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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 2, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, August 2, 2010

In Marseilles, Craig and Lily combed the neighborhood near the address of their supposed perfume factory, but no one had ever heard of such a factory there. Lily finally realized that they had been paying outrageous fees to renovate a factory that did not exist, but Craig declared that they had been "scammed" by someone whose "initials were Lucinda Walsh." Lily refused to believe that her mother could have done such a thing, and she said she was more inclined to think that Craig had set it all up himself. Craig could not convince Lily that he was Lucinda's primary target, but they did agree that they were both "sunk."

Craig promised that they would work something out financially just as Holden found them and yanked Craig away from Lily. He shouted to Craig, "What are you doing here?" as Lily asked him the same question. Holden said he was there to make sure Lily got home safely, but she argued that she had to stay and figure out what had happened. She explained that her factory did not exist, and Holden immediately jumped to the conclusion that Craig had orchestrated the whole thing.

Craig defended himself and suggested that Holden go home because he was needed there. Lily spoke privately with Craig and asked him to stay and "poke around" so that she could go back with Holden. Craig reluctantly agreed and took off. Lily wanted to know how Lucinda had found out she was in Marseilles, but Holden did not know. He tried to warn her again about Craig, but Lily hurried him by saying that she did not want to be responsible for Holden's being late to his wedding.

They boarded the plane, but once over the Atlantic, Holden began questioning Lily about the way she had turned to Craig for help. The pilot announced that they were heading into turbulence and asked the passengers to check their seat belts. The weather got rough, but Holden kept reassuring Lily about both the weather and her business problems. He wanted to know who had set Lily up, but she told him to stay out of her affairs. They experienced some nasty bumps, as the pilot announced that they were going to land in Montreal until the weather cleared.

At Memorial, Luke found Dr. Oliver finishing a grueling seven-hour surgery, and reminded him that Holden was marrying Molly that afternoon and that they had planned on attending together. Reid begged off, saying that he needed sleep more than sappy nuptials. He called weddings "archaic institutions dedicated to making promises that no one could keep." He declared no vows could make up for broken promises. Luke was disappointed because the wedding would have been his first date out with Reid as a couple, so the doctor offered to take Luke to a very public restaurant for their first date. Luke declined and urged that the wedding would be a perfect place for Reid to work on his "people skills," but Reid said he needed to sleep, and he went home.

Jack arrived at Carly's with the news that Holden had not yet returned from France. Carly did not want to hear Jack's reasoning that if Holden had run off to Europe to rescue Lily the night before his wedding to Molly, then perhaps Holden was not ready to go through with the marriage. Carly was unhappy, but just then Jack received a call from Holden who had just met up in Marseilles with Lily. He was planning on grabbing her and heading back immediately. After Jack hung up, Carly was hopeful that Holden would make it back in time.

Parker, who was dressed for the wedding, joined them and noticed that his mother was in a huff. Carly asked Jack to put Molly's wedding gown in the car and advised him to pray that his "overseas delivery" got to the church in time.

At the farm, Natalie and Ethan woke Molly early on her wedding day in spite of Faith's protests. The children asked where Holden was, and Molly explained that he was getting ready at the Lakeview. Faith took the children out as Abigail greeted her mother. Downstairs, Carly arrived with Parker, and Faith took the little children to pick flowers for the ceremony. Carly asked if her cousin had the traditional "old, new, borrowed, and blue" items. Molly had everything but something old, so Carly smiled and brought out her lucky feather from her wedding to Jack in Montana, and Molly was thrilled.

Parker headed outside to find Faith and the kids, as Luke arrived and greeted Abigail. Carly insisted that Molly try on her dress, so the two of them went upstairs while Luke and Abigail chatted. She commented that Luke appeared upset, but he said that it had nothing to do with the wedding. Jack arrived, and after he had greeted Abigail, he asked for Carly. He went upstairs and found her alone, so he broke the news that he had seen on the Internet that a huge storm was brewing over the Atlantic and causing flight delays and cancellations. Molly walked in and asked what that had to do with her wedding.

Carly told Molly that Holden was on a plane on his way back from Marsailles. Jack took over and explained that Holden had gone after Lily, who was in some sort of trouble. Molly began to cry, so Carly tried to cheer her up. Molly said she felt like taking a walk by herself, so she walked out while Jack and Carly fussed at each other.

Jack returned to the kitchen and told Abigail and Luke that Holden had gone to France to "rescue" Lily, but hopefully he was on his way back. Luke called Holden's cell phone, but it went directly to voicemail. Abigail was worried why her father would take the risk of missing his wedding to search for his ex-wife. The door opened and Reid Oliver walked in, asking Luke if he was too late for the wedding. Abigail went to him and introduced herself, saying, "You must be Noah."

Luke cringed and remarked that there had been some changes. Abigail needed some explanation for Luke and Reid's relationship, so Reid took Luke's hand and pulled him next to him. He announced that he and Luke were "together." Reid asked Abigail why her father would fly to France to help Lily, and both she and Luke answered, "It's complicated."

Parker talked with Faith on the porch, and the girl accused him of avoiding her. Parker said he was being "a little careful" around her so that he didn't give her the wrong idea. Faith was satisfied once Parker admitted that she was "hot," and she went inside. Molly walked out for her alone time and explained that Holden was going to be delayed indefinitely.

Jack, Carly, Luke, and Reid sat at the kitchen table and listened while Abigail read aloud the weather bulletins. She said most of the flights already in the air were being diverted to Canada or Greenland until the storm passed. Molly peeked in the window, but only Reid saw her. He excused himself and went outside and joined her on the porch. They talked about how often most residents of Oakdale swapped partners, and then they rejoined the group inside. Molly asked Jack to open a bottle of sparkling cider and start the celebration, so Luke asked Reid what he had said to put Molly in a better mood. Reid said he had simply told Molly that "love sucked." Molly toasted to "coping when bad things happened."

On a little airstrip outside Montreal, Holden found out there were no flights out for at least two hours. Neither he nor Lily could get phone service, but after a while, Holden was able to place a call to Jack. He said to tell Molly that he would get there as soon as possible. Carly joined Jack and convinced him to stall the celebration until Holden had returned.

Craig barged into the Worldwide offices and demanded to see Lucinda. The secretary said Mrs. Walsh was in a meeting and could not be disturbed, so Craig ordered her to drag Lucinda out. He pounded on the door to the boardroom, but it was locked. He loudly threatened to "huff and puff" and blow her "damn world down."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucinda finally opened her office door after an irate Craig threatened to kick it down. Craig shouted that Lily's perfume factory did not exist, and when he said he had been in France with Lily, Lucinda asked where Holden was. Craig then realized that Lucinda had been pulling the strings, and he asked if she had any idea what she had done to her daughter. He accused Lucinda of masterminding the whole factory scenario in order to get Holden and Lily back together. Then Craig realized that it was even more likely that Lucinda had really been targeting him, and he accused her of trying to bankrupt him.

Lucinda, however, accused Craig of making lousy business decisions, and she said if Lily failed, it was all on Craig's head. Craig only knew that someone was out to get him, and he swore if he found out it was Lucinda, he would tell Lily, and Lucinda would lose her daughter forever. After Craig left, Lucinda went into another office in the suite where Anthony Blackthorn waited. He asked her to remind him occasionally never to get on her bad side. Lucinda announced that it was time for phase two of their plan.

A bit later, Craig ran into Anthony in Old Town, and Blackthorn accused Craig of investing the money he had loaned him in a perfume factory that didn't even exist. Craig tried to explain, but Blackthorn said he had to cut his losses. He ordered Craig to repay what he had borrowed, in full, with interest. Craig reminded his investor that the longer he owed him money, the more interest Blackthorn would accrue, but Blackthorn said the risk factor also multiplied. He said his "people" didn't always "play nice," and Craig recognized the not-so-veiled threat. Blackthorn gave Craig 24 hours to repay the loan, and then he commented on how cute Craig's little boy Johnny was. Craig was stunned, as Blackthorn went around a corner and called Lucinda to report that they had Craig Montgomery right where they wanted him.

At a small airfield near Montreal, Lily and Holden tried to persuade a private plane pilot to fly them back to Oakdale right away. They offered money, but the pilot refused, and he also declined to tell them who had reserved the plane. Holden was frantic at the thought of Molly's waiting for him in her wedding dress, and suddenly Lily realized how much Holden really cared about his fiancée. Lily walked out and said she would fix the problem.

Lily offered the pilot a great deal of money, and when he refused again, she sweetened the deal by taking off the expensive diamond necklace that Holden had given her and threw that in the deal. She told the man that he could buy a "pretty big chunk of Saskatchewan" with it. The pilot checked out the jewelry and told them to prepare to board in five minutes. Holden was slow to realize that Lily was letting him go, but when he did, he was overwhelmed.

At the Snyder farm, the wedding guests drank cider and killed time in the kitchen. Jack talked with Carly out on the porch, and he remarked how well Molly was taking the long delay. Carly grumbled that her cousin was "faking it," however, because Holden was stuck in Canada with his ex-wife. Carly was desperate to think of a way to postpone the wedding and not call it off, and she suddenly had a brainstorm.

Carly went inside and called the children downstairs. She asked Parker to drive Faith and the kids to the Lakeview, which they had already booked for the wedding reception, and she promised that the rest of them would be right behind them. Carly next asked Luke to call the minister and put him on standby, and she requested Abigail to help her mother get into her gown. Reid announced that he would "grab a snack," as Carly hustled Molly and Abigail up the stairs. Suddenly Carly shrieked and fell to the ground, claiming that she had twisted her ankle very badly. Jack turned away to hide his grin, as Luke and Molly helped Carly to a chair.

Jack suggested that the doctor in the house do an exam, but Reid, who was still stuffing his face with food, reminded them that he was a brain man, not an ankle man. Abigail suggested that she take Carly to the hospital for an x-ray, but Carly requested that Jack take her instead. Carly asked Molly to postpone the wedding for just a few hours, which was agreeable to Molly. Jack "helped" Carly to the car and reminded her to limp on her "hurt" ankle. Carly confessed that she had overdone it and had really hurt herself. At the hospital, Jack massaged Carly's ankle and they talked.

Abigail helped Molly into her wedding gown and said how much she admired her mother. She got teary-eyed, and Molly asked her daughter about the man she was dating in California, but Abigail quickly changed the subject. Molly honed in on Abigail's discomfort and asked more questions, so finally Abigail told her that the man was married to someone else and always would be. Molly hugged her and advised Abigail never to "settle" for someone less than she deserved.

Lily and Holden landed in Oakdale and drove quickly to the farm. There appeared to be no one home, so they assumed everyone had gone to the Lakeview, and Lily went home. Holden went into the house to change his clothes and was shocked to find Molly, dressed in jeans, sitting alone in the kitchen, weeping. She told Holden that she had called off the wedding because, once again, Holden had chosen Lily over her. She said she was leaving town because Holden had put Lily, who had many people looking out for her, first, and had ruined Molly's one special day.

Holden apologized, but Molly said she could not spend her life waiting for the next time Lily "needed" Holden. Holden begged to be Molly's husband and to give her the life she had always wanted, and he promised to love her forever. Molly said she was finally done with "married men," and, ring or no ring, Holden was the most married man she had ever known. Molly said she deserved to have a husband she didn't have to share. She was also horrified by the example of "settling" that she had set for their daughter. Molly said that Abigail was picking her up soon, and she would be going to California with her.

At the Lakeview, Luke informed Parker and Faith that the wedding was off, and Natalie and Ethan began asking questions of Reid that made him squirm. He promised the kids something "sweet and sugary," so Luke went in search of some cake. Faith asked Parker why things happened, and he gave her a hug because he had no other answer.

Lucinda was waiting for Lily at home, and Lily announced that she had been conned because there was no perfume factory in Marseilles. She also said that she had lost Holden for good, and called herself "an idiot." She was crushed that Carly had to pay the price, as well. Lucinda said they had to talk about Holden, but Lily was not interested. Finally Lucinda interrupted and said that Holden's wedding to Molly was off because Molly had realized that Lily and Holden belonged together. Lily was suspicious and asked her mother what she had done. Lily realized that Lucinda has asked Holden to go to France because Lily was in trouble. Lucinda admitted that she had called him after she heard on the grapevine that Françoise had been playing fast and loose with Lily's money.

At the Lakeview, Reid and Luke hung out in the room that was to be Holden and Molly's bridal suite. Reid was excited because there was more food there, and he pointed out that the two of them were alone with all the comforts of home. He leaned over to kiss Luke, but the young man pulled away. Reid was hurt and acted defensively, so Luke explained that he had only been with Noah, and he needed time to get used to Reid. Then Luke kissed Reid, who reciprocated.

Jack received a call from Abigail, who told him that Molly had cancelled the wedding, so he and Carly drove to the farm so that Carly could "talk some sense" into her cousin. Molly was still there, and Carly pleaded with her not to give up on Holden. Abigail arrived, and Carly hugged her goodbye. Then Molly told Carly there were some things she just couldn't fight, and true love was one of them. Carly said she used to know what that was like, and Molly encouraged her to work things out with Jack. Jack walked in and wished Molly good luck in California, and he helped her out to the car, as Carly began to cry. "Weddings," she said, "they get to me, especially the ones that don't happen."

Holden went to Lily's, and the kids were happy to see them. The kids left almost immediately for a sleepover after Natalie told Holden to tell Molly that they loved her. Lily expressed how sorry she was that the wedding had not occurred, and Holden looked at her a long time and then walked out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the storeroom, Barbara Ryan slept with Chuckles until she suddenly awakened and screamed that it was finally the day she was going to get out of there. "To hell with Iris Dombrowski," she shouted, although Iris was nowhere where she could hear Barbara. Instead, Iris was arguing on her cell phone with the manager of the Wagon Wheel Motel, who was demanding a rent payment. Iris explained that she was expecting a "windfall" soon, but the manager still threw her out.

Katie got Jacob up and found "Uncle Henry" asleep on her couch. She made fun of Henry for hearing voices the night before when he claimed Barbara had spoken to him through Jacob's baby monitor. She put the baby back down and left to get lattes and some breakfast, as Henry called out to her, "I am not nuts!" Suddenly Barbara called out again for Henry through the monitor, and she begged him to find her. Henry tried to answer, but Barbara could not hear him. Katie walked in to find Henry screaming and punching all the buttons on the monitor.

Henry looked at Katie and declared that Barbara had contacted him again. Katie assumed her friend was crazy, as Barbara, on her end, grew more frustrated when her intercom stopped working. She pulled out the batteries and saw their expiration date of 2007. On Henry's side of the conversation, he was having a difficult time convincing Katie that Barbara had called him by name and was asking for help. Henry was sure someone had kidnapped his love and that Barbara was in serious trouble. He dashed out to continue looking for her.

At Fairwinds, Paul joined Will and Gwen for coffee, and Gwen told him that Iris was back in town and staying at the Wagon Wheel. Will was not convinced that his mother was all right in spite of Paul's optimism, which was based strictly on rationalizations. Will voiced the opinion that the note allegedly from Barbara made no sense when she could have picked up a phone and called them. Gwen and Hallie took off for breakfast in Old Town, as Henry unexpectedly dashed into Fairwinds declaring that he had heard Barbara's voice on Jacob's baby monitor. Paul laughed and again showed Henry the note from Barbara, but Henry was very sure that Barbara was in big trouble. Paul argued, and Henry got disgusted and swore he would find Barbara himself.

Gwen took Hallie to Al's for pancakes, but her mood blackened when she saw Iris sitting alone at a table in the diner. A waitress served Iris a cupcake with a candle on it and wished her a happy birthday. Hallie whispered to her mother that it was Grandma Iris' birthday, and she ran to her to help blow out the candle. Gwen and Hallie sat with Iris, even though Gwen remembered that her mother's birthday had always been in October.

Iris asked about Barbara, but Gwen had no news. Then Iris turned on the crocodile tears for all of Will's suffering over his mother's disappearance. Then she let it slip that she had been tossed out of the Wagon Wheel for not paying her bill. Iris claimed she could stay in the park at night because the weather was nice, and the moon was full. Then the woman broke into sobs.

Back at Katie's, Henry found a note from her that Jacob was at the park with the sitter, and then Will showed up. He said he wanted Henry to tell him everything that he had heard on the baby monitor that morning. Henry repeated Barbara's pleas and reiterated that she was in real trouble. Will admitted that Henry was probably right, and he offered to help. Henry was relieved to have an ally, and he said he had a plan. He suggested that they stake out Barbara's suite in the Lakeview to see who was going in and out. Will wanted to involve the police, but Henry had already written them off. Henry vowed he would do whatever it took to find his love.

Henry posted himself outside Barbara's room and watched a maid from housecleaning wheel her cart down the hall. He said aloud that he had sworn "never again," but for Barbara, he would do anything. A short time later, Henry, dressed in a maid's uniform and, sporting a blonde wig, pushed his own maid's cart and stationed himself within sight of Barbara's room. He swore he would wear a bra and girdle for the rest of his life if it returned Barbara.

Paul was still home when Gwen returned to Fairwinds and asked for a favor. She did not get a chance to ask for the favor before Iris followed her in, suitcase in tow. Paul was flabbergasted and asked if Gwen was joking. Iris excused herself to go to the kitchen because Hallie had eaten her cupcake, and she said she was starving. As she walked through the living room, Iris commented on Emily's decorating. "Who knew she had taste?" she asked. Paul immediately offered to pay for a one-way ticket out of Oakdale for Iris, but Gwen whined that everyone was so worried about his mother, and no one gave a damn about hers.

Gwen asked for Iris to stay only for a couple of days while she and Will were still there. She also reminded Paul that he owed her, but Paul countered by saying he was paying for that. Will arrived and spotted Iris' bag, and he asked Gwen to tell her mother to go home. They argued until Paul interrupted and declared that "the mad woman" could stay. Iris walked in and grabbed her bag to "head to the park to sleep under the full moon," but Will stopped her. Paul warned Iris to keep her hands off the family silver, and she was so thrilled that she took a photo of the four of them on her cell phone.

At the police station, Tom wanted Margo's report on one of his clients, but she refused to share information with him. Chris entered and announced that he had thrown his hat in the ring for the chief of staff position at Memorial when Bob retired. Chris hoped that his brother and sister-in-law had some influence with some of the board members, and they agreed they did. Tom left for his office, but Margo queried Chris why he wanted that job since he had never really put down roots anywhere. Chris said he was making a career and life-changing decision, but Margo's concern was for her sister. Chris promised that he would not bail on Katie and asked Margo to give him a chance. Katie ran in then, looking frazzled, and she explained that Henry had claimed that he heard Barbara's voice through Jacob's baby monitor.

Chris scolded Katie for getting involved again as the "conductor of the Henry Express -- next stop, Crazytown!" When it was her turn, Katie chewed out Chris, who made a statement that his "people" saw demented folks all the time in the emergency room, so he knew crazy when he saw it. Katie made Chris back up and explain why he wanted to be chief of staff at the hospital. She was curious as to why he had changed his mind, and she guessed it was either to make Dr. Oliver miserable or to make his father proud. Chris answered that he wanted to show her that he could settle down and make a commitment. '"I'm doing this for you, Katie," he said.

Katie went outside and sat on a bench in Old Town. Chris joined her and repeated that he wanted the top job to prove something to her. He said he wanted to give the two of them a shot at a relationship, but Katie said that was a lot to think about. Chris asked for a chance, and Katie agreed to give it a try. They kissed until Katie put the brakes on and admitted she was nervous. Chris took a call from Tom, who had been tipped off by Margo that there was something brewing between his brother and her sister. Tom invited him and Katie, and Jacob, to the Hughes cabin for the weekend for rest and relaxation. Katie wanted to discuss it further, so Chris said he would get back to Tom.

Katie mentioned that it was really weird that, all of a sudden, Tom and Margo wanted to do "family" things with them. Katie didn't want to leave Henry in his condition, but Chris reminded her that Henry was a grown man. Katie was still reluctant to go to the cabin, so Chris offered to talk about what he thought was bothering her: sex.

In the storeroom, Barbara pounded on the locked door and was almost hysterical. She punched Chuckles in the head and decked him, while she shouted that hell would freeze over before she turned over her life savings to Iris Dombrowski. She mourned the loss of Henry, who, she thought, was honeymooning with Vienna. Barbara turned back to Chuckles and asked him to put his arms around her so they could dance. They danced to "I've Got a Crush on You," and Barbara heard Henry's voice in her head.

Suddenly the door opened and Iris appeared, saying, "Whatever floats your boat!" when she saw Barbara dancing with a life-size clown doll. Iris couldn't wait to get out her phone and show Barbara the photo of Will, Gwen, Paul, and herself at Fairwinds. She called them "my family," and she asked again for Barbara's account passwords.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Casey ambushed Alison in the hospital and told her there was something they needed to face: the new deep-dish pizza place in the mall. He asked her to go with him, and Alison coyly inquired if Casey was asking her out on a date. She accepted, and they made plans to meet later at the restaurant. After Alison left, Casey went out into the hall and ran into Chris. His uncle told him that Tom and Margo had invited him, along with Katie and Jacob, to share the Hughes cabin with them for the weekend. Casey teased Chris about "bonding" with Katie, but Chris made it clear that Katie had nixed that idea.

At home, Katie discussed with little Jacob how "chicken" she was about doing a Hughes family activity. She wished she had someone to talk with about her dilemma, but she told the baby that "Uncle Henry" was busy at the moment "hearing voices." In actuality, Henry was dressed in his maid's uniform and standing guard outside Barbara Ryan's suite in the Lakeview. His womanly undergarments were giving him fits, and he swore that he should have worn his other bra. He answered his phone, and it was Katie, wanting advice. Henry said he couldn't talk because he was on a stakeout, so Katie called him "Nancy Drew." Henry said no matter what it took, he was going to save Barbara.

Chris knocked on Katie's door and said that he was headed to Al's to pick up some food. If Katie wanted to, she could meet him there at the diner and ride up to the cabin with him. Instead of continuing to talk, Chris grabbed Katie and kissed her. He pulled away and left, as Katie held her baby and wondered aloud what she should do. Her phone rang, and the caller was Margo, who said she had to cancel the weekend because both she and Tom had to appear in court the next day. Katie thought a minute and then called Alison and asked for a big favor.

At Al's, a dejected Chris waited to see if Katie would show up. He was disappointed when he had his food, and it was time to leave. He walked outside, where Katie surprised him by asking if he was ready to go. Chris asked about Jacob, and Katie said that Alison was watching him for the weekend. She failed to mention however, that Tom and Margo had cancelled. They loaded the food and took off for the cabin.

When Chris and Katie walked into the cabin, he was surprised that Tom and Margo weren't there ahead of them. He called out, but no one answered, so he pulled out his phone to give them a call. Katie discouraged that, and Chris got suspicious and asked if there was something she wasn't telling him. Katie finally admitted that the other Hughes family members would not be joining them. Chris was touched that Katie had chosen to be alone with him, and he commented on the fact that she was no longer wearing her wedding ring. Katie excused herself and went alone into a bedroom.

Chris used the time alone to light as many candles as he could find. When Katie returned, she took off her shirt and stood there in her red bra. She said she had no second thoughts and that everything felt "very right." Chris and Katie kissed and then dropped to the floor in front of the fireplace. They continued to kiss until suddenly Chris appeared uncomfortable and clutched at his chest. They sat up, but Chris had difficulty breathing and soon could not speak.

In the party warehouse, Iris crowed about the photo of her "family" on her phone, as Barbara refused to believe that Iris was close to Barbara's sons. Then Iris dropped the bomb that she was even living in "the old family homestead with the whole lot of them." She bragged that Barbara's kids had "rolled out the welcome mat" for her at Fairwinds less than half an hour before. Barbara countered that there was no one in Oakdale who could stand the sight of Iris, but Iris twisted the knife by saying how Barbara's two little granddaughters would still have a grandma to love after Barbara was gone. Then Iris claimed she only did "good works" since she had repented, and then she asked again for the passwords to Barbara's financial accounts.

Iris promised that if Barbara gave her the passwords, and eventually the money, Iris would be on the next plane to Tahiti. Barbara fiddled with Iris' phone, trying to dial for help, but Iris snatched the phone from her. Barbara asked what guarantee Iris could give her that she would release Barbara if Barbara gave Iris what she wanted, but Iris said Barbara just had to trust her. Barbara told Iris to forget it, and then she proposed a counter offer: a whopping fat check that would keep Iris happy for many years. Iris asked where Barbara's checkbook was, and she didn't notice that Barbara palmed a pen from a shelf and slipped it into Iris' purse. Barbara told Iris that she kept her checkbook in a strongbox that she had concealed in the fireplace in her hotel suite. Iris was not happy, but she grumbled, "Fine," and left.

Alison showed up at Casey's house with Jacob in her arms. She explained that she was watching the baby for a couple of days as a favor to Katie, and Casey was cool with that. He said it would be fun to have a "rent a baby" for the weekend. Jacob, however, soon began to wail, and even Casey could not jolly him out of it. Alison explained that no one could talk a baby out of a tantrum, but Casey kept trying until he, too, was frustrated. He declared he couldn't do that for two days, so a laughing Alison said she would call for reinforcements.

Paul and a recently returned Emily were joking around in the living room at Fairwinds when Will and Gwen arrived and welcomed her home. Will asked how Emily had taken "the news," but Paul just shook his head in warning. Emily caught on and demanded to know what was going on, so Paul told her that Iris was staying at Fairwinds, as well. Emily shouted, "What the hell?" and went off on a tirade about how she would rather have Dracula or the Bride of Frankenstein in her house than Iris. She yelled that no way should they have to put up with a "she-wolf," even if she was Gwen's mother.

Gwen couldn't deal with Emily's comments, so started for the door to get some air. Her phone rang, and she took a call from Alison asking Will, Gwen, and especially Hallie, to a barbecue at Casey's. Will jumped at the chance to get away from Fairwinds, so they grabbed Hallie and took off, while Emily continued to rant at her husband. She shouted that she did not want Eliza anywhere near Iris, but Paul said he still owned Gwen, "big time." Emily groused that guilt should have a statute of limitations, but she began to calm down after Paul kissed her.

Henry fussed around his housekeeping cart and griped that he had not worn his other bra. He left his cart to go somewhere more private to rearrange his "woman parts," just as Iris appeared in the hall. She used a key card to enter Barbara's suite and had no difficulty locating the strongbox hidden in the fireplace. The box was locked, and Iris had no luck finding a key, so she began looking through her purse for some sort of tool. She found the pen that Barbara had dropped in her purse in the warehouse, and she used it to jimmy the lock on the box. She dropped the pen on the floor and grabbed Barbara's checkbook. She put the strongbox on a table and used some of Barbara's perfume before she left.

Iris made her escape before Henry returned, but he got a whiff of Barbara's perfume. He said her name out loud, and then he used a passkey to enter the suite. No one was there, and Henry was so uncomfortable that he pulled his bra off and out the front of his uniform. Then he spotted the strongbox on the table.

Will and Gwen arrived at Casey's with Hallie, and the boys went outside to do "man stuff," such as grilling the meat. Gwen and Ali talked about relationships, and Gwen asked her friend about her attraction to Mick Dante that had foiled her wedding to Casey. Alison answered truthfully that she did not know what the attraction was. Will answered his phone and learned from Henry that he had been staking out Barbara's room and had made "another sighting." Will said he would be right there, and he excused himself from the barbecue.

Will walked into his mother's suite but did not recognize Henry from the back in his maid's uniform and blonde wig. When he commented on the outfit, Henry said, "Stakeouts are not for the squeamish." Henry said he had smelled Barbara's perfume in the hall, so he had gone into the room and found that someone had broken the lock on Barbara's strongbox and then abandoned it on a table.

Will was not convinced that constituted proof, but Henry was sure it could not be good. Then Henry looked down and noticed the pen on the floor that Iris had used on the lock. He picked it up and read, "The Party Warehouse." He and Will located the warehouse and broke in, but there was no one there. Henry felt Barbara's presence, however, and he began to tear the place apart.

Iris returned to Fairwinds and saw that Emily had returned. "Emmy!" she shouted, "you're home!" Paul made a hasty exit and left Emily to deal with Iris. Iris began talking about her redemption and "walking into the light," so Emily asked if there was any chance that Iris would be "walking into the light" any time soon. Emily said they needed to set some ground rules for living at Fairwinds, and Iris agreed and presented Emily a list of the things she would need to make her stay more comfortable. The list included flavored coffee creamer, scented bath salts, and a comfy mattress topper.

Emily fixed herself a stiff drink as Iris quoted that "demon rum" gave only a moment's pleasure. Then Iris began reading her positive thinking book while Emily drank and looked daggers at her guest. Paul returned, and Iris began complimenting him until she got to the tag line. She said that if two sociopaths like them could make a successful life, anybody could. Iris went to her room, and Emily headed to the bar for another refill.

Iris, however, headed not to her room but down to the wine cellar where she picked out an expensive vintage. Her claims of being "on the wagon" had been greatly exaggerated, so she was opening the bottle when she heard footsteps. Iris ducked behind some shelves as Emily entered to get herself another bottle of brandy. She selected one and walked out, and Iris breathed a sigh of relief.

Emily toasted Paul in the living room, while Iris began sipping on her wine in the cellar. Iris said aloud that she would be happy to share, but it was way too good for the likes of Barbara. Iris had stuffed a terrified, bound, and gagged Barbara between a wine rack and the stone foundation of the wine cellar.

Friday, August 6, 2010

At the warehouse, Will figured that Barbara hadn't been there; however, Henry insisted that they'd found the pen for a reason. Will thought they should just accept Barbara's note at face value, but Henry located the clown, which had Barbara's lipstick all over it.

At home, Paul told Emily that Will and Gwen wouldn't let Iris stay if she were still drinking. Paul said Iris made Barbara look normal, and Emily promised to make peace with Barbara when she returned. Gwen entered, and Paul received a call from Henry, who explained that he'd found clues to Barbara's disappearance at a party warehouse. Paul ended the call and asked Emily and Gwen to stay with the kids while he checked out what his brothers had found.

Paul left, and Emily balked at being relegated to watch the kids. Gwen assumed that Paul had been referring to Iris. Emily guessed that Iris was praying upstairs, and Gwen remarked that she was starting to believe in Iris' "higher power thing." Emily sympathized with Gwen, because Susan was an alcoholic. Gwen seemed optimistic about Iris' progress; however, Emily said that addicts usually replaced the alcohol with something else. Gwen said that being a mother had made her desire to reconnect with Iris. Emily warned Gwen that there was a fine line between supporting and enabling.

A defensive Gwen went to check on the kids, but returned to say that Iris wasn't upstairs. Emily warily suggested that Iris might be in the wine cellar, but Gwen doubted that Iris would mess up like that when she had no other place to go. Gwen insisted that Iris had changed, and backing off, Emily suggested that Iris had gone to the garden. Gwen kept searching for Iris, and Emily decided that the wine cellar was a good place to hide the expensive alcohol.

In the wine cellar, Iris drank wine and told a bound and gagged Barbara that it was time to write the big, fat check. Barbara started coughing, and Iris reasoned that a dead Barbara wouldn't do her any good. Iris took off Barbara's gag, but when Barbara yelled, Iris stuffed it back in her mouth. Iris threatened to take drastic measures to shut Barbara up. "And you are not going to like it one little bit," Iris warned.

Iris revealed that she knew about the pen that Barbara had planted on her, but it didn't matter, because the last place they'd look for Barbara was under Paul's nose. Iris said that it was time for Barbara to fork over her cash, and Iris guessed that Paul would eventually find Barbara down there. "Or not," Iris quipped. Barbara mumbled a refusal, and Iris said that the warehouse and the musty cellar were nothing compared to where she'd take Barbara next.

Iris handed Barbara a checkbook and asked for $25,000 to start. When Iris stared at the check, Barbara jumped her from behind and punched her. As Barbara wrestled with the ropes around her ankles, Iris whipped out a paint gun. Barbara scoffed, but Iris shot her with it. The pain from the paint pellet knocked Barbara down, and Barbara seethed that Iris was really enjoying herself. "You have no idea, lady!" Iris cooed as she tightened Barbara's constraints.

Barbara warned that Will and Gwen would disown Iris once they learned what she'd done. Iris said that if she didn't get what she wanted, Barbara wouldn't be in any position to tell anyone anything. Barbara asserted that Iris didn't have the guts to kill her, and Iris shoved the gag back into Barbara's mouth. As Iris opened the door to leave, she almost bumped into Emily. "Iris!" Emily gasped and halted in her tracks.

At the warehouse, Paul met Will and Henry. Margo arrived at Henry's request, and he explained that the lipstick on the clown matched the lipstick on the tissue they'd found. "Barbara was here, and she was making out with a clown?" Margo asked. Henry insisted that Barbara was being held hostage, and he pleaded for Margo's help because he didn't know what clues to look for. Margo deduced that no crime had been committed, but Henry implored her to handle it like the kidnapping that it really was.

Margo reasoned that she had real crimes to investigate. As Henry persisted, Paul referred to the note that Barbara had left and suggested that they take Barbara at her word. Believing his gut feeling, Henry suggested that Margo spray the place with luminal. Margo agreed to do that and more once there was evidence of a crime. "And what if you're too late?" Henry asked.

Margo promised to find Barbara, if they ever discovered real evidence of foul play. Margo left, and Paul expressed his frustration with Henry's paranoia. Henry insisted that Barbara had been kidnapped, and he said that good criminals knew how to cover their tracks. Henry stared at the clown and decided that they had to think outside the box.

Henry explained that terrible events left "bad juju" in the air. Paul called Henry a lunatic, but Henry offered to get a psychic involved to prove it. Will wondered where Henry would get a psychic, and Henry looked expectantly at Paul.

Paul claimed that he didn't have psychic abilities anymore, but Henry said that it didn't just go away. Henry urged Paul to say how he felt. "Irritated," Paul responded, and he insisted that they leave him out of it. Henry decided to employ the psychic who'd gotten bad vibes about Vienna's baby. Paul mocked Henry, who said that Paul would eat his words.

Later, Myra, the psychic, arrived. She asked that no one give her clues, because it would taint her reading. Paul looked skeptical, but Henry asked Paul and Will to give it a chance. Myra detected dark secrets, deception, struggles, and great pain. She hinted that the darkest secret was inside the clown doll on the floor.

At the cabin, Chris tried to convince Katie that he was merely having a panic attack, but Katie doubted that being with her made him that nervous. He tried to get up, but fainted. When she revived him, he insisted that he was fine. Katie attempted to call for an ambulance, but he said he'd refuse treatment, because he didn't trust "rinky-dink" hospitals. She helped him to the car and threatened to take him to a "rinky-dink" hospital if he passed out again.

At Memorial later, a clammy Chris searched an exam room for nausea medicine. Katie tried to leave to find him a doctor, but he insisted that he probably just had indigestion, the flu, or low blood sugar. She wondered which one it was, and Chris joked that she could examine him for herself. He said he didn't want another doctor to see him off his game, and he didn't want his parents to be worried for nothing. Katie left to get him some juice for his low blood sugar.

While Reid made his rounds, he overhead two nurses talking about quitting if he took over the hospital. "Why wait?" he asked, and they awkwardly scurried off. He saw Katie skirting out of an exam room, but the nearby nurse didn't know why Katie was there.

Reid entered the exam room to see Chris drawing his own blood. Chris claimed that it wasn't a big deal, but Reid assumed that Chris didn't want people to know that he was sick, because he feared he wouldn't get the chief of staff job. Reid assured Chris that he wouldn't get the job because he wasn't good enough, not because he was sick.

Later, Reid saw Chris give an anonymous blood sample to a nurse. The nurse left the sample and Chris's instructions at her station. Reid glanced at the list of tests that Chris had requested the lab to run on the sample.

Katie called Margo to discuss what had transpired with Chris. Margo offered to call Bob, but Katie replied that Chris would flip out if they did that. Later, Margo met Katie in an exam room, where Katie explained that she'd sort of tricked Chris into going to the cabin alone with her. Margo noted that Katie wasn't wearing her wedding ring. Katie said she'd been sad, but it'd been time to remove it. Katie explained that while she and Chris had been kissing, he'd grabbed his chest. She worried that she'd caused Chris's "attack." Margo figured that Chris had just gotten sick, and Katie shouldn't look for trouble where there was none.

Katie and Margo went to Chris's exam room, and Reid listened outside the door as Chris claimed that he'd just had acid reflux. Margo left, and Chris asked Katie for a rain check on their weekend. She agreed and then joined Margo in the corridor. Margo implored her sister not to read anything into Chris's illness; Chris had merely gotten a gas bubble at an inappropriate time. Katie agreed that her "future new boyfriend" had just gotten a little sick. Margo cooed at Chris's new title, and dragging Katie off, Margo insisted upon hearing everything about the romance.

Reid reentered Chris's exam room. He asked why Chris had told Katie that he had a routine stomach disorder, but was testing himself for an obscure, tropical virus.


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