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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on GL
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Monday, October 21, 2002

Cassie visits Richard's grave and considers if she can allow Reva to go to jail for her actions. She remembers Richard's dream where he told her to thank Reva and wonders if she is strong enough to do that. Ross, Marah, Shayne and Josh accompany Reva into the hearing room. Edmund taunts Reva about her future behind bars and is furious when the DA requests that she serve the minimum sentence. Ross, Josh and Reva all plead with the court for leniency and are shocked when Cassie arrives and requests to speak. She claims that while she doesn't think Reva did the right thing, she does think that Reva was acting in Richard's best interest. The judge listens and then hands Reva her sentence to serve two years in prison. She is escorted into custody without getting to say goodbye to her family. Phillip questions Olivia's loyalty to Alan now that he has lost Spaulding Enterprises. Olivia asks Phillip about his next step now that he and Beth are officially over and leaves the ball in his court to make the first move. Meanwhile, Alan begs Alexandra to retain a place in the company. She agrees to let him work somewhere and insists that she has done all of this for his own good. Her next decision is to plan Alan and Olivia's wedding for them. Later, Alan stares at Alexandra's portrait noting his loss and Phillip takes notice of his odd behavior.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Harley is sitting outside Company and Gus walks up. They act very awkward toward each other. Then, Harley lets him know they have to talk. Gus wants to put it off and she agrees that they can, for about ten seconds. They start making casual conversation, she asks how Eden is and he replies fine. Gus tells her that he was unable to donate blood for her because they weren't the same blood type. Harley says it's a shame he couldn't give pints and pints so Eden would owe him again. He tells Harley that she has everything that she wants, Eden can go to Phillip and she will get Zach back, but she asks "What if that's not all I want?" They play the "what if" game and she informs him that meeting with Phillip wouldn't work because of the Spaulding vote she just cast. They agree that they have a problem. Gus says he can't arrest his sister because she took a bullet for him, and Harley concurs that she won't arrest her if he doesn't want her to. When asked where it leaves them, she replies "It leaves us nowhere." Harley starts telling him a story of how most girls have a "Prince Charming" plan and she never did because she never liked to make things up. They only man she could ever depend on was Frank. Every time one of those "non-princes" broke her heart, she thought to herself "see you were right, there is no Prince who is going to take you away." Then she met Gus and he turned out to be the Prince that she never let herself dream about. She admits to giving up on relationships that were all wrong, but she doesn't understand why she has to give up one that is so right. Gus tells her not to "give up on us." Crying, Harley tells him that he is her Prince but more than anything else she wants her little boy home again.

Buzz and Marina are working and he is trying to understand why she is in such a hurry to grow up. He talks to her like a friend and tells her that being an adult isn't all it's cracked up to be. "Yes, you get to make your own decisions, but you have to live with your mistakes." Marina admits that Ben might be a mistake, but she has to make them to learn from them! Buzz explains to her that unlike Harley and Frank, she has people around her to catch her if she falls. She asks if "that is a bad thing?" He answers "Check back with me on that."

Marah, Shayne and Josh are in the Courtroom upset because they didn't get a chance to tell Reva goodbye the way they wanted. Out in the hallway, Frank escorts Reva away from the bailiff, apologizing but he has to start processing her immediately.

Josh goes up to the bailiff wanting to know where Reva is and he is told there no contact permitted now.

Reva is taken to the prisoner processing room. There she is photographed and fingerprinted. She signs what is to be assumed to be as her statement. They dump her purse, inventory all its contents. They take her shoes, and all of her jewelry (including her wedding rings). Reva asks if they are done and Frank answers that he has to turn her stuff in. As he leaves, she thanks him for his patience with her. In walks a guard from the prison bureau, Mertry, and he isn't pleased with Reva's cheery attitude. He lets her know that he is taking her to a correctional facility at Vailsburg not to camp.

Josh gives the kids a "Lewis" pep talk. They come to terms with the fact that they have survived without their mother before and they will do it again. Frank comes in and Josh begs him to let them tell her goodbye. Frank apologizes, but she is now out of his jurisdiction. Josh continues to beg and finally Frank agrees to see what he can do, but if he can get Josh in, there is no way he can get the kids in too. He informs Josh that he needs to stay out of the way until he can get the man from the prison out of the room. Frank opens the door and walks into an empty room. A disappointed Josh looks in. He get upset and starts yelling at Frank. After realizing that he is upset at the person trying to help him, he stops and asks to be left alone. Frank leaves and in walks Mertry and Reva. Josh lies to him saying that HE is Frank Cooper and needs to discuss Reva's testimony regarding an important case. Reluctantly Mertry leaves them alone. They are hugging, kissing and Josh puts the horse hair ring on her finger. He starts making promises of visitation and appeal. Outside, Frank comes up and is stopped by Mertry. After realizing that he has been duped, they rush into the room. Mertry drags Reva away listening to Josh tell her that he and the kids love her. Josh angrily punches the wall and apologizes for impersonating Frank "because I couldn't think of anything else to do!" Frank tells him "alright man" pats him on the shoulder and leaves. Walking through the courthouse Reva tried to dawdle, looking to see if Josh is coming after her. Mertry barks at her "The van is this way." and drags her off.

Edmund follows Cassie and accuses her of wanting "this" to end this way. They argue and she admits that she feels guilty, he calls her a hypocrite. They are still arguing about her forgiving Reva. While he is talking about delusion, she is talking about compassion and love, things that he obviously can't understand. He tells her that pain in the only thing that matters, the pain Reva has to feel. Cassie says she was wrong, he will never be the kind of man Richard wanted him to be. She tells him to wait and see, she will save her sister! As she leaves, Edmund remembers burning the living will and replies to no one in particular "I don't think so, Cassie."

Marah and Shayne arrive home and are discontented with the quiet. He tells her to turn on the radio, and just as she is about to the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it, with Shayne yelling "If it's a reporter tell them to leave, okay?!" Marah opens the door to Cassie. She want to know if she can come in and if they are okay. Shayne tells her that Reva always says "Better late than never." Cassie says she knows that this has been hard on everyone, and Shayne interrupts "But we all have to take that first step." Cassie agrees and says well here is the second step: "I am going to get your mother out of this mess. I don't know how, but I know it starts with me."

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

At the Spaulding mansion

Harley was playing hide and seek with Zach. Phillip enters. He told her that Zach had to get ready for school. Zach didn't want Harley to leave. Zach exits. Harley said she cannot do it anymore and she begged Phillip to let her bring Zach home. But Phillip commented that she knew what she had to do for that to happen. Harley agreed to tell Gus good-bye but she wanted some things in return. Se continued by saying that she wanted him to drop the breaking and entering charges. Phillip agreed and said he didn't do anything to hurt her but only to protect her from Gus. Harley told him to remember this moment because that is why people don't like him anymore. Harley exits. India enters. Phillip told her to take another verbal shot at him. She said she never meant to him or Alan. He wanted to know if she was staying for the wedding, but she said no. He told her how Lizzie was upset at both of her parents. But India said that he and Beth had survived a lot, and Phillip replied that it wasn't going to work out this time. Lillian enters. India exits.

Lillian said she came to talk to him. They began to discuss the thing with Bill. Phillip said that Beth was on her own and he couldn't pick up the pieces anymore.

At Cedars hospital

Gus visited Eden. Be brought her a magazine and suggested that she order a billet proof vest. Gus said he was sorry that she had so many people in the line of danger and the next time he would himself to put them both out of their misery. Eden wanted to know if he was going to send her to jail. Gus told her that she belonged in jail. Harley enters. Harley began to thank Eden for saving Gus' life. Harley reminded her that the charges were being dropped. Harley told Eden that she needed to borrow Gus for a while.

At Bill's house

Beth called bill at the Beacon Hotel to tell him good morning. She said she was dreaming about him the night before. He suggested that he would bring her breakfast in bed. When she answered the knock at the door, she found Lillian. She commented that Beth is now spending all day in bed and wanted to know what she was doing. She told Bill on the phone that she had to cancel breakfast since her mother was there. Lillian said she was not a young thing to be shacking up with a kid. Yelling, Lillian wanted to know how she could do this to Lizzie. She was upset because Lizzie walked in on a peep show. She continued to argue and Beth said that Bill was not a child, but a young man. She told Beth how Lizzie talked about Olivia and was turning to her for help. Beth said that Bill cared about her, but Lillian said the role she played was sexual according to her diary. Lillian reminded her what Bill had done to Beth's life. Lillian exits. Bill enters. Bill told her that he told his dad about them. He said he didn't care what anyone thought. Still in her sexy nightgown she asked Bill to kiss her. He began to take her clothes off. After making love, Bill said he needed to return to work.

At the jail

Cassie talked to Reva on the phone through the glass petition. She volunteered to bring Reva anything she needed. Reva told her how loud it was in prison. Crying, Cassie apologized because she felt she was responsible for Reva being in jail. Reva broke down crying and she said she didn't feel brave. The guard came in and said time was up. Reva exits while Cassie yelled that she would get her out of jail soon.

Billy enters. He suggested that she find someone that knew about Richard's wishes. He wanted her to get in contact with Dax. She said she didn't have the money, so Billy wrote her a check.

At the Beacon Hotel

Billy Lewis helped bill set up the motion sensor. He wanted to know if he liked the sideline. Billy asked him to return to Lewis Oil, but it didn't interest Bill. Billy wanted to know why he was hanging around. He wanted to know where he met this girlfriend. Bill said he met her in Texas, and told him it was Beth Raines. Billy was shocked and started laughing. Bill said it was a delicate situation because there were kids involved. He told Billy it was too late because they were already married. Shocked, Billy said he married a redhead (Lorelei). Bill felt that Lizzie would come around in time, but Billy told him to keep his head down.

At Company

Gus told Harley he didn't want to hear what she had to say. Harley told him that it was over because it had to be. She explained about the deal with Phillip in that he would drop the charges. She stated that when she goes back to work she would request a new partner. With tears in his eyes, Gus didn't want her to do this. He wanted to try to work something out, but Harley said they had tried that. Crying, Gus wanted to work it out. But Harley said it was different this time because she wanted her son back. Before Gus walked away, he told her if she ever wondered if he really loved her, he wanted her to know that he loved her enough to let her go. Gus exits. Harley broke down in tears.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Alex decided to have the furniture rearranged in the mansion. Olivia asked Thomas to check on the cook. She reminded Alex that that evening was the rehearsal dinner and the following day was the wedding. Alex commented that Alan was just a man with a bad heart. Alan enters. Alan told Phillip to keep Alex company while he talked to Olivia about their wedding plans.

Alan told Olivia they are not moving out of the mansion because that was what Alex wanted. He begged her to keep their enemies close. Alan said he was counting on her to do something bad at the wedding. He informed her that he had a plan to make Alex miserable. Olivia told him to make her suffer and then make her suffer some more. Olivia decided that she needed to get to the Beacon. Olivia exits.

Phillip approached Alex and asked why she was redecorating the mansion the day before the wedding. Alex commented that he doesn't like the fact his ex-wives are standing up to him. Phillip still felt that Gus was a criminal and tried to blame a crime on his sister. He told Alex to not come running to him when Alan strikes back. Alan enters and thanked Phillip for his support. He suggested they proceed to the rehearsal.

At the Beacon Hotel

Ben spoke to Holley about the episode at the cabin. He further explained that Marina had a crush on him, and he wanted to ask Marina out. He told her that Marina's father and grandfather didn't want him to see Marina because of the age difference and his reputation. He asked Holley if she would talk to Buzz to put in a good work for him. Ben said if she would put in a good word he would concentrate on his education. India enters. Holley introduced her to Ben. India told him if he needed anything to not hesitate to call. India exits. Holley agreed to speak with Buzz.

Alex said she wanted the wedding to be everything that Alan deserved. Alan pulled Alex away and thanked her for not telling Phillip and Olivia about the fake heart attack. Alan said if Phillip knew she knew about the fake heart attack, he wouldn't speak to her again. He reminded her that she had nobody in her life and it is lonely at the top. She said when the judge says was there anyone objected to the union, she is going to make a statement. Alan asked the judge to do it today since Alex had something to say. But she only commented on Alan's health.

Phillip told Alex that if she did something at the wedding he and the kids would move out. She promised she wouldn't do anything.

Lizzie enters. She told Phillip that she lost track of time. She apologized to Olivia. Lizzie said she wanted to make a toast to her grandfather and Olivia. She wanted them to know how happy she was they were getting married. She thanked them for giving her something to believe in. Olivia exits. Alan excused himself to make a phone call. Alex suggested that Phillip check on Olivia. Olivia told him she doesn't think she can go through with the wedding. As Phillip was talking to Olivia, Alex was listening. Olivia said she would give it up if something better came up. Olivia exits.

At Company

Marina told Lizzie to look at her dad because he won't let her out of his site. Marina wanted to know if she wanted to change lives. Lizzie explained how she walked in on Bill and Beth without any clothes on. Marina was shocked to find out that it was Bill with Beth. But Lizzie said it was beyond gross. She told her she was brilliant. Marina approached Frank and told him he needed some spotlight in his life. Frank exits. Bill called Beth to let her know that Lizzie was at Company. When Lizzie saw him, she wanted to get her check and leave. But Bill wanted to buy her a soda. But Lizzie said it was disgusting that he was sleeping with his mother and he was only a few years older than her. Beth enters. Lizzie tried to leave, but Beth intercepted. Beth wanted to work things out, but Lizzie said there wasn't anything to talk about. Lizzie said if Beth loved her she would stop seeing Bill. Lizzie said she had somewhere to be. Lizzie exits.

Holley enters as Marina is trying to convince Buzz and Frank about Ben. She said she had come to plea Ben's case. Marina intercepted Ben and told him they have major talks going on. Holley said to give them a chance and that was her opinion. Holley exits.

Buzz rushed after Holley and wanted to know why they couldn't talk about them. Buzz accused her of avoiding him, and she admitted it. She said it was because she needed space or something and also agreed that she was scared. Buzz said he had the crazy hots for her and wasn't going to wait forever. Smiling, Holley exits.

Beth told Bill how Lizzie was included in the wedding. She said she was invited also, but Bill couldn't go with her.

Ben asked Frank if they could speak alone. He reassured Frank that he respected Marina and he wouldn't let things go too far physically. He promised that he wouldn't touch her at all. Ben suggested that they let him be Marina's escort at the wedding. But Frank didn't want him to have any contact with Marina. Ben told Marina what her dad said.

At Bill's house

After kissing, Beth said she probably should go. Beth wishes that everyone could see what they see in how they feel about each other. Beth said she needed to find Lizzie, but before she left she wanted Bill to hold her to help the rest of the world go away.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Danny meets with Agent Miller from the FBI in a hotel room. Gus arrives, and Danny asks that he help put Carmen, grandma and their associates in prison, but give Tony immunity. He believes Carmen will attempt to kill him, and Danny wants Gus to arrest her for murder. Gus is skeptical but agrees to consider it. At home, Tony and Carmen count the interest payment that Cassie made. Carmen praises Tony for his non-Danny like qualities. At the hospital, Eden leaves a message on Gus' cell asking about Harley. She calls Tony and asks him to pick her up since she is afraid the bad guys will hurt her. He hurries to the hospital, where Eden convinces him to take her to the Santos house for safe keeping. Tony pulls the car around, and Gus shows up in Eden's room and breaks the news that Harley dumped him. Later, Carmen taunts Danny, surmising he was off licking his wounds about Michelle. Danny says she was a good mother when they were young, until their father died. Carmen gets a call from her banker informing her that a large amount of cash she was to receive has disappeared.

Alan and Phillip share a toast as wedding guests arrive at the Beacon. Alan praises Phillip for his loyalty, and Phillip assures Alan he will never betray him again. Alan sends Phillip upstairs with a gift for the bride. Alan chastises Alex for her choice in guests. The guests include: Edmund, invited by Alex, he trades barbs with Phillip and later gives Beth flak for her relationship with Bill. Lillian piles on, approaching Beth and commenting that Phillip would take her back. She slams Beth for having a tryst with Bill, but Beth says it's more than just sex. Later, Lillian and Alex become reacquainted; Lillian blames Beth for leaving Phillip. Still later, Rick gives Beth a pathetic look when she says she and Phillip are both fine.

As for the Coopers, Harley plans to leave after she talks with Phillip, who refuses to give Zach back until he is certain it is over with Gus. Alex convinces Harley to stay for the wedding and assures her that she will help with Phillip. The Marlers arrive with Ben and Holly. Meanwhile, Marina slips away from Buzz and Frank, meeting Ben in the elevator. Holly catches them in a kiss, and admonishes Ben because Marina is so young. Eventually Frank and Buzz find Ben and hustle him away.

Upstairs, Sam, Lizzie and Olivia prepare for the wedding. While Lizzie is off looking for something blue, Sam pesters Olivia about her feelings for Phillip. Olivia dismisses his questions and assures him she will eventually get over Phillip. Sam coldly greets Phillip and then exits to find Lizzie. Phillip helps Olivia untangle her necklace, then looks grave as Olivia opens Alan's gift, a jeweled S for Spaulding. Phillip downs yet another drink as he and Olivia head to the elevator. He makes a snaky remark about so many bad things happening today. Olivia stops the elevator and tells Phillip to stop with the mixed signals, he's lost the right to analyze her emotional trajectory, and it's time for him to respect her decision. Phillip apologizes, but when Olivia tries to re-start the elevator it gets stuck. Olivia gets flustered, and she turns and faces Phillip as the two....

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