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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 22, 2003 on GL
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Monday, September 22, 2003

At the hospital, Phillip appears to be having a panic attack as he is stuck in the elevator. He's crouched down in the corner of the elevator, and the walls appear to be moving. He's sweating so much, it looks like he got caught in a rain storm. The elevator door opens, and Olivia is sitting in the waiting room just outside the elevator. Phillip crawls out of the elevator in a panic, and Olivia gives him a strange look. Phillip explains what had happened. Olivia wants to have a doctor look at Phillip, but he refuses. He just wants to sit down for a few. When Phillip explained that his chest began to feel tight, Olivia wonders whether he had a panic attack. Phillip tells her that Alan is the one who is claustrophobic not him. Olivia wonders what Phillip was thinking about prior to the possible attack. Phillip mentions that he was thinking about having a child, Shayne in the hospital, Lizzie having had leukemia, Zach getting hit by a car, and his fears that he will fail his children. As he discusses his fears of failing his children, he nearly has another attack. Olivia tells him that it is okay. She grabs a hold of him, and tells him that they should get out of here and recommends that they take the stairs. Olivia takes Phillip to the beach. She explains that the water always soothes her. Olivia feels that Phillip is taking on too much. She tells him that he needs to relax and let go. Phillip explains that when he starts to relax, everything goes wrong. Phillip talks about all the things that went wrong, and explains that Olivia is the one who needs to let go and marry him. Olivia feels that he is talking through fear and not love. Phillip explains that they might have already been married if only he had trusted her from the beginning. Before their breakup, he really felt that Olivia needed him to be right there to help raise their baby together. He didn't think that she was capable of doing it alone. He tells Olivia that he has noticed how strong and independent she has become. Now things are different, because he wants to be with her for all the right reasons. Phillip wants an answer to his proposal. Olivia tells him that she is not saying no, but she's not saying yes right now either. Phillip seems to be feeling a little better. Olivia suggests that they try to have dinner tomorrow.

Just outside Shayne's room at the hospital, Marah is telling Marina how lucky Shayne is to have Marina in his life. Marina feels that she is the lucky one. On another topic, Marah asks Marina what she has decided to do about school. Marina tells her that she'll worry about classes once Shayne is better. She tells Marah that Shayne has helped her through a lot, and now it is her turn to help him through this.

Josh is in talking to Shayne about his feelings towards the accident. Josh wonders what Shayne is thinking right now, but assumes that Shayne feels the same as he does. Josh feels that he should have trusted his son and understands that his actions put his son in the hospital. He explains that they both will have to deal with this for the rest of their lives, but he believes Shayne is a fighter and will come out on top of this. He instantly comments about how Shayne will walk out onto the mound again, and he upsets Shayne. I think Josh needs to leave the baseball topic on the back burner forever. Marah and Marina have brought some food for Josh and Reva, but neither of them are up to eating. Marah and Marina head in to see Shayne. As it's getting late, Reva gets ready to go home for a nap. Josh wants to take her, but Reva won't let him. Josh wonders if 10 minutes in a car alone is too long. Reva tells Josh that she knows he is hurting. He tells her that part of the reason he is hurting is because of her. Josh continues to explain that he didn't ask for absolution, sympathy, or for her to tell him that he didn't do anything wrong. He said that what makes this so much harder to go through is that he has to go through it alone. Reva starts to explain that every time she looks at Josh . . . , but she stops worried that she might say something that might make things worse. Josh wonders what could possible make things worse than what they already are. Josh tells Reva that maybe he should make things easier for her so that she won't have to look at him at all. He tells her that maybe he should just move out. Reva tells him that she doesn't like feeling this way and continues to say that it feels so ugly. Josh tells her that is the way it comes across too. Josh wonders whether time alone would give Reva some time to think about things. He doesn't want to cause anymore pain for her. Josh tells Reva that if she tells him "no", he won't do it, but Reva doesn't respond. Josh leaves to go home and pack his things. Reva sits and remembers special moments with Shayne over the last year. At the Lewis home, Josh is doing the same. Reva shows up a little earlier than expected, and catches Josh still at the house. As he is heading out the door, he tells her that he will be staying at Company.

Marina and Marah go in to see Shayne. Marina has brought him a radio to listen to music or baseball games. Marah instantly notices Shayne's facial expressions and assumes that Shayne knows that their dad was the once who caused the accident. She tells him that he can blame their dad him for the accident, but he can not be made at him not forever, because he didn't mean to hurt him. She explains that people sometimes make mistakes, but that doesn't mean that they don't love each other. Tony is in the background and overheard what Marah had to say. Tony sticks his head in for a few moments, and asks Marah how she is doing. She tells him that she is better now that he is here. Tony doesn't stick around long He tells Shayne that he just wanted to see how he was doing, and then he leaves. Shayne's physical therapist comes in for his therapy. Marina asks if she can join the session. The therapist explains that even when things seem too painful and it seems that he's making no progress, he needs to push himself and keep working. Marina wants to know what she can do to help, and together she and the doctor stretch Shayne's muscles. After his therapy, Shayne takes a nap. Marah comes back in and Marina discusses her decision about taking the semester off so that she can be there for Shayne.

In the waiting room, Marah catches up with Tony. She wants to discuss the reasons for their continued separation. She feels that things are not working out because of her. Tony continues to explain that he is a dangerous man. When Marah tells Tony that he has changed, Tony tells her that he hasn't changed enough. He continues to explain that he has already done something to hurt her. Tony cuts the conversation short, and he leaves.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

At Company, Edmund is ordering some comfort food for Cassie. Jeffrey jumps into the conversation and offers to take the food over to her since he's on his way over to the hospital. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he's not in the mood to fight with the more serious things going on. Jeffrey tells Edmund that he agrees, he just feels that he's forever in Edmund's debt for relinquishing Beth to him. Edmund reminds Jeffrey that he didn't relinquish Beth, Beth relinquished him; and if she is smart, she'll relinquish him as well. Edmund cares for Beth and doesn't want her to get involved in an unpleasant relationship. Jeffrey tells him that if her were to ask Beth, she wouldn't say that it was unpleasant. Edmund gets Cassie's order, and starts to leave. Jeffrey walks out with him, and mentions that he has no plans on pressing changes against Josh. He understands that it was an accident. Edmund acts a bit surprised and comments that he is surprised that Jeffrey didn't try to convince Reva into pressing charges against her own husband. Jeffrey begins to giggle and tells Edmund that is not his style, and reminds him about the time when he tried to convince Cassie into pressing charges against her own sister. Jeffrey tells Edmund not to judge people against his own sleazy actions. Jeffrey grabs Cassie's order out of Edmunds hands and leaves.

At the Lewis home, Sandy is picking up files from the house as Marah shows up. He assumes this would be a good time with Reva at the hospital. Sandy informs Marah that Josh moved out of the house. Sandy tries to convince her that it might be because the boarding house is closer to the hospital, but Marah knows better. Marah wants to talk to her father. Sandy tries to convince her to give her parents some space to sort this out. Marah insists on knowing where her father is, so Sandy tells her that he is at the hospital but plans to head over to Danny's.

At Company, a waitress is flirting with Tony. The waitress asks Tony whether he wants anything else on or off the menu. When Tony tells her "no" , the waitress tells him to let her know if he changes his mind. Sandy, Marah's friend, shows up at Company. Tony begins to question him about how Marah is doing. Sandy explains that it is a tough time for her, and if he wants to help, he should stop avoiding her. Sandy tells him that Marah is over at Danny's house. Tony tells Sandy that he has already told Marah that it is over for them. Sandy reminds Tony that he might have told her, but she didn't hear it. Sandy leaves, and the waitress approaches Tony again wondering if there is anything she can do for him.

At Danny's home, Danny is talking to Michelle on the telephone. He discusses with her a family dinner a family tradition they would like to start. They try to talk romantically over the telephone, but the call is interrupted by Nico laughing in the background. He asks Danny if it is illegal to talk dirty over the telephone. Danny cuts the conversation short with Michelle. Danny tells Nico that he doesn't like people sneaking up on him. Nico is a little confused by the "be quiet Nico", "Don't be so quiet" business. Nico wonders whether Marina will be coming over today to watch Robbie. Danny tells him that he gave her some time off to be with Shayne. Danny invites Nico to a family dinner tonight. Nico doesn't seem to be interested. Danny explains that there needs to be time when everyone sits down together and talks about things. Nico wonders who does that anymore, and just thinking about it makes him want to vomit. He explains that when his parents were alive, his dinner was leftovers from a deli where his mother worked. After his parents died, his dinners came from the garbage pails. He assumes that the Santos family had things better at their family dinners. Danny instantly gets upset. He pushes Nico up against the wall and explains that dinners at his family were quiet because the place was probably bugged; and when they did talk, they didn't know who to trust. The taste of what a real family was like came from Michelle's family. Their argument was interrupted when Josh walks in on them. Danny introduces Nico to Josh. Nico expresses his concerns for Shayne. Danny dismisses Nico to give orders to the cook about dinner. Josh talks about their business agreement, and his need to be on the sidelines for now. Danny assures him that he and Bill will take care of things on Fifth Street. Josh starts to head out, but Marah rushes in and urges him not to move out because they all need him. Danny invites them to come on it, and he gives them some privacy. Josh tries to explain that staying together right now will only make things worse. Marah instantly blames her mom for another mistake. Josh tries to explain that the decision was mutual. He tells her that the love he and Reva have for one another hasn't changed, it just needs some distance. After Josh leaves, Danny comes back in and invites Marah to stay for dinner. They begin to talk about Tony and his behavior but are interrupted when Tony walks in with his date the waitress from Company.

Reva is visiting Shayne at the hospital. She has brought some gifts from Shayne's supporters: stuffed animals and tons of cards and letters. Reva reads him a letter from one of his supporters - a fourth grade girl who has multiple sclerosis writes that a year ago she was angry with him for pitching a no-hitter against her home team. She wanted to let him know that from then on, she is going to root for him. She continues to tell Shayne that if he can learn to throw a curve ball, he can learn to walk again. Reva begins to tell Shayne about the pain Josh is in and urges him to forgive his dad. Reva tries to explain that Josh made a mistake not trusting his choices, but he acted out of love not spite or anger. Reva feels that Josh is paying an unimaginable punishment knowing that he hurt his own child. She pleads with Shayne to let go of the anger he has toward his father. She believes Shayne needs to let go of the anger in order to heel. Josh had heard the entire conversation as he was just outside Shayne's door.

Olivia shows up at the hospital to check on Cassie. She wonders if Cassie is taking care of herself. Olivia begins to pamper her, and Cassie begins to wonder why. Olivia tells her that she is just trying to be a friend. As they talk about their relationships, Olivia mentions to Cassie that she saw Edmund the other day looking at a baby magazine. Olivia assumes that he was looking for something for the baby shower. On the baby shower topic, Olivia assumes that Cassie is having a hard time getting anyone to come to the shower. She tells her that it means everything to her that she wants to do this for her, and that is a gift alone. As Olivia and Cassie begin talking about Shayne, Reva comes up from behind and yells at Olivia. Olivia tells Reva that in the short time she had with Shayne, she discovered what an amazing man he is. She tells Reva that she loves Shayne and she is sorry that this happened to him. Olivia walks off. Reva feels that she went after Olivia for no reason at all. She knows that Olivia loves Shayne, and Shayne has a soft spot for her too. Cassie tells her that Olivia will understand. On another topic, Reva mentions to Cassie that Ed is bringing in a top neurologist to treat Shayne. Cassie confronts Reva about her feelings towards Josh. Cassie talks to her about grudges and explains that the longer you hold them, the worse it gets. Cassie tells her that if she can forgive Edmund, then Reva can forgive Josh. Reva explains that she wants to forgive Josh, but feels that she would just be pretending. Cassie tells her that sometimes you have to go through the motions, and your feelings will follow. Jeffrey shows up and gives Cassie the food order. With Edmund standing behind him, he mentions that it is from Edmund. Jeffrey wonders if there is anything he can do for the family, and begins to tell Cassie that he knows specialists in the field. Cassie tells him that they have already called a specialist in, but if they need a second opinion, she may have to take him up on that.

Reva catches up with Olivia and they begin to talk about motherhood. Olivia wonders how she will learn all the things about being a mother. Reva tells her that all you have to do is love them. Reva mentions that she got an invitation to her baby shower and tells her that she'll be there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Gus needs Phillip's help with a case. He piques Phillip's interest in Brad Green and Lori Jensen. Harley and Blake decide that they will not abandon Brenda Jensen, regardless of working on the same case. Now that Gus is heading up the Jensen investigation, he tells Harley and Blake they can step down. Harley refuses. She bets him that Harley's Angels can solve the Jensen case better and faster than the Springfield PD. They make their wager official. Alexandra wants answers from Brad Green about Lori Jensen. Brad points out how many Spaulding secrets he knows. Later, Phillip confronts Alexandra about Brad, and she ends up defending him. When Blake runs into Brad, she pretends to be an old friend of his. After Tony shows up at Danny's with a waitress from Company, an emotional Marah bursts into tears and leaves. Danny convinces Tony to stay for a family dinner, and tries to keep the peace. Nico points out that Tony loves Marah, which is why he paraded around his date in front of her. Tony admits he wanted Marah to see him with another girl so that she will move on. Meanwhile, Marah joins Josh at Shayne's bedside. Nico tells Danny that music is good for drowning out silence. Tony stands alone and adrift, looking out over the lake. Ed examines Shayne and Marah and Josh keep vigil. Elsewhere, Phillip watches a mother and her newborn.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

At the Lewis home, Marah confronts Reva about her letting Josh move out. Reva tries to avoid the conversation, but Marah doesn't let her off the hook. Marah tells her that they need to be sticking together through this because they are all going through the same kind of pain. Reva mentions that it is not the same. Marah agrees and tells her mother that her dad's pain is worse. Marah tells Reva that it's her dad's turn to be in trouble, and it's her turn to help him through it. Marah wonders if she misses Josh. Reva admits that she does miss Josh, but she has been missing him ever since he signed that contract behind her back. Marah is surprised that she is holding on to this mistake. Marah reminds Reva that it wasn't easy for the family to forgive her every time she messed up, but it was worth it because they got their mother back. Marah tells her that it must not work both ways and tells her that Shayne isn't perfect anymore and wonders if Reva plans to throw him to the curb too. Shortly after saying that, she apologizes because she knows that her mother would never do that to Shayne. She continues to plead with Reva about forgiving Josh. She tells Reva that some young pretty nurse may just come up to Josh and offer him the TLC that he deserves. She begins to question her about normal relationships and why it can't happen for them. Reva notices that the conversation is appearing to be more about Marah and Tony. Marah tells her that Tony is seeing other people. Marah tells her mother that she lost Tony for good because she overreacted to something and feels that her mother is doing the same thing. Reva tells her that she wants to be fair to Josh. She needs time to let things settle down. The relationship talk seems to be getting to Marah, and she needs to leave.

At the hospital, Marina and Shayne are listening to the college radio station. The Mole is about to come on the air, and Marina wants to turn it off because the Mole comes off being negative. She feels that Shayne does not need to hear negative talk. Shayne lets her know by blinking that he wants to leave the radio on. Marina steps out to get a soda and runs into Josh. She wonders why he is still there. Josh tells her that he wants to be there for Shayne's therapy. Marina explains that she'll be there, and tells Josh that he can go home for some rest. Josh tells her that he wants to stay and tells her that they have some things they should straighten out. Marina assumes that Josh plans to blame her for the accident, but Josh insists that she is not to blame. If anyone is to blame, Josh tells her that he is to blame. Josh refers to Shayne as a kid, and Marina powerfully reminds him that Shayne is a "Man"! She comments about how her dad used to be a little over protective too, but when it came down to making an adult decision like going to college, her dad let her make her own decision. Josh tells her that it probably wasn't easy for him because fathers always worry whether their children will chose to make the right choices, and they only want the very best for their children. Marina assumes that Josh thinks that she came along in Shayne's life at a bad time, and that she was probably a distraction for him. Josh tells her that she is the right kind of person for Shayne, and he deserves that. Josh admits that he wished that she hadn't come along so soon in his life. Josh tells Marina that he was in a terrible car accident years ago, and he was paralyzed. He admits there were times that he didn't want anyone's help, but Reva kept pushing him to overcome it, and he eventually walked again. He wants to help Shayne in the same way. Marina wonders if he will begin to push too hard again. Josh tells her that if he starts to push Shayne too hard, maybe she could give him a signal to lighten up. The therapist arrives, and they all enter Shayne's room together. Therapy begins, but Shayne isn't putting forth much effort. The Mole comes on the radio. Josh wants to turn it off, but Marina tells him to leave it on. The Mole begins to talk about how Shayne messed up like the rest of them do. On the radio station, Sandy tells the Mole that Shayne is a hometown hero, and he and his sister helped in getting them back on the air. The Mole changes his direction, and tells everyone that Shayne is made of steel inside, and his money is on him throwing splitters next year. The Mole insists that the public show their support for Shayne by lighting candles, praying, and honking horns. The Mole tells Shayne over the air that he is pulling for him. Within a few moments, people all over the city are lighting candles and blowing their horns. Shayne seems to be inspired by all the horns honking outside the hospital. Marina and Josh begin to work with Shayne by stretching his muscles. Shayne begins to move his finger on his own.

Dr. Langham shows up at the Spaulding home for his regular session with Lizzie. Before the appointment, Phillip discusses with Dr. Langham that he and Olivia may be getting married. Phillip wonders whether Lizzie will be alright with that because he is trying to spare her from further pain. Sounds like Dr. Langham may try to feel her out and try to cushion the news. In the meantime, Lizzie is up in her room and knowing that Dr. Langham is there, she refuses to come down. Dr. Langham goes up to Lizzie's room to find her. When he finds her, he recommends they go down to the study, but Lizzie wants to stay upstairs. She claims that she has cramps. She jokingly asks Dr. Langham if he is afraid to be in her room alone with her after the kiss she gave him. Christopher begins the session by asking if she wants to see Shayne. Lizzie claims that she doesn't want to see Shayne because she wants to remember him the way he used to be, and she wants him to remember her the way she used to be. Christopher tells her that she is talking about Shayne and herself like they are a lost cause, and tells her that neither of them are. Christopher mentions that he knows how Lizzie feels: annoyed!!! Lizzie informs him that she's not annoyed, she's pissed off! She continues to explain why: She's locked up in her own house, her dad and grandfather were seduced by the same witch, and now her dad and the witch are going to have a baby witch. Christopher wonders when she began to develop such a negativity against Olivia. She explains that she has always been aware of Olivia's negative. She only made Olivia her new best friend to get back at her mom. Lizzie wants to be done talking, and Christopher tells her that talking is what releases the negative energy. Talking is good for therapy, and he insists that they continue. Lizzie tells him that the only thing that would make her feel better is if Olivia would fall off the face of Earth. She mentions that the adults are the ones who messed things up and wonders why she is the one in therapy. Lizzie tells him that Olivia used the oldest trick in the book to latch on to her father getting pregnant. Lizzie puts a pillow under her shirt and pretends that she is pregnant for a moment and insists that everyone care about her because she is pregnant. Lizzie begins to talk about power and threatens to ruin Dr. Langham's life by telling everyone that he seduced her in her room. When Lizzie asks Dr. Lanhgam who has the power now, he pulls out a recorder from his shirt. Good for him! He tells her that he knows how resourceful she can be, but she should never underestimate him. Lizzie puts the baby doll on the bed and lies down beside it. She asks Dr. Langham if he thinks she is just going to let the little bundle of joy be born to become her daddy's little girl. She explains that it is up to her to fix things because Olivia and the baby don't belong, and the next time she is going to get them both. She tells him that they will never bug her again, and she rips that baby doll's head off. Christopher quickly ends the session. Just after he leaves, Tammy calls and tells her about what the Mole did over the college radio station. Tammy begins to talk to Lizzie about her relationship with Joey. Lizzie invites her to come over.

After Dr. Langham's visit with Lizzie, he meets with Dr. Boudreau to discuss his session with Lizzie. He informs her that Lizzie has threatened someone, and he feels that it is necessary to warn Olivia about her threats.

Phillip shows up at the Beacon and wants to have dinner with Olivia. She tells him that her baby shower is tonight. Phillip notices that she is a little nervous and offers to give her a back massage. He mentions being rescued from an elevator. Olivia tells him that it's good to know that she's not the only one who is scared. On another topic, Phillip wants the two of them to discuss baby names. Their conversation was cut short when an employee from the Beacon tells Olivia about the Mole advising everyone to light candles for Shayne. Olivia, Phillip, and guests at the Beacon light candles to show support for Shayne.

Marah heads over to catch the Mole in action. She realizes that he doesn't want to be seen, but she wants to thank him for what he just did for Shayne. She knocks on the door. No one answers, so she walks right in. Marah seems to be surprised when she sees who the Mole is, but we will have to wait until Friday to find out.

Friday, September 26, 2003

In the lobby of the Beacon, Dr. Langham shows up to see Olivia. He explains that Lizzie has said some things in their session that has brought him to see her. Olivia seems to already know what he is going to say. She tells the doctor that Lizzie probably said that she is out to get her. Olivia tells the doctor that she knows better than anyone what Lizzie is capable of. When Olivia mentions that things are under control now that she is in therapy, making progress, and her family has finally admitted that she has a problem, Dr. Langham quickly admits that the situation is far from under control. He insists that Olivia take extra precautions. He gives her his business card, and tells her to call him anytime she needs.

Tammy Winslow is on a date with fast-hands Joey. He seems to be moving a little too fast for Tammy. Tammy tries to brush him off and tells him that she has plans with Lizzie this evening. He wants to come along, but Tammy doesn't want him to. She explains that Lizzie doesn't want people seeing her locked up in her home. Joey tries to make plans for later, but Tammy tells him that probably won't work either.

Jeffrey runs into Beth in the hallway of the Beacon just outside his room. Jeffrey tells her that it's not a good time because he was heading out. She unbuttons her rain coat, and guess what? That's all she was wearing. Jeffrey doesn't seem to be in such a hurry anymore. As Jeffrey presses her up against the wall, they begin to kiss. Jeffrey pulls out his keys, and begins to open a door. Beth is a little confused as he opens the door next to his room. Jeffrey quickly explains that he has two rooms one for work and the other to live. He took her into the room he works in because the other room is messy or so he says.? They make love once again. Afterwards, they discuss what they know about one another. Beth wants to know more about Jeffrey, but he insists that she does know him where it counts on the inside. Moments later, Beth needs to head out for Olivia's baby shower.

At the Beacon, in Olivia's bar, Cassie is finishing some last minute decorations. She tries to get Edmund involved in helping to blow up balloons, but he quickly rejects the idea. Harley and Blake show up for the party but begin to have second thoughts about staying. Just as they were about to leave, Cassie tells them to "freeze"! Cassie worries that if her two best friends were going to bail, then no one else will come either. Edmund begins to scold Harley and Blake, and tells them that due to the disloyalty towards Cassie, they should both march on in there and help blow up balloons. He pushes them in that general directions, and quickly exits. Cassie shows them where to set their gifts. Blake jokes about setting the gifts next to all the other gifts, and since there isn't anyone else there the table is bare. In the meantime, Olivia was standing behind them and overheard. She seems to let it go, and suggests that they party. Shortly after Olivia arrives, Beth shows up. Looks like they are still missing Reva and Lillian.

In the lobby of the Beacon, Edmund spots Jeffrey with a woman he appears to be rather cozy with. The woman tells Jeffrey that she has been waiting for him forever. She wonders what took him so long. Jeffrey tells her that he had to take care of something. Jeffrey invites the woman up to his room. They walk towards his room with their arms around one another.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie is talking to her baby doll, the one in two pieces. She jokes about putting the baby's head back on, but tells the doll that she doesn't think so. Lillian comes in to see Lizzie and tells her that she is heading out to Olivia's baby shower. She tells Lizzie that if she needs anything, Alan is just downstairs. When Lillian leaves the room, Lizzie pulls out an invitation to Olivia's baby shower, and talks to herself about having been invited to the shower and how sweet it was. Tammy arrives to see Lizzie. Lizzie begins to vent about being locked up. She tells Tammy that Dr. Langham is all for her entering the real world, but her parents won't let her out. Lizzie mentions that she would like to go to the mall or even the Beacon for a change of scenery. Lizzie questions how she got over there. Tammy tells her that a car from the hotel brought her over and will be picking her up when she is ready to go back to the Beacon. Lillian enters the room and offers to have one of Alan's drivers drop her off when she is ready to go home. After Lillian leaves the room, Tammy tells Lizzie that she knows she was angling to get a ride with her, but she tells her that would have been a really bad idea. Lizzie vents about being a prisoner, and Tammy tries to tell her that she understands because she lives at the Beacon with all grown-ups and two little brothers. When Lizzie mentions Tammy's boyfriend as being a difference between the two of them, Tammy tells her that "for now" she has a boyfriend. The curious Lizzie wants to know what is going on between her and Joey. Tammy explains that Joey wants to go all the way, but she is scared and doesn't feel ready. Tammy tells her that she is afraid that if she tells Joey no for much longer, that he will dump her. Lizzie tells her not to go all the way with Joey because for right now she is a challenge for him, and if they have sex, he will dump her because the thrill is over. Lizzie tells her that all guys are like that. She continues to explain that there is only one way to keep a guy: Sleep with him, but make sure that you get pregnant. Lizzie tells her that it worked for Olivia. Shortly after that, Tammy got a little uneasy with Lizzie and wanted to leave. Just seconds after she left, Joey called for Tammy. Lizzie tells her that she is down in the kitchen getting snacks. She invites Joey over, and tells him that Tammy was going to ask him herself. Lizzie suggests that he just come on over and surprise her. Lillian comes in one last time to tell her goodnight before she leaves for the baby shower. All the lights were off, and it appeared as though she was in her bed sleeping. Lillian seems pleased that she is finally getting some rest. After Lillian leaves, we quickly notice that there are only pillows and a baby doll in the bed. Outside the Spaulding home, Lizzie stands with a gift bag in her hands waiting for Joey to show up.

Marah went to see Sandy and the Mole at the college radio station, but instead she finds Sandy with a puppet Mole. Sandy is the Mole. Marah is upset at first for being tricked into supporting the Mole when he didn't even exist. Sandy explains that the Mole got started when he was a young child. He was abused by his father, and one day while he was hiding in the attic, he found a puppet of a mole. As a child, he was always afraid to voice his opinions to himself or to his father about the way he felt. When he found the Mole, it all came out. He would sit in the attic and the mole would voice all of his frustrations. Marah begins to understand that Sandy was using the Mole to say all the things he was feeling but was afraid to say himself. Sandy thinks that it is dumb, but Marah assures him that it is not. She explains that some psychologists use puppets to get children to open up to them. Sandy continues to explain that as he got older, he began to have more stuff he wanted to talk about but he wasn't comfortable voicing them out himself. When he saw an add in the paper about wanting someone for the radio station, he sent in a tape recording of him and the Mole. Marah tries to convince him into telling the people about the Mole, but Sandy isn't ready to do that yet. He asks Marah not to tell anyone about this. She promises not to tell anyone, and Sandy admits that it feels good to have finally told someone the truth. Sandy wonders why she came over in the first place. Marah tells him that she wanted to thank him for what he did for Shayne. Marah begins to tell him that she was at Danny and Michelle's house earlier, and Tony showed up with another girl. Marah wonders whether Tony even loved her. Since it was so easy to move on to another girl, she questions whether Tony cheated on her while they were dating. Sandy tells her that men handle emotions differently than girls. They get drunk or shack up with the first woman they see. Sandy tells her that if Tony can forget about her this easily, then he has a screw loose. Marah seems to be feeling a little better. As she was leaving, she nearly opened a cabinet wondering whether he had a tissue. Sandy got a little jumpy, and he put his hand up against the cupboard and told her there was only equipment in there. Once she left, Sandy opens the cupboard where there was a picture of Reva. He begins to stare at it in anger. He shuts the cupboard door, and begins to try to calm himself down.

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The Young and the Restless nears 50th season milestone, Y&R logo
Y&R's Donny Boaz shares engagement news
Y&R casts primetime actress in new big-shot business role
Happy 20th anniversary to Y&R's Christel Khalil
DAYS' Denise Boutte steps in for Y&R's Leigh-Ann Rose
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