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Erica refused to help Adam take Kendall down. Simone turned to Tad for meaningless sex. Michael's body was found in a meat locker at the abandoned building that Kendall had purchased. As the news of Michael's murder spread through the town, nearly everyone seemed to have something to hide.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 22, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, September 22, 2003

Adam said he didn't recall inviting Mary to stay at his house. Mary told him she was tired of the Valley Inn, but Adam was suspicious of her. Mary tried to butter him up, but he insisted she tell him what she was up to. She mentioned speaking to JR on the phone, and Adam perked up, demanding to know what he said. Mary directed him to the caller ID, and Adam dialed the number, but there was no one there by the name JR Chandler. Mary told him JR was working under an assumed name, and Adam demanded to know what scam she was trying to pull. She insisted there was no scam, but rather a business proposition. If Adam would set her up an art studio and support her for 6-12 months, she would help him even the score with his enemies. Adam agreed to fix up the greenhouse on his property for her.

At the boathouse, Greenlee ran into Juan Pablo as she tried to find Ryan. As Ryan eavesdropped, she described him to Juan, who remembered seeing Ryan at the Valley Inn. He told her they had a conversation about her, though Ryan had told Juan he didn't know Greenlee. Greenlee was stunned and wondered if Ryan was back to his old con artist ways. Ryan got a call on his cell phone from Edmund and told Edmund to help him get out of there, as Greenlee and Juan Pablo head to the Valley Inn to look for Ryan.

Boyd and Kendall frantically took Lena to the clinic, where Kendall begs David to save her. Boyd warns Kendall that she needs to get to her meeting, but she insists she needs to stay and see to Lena for Bianca's sake. They agree that Boyd should try to stall the meeting until she can get there. When David emerged from the exam room, he told her Lena was going to the hospital for further treatment and a psychological evaluation. Kendall begged him to keep the suicide attempt under wraps, so Bianca would never find out about it.

At the penthouse, Jack and Bianca arrived together. In the hallway, Jack told Bianca he was aware of her decision. He tried to make sure she had made the decision on her own. Erica opened the door and urged them to come in. She hugged Bianca and told her she had read the note about her decision. She said she was proud of Bianca and knew it was the right thing to do. Bianca told her she had chosen David to do the procedure and that Maggie was going to drive her. Erica was shocked when Bianca told her she didn't want her to come along. Maggie arrived, and Erica told her not to leave Bianca alone for a second. After they left, Erica lashed out at Jack for his supposed interference. Jack did not back down and insisted that Bianca would be sorry if she made this decision under pressure from Erica. Erica insisted Bianca made the decision on her own, but Jack suggested Bianca might be trying to rewrite Erica's history with Kendall. Erica told Jack that she was going to be there for Bianca and to focus on his own daughter. Someone knocked on the door, and it was Maria to see Bianca. She told Erica she had spoken with Bianca at the hospital and wanted to see her. Erica accused Maria of influencing Bianca to keep the baby and ordered her to stay away from Bianca. Jack apologized for Erica's behavior and told Maria that Bianca was at the clinic. Maria seemed surprised that the decision had been made so quickly, since at the hospital, Bianca had seemed so unsure. Erica suggested that Maria's mental problems had caused her to misunderstand, and Maria left. Erica became upset with Jack again, but he stood his ground with her. Erica decided to leave rather than take Jack's insults.

At the clinic, Maggie and Bianca arrived to see Kendall. They exchange pleasantries, and Bianca asked to speak with Kendall alone. She told Kendall to say whatever she had to say to her. Kendall hesitated, and Bianca asked her about Michael. Kendall avoided the question and insisted Michael would never return to Pine Valley or hurt her again. Kendall apologized for the scene and explained that she tended to make everything about her. She assured Bianca that her problems with Erica had nothing to do with her, and she should not have been the brunt of her pain. Kendall went on to talk of the way she was conceived and said she had had to learn to deal with it, though her suffering did not compare to Bianca's. She told Bianca to do whatever she needed to do to heal. Kendall told Bianca she admired her and even wished she could be her. Bianca laughed and Kendall sat down next to her. She told her she was proud Bianca was her sister, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek and whispering, "I love you," in her ear. Kendall got up to leave and reminded Bianca to do whatever she had to do, and Bianca cried. Maggie asked what Kendall had said to her to upset her, and Bianca assured her she was fine. Kendall just wanted a chance. David came out and said he was ready for her. He explained the procedure to her and gave her a hospital gown. "Are you ready?" he asked.

At the Valley Inn, Greenlee pounded on Ryan's door, Juan Pablo behind her. The maid answered and told then Ryan had checked out.

In front of the meat-packing plant, Boyd continued to try to stall the owner until Kendall arrived, but he said he was losing money every minute and ordered the demolition to begin. Kendall arrived and asked how much he wanted for the building.

Ryan entered the building through a window. He looked around with his flashlight. He stopped, as he saw something.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Erica asked Mary what she was doing in Adam's library. Mary told her she lives there. Erica opined that could only be true if Adam has lost his mind, since he knows she's destitute. Erica asked if she'd been hired as some kind of secretary or scullery maid. Mary told her she'd been hired as a sculptress, with Adam as her benefactor while she pursues her art. Erica nodded in mock understanding and expressed her surprise at Adam as patron of the arts. Mary felt fortunate to have inspired Adam's kindness and Erica had to wonder if Adam even knows she's there. Mary spat out that Adam was in the cellar, getting champagne to celebrate. Erica had to laugh and asked if Mary had blackmailed Adam or whipped out a child Adam never he'd had. Mary was indignant and claimed that Adam and she were kindred spirits, and both lonely. Erica suggested that Mary not get too comfortable because Adam is not the lapdog that Mary seems to think he is. Mary tried to dismiss Erica who then reminded Mary that she'd been married to Adam twice and she knows Adam will chew her up and spit her out while she tries to play house. Erica said that Adam had married her because they are equals in every way and asked Mary what she could possibly offer Adam. Companionship, excitement, Mary said and Erica repeated her question and predicted that Mary would be alone again soon. "Just like you", Mary said. Erica said she is not alone. Mary asked if the wedding was back on and Erica reminded Mary that Jack can't stand the sight of her. Mary denied it and Erica told her she reeks of desperation and how unattractive that is to men like Jack and Adam. Mary insisted she and Jack will always have a bond and Erica asked why she had to peddle her wares to Adam. Through gritted teeth, Mary insisted she is a legitimate artist and Jack was rightfully focused on their daughter, not her. Erica said she was only going for Adam because she can't have Jack and being at Adam's beats bunking with a cabana boy. Mary asked her to leave and Erica said she'd wait. Mary had enough and threw a vase of flowers at Erica. It shattered and Mary went over to try to physically throw Erica out. Just then Adam came in and ordered both women to their corners. Erica chastised Adam for being bored enough to take in Mary and suggested he take in a dog from the pound instead. Adam held Mary back and said he preferred purebred bitches. Erica congratulated him for getting what he wants. Adam asked Mary to go get glasses for the champagne. Adam told Erica that Mary amuses him and isn't slumming like being with Arlene. Erica cautioned him that Mary has her own agenda and he said he knew that. Adam promised to kick Mary out as soon as Erica helped them get their companies back from Kendall. He talked serious about teaching Kendall a lesson she won't forget, but Erica backed out and said she'd deal with Kendall alone, no deal with Adam. Erica left to take care of Bianca and Adam offered his support to Bianca too. Erica promised she'd make sure Bianca is fine.

Later, Mary was obsequious to Adam about his lovely home and how it was too much for a single man. He said he has a staff and Mary guessed that they didn't offer him companionship. They drank champagne and Mary slithered next to Adam on the sofa and thanked him for his generosity and apologized for breaking the antique vase. Mary remarked that Erica has it out for her and is mad at her for Jack breaking up, not that he was a great catch...not like Adam. She then coyly suggested they continue their conversation upstairs and Adam was amazed at how good she is, a true artiste...but gently declined her offer and predicted she'd try again and that it may work next time. He left her alone in the library and she reveled in her new circumstances.

Greenlee was persistent with the maid at the Valley Inn to get into Ryan's room. The maid said he'd checked out and she could not go in. Juan Pablo watched with interest as Greenlee did not give up and went from begging to bribery to telling a lie about a love story with Ryan until the maid finally said Greenlee could go in. But when Greenlee saw that Juan Pablo thought she was more interested in Ryan than him, she explained that she needed to know why Ryan was back in town. She finally said he was only chasing proof that Ryan is in town to convince Kendall to sell Fusion back to her. She decided against going in the room and then asked Juan Pablo who Ryan had been with. He described big eyebrows and blue eyes and Greenlee knew Ryan had met with Edmund. She started to leave, but went back to talk to Juan Pablo and tell him she doesn't want to mess things up with him by chasing Ryan. After talking, it was clear that Greenlee was out for revenge and she decided to give up and let Kendall find Ryan. Juan Pablo asked what she'd like to do, what is her heart's desire...and she had to think about it.

At the clinic, David told an obviously upset Bianca that it wasn't too late to change her mind. Bianca insisted she was sure and she wanted it to be over. David said they'd have to talk before the procedure.

Later, Maggie brought Bianca home and Bianca said that she'd done what she wanted. Maggie was supportive and talked about classes at PVU. Bianca thought she'd start back next week. Erica came home then and thanked Maggie for being such a good friend as she left. Bianca said everything had gone fine and asked Erica to hold her. Erica said she's proud of her for making the right decision and how glad she is that it's finally over. Bianca looked uncomfortable.

Kendall and Boyd met with Mr Spinelli at the warehouse and offered him double the sale price to buy it, saying she needs warehouse space immediately. Ryan crouched in the shadows and listened to everything. Mr Spinelli grew very suspicious and started to call the police to report Kendall's unusual interest in the building, assuming it must be for an illegal purpose. Boyd acted the part of corporate lawyer working for Kendall and finally got him to agree to triple the sale price, plus payment of any legal fees resulting from the change of buyer. Mr Spinelli and Boyd left to stop the wrecking crew and seal the deal. Kendall walked over to an inside door when she heard a crash. Ryan had knocked something over and Kendall shouted out to whoever was there. She went over to investigate, but when she saw a rat she ran out of the warehouse. She went to the Valley Inn and talked to Boyd and found out the deal had been made. She then asked to talk to the manager and began planning a very large and expensive wedding reception. When she told the manager that Michael would not be attending, Aidan walked over to say he was not surprised.

Once alone, Ryan went to the doorway that Kendall was interested in and noted that it was a freezer. He finally picked open the padlock and was stunned to find a frozen Michael Cambias hanging from a meathook inside.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Juan Pablo asks Greenlee to go to Milan with him. He tells her of a small and spacious villa they could stay in that has a beautiful view and giant bathtubs that might even fit two people. As tempted as Greenlee is, she turns Juan Pablo down. She tells him that has to stay and strike a deal with Kendall. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that he will ask her again and they share a kiss. Suddenly, they hear a knock on his door and Mary calls out his name. They sneak into the bathroom and she tiptoes inside, immediately going through Juan Pablo's drawers. Greenlee and Juan Pablo step out and demand to know why she is there. Greenlee jokes that her mother is there to tell her that maybe Juan Pablo is her long, lost brother. Mary doesn't take the joke lightly and tells Greenlee that she saw Carlos come in to Juan Pablo's room. Greenlee lies to cover Juan Pablo and Carlo's brotherhood by saying that she asked Carlos to deliver a note to Juan Pablo and that is why he was in there. Mary obviously is surprised that her announcement didn't cause Greenlee to rush back into her arms. Greenlee tells her to leave before she calls security and go find a rich man to sink her claws into. Mary scoffs at the tone that Greenlee talks to her in and leaves. Juan Pablo thanks Greenlee for covering for him and they go out to a carnival. They share cotton candy, corn dogs and some upside down rides. They grow closer to one another and share a sweet kiss.

Ryan takes a close look at Michael, examining his frozen stature. He hears a sound and hides behind some crates. When he realizes it is Edmund, he comes out and shows Edmund his discovery. Edmund asks Ryan if he called the cops. Ryan tells him no because he is worried that someone they care about will get arrested. Practically the entire town is full of suspects and Ryan doesn't want to see anyone get the rap for keeping Michael frozen. Edmund asks Ryan if he more concerned about Kendall getting arrested instead of everyone at Pine Valley. Ryan admits that he is worried about Kendall. Edmund says he can't rule her out as a suspect but that if she did murder Michael, she didn't do it alone. Ryan suggests that they just walk away from the scene because it doesn't seem right to punish someone for doing everyone a favor. Edmund agrees but also says they need to consider Bianca's feelings. She needs to know that Michael is dead and gone forever. Ryan agrees but asks Edmund not to mention he was there. Before Ryan goes, he asks Edmund if the police will be able to tell the exact date when Michael was murdered since he is frozen. Edmund isn't sure. Ryan leaves to go the sauna and meet with a man. They discuss a big "revealing" and Ryan wants to make sure everyone is invited with Kendall front and center. The man promises it will be exactly as planned and leaves.

The police arrive and question Edmund immediately. Edmund explains that he covering the Michael Cambias story for Tempo magazine and got an anonymous tip that Michael was dead and in the warehouse. He says the number was blocked and the person used a special voice machine to disguise their voice. The police ask Edmund if the freezer was locked when he got there. Edmund says yes and admits he broke into it. The police don't believe him and it doesn't help his story any more when they discover a second set of fresh footprints inside. Edmund says that maybe it was the killer because he came there alone. Jackson shows up and comes face to face with Michael. He looks at him in disgust and then says that he wished Michael had never been found.

Kendall thinks Aidan has nothing better to do with his time than bug her about Michael. Aidan laughs and says that can't figure her or her bogus story out. He calls it a draw and Kendall agrees, suggesting they also try to be friends again. Aidan says that she is married now, she's bad news, and he is leaving tomorrow for a special ops assignment. Kendall is shocked to hear that he is leaving Pine Valley and when he gets up to leave, she yells out, "No!" Aidan asks her again for the truth and she makes up another lie. Aidan notes that the special op assignment is easier to deal with than her stories. At least he knows who his enemies are in the special ops. Aidan leaves to go again and Kendall pleads for him not to go. She thanks him for his friendship and all the times he has helped her get through her problems. Aidan doesn't believe her and says, "Nice speech." He tells her than unless she can give him the truth, he doesn't want to her anymore of her rubbish. With those last words, he's out the door. The manager at the restaurant comes back with the wine list, ready to continue planning the big wedding reception. Kendall barks at him that there is no more party and she isn't in a partying mood. The manager walks off a bit fearful of her sudden change in behavior. Kendall makes a call inquiring if 'she" is awake. When that is confirmed, Kendall tells the person on other end, to make sure 'she" does not leave. Turns out, Kendall's 'she" was Lena. Kendall turns up at the hospital, whips past the nurse who bluntly says she is not allowed inside, and wakes Lena up from her sleep. Lena tells Kendall that she isn't sure if she should thank her for saving her life. Kendall doesn't care what Lena thinks and tells her what a 'selfish nothing" she is. Kendall goes on to inform Lena that she only saved her for Bianca-for the love they share and the fact that Bianca doesn't need any more heartache in her life. Lena admits that she is selfish, but she didn't know what to do because she feels so guilty for bringing Michael into Bianca's life. Kendall tells her to get herself together, take her pity act elsewhere, and get dressed because she wants to meet her at Enchantment to discuss a job. Lena says that Erica wouldn't ever allow her back at Enchantment. Kendall says that its not up to Erica anymore, its up to her and she wants to hire her back at Enchantment. Of course, Lena accepts the offer and praises Kendall, saying that even though most people look down on her, she thinks of her as an amazing woman with a heart. Kendall is obviously touched, but hides it well, and then leaves. She goes to the sauna-the same sauna Ryan is in but they have yet to meet!

David visits Erica and when Bianca walks in, she immediately asks David if he is there to see her. He tells her that he isn't there as a doctor, only as a friend and that "everything that happened today happened exactly as it should have." He adds that there is no reason they can't get back to their normal lives now. When Erica leaves to get everyone some water, David asks Bianca if she talked to her mother about the procedure. Bianca says not yet. David comforts her by saying that she doesn't have to tell Erica anything because it is none of Erica's business. When Erica overhears his last sentence, she asks what he means. David says that he is taking Bianca out to lunch next week and Erica isn't invited, that's all. Erica laughs and jokes that they won't have any fun without her, but is fine with it. She goes on to thank David for his wonderful support and friendship to both of them. David pulls out a bottle of pills from his pocket to give Bianca. Erica assumes it is antibiotics for the post operation. David suggests that Bianca take a pill now, so she scurries off to get some food to take with the pill. Once she is gone, he hands Erica her date book. Erica is relieved to get the book back and panics when David tells her that Aidan found it at Michael's house. David assures her that she will be fine because when Aidan when to Jackson to turn it in as evidence, Jackson ignored it. Erica thinks that Jackson still loves her because he protected her and immediately wants to run to him. David cautions her not to go to him yet because he is still the district attorney and she could put him a compromising position. David tells her to fill in the blank spots in the date book, as though she was keeping up with it and to use different colors of ink. Erica agrees to what David suggests, but admits that she hates being reminded of that night. There is especially one page in the book that reminds her of "the night he went away." David consoles Erica by telling her that her secret will go with him the grave and never come out of his mouth. Erica gets concerned about Bianca and David reassures her that Bianca is strong like Erica, so she will get through this tragedy. They share a hug. While Bianca waits on David and Erica to return, she looks through a photo album of her mother and her when she was a baby.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Bianca was sleeping on the couch when she had a dream that Kendall and Michael walked in acting like the happy couple. In the dream Bianca asked Kendall what she was doing. Kendall told Bianca it was because of her that she had the strength to deal with Michael, then both sat on either side of Bianca. Michael said he came to claim what was his. Bianca asked what he was talking about and Kendall said they came to take the baby, that it was perfect, she and Michael would raise the child and Bianca could have her life back. Bianca screamed let me go you can't take my child until she finally jerked awake. Moments later the door knob to the penthouse turned, Bianca was a little frightened but grateful that it turned out to be Myrtle. Myrtle asked how Bianca was doing. Bianca said she was doing good. Myrtle asked about Erica, Bianca said she talked Erica into going to the health club for a massage partly because Erica was hovering over her too much. Myrtle said that Bianca would be fine. Bianca asked if Myrtle was taking up some of Opal's habits. Myrtle laughed and said that she read palms in the carney. She took Bianca's hand and said "hmmmm." Bianca said she'd bite and asked what did Myrtle see. Myrtle answered love. She said she was lots of love in Bianca's future. Bianca asked if it was new or old love. Myrtle said she wasn't sure of that but that she was sure that there would be love and trust and that Bianca would see life and happiness threw new life. Bianca thanked Myrtle for saying that and hoped she was right. She did question Myrtle seeing all of that in her palm. Myrtle simply told her she saw it in Bianca's heart.

When Jack walked out of the freezer Edmund asked Jack if he meant what he said. Jack asked what he was talking about. Edmund said "when you said that you were sorry he was found." Jack told Edmund that there was no love lost between them. Edmund questioned Jack's ability to do his job. Jack told Edmund that Michael raped his niece, he walked out of the court room a free man and he didn't like Michael and he never hid his feelings once. Edmund asked if Jack was going to excuse himself. Jack said that he didn't say that. Jack pointed out to Edmund that whoever killed Michael could be someone they know. Edmund asked Jack if he could quote him on some of his statements. Jack said yes but the officer in charge said that wouldn't be a good idea. He also asked Jack where he was the night Michael disappeared. Jack questioned if the officer knew the date Michael disappeared for certain. The officer replied that they will assume it was the night of the Michael's trial. The officer also said that he would question anyone who had dealings with Michael and the victim's of Michael that included Bianca and Erica. Jack told the officer that he would not be questioning Erica and Bianca. When the officer said he had to Jack told the officer that he better not cross that line or he'd find out just who was in charge. Jack left. Another officer came in to tell the officer in charge that Kendall bought the building earlier that day. Edmund was made to leave or be charged with obstruction before the officer spoke of who owned the building.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo returned from their fun filled night. They talked about the difference in rides between the US and Argentina. The pair kissed and when it was getting too passionate Greenlee pulled away and said no. Juan Pablo repeated her "no"? She said a thousand no's. Juan Pablo asked what he did wrong. Greenlee said that it wasn't him it was her. She said she always jumped in too fast and she wanted to stop and take it slow just like he wanted her too. She said she didn't want to ruin anything with him by moving too fast. She asked where they go from there and he told her that it was up to her. They talked about the night he saved her from herself. She told him he was like the men from the 40's black and white movies, saying he was romantic. He asked where she got her knowledge from and she said the old movie channels and turned on the tv. To their surprise they heard the news of Michael's body being found. Greenlee thought of Kendall and asked if she could've murdered Michael then got up and left to find Kendall.

At the health club Ryan heard someone push the temperature gage for the steam, he peeked around the corner and saw Kendall. Seconds later, Mia, Liza, and Simone walked in to talk to Kendall. She told them to leave. They went into the spill how they created Fusion and knew Kendall didn't want to lose Fusion. Liza told Kendall that she'd give her share of Chandler up to her if she'd give equal shares of Fusion to her so that she can redistribute the shares among them all and save Fusion. Kendall agreed on one condition; that they show up to her wedding reception and toast her marriage to Michael. They didn't want to do that and said that it was in bad taste. Kendall told them to leave that they failed her test. Greenlee walked in and Kendall made a comment that she could leave too because she didn't want to hear anything she had to say. Greenlee said that they must not have heard. Kendall asked "heard what"? Greenlee informed her that Michael's body was found. All four women looked at Kendall. She told them that she didn't do it. Outside the steam room she told the four women that she married Michael for a reason and that they needed to trust her. None seemed willing to do that so she told them to leave. Once the girls left Kendall called Boyd, told him Michael's body was found, that the cops were probably looking for and he knew what to do.

Ryan found it interesting what the girls were talking about. Erica walked in and saw Ryan. She asked if it was really him so he walked over and let her touch him. She said she was happy to see him. He started talking about Chris and how he wanted to say so much to her. She told him that he said everything beautifully in the letter he wrote. Then she asked if Chris was the reason he was there. He said no. She asked what was and he told her he couldn't say just yet. She asked what he was up too and he said everyone would know in a few days. He said it did involve Kendall but that was all he could say for now. He asked if she'd keep it a secret that he was in town. She promised she would. He thanked her, she motioned for him to give her a kiss on the cheek; he turned her face and kissed her on the lips.

As Myrtle was leaving Bianca Jack arrived. Jack asked Bianca if Erica was home and she said no so he in turn asked when Erica would be home. She told him about an hour. She asked Jack what was wrong. He said he should wait for Erica but Bianca asked him to tell her. He said that it was about Michael. Bianca panicked she wanted to know if he saw Michael in town and if he threatened her. He said Michael was in town but he didn't threaten her. Bianca said Michael wouldn't leave her alone. Jack said he won't hurt you or anyone else ever again. Bianca asked how could he be sure of that, Jack replied because Michael was dead. Bianca said no he couldn't be dead Kendall saw him alive.

Kendall arrived at the warehouse and asked to see Michael's body. The officer in charge tried questioning her. She told him that she just found out on the television that her husband was dead and that she had to fight through media and a crowd just to get there. The officer offered his condolences and let her in to see the body. Kendall looked completely surprised by seeing Michael. She touched the body and it spun around. Michael's eyes opened and winked at her, she screamed, fell backwards and fainted.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Tad walks into Fusion and Simone looks at him seductively, as though she wants him to be her one-night stand. Mia explains that they want to "make a night of it" with someone and forget about all their problems. Liza doesn't agree and then Mia offers for her and Simone to stay at Fusion and finish with the contest. Simone points out that she doesn't even work at Fusion anymore, thanks to Kendall who fired her and the rest of the ladies. When Mia and Simone walk away, Tad admits to Liza that he there to talk to her about them. Liza shyly says, "Is there an us?" Tad dances around her question and Liza orders him to "spit it out!" Tad says that they have known each other for a long time and probably know each other inside and out. When Tad says that this is a good thing, Liza hesitates to agree. When Tad sees she is unsure, he adds that she isn't sure either because of their past history and neither of them want to ruin the friendship. Liza says that what they feel for each other may not ruin their friendship. Tad brings up the trip to Tahiti that they never made because of Kendall's new marriage to Michael Cambias. Liza reminds him that she didn't go because she had to stay in Pine Valley and save Fusion. Tad agrees with Liza but says the real reason they didn't go was because they were scared to take a chance. Tad brings up their past again and their scattered history. Liza reluctantly asks if Tad is scared to explore his feelings for her because of Dixie. Tad says Dixie has nothing to do with it and she would want him to be happy. They agree that they don't want to hurt each other and that may be what happens if they act of their romantic feelings. Liza suggest that they might just need a "transitional person" who doesn't know their past and can help them forget about their problems. In other words, a one-night stand. Tad is shocked at her suggestion, but agrees to it. They give each other a kiss on the cheek and Liza walks out. Mia walks in and admits she overheard the conversation. Mia softly says that Liza's idea about a transitional person is good and there's "nothing like a no string fling to restart your love life." When she says that, Tad asks her if that is some type of offer. Mia says that it isn't an offer because of their complicated history and the fact that her ex-fiancée is his brother. Tad says that it will be easier for her to find a transitional person but harder for him because his history spreads across Pine Valley. Tad walks in the elevator and Liza walks by but she doesn't see him. Mia makes sure Liza is OK and Liza admits that she didn't mean a single word of what she said to Tad. She only told him that garbage because she was scared and she really did want Tad to be with her. Mia persuades her to go after Tad and tell him that. Liza gives a smile and goes after her man!

When Tad goes home, he is surprised to see Mary sitting on his bed. Before he has a chance to throw her broke butt out of there, she tells him that she needs Tad as a private investigator. Mary wants him to stop Juan Pablo from hurting Greenlee. Tad rolls his eyes and reminds her about her current financial situation. Mary offers "other services" instead of money. Disgusted at her behavior, he kicks her out. When he turns around, he sees Simone standing in front of him, looking seductive. When Simone suggests they be each other's transitional person, Tad thinks it is some type of Fusion prank. She assures him its not a prank and they both need someone right now. Tad asks her what will happen after the night is over. Simone says that they both go their separate ways and that's when he realizes she is actually serious about them hooking up. Simone kisses Tad and he kisses her back. After Simone reveals more of herself physically, Tad picks her up to start the night off!

While Adam is enjoying a drink, Opal barges in and demands to know what he was up the night of Michael's disappearance and why he teamed up with Palmer. Adam rants that he can't stand Palmer, so why would he team up with him" Opal pulls out a gold watch of Adam's and says she found it on Palmer's private jet the night Michael disappears. Adam thanks Opal for finding the watch and says he has been looking for it. Adam tells Opal to go to Palmer and incriminate him. Opal says she has tried to go to Palmer to get information, but he's suddenly disappeared himself. Opal says that the police will find out who the killer is and when they do, that person will go to trial for murder. She begs for Adam to tell her what happened for the sake of her son, Petey. Adam says she can help her son by going home and keeping her mouth shut. With a sigh and realizing she won't get anything out of Adam, she leaves.

David visits Lena in the hospital and informs her that Michael has been found dead. She says, "That took long enough." When David asks her what she means, she says she is just surprised that no one killed Michael before now. When Lena asks if there are any suspects, David says no and the killer did the world a favor. Lena says that since Michael is gone for good now, Bianca can feel safe and free. She asks David if Bianca is ok. David says she will have to ask Bianca herself and he can't tell her anything because of patient confidentially. Lena understands and says that if she can't be with Bianca, at least Bianca can be safe now.

Bianca is in denial about Michael being dead and then Reggie shows up. Bianca immediately tells him about Michael that he may have been murdered. Reggie gives her a hug and tries to calm her down. He explains that Michael probably messed with the wrong person and that is how he got "strung up." Jackson immediately asks Reggie how he knew about Michael being strung up. Reggie says that the news has gotten around the hood and is his cousin overheard the police talking. Bianca sits down and asks Jackson if he will get her some water because she is starting to get a headache. When Jackson goes into the kitchen, Bianca asks Reggie about the gun. Reggie reassures her that no one knows he had it and its gone because she threw it away. Jackson returns with the water and insists that Bianca rest on the couch while he waits for Erica. Bianca says she doesn't need a babysitter and she isn't going to be able to sleep until her mother gets home. Reggie tries to get Jackson to leave by suggesting that he teach Bianca how to play chess and he doesn't need to stick around. Jackson won't go and watches them play chess.

Kendall starts freaking out and tells the police she saw Michael's eye open. The police want to call a doctor and she says no. Then she begins to scream when she sees Michael walking towards her. The police reassure Kendall that Michael is very dead and the reason he was moving was because they had to take him off the hook. The police take her away from the body and ask her many questions. After all, she didn't seem like the devoted wife. Kendall says that you don't have to marry for love and admits she married Michael for money. She says she had no idea he was in town and is shocked when they point out that she bought the building. When asked why, she told them Michael told her to and she didn't ask him why because she was to preoccupied with her new companies. Aidan shows up and surprises Kendall by telling her she shouldn't say anything without a lawyer present. Aidan convinces her to go home and the police say they will be talking to her again. When they get to Kendall's house, Aidan says that he came back to Pine Valley when he heard about Michael's death. Kendall says, "You came back for me." Aidan says he did. Kendall tells Aidan she did not murder Michael and she needs him to believe in her. Aidan isn't sure and asks Kendall to be straight with him. He says he is tired of her lying and pushing him away. Kendall says that everyone thinks she is guilty, even her own friends. Aidan says that when Kendall wants something, she always goes and gets it. Kendall says that is true, but she needs Aidan to believe in her. Aidan says he believes in her and they share a hug.

The police discover that Michael was already dead when he was frozen! Their best guess is that he was killed by a shot to the chest! The police say they won't know the time of death until he is thawed out. Jackson's assistant D.A, Justin McCoy, shows up to check things out at the scene. Justin says that whoever killed Michael, "has a real rage for the man."

At the end of the show, everyone is dealing with Michael's death. Adam is listening to the radio, enjoying his alcoholic beverage. Lena tells David "thank you." Reggie and Bianca continue to play chess while Jackson looks on. Aidan and Kendall share a kiss. Michael is put in a body bag onto a stretcher and wheeled off.



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