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Passions Recaps: The week of October 21, 2002 on PS
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Monday, September 21, 2002

TC looks at Julian as he lays unconscious in his hospital bed dreaming of Eve. TC tells Eve that he cannot believe how human Julian has acted lately. He reminds Eve of how he took the blame for Simone's accident and how he saved Whitney in the elevator not once but twice. TC can't understand how any woman could have gotten involved with Julian. He says that no matter what good deeds Julian has done recently he is still a pig when it comes to women. TC vows to kill Julian if he ever touches anyone in his family. TC also says that any woman who got involved with Julian should be ashamed. Eve tells her husband that the girl was probably young and stupid and surely happily married by now. TC feels that if this woman's husband finds out it would destroy their marriage.

Simone goes to find Whitney and Chad. She is thrilled that her sister is safe and proud of her "boyfriend" for saving her. Simone cannot believe her sister when she says that Julian was fatherly to her and gave her some good advice. Whitney eyes Chad lovingly when she says Julian told her that love is the most important thing and never to let go of the love of your life. Chad ignores Whitney's double meaning. Whitney tells everyone that Julian is still in love with his past love. TC thinks he knows who it is. TC tells everyone that the woman who is singing on Julian's favorite blues tape is his past love. Chad says it was the tape the Eve destroyed last year at the Seascape. TC asks why she destroyed the tape. Eve says it was just too depressing to listen to at a time when everyone should have been celebrating.

Sheridan bursts into tears and tells Antonio she must tell him the truth. Pilar knocks on the cottage door and stops Sheridan's confession. Pilar begs Sheridan to reconsider. Sheridan reminds Pilar that secrets always come out in the end and this secret is ruining too many lives. Sheridan tells Pilar that she will tell him on neutral ground and someplace close to the hospital. Pilar concedes that maybe this is best. Sheridan clues Pilar in to what happened in the Crane elevator. Pilar goes to the hospital to see how Ethan is doing and be with Theresa. Sheridan goes to change and then tells Antonio they must find Luis so he can be there when she makes her announcement. Beth is stunned to hear Luis say that he and Sheridan are finished. Beth goes full steam ahead with her plan.

Mrs. Wallace knows that Beth drugged Luis. She is shocked. Beth tells her mother to stop acting so pious because she got the "recipe" for the cocktail she slipped Luis out of her mother's diary. Beth warns her mother that is she does not want to end up in the worst nursing home in the state, she better keep her mouth shut. Mrs. Wallace refuses and says she must do the right thing and go out in a blaze of glory. Mrs. Wallace starts screaming for Luis. Beth tries to physically shut her up. Luis walks in and asks Beth what the hell she is doing to her poor mother. Beth jumps in and says that her mother sometimes fights her about taking her medicine. Beth makes a veiled threat that not taking her meds could cause her to "have a serious accident that could leave her paralyzed. " Mrs. Wallace sensing what is best for her wellbeing backs off. Beth then bursts into tears. She tells Luis it is so hard sometimes taking care of her mother. Luis puts his arms around Beth to comfort her. Sheridan and Antonio walk up to Beth's door and see Beth in Luis' arms. Sheridan is hurt as she stares at the couple.

Whitney tells Chad that she is taking Julian up on his good advice. She confesses her love for him and tells him she wants him more than anything else. Whitney says that her tennis career would mean nothing without Chad's love. She also swears not to give up on them. Simone over hears and gets enraged.

Tuesday, September 22, 2002

Sheridan spies into Beth's living room and sees a drugged Luis being kissed by Beth. Sheridan stares at Beth as Beth gets Luis and lays him down on the couch still in a lip lock. Beth knows that Sheridan is outside and can't believe her luck. She watches Sheridan run off in tears. Antonio still cannot figure out why Sheridan is so upset watching Beth and Luis kiss. He chases after her begging her for an explanation. They end up in the park. Gwen happens along and Antonio asks Gwen to talk to Sheridan and see if she can get her to open up. Sheridan tearfully explains what she saw at Beth's. She also tells Gwen that Luis called their relationship off because he thought she was in love with Antonio. Gwen sympathizes with her friend but cautions her not to take what she saw at face value. Gwen tells Sheridan that a short time ago she thought she lost Ethan forever. Gwen reminds Sheridan that she thought Theresa was engaged to Ethan. She tells Sheridan that it was not what it seemed to be. Gwen tells Sheridan the happy news, that the engagement ring was for her and not Theresa. Gwen says not to give up on Luis. Sheridan makes herself more determined that she must tell Antonio the truth. Gwen tells her that it's a hard call to make. She must look deep inside herself before making a decision like that.

Beth mixes Luis another special "imported beer." Mrs. Wallace cannot believe that her daughter is going to give Luis a second drugged beer.

Luis gets woozy as Beth plants him on her couch. Mrs. Wallace insists that she needs ant-acids or she will not be able to sleep. To keep the peace Beth decides to run to the drugstore for her mother. Beth plans on making a quick trip so she can get back to her plan of seducing Luis. On her way, she spies Gwen and Sheridan. She begins to eavesdrop. Beth hears Gwen telling Sheridan that she needs to find out if the kiss she saw was as intense as it looked. Gwen says that maybe Luis was kissing Beth goodbye. Beth grins as she plans on making the drugged kiss look like Luis was taking an active, passionate part.

Simone gets ready to bust in on Whitney as she hears her sister confess her love for Chad. Kay grabs Simone by the arm and literally drags her away from Chad's door. Kay gives Simone some pointers on the fine art of revenge. She tells her friend not to burst in and confront her sister now. She says she must wait or her parents could refuse to let her see Chad. Kay tells Simone if she bides her time just right, she can keep her man and get revenge on Whitney as well.

Simone still cannot get over how Whitney has to have everything in life including her man. Kay tells her that she is going to fight like a grown up woman, not the baby sister of the family. Simone plans on taking Kay up on her suggestions.

Julian confesses his love for Eve. Eve asks him what he is up to. She questions Julian as to why he is trying for the second time to ruin her life. Julian tells Eve he wants her back and should have never let her go in the first place. He says that is why her let Simone off the hook for the accident she had in his car and why he could have never let anything happen to Whitney. Eve then gets Julian's test results. His ribs are broken but his lung is not punctured. He needs stitches but he will heal.

TC meets Liz at the Book Cafe. He overhears that Liz needs a place to stay and offers her a room. As they talk and get acquainted he realizes that she is friends with both Antonio, Sheridan and Luis. Liz finds out that the girl she befriended earlier is TC's daughter, Whitney. Liz lets it slip that she can tell Whitney is in love with a boy named Chad. TC tells Liz that she must be mistaken, Simone and Chad are the couple. Whitney has no feelings for Chad at all. Her life is tennis. Liz seems skeptical but decides to let the matter rest. She takes TC up on his offer of a room. TC leaves to meet Eve at the hospital. He is told that Eve is in a room with a patient. TC is unaware that the patient is Julian. Julian begins to play on Eve's sympathies and past love for him. He tugs at her heart strings. Julian kisses Eve and she does not pull away. TC walks in.

Beth plans on making Sheridan find her in bed with Luis.

Chad tells Whitney that he does not care what Julian told her. They have no future unless she tells her parents and her sister about their relationship. Whitney agrees and they go off to come clean about their relationship with everyone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2002

Leaning over the dozing Luis, Mrs. Wallace reminds him that Sheridan is the only woman he loves. Meanwhile, Beth plots her next move after hearing Gwen urging Sheridan to give Luis a chance to explain his recent actions. Whitney tells an exasperated Chad why she cannot come clean with her sister and her parents. Finally pulling back from Julian's tender kiss, Eve is startled by his remark about T.C.'s past. Beth reveals her new plan to her mortified mother. Julian's sincere apology moves Eve despite her anger. Kay gives Simone some advice on how to handle the situation with her sister and the man they both love. When Liz is unable to find a vacancy in any of the local hotels, T.C. invites her to stay in the apartment over the Russells' garage. Luis dreams of Sheridan as Beth undresses and crawls on top of him. T.C. threatens to kill Julian if he goes near any of the Russell women again. Liz slaps a startled Eve as they first come face to face.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Liz comes face to face with Eve in the hospital corridor. Liz takes one look at Eve and says, "You Bitch!" Liz slaps Eve in the face. She calls Eve a whore. Eve's pager goes off and seeing it is Ethan, Eve mumbles Ethan's name. Liz asks Eve if Ethan is her new pimp. Eve just scampers away. She stops when she is out of sight of Liz and says to herself. "Liz, oh on, it can't be."

TC finds a shaken Liz. Liz tells TC she just saw a horrible person from her past that she had hoped to never see again. TC gives Liz some tea and asks if she has calmed down any. Liz says she will never calm down until she gets revenge. She says that this person is so loathsome and what she did to Liz was so despicable that she can never forgive her. TC is sure that he knows the person who Liz is speaking of since he has lived in Harmony all his life.

Beth gets Luis drunk and takes off her top as she crawls on top of him. It appears that Beth and Luis are making love. Beth opens the blinds and the door so Sheridan will be sure to see them. It works like a charm. Antonio and Sheridan once again go to Beth's house. Sheridan sees the couple "making love." Sheridan looks sick at the sight. Antonio still has no idea why seeing Beth and Luis making love causes Sheridan to react so strangely. Sheridan tells him that she cannot tell him and to please stop asking. She runs away from Antonio, leaving him alone on the dock.

Pilar catches up with Theresa as she walks along the dock. Pilar says she is so happy that Theresa is alive. Theresa assures her mother that she is alive but has nothing to live for since Ethan wants to marry Gwen. Rebecca is thrilled to hear that her daughter's wedding to Ethan is finally back on. Gwen and Rebecca see Pilar and Theresa. Rebecca can't pass up the chance to stick it to Theresa. Rebecca goes after Theresa she insults the whole Lopez- Fitzgerald family. Pilar attacks Rebecca and they get into a horrible knock down, drag out cat fight. Pilar ends the fight by pulling out a hunk of Rebecca's orange tresses. Rebecca vows revenge. She sees Antonio standing alone on the dock and thinks that he may be the perfect tool to hurt Pilar with. Rebecca manipulates Antonio into finding out the truth about Luis and Sheridan, damning the consequences.

Sheridan runs to Ethan and tells him that she has lost Luis forever.

Mrs. Wallace calls her daughter evil and says she ruined poor Sheridan's life. Beth asks her what about her life. Mrs. Wallace says Beth is so evil that she does not deserve Luis.

Ethan talks Sheridan into some sort of calm rationality. While he is doing this he slips up and sounds like he still is in love with Theresa. Sheridan tells him she is glad that he is going to marry Gwen if that is what he really wants. Ethan cautions Sheridan not to think the worst because not so long ago, Julian hired someone to impersonate him and she saw them making love.

Sheridan questions her future. She explains to Ethan about meeting Antonio on the Titanic. She says that maybe she and Antonio were meant to be not her and Luis.

Gwen warns Theresa to never go after Ethan again. Rebecca tells Antonio that only a woman in love would cry seeing her man making love to another woman. Antonio says that Sheridan being love with Luis would explain a lot. He starts to rub his head like he is getting dizzy. Antonio shouts "Sheridan is in love with my brother!" He passes out as Rebecca watches.

Luis finds out that he "made love" to Beth not Sheridan.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Antonio finds out (with Rebecca's help) that Sheridan is in love with his brother. He blacks out for a while and then staggers home, hoping to confront Sheridan. Gwen sees Antonio walk away from Rebecca and questions her mother as to what they were talking about. Gwen's worst suspicions are confirmed when Rebecca smugly tells her daughter that she just got revenge on Pilar and all of her spawn. Pilar and Theresa walk along the dock. Theresa tells Pilar that she has to put her life back together. She will not degrade herself anymore by chasing after Ethan. She plans on putting distance between her and Ethan. She vows to let him go. Theresa tells her mother that she will make one last visit to the hospital to make sure he is alright and then come home.

TC, Liz and Eve are all together in the hospital. Liz looks directly at Eve and tells TC what a miserable, evil, trashy drug addict this woman from her past was. Liz says that this horrible person ruined so many lives. Eve tells Liz that maybe this person changed and never did mean to hurt anyone. Liz tells TC that the saddest part of the whole story is that this woman has turned respectable now. TC can't imagine someone keeping their sordid past such a secret. Liz says that she is just the person to expose her as she threateningly eyes Eve. Whitney rushes up to her parents. When Liz sees that Whitney is Eve and TC's daughter, she keeps quiet from the moment. Then Liz says, "You have a wonderful family Doctor Russell. If it weren't for that horrible woman from my past, I would have a loving family by now too."

Luis again apologizes to Beth for what he thinks was making love to her. He explains that he could never be with another woman when he is so in love with Sheridan. The only way he could ever be with anyone else is if he heard Sheridan tell Antonio that she really loved him, not Luis.

Antonio confronts Sheridan and asks for the truth. He wants to know if she is in love with his brother. Sheridan looks at how hurt Antonio is and does not know what to do.

Simone sees Chad and Whitney together as Kay cautions Simone to go slowly and behind Whitney's back. Kay says if Simone plays her cards right, she will be married to Chad and Whitney won't even know what hit her.

Sheridan flashes back to when Eve warns everyone about Antonio's condition. She looks at Antonio and says "I love only you." Luis looks in the window at the same time and hears her.

Chad tells Ethan to rethink his decision to marry Gwen. As did Sheridan the last time she spoke to Ethan. Ethan sits and thinks. A woman walks into Ethan's hospital room. He smiles and says that he was waiting for her to come. He gets down on one knee and proposes. Ethan smiles up at the woman and we can see Theresa's joyful expression. Theresa answers "YES! A thousand times Yes!' They kiss. Theresa and Ethan are formally engaged.

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