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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Liza went to see David to get some more pills to switch with Damon's medication. David was curious how long she intended to continue replacing Damon's medication. Liza revealed that she would do it until Colby dumped Damon. Liza wanted to know if David was okay with their agreement. He assured her that he didn't have a problem supplying her with the placebo pills in exchange for free legal counsel. However, he found it ironic that she was on retainer after she had vowed to never represent him again, so she must be desperate

David imagined that all of that animosity must put a crimp in Liza's relationship with Tad. Instead of answering him, Liza asked where Greenlee was. David's good humor fled as he informed her that he didn't keep his wife on a leash. David tried to cut their visit short by announcing that he had to leave to check on a patient. Liza was concerned that David was practicing medicine, but he assured her that he wasn't.

David revealed that Ryan had collapsed. Liza demanded to know what David had done. David took offense; he wondered why everyone thought that he had something to do with Ryan's latest crisis. He explained that Ryan had suffered an aneurysm. Liza was curious how Greenlee had taken the news. David insisted that Greenlee was fine, but Liza didn't believe him. She wondered if Greenlee blamed David for what had happened to Ryan.

At the Martin residence, Tad welcomed Jesse and then explained that he needed Jesse's help to find Damon. Jesse agreed to do what he could for Tad, but he felt that Tad should start accepting that it might not be the last time that Damon caused trouble. Tad was well aware of Damon's penchant for trouble, but he reminded Jesse that they hadn't been much better at Damon's age. Tad wanted to give Damon the family support that Tad had enjoyed growing up. Jesse made a few phone calls to get someone to track down Tad's car.

As they waited for an update, Jesse questioned Tad about why Damon had taken off. Tad explained that Liza had caught Damon with his hand in the till at Krystal's. Tad admitted that he was confused because he had thought that Damon had been making progress and had seemed almost happy. Jesse pointed out that Damon had stolen before. Tad confessed that there was more; Damon had kissed Liza.

Jesse was stunned. He was curious who had told Tad about the kiss. "Liza," Tad answered. Jesse took a moment to absorb the news and then quietly reminded Tad that they both knew how Liza felt about Damon. Tad wondered if Jesse truly believed that Liza would lie about something like that. Jesse urged Tad to get Damon's side of the story before deciding whom to believe.

Tad assured his friend that he intended to, but first he needed to find Damon. A short time later, Jesse was wrapping up a call with a contact when Liza arrived. Jesse revealed that Tad's car had been tracked to New York. Liza wasn't surprised that Damon had stolen Tad's car and then taken off. Her smile quickly disappeared when Tad asked if she had heard from Colby. Moments later, Liza's phone rang. It was Adam. Adam told her about his plans to meet Colby, so Liza and Tad decided to head to New York.

In a hotel room in New York City, Colby was excited that she would soon be reunited with Adam. Damon wanted to go out, but Colby didn't want her father to think that she had been out all night partying, so she preferred to stay in to get some rest. Colby admitted that she was eager to tell Adam about Scott and Annie's engagement because she hoped that the news would force Adam to return to Pine Valley with her. "Or not," Damon suggested. Colby ignored the comment.

Colby confessed that she wanted Adam to get to know Damon. Damon doubted that Adam would approve of him any more than Liza had. Colby conceded that it might take some time. Colby wandered over to her suitcase to pick out something special to wear for her meeting with Adam. She pulled out charm bracelet from her suitcase to show to Damon.

Colby explained that Adam had given her the gift years ago. Originally Adam had intended to give Colby a new charm every year on her birthday, but he ended up buying her a charm whenever he saw something that caught his eye. Colby revealed that after Liza had gone into hiding with her, Colby used to put the bracelet under her pillow at night and then made a wish for Adam to find her.

Damon fastened the charm bracelet around Colby's wrist and then kissed her. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Colby assumed that it was Adam. She smiled brightly even though she was a bit disappointed that she hadn't had time to change. Damon assured Colby that she looked great.

Colby threw open the door, expecting to see her father. Instead, Adam's driver stood on the doorstep. The driver handed Colby a small gift-wrapped box and card as he explained that Adam had not been able to make it to New York. The driver assured Colby that Adam would call to explain. After Colby closed the door, it was clear to Damon that she was crushed.

Damon suggested that there might have been a good reason for Adam not showing up. As if on cue, Adam called. Colby listened to her father speak for a few seconds and then told him, "I should have known," before she ended the call. Damon was curious why Adam had cancelled. Colby admitted that she had no idea because she had hung up on him.

Colby was certain hat Adam didn't care about her because he had known how important their meeting had been to her. Damon urged Colby to open the present. Colby read the card, which stated, "I promise that I'll see you soon. Love, Dad." She dropped the card on the desk and then opened the present. Inside the small box was a new charm for Colby's bracelet. Colby began to cry because wanted her father, not the charm.

Damon reached out to comfort Colby. He assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. Colby wondered if Damon felt pressured to say that to her. Damon explained that Colby was an amazing person because she always believed in him. He promised that he wanted to be with her. Colby worried that Damon was just telling her those things because he felt sorry for her. Damon admitted that he loved her; he had wanted to tell her for some time, but he didn't know how.

Colby was moved by Damon's declaration of love. She told him that she loved him too and then they kissed. Their kiss quickly led to more. After they made love, Damon asked if Colby were okay. Colby smiled as she admitted that she was better than okay. A knock on the door interrupted their post-coitus bliss. Damon quickly pulled on a pair of jeans while Colby picked up his shirt and then tugged it on.

Colby wondered if it could be Adam, but Damon suspected that it was either the driver with another gift or room service. Both were wrong; it was Tad and Liza. It didn't take Tad and Liza long to figure out what their kids had been doing. Liza demanded to speak to Colby alone, so Tad dragged Damon into the hallway to have a heart-to-heart chat with his son. After Tad and Damon left, Liza revealed that Adam had called her.

Colby didn't care; she accused her father of standing her up. Liza explained that Adam's plane had been grounded because of bad weather. Colby immediately regretted thinking the worst and hanging up on her father. Liza suspected that Colby's feeling of abandonment and rejection had led her to seek comfort in Damon's arms. However, Liza didn't think that Colby should settle for Damon.

Colby wondered by Liza couldn't accept that Colby and Damon were in love. Liza argued that it wouldn't last because she had seen the real Damon, so she knew what Damon was like. Liza worried that Damon would hurt Colby. "Then I will deal with that," Colby responded. Colby refused to end up like Liza; a woman who was desperate not to be alone.

Liza made it clear that she didn't want Colby to follow in her footsteps. She believed that Colby was smart and beautiful with the potential to do anything that she wanted to do. "And you think I'll give it up for Damon?" Colby wondered. "Yes, it's possible," Liza admitted. Colby was disappointed because her mother didn't know her at all.

In the hallway, Damon was annoyed because of Liza's interference. Tad admitted that he couldn't figure Damon out. Damon quipped that he was a younger and better looking version of Tad. Tad was not amused; he reminded his son that it wasn't the time to test him. Tad confessed that he was frustrated because every time he got closer to Damon, Damon did something stupid. Damon was taken aback when Tad suddenly demanded to know how Damon could have kissed Liza.

Damon assured Tad that it hadn't meant anything, but Tad wanted to know what had led to the kiss. Damon explained that he had been happy about the adoption, so he had hugged Liza, which had led to a brief kiss. Damon insisted that it had been meaningless. Tad clarified that he hadn't adopted Damon to make him his son; he had adopted him because Damon was his son. Tad would always love Damon, no matter what, but it hurt him that Damon dismissed the kiss as unimportant because it had meant something to Tad.

Damon could see the hurt in his father's eyes, so he admitted that he had kissed Liza out of anger. Damon explained that Liza always made him feel as if he weren't good enough for Colby, so he had wanted to shake her up. Damon insisted that Liza was out to get him. Tad argued that Liza was merely a concerned mother trying to protect her daughter. Damon disagreed; he revealed that Liza had made some sexual advances towards him.

Tad was outraged by the accusation. He couldn't believe that Damon expected him to believe such an outlandish claim. Damon pulled out his cell phone and then showed Tad one of the pictures that he had snapped of Liza during her state of undress. Tad stared at the picture in shock as Liza and Colby stepped out of the hotel room. Tad showed Liza the picture and then demanded to know, "What the hell is this?" Liza glanced at the picture and then glared at Damon.

At the hospital, Greenlee approached Angie and Frankie at the nurses' station to see how Ryan was doing. Angie assured Greenlee that Ryan was stable, so he could have visitors. However, Angie advised Greenlee to keep the visits short.

Ryan woke up to find Madison sitting at his beside. Madison explained that Ryan had suffered an aneurysm, which had required emergency surgery to repair. Ryan was curious if she had been by his side the whole time. Madison smiled softly as she answered, "Since the surgery." Madison then revealed that she had heard Ryan talking in his sleep. She admitted that he had called out Greenlee's name. Ryan and Madison were unaware that Greenlee lingered in the doorway for a moment and then quietly walked away.

Greenlee returned to the nurses' station to find out if Ryan would need special treatment after he was released from the hospital. Frankie assured Greenlee that Madison would be able to give Ryan all of the special treatment that Ryan needed.

Angie entered Ryan's room to check on him. Angie explained that she was there as a friend, not a doctor. Madison excused herself to check on Emma while Angie visited with Ryan. After Madison left, Angie confessed that Ryan had given them all quite a scare. Ryan was curious how he had ended up in the hospital.

Angie briefly filled Ryan in. Ryan recalled having an argument with David, but nothing beyond that. Angie credited Greenlee with saving Ryan's life by calling for an ambulance. Ryan turned his head in time to see a smiling Greenlee standing in the doorway. Angie excused herself, so that Greenlee and Ryan could have some privacy.

Ryan revealed what Angie had told him about Greenlee saving his life. Greenlee smiled down at Ryan just as David walked past the room. David stopped for a moment, watched his wife, and then walked away. Later, Ryan woke up from a nap to find that Greenlee was still in his room. He immediately apologized for falling asleep, but Greenlee assured him that it was fine.

Ryan decided to tell Greenlee about the dream that he had of her, but he drifted off to sleep before Greenlee could probe for details. Greenlee was surprised when David entered the room to check on Ryan's progress. She started to update David, but the alarms on Ryan's monitors began to go off. Frankie raced into the room and then ordered David and Greenlee to leave. A short time later, Frankie explained to Ryan that the alarms had gone off because Ryan's blood pressure had suddenly spiked. However, Frankie assured him that it wasn't anything to be concerned about. Ryan disagreed; the alarms had scared Greenlee off.

In the hallway, Greenlee ordered David to stay away from Ryan. David clarified that he was not responsible for a weak blood vessel bursting in Ryan's head. Greenlee understood that, but she couldn't forget that she had found David standing over Ryan's body with an unsettling expression that made her suspect that David wanted Ryan to die. David argued that he had been working on Ryan when she had called the 9-1-1. Greenlee pointed out that he hadn't tried to help Ryan until she had arrived.

David demanded to know what she was implying. He reminded her that he was a doctor, not a killer. Greenlee disagreed; he had almost killed Erica in a plane crash. David suggested that Greenlee was tired and upset, so she didn't mean it. He suggested that they continue the discussion when she had calmed down, so he decided to head home. After David walked away, Greenlee started to head back to Ryan's room, but she stopped short when she spotted Madison entering Ryan's room.

Ryan smiled when Madison walked into his room. She had a bunch of colorful balloons and a handmade card for him. Madison explained that the gifts were from Emma. She handed the card to Ryan and then kissed him. Ryan teased her that her kiss might elevate his blood pressure. Madison and Ryan were unaware that Greenlee stood in the doorway watching them. Moments later, Greenlee quietly walked away.

Madison broached the subject of Greenlee's visit, but Ryan quickly explained that Greenlee had left with David. He assured Madison that she didn't have anything to worry about. Ryan deftly changed the subject by asking Madison to thank Emma for the gifts and to assure his daughter that he would call her. Madison offered to help Ryan with Emma after he was discharged. Ryan assured her that she didn't have to, but Madison insisted that she wanted to. Ryan smiled as he reached for her hand.

Jesse questioned Angie about Ryan's collapse. Angie explained that David had nothing to do with Ryan's aneurysm. Jesse sensed that something was troubling Angie. She confessed that she had frozen up while she had treated Ryan and that Jake had to step in to help her. Angie admitted that David had noticed it, so she was worried that David would use it against her. Jesse was furious because he suspected that David had caused Angie to freeze up.

Angie implored Jesse to drop it. She explained that she had to get back to work and then walked away. Moments later, Angie stepped into an examination bay and then pulled out her tape recorder to update her medical file. Angie noted that her vision had faltered at the worst possible time. She realized that it couldn't continue, so she needed to find out whether or not the experimental treatment was working. She conceded that the vision loss had been considerably less and that the frequency had been lower, which indicated that the medication was working. She admitted that she was extremely exhausted, yet hopeful.

Jesse sought out Frankie to question him about Angie's problem while treating Ryan. Frankie didn't believe it, so Jesse relayed what Angie had told him. Frankie didn't think it was like his mother to let David get to her, especially if it put a patient at risk. Jesse hated that David had shaken Angie's confidence, so he wanted Frankie to let him know if it happened again. "Absolutely," Frankie agreed.

When Greenlee arrived home, she immediately apologized to David for her outburst at the hospital. She was sorry that she had let her temper get the best of her. Greenlee assured David that he was not to blame for Ryan's collapse; she was. Greenlee explained that ever since she and David had returned to Pine Valley it had been them against world. She admitted that she had married David to piss people off, but it's been very destructive to the two of them.

"Where are you going with this?" David warily asked. Greenlee admitted that she needed time to think about everything that had happened to her, so she thought that it would be best if they had some time apart.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At a New York hotel, Tad insisted upon receiving an explanation from Liza and Damon about the photo. Liza claimed that on the night in question, she'd gotten drunk, and Damon had helped her home. She guessed that Damon had taken the photo while she was changing clothes, but she'd thought that he'd left her house. She didn't know why he'd taken the picture; however, his inappropriate behavior after doing it had caused her to be leery of him ever sense.

Damon lambasted Liza for her lies, and as she bickered with him, Tad asked to hear Damon's side of the story. Damon explained Liza's plan to have Colby walk in on Liza and him. He stated that Liza had wanted to do the same thing to her daughter that Tad and Marian, Liza's mother, had done to Liza. Tad was shocked that Liza had revealed that information to Damon.

"One of you is lying, and I want to figure out who," Tad said. Liza accused Damon of being off his medications, and Tad asked why Damon hadn't revealed the incident with Liza, if it had gone the way that Damon said it had gone. Damon claimed that he'd wanted to save Tad the heartache, but when Tad didn't buy that, Damon admitted his intention to use the photo to keep Liza in line. Damon tried to leave, but Tad grabbed him. Damon wrenched himself away and said that Tad was no better than Paul was.

Damon stormed out, and Tad paced around. While comforting Tad, Liza said she'd kept it from him because she hadn't wanted to upset him. She recalled the night that they'd decided to restart their relationship, and Tad figured out that the incident with Damon and Liza had occurred that same night.

As Tad remembered being at Liza's that night, he remarked that she hadn't seemed drunk. Liza claimed that anyone would have looked sober compared to him that evening, and Damon's pass at her had sobered her up. She claimed that she hadn't said anything about Damon's presence because she hadn't wanted to ruin Tad's heartfelt speech that had reunited them. She said the last thing she'd wanted to do was to disappoint him.

Tad stated that Damon was a "bucket full." He said Damon had perfected the art of lying, but she put Damon to shame. Liza looked confused, and Tad remarked that he'd forgotten how good she was at bending the truth. She was shocked that Tad didn't believe her. He said that, for once, his son had been telling the truth. Liza, however, was lying through her teeth.

In the lobby, Colby left Adam a voicemail. She asked if he could send the jet for her once it was a convenient time for her to visit. She stated that something great had happened in her life, and she couldn't wait to tell him. She beamed that Damon and she were in love.

An aggravated Damon arrived, and Colby figured that she didn't want to know what had transpired between him, Tad, and Liza. They agreed not to discuss it, and she smiled, commenting on how well things had gone before their parents had arrived. Remarking that Brooke and Adam were in San Francisco, Colby proposed that she and Damon go there for a visit. He said that he'd go on one condition. "We leave, and we don't come back," he stated.

In Ryan's hospital room, Madison and Bianca admired the drawings and cards that Emma and Miranda had made for Ryan. Madison noted that Bianca had helped rearrange Madison's work schedule to give her time to care for Emma. Madison doubted that Greenlee would have assisted her in that, but Ryan remarked that Greenlee seemed different the previous few days.

Madison stepped out, and Bianca approved of Ryan's new lady. She and Ryan recalled their plans to marry their fiancées on the same day, and he said that she'd gotten her happy ending. Looking sad, Bianca noted that things hadn't worked out like they'd planned back then. Ryan asked why she wasn't in Paris, and she said that Pine Valley was her home. She was anxious for Erica and Kendall to get there. "And Reese," Ryan added. Bianca nervously chuckled, wondering how she could have forgotten Reese.

In the corridor, Madison informed Frankie that she'd be at Ryan's, because he needed help with Emma. Smiling, Frankie guessed that she'd take care of Ryan, too. Frankie said he'd miss Madison's frothy coffee, and she promised to teach Randi how to make it.

In their hotel room, Greenlee requested some time apart from David. Frowning, he asked if she wanted out of their marriage. She sat her husband down to explain that he'd given her the strength to persevere after her coma, and he'd offered his unconditional love with no promise that she'd ever return it. "Now that we've established how amazing I am, why don't you tell me why you need space? Never mind. I already know," he said.

Greenlee claimed that it wasn't about Ryan, but David scoffed. She stated that David loved fiercely, and he deserved reciprocation. She realized that they constantly lied to each other, but called it protection. David felt that the marriage worked, but Greenlee persisted in asking for time alone to figure things out. To her surprise, he acquiesced. He said he'd promised her freedom in their marriage, and he wouldn't renege on that. He requested to have a final dinner with her to celebrate what they'd meant to each other. "What we'll always mean to each other," she corrected and agreed to the dinner.

Later, Greenlee went to Fusion, where Bianca filled her in on Ryan's improving condition. Bianca noticed that Greenlee was viewing apartment rentals, and Greenlee revealed that she needed a place of her own. Bianca started to ask why, but Greenlee cut in, saying that she and David were taking a breather. Bianca coaxed Greenlee to talk about David's reaction to it, and Greenlee stated that he'd been incredibly understanding.

Bianca seemed surprised, but Greenlee said that David and she had promised each other that they were free to leave at any time. Bianca thought that was a strange promise to make before a wedding, but Greenlee insisted that her relationship with David was special. They loved each other, but they also respected each other. "I was hoping that he'd remember that today, and he did," Greenlee concluded with a smile.

At the hospital, David entered Ryan's room and ominously stared at Ryan as he slept. Ryan awakened and thanked David for saving him. David cited that if he hadn't been around, Ryan would have died. "And it wouldn't have taken long," David added. Ryan expected David to lord it over him, but David apathetically said that he'd done what he'd been trained to do. "Whether you wanted to or not, that's a whole other story, isn't it?" Ryan asked. Turning to leave, David said he'd let Greenlee know that Ryan was doing better.

Madison returned to Ryan's hospital room with a snack for him, and he playfully took advantage of her caretaking nature by asking her to do little things for him. When she figured it out, she joked that she was going to the gift shop, but she wouldn't buy him anything.

After Madison left, Bianca returned, and Ryan asked how Greenlee had seemed at work that day. He noted that David had been "off" during an earlier visit. Though Bianca stated that she shouldn't say anything, she revealed that Greenlee had been searching for real estate. Bianca guessed that the Hayward marriage was over. Ryan was shocked to hear that, and Bianca figured that Ryan's incident had shaken Greenlee up and changed her priorities.

At home later, David found Greenlee in a fancy cocktail dress. She asked if it were proper "last supper" attire, though she hoped they'd have many dinners together in their future. David decided that he'd get dressed up, as well, because the night was very important for both of them.

The couple went to the Yacht Club for dinner, and Greenlee thanked him for being supportive. He said that saving Greenlee had been like saving himself. He thanked her for showing him how to love and how to put someone else's needs above his own. He didn't want to go back to being the man he'd been before their marriage. "Then don't," she replied. He told her that it wasn't up to him. "It's up to you," he concluded. David said that Greenlee had made a bad choice, and he hoped that she'd reconsider.

David presented Greenlee with a gift. She opened it to discover a handbag. Inside it, she found a cell phone. David explained that if investigators located the mechanic who'd worked on Erica's plane, they'd check the guy's phone records. The records would show several calls to the mechanic, which had been placed from Greenlee's old phone. David was sure that the mechanic would testify that Greenlee had hired the mechanic, and the investigators would discover that she'd wired him a large sum of cash. David figured that coupling those "facts" with evidence that she'd orchestrated the Fusion financial scandal would make her situation grim.

A dumbfounded Greenlee couldn't believe that David would blackmail her into staying with him. He called himself a husband trying to hold onto his wife. He felt that they needed each other, and he was willing to do whatever it took to make her realize it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the Chandler parlor, Damon assured Colby that the trip to San Francisco was about them, not their parents. He acknowledged that he hadn't treated her fairly; however, he'd been coping with the changes in his life. Damon found it hard to acclimate to being Tad's son, and Damon struggled to accept that he wasn't Stuart's father. Damon added that, though he was crazy about Colby, he'd been frightened by her expectations of him.

Colby admitted that the marriage talk had been a bit much, and Damon continued that Tad expected the best out of him, but Liza anticipated the worst. Damon felt that Colby had helped him to stop caring about what other people thought, and he'd decided that, instead of meeting or avoiding people's expectations, he'd just be himself. Colby asked who that was, and he replied that he was the guy who wanted to run away with her and never return.

At Krystal's restaurant later, Damon and Colby planned their trip. Colby wondered if a problem had developed between Damon and Tad while they'd been in New York. Before Damon could respond, Kathy approached. Noticing a map on the table, she asked if Colby and Damon were going somewhere. He claimed that they weren't. Kathy was glad, because her new big brother had promised to meet her friends at her next swim meet. Hugging Kathy, Damon said that he wouldn't miss it for the world.

Kathy wandered off, and Colby guessed that she and Damon weren't leaving that night. Damon promised that they'd leave at some point, and regardless of anyone else's opinion, they'd live their lives the way that they wanted to.

At the New York hotel, Tad told Liza that humiliating Colby to prove a point was low. Liza admitted to setting Damon up, but said she'd only done it to protect Colby. Tad couldn't believe that Liza had chosen to get "jackass stupid" on the very night that Tad had wanted to make amends with her. She claimed that their relationship had been working; however, he retorted that it hadn't been, because she'd been lying to his face the whole time.

Liza asserted that Tad and Damon weren't blameless. In her view, a guilt-ridden Tad constantly made excuses for Damon's behavior. Liza said she'd taken action because Colby shouldn't be exposed to Damon, a kid who hadn't yet figured out how to be a human being. Liza said Damon had relished lording the pictures over her, but Tad claimed that Damon had protected himself the only way he knew how.

Liza seethed that Tad was still making excuses for Damon, but Tad replied that she had no one to blame, but herself. Scoffing, she rendered another example of how Tad had coddled Damon. She recalled that Tad had dismissed Damon and Colby's attempt to run away to New York as kids being kids. Tad stood by the sentiment, but she insisted that kids needed guidance. Liza stated that he was being Damon's friend, not his father.

Tad challenged Liza's motherly instinct by asking what she would have done if her plot against Damon had worked. Tad figured that Colby would have been too appalled to ever trust her again. Liza said she'd rather Colby hate her mother for a while than run off with a boy who had no future. Liza didn't think Tad could possibly believe that Colby could be happy with someone like that, but Tad retorted that Colby could, if Liza gave her half a chance. He said he'd warned Liza not "to screw" with his children. "We're done," he declared and left.

At the Yacht Club, Greenlee told David that love and blackmail didn't mix. He claimed that their problems were temporary, but in his view, she'd always be the best thing that had ever happened to him. Greenlee attempted to leave, but David warned her to think before she acted. She sat down, and he offered her more wine. "You're kidding, right?" she asked. She wished she could stab him in the chest with her fork.

David claimed that he was acting in their best interests, because Greenlee wasn't thinking clearly. She hoped he was bluffing, but he assured her that he wasn't. She said that he was either insane or stupid, and she knew he wasn't stupid. Calling himself confident, David was sure that she'd someday thank him. He felt that their love still existed; they just needed to find it again.

Greenlee reasoned that if David were so certain about them, then he should let her have the time apart. David replied that she wasn't being honest, and the time apart was actually her first step toward divorce. He recalled telling her that, once she said that she loved him, there would be no turning back. Greenlee claimed that she wasn't the same person anymore, but he insisted that she was. He figured that she'd taken a few hits, and Ryan had caused her to doubt herself. Greenlee replied that she and David had never stood a chance because he couldn't quell his need for control.

David admitted that he went too far at times, and he'd ruined his past relationships. Not wanting to ruin things with Greenlee, he asked if retracting his blackmail threat would make her stay. She replied that he'd killed any chance of a reconciliation. She asserted that she'd loved and trusted him, but all he'd done was lie to her. David claimed that she wasn't leaving over lies; she was leaving because Ryan had gotten to her. Greenlee was incensed that he'd dare to tell her how she really felt or what to do, and she was sickened at his attempt to force her to stay with him.

An indignant Greenlee rose from her seat, and David said he'd see her in their room. "Excuse me?" she asked. He stated that she just needed time to think. He claimed that he loved her, but he'd meant what he'd said. She called him a "son of a bitch" and stormed out.

Upstairs in their room, Greenlee grabbed some things off the desk and paused upon catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She plopped her wedding ring on the dresser and left. When David arrived later, he was disappointed to discover her discarded ring.

David returned downstairs for a drink and encountered Liza, who asked if he'd seen Colby. He wondered if Liza needed more placebos for Damon, but she said the pills had been a mistake. "Is there something I need to know about? Because if you screwed up, don't drag me down with you," David told her.

Sitting at David's table, Liza said that the pills weren't the problem. She explained that her plans had blown up in her face, and she regretted her actions. David pointed out that the differences between him and Liza were that he never backed down, and he never apologized. "I do whatever it takes to get what I want-and I always get what I want," he touted with a grin.

Liza went to Tad's house, where Tad was searching for Damon. Liza suggested that she and Tad team up to find Colby and Damon, but Tad slammed the door in her face.

At the hospital, Frankie checked on Ryan, who asked if he'd had visitors while he'd been asleep. Frankie hoped that Ryan had been expecting Madison. "Of course," Ryan replied. Just then, Madison arrived with Emma. Frankie left as the three discussed Erica's Internet updates from her trip. They played "Go Fish," and Emma went to the vending machine.

Ryan worried that he'd miss Emma's Thursday dance class that evening; however, Madison said the day of the week was Wednesday, not Thursday. Ryan insisted that it was Thursday. "It's Wednesday all day," Madison replied. Ryan guessed that he wouldn't miss the dance class after all. Madison grew concerned that he hadn't known the day of the week, but he dismissed the incident. She assumed that his talk with Bianca had made him preoccupied, but he remarked that talking with Bianca had made him anxious to return to the real world.

Later, Ryan awakened to see Greenlee in his room. He hinted that he'd talked to Bianca. Greenlee replied that Bianca shouldn't have said anything, and Ryan assumed that Bianca had been right about Greenlee's troubled marriage. Greenlee remarked that she'd been angry when she'd returned to town, but people had to live with their choices. He asked if she were really leaving David, but she only uttered that she wished she'd never let herself fall for David.

In the hospital corridor, Frankie was surprised when Randi tapped him on his shoulder. He spun her around and kissed her. After explaining that she'd wrapped up her photo shoot a day early, she said she couldn't wait to get him home alone. Frankie stated that he had one more patient, but it was a house call, and the two left with naughty grins on their faces.

At home later, Frankie and Randi were about to make love again when Randi's agent called.. As Randi took the call, Frankie opened a box containing a "high-tech" coffeemaker. He thought it was too much, but she swore that once he had a cappuccino from it, he'd never go back. They resumed making love on the sofa, but were startled when Madison entered the apartment.

After Randi and Frankie composed themselves, Randi seemed unhappy that Madison was still living there. Frankie and Madison explained that her apartment deal hadn't worked out. Madison swore that she'd work overtime to find herself a place. Randi pretended to be okay with Madison still being there, and at Madison's prompting, Randi gushed about how glorious Italy had been. Randi's smile faded when the topic turned to the new coffeemaker on the table, and she heard Frankie say that he could never make coffee the way Madison did. Kissing her husband, Randi stated that once he had her coffee, he'd be hooked forever.

Randi got another modeling call, and as she talked in Italian to the caller, Madison and Frankie discussed Madison's concerns about Ryan's disorientation. Frankie thought it was normal, but he offered to look into it. Madison was grateful, but still looked worried.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In his living room, Jesse studied his case against David. Jesse determined out loud that if he could just get one eyewitness to implicate David, that Jesse could finally take David down. As he finished his sentence, Angie walked in. Jesse noted that his wife was home early. Angie complained that Jesse was supposed to have had his work mess cleaned up by the time she got home from the hospital. He explained that she had arrived earlier than he had anticipated, which was why he had not yet cleaned up his work.

Jesse asked what was really bothering Angie. He suggested both work and David. Angie said that she was just tired, but Jesse knew that there was something she was not telling him, and he asked her what it was. At that time, Angie's phone rang and she was able to evade answering Jesse's questions by taking the call. It was the specialist she had previously seen about the virus that was slowly robbing her of her eyesight, Dr. Beldon. Dr. Beldon wanted Angie to go to the hospital to review her latest test results in person, and he told her that he did not think that it could wait until the next day. Angie agreed to meet him and hung up.

Jesse was upset that Angie had to go back to the hospital, but she replied that it could not be helped. Jesse countered that she was the boss, and that other people should jump through hoops for her -- not the other way around. Angie said that it didn't always work that way. Jesse asked her to take an hour to have dinner with him, but she insisted that she had to go to the hospital right then. As Jesse relented, Angie lovingly rubbed her husband's shoulder and apologized. She blamed a migraine headache for what was bothering her. She asked Jesse to get her some ibuprofen, and when he was out of the room she called Jake and asked him to pick her up at home and take her to the hospital, since she could not drive.

In their home, Jake searched for a red corner block to complete his tower while Amanda seductively told him that playtime was over, and that it was time to play with her instead. Jake happily agreed and the two kissed and lowered themselves to the floor. As they continued to express their love, Jake's phone rang. It was Angie, asking him to take her to the hospital. Jake said he would do it and hung up. Amanda protested and complained that Jake was always on call. He apologized and promised to be back soon.

At the hospital, Angie wondered why Dr. Beldon wouldn't give her the test results over the phone, and Jake reminded her that Dr. Beldon liked to discuss those things with patients in person. Angie worried that Dr. Beldon sounded grim, but Jake told her to be optimistic. Angie revealed that she had been feeling off. Jake asked her if the meds had been working, and she said that her vision had improved. Jake asked her if she had felt any side effects, and Angie answered that she had a constant headache, was exhausted, and felt queasy.

Jake thought those symptoms were a result of stress and asked where they were meeting Dr. Beldon. Angie said that they were meeting in a private consultation room, and Jake noted that it was a good place because David wouldn't bother them. Angie revealed that Dr. Beldon understood her need for privacy. When Jake told Angie to lead the way, she told him that he didn't have to go with her. Jake reminded his very good friend that she didn't have to face the music alone.

While they were in the consultation room, Angie complained that Dr. Beldon had made the meeting sound urgent, yet he was keeping her waiting. Jake reminded Angie that Dr. Beldon had been held up by an emergency. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and it was Dr. Beldon. He wondered if Jake needed to wait outside, and Angie said that she wanted Jake to stay. Dr. Beldon revealed that the infection had been slowed significantly by the experimental medicine. He went on to tell Angie that her blood tests showed that she was pregnant.

Angie was overjoyed. Jake asked how far along she was, but Dr. Beldon said they'd need an ultrasound at five or six weeks gestation to know that. He added that because of Angie's age and the infection in her eyes, she needed to see her obstetrician as soon a possible so that more tests could be run. The mention of the infection snapped Angie back into reality as she worried that the experimental drugs that she'd taken could have harmed the baby. Jake asked Dr. Beldon if, since the infection was localized to the eyes, there would still be a risk to the pregnancy. Dr. Beldon said that while the infection wouldn't cause a risk, if Angie intended to go to term with the pregnancy, he would have to advise that she stop taking the experimental medicine for her eyes immediately.

In the hallway, Jake asked Angie if she was okay. She told her friend that she was blessed. Angie thought she would never have been pregnant again, and was very happy. However, she wondered why it happened when she desperately needed medication that could be harmful to the baby. They stepped into an exam room for more privacy. Jake reassured Angie that the baby would be fine, since she hadn't been on the medication for that long. Angie worried that she might go blind permanently if she went off the medications, and Jake told her that she didn't have to decide anything right then. She knew she had to tell Jesse the truth, and Jake agreed with her.

Bianca left Reese a message as she walked out of Wildwind on her way to the hospital. She apologized for calling so late and promised to call earlier the next day so that Reese could talk to the girls. With a worried expression, Bianca also confessed that she and Reese needed to talk.

David stood outside Ryan's hospital room and listened to Greenlee and Ryan's conversation. Greenlee told Ryan that she wished that she had never let herself fall for David. Ryan asked her if her marriage to David was over. Greenlee admitted that she had married David for the wrong reasons; she had been hurt, and she wanted to hurt back. She continued that she believed in David, maybe too much, as she flashed back to her dinner with David at the Yacht Club when he revealed that he planned to frame her for Erica's plane crash as well as the Fusion/Miranda Center Scandal if she tried to leave their marriage. Ryan told Greenlee she knew that she could trust him and took her left hand in his, and she agreed that she did know he was trustworthy. Ryan noticed that Greenlee was not wearing her wedding ring.

Greenlee answered that she had taken her ring off. Outside of the room, David was on the phone. He looked at Greenlee's ring and reported that she was visiting Ryan, and ordered the person on the other end to "get on it, now." As he ended the call, Bianca walked up. David said he was happy that she had decided to stay in Pine Valley, and added that Greenlee was happy to have her at Fusion.

Bianca told David that she knew Greenlee was leaving him, but he answered that he and Greenlee were staying together. He said that Greenlee had gone through an emotional time. Bianca asked if David thought that it could have been because Ryan almost died at David's feet. David countered that he couldn't bring on an aneurysm, as powerful as he was. He then suggested that the four of them have dinner some time, but smarmily continued that Reese hadn't gone to Pine Valley, and that he hoped that didn't mean that Bianca and Reese's marriage was in trouble.

Greenlee told Ryan that she didn't think he needed to be listening to her troubles, and that she could deal with her own problems. Ryan sympathized with Greenlee over the fact that she was grateful to David for saving her life, but he added that it didn't mean that Greenlee owed David her entire future. Ryan began to tell Greenlee, "If walking away is what you want--" but she stopped him and replied, "It's more than that." Ryan asked her to explain it to him. Ryan continued that in spite of everything, he really wanted Greenlee to be happy, and he could see that she wasn't. He wanted her to tell him if there was anything he could do to change that. They were interrupted when Brot entered and said that he had orders to take Greenlee to the police station right away.

Greenlee wanted to know why she had to go to the police station, and Brot answered that he did not have any details, he only knew he was supposed to take her in. Ryan was concerned, and asked Brot to call the station and find out why he was supposed to take Greenlee there. Greenlee said that she would just go with Brot, but Ryan answered that maybe she didn't have to. Greenlee countered that it would probably be easier to go with Brot and straighten the issue out in person. She told Ryan that she would be okay, and he asked her to call him and tell him that she was, in fact, okay. She promised him that she would and walked out of the room with Brot. David watched them leave from the hallway.

Bianca arrived in Ryan's room with food from the cafeteria and found him trying to get out of bed. Ryan was worried about Greenlee. He relayed to Bianca how Greenlee had been in his room and all but admitted that her marriage to David was over, and that she seemed scared. Bianca told Ryan that Greenlee had not left David after all.

Bianca said that she had just seen David and he acted like everything was fine, and that she did not think that he and Greenlee were splitting up. Ryan asked Bianca to call the police station and find out why Greenlee had been taken in. Bianca reported that Greenlee and David had met with the mayor and that everything appeared to be fine. Ryan was still unsettled about the situation.

Bianca sarcastically said how nice it was to run a company with a partner who could be hauled off by the cops at any moment and encouraged Ryan to eat some ice cream. Ryan still wondered what was going on with Greenlee and David. Bianca asked Ryan what was really going on, and if it was about him and Greenlee. Ryan answered that it was about David. Ryan didn't want to see Greenlee get hurt again, especially by David.

Ryan told Bianca about the dream he'd had on the operating table. In it, it was one year after his and Greenlee's wedding and she was alive, but things were different; he hadn't slept with Kendall. Bianca said that he couldn't change what had happened. Ryan agreed and said that if Greenlee wanted to stay with David he would just have to live with it. Bianca countered that he couldn't do that if he was still in love with Greenlee.

Bianca admitted that she thought Ryan would be better off without Greenlee, but she understood that people couldn't always help whom they fell in love with. Ryan replied that he had things under control. Bianca proposed that if Greenlee and Ryan were back together, that maybe Greenlee wouldn't make the lives of Bianca's loved ones a living hell. Bianca noted that Ryan smiled when he talked about Greenlee, and she reminded him that he and Greenlee were supposed to have shared a wedding with her and Reese. Bianca was with Ryan when he lost Greenlee, and Bianca knew then how deeply Ryan loved Greenlee.

Ryan said that he was not trying to get Greenlee back. Bianca said that she knew him, and she knew he was fighting to hold on to Greenlee. She grew emotional as she told him that sometimes things happened in relationships that you didn't plan on. Ryan asked Bianca if everything was okay with Reese. Bianca said everything was great, but that she was done giving love advice. Ryan thanked her, and she left.

At the police station, Jesse visited with Natalia and wanted to make sure she was okay there without him. Jesse commented on a case file that was on Natalia's desk, and offered some advice on handling a particular criminal. Natalia quietly told her father that she didn't think it was a good idea for him to be there at the station, since he had been suspended. He countered that he had not been fired, but she reminded him that he shouldn't have commented on case files.

Natalia understood that it was hard for Jesse to not be working, but Jesse revealed that he was definitely working-- on his case against David. Natalia did not look like she approved, and Jesse told her that if she had something to say then she should just say it. Natalia worried that if Jesse pushed David too far, then David might push back, and Jesse could end up as the one who paid by losing his job. They left to go to Krystal's.

As they sat at the bar, Natalia told Jesse to order whatever he wanted because she was paying. Jesse teased Natalia and said that she must have really wanted to get him out of the station, since she never paid. Jesse said he wasn't hungry, and Natalia advised him to have a beer instead. Jesse asked her if she was trying to get his mind off David, and she answered that even though she wanted to nail David herself, she didn't want to see Jesse's hate for David turn into something worse than a suspension, such as permanent unemployment or even prison.

Jesse countered that because of David, Angie was a wreck, and there was nothing Jesse could do to help her. Natalia replied that Angie was strong enough to take on David, and Jesse said that Angie shouldn't have to. Natalia reminded him that it was his love that had gotten Angie through David's trouble so far. Natalia got a call and had to go back to the station. Jesse offered to drive her, but she decided to get a ride with an officer who was working around the corner. Natalia told Jesse to finish his beer and that she loved him.

Amanda walked up and asked Jesse how he was doing since Angie was back at the hospital working, and she was in the same situation with Jake. Jesse said their spouses were saving lives, but Amanda smiled and asked him if he would be up for a kidnapping.

At the hospital Amanda and Jesse walked into the exam room where Jake and Angie were talking, and wanted to rescue their spouses from their workload. The four left together and went to Jake and Amanda's apartment. Amanda lit candles as Jesse poured wine. When Angie declined a glass, Jesse went on about how it was her favorite. Angie finally exclaimed that she didn't want any wine. Jesse relented, and Angie apologized and said she'd had a long day. Amanda warned Angie to be careful about refusing wine because people would begin to think she was pregnant. The serious looks on Angie and Jake's faces caused Jesse to seriously ask his wife if she was pregnant.

Angie confirmed that she was pregnant, and Jesse could not have been happier. The couple hugged each other as they shed some tears of joy. Jesse asked how far along she was, and Angie said she didn't know; she had only just found out about the pregnancy. Jesse hugged Jake and Amanda and then asked to be pinched to make sure it hadn't been a dream. Angie took Jesse's face in her hands and assured him that they were having a baby. They looked into each other's eyes and embraced.

Brot and Greenlee walked into the police station, and Greenlee felt like everyone's eyes were on her as she waited to find out why she was there. Mayor Blanco greeted Greenlee, and said that she had been the one to order Greenlee to be taken in after speaking with David. David was behind Greenlee when she turned around. The three went into the interrogation room.

Natalia approached Brot and asked what was going on in the interrogation room with Greenlee, David, and the mayor. He answered that he didn't know -- he was just the transport guy. Natalia told Brot she was thinking of asking for him to be put on one of her cases because she needed somebody with military training. Brot told Natalia that he couldn't because he was going to be checking into the hospital.

Natalia followed Brot to his desk and asked if he was sick. He told her that he was having another surgery on his eye. Natalia asked how many operations he'd had, and Brot answered that it would be his 33rd surgery, the eighth on his eye. Natalia admitted that she'd had no idea, and asked if he would look different after. He replied that the surgery wasn't cosmetic, and that he had given up on trying to get his old face back. Brot said that he was okay with who he was, and that the surgery would help his eye to work better, which would allow him to do his job better. Natalia asked some more questions, and Brot wondered why she wanted to know so much. Natalia said that she was curious because she cared about him.

Greenlee told Mayor Blanco that she was not going to say anything without a lawyer. Mayor Blanco laughed and told Greenlee that she had not been taken in because she was in trouble, but because the mayor wanted to show her gratitude for Greenlee and David's continued support. The mayor revealed that David had saved her daughter's life and she was so thankful that she would use her influence with the D.A.'s office to intervene if Chef Hubbard ever developed a case against David. She presented the couple with a bottle of champagne to show her gratitude and then she left.

Greenlee was angry with David for trying to make her think he was carrying out his threat because he didn't want her to go see Ryan in the hospital. Greenlee told David how controlling he was and asked if the mayor knew how he was blackmailing her. David said that the mayor did not know anything about it and that she never would. David assured Greenlee that she wouldn't have anything to worry about as long as she kept her wedding vows. "Even if keeping them makes me nauseous?" she replied. David suggested that they go back to their room and enjoy the champagne and a quiet evening together. Greenlee stormed out, and David followed her.

Greenlee, with David behind her, walked into their room at the Yacht Club to find dinner and chilled champagne waiting. David rambled on about how his bottle was better than the one the mayor had given them. Greenlee smiled and sarcastically told David how wonderful he was, but said that the only thing missing was music. She put some music on and asked if he'd like to dance. David told her to take it down a notch.

Greenlee told him that she couldn't understand why he thought she'd love him again after he'd threatened her. David said he believed that they could get through anything as long as Greenlee stayed away from bad influences. She asked if Ryan and her father, Jackson, were the influences he was talking about. David said that Ryan and Jackson had not been supportive of their marriage, but Greenlee countered that they didn't have a marriage. David said champagne would make Greenlee feel better, but she grabbed the bottle and hissed that the only thing that would make her feel better would be to smash the bottle over David's head.

David told Greenlee that if she hurt him, it would destroy both if them. "Both of us?" she replied, "Because the last thing you want to do is send me to prison for the rest of my life."

Greenlee handed David the bottle, as he told her that he knew she didn't want to hurt him. Greenlee replied that David had no idea what she wanted. David told her that in time she would accept that they had a bond that they would always share. He put her wedding ring back on her finger and told her not to take it off again. She walked away and said she needed a shower. Ryan called Greenlee's cell phone, and David answered it. While he watched, David made Greenlee tell Ryan that she was okay and had to go. Ryan remained concerned for his ex-wife.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Miranda found Caleb working on setting up a home office in the living room of Wildwind. Miranda tried to have a conversation with Caleb, but Caleb clearly wasn't interested. Their tenuous interaction was shattered when a cell phone beeped. Bianca flew into the room and announced that a new message had arrived from Erica and Jack.

Bianca read the message aloud, but only she and Miranda seemed interested. Miranda asked if Caleb knew Erica. Caleb said that he had met Erica when she fell out of the sky and onto his house. Caleb was impressed when Miranda equated Erica with Dorothy.

Bianca received another message and was pleased that Erica had posted some pictures online. Bianca asked if she and Miranda might use Caleb's computer. As Caleb grudgingly obliged, he asked how Erica's message was received. When Miranda swiftly replied, Caleb pointed out how smart the little girl was. Caleb said he didn't normally like children, and Miranda astutely responded that she liked Caleb as well.

Annie tried to get Scott to help plan their honeymoon. Annie realized that Scott was distracted and asked what was on his mind. Scott confessed that he was still worried about the nanotech project. Annie assured Scott that because Chandler had purchased Cortlandt, Scott couldn't be charged with theft.

Annie tried to redirect their conversation, but Scott said that Caleb posed the biggest challenge for Chandler. Scott said that JR had made a fierce enemy of Caleb. Scott wondered if he might be able to work with Caleb, and somehow make him an ally. Annie commended Scott on his brilliance, and then once again turned her focus to the travel brochures strewn on their bed.

Annie realized at that moment that Scott might not be able to take a honeymoon. Scott told Annie that he wanted to give her everything she desired. Annie said that she wanted for nothing. Annie noted that she wanted to do something for Scott.

JR found Marissa in the Chandler living room. He asked how Marissa was feeling, and she launched into a tirade. Marissa made it clear how upset she was at herself for walking out of the bar exam. JR tried to assure Marissa that she could do anything that she wanted. Marissa told him that she'd always wanted to be a lawyer.

Marissa lamented that she'd handed out her resume already, and said that no one would want to hire her after what she'd done. JR was certain that Marissa would pass with flying colors the next time she took the exam. Just then, Annie walked into the living room. Marissa tried to leave, but Annie said she had a favor to ask of Marissa.

Marissa was not in the mood to entertain anything that Annie had to say. She tried to leave again, but Annie blocked her way. Annie said that she was clear on how Marissa felt about her and why. Annie said that before she could marry Scott, she needed to make amends with Marissa.

As JR hovered in the background, Annie apologized not only for sleeping with JR, but for how she lashed out at Marissa in the aftermath. Annie insisted that she needed to atone for what she'd done so that the four of them could move forward as a family. Marissa said that in her view, Annie had continued to lie and use people. Because of Annie's actions, Marissa found it nearly impossible to forgive Annie.

Annie said that she would hold on to the hope that someday, they could work toward a more peaceful coexistence. Annie excused herself and said that she had a meeting with the wedding planner. Once she'd vacated the room, JR checked to see if Marissa was okay. Marissa wasn't in the mood to talk, and tried again to leave and pick up AJ. JR told Marissa that he loved her, but in return, he was met with silence.

JR watched Marissa leave, and then headed for the foyer. Annie had descended the stairs but stopped at a table that held a manila envelope. Unaware that JR was watching, Annie considered the information on the affixed label. Annie looked around and didn't notice JR. She swiftly picked up the envelope and headed out the door.

Annie made her way to the Yacht Club before she opened the envelope. When she did, she found the papers that finalized her divorce from Adam. Annie regarded them with somewhat of a heavy heart. Before she could delve into her feelings, JR showed up. JR said that Annie had seemed upset when she left the house. Annie initially told JR to mind his own business and tried to get JR to leave her alone.

Annie's will was weak so, with a little more prodding, JR was able to find out information about the divorce papers. JR thought that Annie would want to celebrate the news, but Annie said it was a reminder of her failure. Annie admitted that while she did love Adam, what she loved more was what Adam could provide.

Annie said that she'd felt she'd finally get things right by marrying Scott. JR agreed blithely and then listened as Annie reviewed all of the times that she had been married. The thing that Annie cherished most of all was that her marriage to Adam had given Annie access to an amazing family. JR pushed for what Annie thought she would get out of marrying Scott.

Annie was a bit incensed by the question, and stated plainly that she loved Scott. Annie pointed out that Scott loved her as well, despite all of her flaws. Annie also pointed out how good Scott was with Emma, and said that Scott gave Emma all the things that Annie had wanted as a little girl.

JR abandoned the line of questioning almost as quickly as it had begun. JR changed tacks and lauded Annie for what she'd said to Marissa. Annie said that she'd been sincere, and said she was really trying to do the right thing. Annie's phone rang and interrupted the conversation. Annie looked at her phone and realized was Adam. She quickly took the call, while a stunned JR tried to listen.

Annie apologized to Adam for leaving so many messages. Annie tried to explain that she'd wanted to end the marriage civilly, but said that Adam had left her no choice. Annie fell silent as Adam tried to tear her apart with his words. Finally, JR grabbed the phone and lit into his father. JR stood up for Annie until Adam hung up on him. Annie was amazed, and thanked JR for his words.

Jesse, elated by the news, told Angie that he would take wonderful care of her during the pregnancy. Jake offered to steal Amanda away and pick up a celebratory dessert so that Angie and Jesse could have some alone time. Amanda wanted to show Jesse where Trevor's bottle was before she and Jake left. Once alone again with Angie, Jake promised that everything would be all right.

Jake and Amanda left a few moments later, and Angie gathered her courage. Jesse was in full-fledged celebration mode. Angie tried to interrupt Jesse's unadulterated joy, but Jesse continued to talk over her. Jesse told Angie not to worry about all of the new parent duties because he would do them all. He then wrapped Angie in a tight hug, and Angie gave up trying to calm Jesse down.

Angie apologized for not telling Jesse about the pregnancy sooner, but said she wanted to wait until they were alone. Jesse begged Angie to stop apologizing for the best news they could have ever received. Jesse wondered aloud what reactions their older children would have about a new brother or sister. Angie said that she wanted to wait to share the news, and Jesse quickly agreed.

Jesse wanted to continue the celebration with a toast and poured two glasses of sparkling water. Jesse recalled that he had missed much of Frankie's childhood, but promised that he wouldn't be so cavalier with the newest member of the family. Angie agreed that she and Jesse had indeed been given a miracle, but knew that she could no longer keep the truth from him. Angie told Jesse that the news she'd received from the doctor hadn't all been good.

Jesse asked what Angie hadn't told him yet. Angie struggled for words, so Jesse tried to guess what was wrong. Angie knew that Jesse would never be able to figure out the details on his own, and became more dismayed with every suggestion. Finally, Jesse asked if Angie was worried something would happen during the pregnancy. Angie said that something already had happened, but told Jesse she wasn't sure how to tell him.

Jesse continued to assume that he knew what was bothering Angie. Angie managed to interrupt and thank Jesse for how protective he was of their family. Jesse tried to ease the worry out of his voice, and said that he could handle anything. Angie started to tell Jesse about Ramon, the patient she'd worked on without protective gear. Before she could get too far into the story, Trevor started to cry. Jesse offered to check on Trevor, and rushed off. Within moments, Angie was struck by another episode of vision loss.

Jesse emerged from the bedroom with a screaming toddler in his arms. Jesse asked Angie to get Trevor's bottle from the refrigerator. Angie balked at the request, and then finally told Jesse that she couldn't do as he asked. When Jesse asked why, Angie told him that she couldn't see.

Miranda left the house briefly to retrieve her doll. Bianca took advantage of some alone time with Caleb. She realized how serious Caleb was about getting Cortlandt Electronics back, and Caleb said JR had no idea who he was dealing with. Bianca warned Caleb that JR was ruthless, but Caleb viewed JR as spoiled.

Bianca asked Caleb if he'd seen the nanotech project description on the Chandler webpage. Before Caleb could answer, Bianca noticed Scott in the doorway to the living room. Caleb turned in his chair, and demanded to know why Scott was there. Scott and Bianca tried to exchange some pleasantries and small talk but Caleb only wanted to talk about business.

When Miranda returned, Bianca quickly ushered her daughter out of the living room so the two men could talk. Scott quickly explained that he was not supportive of what JR had done to acquire Cortlandt Electronics. Scott said that he didn't want Caleb as an enemy. Scott said he'd hoped Caleb might accept a peace offering: dinner with Scott and Annie.

Caleb believed that Scott was cleaning up the mess that JR had created. Scott said that his offer was completely separate from what JR had done. Scott believed that it was time for the rift between the Chandler and Cortlandt families to be healed. Caleb asked what JR thought of Scott's ideal way of thinking. Scott said that he didn't need JR's approval on everything. Scott told Caleb he would be in touch at a later time.

Bianca returned to the living room just as Scott was leaving. Once Scott was gone, Caleb asked what Bianca thought of Scott. Bianca said that Scott was a good and honest person who wanted to fix JR wrongdoings. Caleb disagreed, and said that JR and Scott were fighting to be on top. Bianca noted that Caleb seemed fascinated by the family. Caleb said that it was important to know your enemies.

A little while later, Miranda caught Caleb alone in the living room, and he was talking to the portrait of Palmer. The little girl was unfazed because she talked to a picture of her other mother all of the time. Bianca rejoined them and, after glancing at Palmer's portrait, noted that Palmer had always been good at getting something -- good or bad -- out of others. Bianca said that Palmer would have been happy that Caleb was fighting for the company. She added that Erica would want the same thing.

Amanda and Jake stopped at Krystal's restaurant for dessert. Amanda was overjoyed about the Hubbards' pregnancy. She soon realized that Jake was not on the same page. Amanda asked for details, but Jake tried to skirt the issue. Amanda told Jake that she could very easily tell when he was preoccupied. Jake finally caved and admitted there was more going on with Angie than anyone realized.

Jake debated on whether or not to tell Amanda the whole story. He finally decided that he couldn't hold the secret in any longer. Jake said that Angie had gotten sick from treating a little boy without taking proper medical precautions. Because of that illness, Angie might not be able to carry the baby to term.

Marissa ran into Scott in the Chandler living room. After some light banter, Marissa revealed that Annie had apologized. Scott acknowledged how much Annie had hurt Marissa, but said that he believed Annie really wanted to make things right before the wedding. Scott encouraged Marissa to give Annie a second chance, because that was the kind of person Marissa was.

Marissa admitted that she wasn't as trusting as she used to be. Marissa said that she knew how much Scott loved Annie. Marissa hoped aloud that if Scott and Annie were able to live happily ever after, Marissa and JR could do the same thing.



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