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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 9, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, August 9, 2010

At the party warehouse, Myra, the psychic whom Henry had hired, proclaimed that Chuckles the clown knew all the secrets of the room. She said she had also picked up pain and suffering there, and Henry was convinced that Barbara had been a captive there. Paul, however, thought the whole captive theory was bogus, so Henry accused him of being "negative." Paul asked the psychic to go to the Oakdale Police and swear a statement to that effect, but of course the woman did not agree.

Will spoke up and sided with Henry, asking if Myra could tell them any more. She said that she felt a "persuasive feeling of despair or helplessness" in the room, and she was sure that the clown had "borne witness to it." Chuckles somehow held the key to unlocking their mystery. Henry grabbed the clown and pointed out the lipstick on his face, and Myra suggested that Barbara had clung to the doll for comfort. She had nothing more to tell them, so the psychic walked out. Will also excused himself, so Henry carried Chuckles out under his arm and suggested to Paul that they go find some martinis.

Henry and Paul decided on drinks at the Lakeview, and Chuckles joined them. Paul still did not believe that Barbara had even been near the party warehouse, but Henry was positive. Paul still thought that his mother was punishing all of them, but particularly Henry for marrying Vienna. Paul took a call from Emily who asked Paul to return home, but he stalled her and said he had to run to Chicago first on business. After Paul left, Henry turned to Chuckles and touched the clown's hand. He felt something in the doll's glove, so he picked out a wadded up piece of paper that said in Barbara's handwriting, "It's a lie. I'm being held against my will."

In the wine cellar at Fairwinds, Emily threw open the door and was face to face with Iris. Iris immediately began protesting that things weren't what they seemed, but Emily took a quick look around the trashed room and told Iris that she was "busted." Emily turned to leave, and Iris followed quickly behind, leaving Barbara still bound and gagged on the floor. Iris followed Emily upstairs where she urged her not to do anything rash. Emily began shouting at Iris, and that brought Gwen on the run. Iris asked to tell Gwen in her own words, as Emily threatened to "rat" her out about drinking again. Gwen asked Emily what she thought her mother had done, and Emily said that she had taken their expensive bottle of brandy downstairs to the cellar so as not to tempt Iris.

Then Emily described opening the door to the wine cellar and finding the place in shambles with bottles tossed around and Iris' smelling like a distillery. Gwen was shocked, and Iris begged for her daughter's forgiveness. She pretended to cry, as Emily removed all the liquor decanters in the living room. Gwen scolded her mother, who whined that she had only fallen off the wagon because no one except Gwen and Hallie even wanted her in the house. Iris said she would pack her things and leave as soon as possible; however, Gwen had a change of heart and immediately backed off, while Emily got more and more furious. Gwen finally accused Emily of treating Iris badly, as Iris secretly smiled.

Gwen verbally attacked Emily, who reminded her whose house Gwen and her family were living in. Will walked in at that point and asked right away if Iris had fallen off the wagon. Gwen continued to defend her mother, but Will went after his mother-in-law. Iris said she needed to leave immediately for an AA meeting at Memorial. She asked Gwen for cab fare, and Gwen gave her the money. Emily remarked that the cash would end up at the closest Mini-Mart.

Will and Gwen went to Old Town so that they could escape Emily, and Gwen was thankful that at least her mom was attending an AA meeting. In reality, however, Iris was swilling Barbara Ryan's brandy in Barbara's suite at the Lakeview, and picking out which of Barbara's outfits she would wear to the bank to cash her $25,000 check. She called the bank to make sure there were enough funds in the account.

In Memorial, Dr. Bob stopped Luke in a corridor and asked him to accompany him to meet with representatives of the hospital's union to discuss a new contract. The meeting was to be at Al's Diner, and Bob confessed that his true motive was to have Luke ride herd on Dr. Oliver and his mouth.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oliver saw Chris Hughes drawing his own blood in an exam room, so Oliver went inside. He saw the order slip that Chris had filled out and read that he was testing it for a parasite associated with viral myocarditis. Chris explained that he had not been feeling well, and he tried to brush off Oliver's questions. Katie burst in and noticed the tension in the room, but Reid lied and made up a cover story about a patient he and Chris were sharing. He left the room, and Chris hugged Katie. In the hallway, Luke approached Reid and mentioned the union meeting at the diner, and the doctor referred to it as "a waste of time." Reid was distracted, however, thinking about Chris.

In the exam room, Katie offered to take Chris home with her to "play doctor, "but he said he needed to follow up with the "patient" he was so worried about. Chris excused himself and went outside to call the lab to put a rush on his own blood work. Chris returned to Katie, who asked him to call her later. They walked out into the hall where Bob asked Chris to also attend the union meeting at the diner. Chris was eager to put himself forward for the Chief of Staff position, so he agreed. After his dad left, Chris told Katie he had better bone up on the contracts that the union wanted to renegotiate, so she offered to help him.

Chris and Katie went back into the exam room, and she began asking him some very good questions that the union representatives might throw at him. Katie said she was looking forward to when the two of them could do "more fun things" together, and Chris leaned over and kissed her. They got back to business, but Chris's phone rang, and he turned away from Katie as he heard the lab results for his blood. The news did not appear to be good, and Chris surreptitiously took his pulse under the table. Katie chattered on about his memorizing job titles, but Chris said he couldn't concentrate any longer, and he asked her to go.

Luke offered to help Reid with his study of the contracts, so they went to Lily's house and began going over the material. That did not take long with Reid's photographic memory, so Luke next asked what the doctor was going to wear to the meeting. Before Reid could answer, Luke advised that he not wear his lab coat or a suit and tie, both of which screamed "arrogance." Also, Luke said that Reid should wear chinos, a polo, and a jacket that said, "Professional, but casual." Luke told him to smile and break the ice by talking about baseball instead of his own brilliance. Reid headed home to turn into a "surgeon dressed like Mr. Rogers."

At Al's, Bob greeted Luke as the union representatives gathered. He asked Luke if he had coached Dr. Oliver, and Luke assured him that he had. Then Bob said they only needed their two Chief of Staff candidates, as Reid walked in wearing his white lab coat. He approached the union people and began his spiel by saying he was "a damn good doctor" who could also be a "raging SOB who didn't suffer fools." Then he gave them all sincere compliments about how hard they worked and how important their jobs were to his job. He shook hands with each of them and promised that he would put together the fairest contract he could.

Bob was pleased with Reid's performance, and so was Luke. Then Bob wondered aloud where his son was, just as Katie walked in, disturbed that Chris was not there yet. Reid asked about Chris, and Katie told him that Chris was finally her boyfriend, so Reid had better be nice to him. Bob took off and went back to Memorial.

Bob found Chris asleep or passed out on his study table in the exam room. He called loudly to his son, who woke up unhappy that the meeting was over. Bob suggested that Chris was expecting to get the job without any effort because he was Bob Hughes's son, and he warned that Reid had not only shown up, he had hit the ball out of the park.

Luke and Reid saw Bob in the hospital, and Reid asked why Chris had not appeared. Bob said he'd have to ask Chris that, and he walked away. Luke took a call, so Reid went into the room where he'd seen Chris previously. Chris was still there, with his head in his hands. He looked up and told Dr. Oliver that his blood test had been positive for viral myocarditis. Then he explained that he had been infected in East Africa, which was why he had stayed away from Oakdale so long. Reid suggested they do an MRI of Chris's heart immediately, but Chris said he would handle his own problems. Katie walked in, so Reid pretended that his talk with Chris was about their patient. Chris assured Katie that nothing had changed, and he kissed her and walked out. Reid watched Chris walk away as Luke joined him and suggested that they celebrate. Reid turned to Luke and kissed him.

In the darkened wine cellar in Fairwinds, Barbara scooted across the floor trying to figure out how to get free. Suddenly the wine cellar door flew open, and an amazed Emily was staring at her.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

At Margo's house, Alison and Casey were about to make out when Katie arrived to pick up Jacob. They asked what had happened to the cabin getaway with Chris, and Katie told them about Chris's bizarre bout of acid reflux. Katie said that after receiving treatment, Chris hadn't been able to get away from her quickly enough. She suspected that she was the real problem.

Alison sent Casey to talk to Chris, and Katie worried that her neediness had scared Chris off. Alison figured that he'd gotten overly excited about being with Kate. After admitting that Chris had said the same thing, Katie still feared the romance had ended before it had even begun.

At the hospital, Luke relished the kiss that he and Reid had shared. After teasing Reid about public displays of affection, Luke invited him to publicly celebrate his new chief of staff position. Reid said he hadn't gotten the job yet, but Luke thought it was just a matter of time.

Before the couple left, Chris pulled Reid aside to ask him to call in a prescription for a high-potency antibiotic to combat Chris's viral myocarditis. Chris assumed that ordering it himself would draw suspicion; however, Reid countered that he'd also be conspicuous, since it wasn't his specialty. Chris reasoned that the staff was too terrified of Reid to dare question him.

In the corridor, Reid told Luke that they had to meet at Metro, because Reid needed to stop by the pharmacy before their date. Luke left, and Chris thanked Reid. Undesirous of gratitude, Reid preferred that Chris tell the truth-especially to Katie.

Reid left, and Casey approached to say that Chris had screwed up big time with Katie. Casey figured that Chris could fix it by inviting her to Metro for a double date with Alison and Casey. Chris called Katie and apologized for being a jerk. She said he'd had her worried, but he claimed that she'd see that he was fine once she joined him, Alison, and Casey for drinks at Metro. After the call, Casey left. Chris leaned on a counter and grimaced in pain.

At Metro, Reid apologized to Luke for being late, and Luke remarked that he'd always been the late one when he'd dated Noah. Reid quipped that bringing up Noah at the start of every date wouldn't bode well. The annoyed Reid went to the bar, where he saw Katie. When she mentioned that Chris was meeting her there, Reid played off his surprise.

At Luke's table, Luke informed Casey and Alison that he was dating Reid. Alison revealed that Noah had received a film grant and was moving to California. Luke seemed sadly affected by the news. Reid returned to the table, and Alison and Casey left to join Katie. Reid asked why Luke looked as if someone had run off with his trust fund. "Trust me, you do not want to know what's on my mind," Luke replied.

Reid insisted upon knowing, and Luke explained that Noah was leaving town the next month. Reid asked how that made Luke feel, but before Luke could answer, Chris arrived. Reid asked how "the patient" was, but Chris continued to Katie's table without answering.

Chris sat with Katie, Casey, and Alison, and as they toasted, Chris was struck with a pain. He returned to Reid's table and said he needed to talk about that patient, after all. Aside, Chris informed Reid that hospital protocol required Reid to pick up the prescription himself. Chris had planned to ask Reid to get it in the morning, but Chris realized that he couldn't wait that long. Reid begrudgingly asked Chris to make an excuse to Luke, and Reid left.

After Chris told Luke that Reid had gone to consult on a patient, Chris hid his discomfort from his friends until Reid returned. Reid sneaked the medication to Chris, who realized that he couldn't administer the shot to his own back. He asked Reid to meet him in the men's room, and Reid quipped that he never thought he'd get an invitation like that from Chris. Chris left, and Luke approached, happy that Reid was back. "Not quite," Reid said, walking off.

In the men's room, Reid instructed Chris to drop his pants. As Reid administered the shot, he insisted that Chris tell Katie about the illness. Luke entered just as Reid and Chris were finishing, and they acted as if they were still conferring about a patient. Luke left, but before Reid followed suit, he ordered Chris to tell Katie the truth that very night.

When Chris returned to his friends, Alison and Casey urged Katie to invite Chris to hang out with her at home later. Chris liked the idea, but he claimed that he had to check on his patient. He abruptly left, and Casey and Alison made excuses for his behavior. A frustrated Katie insisted that Chris just didn't want to be with her.

Chris returned to the hospital. Sitting in an exam room, he grimaced through his pain. A nurse entered to see if he needed anything, but he pretended that he was fine.

When Reid dropped Luke off at home, Luke remarked that it hadn't been the night that he'd anticipated. Reid said that he was a doctor, and things sometimes happened. Luke figured that Reid was still bothered about Noah, and Reid wondered if they'd talk about Noah on every date. Luke stated that Noah was moving to Los Angeles, and if Luke wanted to be with Noah, he'd move, too. Luke kissed Reid and invited him inside. "You're the one who wanted to take it slow. You've got your wish," Reid stated and strode off.

Reid arrived home to find Katie in a gloomy mood. He guessed that she was upset about Chris, and she admitted that Chris's behavior puzzled her. Reid said not to give up on Chris, who had issues to resolve before getting close to someone. "Don't we all?" she sadly uttered.

Later, Alison and Casey returned to Margo's house. They wondered if they were the only ones with a normal relationship. Alison said that Gwen had asked if Alison were ready to try again with Casey. When Casey posed the same question to Alison, she nodded her reply. She asked if he were ready, and he nodded, too. "Looks like we agree," she said, and they kissed.

In Paul's wine cellar, Emily discovered the bound and gagged Barbara. "I don't know about you, but I kind of like you like this," Emily said, grinning. Emily deduced that she'd foiled Barbara's fake kidnapping, and Barbara growled from behind her gag. Emily removed the gag, and Barbara said that Emily couldn't be any stupider if she were a bread bowl.

Emily tried to stuff the gag back into Barbara's mouth and threatened to hit a wiggling Barbara with a wine bottle if she didn't cooperate. Barbara exclaimed that she couldn't have bound and gagged herself. Guessing that Barbara had a point, Emily wondered who'd done it. "I think you're about to find out," Barbara replied as Iris whacked Emily in the head with a bottle.

Sitting on the floor later, Emily regained conscious and found herself tied to the base of a support beam. Barbara was tied up right behind her. "It was you! Oh, I should have known!" Emily raged at Iris. Iris left, and Emily blasted Barbara for letting Iris sneak up on Emily.

As they bickered, Barbara conveyed that Iris might leave Barbara to die in that dungeon over money. Emily assured Barbara that no one would die-unless Emily killed Barbara herself. Insisting that she was joking, Emily assured Barbara that they'd escape, one way or another.

The quibbling Emily and Barbara twisted beneath their constraints. Barbara lamented losing Henry to Vienna, but Emily explained that he'd dumped Vienna after uncovering her lies. Barbara wondered what he'd been doing while she'd been missing. "Looking for you, you idiot!" Emily retorted. Barbara rejoiced and said it was the happiest day of her life. With renewed hope, Barbara stated that they had to get free, so she could get back to Henry.

At the Lakeview, Iris impersonated Barbara to convince a bank official to cash the check that Barbara had written. Afterward, Iris spotted Will and Gwen and slipped out.

Henry approached Will and Gwen with the note that he'd found on Chuckles. Henry suspected that the torn paper was the bottom portion of the note that they'd supposedly received from Barbara a few days earlier. Will and Henry took off to find the other half of the note, and Gwen called the hospital to find out when Iris' AA meeting would end. The hospital staff informed Gwen that there was no AA meeting that evening.

At Fairwinds, Henry and Will matched the two notes up. Henry wanted to call Margo, but Will wasn't so sure that they had proof of a kidnapping. Henry blamed the kidnapping on Vienna, and he vowed to wring the truth out of her. He left, and in his hotel room later, he opened up to Chuckles about his feelings for Barbara. Henry swore that, when he found her, he'd spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Back at Fairwinds, Will and Gwen confronted Iris about the AA meeting. Iris claimed that she'd gone for a walk instead of the meeting, because she couldn't face all the AA drunks. Gwen said there hadn't even been a meeting scheduled that night. Iris chuckled that she'd read the schedule wrong, and she returned the gas money that Gwen had given her.

Gwen and Will began discussing the note that Henry had found on Chuckles, and a nervous Iris suddenly asserted that something strange was going on with Emily. Iris explained that Emily had called a party supply place, but she'd dropped the phone when Iris had entered the room. Iris said it had seemed as if she'd caught Emily doing something. Iris also claimed that Emily had abruptly left on some "hush-hush" assignment, and Emily had asked Iris to tell Paul about it. Iris had a feeling that if they found Emily, they'd find Barbara.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In his hotel room, Dusty slipped out of bed with Lucy because he had a meeting with his Metro chef that morning. A blissful Lucy claimed she'd dreamed of their reunion while she'd been away. The reticent Dusty mentioned his meeting again, and she asked if they were okay. "More than okay," he assured her. With a kiss, he asked her to close the door on her way out.

Later, Craig entered in his room to find Lucy there. She said that he could greet her, or have her arrested. Craig hugged her instead. Suspicious due to Sierra's last visit, he asked if Lucy planned to take Johnny, or do Lucinda's bidding. Lucy said Johnny seemed content with his father, and she was there visiting her family, not carrying out one of Lucinda's plots.

Johnny arrived with a scrape because a man had bumped into him in the park. Craig lit into the nanny about it, but Lucy calmed him down. She arranged to visit Johnny later, and she left. Craig questioned Johnny about the man who'd knocked him down, but Johnny didn't remember what he'd looked like.

At Metro, Teri quickly gathered that Dusty wasn't interested in discussing the drink menu. She turned the topic to Janet, and he said Janet was busy with Blackthorn. Teri called Blackie and Janet old friends. "Well, they're acting very friendly," Dusty concluded. Teri thought Dusty misunderstood the friendship, but he said he didn't misunderstand making out.

At Al's Diner, Blackthorn asked Janet for coffee with forgiveness on the side. Janet preferred to forget about the kiss, but he longed to do it again. He claimed that he'd been in love with her since they were kids, but she insisted that they'd only be friends.

Janet assured Blackthorn that she and Dusty loved each other, but the situation was complicated. Blackthorn called Dusty a punk for not stepping up, but she claimed that she'd forced Dusty to put everything on hold until the baby arrived. Blackthorn still thought he was the best man for her, but he promised not to push if she'd agree to keep him in her heart and mind.

Blackthorn tried to coax Janet into having lunch, but she shooed him out of the diner. At the door, he encountered Teri and remarked that he planned to stick around for a long time. He left, and Teri asked her sister "what the hell" she was doing. Janet called Blackthorn a flirt, but Teri said to clarify it with Dusty because, "he thinks you and Blackie are hooking up."

Janet looked guilty, and Teri exclaimed that Dusty had been right about Janet kissing Blackthorn. Teri explained that Dusty had attempted to visit Janet when he'd seen the kiss. Both men were driving Janet nuts, and she just wanted time to think. "Do you want Dusty?" Teri asked. She guaranteed that Janet would lose him if she didn't make him feel wanted fast.

As Janet discussed her hectic life, she decided that she wanted Dusty to raise the baby with her. She realized that she'd been unfair to blame him for Rocco's death. Teri urged Janet to reach out to Dusty, but Janet didn't know how. Teri suggested that she do it with food, and Janet decided to take him a tray of lasagna. Teri was sure it'd lead to a happy ending.

At the Lakeview, Dusty was surprised to see Lucy back in his room, but said he was always welcomed. She touted that Craig trusted her to take Johnny out. She hoped that Dusty would soon trust her, too—with everything. Lucy was willing to wait, but Dusty said he was sick of waiting. As he lured her to the bed, she asked if he were doing it because of Janet. "Does it matter?" he asked. After pondering it, she kissed him.

Outside the room, Janet arrived with a pan of lasagna. She used her own key to open the door, and her face blanched when she saw Dusty in bed with Lucy.

At the farm, Holden ended a phone call with Molly as Jack entered. Holden said that he didn't regret going to France, despite the repercussions, because he'd learned that Craig, who'd also been in France, had somehow involved himself in Carly and Lily's business. Jack grew concerned, but Holden warned Jack not to let it ruin his love life, as it had ruined Holden's.

Jack tracked Craig down at a meeting in the Lakeview lounge. Craig was trying to get credit from a banker until Jack blurted out that Craig had financial troubles. When Craig pulled Jack aside, Jack wondered whose money Craig had blown through, Carly's or Lily's.

Craig concluded the meeting with banker, but refused to talk to Jack unless he had an arrest warrant. Jack threatened to snoop into Craig's affairs, and Craig decided to suffer Jack's questions. When Jack brought up Carlisle, Craig called him jealous. Jack conjectured that Craig was behind Carly and Lily's business troubles. "Go to hell," Craig said and strode off.

At Carly's house, Lily arrived, feeling guilty about Molly's wedding. Carly didn't blame Lily, because Molly had chosen not to fight for her man. Assuming that Lily and Holden would reunite, Carly said it was better than Lily being with Craig. An indignant Lily asked who'd said anything about reuniting with Holden or disavowing Craig, who'd been a Godsend in France.

Instantly livid, Carly demanded to know what Craig had to do with their company. Lily confessed to working with Craig, but she said that was nothing compared to what she'd discovered in France. Lily revealed that Françoise was a fraud, and the perfume factory didn't exist. Carly blamed Craig, but Lily called him the biggest victim of all, because he'd been the silent investor who'd put up all the money they'd lost.

Boiling with anger over Lily's deception, Carly didn't believe Craig's so-called good will toward her after the Monte Carlo incident. Carly figured that Jack would never buy that Carly hadn't purposefully gotten entangled with Craig. Carly wondered who'd set them up, and Lily insisted that it hadn't been Craig. Carly warned Lily to prepare for another hit, because Craig would strike when one least expected it.

At the police station, Carly rushed to spill her guts to Jack about the perfume business before anyone else told him. Certain that he'd think the worst of her, she implored him to believe that she hadn't known anything about Craig's involvement in the perfume business. Jack wondered why he wouldn't believe her. "Because you never do?" Carly proffered. He claimed that he always believed her, but then he restated that he believed her that time.

A relieved Carly started to leave, but Jack asked her to tell him what had occurred. She informed him about the fake factory, and she assumed that Craig had orchestrated it to somehow get closer to her. Jack confessed that he'd confronted Craig, because he'd wanted to ensure that Craig understood that Carly wanted him out of her life. Carly was flattered by the gesture, and Jack uttered that he was nuts about her. "Don't you know?" he asked.

Carly was glad that she hadn't lost any money—just herself respect and her career. "I don't even have you," she added, pouting. He declared that she did have him. Carly asked if he'd be happy having "all me, all the time," but no career. He asked if she'd be naked the whole time. She chuckled at the thought of having "all you, naked all the time."

Jack and Carly discussed Craig's motives for his involvement with Carlisle. Jack considered that it had something to do with Blackthorn, and Jack planned to get to the bottom of it, because he wouldn't let anyone hurt or use Carly again. Since Carly couldn't sit around waiting for all the answers, she proposed that he tackle Blackthorn while she worked Craig. Realizing that it was important to her, Jack agreed. "We're a team," she said, grinning.

In Old Town later, Craig confronted Blackthorn about being cowardly enough to go after a child. Blackthorn denied touching the boy and said he only wanted his money. Craig warned that if Blackthorn laid a hand on Johnny, Craig would show Blackthorn what payback was all about. As the men exchanged threats, Carly spied on them from behind a wall.

At the farm, Lily found Holden packing Molly's belongings. Lily blamed herself for botching the wedding, but Holden said that everyone was adult enough to make his own choices. Lily thought Holden ought to be trying harder to get Molly back, because he'd only been acting out of concern. Holden said Molly had suspected that it had been more than that, and he was starting to realize that Molly might be right.

Lily assumed that Molly had underestimated his love for her and overestimated his love for Lily. Lily claimed that he would've done the same thing for Molly, but he replied that he would have asked Lily first. He hadn't asked Molly, because he hadn't wanted to be talked out of it. He said that was the difference between Lily and Molly.

Lily asked what he meant, and when he tried to avoid explaining, she persisted. He stated that even though Lily wouldn't have wanted him to go, they would have debated it and made love. He said that if he'd prevailed and boarded the plane..." I'd be sitting beside you," Lily concluded. Grinning, Holden said that was the difference between Lily and Molly.

As they packed Molly's things, Lily remarked that she was sick of appearing to be needy. Holden, however, asserted that she liked it. He pointed out that she'd set out to be independent with the perfume business, but the whole time, she'd leaned on Craig. Holden said she was way too trusting, but then he decided to stay out of it. Lily thanked him for caring, and he said he always would. Hugging her, he stated that she wouldn't need rescuing if she avoided Craig.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Dusty's threshold, Janet said she guessed she should have knocked. Dusty sat up in bed and asked her to wait for him in the lounge because they needed to talk. Looking at him in bed with Lucy, Janet decided there was nothing to talk about, and she left.

Dusty hastily dressed, but Lucy asked him to think before he chased Janet. He guessed that Janet had wanted to reconcile, and Lucy asked if he wanted that, too. He said he did, but Lucy stated that he'd chosen her when she'd asked him if he was rebounding from Janet. He corrected that he hadn't answered her rebound question; he'd just asked if it mattered. "You knew what I meant," he quipped. Dusty felt bad for leaving Lucy, but he said he'd call her later.

In the lobby, Jack saw the frazzled Janet and wondered what Dusty had done that time. "Nothing! Everything!" she exclaimed. She declared that she and Dusty were over, and she never wanted to see him again. Jack invited her to sit and talk, but she didn't even want to think about it. Jack insisted upon driving the quaking Janet home.

At the farm, Janet threw the lasagna out and wondered why she couldn't find a man to love her and stay with her. Jack grimaced, and she apologized. She sobbed that Dusty had slept with someone else. "At least I think he did," she said. Jack asked what she was talking about, and she said she'd caught Dusty in the act.

Janet was hurt, but Jack remarked that she'd pushed Dusty away. She said her doubts didn't give Dusty the right to be with someone else. Jack figured that Dusty had finally taken her at her word and moved on. Dusty entered and asked to speak to Janet. Jack left for work.

Dusty apologized for what Janet had seen, but he said she should have called first. She claimed that Dusty had moved on because he'd seen her with Blackthorn; however, she'd gone to the hotel to tell Dusty that she'd turned Blackthorn away, because of her feelings for Dusty. Dusty quipped that he'd attempted to move on, because he could only be slapped down so many times. She said she couldn't get the image of him and an un-pregnant Lucy out of her head.

Dusty asked what Janet wanted him to say. She replied that she wanted him to say he'd made a mistake with Lucy. Janet wanted to hear that even if she hadn't arrived, he would have realized it and stopped it. "That wouldn't be true," he uttered.

Janet called that strike one, but he replied that he hadn't cheated on Janet, because they'd broken up. He said he'd been with Lucy in hopes of returning to the guy he'd once been. Dusty said that he'd been trying to build the relationship with Janet, but he could only hear the word "no" so many times.

Janet recalled the problems that they'd faced. She said that she'd gotten pregnant, then the incident with her father had occurred, and she'd found out about the fake inheritance. Dusty took responsibility for his part in the latter two. She broached his tryst with Lucy, and he was silent. Janet wondered why he wouldn't defend it. He said he'd left Lucy to work it out with Janet, and he asked what it all meant for their relationship.

Janet didn't know, because she couldn't get Lucy and Dusty out of her head. Dusty hoped that Janet could forget, but she asked if he expected her to do it within a half hour. "Yeah, in a half a second. Why not?" Dusty asked. An exasperated Janet told him to get out. Moving in on her, he said that he wouldn't go anywhere.

In Old Town, Carly listened around the corner as Blackthorn threatened Craig. Blackthorn strode off, and Carly popped from the shadows to ask Craig what he'd gotten into that time. Craig feigned ignorance, but Carly accused him of sabotaging Carlisle. Wondering why he'd scam himself out of millions of dollars, Craig pinned the blame on Lucinda.

Craig claimed that he'd invested in Carlisle with the hopes of helping Carly back on her feet, but Carly didn't buy it. She questioned his dealings with Blackthorn, but Craig said that it didn't involve her or Lily. Carly ordered Craig to stay away from Lily, and Craig declared that Carly couldn't hate him and be jealous at the same time.

Carly called the absurd idea a "classic Craig smokescreen." She guessed that he wanted revenge on Lily for the Gabriel secret, but Craig insisted that he wouldn't ruin himself to punish someone else. Carly said she didn't care what Craig did anymore, as long as he stayed away from her and Lily. Leaving, she seethed that no one wanted him around.

At Lily's house, Lucinda found Gabriel fixing Ethan's toy on the porch. After they bickered, Gabriel said that Lily had left to get some alone time. He figured that Lucinda had known about Lily's business debacle before it had even happened. Lucinda feigned innocence and blamed Craig for it. Gabriel replied that Craig had made a convincing case against her. She warned Gabriel to be careful which horse he backed.

To Gabriel's chagrin, Lucinda followed him inside to persist in convincing him that the manipulative Craig would never change. She remarked that Gabriel had arrived in town with a chip on his shoulder. She advised him to stay angry and direct that anger at the man who'd knocked up his mother and left her without a single thought.

Later, Craig went to Worldwide to see Lucinda, but found Lucy pouting in a chair. After he coaxed her to confide in him, she admitted that Lucinda had lured her to town by saying that she had a shot with Dusty. Lucy stated that Lucinda had forgotten to mention that Dusty was in love with Janet. Craig said she was too good for Dusty and hoped she'd one day believe that.

Lucy revealed that Lucinda, who'd been well-intentioned, had hoped that Lucy could mend her relationship with Craig. Lucy thought Lucinda was genuinely trying to make up for what had happened with Gabriel. "Wow, the old lady is really good," Craig cynically replied. He declared that Lucinda couldn't care less if Lucy made up with Dusty, or if Craig reconciled with Lucy and Gabriel. Craig claimed that Lucinda had used Lucy to distract him while Lucinda took down Carlisle and pinned it on him.

Lucinda arrived, and Craig decided that he didn't need to talk to her anymore. Lucinda was glad for that, because she hadn't had her "tetanus booster shot." Once he left, Lucinda asked Lucy about Dusty, but Lucy raged that Lucinda didn't care about her relationship with Dusty. When Lucy asserted that Dusty was in love with Janet, Lucinda readily dismissed that relationship. Lucy asserted that her grandmother had been using her, but Lucinda said that was Craig talking. Refusing to be manipulated anymore, Lucy stormed out.

Lucinda ordered Blackthorn to her office to disparage him for his efforts with Craig. Blackthorn said Craig would break soon, but Lucinda wanted him to "break now." Blackthorn stated that Craig should be entering the paranoid zone as soon as he received Blackthorn's reminder. Blackthorn asked why she hated Craig so much. She said Craig's crimes against her were too numerous to name, and she'd waited a long time for Craig's demise.

At Craig's hotel room, Craig scrambled to raise money, to no avail. A hotel attendant dropped off an unmarked package. "What the hell is this?" he wondered, warily staring at it. Inside the box was an old-fashioned alarm clock. As it ticked, Craig read the accompanying note. It said that it wasn't a bomb-that time.

At Lily's, Gabriel stared at a picture of Lydia and a news clipping photo of Craig. Lucy arrived and introduced herself as Gabriel's sister. He murmured that he knew that. She handed him a rosary, which his mother had given to Lucy when Lucy was a little girl. Lucy said Lydia had been a special person. Gabriel agreed, adding that she'd deserved better than she'd gotten.

Lucy said that as a child, she'd secretly hung out with Lydia to avoid her arguing parents. One day, Lydia had disappeared, and Lucy had assumed that she'd moved away. Gabriel quipped that Lydia had been sent away. Lucy guessed that Lydia had thought it was best to keep Gabriel and Craig apart, but things would have been different if Craig had known about Gabriel. Lucy was proud to have Gabriel as a brother, and he thanked her for the rosary.

On her way out, Lucy hoped she and her brother could stay in touch. She doubted that she'd remain in town because of her issues with Dusty and the war between Lucinda and Craig. Lucy said that, between the two, she didn't know whom to believe. Gabriel told her to believe their father, because Lucinda was setting Craig up. Lucy asked how Gabriel knew, and he replied that he'd heard Lucinda admit it.

At work, Jack called Carly to rescind his offer to work together because it was just too dangerous. As he explained on her voicemail, he thought better of it and deleted the message.

Carly arrived to say that she'd overheard Blackthorn threatening Craig. They worried about their lack of evidence, and Carly offered to go after Blackthorn herself. Jack thought it was too dangerous, but Carly raged that he couldn't stop her. She hated feeling helpless, and Jack hoped that her troubles with him hadn't made her doubt herself. Carly, however, blamed herself for her weaknesses.

Jack decided that they were in the investigation together. Carly grinned, asking for their next move. "How do you feel about wearing a wire?" he asked.

Friday, August 13, 2010

At the farm, Janet tried to throw Dusty out, but he cited that he wasn't one of the guys who'd disappeared while claiming to love her. She retorted that he was the guy who'd slept with someone else while professing his love. He figured that it wouldn't have happened if she'd married him, but it wasn't too late. "I can't stop loving you. So take it or leave it," he said.

Janet was boggled by his insistence that she just forget about what he'd done. As they argued, Liberty strode in and said that the tension wasn't good for the baby. Janet agreed, because the baby was the most important thing. "So you can take that or leave it," she told Dusty. He said that it wasn't over-unless she wanted it to be.

Dusty left, and Janet slammed pots and pans around until Liberty got her to reveal that Dusty had slept with "the little princess." Janet reasoned that she had precipitated it by pushing him away and getting pregnant, but Liberty said Janet had done it to save Liberty's life. "You're right. I didn't do anything wrong. He did!" Janet concluded and said good riddance to Dusty.

Later, Blackthorn called Janet, because he'd been worried after not seeing her at the diner. Noting that she still sounded upset with him, he apologized again for the kiss. She claimed that she wasn't angry with him, and he offered to visit her. Though she refused, he said he'd be at the Lakeview, if she changed her mind. Janet stared at the Mona Lisa art print from Dusty and wondered why she still loved him. Envisioning him with Lucy, she threw the print in the trash.

At Lily's house, Lucy grew indignant about Gabriel's accusation against Lucinda, but Gabriel recited what Lucinda had said to Françoise on the phone about hurting Lily and taking Craig down. Lucy reluctantly concluded that Craig had been right about Lucinda trying to use Lucy as a distraction. Gabriel wasn't sure whether he should bother telling Craig the truth, but Lucy reminded Gabriel that whatever affected Craig also affected Johnny.

In his hotel room, Craig stared at the clock, but quickly packed it away when Johnny entered. Sierra arrived as Craig set it in the hallway. She'd flown in from D.C. after receiving a text message from a distraught Lucy. Sierra guessed Lucy had become a pawn in some struggle between Craig and Lucinda. He blamed Lucinda, because he'd never use Lucy that way.

Sierra asked about the perfume factory scam, and Craig called it a bad business investment. When she didn't buy it, he admitted that he'd love for Lucinda to finally pay for something, but he'd never hurt Lily. Sierra asserted that Lily was just his pawn, but he insisted that Lily could be successful if she could get away from Lucinda. He asked Sierra not to spread her suspicions to Lily, because he could be good for Lily. Sierra refused to make any promises.

In the lobby, Craig encountered Dusty and started an argument about Lucy. Dusty refused to get into it. Instead, Dusty intended to go upstairs to say goodbye to Johnny. Dusty explained that he was going away for a few days, and Craig suddenly offered to let Johnny go with Dusty. Immediately suspicious, Dusty guessed that Blackthorn had threatened Johnny. Before Craig could say another word, Dusty tore out of the hotel.

Craig left Dusty several messages, all of which urged Dusty to stay away from Blackthorn. Craig called the nanny to check on Johnny, and Gabriel rounded the corner to say that he had urgent news that could affect Johnny. Craig assured Gabriel that nothing would happen to Johnny. He said that if Gabriel were a good son, he'd stay away from his father, too. When Gabriel looked shocked, Craig said that Gabriel always insisted that he wanted nothing to do with Craig. "You should be happy as hell now," Craig concluded, storming off.

At Al's Diner, Dusty raged at Blackthorn for threatening Johnny. "If you threaten my son, you're gonna get hurt," Dusty warned. Blackthorn had no idea what Dusty was talking about. Craig stormed in and reminded Dusty that Craig would handle it. "If you don't, I will," Dusty grumbled and left.

Blackthorn snapped at Craig for unleashing that goon on him. Craig replied that Dusty had acted of his own accord, but Craig preferred being civilized about things. Blackthorn insisted upon having his money. "Time's a-wasting. Tick, tock, tick, tock," Blackthorn warned and left.

At the pond, Gabriel skipped rocks. Liberty approached, and as she joined him, she said she knew the feeling. They commiserated about how they couldn't get through to their parents.

At Al's Diner, Lily met Holden and said it was strange to see him without Molly. Holden held up Lily's necklace, and she gasped. He revealed that he'd bought it back from the Canadian pilot, and she called it the sweetest thing he'd done for her. Draping the necklace around her neck, he said he hadn't wanted her to sacrifice it for a wedding that had never occurred.

Lily wondered if he missed Molly. Dodging the question, Holden joked that she might have to hock the necklace if Craig took all of her money. Lily scowled at him and stormed out. Holden caught up to her on the curb, and she berated him for souring a sweet moment. He thought she'd learned her lesson about Craig, but Lily refused to let Holden choose her friends. She offered the necklace back, but Holden said to keep it. "You might need it," he concluded.

Lily went home to find Sierra there, and as they caught up on things with Gabriel, Lily said that she was doing everything she could to set things right. Sierra figured that would explain why Lily was sleeping with her sister's ex-husband. Lily guessed that their mother had told Sierra that, and Sierra replied that Lucinda had hinted that Sierra would be naïve to believe that Lily and Craig were just friends. "Typical mother," Lily replied.

Sierra was relieved to hear that Lily wasn't involved with Craig. Sierra claimed that she hadn't been jealous; she just worried that the relationship would start another family war. Lily insisted that Craig had changed, and she was tired of being warned away from him. Lucy entered, guessing that Lily didn't want to hear a warning from her niece, either.

Lily hugged Lucy and figured that Sierra and Lucy hadn't wound up in Oakdale by coincidence. Lucy said Lucinda had urged her to make amends with Craig. Sierra added that Lucinda had thought Lucy could get Dusty back, meet her new brother, and be a good distraction for Craig. They all agreed that the former Mary Ellen Walters was ruthless. Though they found many things to admire about Lucinda, they vowed to never turn out like her.

In Old Town, Lucy greeted Dusty, but he told her to stay away from him and her father, because things might get ugly. She asked what was happening, but Dusty didn't elaborate. Lucy gave Dusty the lucky charm that he'd once given her and hoped that it would work better for him. Sierra approached as Lucy wished Dusty a tearful goodbye. Lucy said that Janet was a "damn fool" if she couldn't figure things out.

In the police interrogation room, Carly was eager to be wired, but Jack laughed. She guessed that he'd never intended to do it in the first place, but he said he was laughing at her vigor. She planned to let him have all the glory for the collar, because she only wanted to see Craig get what he deserved. "I can close this chapter of my life once and for all," she said.

Jack instructed her to open her shirt so that he could apply the microphone. As their faces loomed closely together, she asked if anyone could hear them. He uttered, "No," and she kissed him. He flipped her onto the table, but she said to lock the door first. Before he could, Holden charged into the room and quickly sensed that he'd interrupted something.

Carly and Jack recomposed themselves, and Holden apprised them of the perfume scam. Though Lily insisted that Craig was a victim, Holden didn't trust him. Carly asserted that she didn't trust Craig, either. Jack said he and Carly had been comparing notes about it. Holden told them to do what they had to do, and he would, too. Jack warned Holden not to be impulsive. As Holden rushed out, Jack had second thoughts, but Carly ordered him not to back out on her.

At the Lakeview later, Jack set up surveillance in a hotel room and gave Carly instructions on how to handle Blackthorn. She insisted that she knew what she was doing, but Jack looked worried as she left for the lobby.

In the lounge, Carly tested her wire and saw Blackthorn stride by. She offered to discuss the amazing things she'd heard about him over drinks, and he said he couldn't refuse a beautiful lady. She ordered soda water and said that alcohol made her crazy.

Carly pretended that she was a financial blogger, and she'd wanted to go to the source for her article on one of the biggest commodities traders in the region. As Carly used her alluring powers on him, Blackthorn opened up about making it out of his old neighborhood. She asked what his secret was. "Who says I have one?" he asked. Carly assured him that he could tell her "off the record." Just then, Janet entered the lounge and saw Carly with Blackthorn.

At Lily's house, Holden listened from the living room as Craig visited Lily on her porch. Lily told Craig that everyone thought she was insane to have faith in him. Craig offered to prove himself. He proposed that they rebound from the perfume mess. He said they'd be stronger than ever, and all it would take was money. "But this time, it's going to take your money," he said.

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