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Todd agreed to honor Téa's wishes that she enter the hospice alone. Téa asked Blair to be Dani's legal guardian after Téa passed away. Kelly sneaked into Eli's room to search it and was forced to hide under his bed when he returned. Hannah learned that Cole had saved her life. Gigi agreed to keep Brody and Natalie's secret. Nate was angry at his mother for hiding the fact that he had two older brothers.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 9, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Todd knocked on Dani's door, and Dani yelled at her mother to go away. Todd unlocked the door and entered to Dani's chagrin. Dani didn't want to talk about her mother's decision, and Todd didn't either. However, the father and daughter agreed that Téa was being crazy, stupid, and selfish to keep her husband and her only child from taking care of her for the last few weeks of her life. Todd rationalized that Téa was afraid to lose the fight and didn't want her family to see her lose it. Dani wondered how they could stop Téa from shutting them out.

Dani wanted every minute with her mother that she could get. She reminded Todd that he had the resources to do anything. She suggested that they could get Dr. Evans to instruct Téa to stay home, they could get one of Todd's people to kidnap Téa, or they could even go to court to get Téa declared incompetent. Dani said that they could even lock Téa in her room, but Todd laughed. Dani asked if he had a better idea. Todd confessed that he just wanted Téa to be happy so that they should acquiesce to her requests.

Dani asked how Todd could just let her go. Todd knew that he could make the problem disappear with one phone call, but realized that, in his wedding vows, had had promised to honor Téa. He wanted to respect her last wishes. Todd wanted to spend his entire life with Téa, but couldn't disobey her wishes. Dani wondered what would happen if Téa got scared and lonely. Todd said they could always go get her, but that they had to be strong.

On the phone, Layla instructed Cristian to check Evangeline's box for a file on Bennett Thompson because it was needed for a case. Suddenly, Cristian was hit on the head and the phone went dead. Layla left a message asking if he was all right. As Layla was leaving the message, Eli kicked Cristian cell phone under the couch and checked his pulse. Eli noticed the files on the floor, gathered them up, and left.

Kelly entered the police station and told John that she had a confession to make. In his office, John yelled at Kelly for telling Blair about his suspicions about Eli, and that she was lucky Blair didn't tell Eli. Kelly asked if there was any more evidence. However, John informed her that she wasn't getting any more details until the case was resolved. Layla and Brody burst into John's office and said that Cristian's phone went dead while she was talking to him about the file. Layla left to check on Cristian, and John sent Brody with her.

Layla and Brody arrived at the apartment and found Cristian unconscious on the floor. As Brody searched the apartment, Cristian woke up. Brody called John to let him know that Cristian had been knocked out and that the file was gone.

John instructed Kelly to leave, or he would have her escorted out of the building. John directed an officer to look around the Palace and see if Eli had been seen "coming or going," but to make sure Eli didn't know. John once again demanded that Kelly go home. Kelly reasoned that Evangeline knew something about Bennett Thompson, so there was something in her things that the man didn't want anyone to see.

As Kelly explained why she truly believed that Bennett Thompson was Eli Clarke, John led her out of his office. He instructed an officer to escort Kelly off the premises. John assured her that if there were any developments, she would be the first to know. As she left, she warned John that Blair wouldn't wait much longer to marry Eli, so he needed to hurry.

At Llanfair, Natalie read What to Expect When You're Expecting. Brody entered and wondered why Natalie was reading it, and informed her that Jess was looking all over for the book. Natalie congratulated Brody on his engagement and gave the book to Brody. He was happy to report to Natalie that things were so much better that their "drunken night together" might as well have never happened. Natalie held her stomach as Brody left.

Gigi arrived and asked Natalie if she had told John about her pregnancy. Natalie had, but was still worried that the baby could be Brody's. Natalie told Gigi about how she had convinced John to keep the pregnancy a secret. Gigi related that the sooner Brody found out, the better, because otherwise, he would figure it out. Natalie thought there was no point in telling Brody until she was sure who the father was because she didn't want to spoil Jess and Brody's happiness. Gigi reminded Natalie that stress wasn't good for the baby.

Natalie's phone rang, and it was John. Gigi had to register for her classes at Llanview University, so she left Natalie to talk in private. John asked if she was feeling well enough to take on an assignment, which she was. He instructed her to grab her things and head over to Cristian and Layla's apartment.

At the apartment, Cristian held ice to his head as Layla wondered why Bennett Thompson was important. She thought he was just the lawyer that had helped Evangeline with her living will. Brody instructed the two not to touch anything because someone from forensics was on their way to get evidence. As Layla told Cristian to go to the hospital, Natalie entered and agreed with Layla. The couple left Natalie to scour the scene as Brody left to interview the neighbors.

Natalie called John and informed him that the scene was completely clean. The assailant must have known exactly what he was doing. As she returned to combing the area for evidence, she thought about her conversation with Gigi about Natalie's pregnancy. Brody arrived back at the apartment and asked Natalie if she'd found anything. Instead of answering his question, she stood and announced to Brody that she was pregnant.

Blair arrived at Téa's to find that Téa had a favor to ask of her. She wanted Blair to be a mother to Dani when Téa was gone. Téa knew that Dani really trusted Blair. Blair assured Téa that Dani would never be alone, which made Téa feel much better. Téa knew it was a lot to ask, but she was running out of time to make arrangements. Blair felt honored to be asked to look after Dani.

Téa informed Blair that she was leaving very soon for a hospice and that Todd and Dani were probably plotting to not let her go. She took out a little black book and explained to Blair that she had written down Dani's medical information, school information, and random things she had thought of. As Téa walked away to answer the ringing doorbell, she hoped that Todd and Eli wouldn't kill each other because of their soon-to-be close involvement.

As Blair remembered Kelly's warnings about Eli, Téa opened her front door to Eli. Eli explained that he was visiting to have Téa sign her will. As Eli opened his briefcase to get the papers, Téa had another favor to ask the couple. She explained that Dani was still a minor and that, if something were to happen to Todd before she turned eighteen, she would need someone. She asked Blair to be Dani's legal guardian. She accepted and Eli agreed.

Eli filled Blair's name in on the papers but didn't let Téa sign them because there was no ink left in his pen. He stealthily put the papers with Blair's name in his briefcase as he got another pen out. He took out another copy of Téa's will and had her sign it. Putting his things away, Eli praised her skills in court and her neighborly ways from when she lived at the Palace, and said that his brother had been a lucky man. He hugged her and left. Blair declared that Téa had been "the best damn frenemy a girl could ask for."

Téa knew she wouldn't be alive at that moment if it hadn't been for Blair being "a pain in the ass" about going to treatment. As Blair wondered why it was always about life and death with the two of them, there was a montage of moments between the pair. It started with the time the two were trapped in the basement of the fraternity house. Téa had said "under different circumstances we might be friends." The two were shown pushing each other out of windows, fighting and arguing. Blair was shown spying on Todd and Téa's wedding and reading the papers that told of Téa's diagnosis. Blair hugged her friend and left, crying.

At the Palace, Kelly knocked on Eli's door, loudly announcing that she had left her computer in his room. As a bellhop walked by, she asked for a little help. Kelly paid the bellhop and entered Eli's room. She began to search through his things. As she rifled through a drawer, Eli arrived in front of his room and began to unlock the door. The latch opened and she turned toward the door as it opened.

Ford asked his mother why she was at his door. She needed to talk to Ford and his brother. James invited Inez and Nate into the apartment. Ford asked to talk to Inez in private and wondered, "Why now?" She explained that she had gotten advice to inform Ford, James, and Nate that they were brothers, and she wanted Ford's blessing to do so. As he pulled her towards the front door, Ford said that what Inez did was unforgivable. Nate pushed Ford, asking who he thought he was. As the two argued, Inez yelled that they were brothers.

Nate thought that his father had taken off and left them, but Inez explained the truth. Their father had been sweet when they met, but after getting involved in risky business, became abusive. When he found out that she was pregnant with Nate, he didn't believe that Nate was his and kicked Inez out of the house. He wouldn't let Inez see her boys. As Ford mouthed off about her leaving them, James yelled at his brother to give her a break.

Inez tried to explain that it wasn't her choice and that, if she'd had a choice, she wouldn't have left her sons. She had tried to stay close, but the boys' father had connections everywhere and wouldn't let her get near them. After yelling at his mother for lying to him for so many years, Nate stormed out of the apartment. Inez implored Ford not to abandon his brothers and to help them because they needed him.

Ford thought that Nate probably needed time to himself. Before Inez left, she wanted them to know that leaving them was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. If she had stayed, their father would have killed her and Nate. After she left, Ford told his brother to talk to him. Angry, James said that Nate wasn't the only one who needed time alone and walked out of the room.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Due to a special presentation of "Brenda Barrett's Men," One Life to Live did not air today. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, August 11 and pick up where Monday, August 9's episode concluded.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Viki and Charlie returned to Llanfair after their vacation and found Jessica in the study. Jessica hid her baby book behind her back as they excitedly shared some hugs. Viki wanted to hear the latest news, and just as Jessica was about to share some of that news, a hungover David wandered in. He couldn't believe the Bankses had returned to Llanfair, and Viki reminded him that they lived there. "Oh, so then you heard Jessica's pregnant," David exclaimed.

Charlie, Viki, and Jessica tried to celebrate, but David made it difficult. He interrupted them whenever any of them tried to talk. He mentioned that he was in love with a girl named Mandy, and he announced that Dorian and Clint were back together. Everyone tried to ignore him, but David felt that it was Natalie's turn for a day in the spotlight. Viki ordered David to stop talking, but he went off on life and the fact that there was no point to it.

Viki was furious at David's "boorish behavior," and she ordered him to "take your misery elsewhere." David wondered if she meant another wing of the house, while Charlie suggested another zip code, and Jessica pointed out that another solar system would be nice. David turned to Jessica and asked, "Is it Brody's?" The others were appalled at David's question, as he attempted to explain the baby could belong to Tess or any of Jessica's other alters. Jessica was amused, and she announced that she had other news that David wasn't aware of. David asked if she were getting married, and Jessica's smile wavered.

Viki proclaimed that she wanted to make a fuss over Jessica's news, and David proposed they drink some champagne. The others reminded him that they couldn't drink. Jessica noted that she was pregnant, Viki pointed out that she had received a heart transplant, and Charlie merely said, "Alcoholic." David set out to find a drink on his own, and Charlie followed to help David recover from his hangover. Jessica sighed and told her mother that she was relieved that things worked out the right way.

At the station, one of John's men advised him that Eli had returned to his room at the Palace. John planned to "call around" to see if Eli had an alibi for the time that Cristian was attacked. Before he could continue, Rex walked in to speak to him. Assuming that Rex was there to talk about Bennett Thompson, John advised Rex to drop his investigation, and leave it to the police.

Rex admitted he was perfectly fine with that idea after being drugged in Boston. Besides, he continued, he had a kid to think of. He added that John knew what he meant. John looked at him, and Rex awkwardly stated that John didn't understand. After a brief silence, Rex apologized profusely. He was also sorry for the way things had turned out in Boston. John advised him that details of the investigation would be kept private in the future. He wondered why Rex didn't leave his office, and Rex disclosed that he was really there to talk about Natalie.

He wondered if John had noticed how strangely Natalie had been acting. John noted that Natalie was always weird and that was one of the reasons he cared for her. He hadn't noticed that she was worse than usual. Rex figured it was because John had been busy, but John assured Rex that if something were wrong, John would know. John flashed back to his meeting with Natalie at Rodi's when she had asked him to keep her pregnancy a secret. Out loud, he informed Rex that nothing was wrong. Rex didn't believe him and disclosed that Natalie had been talking to Gigi about her problem.

Rex had tried to ask Gigi about it, but she wouldn't tell him anything. Again John told him that Natalie was great, and Rex should stop worrying. Additionally, if Natalie had a secret and was keeping it from Rex, it was between Rex and Natalie. She would tell Rex about it when she was ready. Just then, Rex received a text message from Kelly. "Help," was all that it said.

While she combed Cristian's apartment for evidence, Natalie suddenly blurted out to Brody that she was pregnant. A stunned Brody confessed he was surprised, and wondered if Natalie were sure. He wanted to confirm that the baby was John's, not his. Natalie revealed that she had several blood tests to confirm her pregnancy. Brody reminded her they had only slept together one time. "That's all it takes," Natalie advised him. The baby could either be John's or Brody's.

Brody was more than upset and announced that he couldn't have a baby with both Jessica and her twin sister. He wondered why Natalie hadn't told him about the pregnancy sooner, and the pair began to argue. She couldn't tell him because he had "a lot going on," she insisted. Brody wondered why she even bothered to tell him at all, and Natalie began to explain that Gigi had suggested that Natalie shouldn't keep it to herself. Brody began to gasp over the fact that Gigi knew, but Natalie retorted that she had needed to confide in someone. She promised that Gigi would not tell anyone else.

Brody apologized for overreacting because he knew it wasn't all Natalie's fault. He just didn't want to see John or Jessica hurt. He vowed to stick by Natalie no matter what. Natalie quietly informed him that she had decided to keep the baby, and Brody was taken aback. He wondered how things would be if the baby were his. Natalie felt there was only a small chance of that, and she was convinced that the baby was John's. Brody was worried that the others would find out about his night with Natalie, and there would be consequences.

Natalie acknowledged that was all she thought about, but she had told John she was pregnant, and she planned on telling Jessica. Brody couldn't believe that John knew, but Natalie assured him that John was happy. She knew it was John's baby, and she had wanted him to know. Brody declared that it involved him too. He thought that he and Natalie would have been forgiven for their night together if they had confessed previously, but not with the added issue of the baby. He had his mind made up, and he planned to tell Jessica that he could be the father of Natalie's baby.

At the Palace, Kelly paid a bellhop to let her into Eli's room, where she began to look around. Suddenly, she heard Eli's key swipe the lock, and she ran to hide behind a chest of drawers. As Eli began to make himself comfortable, Kelly stared in horror at one of her shoes planted on the floor next to the foot of the bed. She had a moment's reprieve as Eli went into the bathroom, but when his phone began to ring, she scampered back. He had a conversation with Blair and advised her that he would get Jack to change his mind because Jack was wrong in his impressions of Eli.

When Eli walked out of the room again, Kelly managed to hide under the bed. She pulled the shoe out of sight as Eli wandered around getting undressed and preparing to work. Kelly remained trapped, but she managed to send a cry for help to Rex via text message. Eli pulled the papers he had taken from Cristian's apartment out of his briefcase and began to shred them as Kelly watched. "Done and done," Eli proclaimed as he put the last page through the shredder. Next, he looked at a copy of Téa's will.

Kelly's phone began to buzz and, horrified, she cringed as Eli walked over to the shredder and turned it off. He walked away, and Kelly looked at her phone. Rex's text message asked where she was and whether she needed John.

Back in John's office, Rex tuned John out as he continued to stare at his phone and text messages. Kelly's return message stated that she was trapped in Eli's room, but she stipulated "No John." Rex made it known that he had to leave, and he assured John that everything was okay. John wasn't too sure about that, but he again ordered Rex to stay away from the Bennett Thompson investigation. Rex asked John to look after Natalie. After Rex left, John asked Murphy if there had been any word from Natalie or Brody. Upon learning that there was no word, he assumed they were busy.

Todd and Dani tried to prepare themselves to say goodbye to Téa. Todd didn't believe that Téa should die alone, but they loved her, and they wouldn't stand in her way. Téa disclosed that she had named Blair to be the legal guardian for Dani in the event Todd was incapable of taking care of her. She had even prepared a book for Blair all about Dani. Todd promised that Dani wouldn't lose him. No one knew how to say goodbye, but Téa was sure they would figure it out.

Téa didn't want her loved ones to feel bad. Suddenly, Todd announced that he wanted to kick someone's ass, and he grabbed a board game off of the bookshelves. The family sat down to play a laugh-filled game of "Money Honey," which resembled Monopoly. Téa finally won, and she told the others it was time for her to go. Todd suggested she stop at Llanfair and the diner to say goodbye, but Téa admitted she didn't want to go on a "farewell tour." She would write everyone letters after she was settled.

Téa accused Todd of stalling and never giving up. Reluctantly, Todd confessed that he was giving up this time. He promised to take care of Dani, but Téa wanted him to take care of himself too. She wanted him to be a "best version" of himself and not the "bastard version." Todd wondered if his best version was that of a bastard. Téa assured him it wasn't. She wanted him to be happy, and an angry Todd yelled that she knew he couldn't deny her that last request.

Alone with Dani, Téa handed her a necklace, which was a family heirloom. She wanted Dani to give it to her own daughter someday. Dani declared that she would never have a child, since she wouldn't be able to take care of it without her mother. Téa was sure Dani wouldn't need her, but she felt bad for having screwed up so much and letting Dani down. Dani admitted that she had tried to look at things that way, but she thought that Téa did things right, and she had been an awful daughter.

Téa proclaimed that it was Dani's job to be awful, and things would have been wrong if she hadn't been that way. Dani thought that she'd rather be screwed up than lose Téa. Her mother deemed Dani perfect. "You blossomed, and you will continue to do so," Téa said. "You think so?" Dani asked. "I know so," Téa replied.

Todd and Dani were unaware that they would not be taking Téa to the hospice. Instead, Téa announced that her ride had arrived. She wanted to say goodbye at the house. Todd joked that he was sick of only marrying Téa for 24 hours. Téa responded that it was one of her favorite pastimes.

Todd told Téa he loved her, and she stated that she loved him. They hugged each other. Todd was sorry that he hadn't been able to deliver Téa's fairytale. She urged him to give it to their daughter. Dani broke down and begged her mother to stay. "I'll be right here," Téa said and held her hand to Dani's heart. She repeated it in Spanish, and she told them to be good to each other.

Téa's last request was to ask Todd and Dani to hold out their hands. She gave each one a bunch of coins and told them to make a wish for her whenever they saw a fountain.

Eli puttered around his room and stopped to answer the phone. It was the front desk, and the young man advised Eli that he had a visitor. It was an agitated woman who wanted to meet with Eli in the lobby. Eli agreed to go downstairs to meet with her. Rex handed the bellhop some money and praised him for his acting skills. Eli left his room, leaving an indecisive Kelly under the bed. Suddenly Rex wandered in, and she scurried out. Hastily, she handed him her purse and dumped the remnants from the shredder into the purse. She urged him to check the briefcase while she thumbed through some papers.

The briefcase was locked, but Kelly took some of the papers and put them through the shredder so that Eli wouldn't notice the removal of the others. Rex was confused. Kelly stopped in her tracks long enough to advise him that Eli was Bennett Thompson. They finished up and left before Eli returned.

The attorney was on his phone, leaving a message to Renee, as he returned to his room. He was quite disturbed over the lack of service, the fact that he had received a message that someone was there to see him, and not only was that untrue, he was unable to even locate a staff member. Outside, Kelly and Rex were relieved over their escape, though Rex was perplexed over Eli's identity. Kelly indicated that she wanted to reconstruct the shredded papers, but she wondered what was in his briefcase.

Eli returned to his briefcase, unlocked it, and removed Téa's last will and testament. He had two copies, one with, and one without her signature. He removed the first page from one of the copies and put it through the shredder.

Natalie pleaded with Brody to keep quiet. She reminded him that he was close to getting everything he wanted and he didn't want to risk it. She urged him not to say anything to anyone about her baby. As she spoke, John walked in.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

At the police station, Inez returned to Bo's office and informed him that she and Nate had found temporary housing, and she'd be on the job bright and early the next morning. Bo was glad to hear it, and warned Inez that she'd be diving into a hectic work environment. Inez said she could handle the rush, and that it was nothing compared to the storm she'd just created within her own family. Concerned, Bo pressed for answers, and Inez told him that she'd introduced Nate to Ford and James, but it had only made things worse for all the people she loved.

Inez told Bo about her impromptu "family reunion" at Ford and James's apartment, and said that Ford was furious with her and Nate, while Nate felt totally betrayed, and James seemed stunned. She hated the heartache she'd caused, but allowed that she should have introduced her sons to each other years before. She hoped that they would forge relationships with each other in time, but Bo told Inez that she didn't have to sacrifice her own family relationships for theirs. Inez feared that she'd broken her sons' trust forever; she didn't know if she could make them understand her reasons, and all she could do was wait and see how things played out.

Inez apologized to Bo for discussing her personal life in the workplace and said it wouldn't happen again, but Bo insisted he was glad to help. Inez declared that she only wanted to make his professional life easier instead of complicating it, and told him she'd see him at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Bo said he was going home to a family dinner with Nora and Matthew, and Inez explained that she would stay in the office a little longer to set up her desk. Bo and Inez bid each other goodnight. Alone, Inez began placing framed pictures on her new desk outside Bo's office -- one of Nate, and one of Ford and James as small children.

At Todd's house, Danielle lay on the couch in the living room, weeping alone in the dark. Hearing the doorbell, she struggled to her feet and answered it, and an infuriated Nate burst into the living room, raging about Inez's lies. As Nate ranted about his mother's secrets, Danielle burst into tears again. "My mother's gone," she cried, and told Nate about Téa's departure for the hospice, and how they'd said goodbye for good.

Floored, Nate took Danielle into his arms as she explained Téa's decision to leave her family for her final weeks. Danielle admitted that she'd deluded herself into believing Téa would be fine until the moment her mother had walked out the door. "How could she leave me alone?" she sobbed. "You're not alone," Nate replied, holding and comforting her.

When Nate noticed her grandmother's necklace, Danielle explained that it had been Téa's final gift to her, from the family she'd never known. Hearing talk of lost families touched a nerve with Nate, who pulled away. Danielle asked him what was wrong, and suggested that it would help her to talk about something other than Téa's illness. Reluctantly, Nate told Danielle that Inez had been lying to him for his entire life, and recounted his fateful meeting with James and Ford, his new brothers. Rueful, he told Danielle that one of his brothers hated his guts, and the other had almost died because of him.

Telling the story re-ignited Nate's anger, and he vented about Inez's secrecy; he'd had a right to know about his family growing up, but as a result of his mother's choices, he and his two brothers were suffering. "I hate her for this!" he snapped, and Danielle instantly reacted, pleading with Nate not to hate Inez. She explained how Téa had kept her from Todd for years, and said that even though she'd been angry with her mother's deception, she'd gained a great family. She understood that Téa had done it all to protect her, and wished she had the time she'd wasted being angry at her mother back again. Danielle urged Nate to find Inez and talk to her -- she told him that it was too late for her and Téa, but not for him and his mother.

At Llanfair, Viki asked Jessica what she'd meant by her pregnancy turning out "the right way." Flustered, Jessica covered by saying she was relieved that she'd gotten her memory back and that Brody hadn't given up on her in the interval. Viki told Jessica that Brody never would, and embraced her daughter, delighted that everything seemed right with the world. Just then, Todd burst into the living room unannounced and informed his sister and niece that his life was falling apart: Téa had abandoned him, and in turn, he'd abandoned their daughter.

Viki and Jessica were stunned to hear about Téa's illness and departure from Llanview. Viki wished she could've been there for Téa, but Todd said that Téa had pushed everyone away and left, just as she'd always left him. He thought he'd have to wait for a phone call informing him of her death, and didn't know how he could live with such dread. Viki suggested he attempt to honor Téa's wishes, but Todd said he couldn't keep his promises to his wife, or be strong for Danielle; he'd left the girl at his house and run to Llanfair because he feared losing his composure. Viki said his pain was understandable, but Todd refused to weaken when his daughter needed him.

Viki told Todd that all Danielle needed from him was a safe and open environment where they could both honestly deal with their emotions. Jessica added that she could relate to Todd's heartbreak, remembering her own ordeal after Nash's death. "But you went nuts," Todd countered. As Viki scolded Todd, Jessica admitted that she'd lost control, but said that Todd was already coping with the grieving process better than she had.

Todd explained that Téa had asked Blair to serve as a surrogate mother for Danielle, and Viki told him that with Blair and the rest of the family, he and Danielle would have a full support system. Jessica chimed in that Danielle had another cousin on the way. "You're pregnant?" Todd asked distractedly. "Good for you."

As Viki walked Todd out to the foyer, she told him that they'd all be there for him and Danielle, but Danielle needed him to go home and be there for her. She reminded him that Téa had had faith he'd make it through, and said she did as well. Embracing her brother, Viki told Todd to go home and make his daughter proud.

At Cristian and Layla's apartment, John walked in just in time to hear Natalie tell Brody not to breathe a word about her baby. John asked Natalie why she was telling Brody the secret she'd asked him to keep. Frantic, Natalie fibbed and said she'd had a bout of morning sickness at the crime scene and had been forced to spill the beans to Brody. Satisfied with her explanation, John relaxed and told an edgy-looking Brody it looked like they were in the same boat. Natalie was ready to wrap up the crime scene analysis, but Brody stopped her and said he had something to say to John.

After a tense moment, Brody gave John his congratulations on Natalie's pregnancy. Relieved, Natalie turned to business and told John they hadn't found any evidence at the scene, or any witnesses. She asked John to clue her in on the suspect he had in mind. John asked her to keep his theory quiet, then disclosed his suspicions: "Bennett Thompson is Elijah Clarke." Natalie was floored by the revelation, and John told her they needed her help finding proof.

Natalie explained that she'd found no hairs or fibers in the apartment, and said that whoever had stolen Evangeline's file knew their way around a crime scene. "Like a good lawyer," John mused aloud. As Natalie and Brody headed out the door, John stopped them, and asked what he was missing. Natalie feared the worst, but John was merely considering the crime scene - he felt he was missing a connection in the case, and vowed to leave no stone unturned until he got the whole story. Natalie and Brody exchanged worried glances.

The trio headed back to the police station, where Natalie told John she'd submitted Cristian's clothes as evidence in the Thompson investigation. John was more preoccupied with Natalie's "morning sickness," and admitted he was fearful after Marty's difficult pregnancy. Natalie reassured him that she was fine, and apologized for blabbing to Brody, but asked if she could tell everyone their good news. John agreed, and said Jessica would be happy to share a pregnancy with her sister.

As John headed to his office, Natalie approached Brody's desk and thanked him for not telling John the truth. Brody told Natalie he was still trying to process the news, and asked her how she expected him to live with the knowledge that he might have a second child. "Can you live without Jessica?" Natalie shot back, and told him that was the risk he'd take if Jessica learned the truth, which she suggested might put her mental stability at risk. Natalie claimed she was almost positive that her baby was John's, and told Brody that keeping his mouth shut was the best thing for everyone.

Brody said he didn't want to hurt Jessica, but said that if there was a chance Natalie's child was his, he couldn't hide the truth. He reminded Natalie of where Stacy Morasco's schemes had led her, and said he didn't want to take risks if he knew that the baby could be his. "This baby is John's," Natalie hissed. "Now and forever."

The hushed conversation screeched to a halt as John returned to the waiting area, and Brody headed down the corridor. All business, Natalie asked John how the investigation was going, and John said he was about to meet someone who might provide the missing piece to the puzzle of Bennett Thompson.

In a nearby corridor, the guilt-ridden Brody called Jessica at Llanfair. He hid his anguish and told her he'd just gotten some news but would tell her later, and said he loved on her.

As Jessica finished her call with Brody, Viki reentered the living room at Llanfair with a slew of items from Jessica's second pregnancy with Bree. She was delighted with Jessica's good news, but both mother and daughter couldn't hide their sorrow over the news about Téa, and how her illness would impact Todd and his family. Jessica asked Viki if Todd would be okay, and Viki said she thought so, as Todd never ceased to surprise her.

Back at Todd's, Todd returned home and found Danielle waiting for him in the living room. After a moment of shared, silent grief, Danielle ran into his arms and Todd held her.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Langston settled into the living room for some girl talk. Starr told Langston about her latest encounter with James, and how he'd made advances on her despite Cole being in the picture. She asked Langston how to handle James, and in turn, Langston asked her what she really wanted to do. Starr feigned ignorance, insisting that she was happy with Cole, but Langston reminded Starr that she and James had gotten close while on the run together. Starr said that she and James were nothing like Langston and Ford, and said that all she wanted was for her life with Cole to go back to the way it was before Hannah, before James, and before Cole assaulted Todd -- before they'd stopped trusting one another.

Langston asked Starr why James felt he had a chance with her, and Starr admitted that she and James had shared not one but two kisses while on the road. She explained the extenuating circumstances, but Langston got down to brass tacks and asked Starr whether or not she'd felt something during her intimate moments with James. Starr griped that neither Langston nor Cole trusted her answers, but Langston said they'd had a right to ask, and told Starr not to make the same mistake Langston had by hiding her feelings; she implored her friend to tell her if she felt something for James. "Maybe I do!" Starr blurted out, exasperated.

Starr admitted that she'd felt something when James kissed her, but said that it had been only for a single moment; she'd been upset and confused about Cole and Hannah, but she and Cole were reconciled and recovering their life together. Langston asked if she thought they really could rebuild, and Starr mouthed platitudes about Cole being Hope's father. "That's not what I asked," Langston shot back. Starr declared that she wanted Cole, not James, and said that James was the last thing she needed in her life.

In the foyer, Kelly and Rex returned from the Palace Hotel, lugging a bagful of shredded documents. Kelly wished they'd had a few more minutes in Elijah's hotel suite, but Rex reminded her that Elijah could've killed them, and they'd been lucky to escape with their lives. He promised her that Elijah would slip up. Kelly was pleased they'd at least taken the contents of Elijah's paper shredder. "If a parade breaks out, we'll be a big hit," Rex quipped.

Kelly wondered if John had found anything at Cristian and Layla's apartment, and said they needed more evidence to prove Elijah was Thompson. Rex thought they needed to take the shredded paper to the police, but Kelly knew John would arrest her if she interfered with the police investigation again. As it was, the shredded paper was useless, since she didn't know how to reconstruct them.

Rex suggested they give the bits of paper to Natalie, and reminded Kelly that his sister was a skilled forensic technician who could reconstruct the obliterated documents. Kelly was sure that Natalie would never keep such a huge secret from John, but Rex assured her that Natalie would stay quiet until her analysis turned up anything useful to the case. Transferring the evidence to a clear plastic bag, he headed to the station to see Natalie.

Kelly walked over to the living room doors and overheard Starr and Langston's conversation about James and Ford. When she heard Langston mention Ford sleeping with someone else right after breaking things off with her, she flashed back to her conversation with Jessica about Jessica's pregnancy, and burst into the room. Kelly asked Langston who Ford had slept with, and Langston explained that Ford had gotten an STD test because of a fling he'd had with someone else after they'd broken up. Concerned for Jessica, Kelly rushed out of La Boulaie.

After Kelly left, Starr assured Langston that what she'd had with James was just "a spark," but James was still making strong overtures to her. She feared he wouldn't give up even if she was cruel to him, and joked that James considered her rough attitude to be foreplay. She needed to set him straight that he had no chance with her, and asked Langston to go with her to see James, right away.

At the police station, Natalie was wrestling with her secret when Rex met her in the corridor. He told her he needed her help, but noticed her discontent and asked what was wrong. Natalie told Rex she was pregnant. "That's great!" Rex exclaimed, then noticed her downcast expression. "...Isn't it?"

Kelly arrived at Llanfair and rushed into the drawing room, where she found Jessica. She told Jessica they needed to talk, and said that Jessica might have slept with Ford after all.

At the Ford brothers' apartment, James entered the living room and ignored Ford's attempts to distract him with dinner and television. He was totally focused on Inez's revelation of her and Nate's roles in their lives, and marveled that they had a mother and a little brother. Ford told James they had neither, and that they'd never see Inez or Nate again. "I'll see who I damn well wanna see," James snapped, and warned Ford not to try to control him, not with Inez, not with Nate, and not with Starr Manning.

Ford told James he only wanted to protect him, and blamed both Starr and Nate for James's gunshot wound during the debacle with Bull. James reminded Ford that the entire affair had been riddled with accidents and coincidences, and said they couldn't blame Inez, who he referred to as their mother. "The hell she is!" Ford retorted, and insisted that Inez had left them and never wanted them. James remembered Inez's reasons, but Ford couldn't get over the fact that Inez had known where they were but hadn't reached out. He pleaded with James to stay away from her, but James told him to back off; Ford wasn't their parents, and he couldn't stop him from seeing Inez or Starr.

James told Ford that he didn't trust women because their father hadn't trusted Inez. "Maybe she didn't deserve his trust," Ford muttered, and James replied that their father was a bitter lunatic. He accused Ford of avoiding personal attachments because he was afraid of being abandoned the way their mother had abandoned them. Ford warned James not to psychoanalyze him, but James pressed on, and said Ford pretended to be cool and casual with women because he feared being hurt. When Ford attempted to shift the topic back to Starr's shooting of James, James told him to shut up, and said he was just like their father, twisting reality to blame the woman at all costs.

Ford asked James why he wanted anything to do with either Starr or their mother, when neither wanted anything to do with him. "You're so wrong, bro," James sighed, and told him that their father had driven Inez away. They had a chance to be a family again, and he wouldn't let Ford poison everything for him just because "Starr's friend Langston" didn't want Ford anymore. "Who says I want Langston?" Ford snapped. He said he didn't want Langston, and didn't care about her or any kind of serious relationship.

James gave up on getting through to his big brother, and said Ford could spend his life alone if he wanted to, without loved ones. Ford said he had his family in James. "But I want more," James replied. Crushed, Ford turned on the television and focused on the big game.

As the brothers shared a tense dinner in front of the TV, there was a knock at the door. Ford answered it, and froze at the sight before him. James asked who it was, then moved to the door and broke into a big grin when he saw Starr and Langston standing in the hallway.

Friday, August 13, 2010

At Ford's apartment, as Ford and James ate dinner, they heard a knock on the door. When Ford answered the door to Starr and Langston, he welcomed them inside. Starr introduced Langston to James, and Langston informed Ford and James that Starr had decided to answered James's question. "So, we're here to make sure that he know exactly where she stands."

Starr explained to Ford that James had stopped by her apartment and had requested that he have a chance with her. Langston indicated that she had accompanied Starr as her backup, and that she wanted to meet James. Langston then asked James if he wished to hear Starr's answer.

Ford declared that Starr was not interested in James, but James wanted to hear what Starr had to say. Starr revealed, "Do I have doubts about Cole? No, I don't. And if you think that we are going to break up, and that you are just going to be able to take his place, you could not be more wrong." Starr claimed that she just wanted to make "a clean break." James did not believe Starr and asked Langston if Starr and Cole were happy. Langston exclaimed that Starr and Cole were very special. James then asked Langston out on a date.

When Ford yelled, James stated that Langston was hot, and that they were both single. James reminded his brother that Ford had claimed that Langston was "just another hook-up that dragged on too long." Ford denied saying it in just that way. Langston squealed that she would love to go out with James, and that she was sure that James would treat her better than his brother had done.

After James told Langston that he would give her a call, Langston gave James her cell phone number. When James tested the number, and Langston's phone rang, Langston insisted that she would not give out a fake number, because she was not like that. James maintained that he would call her on her non-fake number, and Langston stressed that she could not wait. After Starr and Langston walked out, Starr asked Langston what that had been all about, and Langston refused to acknowledge what Starr meant.

Kelly arrived at Llanfair and told Jessica that she had found out that Ford was being tested for Hepatitis C, therefore, Ford and Jessica must have had sex on prom night. Jessica exclaimed that Ford had promised that they had not had sex that night. Jessica thought that maybe he was being tested due to someone else, because she knew his reputation as a womanizer. She then wondered why she had believed Ford, since she knew his reputation for lying.

"Okay, it doesn't matter, okay. If there's any chance at all that this is Robert Ford's baby, and not Brody's, then I...I don't know...I don't know what I'm going to do, but I have to do something." Jessica screamed that the baby could not be Ford's, and Kelly realized that they could find out if Ford had been tested for another disease. Jessica blared that they had to find out in some way, whether it was legal or not.

Jessica wanted to rush into the hospital as reporters, but Kelly was worried about getting caught. "How are you going to explain why you were desperate to read Robert Ford's medical records?" Jessica realized that she would be unable to lie to Brody about the reason but still insisted that she wanted to talk to Ford. When Kelly volunteered to accompany her, Jessica believed that she would have a better chance to get to the truth if she saw Ford alone.

At the Llanview Police Station, when Natalie announced that she was pregnant, Rex was elated. Natalie remarked that she was concerned about John but then admitted that John was happy, and that she was the problem. After Natalie reflected on her discussion with Brody, when she had revealed that she was not sure if John or Brody was the baby's father, she told Rex that the baby had just been a very big surprise.

Natalie claimed that she had just wanted for it to be the right time to have a baby. Rex assessed that no one was ever really prepared for a baby, but sometimes it was the best thing to happen to a couple. Rex also reminded Natalie that she already had experience with babies, since she had raised him. Natalie was concerned that John still grieved over his deceased baby. Rex declared that John was a lucky man, because he had Natalie, who had supported him. Rex told Natalie that if she ever needed assistance with her baby, she could text the word, "help," to him, and he would "come running."

Natalie and Rex hugged, and Natalie asked what Rex needed. Rex stated that he needed to talk to Natalie, his sister, not Natalie, the forensics technician. He showed her the suitcase containing the shredded document and told her that he needed to find a way to read it. However, Rex did not want to compromise Natalie's job or her relationship with John. After Rex insisted that it was a matter of life and death, Natalie said that she would do what she could, but that if John caught her, she would have to tell him the truth. Rex told Natalie that she and the baby were amazing and, in a goofy voice, claimed that he could not wait to meet the baby. "Natty, with you and John as parents, that is going to be one good-looking kid."

At Rodi's, Gigi greeted Brody, who insisted that Gigi knew exactly why everything would not be all right. Brody indicated that Natalie had "filled him in," and that Gigi knew about Brody and Natalie's one-night stand. Brody asked what he could do about the fact that Natalie might be pregnant with his child. Gigi responded that Natalie had debated on whether or not to tell John about her pregnancy and had elected to be honest. Gigi insisted that Brody focus on Jessica and their baby. "At least, that's one thing we can be sure about."

Brody maintained that he needed to figure out what to do, if Natalie's baby turned out to be his. Brody reminded Gigi of the lie surrounding Shane's paternity, and that the situation had not turned out well. Brody then requested that Gigi keep it a secret, even from Rex. Gigi claimed that nobody would find anything out from her, and that if John were the father of Natalie's baby, there would be nothing for Brody to figure out. When Brody decided to stop drinking that night to keep a clear head, Gigi insisted that he have faith. Brody thanked Gigi.

After Kelly left Llanfair, Brody walked into the living room, as Jessica threw items into her purse. Jessica stated that she needed to leave to cover a story, and Brody and Jessica kissed. As Jessica started to leave, Brody emphasized that he loved her. Jessica insisted that she loved him, too, and left. Brody remembered a conversation with Natalie, when he had stated that he could not have a baby with Jessica and another with her twin sister. Natalie walked in, and Brody and Natalie sadly looked at each other.

Rex strutted into Rodi's and announced that he knew the truth of Natalie's pregnancy. Gigi mistakenly believed that Rex knew the entire truth about the paternity of the baby, however, she quickly realized that Rex did not know about Brody and the one-night stand. "I, uh, I hate keeping anything from you -- even if it's for a good cause." Rex wanted to make out with "a hot waitress," but Gigi had to close up the bar.

As she entered Rodi's, Kelly spotted Rex and asked if Natalie would try to piece together the shredded fragments of the document. Rex told her that Natalie would, but if John caught her, she would have to "come clean." Rex declared that John would have to know everything Rex and Kelly had discovered, if the documents proved that Eli was a killer. Kelly understood and insisted that John should know, so that he could stop Eli from killing again.

Ford screamed at James for asking Langston out on a date. "You did this for two reasons -- to stick it to me and to stick it to Starr." Ford pointed out that James could have called Langston and could have asked her out privately. But instead, James had chosen to ask Langston out right in front of Starr and Ford. James insisted that there had been no conspiracy and stated that he was headed for bed, as they heard a knock on the door.

Ford greeted Jessica at the door, and Jessica stated that she had to know the truth. "That night, when I came to your apartment, we had sex, didn't we?"

At St. Ann's, John asked Eli why he hovered outside of Hannah's door. When he refused to allow Eli in the room to see Hannah, John asked, "Is that a problem?" Eli asserted that John could not prevent Eli from seeing his client, and that he was worried about Hannah. John questioned if Hannah had really attempted to commit suicide. John then revealed that he had seen Eli's name on the roster and had questions to ask him. John asked if Eli had known why Hannah had consumed an entire bottle of pills. Eli realized that John was suspicious and demanded that if John had something to say to just get it off his chest.

Eli insisted that no crime had been committed, but John reminded him that Hannah had confessed and had stated that she had committed numerous crimes, and so John had to "play it by the book." Eli wanted to see that justice was done and felt that Hannah needed to stay in the hospital. Eli demanded that John make an arrest, or he was going into the room to see Hannah.

In Hannah's room, Cole asked Hannah if she could open up her eyes. Hannah touched Cole's face and asked if she were still alive. When Cole told Hannah that she was in St. Ann's, Hannah seemed confused. Cole reminded Hannah of the crimes, her confessions, and her suicide attempt, and Hannah remembered that Eli had given her the bottle of pills. When Cole asked Hannah why she had tried to kill herself, Hannah asked why would she have wanted to live and wondered how she had survived. Cole stated that he had found her, and Hannah realized that Cole had saved her life. "Cole, you really shouldn't have done that."

Hannah remembered that Eli had threatened to hurt Cole, and Hannah told Cole that she had done terrible things, and that she needed to be punished. Cole asked Hannah if there was something else that she needed to tell him, when Eli walked in.

Eli exclaimed that he was relieved that Hannah was okay, and Hannah revealed that Cole had saved her life. After Eli indicated that Cole might have been the reason that Hannah had tried to kill herself, Cole suspected that Hannah had something else to tell him. John requested that Hannah have a chance to talk to her lawyer alone, and John and Cole exited the room.

In the hall, Cole told John that Hannah had begged for Cole not to leave but had immediately became quiet, once Eli had entered the room. John reflected that Hannah was a troubled girl. John voiced that he would find a way to talk to Hannah alone, so that he could get to the truth.

Alone in the room, Eli said to Hannah, "You're supposed to be dead. How are we going to fix that?" Hannah reminded Eli that she had done what he had wanted and had swallowed the whole bottle of pills. Eli insisted the Cole always had to be the hero, and that Eli had to do something about Cole. Hannah begged Eli not to hurt Cole. She insisted that she would take more pills, and that Eli had promised not to hurt Cole.

Eli explained, "Yes, if you'd lived up to your side of the bargain, but here we are. Now, I can't very well finish you off with McBain lurking around, now, can I?" Eli warned Hannah to keep her mouth shut, and Hannah asked about Cole, as the doctor, John, and Cole walked in. Cole said goodbye to Hannah, and Eli told Hannah that he would be in touch. Cole and Eli walked out the door, and John followed.

John immediately returned to the room and thanked the doctor, who left. Hannah asked, "What's going on?" John explained, "I asked your doctor to clear everyone out of the room, so you and I could have a chance to talk." Hannah inquired, "What for?" John responded, "I need you to be honest with me, Hannah." Hannah asked, "About what?" John replied, "I don't think you tried to kill yourself. Why don't you tell me what really happened?"

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