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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 2, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, August 2, 2010

At the yacht club, Annie confessed that she hadn't expected JR to defend her to Adam. JR acknowledged that Adam had a right to be angry, but not at Annie because JR was to blame for the betrayal. Annie admitted that JR's kind words had meant a lot to her. Moments later, Scott called. Scott revealed that Barry had told him about the divorce papers, so Scott wanted Annie to get home, so that they could celebrate.

After Annie ended the call, she admitted to JR that it was strange to know that her marriage to Adam was over. However, she assured him that she looked forward to marrying Scott because Scott was a good man. JR pasted on a smile, in an attempt to show Annie that he was happy for her. Annie was determined not to screw up what she had with Scott because she believed that she deserved to have a life with him.

Later, JR was staring at a wedding picture of him and Marissa when Marissa entered their bedroom. JR confessed that he wished that they had taken more photographs of their wedding. Marissa reminded him that they hadn't had the time for wedding plans because of JR's illness. JR glanced at the picture as he promised to make her smile like that again. Marissa took the picture and then set it on the dresser. She admitted that her smile in the picture had hidden her fear. Marissa had been scared because she had no idea how much time JR had left to live.

JR was startled when Marissa questioned if he would have married her if he'd known that he'd survive. JR assured her that he didn't regret their marriage and that he looked forward to a future with her. He promised Marissa that he had plans for her and AJ. JR surprised Marissa by suggesting that she take a job with Chandler Enterprises. Marissa didn't want to rely on nepotism, like Annie, to further her career. She wanted to make her own way in the world, on her own terms.

As if on cue, Marissa's phone rang; it was someone calling to arrange a job interview. Marissa quickly set up a time and date for the interview and then ended the call. She was excited as she told JR about the call, although she admitted that she didn't remember sending in an application to the company.

Scott was waiting for Annie in the parlor when she arrived home. He quickly opened a bottle of champagne and then poured them each a glass of the bubbly to toast to Annie's divorce. Scott was thrilled that they were free to start their lives together. After they sipped some champagne, Annie admitted that she was grateful that Scott loved her for who she was. She didn't think that a woman could want more.

Annie was perched on Scott's lap when JR entered the parlor. Scott wanted to go on a short vacation with Annie, so he asked if they could use JR's beach cabin. Annie stared guiltily at JR as she recalled their heated encounter in the cabin. She quickly argued that it wasn't a good idea to go to the cabin because Chandler Enterprises couldn't afford for Scott to go on vacation. JR tried to appear indifferent to their plans, but he seemed tense as he let Scott know that it was up to Scott.

Annie remained determined not to go to the cabin, so she advised Scott that it wasn't a good time of year because the roads leading to the cabin were a mess. Scott was curious how she knew that, since she had never been to the cabin. JR quickly suggested that Annie must have overheard JR telling AJ about the road conditions. JR assured Scott that they could use the cabin if they wanted to, so he told them where the key was and then left the parlor. After Scott fetched the key, he persuaded Annie to change her mind.

Once Annie agreed to go to the cabin, Scott grabbed the bottle of champagne and then led her to the bedroom. In the bedroom, Scott and Annie kissed, but Scott sensed that Annie was preoccupied. Annie admitted that she had thought that she would be upset about the divorce, but she wasn't because she had Scott. She vowed that she would never hurt or fail Scott because he had given her a second chance. Annie was determined to never let him down. Moments later, Caleb called Scott to arrange to meet Scott and Annie for dinner.

At Krystal's, Caleb approached the bar and then ordered a bourbon. As Krystal poured the drink for Caleb, she admitted that she had heard about the fast one that JR had pulled on him. She was surprised that Caleb hadn't returned to the mountains. Caleb cryptically explained that he had an old debt to settle. He then confessed that he had once nearly killed Adam after Adam had stolen something from him.

Krystal realized that Caleb's trouble with Adam had been over a woman. She understood how ruthless Adam could be because she had been married to him. Caleb was astonished when she revealed that she had almost shot Adam once. As they talked about Adam, the discussion drifted to JR. Krystal was frustrated because Marissa was determined to save her marriage instead of focusing on her dream of becoming a lawyer. Caleb didn't understand why smart women threw everything away to be treated like dirt.

Krystal confessed that Chandler men could be quite persuasive. She immediately sensed that her comment had inspired Caleb. Krystal tried to find out what he was up to, but Caleb simply paid the tab and then walked away. A short time later, Marissa entered the restaurant. Marissa was disappointed when it became clear that her job interview was with Caleb. However, before she could walk away, Caleb snagged her attention when he opened up about his career as an attorney.

Marissa quickly realized that she had studied one of Caleb's cases in class. She wondered why a brilliant attorney like Caleb was interested in hiring her. Caleb admitted that he liked that she was someone who wanted to fight against the people who didn't play by the rules. He promised to help her pass the bar, since he would have to do the same, in order to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania. Marissa explained that she would need some time to think it over.

Caleb appreciated her honesty, but he made it clear that the offer wouldn't remain open for long. Marissa thought about it for a few seconds and then happily accepted the position of legal aid. However, she made it clear that she would not do anything to compromise her husband or JR's business. Caleb was pleased to finally meet someone in Pine Valley with integrity. After Marissa left, Caleb returned to the bar. Krystal was curious what Caleb was plotting. Caleb smiled as he explained that "Junior" was about to learn a lesson in retribution, country style.

JR was not happy when Marissa shared her news with him. He tried to forbid Marissa from working for Caleb, but Marissa refused to listen. He argued that Caleb was only interested in getting even with him for buying Cortlandt Electronics. Marissa made it clear that JR did not have a say in her career choices.

At the police station, Natalia hoped to surprise Brot with a doughnut cake and balloons to cheer him up before his impending surgery, but Brot barely acknowledged her effort. He insisted that he had work to do before the operation. Natalia offered to help him, but Brot made it clear that he could do it by himself. Natalia was hurt by Brot's rejection, which seemed to annoy Brot further.

Later, Brot approached Natalia to thank her for the cake and balloons. He assured her that he appreciated the thought, but he admitted that he was nervous about the surgery because it had been a long time since the last one. Brot explained that he had to mentally prepare for it, so he needed to focus only on that. After his talk with Natalia, Brot went to the hospital for a final physical examination before the surgery. The doctor explained that the procedure, to give Brot a new eyelid, was relatively simple.

According to the doctor, they would remove a flap of skin from behind Brot's ear to construct the eyelid. The doctor promised that Brot would be able to return to work within a few weeks. After the doctor left, Natalia walked in. She reminded Brot of their history together and then made it clear that she would not let Brot go into surgery without wishing him well. Brot smiled as he hugged Natalia. He admitted that he cared about her too.

At Amanda and Jake's place, Trevor cried inconsolably while Jesse tried to understand why Angie couldn't see. Angie clarified that she was going blind. Jesse quickly attended to Trevor and then sat down to talk to Angie. Angie tearfully explained how she had contracted the virus, which had led to a devastating infection in her eyes. Jesse was shocked to realize that Angie had been coping with the illness for two months without his knowledge.

Angie explained that she hadn't wanted to burden Jesse with her illness until she knew what she was dealing with. However, she conceded that it had proven to be too difficult. Jesse didn't think that Angie would have been infected if she hadn't been overworked. He regretted that he hadn't insisted that she take some time off, but Angie assured him that no one was to blame for what had happened to her. Jesse was curious when Angie had first suspected that something was wrong.

Angie explained that her dizzy spell at Jake and Amanda's wedding had been the first indication that she wasn't well. She admitted that she had diagnosed herself before she had sought out a second opinion from an expert. Jesse was curious what her symptoms were, so Angie explained what her bouts of vision loss were like. He realized that her temporary blindness had been the reason that Angie had rearranged their furniture. Jesse couldn't understand why she hadn't told him.

Angie insisted that Jesse had too much to deal with, so she had been reluctant to add to the pressure. Angie's vision returned while they talked, which Jesse noticed almost immediately. Angie started to explain about the experimental treatment that she had started, but Trevor began to cry again. Jesse decided to call Jake and Amanda, so that he and Angie could go home to continue their conversation without any more interruptions.

After Angie and Jesse arrived home, Angie apologized for not telling him about her illness sooner. Jesse assured her that it wasn't necessary; however, he couldn't imagine her dealing with the illness alone. Angie admitted that she had told Jake, so he had helped her out at the hospital. Jesse seemed a little hurt, but Angie explained that she had needed someone to help her to keep David from discovering her secret. Jesse argued that it should have been him, not Jake.

Jesse let the matter drop to focus on finding out what they were dealing with. He wondered about the treatment, so Angie explained that she had been taking experimental medication that had seemed to help. Jesse's relief was short-lived when Angie revealed that she had to stop taking the medication as soon as she had discovered that she was pregnant. She explained that they didn't know the long-term effects of the medication on the baby, so the treatment posed a risk to the baby. Jesse was stunned when Angie revealed that her blindness could be permanent if she didn't continue taking the medication.

Jesse insisted that they would fight the illness together. He reminded her that she was the most important thing in his life, so she had to take care of herself first. Angie's smile was bittersweet as she confessed that she had been afraid that he would say that. She made it clear that she would not put their child's life in jeopardy to save her eyesight. Jesse vowed that they would find a way to make it work.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the Hayward's hotel room at five in the morning, David tossed and turned in bed. Greenlee sat in a chair and reminisced about her childhood wedding fantasies. She'd once believed that marriage was supposed to shelter her; however, she'd since realized that she needed protection from the man who'd promised to protect her.

As the couple dressed for the day, David noted that Greenlee hadn't slept in their bed. He said they couldn't keep running on empty, and he presented her with a gift that he hoped might lift her spirits. He opened a velvet box containing a stunning diamond choker, but Greenlee flinched when he tried to put the necklace on her. She wondered if the trinket was supposed to make her feel better about his blackmail. "No, it's supposed to make me feel better," David replied. Greenlee asserted that they'd both feel better if he'd end the madness.

David said she'd forgotten that when the people in town had turned on her, he'd been the only person she could trust. "To stab me in the back," she retorted. He explained that the word "diamond" had derived from the word "adamas," which was Greek for "unbreakable." Diamonds reminded him of Greenlee, who'd been strong and determined when she'd returned to town. He felt that she could be those things again, if she wanted to.

Greenlee refused to let David depict her as the one who'd changed and let him down. In her view, he'd been the one to turn on her. David charged her with breaking their wedding vows, and she pitied him for his inability to admit that he'd done the same thing.

Later, Greenlee and David resumed their bickering in the Fusion elevator, and she suggested that he get her a leash, since he refused to let her out of his sight. "It's called being supportive," he said. She exited the elevator, and he took it back down. Once he was gone, she sneaked off to the park. There, she called to ask someone to meet her, because she needed help.

At the Yacht Club later, Greenlee met with Charles, a former prosecutor who'd joined Fusion's legal team. She confidentially asked him if she could actually go to jail over David's blackmail plot. After hearing her claims, Charles believed that she was innocent of the plane sabotage; however, he wondered if she'd been involved in other aspects of the Fusion scandal. She hesitated to respond, and he said it was hard to prove that she wasn't guilty, if she weren't entirely innocent. Greenlee squeezed her knife and cut her hand. Before she left to seek medical attention, Charles advised that her best option was to make amends with her husband.

When Greenlee arrived at the hospital, David tried to assist her with the cut on her hand. "Is there anything in my life you won't control? I want another doctor!" she raged. Ryan, who'd approached in patient garb with a bandage around his head, asked if she'd cut herself. "No, Ryan, I shanked her in the shower," David quipped. Ryan returned to his bed, and David ushered Greenlee into an exam room. She said it was illegal for him to help her without his license, and she'd rather take her chances in the emergency room.

After another doctor mended her hand, Greenlee encountered Emma in the corridor. Hoping that Emma liked the new princess dress, Greenlee whispered that Emma really was a princess. Emma pulled Greenlee into Ryan's room, where Emma cooed about Greenlee's butterfly bandage. Emma bet that Greenlee hadn't even been scared when she'd cut herself, and Ryan remarked that Greenlee wasn't scared of anything. Greenlee agreed and hugged Emma goodbye. In the corridor, Greenlee seemed rattled. She recomposed herself and strode away.

At home, Jesse watched Angie prepare for work, but said her medical situation warranted a sick day. She replied that she wasn't ready to stop living her life, and someone needed to keep David in check. Jesse said that, for once, he didn't care about David. Jesse didn't care about his meeting that day with Iris, the mayor, either; however, Angie advised him not to miss it again. Jesse felt that they had more important things to consider, such as whether or not she'd resume taking the experimental eye medication. "We'll deal with it, just not now...Please, please, Jesse, just give me 'later,'" Angie implored.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Angie checked on Ryan, and Emma asked when her father would be released. Angie said that she wasn't Ryan's physician. Emma and Ryan showed Angie one of Emma's drawings, and even though Angie couldn't see it, she said it was beautiful.

In the hallway, Jesse saw an incoming call on his phone from Iris, but he ignored it. David approached to berate Jesse for loitering, but Jesse warned that it wasn't a good day to mess with him. "Not today," Jesse seethed and strode off.

David found Angie to tell her that Jesse needed to get a life and stop following her around the hospital. Overhearing them, Jesse roared at David to back off his wife. Jesse threatened David, and Angie dragged her husband away to tell him that his behavior was inviting too many questions. She implored him to take his meeting with the mayor, but he said he couldn't focus on anything but her and the baby.

Another call chimed on Jesse's phone, and he flipped it open to view the caller's number. Though he was still fuming, he reluctantly left Angie. Afterward, David thanked Angie for calling off "Rambo," but Angie retorted, "You heard my husband. You better back the hell up!"

In the park later, Angie joined Greenlee on a bench and said that their husbands had almost gotten into a fight. Angie pondered why men brawled when they felt threatened, but Greenlee remarked that she and Angie were just as spirited. Angie wondered if it were better to just try to survive in lieu of fighting. "Confront me with a challenge, I kick its ass," Greenlee said. In Angie's view, a better alternative might be to hold onto their loved ones and wait for things to improve. "It's always about faith," Angie uttered.

Back at the hospital, Jesse went to Ryan's room, and Ryan asked for a favor. Upon hearing the request, Jesse asked if Ryan were high. "You want to catch Hayward, don't you?" Ryan asked. Jesse said that was a stupid question.

Later, Jesse went to the Yacht Club to ask Greenlee for a word in private. She allotted him five minutes and took him upstairs to her room. As she opened her door, Jesse slipped off, and she turned around to find Ryan on her threshold. She called him crazy for leaving the hospital, but he said that he needed to understand what was going on with her. She asked him to trust her to handle it, but Ryan insisted that she couldn't handle David alone.

Ryan implored Greenlee to let him help her fight her way out of the corner that David had boxed her into it. Ryan said she didn't have to stay in the marriage, but she insisted that she did. Greenlee grew tearful, and just as she seemed on the verge of confiding with Ryan, he reeled from a pain in his head. She urged him to return to the hospital, but he replied that he needed to help her. "Don't you get it? You already have," she said.

David arrived and asked "what the hell" was going on in there. Greenlee briefed him, and he offered to help. Ryan insisted that he was okay. "Well, in that case..." David said, readily turning to leave. Greenlee implored David to stay, but Ryan uttered, "Call 9-1-1."

Later, Greenlee and David waited at the hospital. Frankie approached to say that Ryan had overdone it and should never have left the facility. Frankie expected Ryan to be okay, and Greenlee asked to see him. Granting her permission, Frankie cautioned that Ryan needed rest.

When Greenlee entered his room, Ryan was surprised that David had let her visit. She replied that David didn't "let" her do anything. Ryan continued to worry about her, but as he drifted off to sleep, she promised that she'd be okay. She returned to the corridor, and David was amazed that she hadn't stayed to keep vigil over Ryan. Ignoring the comment, she asked David to take her home.

At the Yacht Club bar later, David and Greenlee ordered drinks. Greenlee said she deplored what he was doing to her; however, she somewhat understood it and might even be able to live with it. She assured him that they'd never return to what they'd once been, but she'd decided to make the best of an impossible situation. He assured her that it wasn't impossible. He anticipated that she'd trust him again-even if it took five years.

As Greenlee sneered at him, she told herself that she'd do what she had to do to get herself out of the marriage, and when she was ready to make her move, he'd "never see it coming." David toasted to marriage. Raising her glass, Greenlee echoed, "To marriage."

At the police station, Iris was disappointed that Angie had arrived at the meeting in Jesse's place. Angie ordered Iris to cut the crap because Jesse's absence was just an excuse to keep up the charade. Angie said Jesse wouldn't grovel for his job, and Iris guessed that Angie was there to do it for him. Angie insisted that Jesse had been the best police chief that the town had ever had, and Iris would see that, if she weren't blinded by David's bank account. Iris strode off, and Angie's vision blurred. She called Jesse for help.

Jesse located the vision-impaired Angie in the police interrogation room. He figured out that she'd been there to see Iris, but he said Angie was more important than his job. She assured him that she could handle her issues; however, she couldn't handle it if he threw his life away. She stated that he'd done it once to protect the family, but she wouldn't allow him to do it again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

At the Yacht Club with David, Liza fretted about Damon and Colby's whereabouts. She also worried about any adverse reactions that Damon might have to the sugar pills. Upon assuring her that the pills were harmless, David said that he wasn't her psychiatrist or priest. She mumbled that they were friends. Though David agreed, he said he couldn't clear her conscience.

Liza called Tad, who was still disturbed by what she'd done to Damon. Tad said he'd let her know if he heard anything about the kids. Liza went to Amanda's house to discover that Amanda was perturbed with her, too. Liza claimed that she'd been trying to protect her daughter; however, Amanda admonished Liza for seeking to pit a father and a son against each other.

Liza said that Amanda hadn't been a mother long enough to know the lengths that she'd go to protect her son. Amanda retorted that she'd never wind up on a teenager's camera phone in her lingerie. Liza stated that until Amanda finished potty training and met the girl who'd destroy Trevor's life, Amanda had no right to judge Liza.

At the Martin house, Damon arrived and declared that he and Colby were out of there after Kathy's swim meet. Tad asked Damon not to go. "Aren't you afraid I'm going to steal your girlfriend?" Damon asked. Though Tad criticized Damon's use of the pictures, he believed Damon's version of events, not Liza's. Damon was glad that someone finally believed him. "Not just someone, Damon. I believe you. Your father believes you," Tad corrected.

Damon thought it was hard to live up to the "whole Martin thing." Tad said the only "thing" they had going was that they loved each other. Damon replied that he was already loved; Colby loved him. Though Tad was happy about that, he said Damon could have even more love from the family. Tad revealed that he'd broken up with Liza because of what she'd done. Damon couldn't imagine how Tad must have felt upon seeing compromising pictures of Liza on Damon's phone.

Just then, Colby walked in and gasped at what she'd heard. Colby was devastated when Damon elaborated that Liza had tried to make it look as if he'd propositioned her. Liza strode in and demanded that Colby let her explain. Liza claimed that she'd just wanted to show Colby who Damon really was. "All you've shown me is who you really are," Colby retorted.

Colby asserted that Liza had tried to sleep with Damon, but Liza insisted that she'd never let it go that far. Colby tried to leave, but Liza begged her to stay, because Liza had lost too much already. "It's always about you, isn't it?" Colby asked. Liza claimed that she'd only tried to be a good mother. The fed-up Colby disavowed Liza as her mother, but Liza said Colby would always be her little girl.

Colby stated that Liza always had to be right, but when she'd been wrong about Damon, she'd tried to fabricate something. Liza sought forgiveness, but Colby didn't have any for her. Colby said that Liza could stop saying that she'd acted out of love, because Liza didn't really know how to love anyone.

Colby and Damon left, and Tad said all that mattered was that everything was out in the open. "No, it's not," Liza replied, and she confessed to replacing Damon's ADHD medication with sugar pills. Imagining the setbacks it would create for Damon, Tad wondered what was wrong with her. He yelled that her arrogance had cost them their children.

Sitting on a retaining wall in the park, Colby wished Damon had told her what had happened sooner, but Damon said he'd feared that she'd believe Liza over him. Colby assured him that she would have believed him. She wished that she had a normal mother, but she claimed that Damon was all the family that she needed. "Let's go away and never look back," she suggested. Damon called it a good plan, and they kissed.

At home, Randi made Frankie a cup of espresso from their new machine. He grimaced at the taste, but pretended to like it. They settled on the sofa, and she showed him pictures of her trip. She said she'd missed him the most while she'd been in Venice.

They planned a special day together, but Randi canceled it after receiving a call to take a last-minute photo shoot. She hated to miss their day together, but Frankie was understanding about it. They figured they needed her modeling money in case David laid off Frankie.

In his hospital room, Ryan called the hoarse Greenlee first thing in the morning to persist in helping her break free from David. Worried about Ryan's recovery, she insisted that she could handle her own marriage. As Ryan tried to convince her otherwise, she hung up on him.

Madison entered Ryan's room and expressed her concern upon learning that he'd requested an early hospital release. While defending his decision, Ryan stammered to recall the name of the doctor who'd examined him the night before. He dismissively said that he was bad with names, but the doctor had said to expect some temporary memory loss. Ryan hopped out of bed and coaxed her to take him for a walk around the hospital.

In her hotel room, Greenlee searched for the fake evidence that David had on her. He entered, and she slipped her watch into the drawer. She claimed that she'd been searching for her watch. David easily found the watch in the drawer and wondered how she could have overlooked it. He guessed that her search had something to do with her trying to wiggle out of their agreement, but she reaffirmed her intention to stay married to him.

Greenlee worried that the mechanic might blackmail them, or someone might uncover the manufactured evidence. David assured her that neither thing would happen, but she next worried that the police would locate the mechanic. She said she didn't even know the man's name. David replied that it didn't matter, because the mechanic had a new name, which he was using in an undisclosed location. David ended the conversation because they had to go to a board meeting.

At the hospital, Greenlee and David encountered Madison and Ryan in the corridor. Ryan and David exchanged barbs about Ryan's pending release, and Greenlee pulled David away to strategize before the board meeting. When Madison went to get Ryan some juice, Ryan asked Nurse Alice to page Dr. Hayward and keep him busy for a while.

While waiting for juice, Madison saw Frankie in the hall. They discussed the budget cuts and Ryan's condition. Frankie thought Ryan would be fine if he'd just stay put for a few days. Frankie stated that Madison had been at the hospital so much that someone might put her to work. "But you're not the only one hanging around here," Frankie hinted.

In the lounge, David complimented Greenlee's outfit. She thanked him, because she'd used his credit card to pay for it. He didn't mind, but he wondered what had happened to keeping their money separate. Greenlee felt that as long as she had to play the trophy wife, David would pay for it. Just then, David was paged to the fifth floor.

When David arrived upstairs, Alice gave him some paperwork to sign. He stated that it could have waited. As he reviewed it, Madison happened by. Frankie overheard David advising Madison to persuade Ryan to stay in the hospital. David said he'd deter unwanted guests, if she needed him to do so. Madison stated that she was willing to let the people they cared about make their own decisions. "How's that working out for you?" David asked, handing his card to her.

David strode off, and Frankie rounded the corner to say, "That looks like trouble." Madison ripped up David's card and said she'd flush it down the toilet.

Back in the lounge, Ryan said that Greenlee could use a friend. She guessed that he'd had David paged. Ryan insisted upon hearing the real story about her marriage, but she urged him to concentrate on getting well. Frankie entered to say that he'd talked to Ryan's neurosurgeon, and Ryan could develop serious brain damage if he didn't take it easy. The obstinate Ryan refused to rest until he'd helped Greenlee.

Greenlee ordered Ryan to take care of himself and to stop assuming that a spat between her and David spelled doom for her marriage. "David loves me. When are you going to get that through your thick, damaged skull?" she asked. She asserted that she loved David, and she wanted Ryan to stay out of her marriage. David strode in, and Ryan scoffed.

David wondered if he had to get a restraining order against Ryan, and Ryan stated that he didn't believe what Greenlee had said. She called Ryan delusional, and Frankie urged Ryan to be reasonable. David wondered if it were really worth Ryan risking his life over something that was none of his business. Greenlee agreed that it wasn't Ryan's business, and a quizzical Madison arrived. The argument quickly defused, and Frankie and Madison led Ryan to his room.

Madison tucked Ryan in, and he said everyone thought he was overreacting. She asked if he'd take everyone's advice and stay away from the Haywards. He said he was just really tired.

Back at the Yacht Club, Greenlee daydreamed that she revealed to Ryan that David was holding her hostage in the marriage. Ryan asked her to say that she believed in him, but when she did, a headache struck Ryan. David snapped her out of the dream and thanked her for putting Ryan in his place. Studying her watch, David remarked that he hated to lose things.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In a private consultation room at the hospital, Dr. Beldon told Angie and Jesse that without strict maintenance, Angie's eyesight would continue to deteriorate. However, the medication was not safe for the baby, which meant that if Angie intended to continue the pregnancy, she could not take it without significant risk to the baby.

Jesse asked Dr. Beldon if Angie could undo some of the damage to her eyesight by going back on the medication after she gave birth. Angie stated that after another eight months, the damage would have been too extensive to reverse, and Dr. Beldon agreed.

Jesse stated the obvious: Angie could possibly regain her sight with the medication and harm the baby as well, or she could protect the baby and go blind. Dr. Beldon told the Hubbards to let him know what their decision was, and Angie thanked him as he left. As the couple turned to face each other, Jesse asked Angie if her sight was gone. It was.

Jesse walked Angie through the hospital, and Angie told him not to look at her "like that." Jesse asked if she could see, and she answered that she could feel his pity and that she didn't want that. Jesse told his wife that if she started her meds again, she could fight the infection. Angie informed her husband that the protocol was experimental, so there was no guarantee that she would not lose her sight. She went on to say that there was no way that she would put the baby's well-being at risk.

Jesse asked her if she was ready to give up her career and her independence. Angie replied that she could have a full, happy, productive life. As she finished her sentence, her sight returned. Jesse asked his wife to think some more about it, but she didn't want to. She wanted to go home.

When they walked into their apartment, Jesse asked Angie if she was looking for alternative treatments. She responded that she only wanted treatments that were safe for the baby, but that she was doing research. Jesse told his wife that the longer it took to find a treatment, the more she was putting her health at risk. Angie corrected her husband and said that she was putting her eyesight at risk, not her health.

Angie went on to say that her pregnancy was already at risk because of her age, and that since she had already taken several doses of the medication that she was not going to add anything more to the risk for the baby. Jesse told her that they could try again for another baby, and Angie definitively told him that she would not terminate the pregnancy.

Jesse said that he would never ask Angie to terminate the pregnancy, but he didn't think he could be as happy as he had been while he watched Angie go blind. Jesse felt that Angie's sight was too high a price to pay to have the baby, but Angie was more than willing. Jesse suggested that maybe living with no eyesight had not yet sunk in for Angie, who responded by reminding Jesse that she had been dealing with the infection for months.

Jesse revealed his heartbreak at the thought of Angie not being able to see how much he loved her. Angie knew that she would always be aware of Jesse's love. Jesse told her that he knew that she was strong enough to live life blind, but he didn't understand why she was choosing the most difficult road.

Angie was firm in her statement that she had made her choice. Jesse felt that it should be their choice because the baby was both of theirs, but Angie replied that since she was carrying the baby in her body, she would decide the best way to care for it. Jesse felt that his feelings were being ignored. Angie said that she was scared, but that she knew God had a plan and that it was happening for a reason. Jesse wondered what plan of God's had his wife going blind and David walking around free to cause trouble.

Jesse told Angie that no matter how much they disagreed, that he was with her and that they would fight through it together. Angie appreciated Jesse's desire to protect her. Jesse told her that it didn't have to happen, but Angie again declared that she wouldn't use the medication and harm the baby. Jesse repeated his idea of trying to have another baby after the infection was gone, but Angie replied that the chances of her getting pregnant again were too slim.

Jesse stressed that the decision was one that Angie could not undo. Angie stated that she was having the baby and would not change her mind. Jesse said that he needed some air and left, even though Angie asked him not to go.

Angie attempted to use the phone, but could not see the buttons. She placed her hands over the baby inside her and reassured it that Jesse would change his mind. Angie took one of her plaques off the wall and put it away.

At Krystal's, Tad sat at a table alone with his coffee when Liza walked in. When she approached him, he didn't want to speak to her, but she wanted to know if Tad had any information about where Damon and Colby were. Tad replied that the kids had made their decisions, and that Liza should live with it. Tad began to walk away, but Liza wanted to make things right and apologize.

Tad reviewed the facts: Liza had lied to Colby, set Damon up, and switched Damon's ADHD medication with placebos. Tad angrily told his former lover that the best way for her to make things right was to stay out of his, Colby's, and Damon's lives. After Tad left for the hospital, Liza went to the Chandler mansion. Once there, Liza went upstairs and walked into Colby's room and began to look around for clues as to where Colby and Damon might have ran away to. Liza found a notepad with the name of a hotel in Ohio written on it, and she ripped the page out and took it with her.

In front of the stairs, Marissa and JR argued about her having taken a job with Caleb Cooney. As Marissa walked away up the stairs, Annie descended them, and she and JR walked into the parlor. Annie asked JR why he and Marissa had been arguing, and JR revealed that it was about the job Marissa was taking with Caleb.

Annie advised JR to support Marissa, because he needed to make his marriage work for himself, and everyone else. JR responded that Caleb was out to get him. Annie told JR that Caleb would succeed if JR let him, which JR would do by trying to control Marissa and damaging their marriage even more. Annie reminded JR that they had both screwed up pretty badly, and that they were also lucky to have such forgiving partners as Scott and Marissa. Annie felt that they should do what was necessary to make their relationships successful. JR answered that he was just as committed to Marissa as Annie was to Scott.

JR asked Annie where she was going, and she told him that she and Scott were meeting with the minister who was going to marry them. Just then, Scott and the minister walked through the front door. Scott made introductions and then led Annie and the minister into the parlor.

The minister asked Annie if her previous marriage had ended in divorce. Annie corrected the minister, who should have said "marriages," since Annie had been married three times before. Advising that marriage was a lifetime commitment, the minister asked Annie if she felt that she could draw on her past marriages as life lessons, and build a lasting relationship.

Scott answered the minister by stating that he and Annie were committed to each other, as well as to a fresh start, and that they didn't like to dwell on the past. The minister replied that he felt that was admirable, and that it was important that they entered into marriage committed to each other and having forsaken everyone else. He continued that marriage was not just the embodiment of eternal commitment and faithfulness in body, but in thought as well.

As the minister said the last part about being committed in body and thought, Annie's thoughts turned to JR and when they had sex in Washington. Annie nervously blurted out that she loved Scott. She tried to cover, by saying that the past didn't matter because it was over. The only thing that mattered to her, she said, was the "here and now" with Scott.

As Scott and Annie walked the minister to the door, Scott thanked the minister, who replied that it was his pleasure to guide young people into the joys of marriage. After Scott closed the door, Annie complained that the minister had hated her. She told Scott how she thought the minister was judging her and blaming her for her mistakes. Scott suggested that they find another minister, but Annie decided that they would still be in the same situation.

She remembered that when she married Adam, she was in a room full of people who hated her. She felt that she and Scott were going to experience the same looks and judgments, and go through the same thing all over again. Annie said that she loved Scott because he didn't care that she had made so many mistakes, but that she didn't know if she could go through with a big, lavish ceremony. Annie wanted the wedding to be about them -- their love and their future. She wanted to elope.

Scott thought Annie wanted a big wedding, but she answered that they didn't have anyone to invite who actually supported them. Scott said that he was proud to be marrying her and that he wanted to show her off. Annie didn't want to give people an opportunity to doubt them, and suggested that they have a huge party on their anniversary instead. Scott agreed to elope.

JR walked into his and Marissa's bedroom and told Marissa that he didn't want to fight about her job with Caleb anymore. JR told Marissa that he wanted her to be happy, and that he knew it would be a while before she could fully trust him. However, he also knew that they had come a long way, and he was proud of that, and proud of them. JR told his wife that he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize what they had.

JR apologized for overreacting about Marissa's job with Caleb. He told her he thought she would have been interested in working at Chandler. JR liked the idea of keeping employees in the family, and Marissa reminded him that another family member, Annie, already worked at Chandler.

Marissa added that she didn't want to be handed a job because her last name was Chandler -- she wanted to make it on her own. JR countered that Caleb had offered Marissa the job because her last name was Chandler. Marissa became offended at the thought that JR didn't think she could have been offered the job based on her own merits. JR said that he wanted to make sure Marissa was considering all her options, such as expanding their family and having a baby.

Marissa asked JR where the idea of a baby had come from. He reminded her that they had talked about becoming parents before, but they both stopped short of saying out loud that it was back when JR had cancer. JR suggested that since they were trying to find their way back to each other, that the best way to build their future was to build their family.

Marissa felt that it was too soon in their reconciliation to be talking about having a baby. JR again reminded Marissa that they'd wanted to have a baby when they first got married, but Marissa answered that they thought JR was dying, which was the driving force behind their desire for a baby. She said that they had plenty of time. JR asked Marissa if she was saying no, and she told her husband that they had to repair their relationship before raising another child. She went on to say that JR shouldn't expect her to get over what happened so quickly.

Marissa apologized for hurting JR, and told him that she wasn't saying "no" to the idea or even to talking about it. She wanted to have a career when she expanded her family. JR apologized for pressuring her, but explained that he thought they were supposed to share what they were feeling with each other.

Downstairs in the parlor, JR told Annie that he had taken her advice and told Marissa that he supported her new job with Caleb. He asked how the meeting with the minister had gone, and Annie informed him that there was not going to be a wedding. JR looked very interested, and asked Annie what she meant. Annie replied that she and Scott were eloping as soon as possible. JR said that it was good news for everyone, but his facial expression revealed that he was upset.

JR assumed that it was Annie's idea to elope. She admitted that Scott had wanted the big wedding, but she thought it was best to elope. They sat down on the couch, and JR told Annie that it would have been too hard to have a wedding because he couldn't watch her marry another man.

At the Yacht Club, Marissa ran into Scott, who was there to cancel the catering for his and Annie's wedding, since they were eloping. Marissa asked if she was the reason Scott and Annie were eloping, but Scott told Marissa that it had been Annie's idea.

Marissa asked why Annie wanted to elope, and Scott told Marissa that Annie wanted to keep the wedding private. Marissa asked if Scott really loved Annie, and he said he did. Marissa was happy for her friend. Scott said that it meant a lot that she has happy for him, despite how she felt about Annie. Marissa said that it was how she felt about Scott that mattered, and that he deserved all the happiness that went his way.

Still in Pine Valley, in the park, Damon told Colby that they still had time before their plane left. He apologized to her for what had happened with Liza, and for what Liza had done. Colby remarked that it wasn't the first time her mother had betrayed her, but that it would be the last. She changed the subject, and asked Damon if he wanted to stay in Pine Valley.

Colby reminded Damon of his relationship with Tad, but Damon told her that she was the only person who mattered to him. She was very happy to hear that, and they kissed. Colby figured that since she and Damon were going to Ohio to get his guitar, that Damon could introduce her to his mother. Damon asked Colby where the idea came from, and she responded that Damon hadn't seen his mother in a long time and that they had a lot to talk about.

Damon said that his mom knew how to get in touch with him and that she hadn't because she didn't want to. Colby said that didn't mean that Damon didn't miss his mom, and Damon countered that he did not miss her.

Colby wondered if Damon was going a little far to get a guitar, and if maybe it was an excuse to see his mom. Damon maintained that he did not want to see his mom; he just really liked the guitar. He admitted that his relationship with his mom wasn't stellar, and Colby told him to be glad that his mom didn't hit on his friends. Damon made a deal with Colby: they would be in a parent-free zone until they met up with her dad in San Francisco.

Damon's phone rang, and it was Tad. When Damon didn't answer, Colby advised that since Tad had called so many times, Damon should answer. When Damon ignored the call, Colby reminded Damon of how great Tad had been to him, and that Tad hadn't messed up.

She asked Damon why he didn't want to call Tad back, and Damon confessed that he didn't want Tad to try to talk him out of leaving Pine Valley. He added that he had only caused Tad trouble so far, and that they were in a parent-free zone anyway. They walked away together, and they were ready to go to Ohio.

In their hotel room in Ohio, Damon told Colby that if Paul was home, he wanted to forget about getting the guitar. Colby said that they could deal with it. Damon asked if Colby was sure she wanted to meet his mom, but Colby felt that it couldn't be worse than dealing with Liza. Colby left to go to the drug store for makeup, since she had left hers at home. There was a knock on the door, and Damon answered it because he thought it was Colby. It was Liza.

Damon asked her why she was there since Colby wanted nothing to do with her. Liza replied that she was there for Damon, to give him his medication. When Damon told her that he had his meds, she confessed that he didn't have them because she had switched them out with fake pills.

Liza admitted that she didn't expect forgiveness any time soon from Colby, or from Damon. She asked Damon to promise that no matter what happened between him and Colby, that he would not hurt Colby. Damon replied that he loved Colby. Liza asked Damon not to blame Tad. Damon said that all he'd ever done to Tad was screw up, but Liza told Damon how happy he had made Tad and that Tad loved him. She told him that Tad was a "hell of a father" and that he deserved the chance to prove it.

Damon listened to a voicemail message from Tad where Tad told his son how he understood if Damon needed space. But, Tad wanted Damon to know that his room and Tad would always be there when he was ready, and that Tad would do anything for him.

Colby returned from the drug store and Damon told her that Liza had been there. When Colby asked why, Damon told her that Liza had wanted to apologize and to also give Damon his real medication. He explained that Liza had switched his medication with fake pills. Colby was so angry that she wanted to call the police and have her mother arrested.

At the hospital, Tad was leaving another message for Damon. Tad told his son that if he didn't call him back, Tad would just continue to call him and leave more and more messages. Tad's concern for Damon was evident.

In the hallway Tad found Jake, and Jake asked if Tad had heard from Damon. Tad told Jake that he and Damon had talked since everything happened in New York, but that Damon had still left with Colby. Jake remarked that it was disgusting that Liza had tried to sleep with Damon to keep Colby away from him. Tad was happy that he had gotten the chance to tell Damon that he believed him, and that he believed in him.

They walked over to the counter and Jake asked a nurse for a file and began writing in it. Tad continued about his and Damon's conversation -- how he had felt they were making progress, and how Colby arrived and found out her mother had tried to sleep with her boyfriend. Tad told Jake that Liza had arrived at his house, and Colby was understandably upset, so she left with Damon.

Tad was worried that Damon was serious about leaving Pine Valley, and since Liza admitted to Tad that she had switched Damon's ADHD medication with placebos, Tad was afraid that without his medication, Damon would be irrational, unfocused, and angry. Even worse, Tad knew Damon wouldn't understand why he was feeling that way.

Jake said Damon would be fine once he got back on his medication, but Tad knew that he'd have to find Damon first to tell him he was taking sugar pills. Tad wondered how Damon was supposed to get past that, since every time Damon started to trust himself and his new life and family, something else happened to mess it up.

Jake said that since Damon had Tad as a dad, Damon could get past it. Tad decided that he would have to drag Damon back home and help him deal with everything, but Jake's advice was for Tad to let Damon go.

Tad couldn't believe his brother's advice. Jake explained that he understood where Damon was coming from because he had been though it himself. He told Tad that even though their family was great, it was sometimes a hard thing to live up to. Tad replied that Damon had told him the same thing. Jake said that their family was so great because it was there waiting once he was ready, and it would be there for Damon as well.

Tad went back to Krystal's for lunch and while he was alone at his table, Jesse walked in. Jesse asked if there had been any updates on the missing mechanic who had worked on Erica's plane.

Tad told his friend that he had made some calls and had nothing new, but that he wasn't doing his best work finding people, anyway, since he couldn't even keep track of Damon. Tad felt better about the fact that Colby was with Damon, and Jesse asked if Liza knew where the kids were. Tad told Jesse that Liza was out of his life and asked what was new with Jesse.

Jesse revealed that Angie was pregnant. Tad was ecstatic, and asked if they'd thought about naming the baby Thaddeus. Jesse added that Angie was losing her sight. Tad's smile fell away as Jesse explained the infection, and how Angie couldn't take the medication because of the risk to the baby.

Tad solemnly told Jesse that he didn't know what to say, but that he was very sorry. Jesse replied that he was sorry, too. Jesse admitted that he didn't know how he was supposed to sit back and watch his wife go blind.

Tad said that sometimes, as much as it hurt, doing nothing could be the best thing. Tad told Jesse that before Kathy, Dixie had gotten pregnant. Because Dixie had a heart condition, it was very dangerous for her to have carried a baby to term. Dixie refused to give up the baby, and by pushing her to make the "right" decision, Tad ultimately pushed her away instead.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Colby wanted to have her mother arrested for switching Damon's medication but Damon stopped her. Colby said that she would never forgive her mother for what Liza had done. Damon pointed out that he hadn't acted too erratically without his medication. Colby agreed and then realized that Damon hadn't had his pills when they were in New York. Colby asked if that fact was the only reason Damon told Colby that he loved her.

Colby quickly told Damon to forget her question and tried to walk away. Damon refused to let Colby leave. Damon told her that he was still madly in love with her. Damon said that Colby meant more to him than anyone else he'd ever known. Damon pulled Colby into a series of kisses.

Damon received another message from Tad. Damon admitted that he felt bad running away from Tad. Damon knew that the only thing Tad wanted was to be a good father. Colby thought for a moment, and then dragged Damon out of the room.

Liza approached the Martin house just as Krystal was exiting. Krystal said that Tad wasn't home, and Liza thought that was best. Liza added that she might be better off staying out of Tad's life. Liza tried to walk away but twisted her ankle as she did. Liza acted as if she was okay, but Krystal insisted that Liza go inside with her.

As the news about Angie's infection sunk in, Tad expressed his disbelief that Angie might not see again. Jesse said that he couldn't sit back and let Angie deal with a pregnancy and vision loss by herself. Jesse wanted to avoid abandoning Angie like he did over twenty years before. Tad didn't think the two situations were comparable.

Jesse wondered how he would help Angie give up her dream of being a doctor. Tad thought that Angie might still be able to practice medicine. Jesse didn't think medicine would be the same if Angie lost her sight. Tad thought that maybe being a mother was more important than being a doctor. Jesse thought that Angie was doing what she always did: putting other people first.

Jesse thought that Tad had started talking about Angie so that they wouldn't have to talk about Damon. Tad told Jesse that he and Liza had found Damon and Colby in New York, but things had gotten worse from there. Tad told Jesse that the worst part was what Liza had done to Damon.

Tad said that he was done with Liza, and that it seemed Damon was done with Tad. Jesse recalled that he and Tad's sister Jenny were about Damon's age when they had run off to New York. Jesse assured Tad that Damon would return. Jesse said that although it would be difficult, Tad needed to let Damon find his own way. Tad said that Jesse needed to afford the same freedom to Angie.

Tad went home and found Liza sitting in the living room with Krystal. Tad coldly said that Liza shouldn't be there. Liza told Tad that she'd tracked down Damon. Tad asked how his son was faring, and Liza said that Damon was better because she had returned his real medication. Tad thanked Liza in a tone laden with sarcasm, and then told her that she should leave everyone alone. Liza apologized again and left the house quickly.

Krystal, who had watched the exchange from the corner, told Tad that Liza had confessed everything. Krystal was sure that eventually, Tad would forgive Liza. Tad said that he was unsure if he would be able to forgive himself. Tad said that despite Damon's hesitation about forging a father-son bond, Tad kept pushing.

Tad lamented that he might have pushed his son away for good. At that moment, there was a knock at the door. Tad and Krystal rushed to the door, and breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Damon on the other side. Krystal said that she needed to get to the restaurant, but, before she left, told Damon she was glad he was back. Damon turned to face his father, said he'd lost his key, and asked if he could have another.

Tad cautiously said he was glad Damon had returned home. Damon admitted that he felt bad when Liza said Tad was worried. Damon said that he could have handled everything that happened with Liza better. Tad admitted that if he hadn't been so concerned with being Father of the Year, he would have noticed that things weren't right. Damon pointed out that no one was perfect, and said that Tad had been doing a really good job of being a father.

Colby went home and wheeled her luggage into her room. She was shocked to find her mother there. Liza apologized, and said that she just wanted to be closer to Colby. Colby said that she'd only returned to Pine Valley for Damon and Tad. When Liza indicated her approval, Colby told Liza not to pretend that she cared. Colby revealed that she knew about the medication switch that Liza had pulled. Liza said she would do anything to atone for her misdeed. Colby said that the only thing Liza could do was leave Pine Valley for good.

Colby put some things away in her bathroom and was slightly disgusted when she saw that her mother hadn't left. Liza said she would continue to try to make things right. Colby told her mother not to waste her time. Liza said that Colby would realize one day how important family was. Colby turned away so that Liza couldn't see the tears that threatened to spill down Colby's face. When she'd regained control, Colby said that Damon was the only family she needed.

Colby went to the Martin house and was just in time for cake Tad had saved from Damon's party. Tad also gifted Damon a complete set of Rocky movies. Tad suggested they have a movie marathon, and Damon agreed. Damon thanked Tad for the gift, and then called him "Dad" for the first time.

Liza landed on a bar stool at Krystal's restaurant. Liza told Krystal that Colby had disowned her. Krystal said that she knew firsthand the pain Liza was going through.

Angie was worried that Jake was avoiding her. When Jake stopped by to see her, Angie was relieved. She told Jake that she'd confessed everything to Jesse. Angie said that Jesse was upset when he found out that Angie chose to protect the baby over saving her sight. Angie insisted that she didn't have any other choice.

Jake protested that claim, and Angie knew that if she wanted to, she could put her vision first. Angie said that she could handle a high-risk pregnancy, and could even handle losing her sight. Angie said that what she couldn't deal with was fighting with Jesse over her choices. Angie begged Jake to support her, and Jake agreed without hesitation.

Angie said that while Jesse was having a hard time accepting her decisions, Angie regarded her imminent vision loss as just another challenge. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but Angie said that nothing could erase the things she'd already seen. She told Jake about the first time she saw Jesse, the yellow daffodils that she gripped at her wedding to Jesse, Frankie's birth, and her reunion with Jesse at the train station. Angie said that she would continue to see those events from her life as long as she lived.

Although Angie had said she wouldn't ask Jake for any more favors, she admitted that she had one more. She asked Jake to watch her back at the hospital. Jake said that he would always keep an eye out for her and her best interests. Angie said that she knew she would need to step down from the chief of staff position, but said she wanted to do so on her own terms. Angie added that she wanted to choose her replacement.

Jake didn't want to talk about Angie leaving the hospital but Angie pressed on. Angie said that she wanted Jake to take over her job. Jake told Angie that he wouldn't accept Angie not being on staff, and said they would deal with things as they happened. There was a knock at the door, and Angie said that it was likely Frankie and Natalia.

Angie opened the door and greeted her son and stepdaughter. Jake decided to leave so that Angie could talk to them privately. After Jake left, Frankie asked if Angie's news concerned Jesse. Angie said that Jesse would have a new job soon: daddy. While Frankie and Natalia did little to try to pick their jaws off the floor, Angie confirmed that she and Jesse were pregnant.

Jesse went home and was surprised to see his children there. Natalia and Frankie immediately congratulated him on the new baby. Jesse was a little upset that Angie hadn't waited so that they could break the news together. Jesse realized that Angie couldn't have told Frankie and Natalia everything because they were still happy. Angie said that she wanted to give the good news first, but Jesse said that the two couldn't be separated. Both Frankie and Natalia wanted to know if everything was all right.

Angie told Frankie and Natalia about her infection, and Natalia asked if Angie was in any pain. Angie said that she felt fine, except for the loss of her vision. Natalia asked if Angie had considered terminating the pregnancy, but Angie refused. Angie said that Jesse didn't agree with her choice.

Jesse said that he couldn't support something that would cause Angie to lose her sight. Frankie thought that there might be a safer, alternative treatment, but Angie said that avenue had already been investigated. Frankie told his mother that they would all survive the illness by leaning on each other.

Jesse admitted that the most painful thing about Angie's illness was that Angie had to sacrifice her sight. Angie said that she would still be able to see through her remaining senses and the people in her life. Angie was certain that after the baby was born, it wouldn't seem like a sacrifice at all.

After Frankie and Natalia left, Angie noted that telling them went better than expected. Jesse offered to clean up their dishes, but Angie said she would do it. Angie started to pick up the dishes but stopped when her vision clouded. Jesse wanted to help Angie to the couch, but Angie insisted that she could do it on her own. Tears welled up in Jesse's eyes as he watched Angie try to find her way.

JR said that he would have a hard time watching Annie walk down the aisle to another man. Annie became very upset, and told JR that he couldn't say things like that. JR said that he just wanted to be honest, but Annie told him there was a limit. JR backed off and said that he didn't want to fight with Annie. Annie asked what JR actually wanted from her.

JR said that he wanted the tension between them to disappear. Annie agreed, but was narrowly able to stop herself from kissing him. Annie was proud that they'd been able to resist each other while at the cottage. Annie said that willpower and her love for Scott helped her stay faithful.

JR said that the intended use of the cottage was to provide a place where JR could reflect on the important things in life. Annie thought that was a good idea and encouraged JR to follow through. Annie left abruptly at that point, under the guise of needing to plan her elopement. After she'd vacated the room, JR called Marissa. JR asked to see her. Marissa wanted to know why, but JR told her it was a surprise.

When Marissa arrived home, JR said that he wanted to take her to the cottage for the weekend they'd planned but never took. Marissa thought that would be nice, and said she'd need to check and see if Krystal could watch AJ. JR said that he would head up to the cottage to get everything ready. JR told Marissa that he wanted their relationship to be as it had once been.

At the Yacht Club, Scott told Annie that the initial profits on the nanotech patent were through the roof. Annie was excited about the news, but Scott was still riddled with guilt over stealing the idea. Annie told Scott that he needed to let go of the guilt because Chandler owned Cortlandt. Annie told Scott to focus on the good things in his life -- like getting married. Scott agreed and kissed Annie to prove it. Inspired, Annie dragged Scott away for some quality alone time.

Marissa went to Krystal's restaurant and asked if Krystal would mind watching AJ for a few days. Marissa told Krystal that JR wanted to spend a few days with Marissa up at Palmer's cabin. Krystal was not impressed with the idea, but Marissa said that things were looking up. She told Krystal that Annie and Scott were planning to elope, and Krystal was glad to hear that. Marissa added that she would be starting a new job as a legal assistant for Caleb when she returned.

Krystal experienced a flash of anger when she thought that Caleb was using Marissa to get back at JR. Marissa insisted that Caleb saw her as more than just a wife and mother. Marissa continued and said that her job would allow her the flexibility to go to school and take care of AJ, as well as extra time when she and JR had a baby.

Krystal asked if Marissa was pregnant. Marissa said that she wasn't but that she and JR had talked about it. Krystal was momentarily overwhelmed, but then had a moment of clarity. Krystal announced that all of the things that Marissa mentioned were things that JR wanted. Krystal thought that JR was pressuring Marissa. Krystal urged Marissa not to give in to what JR wanted, as she was sure that Marissa would regret it.

Marissa's defenses went up as Krystal continued to speak out against JR. Krystal said that Marissa and JR got together too quickly because they both needed someone to trust. Marissa flinched with every dig Krystal made at Marissa's marriage. Marissa tried to deflect some of the pain. Marissa insisted that Krystal's concerns were rooted in guilt over having sold Marissa, and anger that Marissa had taken Babe's husband.

Krystal was taken aback but stood her ground. She told Marissa that she'd seen JR and Annie around each other, and knew there was still something between them. Krystal said that there were huge problems that Marissa and JR needed to work out, and noted that having a baby couldn't solve those problems.

JR arrived at the cabin and started to unpack the groceries he'd purchased. It wasn't long before the memories of Annie's visit to the cabin rushed over him. JR tried to block the images out of his mind, but failed. He kicked the coffee table over in frustration and walked out onto the porch to try to clear his head.

Marissa's phone rang and put a stop to the argument with Krystal. Agitated, Marissa answered the phone. From the other end, JR asked if Marissa was on her way. Fighting tears, Marissa told him that she couldn't go. JR asked why, but Marissa barely choked back her tears before she abruptly ended the call. Krystal tried to comfort Marissa, but Marissa jerked her arm away and ran out of the restaurant.

JR threw his phone and started to clean up the mess he'd made. As he did, he uncovered a journal and some initial nanotech plans. He instantly realized that the nanotech invention had been Palmer's, not Scott's.

Scott and Annie tumbled into bed, but an incoming call on Scott's phone suspended their progress. Scott saw that the call was work-related and wanted to ignore it. Annie promised that she wouldn't go anywhere, so Scott took the call.

Moments after Scott stepped away, Annie's phone started ringing. She grabbed her purse and was alarmed when she saw that JR was calling. She answered and demanded to know what JR wanted. JR told her that he'd found information that would kick Scott out of his position at Chandler.

Annie demanded to know what information JR had. JR said that he wanted to make sure his information was legitimate. Then, after Annie told JR that she was with Scott, JR thought that maybe he shouldn't have called Annie at all. She asked where JR was, and then told him not to do anything until she got there. Annie hung up the phone and started to put her shoes on. Scott returned and asked why she was leaving. Annie said that she needed to take care of something to secure their future, and ran out.

Annie got to the cottage and insisted that JR tell her what information he had. JR held up the envelope that held the nanotech designs. He asked if Annie knew that her fiancé stole from dead people.

Marissa went home and ran into Scott. She told him that Krystal had unleashed about all of the problems Marissa had in her marriage. Marissa said that the hardest thing to deal with was that most of what Krystal had said was true.

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