One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 22, 2003 on OLTL

Evangeline offered to represent Antonio after his arrest. R.J. received custody of Jamie. Al flatlined and died after his liver transplant. Luna appeared to comfort Max. David caused problems for Kelly and Kevin. Daniel tricked Jessica in court.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 22, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, September 22

Max and Marcie are devastated when Al flat-lines and dies. Marcie listens to Al's words of love on the tape he made for her and runs from the hospital. Nora is shocked to see Antonio in handcuffs and learns he has been charged with killing Keri. Jessica stands by Antonio but is worried for him. Evangeline stuns Antonio when she offers to act as his attorney. In Harrisburg, Kevin admits to Blair that his and Kelly's marriage is in trouble. Kevin tells Blair his marriage is strained because Kelly had an affair. Walker arrives in Harrisburg and witnesses a seemingly close moment between Blair and Kevin. David goes to see Kelly and kisses her. Kelly accuses David of working with Dorian to try to break up her marriage.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

In the Capital City of Harrisburg, Kevin carefully deflects the mistake of a reporter who asks to photograph him and his "wife." Blair wisely retreats and lets him go to his meeting with the governor. Walker suddenly surprises her with a picnic basket dinner. Over champagne, he confesses he was "lurking" nearby and questions Blair's motive for covering a mediocre political meet. In a roundabout way, she explains it's easier to flirt meaninglessly with Kevin than to confront her feelings for him, which she describes as "scary, under the bed feelings" that overwhelm her. Walker is undeterred. With a deep breath, he asks, "What do you say, you and I take a big leap together? Marry me."

From his jail cell, Antonio hears a pitch from Evangeline and ultimately accepts her offer to defend him. Evangeline is sure that acting DA Colson's "over confidence" will work in her favor. Jessica agrees. Carlotta is skeptical, but Nora vouches for the slick attorney's abilities. Through jail cell bars, Carlotta privately offers to create an alibi for her son, but he won't have it. Ending their visit, Nora announces to them that she will be prosecuting the case and will do so fairly. Upstairs, Marcie robotically arranges her desk and doesn't hear Jessica asking her about Al. She exits in a strange, determined way. The painful shards of Al's loss scatter and pierce all who loved him. Flash and Riley, Jen, Bo, Jessica and Max all converge at the hospital. In a heartbreaking swan song performance, James DePaiva as Max delivers some of his best work ever, from chilled disbelief to full throttle sobbing. Max and Bo sit on the floor of the hospital contemplating loss and how to tell Gabrielle that her only child is gone.

Jen and Ron begin a search for Marcie starting at the police station. Nora recalls that she used the computer. They're able to detect her last search was for an address. Jen recognizes it. At the front door of that address, Marcie accuses a frat boy of murder.

In her zeal to boast discovery of Dorian's master plan, Kelly accidentally reveals to David Vickers the dangers associated with her potential pregnancy. He continues his overtures to her. While Kelly is out of the room, David intercedes a cell call from Kevin and makes his voice sound groggy and preoccupied. Kevin is flustered and furious! When Kelly returns to the room, David has left a note that she can meet him at Ultra Violet if she wants "a laugh." He arrives at the bar and orders a double. Roxy is annoying Rex with her warning that he'll receive the "rat of God on [his] head" if he breaks up a minister's marriage. Flash and Riley return to the club. Rex cracks the whip: despite Al's demise, the band is still on the clock. The mood is somber. Evangeline tells R.J. in person that she will represent Antonio. In turn, R.J. asks her, "Then why are you talking to me?" David is about to leave when Kelly walks in with a juicy, mischievous smile.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

In Harrisburg, Blair is shocked as Walker presents her with a tremendous diamond ring. It's the biggest, well almost the biggest, diamond she's ever seen, she notes, as Kevin looks on from his own table. He can hardly contain himself and rushes the couple as Walker talks about how he and Blair connected early on. Kevin practically demands that Blair stop herself before she makes a big mistake. The men start to argue with mention of Kelly thrown into the mix for good measure. Blair urges Kevin to go home to his wife while she tells Walker that things are going too fast. She wants time to think, as she's not ready to marry again and may never be ready, she informs him. He places the ring in her purse so that she can see it as a symbol. She admits that her heart and head don't agree on what to do. Walker calls Starr and reports what happened. She thinks he should tell Blair the truth but he can't; he remembers when she left the last time he lied.

Back in Llanview, Kelly meets a surprised David at Ultraviolet. While she does have an "incredible marriage", she wants David to make her laugh as he promised he would. He entertains her over drinks until interrupted by Rex; Kelly realizes that she'd better leave. When she arrives home, she learns that David has followed her. He explains that he only wanted to make sure that she was safe and not alone. She compares him with her husband, making excuses for Kevin's behavior. When he kisses her, she doesn't resist. David suggests they go elsewhere but Kelly pulls away abruptly. It turns out to be a good thing when they hear Kevin's arrival. What the hell is this? he bellows. He goes after David who takes off. He's concerned about what the newspapers would say if they got hold of this, he angrily tells Kelly. This leads to an argument over his always being busy, being with beautiful women and her being lonely. This in turn leads to his mentioning her previous affair which she had for the same reasons. She asks if he wants a divorce but he apologizes. Kelly is happy that her husband is jealous and they head upstairs to bed.

Marcie shows up at Deke's door, blaming both him and Madison for Al's death. She calls him scum and physically attacks him as he tries to ward her off. She tells him that he is the one who is really dead while she'd prefer to stay with the living. Her brother Ron successfully finds her and tells her how awesome she is, as she breaks down in his arms.

Gabrielle heads over to ICU looking for Al. Is he having more surgery, she inquires. Bo and Max break the news of her son's death, as she begins to scream. Bo comforts her as Marcie returns and does the same. The men are concerned over how Marcie might be holding up. Both of the women blame themselves for what has happened. Marcie announces that she will go on air in the Voice's spot to let everyone know what has happened. Bo asks Max to look after Gabby while he leaves for a short time and Max locates and listens to Al's tape to Marcie.

As Dorian attempts to reach Kelly via phone, she spots River lying on the sofa listening to music instead of reading. He brags that he's already read the book though is unable to compete with Starr who read it also. The kids make fun of Dorian when she hears that Hedy's fallen asleep thanks to a pain pill and Jack has thrown up.

Walker goes to Ultraviolet but becomes angered when Rex offers to "hook him up" with whatever it is that will make his night.

Blair reaches Dorian's where Starr finds the ring. She denies it's an engagement ring but finally confesses when both her daughter and aunt get on her case and demand answers. Starr tries to convince her to say yes which confuses Blair, but the little girl reminds her that her dad is not coming back. Dorian advises Starr that "a Cramer woman never refuses good jewelry." They agree that Walker is no Todd. Blair later shares a snack and a talk with Starr and admits that she likes Walker but Todd was the love of her life. It's very difficult to let someone else into a family, she explains. Starr wants it to happen. David shows up and heads for Dorian in the study. Kevin almost killed him, Kelly is devoted to her husband and he wants to call the deal off. Dorian says no way and if Kelly becomes pregnant she could die. Suddenly there's a loud pounding on the front door. It's Walker who grabs Blair and kisses her passionately when she answers. If he needs her answer tonight then it's no, she informs him, tossing him out. He begins pounding on the door again but finally gives up.

Marcie broadcasts for Al, explaining to the listeners that they won't hear him any more. "His spirit will always be with us...earlier tonight...Al friend, my love, my soulmate..." As everyone listens she plays a favorite song of his, singing along broken heartedly. There are flashbacks of their time together.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Jen and Joey try to comfort a mourning Marcie at the hospital. When they offer to let Marcie stay with them, she is happy to do it. When a parishioner shows up for an appointment, Jen realizes she forgot to give the message to Joe. Upset that Marcie naturally knew how to help, Jen left them alone. At Ultraviolet, she witnesses Rex setting up and realizes he's pimping women out.

At the hospital, Gabrielle becomes enraged when she finds an orderly cleaning out Al's room. After discussing Al's childhood, Max and Gabrielle realize that he would want to be taken back to Argentina.

Carlotta and Jessica prepare for Antonio to come home after his bail hearing. At the courthouse, Daniel takes Nora off the case and insists on requesting refusal of bail. When the hearing begins, Daniel goes after Antonio with a vengeance, leaving Evangeline to dispute his claims. R.J. is furious when Antonio is granted bail, but his family is thrilled. Later, R.J. manages to get guardianship of Jamie.

In Max's absence, Natalie takes charge of Crossroads. When Arthur shows up, he helps her with her pool game and is happy to find out she decided to play in the tournament in Las Vegas.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Antonio is rocked when R.J. shows him the legal document giving him temporary custody of Jamie. Carlotta, Natalie and Cristina are shocked by the judge's decision. At Antonio's preliminary hearing, Daniel tries to convince the jury that there is ample evidence to show that the violent defendant killed Keri. Jessica takes the stand and Daniel quickly gets her to slip up and testify that she has been frightened by Antonio's short temper. Daniel later advises everyone that he is going to seek the death penalty against Antonio. David warns Kevin that Kelly could die if she becomes pregnant. Kevin confronts Kelly about her condition and the two actually grow closer. Jen tries to seduce Joey but fails. River takes to the radio next in memory of Al and helps organize a spontaneous memorial in Angel Square. Roxy tries to help console Max but her efforts fall far short. At the candlelight memorial for Al, Marcie blames people like Deke and Madison for the way they treat everyone who is not like them. Max is finally comforted when Luna appears and assures him that Al is with her.

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