All My Children Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on AMC

Alexander's will was read, revealing that his entire estate would go to Ryan. Ryan offered to reinstate Erica and Liza as the CEOs of Enchantment and Chandler Enterprises, respectively. Bianca revealed that she had decided not to go through with the abortion. JR returned to Pine Valley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, September 29, 2003

Tad woke to find Simone and a can of whipped cream in his bed. He sprayed some whipped cream on her mouth, waking her up. She returned the favor, and they kissed. She told him she to go to work and got up to dress. He picked her up in his arms and carried her across the room, as they kissed more. Suddenly, Jamie burst in and said, "The party's over." Simone went to the bathroom, while Tad scolded his son and told him to knock next time. Jamie apologized and teased Tad. After Jamie left, Simone emerged fully clothed. Tad apologized for Jamie, but Simone said she was on her way out anyway. She told him she heard his comment about next time, and he told her to tell him where and when. He assured her there would be a lock on the door. As Simone is telling Tad what a wonderful night she had, she grabbed a cell phone from the two on the dresser. She then told him Jamie had hit on her over the 4th of July, and Tad was worried. Simone told Tad he was amazing. After she left, Tad called for Jamie. When he arrived, he asked Tad if he was dating Simone and asked for details. When Tad said there was no date, Jamie called it a "booty call" and told Tad he was happy for him. Tad told his son he needed no approval from him. Jamie compared it to the night Tad found him with Carrie, but Tad said it wasn't the same. Tad picked up his cell phone and realized that Simone had taken the wrong one by mistake.

At Fusion, Mia asked Liza why she didn't go to Tad the night before. She urged her to go tell Tad she changed her mind and wanted to be with him, but Liza said they had too much history. Greenlee entered, confident she knew how to get to Kendall.

Kendall watched Aidan sleep on her couch. He woke and she asked him why he was still "in her corner." He replied that he liked her and the kiss they shared didn't hurt. She said he trusted her before the kiss, and he said he didn't understand her, but he knew she didn't kill Michael. He vowed to prove it and deliver the real killer to the police. Kendall begged him not to. Aidan told her he knew she was covering for someone and asked if she planned to take the rap too. She told him he was wrong. Greenlee came to the door, and Aidan left. Kendall told Greenlee they weren't friends anymore, but Greenlee insisted she was there on business. She explained that she wanted the good times back that they'd had in building Fusion, so Kendall agreed to listen. Greenlee asked Kendall to sell her the swindled shares of Fusion back to her and keep her own, so they could be partners again. Kendall agreed and said she'd have her attorney draw up the deal. She said she had to leave to go to the hospital, and she and Greenlee hugged.

Erica arrived at David's door, frantic about the article in the newspaper. She worried that now that Michael's body had been found, they would be accused of his murder. David was trying to calm her, when Maggie arrived. Maggie asked him if she should tell the police what she knew. David explained to Erica that Maggie knew something, but that he had advised her not to tell. Erica backed up his advice, saying they needed to focus on Bianca right now, not Michael. Maggie agreed to forget about it, even though her conscience was bothering her.

Edmund gave Ryan the lab report from the glass decanter of Michael's. He said the chemists could not identify several compounds in the formula, and in effect, killing Michael with such a formula would be right up David's alley. Ryan said he hoped David was the one who killed Michael. Ryan told Edmund everything was ready for the next day.

Simone arrived at Fusion in a good mood. Mia deduced that Simone had slept with someone the night before and asked if she knew the guy. Before Simone could answer, an invitation was delivered to Liza, who said it was from Alexander Cambias, inviting them to the Valley Inn for a meeting tomorrow. The name on the invite was Bill Masters, so Liza said she'd call Tad to look into him. Simone's cell phone rang, and when she answered it, she was speaking with Liza. She told her she must have picked up Tad's phone by accident, and Liza asked when, yesterday? Simone lied and answered yes. Liza then realized that she had spoken to Tad on his cell phone last night, so it couldn't have been yesterday when the phones got switched. Mia asked if Tad was the guy she was with last night, and speak of the devil, Tad walked in. Mia asked why he was there, and he made up some excuse about the Sexiest Man Contest. Liza told him Simone had his cell phone, and he apologized to Liza. She said it wasn't her business, because they were just friends. She showed him the invitation. When Greenlee got back to Fusion, Liza showed her the invitation. Tad had begun looking for information about Bill Masters, and said Alexander probably hired him to plan the event. He left to seek more information, and Mia pulled Liza aside. Liza told her she had given Tad the freedom to sleep with whomever he wanted, and she'd gotten what she deserved.

Back at David's, he got an invitation too. He told Erica she probably had one at home, and she called her maid to confirm this, and Erica was more worried. David tried to soothe her, saying the invitation might have nothing to do with Michael's murder. Erica noticed that David looked as if he hadn't slept much and concluded he must be worried too. He denies that he is worried about Cambias, and she suddenly realized that he is still dealing with Anna's departure. She apologized to him, mentioning all of his losses over the past year. She said she was grateful to him for helping her, despite his own losses, and asked him to let her help him. He agreed that she was right and they hugged. She asked him if Maggie really would keep quiet, and he assured her all was under control. Outside, Aidan listened to their conversation using a bug, and he smiled. "Gotcha," he said.

Bianca arrived at the hospital to see Maria and was told she was in with a patient. Bianca realized that Lena was the patient and overheard them discussing poison. She asked Lena if she was poisoned, and Lena covered by claiming she'd had food poisoning. Maria told her Lena would be fine and left the room. Bianca told Lena not to worry about her, that she was recovering. Lena replied that she too was rebuilding her life, and that Kendall had given her a job. Bianca commented on how helpful Kendall had been lately, and Lena said there was more to her than met the eye. As Bianca said good-bye, Kendall arrived and asked Lena if Bianca knew what happened. Lena said she had told Bianca about the "food poisoning" and the job offer. Bianca and Kendall went into the hallway and Bianca asked if Kendall had known Michael was dead when she'd assured her she didn't have to worry about him anymore. Kendall insisted he was, and Bianca persisted with her questioning. Was Michael alive when she allegedly married him in Vegas? Kendall replied yes and asked why the questions. Bianca said she was worried, because both Erica and Jack had disappeared the night of the hearing after Michael was freed. Kendall assured her Michael was alive that night, and they hugged. When Kendall arrived back at her condo, she found her invitation from Alexander.

Edmund showed Ryan to his room at Wildwind. He told Edmund he wouldn't be staying long, and Edmund said he understood, that Wildwind must hold lots of memories of Gillian. When Edmund left, Ryan looked at a photo of Gillian in his wallet. He said he couldn't believe she was really gone forever and wished she was there to see what he was about to do.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Kendall showed up at the Police Station, wearing a chic black outfit suitable for a wealthy grieving widow, including a lace veil and announced a $10 million reward for help in finding Michael's killer. Jack objected, saying it would bring in too many false leads and Derek Frye concurred, saying it was only a good idea if Kendall wants the investigation snarled in knots. Kendall said she wanted to pursue the killer and the press ran out to announce her reward. Derek told Kendall that they'd checked Michael's cell phone records and there had been no calls to Pine Valley so Michael could not have ordered Kendall to buy the warehouse building. Kendall refused to continue the conversation without her lawyer present and walked out. Jack's new assistant, Justin, wanted to take over the case, but Jack wouldn't listen to reason. Justin felt Jack had too much potential conflict of interest and was too close to the parties involved. Jack dismissed Justin rudely and listened quietly as Derek agreed with Justin. Jack and Derek then asked each other about the invitations they each had.

Colby and Liza visited Adam in his study. Colby was looking for JR, saying she was sure he'd be home. Liza explained that JR has called and said he's coming home soon. Colby left and Adam asked for Liza's help in being a better father to JR after Liza correctly guessed that JR has not talked to Adam. As they bonded as parents, Mary interrupted to tell Adam they need new sheets. Liza informed Adam coldly that he is on his own and told Mary she was no longer interested in Adam's sheets. Adam suggested Mary see Winifred for different sheets. Adam told Liza that Mary was staying in the west wing and Liza commented that was only until she could slither into Adam's sleeping bag. Liza warned Adam that Mary should not be in the house when JR comes back or he won't stay. Adam agreed to ask Mary to leave right away if JR comes back. Liza also asked Adam about his trip to Canada and said that she'd heard from Tad that he'd been on Palmer's jet on a quick trip back to Pine Valley. Adam scoffed at the idea and reminded Liza of her kiss with Tad that ended their marriage. They also compared invitations and wondered why they were both summoned.


With invitations in hand, the summoned parties began to gather.

Tad and Juan Pablo talked at the bar at Valley Inn. Juan wanted to hire Tad to protect Greenlee from a possible stalker. Tad wondered why and Juan Pablo explained that he was impressed that Tad had uncovered the secret about Carlos being his brother. Tad agreed to help him and Juan Pablo told him the stalker's name is Ryan Lavery. Tad laughed and wondered what Ryan was up to. They compared invitations and left for the meeting.

In his room, Ryan was busy checking the guest list, doing pushups and getting dressed for the meeting. He picked up the watch Alexander had given him, engraved with the phrase "To My Son" and vowed to not let Alexander down.

Greenlee and Erica arrived at the meeting room and each had a flashback to the wedding and exchanged harsh words about being invited to the same event, wondering who could be so insane. Erica accused Greenlee of setting it up and Greenlee took back her apology about breaking up Erica's wedding. They wondered if Kendall was behind the meeting and Greenlee defended Kendall but Erica did not want to hear it. Greenlee extolled Kendall's virtues as a daughter and commented how dismal a mother Erica has been to her. Greenlee gloated to Erica that she was partners again with Kendall in Fusion. Kendall walked in then looking for the meeting. They all wondered about the invitations as others began to arrive. Mia, Simone, Tad, Juan Pablo, Edmund, Brooke, Liza, Adam, David, Aidan, Jack...Simone commented on how exciting it was. Tad said it was like watching a train wreck. David had to remind a nervous Erica that they were in the clear. Kendall anxiously paced and announced that the room was reserved for a private meeting and they should all leave. Jack set her straight that they'd all been invited. Tad asked Kendall to explain what was going on. Adam suggested that Alex had left all his money to Erica and set up this show to watch the fireworks. They all agreed that the meeting had to have been set up by Alex and someone who knew they all had a connection to Michael. A waiter brought in champagne and sparkling cider. Kendall grilled the waiter about who was paying for this, since it was coming out of her inheritance. Derek Frye came in and Tad surmised they were all about to get to the last chapter of the whodunit. Adam proposed a toast and Edmund suggested they all drink to justice. They raised their glasses.

Greenlee and Jack chatted and Greenlee commented that Erica was watching them and promised Jack she wouldn't stop the show today. She reported back to the Fusion gals that Jack didn't know what was going on either. Jack and Erica talked and were glad that Bianca didn't know about the meeting. Jack commented that Bianca took the news of Michael's death very hard and grilled Erica about where she'd been that night and said he'd seen her date book at David's. Erica pulled out her date book and said she'd been busy with meetings that night and it hadn't been missing.

Simone and Mia went to talk to Kendall, very excited that they were all partners again. Kendall was not interested in talking with them and walked off to talk to Aidan. They were both nervous and Aidan said he'd leave with her if she wanted. She said she belongs there, as a Cambias.

Bill Masters arrived and announced that he was Alexander Cambias' attorney. He asked for everyone's patience before they could get to the particulars. A TV and VCR were wheeled into the room and Bill announced that they were there for the reading of Alexander's will. Kendall shouted that as Michael's widow, she was the only living heir. Bill reminded them he was only following instructions and that everyone was there for a reason. He asked for Derek Frye and the autopsy results, specifically about Michael's time of death. Derek said the autopsy was not complete and they did not know yet how Michael had died and if it was before Alex's death or not. Bill Masters explained that if Michael died first, then all of his assets would have reverted to Alex, leaving Kendall with nothing. As everyone was seated, Brooke commented about the young greedy widow Kendall going from rags to riches to rags. Kendall argued with Bill about how she should get everything because she married Michael the day Alex died and offered to show the marriage certificate as proof Michael was alive when Alex died. Aidan backed up her story and said he'd spoken with people in Las Vegas who'd seen both Kendall and Michael after Alex's death. Bill wants details of who those people are to re-interview them. Kendall continued to insist she gets all the money. Bill called Kendall interesting and started the tape. The tape was Alex on his deathbed in the hospital saying this was his last power play. Alex said it had been easy to decide who would inherit the Cambias fortune, worth billions. He introduced the sole heir and the tape stopped and in walked Ryan Lavery to say "long time no see." There were smiles and chuckles and dropped jaws around the room. Kendall just stared in disbelief.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Everyone is quite shocked to see Ryan back in Pine Valley. In fact, the only people who greet with a smile and hug are Liza and Erica. Of course, Erica already knew that Ryan was back in town. Ryan goes around and taunts Adam, Greenlee, and especially Kendall. She is the first one to ask why he is there. He offers his condolences to Kendall, but Greenlee tells her not to listen to him. He continues his bragging by telling everyone he has been in town for weeks, spying and watching their moves. He informs Kendall that he's been watching her very closely and in fact, was there when she made her big announcement as Mrs. Michael Cambias after they shared the same plane! The rest of Alexander's tape played and Alexander praised Ryan for his kindness. He said that Ryan was everything he could ever want in a son and that is why he has left his entire estate and holdings to Ryan. Alexander adds that he has all the necessary paperwork drawn and prepared for those who may not believe him. "For Michael, I leave him what he's amounted to all his life, absolutely nothing," he remarked before the tape finished. Ryan insinuates that Michael's killer may be the room and is someone everyone probably knows. Kendall claims she has proof that Alexander died first and when Ryan tells her to prove it, she becomes quiet.

Kendall calls Ryan a thief and a liar. Ryan calls her those names back, and brings up the fact that she is one lying about her marriage. He warns Aidan to be careful of Kendall because she only looks out for herself, no one else. Bill Masters, the lawyers, brings out a manila envelope with marriage certificates for Mia, Liza, Greenlee, and Erica. He hands them out and then brings in the ministers who performed the ceremony. Of course, Ryan didn't really marry the ladies. He proved a point by saying that anyone can get a fake marriage license and that is what Kendall probably did with Michael. Kendall is obviously taken back by his little demonstration, but claims that she did not forge the license.

She tells Ryan that he set everything up to get back at her for their ugly break-up. Ryan tells her what has happened has nothing to do with revenge. Greenlee steps up to him and tells him that she will not lose Fusion. Simone and Mia also come to Kendall's defense. Suddenly, Erica begs Kendall to come clean and tell everyone the truth about her marriage to Michael. Kendall smirks and thinks that Erica is pressuring her to look good for Ryan, so she won't lose Enchantment. Greenlee walks over to Erica and snaps at her for being so rude towards Kendall. She brings up the wedding that never happened and the secret that Erica kept from Jackson. Erica won't let Greenlee have the last word, makes a snide comment, and Greenlee lunges after her, but is held back by Jackson.

Adam walks over to Ryan and tells him that he will never have Chandler Enterprises. Ryan offers to keep on as a parking attendant--something more suited for his personality.

Kendall points that if Ryan was the only person in the room with Alexander died, he may have provoked him and caused his death. Ryan tells her the only person who was murdered was her husband. When Kendall asks Ryan if he is accusing her of murdering Michael, he says no, he was just "stating the facts of the case." Ryan admits to Derek that he is the one who found Michael in the meat locker, and Edmund confirmed that it was true. Ryan adds that he overheard Kendall and Boyd talking about a building they were going to buy and that is how he found the building. Ryan tries to make a deal with Jackson. He offers Jackson all the information he knows for the time of Michael's death. Jackson says "no deal." Ryan offers the Fusion ladies money for their company, but they refuse.

Everyone starts to dwindle out and the party dies down. Ryan tells Erica that she will still stay on at Enchantment and offers Liza a position as CEO of Chandler Enterprises. Erica smiles and rushes off. Liza says she will think about Ryan's offer. Derek tells Ryan they need to question him. Ryan asks about getting Michael's time of death again, but Derek tells him he can't release that information. Ryan understands and says he will find out some other way. Kendall tells Aidan she needs to speak to Ryan alone. Aidan is hesitant, but allows her and Ryan some privacy.

Kendall tells Ryan she wants to talk about the marriage, Michael, the will, and everything. Ryan says he wants to talk about her first. Kendall tells Ryan that he had no right to spy on her and she deserved some answers. Ryan can see that Kendall's act is getting harder to play. He tells her he was in Erica's Enchantment office hiding the night she was upset and crying. He tells her he wanted to reach out to her that night because he felt for her. When Kendall asked how he felt and to be honest with her, Ryan lashes back and says she hasn't been honest with him. He knows her marriage to Michael isn't real and so does everyone else at that party. She gets angry and frustrated and screams, "I hate you, I hate you! I wish I could--." She stops when Ryan is taken aback and thinks she is threatening him. Kendall finishes by saying, " I wish I could hate you but I can't." She says she still loves him and she "will always love him more than any man on this earth."

Liza and Tad enjoy drinks at the Valley Inn Bar. She tells Tad she is seriously considering Ryan's offer. Tad doesn't think it would work out because of their complicated history. Simone walks in and Liza leaves, making a bitter remark to Simone about her sitting on Tad's lap. Mia walks over and tells Tad he is jealous that Ryan is back in town. Tad denies it and says that they should sell Fusion to Ryan and take the money. He points out that if Kendall goes on trial for murder, she won't be able to handle 4 companies, and may sink Fusion.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo go to his hotel room. Greenlee rants and raves about Ryan being a "con man" and the possibility that he conned Alexander to get his money. She says that Ryan wasn't around for Leo's death or his own father, Chris's, death. She doesn't understand why some stranger would give him all of his money and inheritance. Juan Pablo tells Greenlee that he doesn't trust Ryan either. When Greenlee tells Juan Pablo she is going to get Fusion back and destroy Ryan, Juan Pablo seems disappointed. He tells her to just walk away.

Erica storms into the bar and Jackson grabs her by the arm. He tells her that he needs to talk to her about the night Michael disappeared. He says he knows she was with David because David confirmed it. Erica says he was with her to help Bianca. Jackson points out that he knows Bianca was not present. Erica gets defensive and asks Jackson if he thinks she killed Michael. Of course, he says he doesn't think she killed him. Erica doesn't believe him and says she won't be bullied by anyone. With that, she walks off, leaving Jackson alone in his thoughts.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Dressed in disguise, Adam and Palmer met at The Pit to discuss the Michael Cambias situation. Palmer wanted to know why Adam called the meeting. Adam told him because Opal was going to ruin everything by running her mouth. Tad came up behind them and wondered just why two men who hated each other so would meet with each other. Adam and Palmer told Tad to leave them alone and mind his own business. Tad refused to leave. He pointed out to them that it was his source that saw Adam leaving Palmer's plane around the time Michael disappeared. Palmer and Adam tried arguing with each other to make Tad forget his questioning but that failed. Tad asked what terrible thing would bring two enemies on the same side. They didn't answer so Tad said that he'd give them two names; Erica and Bianca. They didn't disagree so Tad kept asking questions. Adam asked why Tad would care who got rid of Michael. Tad said personally he didn't care that Michael was gone but his friends at Fusion were being affected and he had a feeling Kendall would be blamed for Michael's death and that he didn't think that she did it. Adam said that he didn't care if Kendall took the blame. Palmer on the other hand does care. Adam told Tad to leave it alone. Tad said that Petey and JR has the three of them connected and for the kids sake he didn't want them to spend their tender years in the slammer. Tad also said that he knew that the two old coots wouldn't be stupid enough to leave finger prints in Michael's apartment. Adam slipped and said that they were smarter than that. Tad said that if he could trip them up after only 20 questions he'd hate to see what happens if Derek got a hold of them. Palmer said he had enough and left. Tad started to eat a peanut but Adam slapped it out of his hand. Tad told him not to mess with his peanuts and Adam asked what he was going to do about it and started throwing peanuts at Tad. They got into a scuffle and Adam pushed Tad to the floor. Tad laughed and the crowd in The Pit was cheering them on. Adam said that he was in good shape and could lift Tad's weight with no problem. Tad laughed and said call Shady Meadows I'm retiring this man. They started in when a loud noise stopped them in their tracks. Some one said "some things never change" Adam and Tad said at the same time "JR?"

Ryan questioned Kendall's revolution about still being in love with him. He asked how could she call him a liar and a con and then say she was still in love with him; how could he believe her? She said no matter how she answers how would he know she was telling the truth. He kissed her. When they pulled away she asked if he felt the connection between them. That they still felt something for each other. Kendall told Ryan that she didn't want to fight with him. He said that he didn't want to fight with her either. She said that they didn't have to fight. She should get what is Michael's and he can keep the rest. She said that they could both win that it didn't matter what happened in the past between them. Ryan was about to say something when he saw Aidan. Then he backed up telling Aidan that he was in the same position that he was that last time around, that their role's had switched. Aidan asked Ryan what he was talking about. He said well Kendall wasn't running the whole seduction scene and he could've fallen for her act but he wasn't going to be fooled by her again. He suggested that Aidan get a motorcycle in case he wanted to take off and leave the one he loves behind adding that it was a good for the soul. Aidan just shrugged Ryan off. Kendall asked what Ryan was trying to pull. Ryan said "didn't you just tell me that I was the only man on this earth that you loved." Ryan patted Aidan on the back, told him good luck and left the room.

Kendall asked Aidan if he was mad at her. Aidan said that he knew what she was doing, that she was playing Ryan to get Michael's money. When she went to touch him he backed up then asked if he should be mad at her. She told him no. She said that she hated Ryan. She told Aidan he always knew what she was doing before she did. He said the only thing that took him by surprise was the fact she married Michael. He said he still believed in her then he asked if she still loved Ryan.

Juan Pablo suggested that Greenlee take the money Ryan offered and he'd give her money then she could start her own business. She said that she didn't want to walk away from Fusion because it was her baby. She said that he didn't understand because he wasn't there when they all sat around the table coming up with the concept and ideas for Fusion. He asked if she wasn't sure that it was Ryan she was interested in. She denied any feelings saying that she didn't like to lose at anything. Juan Pablo took out his check book, asked her what amount of money it would take to start a new business. She asked if he would just loan her the money like that, no fuss, no fights or worries. He said "it's not a loan I'll give you the money." Greenlee was surprised and started to consider it then she said that it was too fast and that she needed to think about it. He told her to take all the time she needs. Greenlee grabbed her pursed looked back at Juan Pablo and smiled and left his room.

In Ryan's suite the attorney asked Ryan to sign a few papers. Ryan really wasn't in the mood to do at that moment. The attorney then asked Ryan if he was sure Kendall was lying about marrying Michael. Ryan said yes that he was sure then asked why the attorney was concerned. The attorney told Ryan that if Kendall wasn't lying and if she was pregnant then that changes everything. Ryan asked him to explain. The attorney said there was a clause that said if Michael has a child then the child receives Michael's inheritance. Ryan said Kendall was lying and they had nothing to worry about.

Maggie and Bianca were outside a college room door when Bianca wanted to back out of going inside. Maggie told her to be brave if someone stares then stare back until they blink first. If someone asked her any questions, Bianca said then I'll tell them to read the gossip columns. Maggie told her to go inside and just be herself. When they opened the door the both looked at each and said "Oh my God." When they looked around normal activity was going on, everyone was doing their own thing they had no time to worry about someone else's problems. Bianca was relieved. One girl walked up and hugged Bianca and invited her to a party. A male student walked to Bianca and asked her to look over his paper for a difficult class. Bianca was very relieved and told Maggie that she was happy things were normal at the school. Maggie noticed that Bianca had pre-natal vitamins and asked her why she had them. Bianca said she must've grabbed them by mistake. Maggie asked about the antibiotics Bianca was supposed to be taking. Bianca said she must've left them on the counter. Maggie got up and said she was going back to her dorm. Bianca said she thought they were going to study. Maggie said that was before you stopped trusting me then stormed off. Bianca called after her. Bianca went up to Maggie's dorm and asked that she let her in so she could apologize in person. Maggie said that she had feelings too. Bianca said that she knew that and Maggie let her inside. Maggie asked why Bianca wasn't telling her everything. Bianca told her that she didn't want to burden her with anything else. Maggie told her that it wasn't a burden. Bianca told Maggie that she was still pregnant. She said that she and David had a long talk and when it came right down to it she couldn't go through with the abortion. Maggie told her that she was supportive of any decision that Bianca made. She said a lot of women choose not to abort and that there are a lot of people who want to adopt and she was sure that Jack could help her find someone. Bianca informed Maggie that she was keeping the baby herself.

Friday, October 3, 2003

Ryan, surprised to see Greenlee leaning against the door, asks her what she wants. Greenlee tells Ryan that he pathetic because he's been stalking everyone in town, just to announce his new fortune. Ryan comments that he practically owns Pine Valley, and Greenlee retorts by saying he doesn't own her and even though he thinks she despises him, she doesn't. She thinks of Ryan more as an irritating rash that won't go away. Ryan smiles and says he feels the same way about her. Ryan says that he has won and beat Greenlee. Greenlee proposes a deal to Ryan, guaranteed to give her everything she wants. She says that she will persuade Kendall to take Ryan's buy out offer and then he will sell her enough Fusion stock to put her in charge of the company. When Ryan asks what will happen to Kendall, Greenlee assures him that Kendall will keep her same amount of stock. Since Ryan will still have 3 other companies to run, Greenlee says that he doesn't need Fusion too. Ryan brings up Juan Pablo, admits he checked on Juan Pablo's personal history, and says that she can do a lot better than him. Greenlee snaps and says Ryan has no idea who Juan Pablo is. Ryan remembers when she was with Leo, and apologizes for not coming to his funeral. He was in jail when Leo died and didn't have enough money to come back to Pine Valley. Greenlee is surprised to hear about his 60 days in lock-up and asks why he was there. Ryan says it is a long story, but basically he was broke and pretended he was a Hollywood agent. When he held auditions for a new movie, he was caught in his scam and after paying the fine, he was left broke. Greenlee says that she will forgive him, for Leo because he would want her to. Ryan says he will consider Greenlee's offer.

Bianca tells Maggie that she is going to keep the baby. Maggie is shocked and reminds Bianca that the baby will keep Michael Cambias with her. Bianca disagrees and says that Michael is dead, so he can't hurt her anymore. When Maggie asks her why she changed her mind, Bianca says that she is doing it for Kendall. After the heart-to-heart they had at the clinic, Bianca realized that if she aborted the baby, she was erasing Kendall, as though it was happening to her. When Kendall told Bianca that she wanted her to do whatever she needed to do for her, Bianca admired her strength and bravery. She realized it must have been difficult for Kendall to say that, considering she was a child of rape. Bianca added that she was especially touched when Kendall told her she loved her, even though Bianca already knew that. Bianca claims that the child is hers, not Michael's, and it will never have any connection to him. She only thought she should abort the baby because her mother wanted to. David helped her realize that she should put everyone else's feelings aside and do what she wanted to do. Maggie worries that Erica will not handle the news very well. Bianca says that her mother will never know about the baby because David and her have worked out a plan. Bianca is three months pregnant already and she will hide the pregnancy by wearing big, bulky clothes, continuing her counseling, and eating more so people will think she is recovering well. Then she will make some excuse to leave Pine Valley, have the baby elsewhere, and come back to Pine Valley with her new "adopted" baby. Maggie thinks that the plan is crazy and asks about legal adoption paper. That is when Bianca tells her David will produce the necessary documents and if Maggie isn't going to keep her secret, then she will leave town for good. Of course, Maggie agrees to keep Bianca's secret and just wants to see her happy. Bianca understands and proclaims that the baby will bring her happiness.

Jackson walks in and asks to speak to Kendall alone. Kendall figures Jackson is there on police business and doesn't want to speak to him. Jackson says that he there as a friend, not as the district attorney. Aidan is hesitant to leave her alone with him. He is worried that Jackson will start to ask her questions about Michael's death. Kendall tells him that she can handle herself and Aidan leaves. Once Aidan is gone, Jackson tells Kendall that she is family and he will always stand by family. Kendall says that Jackson could get in big trouble if he helps her. He proclaims he doesn't care and he knows that whatever she did, she did it for Erica and Bianca. Kendall is happy to see someone on her side and tells Jackson that it's not his fault Michael walked away a free man. In turn, Jackson says Kendall should not blame herself for bringing Michael to Pine Valley. At that moment, Kendall realizes that Jackson was just as angry and upset as her about Michael. Jackson offers to help Kendall by trying to prevent her arrest or postpone as long as he can. He offers her the name of a good attorney and orders her to be nice to Ryan. He says that if she makes things difficult for him, he will feed her story to the media and it could land her in prison. Suddenly, Jackson changes in a totally different person. He accuses Kendall of shooting Michael and says he is determined to put her behind bars. He offers her a deal and says if she confessed and pleads guilty, he can get her charge reduced to manslaughter, with only 15 years in prison. If she makes him take it to trial, she is asking for a harsher sentence and a charge of murder one. Kendall is shocked at Jackson's behavior and thinks that Aidan was right. Once Derek Frye walks in, she realizes that Jackson was only putting on an act. She continues the act with him briefly, then leaves. Jackson tells Derek that Kendall isn't saying anything and they need to look at other suspects.

Aidan breaks into David's home, snooping around and looking for something to incriminate him. He goes to the fireplace and finds a gray steel box hidden inside. When he opens the box, he finds a gun. He starts to take it out with a handkerchief until he hears a car drive up. When David gets out of the car and starts walking to the front door, Aidan greets him. David asks why he is there. Aidan says that Anna called him and wanted him to make sure David was ok. They go inside and David tells Aidan he is ?having the time of his life.? Then David tells Aidan that he doesn't believe Anna called him because of their history and he knows he is really there on an ?evidence hunt.? He adds that Aidan is also there primarily because of revenge. David says Aidan wants to see him suffer for every sin he committed against Anna and Leora. Aidan reassures David that he doesn't blame him for Leora's death. David doesn't care what Aidan believes. He says that when Leora died, he become empty inside and when Anna left him, he became numb to pain. David orders Aidan to leave. When Aidan leaves, he pulls David's wrapped up gun out of his pocket and smiles.

Adam is beyond shocked to see JR at the bar. Tad hugs him and welcomes him back. He is very impressed with how good JR looks. JR asks them why they are there and why Adam is dressed up like a farmer. Tad quickly changes the subject and JR says he is a changed man. He no longer has a problem with drugs and alcohol, so he says. They walk over to a table. JR tells Adam that he likes himself a lot more and he thinks everyone else too. Adam tells JR he is happy he is back and apologizes for treating him like a little child. JR says that his father doesn't need to apologize for past problems. He claims he has changed and they will always butt heads. Tad offers for JR to crash at his house. JR refuses and tells Adam he would like to live back at home. Adam is thrilled that JR wants to move back home. They hug and Adam promises that things will be different from now on. JR brings up Michael's murder, but Tad tells him they can talk about it later. When Adam goes to pay for the bill, Tad wants to know why JR is really back in town. With a smile, JR tells Tad that he and everyone will soon find out.

When Kendall goes to see Ryan, she sees Greenlee coming out of his room. She huddles back and catches Greenlee giving Ryan a kiss on the cheek.



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