One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 2, 2010 on OLTL

Todd and Téa were married. John learned of Natalie's pregnancy and got closer to the truth about Eli. Greg suggested that Téa enter a hospice due to her rapidly declining health. Blair postponed her wedding to Eli. James moved in with Ford. Bo offered Inez a job. Eli forced Hannah to take an overdose of pills, but Cole found her in time.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 2, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Starr called Cole and left a voicemail saying that she needed him to call her back as soon as possible. As she left the voicemail, Cole was on the phone with a nun at St. Anne's, asking to speak with Hannah. She informed Cole that Hannah had no telephone privileges, but Cole asked her to bend the rules. She insisted that she couldn't, but even if she could, Hannah was with her lawyer anyway. The nun related that she couldn't believe Hannah did all the things she confessed to because she thought that Hannah had a good heart. She asked if Cole wanted to leave a message, but he didn't.

After finally getting Starr's message, Cole arrived home to find a crying Starr. Starr filled Cole in on Téa's condition. Starr related that the third marriage between Todd and Téa would be like their last two -- "over before it begins." Cole hugged Starr and let her know that he felt lucky to have her and Hope in his life, and that he would always love them.

At St. Anne's, Eli pointed a gun at Hannah and told her that writing the letter would be her last mistake. Hannah frantically promised not to write another one, but Eli couldn't trust her to keep her mouth shut. She related that she had learned her lesson, so he couldn't kill her. Eli assured her that he wouldn't kill her, but she would kill herself. Eli took a bottle of pills out of his pocket and told Hannah that, since she had attempted suicide before, no one would be surprised if she overdosed.

Hannah informed him that they kept a close eye on medication in St. Anne's, but Eli reminded her that they already knew she was clever because of the fact that she had managed to steal a phone. Imagining a scenario for Hannah, Eli explained that Hannah felt alone, hurt, and abandoned. Hannah's guilty conscience couldn't take the weight of the things she had done, so she'd decided to put herself out of her misery. Hannah hit the pills out of Eli's hand and told him that, if he wanted her dead, he could kill her himself.

Hannah dared Eli to shoot her, and said that he knew nothing about her. He did know that she was in love with Cole. He imagined that he would tell Cole right before shooting him and watching him sink to the bottom of the Llantano River. Citing Cole's innocence, Hannah begged Eli not to hurt Cole. He told Hannah to save Cole by ending her "sad, pathetic life." Hannah, crying, took the pills from Eli's hand. She swallowed them as Eli told her to go to sleep.

In John's office, Kelly said that she was going to stay until Glenn called back. Just then, the phone rang. John answered the phone to a co-worker of Glenn's who informed John that Glenn couldn't talk to John because he was dead. The man told John that Glenn had collapsed with John's fax in his hand, so he'd decided to call John and let him know. John got the name of the hospital Glenn was at and the names of the officers present and hung up.

John filled in Kelly, who guessed that Glenn had died of heart attack. She knew that Bennett Thompson and, therefore, Eli Clarke had something to do with it. Kelly reminded John, who thought Kelly was being dramatic, that Eli was responsible for three other deaths. In turn, John reminded Kelly that they had no evidence to prove that Eli was Bennett Thompson.

Jack ran into the living room at La Boulaie and slammed the French doors, yelling that Eli was a killer. Blair tried to calm her son down, saying that she'd only be gone for a day. She reassured Jack that Eli was a good guy, but Jack wondered if she would still think that when Eli was chopping the family into bits. Jack warned her to ditch Eli. Blair, thinking Jack didn't want Eli to replace Todd, reassured him that no one could take Todd's place. However, Jack explained to Blair the premise of Bad Dad, the movie that involved the seemingly nice stepfather that turned out to be a murderer. Blair told Jack that Eli was picking her up in a few minutes, to which Jack replied "over my dead body!" Jack would rather have Blair kill him than have Eli kill Blair.

Blair's phone rang, and she answered it to John, who wanted to talk about Eli. Jokingly, Blair asked if John thought that Eli was a "psycho killer too." A confused John wondered who thought that, but Blair said it was an inside joke. John wanted to talk to Eli and thank him for helping Cole, but Blair informed John that Eli had just left. She mentioned that Eli had been in New York the night before to get her a beautiful engagement ring, but reassured John that he was her favorite ex-husband. She told John that she would relay the message and hung up as Jack threw Blair's clothes around the room.

Blair wondered why Jack couldn't just be happy for her, but Jack replied that he was trying to save his family. Blair grounded him, but he yelled that he needed to get back to his dad's to support him at his wedding to Téa. Blair thought that Jack was upset because he wanted her and Todd back together, but Jack admitted that he had already given up on that. Blair told Jack that he had to learn to accept that she and Todd were happier apart. However, Jack left saying that it was Blair's funeral.

John told Kelly that Blair mentioned Eli visiting New York, not Boston. Kelly knew Eli was responsible for all of the deaths, and vowed to find evidence. Kelly wanted to search Eli's room at the Palace, but John said he'd have a holding cell waiting for Kelly if she went through with it. John asked Kelly to not mention his suspicions to Blair, and Kelly left.

As Blair picked her clothes up off the floor, Kelly entered and asked where Blair was going. Blair explained that she and Eli were going to Las Vegas to get married, so she would be Mrs. Elijah Clarke by the next day. She told Kelly to congratulate her that moment because she was in a hurry, but Kelly told Blair that she couldn't marry Eli.

Gigi and Natalie pulled up in front of the Llanview Family Planning Clinic. Natalie knew she had to get an abortion. Gigi asked if Natalie wanted anyone there with her, implying John. Natalie thought it would be great for John to be there, but that meant she would have to tell him about what had happened between her and Brody. "Would that be so bad?" Gigi asked. Natalie said it would if John wasn't the father. Gigi suggested that she wait a few months and then get a paternity test done.

Natalie began to daydream about being months pregnant. John found the results of the paternity test and confronted her about them in front of Jessica and Brody. Back to reality, Natalie confided that she was scared of what would happen between Jessica and Brody, Natalie and Jessica, and Natalie and John. Gigi assured her that Natalie needed to be able to live with her decision. Natalie again began to daydream. She was telling Jessica that it was only one night with Brody and that it meant nothing. A shocked Jessica yelled at Brody as John glared at Natalie.

Natalie reiterated that if her baby were Brody's, it would destroy Jessica and Brody's relationship and the relationship that Jessica had with her sister. Natalie daydreamed more about her and Brody trying to explain about their meaningless night together. Jessica accused Natalie of always wanting her life and walked away. Natalie knew she would lose her sister and John. Gigi tried to convince Natalie that John always seemed very fair and understanding, but Natalie said that a work relationship with John was different from a romantic relationship with him.

In another daydream, Natalie was begging John not to leave her, but he said he couldn't stay and left her. Interrupting, Natalie's phone rang. She answered it to John, who wanted to see her to ask for her opinion about something. She told him that she was in the middle of something important, and she would probably be a while. She said she'd call him when she got a chance. John made sure she was okay and hung up. Natalie told Gigi that it was time for her appointment.

At Todd's, Téa wanted to get ready for her wedding with her maid of honor, Dani, by her side. Todd said that the justice of the peace was on his way, so they should all start getting ready. Téa and Dani went up to one of the bedrooms, and Téa suggested that they have another "fashion show" like they did for Dani's prom. While they were getting ready, Téa wanted to tell Dani about her roller coaster history with Todd so that Dani wouldn't make the same mistakes in her life. Todd, intending to bring snacks up to his girls, stopped at the door when he heard what Téa was talking about.

Téa told Dani about how she had been Todd's lawyer and that they had actually hated each other. Todd and Blair had been having a custody battle over Starr. Téa said that the one thing that would increase his chances of getting custody would be to get a wife. Dani wondered what was in it for Téa, to which she replied "five million dollars." Dani asked her mother if she regretted anything. Téa knew she had made a lot of bad decisions, but didn't regret any of it because it all led her "to this moment" -- about to marry Todd and having an amazing daughter. She reasoned that, even though their first marriage had been a train wreck, the second one was a fairytale.

Dani wondered why it didn't last if it had been so great, and asked if Todd had cheated on her. Téa wished it had been that simple, and related that keeping Dani from Todd had been her biggest mistake. As the mother and daughter got misty-eyed and hugged, Dani told her mother to go get ready. Outside of the room, Téa bumped into Todd and asked how much he had heard. As Todd babbled on about Téa giving Dani every detail of their long history, Téa kissed him to shut him up. She said that she didn't regret anything, but Todd joked that he was sure they could find something for her to regret.

Getting ready for the wedding, Téa looked at old pictures of her and Todd. In another room, Dani helped Todd get ready. Starr entered, and Todd was happy to have both of his girls to support him at his wedding. As he hugged Starr, Dani held Todd's hand and smiled. Jack entered and told Starr about how hard it was to talk sense into Blair. "If anyone dies, it's not on me," he added.

Todd warned Jack about his attitude as Dani looked at old pictures of Todd and Téa. Dani said that she had never seen pictures of her mother from "back in the day," so Todd told Dani she could keep them. As Dani asked Todd if he missed his "old face," Téa entered practically hyperventilating. Crying, she told Todd she couldn't marry him because "you're not Todd Manning."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dorian, Clint, David, and Mandy arrived at the Palace on their double date. David attempted to make Dorian believe that Mandy was his true love, but a perturbed Dorian saw right through the rouse. Clint lavished Dorian with attention in order to convince David that their love was real. David took Mandy aside and berated her for not having told him that she knew Renee, and that Renee knew Mandy was a prostitute.

In front of the jukebox, Clint reminded Dorian that he was helping her out in exchange for getting the Buchanan name on the new stadium. He pointed out that Dorian was actually still in love with David, but she scoffed at the notion.

At the table, the two faux couples continued to try to convince each other of the validity of their romances. David brought up the fact that Clint had recently begged him for information on the whereabouts his recent ex-wife, Kimberly Andrews. Dorian feigned having had a talk with Clint about Kimberly and said that she wanted Clint to have closure on that relationship.

Dorian changed the subject and asked Clint whether she should move into the Buchanan mansion or whether Clint should move into La Boulaie. She laughingly wondered what Viki and her daughters would think should Mandy move in with David at Llanfair.

David and Mandy went to choose another song on the jukebox, while Clint and Dorian stayed at the table. Both Mandy and Clint told David and Dorian, respectively, that they were being ridiculous and that they needed to end the charade. David and Mandy saw Clint and Dorian appearing to leave, and David proposed that they drink shots. Both David and Dorian were convinced that the other would quickly get drunk and admit their true feelings in front of everyone.

At Todd's mansion, an agitated Téa told Dani that Todd was not Todd. Téa showed Dani a photo of a younger Todd and told her that he was her real fiancé. Téa pointed to a scar on the face of the man in the photo and said that it was proof that the man in the room was not Todd. She asked Starr to confirm that Todd was not her father. All Starr could say was that he really was Todd.

Todd reminded Téa that the doctor had told them that her tumor might cause lapses in her memory. He explained that he'd had an accident and plastic surgery. She realized that he was telling the truth and apologized to everyone. Todd suggested they go to the hospital, but Téa begged him not to take her, as it was their wedding day. Todd complied with her wishes.

The judge arrived, and the ceremony began. Todd interrupted the judge and asked him to hurry it along, because he and Téa had waited so long to get married. He said that he'd been reminded how precious time was. At a quiet reception, Todd, Téa, Cole, Starr, Dani, and Jack ate wedding cupcakes. Téa was happy to see Todd and Dani hug.

Later, Starr asked Cole why he seemed upset. He explained that he had a bad feeling after the strange phone call he'd received from Hannah. Cole told Starr that he needed to go check on Hannah. Starr told him that, if it would help them get back on track, he should go see Hannah.

At St. Ann's, Eli stood over a barely lucid Hannah, after he'd just drugged her to make it appear that she'd overdosed in a suicide attempt. He placed a bottle of pills in her hand and left the room. A nurse asked him how Hannah was doing, and he replied that Hannah was riddled with guilt and had been unable to sleep because of it, but that she was finally resting. The nurse placed a "do not disturb" sign on the door to Hannah's room.

A woozy Hannah reached for the call button but passed out before she pressed it. Cole arrived to check on Hannah, but a nurse prevented him from entering her room. He left but returned with a key and discovered an unconscious Hannah in her room.

Kelly confronted Blair at La Boulaie as Blair packed a bag to elope with Eli. Kelly told Blair that she couldn't marry Eli. Blair asked, incredulously, why Kelly thought the marriage shouldn't go forward. Kelly remembered the conversation she'd had with John and that he'd told her not to do anything to tip Eli off to the fact that they were on to him.

Kelly covered by telling Blair that Dorian would never forgive Blair if she got married without Dorian throwing an opulent ceremony. When that didn't work, Kelly continued to try to dissuade Blair from going through with the wedding, without giving details. A desperate Kelly finally told Blair that Eli was not who he'd said he was, but he walked through the door before Kelly had a chance to explain.

Eli sensed tension in the air, so Blair told him that she'd just announced to Kelly that she and Eli were eloping. However, sensing Kelly's fear, Blair told Eli that she would like to get married in a proper ceremony at a later date. Eli agreed. As he took Blair's suitcase upstairs, Blair told Kelly in no uncertain terms that she would marry Eli. Kelly took Blair into the living room and told her that there was reason to believe that Eli was a murderer.

Natalie and Gigi sat in Gigi's car in front of the clinic. Gigi told Natalie that she would be supportive if Natalie decided not to have the abortion. Natalie replied that she had to end her pregnancy because she couldn't have Brody's baby and ruin his and Jessica's lives.

Gigi asked Natalie if she was sure that she should terminate the pregnancy, since there was an equal chance that John could be the father. Natalie fantasized about the future, when she would tell John that she was in labor. She then thought about later, as her and John's daughter, and Jessica and Brody's son played together.

John sat at his computer at the police station and searched the investigation database for "Bennett Thompson/Elijah Clarke." Jessica and Brody arrived with news to share with John and Natalie. John replied that he didn't know where Natalie was. Brody said they'd wait to spring the news, but Jessica couldn't keep it to herself.

She announced that she and Brody were getting married. John stood to congratulate them as "no matches" popped up on his computer screen. John and Jessica both discussed Natalie's recent behavior. Brody thought about the night of passion he and Natalie had shared and worried that the truth could destroy Jessica.

After Jessica left, Brody asked John if he still thought that Elijah had talked Hannah into faking a breakdown. John retorted that he thought that might have been the least of Eli's crimes. John explained that Eli might actually be Bennett Thompson, who might have killed Kelly's mother, Rodney, and the records clerk in Boston, whom Kelly and Rex had recently met with.

Jessica walked back into John's office just in time to hear John tell Brody he needed to get a warrant. John and Brody refused to tell a curious Jessica whom the warrant was for. After Brody and Jessica left his office, John found a document that showed that Bennett Thompson had supposedly died in 2004. Natalie arrived and somberly stated that she had to tell John something.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At the police station, Natalie told John she had to tell him something. After sitting down, she blurted her secret out - she was pregnant. John seemed stunned. "Say something," Natalie begged. "I think I need a drink," John murmured.

Natalie explained that she'd found out she was pregnant on the same day that Jessica had received her baby news. When John asked her why she hadn't told him sooner, Natalie hedged and said she hadn't been sure it was the right time. After John pressed the issue, Natalie blurted out, "because of Brody," then covered and said she hadn't wanted to steal Brody and Jessica's moment from them, and didn't want to tell anyone until she'd made it through her first trimester safely. She told John that she wasn't sure how he'd react, as they'd just gotten back together and were still figuring each other out again; she knew how deeply Marty's miscarriage had hurt him, and she didn't know if he was ready for "another pregnant girlfriend." John asked her if that was her only reason for staying silent, and Natalie admitted that she hadn't known whether she was ready for a baby either.

"So are you?" John asked. Natalie said she was ready to have a child, but asked John what he wanted. Lost in thought, John told Natalie he thought about the things he could do with a son or a daughter - taking a boy to ball games, or scaring a girl's boyfriends away - but he realized that there were also endless dangers in a child's life. Natalie reminded him that there were good things in family life as well, but John said that after Marty's miscarriage he couldn't help but think of the tragic moments, instead of the beautiful ones. "I don't think I can go through that again," John told Natalie.

Tearful, Natalie asked if that meant he didn't want her to have the baby. "Not at all," he replied, taking her into his arms. John agreed with what she'd said before; it had taken them a long way to find their way back to each other, and they were still figuring things out, but he took Natalie's pregnancy as a sign that they belonged together. "It's scary, but it's a good thing," John said with a smile. He told Natalie that he was getting another chance to have a family, with her, and he couldn't want to get started.

At Rodi's, Clint, Dorian, David, and Mandy the hooker continued their drinking binge with shots all around. Clint toasted to "women who know what they want," while Mandy toasted to "men who know how to give it to them."

Near the entrance, Gigi arrived for her shift, and a harried co-worker told her that the mayor's table was all hers. Gigi asked what was going on, and her colleague explained that "the mayor and her boytoy" were trying to convince the world they weren't in love. "And the other two?" Gigi asked, staring at Clint and Mandy. "Beards," her colleague replied. "Have fun."

Before Gigi could see to the crazy quartet, Rex arrived from the hospital. Gigi was relieved to see that her beau suffered no ill after-effects from his lost night in Boston, but was angry that he'd taken the risk in a routine investigation. When Rex said his only regret was losing his one contact who could help him find Bennett Thompson, Gigi punched him in the arm and warned him that he'd dodged a bullet.

Just then, a drunken David staggered over to the couple and began rambling at Rex, begging him not to rat Mandy out as an escort; remembering the younger man's sordid past, he feared Rex's eagle eye for spotting "ladies of the evening." "She's a hooker?" Rex replied, stunned. David told Rex to tell Dorian that Mandy was a swimsuit model, then began blurting out follow-up requests, and finally asked Rex and Gigi to get Dorian too drunk to continue her charade with Clint. He begged for Rex's cooperation, claiming that they were all but brothers thanks to Bo. Gigi and Rex agreed, and David stumbled back to his table.

Gigi asked Rex why he wasn't busting David, and Rex explained that he didn't have enough time in the day to thwart all David's schemes; plus, he wanted to see Dorian squirm. Changing the subject, he asked Gigi what was going on with Natalie. Flashing back to her time with Natalie outside the abortion clinic, Gigi told Rex she couldn't say, and insisted that it was Natalie's secret to keep, not theirs; when Natalie wanted to tell Rex, she would. She promised Rex that Natalie wasn't sick, and that her issues had nothing to do with the two of them as a couple.

Back at the drunkards' table, David made a dash for the jukebox, followed by Dorian. David refused to allow Dorian access to the machine, fearing she would pick an "Edith Pilaf" song. Soon, Dorian began cycling through her foreign languages to curse David and a scuffle broke out, leading to an unexpected romantic clinch for the two exes, who stared into each other's arms, stunned.

At the table, Clint and Mandy probed each other for information on their respective sham romances, but got nowhere. Spotting David and Dorian's intimate moment, they rushed to intervene and separate the duo, and attempted to dance with the drunks as David and Dorian continued to bicker over the music. Clint said it was time for a pot of coffee, while David taunted "Missus Mayor" to fetch the java. "Fetch this!" Dorian snapped. Gigi and Rex broke the quarrel up, and Clint agreed to call his limousine driver to take them home.

As the restaurant cleared out, David, Dorian, Clint and Mandy were left in an alcove waiting for their rides. When Rex told them their transportation had arrived, Clint dragged the soused Dorian out the door, even as she continued bickering with David. David, thoroughly pickled, suggested he and Mandy begin doing body shots, but as he began to suffer gastric distress his date hurried him towards the exit.

"Okay, well, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here!" Rex told the couple. "No, actually, you should really just go home." "Rex, thanks for a great evening, bro," David babbled as Mandy dragged him to the door. "It was so good for you to see me." As David and Mandy left, Gigi and Rex burst into laughter.

Outside Ford's new apartment, Elijah lurked with a gun, waiting for his prey. When he heard James' voice down the corridor, he hid and watched as Ford and James entered the elder brother's new pad.

Inside, James told Ford he was impressed with the new digs, and asked him why he'd left his old apartment. Ford reluctantly explained that Cristian and Layla had kicked him out for stealing an acquaintance's girlfriend; he said things with Langston had started out just fun, then admitted that "the chick got to me." "And you blew it?" James asked. "Big time," Ford muttered. James wanted to know more, but Ford distracted himself with hauling James' luggage and boxes into the apartment.

As the recently hospitalized James playfully bossed his brother around with the unpacking effort, there was a knock at the door. Ford answered out, and was shocked to find a grim-faced Elijah standing there.

As Ford and Elijah exited to the corridor, James called Starr and left a message on her voicemail. He explained that he wasn't going back to Ohio after all, but staying in Llanview with his brother. "Maybe I'll see you sometime," he said hopefully.

In the corridor, a frightened Ford asked Elijah why he was being harassed at home, and claimed he'd followed Elijah's instructions to keep quiet. "Not according to Hannah," Elijah replied, and asked him about his recent conversation with his ex. Ford claimed that Hannah had called him and he'd hung up, but Elijah explained how he'd found Hannah at St. Anne's documenting her troubles, and suspected that Ford was the one who'd given her the idea to incriminate him on paper as an "insurance policy." Ford insisted he was innocent, and said no one would believe Hannah's story. "No one's ever gonna hear her story," Elijah said, and explained that Hannah had been "dealt with."

Horrified, Ford asked Elijah if he'd killed Hannah, but Elijah said he hadn't had to. He explained that Ford needed to remember that Elijah knew where he and his little brother lived, and not get any crazy ideas. Ford asked what he'd done to Hannah, and Elijah scoffed at the thought that the lothario actually cared about "that little slut." He told Ford that there was nothing he could do for Hannah, and that he needed to focus on keeping himself and James safe. "Don't do anything else you'd regret," Elijah warned.

Ford returned to the apartment and told an inquisitive James that Elijah was nobody, then changed his mind; he gave his sibling Elijah's name and warned James to stay away from him. James thought Elijah was connected to their father's organization in Ohio, but Ford said Elijah had nothing to do with their father. James wanted to know more, and Ford said it didn't matter - all that mattered was for James to steer clear of the lawyer, and run like hell if he ever saw him. James was annoyed by Ford's cryptic answers, and the harried Ford lost his temper: "I've got it totally under control!"

At St. Anne's, Cole raced out of Hannah's room, calling for help. A nun and one of the doctors rushed in, checking Hannah's pulse. The doctor quickly realized Hannah had overdosed, and told Cole they needed to pump her stomach.

At Starr and Cole's apartment, Starr shared her sorrows about Téa's illness with Langston, but quickly wanted to change the subject, asking her BFF about her own life. Langston said there had been developments, but Starr might not want to know - "it's about Ford." Starr was upset and said she'd thought Langston was done with the "player," and Langston explained that she had as well, until she'd seen him at La Boulaie. She related to Starr her encounter with Ford after his fight with Inez, and how different and vulnerable he'd seemed. She believed that Ford's mother's abandonment of him had scarred him at a young age.

Starr dismissed Langston's psychoanalysis and said Ford had only seemed upset because someone had done something to him, as opposed to the pain he inflicted on others. Langston disagreed, and mentioned Ford's guilt over not being there for James. Hearing James's name, Starr reacted instantly and asked how her former partner in crime was. "I thought you were done with him," Langston replied slyly.

Starr insisted she was only worried about James because of the shooting, and said that when she knew he'd made a full recovery he'd be out of her life; she was focused on Cole and their life together with Hope. Langston asked if Cole being released from jail meant his relationship with Starr was back on track, then asked where Cole was. "He's out," Starr mumbled, struggling to process Langston's difficult question.

As Hannah was taken away for treatment, Cole called Starr from St. Anne's and explained that Hannah had overdosed. "Again?" Starr asked, incredulous. "She just doesn't give up, does she?" Realizing her insensitivity, she apologized, and Cole said that Hannah had almost died, and might not make it. Starr reluctantly agreed that Cole needed to stay at St. Anne's until he was sure Hannah would pull through. "Keep me posted," she sighed, and hung up.

After hanging up, Cole confronted the nun he'd encountered earlier and asked her why she'd kept him from Hannah but allowed Hannah access to her pills. The nun pleaded ignorance, but admitted that Cole had saved the girl's life. The doctor returned and told Cole that Hannah would be fine. Cole wanted answers on how they'd misjudged the severity of Hannah's depression, but the doctor said the important thing was that Cole had understood Hannah better than them, and been there to help her.

Alone in the room, Cole called Starr again and got her voicemail. He explained that Hannah would live, but he was going to stay overnight at St. Anne's to make sure she was properly cared for. He told Starr he loved her.

Back at the apartment, Starr told Langston that Hannah had overdosed yet again. Checking her voicemail, she discovered James's message and lied to Langston that it was nothing, then changed the subject back to Ford. Langston explained that she'd almost given Ford a chance until she'd discovered he was being tested for STDs after sleeping around some more. She resolved to stay away from Ford: "He's poison."

Thinking back to Cole, Langston told Starr that Cole would be concerned for anyone in Hannah's kind of trouble. Starr asked if that was really it, and revealed that Cole and Hannah had almost slept together in Delaware. Langston was floored, and Starr explained that nothing had happened. When Langston asked about Starr's own rapport with James, Starr hit the roof and reminded her friend again that there was nothing between her and James; she loved Cole, and they were getting things back to the way they'd been before, even if there were bumps in the road. "We'll get there," Starr sighed. "I know it."

Alone in the living room later on, Starr called James back. "Hey, Twinkle," James replied, delighted to hear from her. Starr and James made awkward chatter about his staying in Llanview, and James asked her if she was trying to get rid of him. Starr said she was merely surprised. James explained that "Bobby" needed him; he didn't know what Ford was going through, but it was big.

Starr expressed relief that James was out of the hospital safe and sound. James told her that he'd stay out of her way in the future, as he didn't want to cause any more problems for her or Cole. Starr thanked him for his kind words, and haltingly told James she hoped everything worked out for him.

"Guess this is it," James said. "I guess," Starr murmured. "Goodbye, James." "Goodbye, Twi - goodbye, Starr," James replied, his voice strained.

After hanging up, James was morose. As Ford bustled around the apartment with moving boxes, he asked who James had spoken to on the phone. "No one," James replied glumly.

Back at the apartment, Starr seemed equally anguished from her last goodbye to James.

At La Boulaie, Blair laughed off Kelly's suggestion that Elijah was a murderer, but Kelly explained that he'd killed more than one person: Melinda, Rodney, and Glenn in Boston. Blair asked what had happened to Kelly's "Bennett Thompson" theory, and Kelly said that she suspected Elijah and Thompson were one and the same. "Everything you thought you know, or knew, about this man, it's a lie," she declared.

Blair asked Kelly what made her so sure of her theory, and scoffed at Kelly's story about Rex's investigation in Boston, as well as the late Glenn's description of a "tall, dark and handsome stranger." "'Tall, dark, and handsome - it must be Eli!" Blair exclaimed sarcastically. Kelly said she'd find more evidence, and insisted she was doing it all for Blair. "No, you're doing it for yourself," Blair snapped. She said Kelly had no proof, and was tormenting her because she couldn't stand to see her happy when Kelly herself wasn't.

Outraged, Kelly told Blair that they'd had their differences but were still family, and she wanted Blair to be happy. Blair said that Elijah made her happy. "He's not Eli!" Kelly said. "You don't know that!" Blair cried.

Kelly warned Blair that John believed her theory as well. Livid, Blair wanted to call John, but Kelly explained that there was an ongoing investigation into Elijah and she wasn't supposed to have told her cousin. "You should've listened to him," Blair muttered. "I couldn't," Kelly whispered. "I was afraid you'd marry Eli, and he'd kill you too."

Blair said that Elijah could never kill her; he loved her, and showed her how much everyday. She realized Kelly had no motive for Elijah to supposedly be a killer. Exasperated, Kelly reminded Blair that three people were dead. Just then, Elijah burst in and jovially asked the ladies what they were fighting about. "Nothing but the usual," Kelly said, exchanging loaded glances with Blair.

Cozying up to Blair, Elijah asked her if they could head upstairs. Grabbing two wineglasses, he suggested they share a bottle together in bed, and Blair agreed. As Elijah headed to the kitchen, Kelly thanked Blair for not spilling the beans. Blair told Kelly she hadn't wanted to embarrass her, and warned her cousin to drop the investigation, or she'd tell Elijah everything.

A musical montage began as scenes played out across Llanview. Blair and Elijah filled their glasses of wine and headed upstairs, leaving a fearful Kelly alone in the drawing room. As Blair followed Elijah upstairs, she cast an errant glance at the drawing room doors. At Rodi's, Gigi and Rex closed up the bar and danced together to music on the jukebox. At the Ford brothers' new apartment, James stared longingly at his phone, while at St. Anne's, Cole held the sleeping Hannah's hand. At Starr and Cole's apartment, Starr and Langston shared pints of ice cream and thought of the men in their lives.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The phones were ringing, and people rushed around as Bo arrived at the police station. He managed to answer one of the phones himself and asked one of the seated police officers the whereabouts of Rita, the receptionist. Learning she had called out, Bo finished with the phone call and spotted Inez, who asked to see Bo's boss.

Inez wanted to apply for the advertised position of assistant to the police commissioner. She thought that Bo had been kind to offer her some help when they met previously, and since then, Nate had the experience of staying at both an expensive hotel with friends and a shelter with his mother. She was desperate to do something and wanted to make a good impression. She wanted Bo's opinion of the commissioner.

Bo noted that the commissioner was "tough but fair" and a "good guy." He would understand that Inez hadn't been involved in any "criminal enterprise" as she feared he might believe. Bo suggested that Inez wait in the office and he followed her inside. Bo took a seat at the desk, and he asked to see her application. Inez was worried that Bo would get into trouble, but he pointed to his nameplate on the desk. An embarrassed Inez wanted to leave, deeming the interview to be over. Bo wanted to continue, and she reluctantly handed him her résumé. She noted that she had lots of administrative experience.

Bo explained that the office was "organized chaos" with a great deal of pressure, and he compared it to a circus. Inez felt that she was quite capable of dealing with the pressure, since she had a teenage son. Bo was quite impressed with Inez's résumé and skills, and he hired her on the spot. She accepted on the condition that it wasn't charity. Bo felt she was more than qualified, and she agreed to start right away. Bo insisted she call him by his first name. Inez thought her luck was about to change.

Cristian and Layla returned from their trip to Maryland with heavy hearts and a box filled with some of Evangeline's mementos. "It looks the same," Layla remarked as she glanced around their apartment. She thought it might have looked different, since she no longer had a sister. Cristian assured Layla that she still had her memories. He offered to help Layla go through the box, but Layla suspected it would take her awhile to get to it. She suggested that Cristian go to the diner to tell his mom about Evangeline's death.

Cole returned home and explained to Starr that the nuns were clueless on any details regarding Hannah's attempted suicide. It was apparent that only Hannah would be able to explain. Starr indicated that Hannah would do anything to keep Cole in her life, and things were no different than they were from the previous time. Cole reminded Starr that Hannah had no idea that he had planned to stop by, and she had almost died. Starr felt remorseful and admitted that she was a bad person to say that, but Cole understood. He knew it was difficult to forget everything that Hannah had done to them in the past. After all that had happened to them, Cole thought it was a good idea for them to be totally honest with each other.

Starr revealed that she had to tell Cole about herself and James. Cole frowned as Starr plunged ahead and admitted that James had kissed her. Cole was angry, even though Starr assured him it hadn't meant anything. She explained how they had been trying to hide from a private investigator. Hesitating, she continued that there had actually been two kisses, and she willingly went along with it after the first time. "Did you enjoy it?" Cole asked.

An angry Starr reminded Cole that she had just explained that it didn't mean anything, and they were just trying to be safe. Cole was instantly apologetic, but he didn't like the idea of her kissing anyone else. Starr was able to identify with that, since she recalled that she had reacted the identical way after she heard about Cole and Hannah. She grew upset again, but Cole spoke quietly. He pointed out that they loved each other, and it all proved that neither one of them could be with anyone else. Starr agreed not to let Hannah be an issue, and Cole was of the same mindset regarding James. He was just glad that James would be returning to his former home, so Cole would never have to see him again.

Reluctantly, Starr admitted that James was out of the hospital, but would live with Ford, since their father was in jail. He had wanted her to be prepared in case they ran into each other, and he had called her while Cole was with Hannah. A jealous Cole seemed to think that James planned on staying not only because of Ford, but because of Starr. He was certain that James was interested in Starr. James wasn't into her, Starr assured him, and even if it were true, she didn't think it was any different than Hannah being into Cole. He decided Starr was right, and they had their long-awaited reunion.

Todd explained that he had called Greg to the house to examine Téa after her memory loss, but Téa promised that she had the problem because she forgot to take her medication. Todd insisted on remaining while Greg spoke to Téa, but Téa suggested her husband head to the diner, since Dani would be waiting for them. She would follow as soon as she could. Once Todd was gone, Greg insisted that Téa tell him the truth. He was sure that she hadn't forgotten her medication, and he believed it wasn't the first time she had lost her memory.

Téa admitted Greg was right, and she had suffered some memory loss during even the most mundane chores. She wondered how long it would be before she would forget how to write her own name. Greg put a name to Téa's latest symptom and told her she suffered from cognitive decline. He explained that the tumor prevented the brain from processing information, and things would get worse.

Sadly, he informed her that she only had a few weeks left to live, not months as she had thought. Greg described what Téa had to look forward to in the way of further symptoms. She would have hearing and vision problems, weakness on one side of her body, and difficulty speaking. She would also have the inability to recognize people and everyday objects. "Not even my own daughter?" Téa asked in disbelief.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Dani showed Nate the cell phone photos of Todd and Téa's wedding. He noticed that Dani looked down, and Dani disclosed that she thought she had already lost her mother. She told Nate about her mother's temporary amnesia. She went on to tell him about the wedding, and Carlotta overheard the news. Carlotta exclaimed that she wanted to give Téa a shower, but turning to Nate, she suggested he take care of the diner's deliveries. Nate didn't want to lose his job after only one day, and he hastened back to work.

Carlotta sat with Dani and admired the wedding photos. She admitted that she wasn't a fan of Todd's, and Dani admitted that she hadn't been, but was feeling different of late. Just then, Cristian walked in, and Carlotta shared the wedding news. Cristian wanted to speak to his mother privately, and she rose to talk to him. Cristian shared the news about Evangeline and the fact that she had been taken off of life support. Just then, Todd walked in and overheard part of the conversation. He lost his temper and accused Cristian of "giving up" on Evangeline. Todd demanded to know what kind of person would do that.

As Todd grew increasingly agitated, Dani jumped up from her booth and tried to calm her father down. Todd was beside himself as he muttered that Evangeline couldn't be gone because he couldn't lose someone else. Dani asked about Evangeline, and Todd told her she had been a good friend and lawyer who helped him much the way Téa did. He confided that he had summoned Greg to the house to see Téa. The pair grew more anxious as time passed, and when Téa didn't show up, they decided to return home.

Hanging out in the apartment he shared with his brother, James was hungry and picked up a pizza menu. Ford grabbed it out of James' hands and crumbled it up, declaring that he no longer ordered from that particular restaurant. He picked up another menu instead. Shortly after, he advised James that he had to pick up the rest of his belongings at his old place elsewhere in the building. After he was gone, Nate arrived with the take-out order delivery.

There was some tension as James scrounged around for some money, but as the young men attempted some conversation, the tension seemed to dissipate. James told Nate that Inez had taken the money that Nate had given her, and turned it into a good deed when she paid James's hospital bill. Nate admitted that his mother fixed problems, and James confessed that he couldn't imagine anyone like that. He admitted that he didn't blame Nate for the series of events, even though Ford did. James compared himself to Nate, noting that they had both taken money. "We're the same, bro," James announced, just as Ford returned.

Incensed, Ford yelled that he told her not to say anything. "Told who not to say what?" a confused James asked him. Ford demanded to hear what Inez had told Nate, and Nate replied that she mentioned that Ford had a problem with her, but not with Nate. Ford was angry, since he had given Inez instructions. Nate retorted that she had only wanted to return the money to James.

Ford was surprised to hear that Inez hadn't said more than that, but he knew that he didn't want anything to do with a woman who had raised a "punk" like Nate. "You know nothing about my mother," Nate yelled. He shared that she had worked hard every day to give him everything he needed, and he wouldn't allow Ford to "trash her" like he did. He stormed out.

James was disappointed because he thought that Nate was a "good kid." Ford was infuriated and ordered his brother to stay away from Nate. James was also angry because his brother wanted him to stay away from everyone he met in Llanview. People like Starr, Eli, and James. Ford assured James he would meet new people, and Ford insisted he was only looking out for his brother.

Téa was positive that she didn't want her family to see her grow worse, though Greg assured her that her loved ones would be able to handle it. Téa wondered if Greg would be able to get through the same situation if it happened to someone he loved, and he admitted he couldn't imagine it. He offered Téa an alternative, and Téa advised him she would think about it. He left and, shortly after, Todd and Dani arrived. Téa had some news for them.

Layla continued to go through her sister's items and noticed that Bennett Thompson had helped Evangeline to prepare her living will. Cristian returned home and found Layla going through the box. She admitted it was slow going. Cristian suggested that Layla put the box away, and Layla confirmed that Ford had given her the same advice when he stopped by to get his things. Layla thought that Ford had changed, and he had actually been kind to her. She noted that death produced another side of people.

As the pair enjoyed their meal courtesy of Carlotta, Cristian noted that his mother believed food was the answer to everything. Layla confessed that the box made her realize that her sister was really gone. Cristian assured her he would be there to help her go through it when she was ready. As the couple talked, they didn't notice several papers fall to the floor. A mug shot of Eli lay half hidden in the pile.

Inez had a favor to ask of Bo, and she asked him to pretend they'd never met prior to the job interview. Before the "DWE?" Bo inquired. He clarified that it stood for Driving while Emotional, and he agreed to honor Inez's request. She didn't want Nate to learn about his brothers, and she didn't want to talk about the son who wanted nothing to do with her.

Bo confessed that his own son Drew had resented Bo until they got to know each other. Drew hadn't grown up with Bo, but they eventually grew into a real father and son. His photo was on the wall of heroes: those men killed on the job. He hoped Inez would get another chance. He wanted to take her on a tour of the station, and Inez was excited. She agreed that the commissioner was a "good guy, tough but fair." She thanked Bo for helping to keep her secret, but she was horrified when Nate walked in. He asked his mother about the secret.

Cole knocked on Ford's apartment door and announced that he wanted to speak to Ford.

James paid a visit to a surprised Starr. He had to see her, he said as he smiled.

Friday, August 6, 2010

At Ford's new apartment, Cole informed Ford that they needed to talk, and Ford guessed that it was about Starr. Ford asked how Cole had located him, and Cole responded that James had made sure to let Starr know where they were living. Cole told Ford that they actually needed to discuss Hannah, because Ford owed her. Cole then revealed that Hannah had tried to kill herself, and that if he had not found her in time, Hannah would have died. Cole questioned how Hannah had obtained the pills, and Ford remembered his conversation with Eli, when Eli had declared, "Hannah's been dealt with."

Cole asked to know exactly what had happened the night that Hannah assaulted Ford, since Hannah had never even mentioned Ford's name to Cole, before the night of the attack. Ford claimed that he had been home asleep, when a noise had awoken him. Ford added that he had found Hannah standing over him with his award. "And I don't even get a chance to ask her why she's there, and she clocks me over the head with it. End of story." Cole questioned if Hannah had said anything that night, but Ford wondered why Cole was playing detective, since Hannah had tried to break up Cole and Starr.

Starr answered the door of her apartment and discovered James, who asked if Cole was around. Once he determined that Cole was not at home, James insisted that he had something to say to Starr that could not wait. As Starr let James in, she warned him to keep quiet, so that he would not wake Hope. James tossed around the bullet that the doctors had removed from him and told Starr that the bullet reminded him of her. When Starr asked why James had stopped by, he replied that he had been walking and had found himself at her front door. "It looks like I can't stay away from you."

Starr insisted that James leave, but James wanted to know which Starr was throwing him out. James voiced that there were two Starrs -- the sad, lonely Starr and the passionate Starr that twinkled. James related that Cole did not even know the passionate Starr that twinkled, and that if Starr were with James, every morning, when he woke up, he would make sure that the sad, lonely Starr "would never show her face again." Starr insisted that James did not even know Cole or Starr. James claimed that if Starr stated that she had no doubts about Cole, he would leave. "Is there any chance for you and I?" Cole walked in the door.

James indicated that he had stopped by the apartment to inform Starr that his dad would not cause her any more problems. Cole warned James not to stop by again and opened the door for James to exit. Cole then asked Starr why James was really there. Starr told Cole that James was interested in her, and that James had said that Starr would be happier with someone else, because she was sad and lonely. When Cole questioned how she had responded, Starr said that Cole's arrival had stopped her from answering. Starr stressed that she would have told James that she already had everything that she had ever wanted with Cole. Starr and Cole kissed.

At the police station, when Eli asked to talk to Nora, Nora replied that she needed to see Bo first, just as Bo's office door closed. Nora stated, "Never mind. He's busy." Nora informed Eli that she was at the police station, because she had learned that Hannah had overdosed. Faking shock, Eli questioned how that could even be possible, since Hannah was supposed to have been on a 24-hour watch.

When Nora commented that there would be an investigation, Eli responded, "Well, an investigation is not going to bring my client back." Nora realized that Eli had misunderstood and informed him that Hannah had survived the overdose. Eli asked if Nora was sure that Hannah would be fine, and Nora revealed that the doctors expected Hannah to make s full recovery. Nora exclaimed, "And she would have died, too, if Cole Thornhart had not found her."

When Nate delivered a food order to Bo, he asked his mother why she was in Bo's office and demanded to know Inez's secret. As Bo grabbed his food, Nate questioned if his mother was under arrest. When Bo and Inez hesitated, Nate yelled, "Then what's the problem? And why do you look like you're in trouble?" Inez insisted that she was not under arrest, and Bo assessed that Inez might feel like she was under arrest, since she would be working for him.

Nate screamed that her new job was good news, as he hugged his mother. Inez exclaimed that she would be the best assistant that Bo had ever hired, and Nate stressed that there would be no distractions for Inez at home. Bo remarked, "Ah, so you're not going to get into any more trouble. No more shoot-outs. No...uh, for the record, I can't fix parking tickets, okay?" Nate wondered why Inez did not just tell him that Bo had hired her.

While Bo searched through his food, he was relieved to see that the order contained his chili fries, however, he was disappointed about the absence of salt. After Bo sent Nate to get the salt, Inez mentioned that she could not lie to Nate about his brothers, and Bo suggested that Inez tell Nate the truth. Bo understood that Inez was trying to protect Nate and pondered, "You gotta ask yourself, now if you tell him about this, is that going to hurt Nate...or will it hurt both of you...or could it make you both stronger?"

When Nate returned with the salt, Bo told Inez to report to work early the next morning to fill out the necessary paperwork. Inez indicated to Nate that she had something to show him, and as they left, Nora arrived. "Is that Nate's mom?" Bo announced that Inez was his new assistant, and Nora blared, "Is that salt?"

When Nora indicated that Inez was "quite a find," Bo thought she meant because Inez was very experienced, but actually, Nora thought that Inez was "a looker." Once Bo had told Nora of Inez's vast experience, Nora asked for Bo to loan Inez to her. Bo replied that it would cost Nora. As Nora sat in Bo's lap for payment, she wondered that Bo had not noticed that Inez was a beautiful woman. Bo explained, "Well, she's not half as beautiful as you are." Nora laughed and said, "So you did notice." Bo and Nora kissed.

Ford called the hospital for an update on Hannah's condition. When James arrived, he insisted that his walk had cleared his head, and that he knew what he really wanted. James just did not know if he would be able to get what he wanted. Ford answered the knock at the door and found Inez.

At Todd's mansion, Téa informed Todd and Dani that she was short on time. "I have a few the most." Dani refused to believe it was true, and Téa said that Greg had stated that her treatment would no longer help her. However, Greg had offered one more option, which was a hospice, where the staff could take very good care of Téa and keep her comfortable. When Dani asked if Téa was in any pain, she answered, "Not much."

Todd and Dani both agreed that they were "on-board" with the idea, but Téa related that she wanted to leave that night. When Todd and Dani suggested that they all pack, Téa told them that Todd and Dani did not need to pack. "Your father and you...umm, you can't come with me." Dani cried and blamed the hospice, but Todd knew that it was Téa's decision. Téa warned Dani, "When I die, I will not be myself. Whether or not you guys are there with me, I will die alone."

When Dani insisted that the doctors did not know anything, Téa showed them a pamphlet that described her future symptoms. Téa cried that she would eventually be blind, and that she would have seemed sane on her wedding day compared the eventual progression of her dementia. Téa begged Todd and Dani to remember Téa as herself. Dani yelled that she would have worse images in her head, if she and Todd never knew anything about what was going on with her mother. "If you go away and leave, this is how I'm going to remember you. I will never forgive you."

As Téa continued to insist that it was for the best, Dani screamed, "No, forget it. Your plan is blown, Mom. If you try to fly off and leave me and Todd, this is our last memories." Dani declared that Téa had never wanted her around, which was why Téa had sent Dani to boarding school. Téa insisted that she had only wanted to protect Dani and pleaded with Dani not to fight her.

Dani shrieked, "I'm not fighting you, Mom. I'm telling you how it is. If you leave me here today, you don't get some nice goodbye. This is it." Dani ran upstairs, as Téa cried out for her. Sadly, Téa exclaimed, "I can't say anything right today." Todd replied, "No, you can't," as he walked past her.

Since Dani had locked herself in her room, Todd searched for a key, as he declared that Téa had shut both of them out. After Téa insisted that leaving was the best way, Todd believed that Téa had never trusted him, and that she felt that he would fail her. After Todd left the room, the doorbell rang. Téa answered the door to Blair, who asked what Téa needed.

In John's office at the police station, Blair confronted John about his investigation of Eli. Blair demanded the truth from John and wanted to know if the investigation was Kelly's idea. John questioned what Kelly had told Blair, and Blair replied, "That the both of you think that Eli is some mass murderer." When John did not respond, Blair knew that John believed it to be true.

John observed that Kelly did not last one night, before she had told Blair what they had suspected. John informed Blair that Kelly had wanted him to investigate Melinda's murder, and Blair wondered when Melinda's death had suddenly been considered a murder. John remarked, "When corpses started showing up every time someone asked a question about her." Blair still did not understand how John could possibly consider Eli a serial killer and questioned why Eli would kill people that he did not even know.

Blair maintained that Kelly was crazy to believe that any of their suspicions were true, which made John wonder if Blair had said anything to Eli. Blair stated that since their beliefs were all nonsense, she had not and suggested that John had a vendetta against Eli, because of her. John explained, "Blair, listen to me. Three people are dead...three. And we have reason to believe that Elijah is involved. So, my suggestion to you is keep your distance for now. And don't let him suspect anything." Blair insisted that she was not afraid of Eli, and that she would not let John and Kelly stop her from marrying him. As Blair started to leave, Layla opened the door and announced that Evangeline had just died.

Blair expressed shock, and Layla explained that Evangeline had been hooked up to machines in the hospital to keep her alive, and how she, Cristian, and Lisa were honoring Evangeline's wishes, because they had found her living will. Blair expressed her sympathy and left. Layla asked John if she could do anything for him, and John believed that he should have been the one to ask her that. John invited Layla to sit down and showed her a bottle of wine. John described the night that he and Evangeline had drunk several bottles of wine and related that he had kept that one bottle, because it reminded him of Evangeline. He had always hoped to open the bottle and drink it with Evangeline, once she was out of the coma. "So, this bottle is for her. I think it's time for a toast, don't you?"

Blair visited Cristian at his apartment and informed him that she had just learned that Evangeline had died. As they hugged, Blair's foot stood by Eli's photo that had fallen from Evangeline's box. Cristian told Blair that it had been tough for Layla and her mother, but that Evangeline had made out a living will, which had helped. Cristian then announced that he and Layla were engaged, and Blair was happy for them. Blair indicated to Cristian that she had finally found the right one also, as she caressed her ring.

John and Layla toasted, and Layla explained that Evangeline had created a living will. John insisted that Layla "did right by" Evangeline. Layla thanked John and Bennett Thompson, as Eli listened outside the door. When John asked Layla about Bennett Thompson, Layla revealed that Bennett Thompson had helped Evangeline with her living will, and that Evangeline's box contained a file on Bennett Thompson. When Layla said that she could call Cristian and have him bring the file to the station, John replied, "I'd like to see that file."

When Layla called Cristian, he responded, "Hey, how's it going?" Layla answered, "It's going. Uh, you remember that box of Evangeline's we brought back from Maryland?" Cristian noted, "Yeah, yeah, it''s right here. I was just about to put it away."

Layla asked, "Can you check it for a file?" Cristian asked, "A file?" Layla explained, "It's labeled 'Bennett Thompson.' I need it at the police station for a case." Cristian remarked, "Oh yeah, it's right here. I got it." As Cristian heard Layla thank him over the phone, he was hit on the head, and he fell to the floor. Eli glared down at him.

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