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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Today's show opens with Barbara telling John that Alison must have stolen Hal's master keys to let Aaron out of jail. Barbara says now Hal will know what monsters the Stewarts are! At the same time, Hal is telling Emily that he suspects that Alison heading for St. Louis, trying to hook up with and Lucy and Aaron. Hal leaves Emily for the hospital, muttering that he will "put that kid behind bars for a very long time." Later, at Will's bedside at the hospital, Hal says that he has to go find Aaron, and Emily promises to sit with Will while Hal is gone. After Emily leaves the room, Hal comforts Barbara and the two of them vow to keep Will safe from what they imagine will be Aaron's retribution. Barbara, cackling with glee, meets Emily in the hall outside Will's room and tells her that Emily's days with Hal are numbered.

Lucy and Aaron are talking to Brady, Aaron's old friend from Seattle, in St. Louis, and they find out that even in St. Louis people know that Aaron is accused of setting the barn fire. Brady and his two friends give Aaron Mitch Pepper's name, at Franklin College. They say that Mitch might trade his car for Aaron's motorcycle, which Aaron and Lucy fear will lead the police to them. Aaron and Lucy take off in front of Webster University on their way to Franklin College, but Aaron's red bandana drops to the ground as they drive off. Brady's friend picks the bandana up. A little later, Alison makes it to Webster University and immediately walks up to Brady and his friends, looking for Aaron. They deny knowing Aaron, but Alison spots Aaron's bandana. Alison convinces them that she is on Aaron's side. They tell Alison that Aaron and Lucy are headed for Franklin, Indiana, and they take her to the student center to find a ride. Alison takes the bandana with her.

At the Lakeview, Carly and Jack are to meet the publicists. Carly is late, and Jack is aggravated when they tell him that the honeymoon is to be relocated to Monte Carlo and that the media will be accompanying him and Carly on the honeymoon. While Jack is talking to the publicist and the photographer, Craig begs Carly for sympathy because Lucy is missing. Craig then blames Carly for siding against him on Aaron's side, thus turning Craig into an ogre in Lucy's eyes. Craig storms at Carly, saying that she cannot understand a father's love for his daughter since Carly's father ignored her. Carly dissolves in tears. Craig starts toward Carly to apologize, but she screams at him to get out and leave her alone. Once again, Carly falls into Craig's arms, sobbing. Carly then comforts Craig, telling him that Lucy knows how much Craig loves her. They hug, and Jack walks in, still smarting from his conversation with the media people. Jack snaps, "This is just TOO perfect!" Carly tells Jack that she had not agreed to a public honeymoon and begs him to trust her. Jack refuses, since she has missed a whole series of appointments with him in favor of time with Craig, and leaves the room, telling Carly that the wedding is over.

Mike begs Molly to tell him what is wrong with her. Molly finally shows Mike the cancelled check, proving that she was the anonymous donor for the burn unit. Mike angrily reminds Molly that he had said that honestly mattered the most between them. Mike storms, "You have a whacked idea of what love is about, don't you?" He tells Molly that he feels as though he had been falling in love with a stranger all along. Molly tearfully tells Mike that she will pack and leave. Mike retorts that he will sleep someplace else. "You can do whatever the hell you want. That's the way you've played it so far, isn't it?" Brokenhearted, Molly packs and goes out the door, leaving Mike's key on the table.

Jack walks into a party in his honor at the police station, and tells his fellow policemen that the wedding is not going to happen. Simultaneously, Mike walks in on poor bereft Carly, confronting her with his knowledge that she knew about Molly's dishonesty all along.

Craig catches up with Hal and Emily at the hospital and tells him that he is leaving to find Aaron. Hal agrees to take Craig with him, but makes Craig promise to play by Hal's rules.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Carly and Mike drown their sorrows and begin getting intimate in the process. A spying Henry mistakenly suspects that it is Carly and Craig and is about to snap a photo for Rosanna to prove their affair when he is stopped by a guard. Later, Mike and Carly make love.

Molly visits Jack to convince him to change his mind about calling off his wedding to Carly after Jack has already left a message for the events planner canceling the wedding. Later, Molly makes progress with Jack as they unwrap a baby present that encourages Jack to move forward.

Aaron and Lucy grow closer as they hide out at a motel, unaware that Craig and Hal are hot on their trail.

Jessica confides to Margo that Paul is blackmailing her and Marshall with a videotape of their lovemaking. Margo promises to try to get the tape back from Paul. Later, Margo gets a call from a concerned Kim, who has overheard that Paul may be armed.

Paul gets Brandy's message that James wants to meet with him. Paul shows Brandy that he is armed and ready to defend himself if Brandy and James are setting him up. Later, a nervous Brandy leaves a message for Marshall that Paul is carrying a gun.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

After a night of lovemaking, Mike and Carly wake up surprised to see each other. They begin to remember the champagne and the rest of the evening. Carly starts freaking out, realizing that she cheated on Jack. She tells Mike, "You're dating my best friend in the whole world, my cousin." Mike says, "They were lonely people trying to block out the pain. You and I still have this...I don't really know what to call it." Just as they stare into each other's eyes, there is a knock at the door. It's Jack. Mike hides while Carly gets rid of all of the evidence of last night's rendezvous including the empty champagne bottle and glasses. She opens the door for Jack and he immediately apologizes and says that he still wants to marry her. He says he felt empty without her and he's sorry for not trusting her. Carly is feeling guilty and tells Jack that she doesn't deserve him. Jack says that if there is anything she wants to tell him, "now would be the time." Carly says Jack is the man of her dreams. Jack also tells Carly that the reason he apologized was because Molly talked to him. He says that she reminded him that "life is too short and how rare true love is." Meanwhile, Mike has been hiding and hears this whole conversation. After Carly convinces Jack to leave, Mike tells Carly that he wished he could have gone "somewhere, anywhere" because it was a very private conversation." Mike says that they should forget about last night and pretend it never happened although he doesn't regret it. He says, "It will be our secret."

Carly sits for a moment and then gets a call from Molly. She tells her that the wedding is back on. Molly rushes over to see Carly. She gives her new earrings and a garter belt from her and Jake's wedding which covers old, borrowed and blue Molly is so happy for Carly and tells her they are like "heart mates beating in rhythm."

Henry tells Rosanna that Carly spent the evening at the office with Craig. He says he saw clothes all over the floor and that he heard a lot of giggling and gasping. Rosanna is upset but wants to see pictures. Henry explains that the security guard confiscated his camera. Rosanna tells him to get proof then she will pay him. Henry decides to keep snooping and finds the bag that Carly left with the champagne glasses. He shows it to Rosanna but she's still not convinced.

Margo calls Paul down to the police station and finds his gun. He tells her it is registered but Margo is afraid that Paul doesn't have enough experience to use a gun. Although she is sympathetic to him, she tries to convince him not to go after James Stenbeck alone. Paul says he has to be ready for his father coming back to Oakdale and that not a day goes by that he doesn't feel shame knowing that he is related to him. Paul tells Margo that he hasn't had any contact with Rose lately but that he wants to make sure Oakdale is safe for her when she returns.

Jack shows Margo the "I love my Daddy" gift that he received. He thinks the gift is from Julia and that she may be pregnant. Margo says she will check it out. As they are talking, a "ghost" is trick or treating with some kids at the police station and leaves a gift for Jack a teddy bear.

Not only are there ghosts running around Oakdale but also Dracula in the form of James Stenbeck. When he is told there is going to be a wedding, his reply is "how bloody delightful."

Jessica tells Marshall that Bonnie knows about the tape. Marshall tells her that the tape will not hurt her. Bonnie shows up at Marshall's swearing in to give her mother support. Paul walks in as Marshall is being sworn in. He confirms with Marshall that James will be in Oakdale on Halloween. Paul says if he isn't, the tape will be shown on the evening news. Bonnie again asks Paul what is on the tape but Paul will not tell her. Jessica is still afraid that the tape will be shown. Marshall tells her that things are about to happen not to worry. Then he says, "I will not stop pursuing you." They embrace and at that moment, Bonnie walks in on them. She is shocked and runs out with Jessica following behind. .

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Hal and Craig find the motel that Lucy and Aaron spent the night in. The manger tells Hal that he will leave them to search the room. Hal request a list of all the phone calls that were made from the room. The manager leaves and Craig and Hal start to search for clues. The manger comes back with a computer read out of the calls that were made the night before. Hal sees that there was only one call made and it was to a 317 area code. The manager tells Hal and Craig that 317 is an Indianapolis area code. The manager leaves again and Hal calls the number on the sheet and finds that it is a Franklin College number. Hal wonders why they are going from college to college. Craig tells him that you don't see babies or old people at colleges. Craig speculates that they can stay invisible on a college campus.

At Franklin College, Lucy and Aaron are talking about how they have less chance of being spotted on the college campus. Alison walks up and says, "Hi Aaron, Hi Lucy!" Aaron asks Alison what is she doing there. Alison tells him that if she stayed in Oakdale she would rot away in a jail cell waiting for Hal to rule justice on her head. Aaron and Lucy aren't happy with her being there, but they decide to let her tag along. The kids get some food and are eating when Aaron spots the dude that he is to meet with about his bike. He runs up to the guy and introduces himself. He tells the guy that he wants to sell his, almost new, motorcycle. The guy tells him that he doesn't have any money, but he knows a guy he can go see. He gives Aaron a phone number and tells him where he can find a phone booth. Aaron goes back to the girls and they all leave. The guy sees that they have left food behind so he goes over to the bag and starts to eat the leftovers. Hal and Craig walk up behind the guy and grabs his shoulder. Hal shows the kid his police shield and says, "I'm Lieutenant Hal Munson from the Oakdale police department. I was wondering if you might be able to help us out?"

At the police station, Simon and Katie come in to talk to Margo about information on Will Munson. Margo tells them that she can't give private detectives information from the police files. But, she does give them a side tip that she is short-handed and they don't have full coverage at the hospital. Simon and Katie take the tip and leave. After they are gone, Margo sees something on Jack's desk. She walks over to see a teddy bear holding a small balloon. On the balloon it says, "Daddy's Little Trouper." Margo looks up to the heavens and says, "Oh please no!" She calls one of the cops over and shows him the teddy bear. He says, "Cute." She says that it is not cute because she thinks it means that Jack's crazy ex-wife is back.

At the Lakeview, Holden walks in and sees Jack looking over all the decorations. Holden tells his cousin that this day was supposed to happen like two years ago. Jack tells him that from this moment on everything is going to be great. In the lounge, Carly is looking through her purse and finds a bottle of aspirin for her headache. She starts to think about the night before and has some flashbacks of she and Mike making love. Molly walks in and brings her back to the present. Molly tells her how happy she is for her. She tells her that she told Kim to keep the press at a minimal so that their wedding day doesn't turn into a circus. Carly thanks her cousin. Molly tells her that that the day has come when she is going to get everything that she deserves. Carly has a sick look on her face. Emily comes in for a visit and Molly leaves the two to talk. When she walks out, she runs into Mike. He tells her about talking to Kim and Kim reassured him that he would have gotten the contract for the hospital expansion. Molly tells him that she told him that. He asks her to take him back. He adds that she is the only woman for him. Molly happily accepts and the two go back to Carly to tell her about the news.

Back in the lobby, Rosanna is meeting with Henry and Henry tells her about finding some trash that Carly had put outside the door at Monte Carlo. He tells her about a lab that he knows about that they can lift the prints off the champagne bottle and find out if Craig was the man with Carly last night. She shoos him off when she sees Jack. Henry leaves and Rosanna walks over to Jack and starts pumping Jack about where Carly was last night. Jack informs her that he knows what she is doing and he knows that Craig is out of town. He tells Rosanna to go away and stop trying to make trouble. Rosanna walks away and calls Henry. She puts him on the case to find the mystery man that was with Carly last night.

Jack walks into the lounge and finds Carly alone. When sees him in her mirror, she hides her face and tells him that it is bad luck for him to see her. Jack tells her that they have been through all the bad luck that they were going to get. He takes his bride in his arms and tells her that nothing will come between them and that is what he told Rosanna, too. Carly jerks away. She asks if Rosanna is lurking around. Jack tells her not to worry, Rosanna has been taken care of. Jack starts to leave and turns to her and says, "It's really happening, isn't it?" Carly reassures him, "It's really happening." Jack leaves and Molly and Mike come in and tell Carly their good news. She is very happy for her cousin. As they are talking, John comes in with Parker. Molly takes Parker to get dressed and Carly reassures John that he will still be an important person in Parker's life. John tells her that he appreciates that and wishes her good luck. John leaves Carly and Mike alone. Mike tells Carly that they were both hurting last night and they made a mistake. Carly tells Mike that last night is over and today is what is important. Mike kisses her on the cheek and tells her to be happy. She says, "You know, I am starting to believe that it just might happen." Mike leaves Carly with a big smile on her face.

Before the wedding starts, Simon and Katie find Holden and tell him that they found out that Will had burns only on his fingers. They ask Holden if it is possible that Will was playing with matches and set the fire himself. Holden says that it is possible but how can he go to Hal with that. Jack walks in and tells everyone that it is time to get started. While everyone finds their seats, Holden tells Jack that he looks very happy. Jack says that he is the happiest that he has ever been. Margo and Tom walk in and over to Jack. She asks if she can have a word with Jack. She and Jack walk off to the side where no one can hear them. Margo shows him the teddy bear that was found on his desk and Jack doesn't hesitate. He says, "Julia!"

In the lobby, a nurse walks by with a baby buggy and Molly walks in past her. Carly walks out and Kim is there with the press. Kim tells them that they don't have much time so they better take their pictures. Molly and Carly pose for pictures. The elevator opens and Rosanna walks out. Carly asks Molly to get rid of the press. Molly gives the sign to Kim and everyone leaves the lobby. Carly walks over to Rosanna and tells her that she is not invited so she can just leave. Rosanna says that she is not calling the shots. Rosanna informs her sister that she knows that she spent the night having sex with someone other than Jack. She adds that she will not rest until she finds out who it was. "And," she adds, "when I do find out who it was, I am going to ruin your life. Have a nice wedding." Rosanna walks off and Carly is devastated.

Friday, November 1, 2002

by Andy

Today is the big day where Carly and Jack finally tie the knot after all this time.

It's also a day where many conflicts come to a head.

Paul begins his day in his Lakeview hotel room by preparing to meet his father. He calls Brandy and tells her to meet him in the lobby as soon as possible. He then straps on his gun, puts on his jacket, and heads out the door.

Barbara is at Will's side at the hospital telling him her memories of his childhood when the lights in the room suddenly go out. She panics and yells for a nurse. Before anyone arrives to help, the lights return, and Barbara is scared once more at the sight of her ex-husband James holding a bouquet of a dozen roses. He quips, "I just hope Will isn't allergic." James says he has returned to Oakdale for one "glorious fiery reason. That's to take you away with me." Barbara scoffs and says, "You're sick, James." James playfully says, "Smitten, is the word." He forgives her for "plunging a dagger" into his side in Singapore. He says that he has plans for their son Paul, then slips away. Barbara catches the guard as he's walking back to his post carrying a cup of coffee. Babs scolds him for leaving her son unattended even if he was called away on official business, then storms off.

Jessica sits down next to Ben at the wedding hall and suggests that they cut out shortly after the wedding ceremony. Ben agrees. Jessica doesn't tell Ben this, but she wants to avoid another confrontation with her daughter now that she knows about Jessica's affair with Marshall. Isaac observes Bonnie glaring at her mother and suspects that she knows more than she's letting on. He presses her for answers, but Bonnie stands firm.

Margo shows Jack the toy bear Julia left on Jack's desk and tells him to watch out. Jack tells Margo to sweep the area to look for any sign of Julia. Margo suggests Jack postpone the wedding, but Jack has waited far too long to back out now.

Up in Carly's staging area, Rosanna begins to walk away after vowing to destroy Carly's life once Rosanna finds out whom Carly slept with the night before her wedding. Carly fumes and says, "Don't you dare drop that bomb and sashay out of here." Carly wants to know where she got this information. Rosanna turns and says, "A man, a bottle of champagne, an office, and a little blonde slut. Sound familiar?" Rosanna was convinced that Craig was the man Carly had sex with the night before, but since she confirmed that Craig was out of town searching for his daughter Lucy, she now thinks that Carly satisfied her "insatiable needs with somebody else." Carly knows she's caught, but still tries to deny the allegation. Rosanna is undeterred. "Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? Let's discuss how we're going to salvage this situation." Carly pauses, so Rosanna offers Carly an out. Either she can walk away from Jack, Monte Carlo, and Craig, or she will spill the beans. Carly shakes her head in disbelief and says, "Dream on!" Carly recalls how someone forced her to do that two-and-a-half years ago, and she says that no one will force her to do that "ever again." Rosanna says, "Break his heart now, or break it when he finds out that the night before your wedding, you were in some other man's pants." Carly can't figure out why Rosanna is nailing her to the wall. Rosanna finally reveals her wound to Carly. "How does it feel to have the whole world at your feet? To have a job that you love. A man who you adore. That's just how I wanted you to feel when you had to watch it all slip away. You 'have' everything that I 'had' once upon a time. Now I get to rip that glorious rug out from under you, just like you did to me." Carly asks, "What kind of monster are you!?" Rosanna retorts, "I'm your finest creation, Carly." Carly tells her to stuff it, then Jack walks in. Rosanna deliberates whether to tell him, but instead wishes the couple well, then leaves the room. Jack takes Carly's hand and they walk away toward the ceremony.

Margo grabs one of the officers at the ceremony for the wedding and asks him to track down who put the teddy bear on Jack's desk at the station.

Molly wishes Carly well before she walks down the isle. Carly begins to walk toward the alter when Parker runs up to her and holds her hand the rest of the way. The officiate asks who is giving the bride away, and Parker says, "I do." Jack and Carly hold hands and the ceremony starts. The officiate begins a traditional long-winded wedding announcement, but Carly and Jack both interrupt her at times to move things along. The officiate asks the standard question about anyone having just cause why this couple shouldn't be married, and both Carly and Jack cut her off before she has a chance to finish her sentence. They move straight to the prepared vows each has memorized. Jack is first up. He takes a deep breath before he begins because the moment has finally arrived. He says Carly is like "sunshine that lit up all the dark corners in my life. We have both given a lot to make this relationship work. I promise that not a day will go by that I will treasure our differences. I don't want to be part of a world that doesn't have you in it." This moves Carly to tears as she begins her vows. "I never knew what real love could be like until I met you, my G-man. It takes your kind of guts to be with a woman like me. You are about as close to a perfect human being as I have ever met. No matter what you hear, I love you. Only you. I choose you." They exchange rings, they are pronounced man and wife, then they kiss to seal the deal.

James meets Marshall at Fairwinds. James seethes with pleasure that Marshall won the election for DA. He thinks that all the charges will finally be dropped now that he has a puppet in power. Marshall has one last favor to demand. He wants James to get Paul's tape before he drops the charges.

After the ceremony, Isaac presses Bonnie for more information, but Paul walks in and Bonnie gives Isaac the slip. Bonnie tells Paul she knows all about what's on the tape. She begs Paul to give the tape up, but he's interrupted by a phone call. Brandy says she's ready to meet him in the lounge. Paul brushes past Bonnie to get to Brandy.

Margo convinces Jack to change the honeymoon destination since she found out the teddy bear left on Jack's desk was purchased near Aspen, Colorado.

Carly has a hush-hush conversation with Mike about Ro-zilla's pre-wedding threat to expose her pre-wedding infidelity. Carly says, "I am scared to death. If she finds out it was you in that office, it is over for me and Jack. It is over forever!" Mike vows that "If Rosanna does anything, I promise you I will stop her."

Katie, Simon, and Holden tell Emily that they think Will was the one who started the fire because evidence shows that Will's fingers are burned. Emily feels for Will. She doesn't know how the kid could possibly tell his mother he started the fire, "Admitting it to Barbara is like telling the wicked witch he wrecked her broom." Emily vows to get the names of all the people who treated Will the night he was admitted so Katie and Simon can interview each of them.

Back at Franklin College, Aaron tries to trade his motorcycle for a very old, and very used Volkswagen Beetle. They seal the deal despite Alison's protests. Just as they exchange keys, Lucy sees Hal and Craig running across the campus toward them. The three amigos hop in the car and Aaron speeds away as Hal and Craig arrive. Hal and Craig both run back to their car to try to track them down.

Jack suggests to Carly that they change their honeymoon destination to either Cancun or Jamaica. Carly happily agrees.

Paul catches up with Brandy in the lounge. She has a glass of red wine ready for him and encourages him to drink up. She advises him to go to his room and wait for further instructions. Paul guzzles most of the rest of his drink then heads up to his room. Bonnie is in the shadows spying on Paul, and when Paul leaves for his room, she starts after him, but Isaac stops her.

Barbara snares Margo at the reception and tells her she just saw James. This catches her attention, and she's all ears.

Paul makes it back to his room, but begins to stagger as the drug in his drink begins to take effect. He manages to find his way into the room and meets his father wearing a Dracula cape. Paul's vision begins to fail, but he manages to pull out his gun and points it at James.

Jack tells Carly that it's time to throw the bouquet. All the single women gather around and Carly throws the flowers. The bouquet sails just over Molly's head and into Julia's grasp. Julia smiles modestly and sways back and forth as she holds the red roses.

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