One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on OLTL

John suspected that Bennett Thompson was an alias for Eli. Blair caught Eli in a lie, but he managed to cover it up. Evangeline passed away after being removed from life support. Téa and Todd explained Téa's terminal illness to Starr. Cole received a light sentence after Todd testified on his behalf. Eli was determined to get rid of Hannah. Inez explained why she had abandoned her young sons.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 26, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, July 26, 2010

As Rex was unconscious on his bed in Boston, a gloved Eli entered the room. He looked through the papers Rex had compiled and said that Rex was making a big mistake. Finding no photos in the files, he related that fact was the reason that Rex was still breathing. Eli's phone rang and he answered it to Blair. She wanted to say goodnight and maybe see him. He told her that he had a lot of work to do, but it would all be cleaned up that night. She told him that he wasn't allowed to pull work-related all-nighters once they were married. He said he had to get back to work, but promised he'd see her soon.

Once off the phone, Eli wondered how many things had to line up in order to get him into the mess he was in. The Banner had run his picture in the paper. Melinda was reading the paper, which Rodney happened to see. Rodney had recognized Eli's face from an incident from years before and warned Melinda that her niece Blair was in trouble if she was seeing Eli. However, Eli was lucky enough to intercept Melinda's phone call and get to California in enough time to stop Melinda from talking. Eli claimed to be a decent guy that was just doing what he had to.

Eli related that he needed to find a way to get Rex off the case. He suggested pushing Gigi down the stairs, but that would make John suspicious. Pushing Marty down the stairs had kept John off his trail for a little while, but not long enough. As Eli contemplated the pros and cons of killing Rex versus keeping him alive, there was a knock on the door. A man announced himself as Glenn from the Hall of Records, and said he had the information that Rex had requested. Thinking quickly, Eli opened the door and introduced himself as Rex Balsom.

Glenn presented Eli with all the information he could find about the Bennett Thompsons. Eli asked if Glenn had been followed and warned him that someone would probably pretend to be him and try to get information out of Glenn. He handed Glenn some money and told him not to talk to anyone. As Eli walked away, Glenn wished that he had never met the man. Back in the room, Eli sifted through the files and found a marriage license. He said he wouldn't want Blair to see it, but then reasoned that maybe Rex should see everything.

Eli wanted Rex to think he was seeing the whole truth in the papers, but not before Eli made a few "edits." Eli thought that Rex would be out for several more hours, which would give him enough time to change the documents. He wondered who else could link him to Bennett Thompson and thought of Evangeline. However, he knew she'd soon be gone.

At the hospital in Maryland, Mrs. Williamson admitted to Layla that she wasn't going to fight anymore. She had talked to the lawyer that had helped Evangeline out with her living will and he said that Evangeline was serious about her wishes. Evangeline had been a fighter, but also a realist. Mrs. Williamson wanted for Evangeline what her daughter wanted for herself. Layla suggested they wait a little while, but Mrs. Williamson said there was no point and that she would go get the doctor. Layla was in disbelief that her sister was about to die.

Mrs. Williamson returned, saying that the doctor was on her way. Layla suggested that they call friends of Evangeline, but her mother wanted to keep it to family. The doctor entered asking if they'd come to a decision about Evangeline. Layla and her mother wanted to honor Evangeline's wishes to not be hooked up to machines in order to live. The doctor confirmed that they were sure and left to get the forms that needed to be signed. Mrs. Williamson announced that it was time to say goodbye.

Mrs. Williamson took her turn first, so Cristian and Layla exited the room. Layla wondered how she could ever let go, but Cristian reassured her that she would always carry Evangeline with her. Layla's turn to say goodbye was next, but she didn't know what to say. Cristian asked if he could have some time with Evangeline even though he wasn't family. He entered the hospital room with Mrs. Williamson's approval. Cristian thanked Evangeline for getting him out of his "deepest hole," and for believing in, and defending, him. He wished he could help her out of this, but told her he would never forget her.

Layla entered next and, with Cristian's support, told her sister that she couldn't imagine a world without Evangeline in it. She would miss her older sister until the day that she died. Mrs. Williamson arrived with the doctor, and declared that the forms were signed. The doctor shut the machines off as Mrs. Williamson, Layla, and Cristian cried at Evangeline's bedside. Mrs. Williamson told her daughter to "rest easy" as she flat-lined.

David entered the living room at La Boulaie and demanded that Dorian step away from her computer. She read out loud as she typed her status update, "David Vickers has a small..." David was angry to read that Dorian thought he had a small mind. As the two bickered about MyFace postings, Dorian grabbed two figurines to throw at David, and he picked up a fire poker. Blair entered and wondered what was wrong with the two. Blair told them to get a room, but David said he already had one with Viki, his "former friend."

David and Dorian bickered about Charlie and Viki, but a confused Blair interrupted because she wanted to know what had happened. The two filled Blair in on Charlie and Viki's scheme, and claimed that they had left the country in shame. Blair admitted that they probably went about things the wrong way, but that David and Dorian were driving everyone crazy by denying that they were in love. David wondered how she knew about real love, to which Blair replied that she had known ever since Eli proposed to her.

Dorian wondered why Blair was rushing into things while David warned Blair not to "blow it this time." Blair explained why she loved Eli and reminded Dorian that Eli wasn't Todd. Dorian changed her tune and congratulated her niece. David and Dorian began to argue about Eli, but Blair interrupted again, wondering how they had ganged up on her seconds earlier, but were already fighting again. Dorian commanded David to leave, and he left.

Dorian asked Blair about her wedding plans, to which Blair replied that she and Eli wanted to get married as soon as possible. Blair was sure that this wedding would be her last. Blair wished that David and Dorian would work things out, but Dorian vowed to prove that she no longer loved David. Blair wished her aunt luck and left Dorian with her computer. Later, Blair walked down the stairs in a bright pink overcoat. She called Eli and hung up after getting his voicemail. She opened her coat to reveal lingerie and walked out of the house.

At Rodi's, Gigi wanted to clarify that Natalie didn't want to have the baby, but John interrupted looking for cigars. Kelly entered, wondering what had happened that everyone was celebrating. Brody informed Kelly that he and Jessica were going to have a baby and went to get a cigar with John. Kelly was happy that Jessica could enjoy things without worry. John and Brody went outside to enjoy their cigars, so Gigi and Natalie continued their conversation. Natalie explained that she'd always wanted kids, but with her husband. She and John weren't ready for that conversation yet. Plus, Natalie didn't want to ruin Jessica and Brody's happiness.

Natalie reminded Gigi that there had been many times that Jessica had almost been lost, and they both knew what had happened to Brody in the past. However, Gigi reassured Natalie that Jessica and Brody had both survived the things that had happened to them. She also told Natalie that she couldn't keep anything from John for very long.

John returned and asked Kelly if she had heard from Rex. She informed him that she had just spoken to Rex and was confident that she would find her mother's killer. John wanted Kelly to let him know about any updates. Kelly left and Natalie returned to talk to John. She asked him how he was with all the baby talk. John was happy for Jessica and Brody and related that Natalie was all he needed.

Catching up with Gigi, Brody updated her on the good news. Gigi related that she had good news too -- she was going to college. She also divulged that she and Rex were starting over. Brody was happy that she was finally getting her happy ending. Jessica and Brody decided that it was time to go home. They said goodbye to everyone and left. John told Gigi that he would close and told her she could leave as well.

As Gigi left, she reminded Natalie that she was there for her friend. Gigi told Natalie to sleep on it and not to make any huge decisions yet. She assured Natalie that she wasn't alone. Gigi left and texted Rex "goodnight. Sweet dreams."

As John closed Rodi's up, he wanted to know what Natalie had wanted to tell him earlier. Thinking quickly, she told John that she didn't like his hair. He didn't buy it, but accepted it "for now." Grateful, Natalie hugged John.

David walked into the diner to find Kelly on her computer. He informed her that Dorian was impossible. Kelly told him to get a room, but David took Kelly's computer in order to prove that he no longer loved Dorian. His relationship status on MyFace boasted "single and loving it!!" However, he was visibly disappointed that he had no messages from Dorian. Kelly grabbed her computer back, saying that she had more important things to do. She left the diner, looking at her phone and wondering why Rex hadn't called her yet.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Téa, Todd, Dani, and Nate took in the sights of New York City and stopped at various places that Téa recalled from her childhood. Todd admitted he had not gotten lots of sleep the night before as he had to keep an eye on Nate in the event that Nate wanted to visit Dani's room. The teens were in awe at the various sights, and Nate couldn't believe that they had flown in Todd's private jet and stayed at a five-star hotel. He and Dani agreed that Todd could be generous, and Nate felt he owed something to Todd for saving his life.

Todd made a scene every time Nate and Dani attempted to share any affection with each other. Téa urged Todd to calm down as she suggested that everyone hold hands. They paused at the fancy high-rise building where Téa lived as a child, and she admitted that she slept in the basement apartment with her father, who was the superintendent.

Dani was confused, since she thought her mother had been rich. Téa confessed that she had been ashamed, but her father had sacrificed a great deal for her. She received a scholarship to the private school that all the rich girls had attended, thanks to one of the tenants. She had been friends with the girls but couldn't allow them to see where she lived. She had even ignored her own father if she saw him while she was out with her friends. She never appreciated her dad, Téa revealed.

Nate asked Téa about her mom but Téa stated her mother died when Téa was young. "How'd that foot taste?" Todd sarcastically asked Nate. He continued to be mean to Nate every chance he had, and Téa had to run interference. She had a long bucket list of places to visit. She had a new addition to the list, and she asked Todd to drop the charges against Cole. Todd didn't think it had anything to do with Téa, but she thought that it did. She pointed out that Cole was Hope's father, and Hope was Dani's niece. More importantly, he owed it to Starr, who had stood up for him, Téa concluded. She also knew that the state wouldn't have a case without Todd.

Dani thought that it could take a lifetime to learn about her mother, but Nate had an idea. He suggested she interview her mom and ask her everything she had a question about. It could be videotaped, and Dani would have a memoir. Dani thought it was a fabulous idea and as she put her arms around Nate to give him a kiss, Todd yelled for the couple to halt. Todd called Nate "Lover Boy" and Dani ordered Todd to stop calling him that. Dani insisted they were allowed to kiss. "Says who?" Todd inquired. "Me," Téa responded.

Téa announced that Todd and Nate had to leave because Todd had something to do. Todd thought the girls deserved some "alone time." He berated Nate further for some of the boy's comments, and Téa yelled at Todd to shut up. Dani ordered her father to be nice to Nate on the way back to Llanview, and as the men walked away, Todd informed Nate there were "ground rules to discuss."

Later, the women stood next to a fountain and Téa explained how her mother had given her pennies to toss into the fountain for wishes. That was one thing she remembered about her mother. She instructed Dani to close her eyes and make a wish and throw her penny into the water. Dani obeyed and asked Téa if her own wishes had ever turned out to be true. Téa gently put her hands on her daughter's face and looked into her eyes. "The most important one," she said.

At St. Anne's, Hannah walked around her bedroom and announced to the empty space that she was not crazy and had no reason to be there because she didn't push Marty. Suddenly, she imagined she saw Cole when he arrived to visit her. Her imaginary visitor begged her not to give up on life as she explained that she had to save him from Eli. She had no clue why Eli had pushed Marty or hurt Ford, but she was sure that Eli had pressured Ford into blaming her the way he had pressured her into acting crazy. She could understand it if Cole didn't believe her.

Cole assured her he believed her and would see to it that everyone else did too. He understood that she lied to protect him, but he didn't think that would stop Eli. He thought they might have a short breather before Eli would make another move. He promised to help Hannah, since she saved his life. He suggested that she "scheme" her way out of St. Anne's; he was sure she could find a way. Cole pronounced that after she escaped, they could team up and put Eli away. Just then, Hannah was roused from her daydream when an orderly knocked on her door. He had a meal for her and as he walked in, she saw his phone.

She pretended to cry and requested a tissue. She admitted she was lonely with no one to talk to. She balked at his suggestion that she speak to her counselor and maintained that he would only put her on drugs. She watched him text and proclaimed that he was lucky to have a girlfriend to talk to. The young man revealed that he didn't have a girlfriend, and Hannah invited him to stay and chat. He put his phone down on a nearby table.

Later, Hannah assured the orderly she felt better as he left her room. He noted that he was the one who had done all the talking. She turned around and smiled as she looked at the young man's phone.

As Starr and Cole prepared to leave for Cole's court appearance, Starr did her best to initiate a discussion about Hannah. Cole refused to talk even though Starr implored him to clear things up. She noted that they always argued whenever she broached the subject. Cole reminded her that Hannah had a breakdown, but Starr accused him of always defending Hannah. She remarked that Hannah was a menace who had manipulated Cole, but he blamed himself for many of the incidents that had occurred. He felt guilty, though Starr noted that John had believed in Hannah too.

Deciding it was time, Cole confessed that he had almost slept with Hannah, but nothing had happened. Starr asked if he'd kissed Hannah, and Cole acknowledged that he did. Starr pushed for all of the details and continued to barrage Cole with questions. She inquired whether Cole and Hannah had removed their clothes, and Cole reluctantly declared they had. Starr began to cry and asked Cole, "How could you do that to us?" She shrieked that she hated Cole. He insisted he had been confused, and he loved her. Starr didn't think that was true.

Cole tried to explain that he thought Starr had slept with James, especially after he found her diploma and the condom wrapper. Starr was furious that he blamed her for his tryst with Hannah, and she emphasized she had left to protect him. Cole admitted he had been trying to get back at Starr. She demanded to know if he had feelings for Hannah. Starr indicated that she felt sorry for Hannah, but the young woman had managed to get Cole away for one reason, and that was to have him for herself. Cole reminded Starr that Starr left town because she said she needed time away, but it wasn't true. Starr again stated that she had lied to protect Cole, but Cole questioned how he would have known that.

Starr wondered what had happened to them because they used to be a team. Cole thought they still were, but Starr insisted that he was still on Hannah's side. Cole maintained that he just wanted to know the truth. Starr declared that Hannah had confessed, and she was amazed that Cole didn't seem to believe Hannah's confession.

Cole agreed that Hannah had not really seen Todd push Marty, but he was doubtful that she committed any crime. She had moved on from Ford, so he didn't think she would have attacked him. Starr proclaimed that Hannah had moved on to Cole, but Cole repeated that nothing had happened. He had lost his mind briefly, but he didn't want Hannah. His world revolved around Starr and Hope, and he wanted Starr's forgiveness. Starr knew that Cole loved them, but she thought it was time for them to head to court. She walked out, and a distressed Cole remained still.

Back in Llanview, Eli made a quick call to the Boston hotel and requested they deliver a package he had left at the desk, to Rex. Eli arrived at La Boulaie and knocked on the door. Blair opened it, but when she saw Eli, she slammed the door in his face. He knocked again, and she opened the door and accused him of lying about his previous night's whereabouts. She wondered what else he had lied about and thought that he was a "lying dog."

She compared him to Todd and stated she had wasted too much time with men like Todd. She couldn't be with a man who lied. Eli was offended and told her he had a good reason to lie because he had a secret. Blair growled that she hated secrets, but Eli insisted that she wouldn't be able to find anyone better than him. He thought Blair would kick herself when she learned about his true mission. Claiming to have been on a plane to New York City to make arrangements for their future, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a diamond engagement ring. Blair squealed, thrilled with her new accessory, and forgave Eli for his lapse. They kissed and made up.

After Eli left, Blair ran to show Dorian her new acquisition, but Dorian wasn't around. Instead, she admired the ring herself and said, "Boy can you pick 'em."

Kelly knocked on Rex's Boston hotel room door and called his name repeatedly. After some time had elapsed, Rex finally opened his eyes and tumbled from the bed. Staggering and bleary-eyed, he pulled the door open and asked Kelly why she was visiting him so late at night. She yelled at him that it was daylight and, worried that she hadn't heard from him the night before, she had flown to Boston. She was angry that he had decided to party and clearly, she wouldn't pay him for his time.

Rex was unable to recall if he had met with his contact and couldn't remember anything after he began to eat his dinner. He couldn't understand why he hadn't heard from his contact. He looked at his phone and saw several calls from Kelly as well as a call and text message from Gigi. He insisted he would have picked up, since he had established special ring tones for both women.

Just then, the room phone rang, and Rex answered it. He learned that the front desk had a package for him. He asked about his room service bill, and the desk clerk advised him that he had signed for it when the food was delivered. Rex watched Kelly begin to help herself to some of the food on the room service cart, but Kelly ignored him as he shouted to her. He had no choice but to grab her and wrestle her onto the bed, knocking the food from her hand. Rex declared that Bennett Thompson had probably been to his room and drugged the salsa.

Kelly was skeptical, but Rex insisted that he wasn't a heavy sleeper. He didn't sign for the food, and he didn't eat much, which was something he always did. He asked for Kelly's trust and thought that if Bennett Thompson had made it look like Melinda and Rodney had died from heart attacks, he was certainly capable of poisoning Rex's food. Kelly wondered why Bennett hadn't intercepted the package, but Rex thought that he actually had. He pointed out that Glenn, the Hall of Records clerk, didn't know what Rex looked like. Thompson might have met with him and accepted the package. Kelly added that he could have removed what pertained to himself.

Rex suggested they head to the Hall of Records and speak to Glenn. They might be able to find out who Bennett Thompson really was.

Eli arrived at the courtroom and, alone, opened his briefcase. He pulled out a document from Boston that read "Hall of Records." The name of Bennett Thompson was there along with the heading of Evangeline Williamson, attorney at law. There were check marks in different columns headed "attended" and "wanted again," and the dates included the years 2001 and 2002. He hastily shoved it back just before Cole and Starr walked in.

Eli asked Starr to wait outside so that he could speak to his client. He told Cole that he wanted to get the charges dropped, and he thought that if Cole blamed his actions on Hannah, they would have success. Cole didn't like the idea, but Eli asserted that Hannah was troubled and certainly a cause for the attack on Todd. Just then, Cole's phone rang. It was Hannah. Out in the hallway, Starr sat on a bench and waited. She looked up at Todd as he approached her. He smiled tentatively at his daughter.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In New York City, in front of the fountain in Central Park, Téa and Danielle considered making another wish. Téa thought she'd already had all the wishes granted that she could ever need, but Danielle, upset, made the obvious suggestion: wishing for a cure for glioblastoma. Clutching her daughter to her chest, Téa suggested they stick to the wishes they knew could come true. Danielle refused to believe there wasn't a way to save her mother; she reminded Téa of how she'd always taught her to work hard and fight for what she wanted in life. Téa didn't believe there was a point in fighting nature, and said that all they could do was try to find happiness together as a family for as long as they could.

Téa told Danielle how grateful she was that Danielle and Todd had gotten past their differences, and said that she felt confident that Todd had gotten past his issues with Cole and Starr, and wouldn't treat Nate and Danielle the same way. "Todd will always be there for you," Téa told her daughter. "I'm starting to figure that out," Danielle assented, and suggested they head back to Llanview to be there for Todd for the beginning of Cole's trial. Téa agreed, and they left the park.

Back in Llanview, Ford paced in James's empty hospital room while reading the latest Sun article about Cole's trial. His eyes raked across the photos of the witnesses to Cole's assault on Todd, and his gaze fixed on the image of Nate. "You're my brother," he mused to himself.

At the Buenos Dias Cafe, Nate greeted Inez, who quickly shoved something back into her handbag. Inez attempted to distract him by asking about his trip to New York, but eagle-eyed Nate was determined to know what his mother was hiding from him. Inez reluctantly showed Nate the foreclosure notice on the Salinger house, which ordered them to vacate the premises that very day. Nate was stunned, but Inez told him not to worry, and promised she'd figure out a solution to their problem. "Figure what out?" Nate asked, apoplectic, and Inez admitted she didn't know, but she'd think of something, anything.

Just then, Inez got a phone call from Ford, who ordered her to meet him at the hospital. Hanging up, Inez lied to Nate and said she had a job interview. Citing it as proof of their good fortune, she told the teen that everything would be fine and he didn't have to worry. As Inez hurried out, Nate stared at the foreclosure notice.

At a nearby booth, Bo and Nora attempted to enjoy breakfast together, but Nora was preoccupied - she didn't want to prosecute Cole for assault, but the judge refused to take the Commonwealth's plea agreement, and her hands were tied. Bo was confident she'd find a way to help the boy, and told "Red" he had faith in her. Nora kissed him, and sadly said she wished she felt the same.

After Nora left, Bo finished his meal and prepared to head for the station, only to stop when he noticed Nate at the lunch counter. He identified the frightened teen as the boy who'd stolen Danielle from Matthew, then taken stolen money from the mob. Terrified, Nate babbled about his mother and the foreclosure notice, and begged Bo not to arrest him.

Bo told Nate to relax, and said no one was getting arrested as he didn't have his handcuffs. He asked the boy about his family's money troubles, and Nate explained that Inez had lost her job in the failing economy and had spent months searching for work. When Bo asked about his father, Nate told him that his dad had kicked Inez out while she was pregnant, and he didn't care whether the man was alive or dead.

Bo told Nate that there were state and federal programs that could help his family make ends meet, but Nate said that he and his mother didn't want charity. Bo said Nate wasn't the only one who faced tough times, handed the teen his card, and suggesting Nate call if his family decided to apply for financial aid. Nate asked why Bo was helping him, and Bo jokingly asked if he needed to get his handcuffs. Nate said Bo should hate him. "I know that," Bo replied, "but I don't. Call me."

After Bo departed, Nate stared at the foreclosure notice, then at Bo's card. Finally, he looked up and noticed the "Help Wanted" sign over the Buenos Dias kitchen.

At the hospital, Inez arrived in James's hospital room to find it empty, except for Ford. Inez was frantic for news on her middle child, but Ford told her that James was merely having more tests run, and angrily warned her not to pretend she cared. Inez insisted she loved James, and asked "Bobby" why he'd called. Showing Inez the Sun article that had run Nate's photo, Ford declared that the younger boy was his long-lost brother, and Inez didn't deny it. Outraged, Ford told Inez she really was the slut their father had made her out to be.

Inez told Ford that Nate was his full-blood brother; she explained that her husband, Eddie, had been an abusive monster, and she'd lived in fear, too frightened of his wrath to even think of being unfaithful. Despite that, Eddie had been sure that Nate wasn't his, and had thrown her out of their home by the hair, and out of James and Ford's lives forever. She'd attempted to obtain custody of the other boys, but death threats from Eddie's criminal organization had kept her away. "I was worried for my son," Inez sobbed, to which Ford cried, "I was your son!" Weeping, Inez told Ford she'd thought of him and James every day, sat outside their school, and watched them go to and from home; she'd wanted to take them with her, hold them and keep them warm, but she'd been locked out of their lives.

Struggling with his emotions, Ford refused to believe his mother's words, and accused her of using Nate to steal their father's money and take revenge. Inez said she hadn't known anything about the money and would never have done that to James; she swore that she loved all her sons. Ford didn't buy it, and told Inez that as far as he was concerned, Nate wasn't his brother, nor was she James's mother; James didn't know she existed, and if he ever found out about her or Nate, Ford would hold her responsible. "Please, Bobby," Inez pleaded, "we're family!" "We're done here," Ford said coldly.

As Ford turned his back on her, Inez told him that he could push her away, but she wasn't leaving her sons a second time. "I gave up on you once," she said, "and I will never do that again." After Inez walked out, Ford's composure broke and he burst into tears.

Out on the streets of Llanview, an emotional Inez drove away from the hospital, but was stopped by a cop car. Wiping her eyes, she asked the officer what she'd done, and Bo leaned into her open driver's side window.

At the courthouse, Cole was surprised to receive a call from Hannah in St. Anne's. Talking fast, Hannah said she had to see him, but Cole reminded her that he was on trial for attempted murder, thanks to her. Hannah insisted that she hadn't pushed Marty and told the skeptical Cole that there was a lot he didn't know, but they couldn't discuss it over the phone. As Cole lost his patience and began yelling into the phone, Elijah realized Cole was talking to Hannah, and ordered Cole to hand him the phone. "Is that Eli?" Hannah whispered. "Don't say it's me!"

Elijah took the phone from Cole and walked across the courtroom and out of earshot, snarling at Hannah in hushed tones. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he hissed, and asked her if she'd forgotten their agreement. Hannah told Elijah that if he hurt Cole, she'd tell the world what he'd done, and Elijah asked her who would believe a mental patient. "Cole would," Hannah replied, but Elijah told her Cole was on trial for attempted murder; with or without him, Cole had little chance of avoiding prison, but Elijah could determine how much time Cole served, or whether he'd even live to see the inside of a cell.

Hannah said Elijah couldn't kill Cole. "Don't make me," Elijah replied coolly. "Never speak to him again." Hanging up on Hannah, Elijah returned to Cole's side all smiles, and apologized to him for Hannah's outburst. He called her a "poor kid" who didn't know the difference between reality and fantasy. Cole was suspicious, and told Elijah that Hannah had almost sounded sane. "If only she were," Elijah sighed, and told him not to worry - Hannah could never hurt him or his family again.

At St. Anne's, Hannah was beside herself with worry for Cole. Thinking aloud, she knew she couldn't tell Cole the truth, as Elijah was watching his every move, but she had to talk to someone. Slowly, it dawned on her whom she could call.

Back at the courthouse, Starr was surprised to see Todd join her in the corridor outside the courtroom. Starr asked Todd where he'd been, and Todd explained that he'd been in New York with Téa and Danielle. He told her he had something to tell her, but before he could get a word in edgewise, Starr said she knew what he wanted to talk about - his testimony against Cole. She urged him to tell the truth, but to be fair to Cole and to Todd's history with the Thornharts. Todd asked if she and Cole had kissed and made up, and Starr flashed back to Cole's confession of his intimate encounter with Hannah.

Starr told Todd that her and Cole's troubles weren't all Cole's fault; Hannah had been on a mission to break them up, and Cole had been given reason to doubt her. No matter what Todd's differences were with him, Cole was still Hope's father, and Starr knew her father had a good side as well. "Really, where?" Todd quipped. Starr told him she didn't want her daughter to grow up without a father, and she knew Todd could relate to that.

Marty entered the corridor and backed up Starr's plea. She admitted that she'd believed Hannah's lies as well, and asked Todd not to take the coed's manipulations out on Cole. Fed up, Todd told Marty to tell it to Nora, or the judge, and entered the courtroom.

As Nora entered the courtroom, Marty stopped her, begging for a moment, but Nora said she was sorry and had to do her job. Helpless, Marty and Starr took their seats in the gallery. Then, the judge entered, and the court went into session.

As Nora began to present the Commonwealth's case, she strained to make her opening statement as benign to Cole as possible. As Cole listened in, he grew frustrated and rose from his seat; he told the judge that he'd attacked Todd and wanted to take responsibility for it. Elijah ordered him to sit down, but the judge allowed Cole to address the court. Stepping forward, Cole said there was no point to the trial; he'd believed Todd had attacked his mother and killed her unborn child, and had assaulted him in retaliation. But Cole's reasons didn't justify his actions, and he shouldn't have done it; Todd was innocent, Cole was guilty, and he owed Todd an apology.

Facing the judge, Cole said that he'd pleaded not guilty because the plea agreement wasn't accepted, and he didn't want to go to jail; the truth, however, was that he was guilty, and he was ready to be punished for what he'd done. The judge asked Cole if he was sure he wanted to plead guilty, and Cole replied that he was. The judge decided to move on to sentencing, and Nora suggested Cole be sentenced to time served and community service. The judge felt the charges were far more serious than Nora was willing to acknowledge, and told the court he wanted Todd's opinion on sentencing. All eyes turned to Todd as the judge asked him to take the stand.

Todd took the stand and began to speak about Cole's case. He admitted that he'd never liked Cole, right from the beginning; he thought the boy would take what he wanted from Starr and then throw her away. He still felt Starr was better off without Cole. Todd stopped mid-sentence as he saw Téa and Danielle entering the gallery, then continued, admitting that Cole and Marty had good reasons to hate him for what he'd done. He said he'd have done what Cole did in the boy's position, and that he loved Starr and Hope and would hate to see Hope grow up without a father, no matter who he was; therefore, he believed the judge should let Cole go home.

Todd's loved ones were visibly touched by his words, and as Todd stepped down from the stand, the judge passed sentence on Cole. He accepted Nora's recommendation of time served plus probation and community service. Lecturing Cole to keep his nose clean, the judge said he was free to go, and court was adjourned. Starr and Marty were delighted, and Cole thanked Elijah for his help. "Don't thank me," Elijah replied, "thank your victim." He recommended Cole cease all contact with Hannah, and quickly left the courtroom.

Todd approached his family in the gallery, and accepted Marty's gratitude, as well as Cole's. Cole apologized to Todd and said he appreciated getting another chance. Smirking, Todd took Cole aside and quietly told him to keep smiling as he explained that he wasn't giving the teen another chance. He'd freed Cole for Starr and Hope's sake, to make them happy. "For now, you punk, you owe me," Todd whispered, and said he intended to collect.

Todd left the courtroom, followed by Téa and Danielle, who were impressed with his magnanimous treatment of Cole. Téa said she was proud of him. "Me too," Danielle added.

Inside the courtroom, Marty thanked Nora, but even Nora had to admit that Todd was the one to thank. Giving Marty a hug, she said goodbye and left. In the gallery, Starr and Cole embraced. Cole couldn't imagine how he would have handled losing her and Hope, and asked Starr if she was still upset about what had happened between him and Hannah in Delaware. Starr admitted she was still angry, but wanted to put it behind her; the important thing was for them to move on together, and forget about Hannah O'Connor.

In Boston, Rex and Kelly arrived at the Hall of Records, determined to meet Glenn, the record-keeper, and discover whether or not the mysterious Bennett Thompson had drugged Rex and taken the pertinent files. Glenn entered the corridor but immediately refused to talk to the duo, having bought Elijah's line about an imposter. Ignoring Rex's I.D., he told them that the "real" Mr. Balsom had warned him not to speak to anyone, and ordered them to get out. Thinking fast, Kelly snatched Glenn's morning bagel and warned him she'd hold his breakfast hostage until he told them what they needed to know.

Glenn refused to give them any information, but Rex pleaded with him by explaining that Thompson had passed himself off as the young private investigator. Kelly warned Glenn that he was aiding and abetting a murderer, who he'd supplied with stolen government documents. Glenn relented, and Rex showed him the remaining files, and asked if they were all the papers he'd left with "Mr. Balsom." Examining the files, Glenn said some documents were missing, but he didn't know which ones, and "Rex" had been given the originals.

Kelly was horrified to realize that all the files on "her" Bennett Thompson were likely gone forever, and decided that they had to track down the man Glenn had met. She asked Glenn for a physical description, and Glenn told her the man he'd encountered was tall and dark-haired, a clean-cut professional in an expensive suit. Snagging his bagel, Glenn told Kelly goodbye and entered his office. Rex and Kelly were stymied by their misfortune, but consoled themselves with having gotten a physical description of Bennett Thompson.

Back at Llanview Hospital, Ford stared at Nate's photo again. A phone call from Hannah interrupted his reverie. She begged him to visit her at St. Anne's; they needed to talk. Ford couldn't see what they had to discuss, but Hannah said he knew exactly what they had to talk about: Elijah Clarke.

As Hannah spoke to Ford, Elijah strode through the halls of St. Anne's, heading for her room.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jessica and Brody walked into the study at Llanfair and were surprised to see David sitting at the computer. He was engaged in a war of words with Dorian as they each updated their MyFace accounts with news of their new relationships. David informed the surprised couple that he resided at Llanfair thanks to Viki. He paused to enjoy a feast, which caused Jessica to gag, and he vigorously assured her that she hadn't gotten sick from eating his fresh-baked muffins.

Outside, Natalie spoke to Gigi on the phone and revealed that she hadn't yet made her decision regarding an abortion. She knew that she didn't want to ruin Jessica's happiness, she was worried about John, and she didn't want to cause Jessica so much trauma that she would have to return to St. Anne's. Gigi suggested that Natalie think about what she herself wanted and not worry about everyone else. Clint arrived via the garden and ran into Natalie. He wanted to know what was wrong because she appeared ill. Natalie claimed she was dehydrated after being sick the previous day.

Jessica announced that Clint was on his way over, and David did his best to hide from his uncle when Clint walked in. Natalie joined the group, and Jessica announced her pregnancy. David wondered why Natalie was still sick if it really wasn't the muffins that caused the women to be ill.

Awkwardly, Natalie informed the group that she had been suffering from sympathy pains since she and Jessica were twins. Clint thought she still looked ill, but Natalie felt better and decided she would go to work after all. Skeptically, David turned to look at her as she left. Clint turned his attention to Jessica and Brody and asked if the pair planned on giving their new child its daddy's name.

Over at La Boulaie, Dorian sat at her desk and updated her MyFace status to include news of her new boyfriend with a large income. Blair walked in and flaunted her hand in Dorian's face so that Dorian would see Blair's new engagement ring. Dorian was thrilled enough to pull herself away from the computer. She was proud of Eli and noted that the man had proven himself. She compared him to David, who was a "louse and loser." Blair explained that she had been angry at Eli for lying about his whereabouts, but she later found out he had gone to New York City to purchase the ring. She thought he had been "up to no good."

Dorian assured Blair that "Eli is not Todd," and Blair finally had a man who wouldn't cause her disappointment or pain. Eli and Blair had Dorian's blessing, Dorian proclaimed. "Just don't screw this up," Dorian warned her niece, or Blair would regret it. They wondered if David really had a new relationship. Dorian thought he was ridiculous, but Blair spoke up. Dorian had never hidden her true feelings about Todd, and she thought that Dorian should follow her own advice. She recommended that Dorian get David out of her life. Dorian jumped up, suddenly remembering that she was late for "something." Blair chuckled to herself. Dorian had fallen for it "hook, line, and sinker."

Langston looked at her phone and noticed that someone had sent Ford a text message. Puzzled, she headed towards the hospital to see him.

While at the hospital, Ford received a phone call from Hannah at St. Anne's. She wanted his help, but Ford played dumb and denied that he knew anyone named Eli Clarke. He reminded her that she was the one who had attacked him, not Eli. He ended the call and was surprised to see Langston enter James's room. Langston explained that she had misplaced her phone and, though she recently found it again, she noticed that someone had sent him a text message to meet with them at La Boulaie. She asked who had sent the text and whether he had gone.

Ford admitted that he had shown up, but he claimed he didn't know who sent the text, and no one was there when he arrived. Langston asked about James, and Ford assured her his brother was doing well. He confessed that he had "messed up" his brother. First their mother had left the house, and then he did, even though he promised James he would return. Their father was a criminal, but Ford wasn't able to take care of James on his own. Ford considered himself to be worse than his mother because he had promised to go back for James while his mother hadn't. Langston offered to help Ford out.

He was sorry for unloading on her, but he had no one else to talk to, a dejected Ford revealed. She began to console him, a nurse knocked at the door, which disturbed them, and advised Cole that his blood test results were negative. Langston pushed Ford for information. She asked if he had suspected he had an STD. She wanted to know whether she might have it. Ford was evasive as Langston lost her composure and began to shriek.

He assured her he had been with the woman after Langston, but she shouted even louder. She couldn't believe that he had already slept with someone else. Not only had they ended their relationship a relatively short time before, but he had also been in the hospital for some time. She accused him of being a "player" and stormed out.

At St. Anne's, Hannah heard her locked doorknob rattling as she tried to seek help on her pilfered phone. She hastily hid the phone as Eli summoned an orderly to unlock the door. He demanded she hand over the phone and threatened her to ensure that she did what he wanted. She reluctantly gave it to him as he commanded her to tell him why she had called Cole. Defeated, she declared Eli the winner. She just wanted his promise that he wouldn't harm Cole.

Eli lied that he had fought "tooth and nail" and was able to save Cole from going to jail. He thought that Hannah should refrain from pulling another foolish stunt, or he would kill Cole. Hannah assured him that no one believed anything she said anyway, since everyone thought she was crazy. Hannah inquired what Eli had planned for her. He advised her that she had better not put his plan in jeopardy, and once he got everything he needed, it would all be over. Hannah expressed her disbelief as he walked out.

Once outside of Hannah's room, Eli claimed that his phone didn't have a signal and asked the orderly if he could borrow the orderly's phone. He quickly scanned it to find out if Hannah had made any other calls. He saw Ford's number and phoned him. "Hannah?" Ford answered. Eli ordered Ford to reveal what Hannah had told him, but Ford said "not a damn thing." Eli threatened Ford in order to prevent him from keeping anything secret in case he spoke to Hannah in the future.

John spoke to Gigi at Rodi's and informed her that Natalie had called in sick to work. He asked Gigi what was wrong because he knew that Natalie was hiding something. Gigi wondered why he thought that, but they were interrupted when Rex and Kelly walked in. John was annoyed as Gigi ran over to Rex. Kelly headed over to John and told him that Rex had been drugged in Boston and the papers stolen. She felt that they were dealing with a man who would do anything to keep from getting caught.

Further, they were out of leads. Kelly wondered how the suspect had even known that Rex would be where he was. Kelly advised John that the only thing they knew was that the suspect was "tall, dark, and handsome." John grew quiet and thought back to the night that Eli abruptly left Rodi's right after Rex. Kelly realized that John might know something, and she called him on it. Instead, he leaped up and headed for the door.

Unfortunately as John headed out, Natalie was walking inside. He asked her what was wrong because he knew she was in some kind of trouble. He refused to let it go if something was hurting her. Natalie agreed that something was bothering her. She was worried about Jessica and was afraid that something would happen to Jessica if she weren't always happy. She didn't want her sister to suffer, and Natalie would see to it that she didn't. Natalie would give up anything and do anything to be certain of that. John asked what Natalie thought she had to give up. He thought they could work on it together.

Gigi was angry at Rex for putting his life in danger, and she implored him to quit his job. Rex had his own reasons for keeping his job, including the ability to pay for college for Gigi. Rex admitted that he needed to get a blood test to check for the drug that he had been given, and Gigi assured him she wasn't finished. She wanted him to quit the job. Looking over at Natalie, Rex stated that he wanted to talk about his sister when he returned.

Natalie prefaced her speech with "whatever happens," but John was disappointed when Kelly interrupted again. "You can run, but you can't hide," he told Natalie as she rose to give them privacy. Kelly asked what John thought he knew about Bennett Thompson. Natalie sauntered over to Gigi and informed her that she needed to take care of things right away.

Out on the street, Bo pulled Inez over and advised her the car she was driving had a broken brake light. He also stated that she had been driving erratically. Inez apologized and told him she had been distracted. He forced her to leave her car to walk a straight line, and Inez wondered if he wanted her to touch her nose with her eyes closed or recite the alphabet backwards as well. She was on the verge of hysteria as she finally admitted that her son hated her because she had abandoned him and his brother.

Bo attempted to enter the conversation, but Inez grew frantic and wouldn't allow him to speak. She was guilty of abandonment and, holding out her hands, she encouraged him to arrest her. She'd destroyed her sons' lives, and she deserved any payback that she got. Inez thought her son would be very happy to learn that she had been arrested. Bo finally managed to talk, and he suggested that a payback wouldn't make the pain go away. She turned and began to cry on his shoulder as he put his arms around her.

Later, the pair sat down on the curb next to Inez's car. She apologized for her behavior, but Bo assured her he had experience too. His own son sued Bo and Nora even though things turned out for the best. He thought maybe Inez's son would forgive her. Inez mentioned that she needed to care for the son she still had and she had to find a place to live pronto. "Are you Nate's mother?" Bo asked her. Inez assumed he knew from the newspapers, but Bo explained that he'd met Nate earlier in the day and had heard about the house. She was sorry to hear that they had both "dumped" on Bo. Nate was a "good kid," Bo advised Inez.

Inez didn't want Nate to know about his two older brothers because she thought he'd be heartbroken to learn they were kept from him. She thanked Bo for giving her a better day than the one she had previously. He tried to hand her his business card and suggested she call upon him for help. She declined and told him there was nothing he could do about her other sons. Bo asked her to get in touch if she changed her mind.

David announced that he would put Jessica's pregnancy on his "MyFace" page, but Jessica quickly quashed the idea. She didn't want Viki to find out about the pregnancy that way. Brody and Jessica headed outdoors for some privacy, and David was left behind with Clint. David asked Clint not to kill him, but Clint merely wanted Kimberly's whereabouts. David swore that he didn't know. He thought that men should give up women who were bad for them anyway.

As if on cue, Dorian stormed in and demanded that David print a retraction of his latest MyFace status. They each accused the other of creating false relationships and each embellished their faux new partners. As they taunted each other, Dorian suddenly latched onto Clint's arm. She declared that Clint was her new beau.

Out in the garden, Brody advised Jessica that Clint had "beat me to the punch." He told Jessica that he had told her previously that she was his home. She was also his sanity and his everything. Getting down on one knee and promising to buy her a ring, he asked her to marry him. Jessica enthusiastically accepted.

As Blair updated her own MyFace page with news of her engagement, Eli arrived. He informed her that he was able to get the charges against Cole dropped, and he had worked very hard in order to do so. Blair was proud of her man and eager to start planning her wedding. Eli suggested they get married that night.

Langston returned and decided to delete the previous voicemail from Ford asking to see her again.

Hannah was grief-stricken as she realized she had no one to talk to, and no one to help her. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door, and the nun informed her she had a visitor. It was Ford.

Friday, July 30, 2010

At La Boulaie, after David refused to believe that Clint was Dorian's sugar daddy, Clint kissed Dorian. When David asked if Clint was Dorian's "new squeeze," Clint replied that since Dorian and Clint had been engaged before, they were not new. David laughed, and Clint insisted that he and Dorian were "very much an item." David questioned how Clint could take Dorian back, and Clint responded that they were grown-ups, and that they had buried the hatchet. David claimed that burying the hatchet was Dorian and David's relationship, and Dorian exclaimed, "David, we do not have a relationship, do you understand? You, of course, have a mythological relationship with this swimsuit model, and I have a real relationship with a real man."

David yelled, "My swimsuit model is real. Parts of her aren't...but most of her is." As Dorian spoke French to Clint, David screamed that French had been Dorian and David's special language, and David ran out the door. Dorian laughed and told Clint, "You must have wanted to stick it to David more than you wanted to stick it to me." Dorian understood that she owed Clint, who agreed and stated that Dorian was going to pay him back immediately.

In the lobby of La Boulaie, David declared, "I need your help now." Later, when David answered the door to Mandy, he stated that he wanted the preferred customer discount, and that he needed her to pose as a swimsuit model. Mandy indicated that she could be whoever David wanted her to be, as long as he was buying.

Clint revealed to Dorian that he wanted the naming rights to the new sports center and wished for it to be called, "Buchanan Field." Clint voiced that he was willing to pay to have his bid be the top one and told Dorian that if she did not keep him informed of the bids that were submitted through the mayor's office, he would tell David the truth about Clint and Dorian's relationship. Dorian agreed to Clint's terms but insisted, "And Clint, nobody is to know that there is nothing going on between us." Clint shook hands with Dorian, as he said, "Deal." Clint announced, "After the naming ceremony, you can throw out the first pitch," and Dorian remarked that she would get a coach, as David entered the room with Mandy on his arm.

David asserted about Mandy, "She's a swimsuit model, and she's the love of my life." Dorian laughed and blared, "You must think that we're a couple of idiots, if you expect us to believe this." When Dorian commented that she and Clint were late for dinner, David claimed that he and Mandy were, as well, and suggested that the two couples double-date. Dorian and David glared at each other. As David and Mandy strolled out, Clint informed Dorian that she was picking up the tab. Dorian insisted that it would be worth it, if she could prove that David and Mandy were not really a couple. In the lobby, when Mandy told David that the dinner would cost extra, David stressed that it would be worth it, if he could prove that Dorian and Clint were not really a couple. The two couples walked out together on their way to dinner.

Outside of Rodi's, Starr told Cole that she wanted to talk to him before going inside. Cole expressed surprise that Todd had been on Cole's side for court. Starr speculated that Todd knew that it had been Hannah who had pushed Marty down the stairs, and that Todd was giving Cole a second chance with Starr. When Starr asked if Cole wanted their lives together, Cole kissed her. Starr acknowledged that his kiss was a yes and stressed that they still had work to do as a couple. Cole and Starr kissed again.

Inside Rodi's, Kelly guessed that John knew more about Bennett Thompson than what he had admitted to her. "But you have a hunch...and in my book, a John McBain hunch is as good as it gets." When Kelly asked John who Bennett Thompson was, John evaded her question. Kelly begged to know of any new developments with the case, and John informed her that she had to back off. After John reminded Kelly that Rex had just been poisoned, Kelly asked, "What am I supposed to do -- go home and play with my dolls?" John then greeted Starr and Cole, as they walked by.

John informed Cole that he thought that Cole would get "time served plus probation and community service" for the assault on Todd. When Starr announced that Todd had gone to bat for Cole at court, Kelly and Starr left to discuss it privately. After Cole asked if John still believed that Hannah had pushed Marty down the stairs, John maintained that Hannah had confessed, so therefore, no proof existed that she was lying. Cole revealed that Hannah had sworn that she had never hurt either Bobby Ford or Marty, and that when Hannah called him to disclose the truth, Eli had grabbed the phone from her hand. John insisted that they keep that information between them and left.

At his mansion, Todd greeted Téa and Dani and informed Téa that she was moving into the mansion after the wedding, because they were getting married that night. When Todd explained that a justice of the peace would be dropping by the mansion, Dani asked if she could have her own bathroom and ran upstairs to pick one out. When Téa reminded Todd that she was dying, Todd stressed, "Not today, you're not. Today you're getting married, and we're going to enjoy ourselves and our lives together, as along as we can. Anything wrong with it?"

However, Téa exclaimed that she had nothing to wear and asked for the wedding to wait a couple of days. Todd declared that he wanted a headline in the next edition of the Sun, "Publisher Marries Love of Life." Téa was thrilled to be called Todd's "love of life." Todd told Téa that he had told his sons of her illness, but that he had not yet told Starr. Todd then called Starr and told her that he needed to see her at the mansion.

Back at Rodi's, Starr told Cole that Todd needed her at his mansion, and Cole hesitated on accompanying her. Cole feared ruining any progress that he had made with Todd and asked Starr if he could meet her later. Starr agreed and kissed Cole. John informed Kelly that he was returning to the police station, and that he would call her about any new developments on her mother's case. Kelly secretly followed John out of the bar.

At La Boulaie, Eli kissed Blair's hands and stated that he was elated about their engagement. When Eli announced that he wanted to elope, Blair remarked that she wanted to take time to show off her ring, and to enjoy being engaged. "Why rush to the altar, when we can stroll." However, Eli felt that a person never knew how much time he or she might have left in life and begged Blair to elope with him. Eli requested that they marry in Las Vegas, and that since he did not have a family, he did not need a traditional wedding. "I know it's asking a lot, but you would make me so happy, if we could end this day as Mr. and Mrs. and say good-bye to Blair Cramer." Jack listened around the corner, unseen.

When Blair asked Eli about her kids, Eli insisted that Maddie could watch Blair's children for the one night in Las Vegas. Still unseen, Jack pictured the DVD of "Bad Dad 2," a movie about the stepfather from hell. When Eli told Blair that he wanted them to start their life together, Blair yelled, "Viva Las Vegas."

When Starr arrived at the mansion, Todd announced his engagement to Téa and stated that they would be marrying that night. Starr demanded to know what was going on, and Téa walked up to her. After Téa told Starr the truth about her condition, Starr cried. Dani consoled Starr and reminded her that it would be a happy day, because they were having a wedding. Jack walked in and announced that Blair and Eli were eloping.

Jack insisted that Todd had to stop Blair and Eli, and Todd escorted Jack into another room. Jack spoke to Todd of "Bad Dad 2," and said "It's Eli. He's a creepy stalker weirdo axe-murderer." Todd emphasized that Blair should do what she wanted in life, and that she should grab what happiness she could. Todd asked Jack to attend the wedding for him, while Todd tried to grab his happiness. Jack excused himself to return home to change for the wedding, and left.

Téa informed Starr and Dani that she and Todd truly loved each other. When Starr asked Dani how she felt about the marriage, Dani replied, "I just want my mom to have as many happy days as she can, if that means marrying Todd. And you were right...there are some good things about him." The sisters hugged. When Starr left the room to call Cole, Téa told Dani that she wanted her maid of honor by her side. Téa and Dani hugged. Starr left a message regarding Téa's health for Cole on his cell phone.

As she kissed Eli at La Boulaie, Blair claimed that she would spend the rest of her life trying to figure him out. Eli insisted that Blair pack for the trip, although he claimed that he would be willing to marry her in a burlap sack. As he left La Boulaie, Eli told Blair that he had a few loose ends to tie up. Later, as Blair was packing, Jack burst into the room to tell her about Téa and his dad.

At St. Ann's, Bobby Ford visited Hannah but then decided to leave, because he felt the visit was a bad idea. Hannah grabbed Ford's arm and begged him to stay. Hannah insisted that if Ford left, Eli would kill her. Hannah pointed out that she had been the witness to Marty's push down the stairs, and that Eli had made her confess. Hannah realized that Eli was making Ford lie about her and begged Ford to know how Eli was threatening him. Ford claimed that the next time, Eli would not just bash in his head.

Hannah cried that Ford could not just leave her at St. Ann's, and that he could stop Eli. Ford regretted that he had not been nice to Hannah in the past and announced that he would help her. Ford indicated to Hannah that he had "insurance" and remembered his threat to Eli of his knowledge regarding Bennett Thompson's identity. "If anything happens to me, a letter is going to be sent to the Sun detailing everything that Eli did...and you need to do the same thing." As he was leaving, Ford said, "We never had this conversation."

Hannah grabbed a piece of paper and a pen out of the end table drawer. "My name is Hannah O'Connor. And if I'm dead, it's because I was murdered by Elijah Clarke. Eli Clarke is the guilty one, not me, and if you're reading this letter, you have to stop him before more lives are lost." Hannah reached out to hand her letter to the person she believed to be a nun. Eli grabbed the letter and said, "Oh, Hannah, I'm sorry. This letter just got lost in the mail."

At Rodi's, Ford drank a beer, as he remembered that Hannah had stated that Eli would kill Cole. Ford started to tell Cole but then changed his mind. Bobby Ford walked off, as Cole reached for his cell phone.

Eli asked Hannah who had the idea to write the letter, and Hannah claimed that it had been her idea. Eli stated, "Too bad." While Cole was trying to call Hannah at St. Ann's, Eli announced, "Hannah, you know writing that letter was the last mistake you'll ever make." Eli pulled out a gun and pointed it at Hannah.

At the police station, John talked to Glen, who told John that he had given the files to Rex Balsom. John asked his clerk, Rita, to fax a particular photo to Glen, as Kelly listened in, unseen. After John left the room, Kelly ran in and told Rita a phony story about a woman, who was "stuck in the ladies' room" and claimed that the woman kept calling out for Rita. Kelly saw the photo and asked herself why John was sending Eli's photo to Glen.

"Does Eli know who killed my mother?" Kelly wondered if Eli was a suspect and realized that Eli had overheard Rex say at La Boulaie that he was going to Boston. Glen received the photo in Boston. John returned to the room, and Kelly yelled, "Oh, my God, you think Eli -- tall, dark, and handsome Eli -- is Bennett Thompson, don't you?" Kelly speculated that if Glen could identify Eli from the photo, John would have the evidence that he needed. John agreed.

John said, "Now that you have it all figured out, you can go home." Kelly refused. "Not a chance. I'm going to be here when Glen calls." The phone rang. Kelly shouted, "Is that Glen? Hoo, that's a 617 area code. That's Boston. Okay, this is when we're going to find out if Eli Clarke is Bennett Thompson." John inquired, "May I?" Kelly exclaimed, "Go ahead. Do it. Thank you." As he answered the phone, John asked, "So, Glen, you recognize the guy in the photo?"

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