity lets Tabitha listen to Timmy's heart beating inside her.

The paramedics want to rush Ethan to the hospital. Gwen tells Theresa that she is there now and it is her place to be with Ethan. Theresa says that Gwen is mistaken. Theresa shows the engagement ring she found in Ethan's pocket to Gwen. Theresa tells Gwen that Ethan is going to marry her.

David and Grace survive the elevator accident and the electrical explosion caused by the manual brake. Grace will not leave David's side as he tells her he loves her.

Sheridan worries over a shaky looking Antonio. Luis sees Antonio steal a kiss from Sheridan.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Tabitha runs out of Charity's hospital room in tears after hearing Timmy's heart beating inside of Charity. Connie tells Tabitha not to go all soft on her. She reminds Tabitha that Charity must die, even though it will be like seeing Timmy die all over again. Connie tells Tabitha that Charity will destroy them all if she comes into her full powers and makes love to Miguel. Connie then "works" Tabitha by telling her that it is because of Charity that Timmy died in the first place. Tabitha comes up with a plan to get rid of Charity once and for all.

Kay tells Miguel in tears that she cannot believe how he used her. She says she truly believed that he loved her and that is why she gave him her virginity. Miguel tries to get Kay to understand that he was sure he was making love to Charity. Kay looks at him and asks if he ever for once considered her feelings. She then says that no one ever considers her feelings. She tearfully tells Miguel that she loved him ever since she was a little girl and he is stabbing her in the heart.

David tells Grace he loves her. They kiss. Grace does her best to try to resist David but she goes into his arms. Sam sees this after Ivy tells him his wife loves another man. Ivy tells Sam that they could be so happy together if he only gave their love another chance. He tells Ivy that he is committed to Grace.

Gwen tells Sheridan that Ethan gave Theresa an engagement ring. Sheridan is sure that Gwen is mistaken and tells her to go to the hospital and find out for sure.

Whitney tells everyone how heroic Julian was in the elevator. She tells them that he saved her life and bandaged her hand. She says she owes him her life. No one can beleive what they are hearing. Julian is rushed to the hospital. Eve wants to try to save him. Whitney then relays the sad story of how Julian lost his first love. Eve knows that the story is about her even if no one else does.

Theresa sees Ethan. Ethan thanks her for risking her life to save him. Theresa apologizes for ruining his surprise and finding the engagement ring. She goes on and on about their "fresh start" and how happy they will be. Ethan then confesses the ring is for Gwen. Gwen overhears and is thrilled.

Antonio tries to get closer to Sheridan. Luis gets angry. He reminds Sheridan how concerned she was over his brother at the elevator shaft and not for him. He tells her it is over!

Friday, October 18, 2002

Luis has a heart to heart with Sheridan while Antonio is in the shower. He tells Sheridan that their relationship is over. He says that Sheridan already chose his brother over him. Sheridan says that it is not true. She explains to Luis that when they were at the elevator site, she was more worried about Antonio because he is not a trained professional like Luis. She also keeps bringing up Antonio's precarious health situation. Luis says that he understands all that but the simple fact is whether Sheridan realizes it or not, she already chose Antonio in her heart. Luis says that Antonio has had some shocks since his last stay in the hospital but he survived them well with out any incident. He tells Sheridan that it is for the best that he takes himself out of the picture. Sheridan keeps professing her love to Luis. Luis tells Sheridan that they passed up so many chances to tell his brother the truth. He says she kept stalling because in her heart she loves him. Luis says that she moved on and her love for Antonio runs deeper than even she thought. He says he loves her enough to want to see her happy, even if it means letting her marry his brother. He says he has no anger or remorse. He even promises to come to the wedding and not make a scene. He asks her to save one last dance for him. Sheridan looks at him speechless with her eyes brimming over with tears. She keeps telling trying to tell Luis that she loves him but Luis says he can tell that she loves his brother because he can see it in her eyes and every time Sheridan looks at his brother it is obvious that the love is there. Antonio comes out of the shower. He is surprised to see Luis still there. Luis tells Antonio that he is leaving but he wanted to ask Sheridan to save him a dance at their wedding. Antonio then lovingly puts his arms around his reluctant looking fiancée. He says he cannot believe that very soon he will be married to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. Luis' cell phone rings. Beth asks him to come over to help her fix a plumbing problem. Sheridan looks jealous as she hears Beth's name. Luis takes his leave.

Beth is busy under the kitchen sink, sabotaging the pipes so Luis will have something to fix. Her mother can tell Beth is up to a plan and starts praying to the angels. Beth tells her mother to stop acting so pious. She reminds her mother that at one time she was the biggest whore in Harmony. Beth throws it up to Mrs. Wallace that she does not even know who the father of her daughter really is. Mrs. Wallace says that heaven has forgiven her carnal indiscretions.

Beth then threatens to show Eve Russell her mother's shrine. Beth reminds

her mother that Eve will probably commit her to the mental ward of Harmony Hospital. She threatens her mother with this to keep her quiet from spoiling her plan on getting Luis. Luis arrives to fix the pipes. Beth offers him a drink. He says nothing too strong because he did not eat all day. He is afraid he may get drunk and not know what he is doing. Beth is secretly counting on that as she spikes his beer with whiskey and a drug. Beth has high hopes of getting Luis back in the sack. Luis takes off his shirt as he works and downs the spiked drink and Beth watches.

Ethan tells Theresa that he is going to marry Gwen. He tells Theresa to take Gwen's ring off and that she has to get it through her head once and for all that they have no future. Theresa desperately tries to get him to change his mind. She throws it up to him that she walked the green mile for him, not to mention jumping in the elevator shaft and ruining her whole life by going to Bermuda to get Julian to take him back. Ethan says he understands all that but they have no future because their relationship cannot be based on lies. As Theresa stubbornly fights her case Ethan's vital signs go haywire and the nurse orders Theresa out of the room so Ethan can rest.

Gwen takes this opportunity to twist the knife in her rival's heart. She tells Theresa that it is finally over. She and Ethan will be married as they should have been before Theresa interrupted their lives. Gwen says that Ethan will marry her and knowing Ethan, their marriage will be forever. Gwen tells her to face it, she lost!

Gwen goes to Ethan's side and professes her undying love. Theresa is left alone and bereft in the hallway. She keeps repeating I've lost him.

Kay begins to cry after hearing that Miguel and Charity plan to be married by Christmas. Tabitha sees her and offers "sympathy." Kay tells the witch that she gave Miguel her virginity. Tabby urges Kay to tell Charity the truth. Tabby is hoping that Kay will be the catalyst that will end Charity's life. Tabitha is sure the shock of Kay's dirty little announcement will kill Charity and end Tabitha's worry.

Antonio insists that he and Sheridan go back to the Justice of the Peace tonight to get married. Sheridan gets nearly hysterical. She keeps repeating "This is wrong. I can't do this. I am losing the love of my life." Antonio asks her what she is talking about. Sheridan faces him and says "I have to finally tell you the truth!"

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