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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 16, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, August 16, 2010

On Lily's porch, Lily asked how much money Craig was talking about. Holden appeared to say it didn't matter, because the answer was, "No." Holden deduced that Craig wanted to guilt Lily into compensating him for his fake losses in Carlisle. "You're ripping her off," Holden stated, and Craig countered, "You want her under your thumb."

Lily thanked the men for thinking she didn't have a brain, and she asked Holden to leave. He warned that she was making a mistake, but she replied that it was her mistake to make. After Holden left, Craig praised Lily for standing up to Holden and for trusting Craig. She asserted that she trusted him, but she wasn't giving him any of her money.

Claiming that he didn't want a handout, Craig proposed that she buy his shares in Worldwide, and he'd reinvest the money in Carlisle. Lily preferred to just cut her losses, but he mumbled that it was easy for her to say. He admitted he needed money immediately, because he'd borrowed from Blackthorn, not a bank. Craig hoped that she'd buy his shares, which would enable him to repay his loan and request more credit from Blackthorn to save Carlisle. Craig asked Lily to think about his offer and act fast, because Blackthorn wasn't a patient man.

At Worldwide later, Lily asked Lucinda if she'd lured Sierra and Lucy to town to keep Lily away from Craig. Lucinda unapologetically admitted it, and Lily wondered why everyone thought they knew what was best for her. She raged that everything she did backfired on her, and Lucinda said that no matter what had happened, Lily needed Holden. "Mother, please," Lily said.

Lily groaned that she'd love to fall asleep and wake up with the answers. Lucinda suggested that they take a mother-daughter trip to the spa, and Lily said she'd go, as long as they went as friends-not mother and daughter. Lucinda was delighted to be Lily's friend, because she loved Lily and wanted what was best for her. The women hugged.

At the farm, Faith greeted Parker, who'd returned from a tour of college campuses. Though the schools had seemed okay, remaining in Oakdale was more appealing to him. She guessed he wanted to stay for Liberty, but he said he was just Liberty's friend. Faith hoped he wanted to stay for her. He tried to let her down gently, but she said she was only kidding.

At the pond with Gabriel, Liberty revealed her mother's problem with Dusty, and Gabriel expressed his frustration about his father blowing him off when he'd attempted to reveal Lucinda's scam. Gabriel concluded that he didn't care what happened to Craig.

Later, Gabriel and Liberty arrived at the farm and overheard Faith and Parker debating the benefits of going to college. Gabriel barged in and called Parker a spoiled rich kid. Gabriel claimed he'd earned everything that he had, but Parker guessed that was a joke, because Gabriel had blackmailed Craig for money that Craig had stolen from Parker. Parker claimed that Gabriel was just like his father, and the teens shoved each other.

Holden rushed in, and as he broke up the fight, he wondered why Gabriel was always the center of controversy. Gabriel quit his repair job, and Faith appealed to Holden to calm the situation. Asking Gabriel to keep his job, Holden admitted that he was really upset with Craig, who wouldn't own up to conning Lily. Gabriel suddenly rushed out of the house.

Liberty excused herself to make a phone call, and Parker strode out after her. Faith looked disappointed, and Holden asked what was going on with Parker and Faith. Before Faith could answer, Lucinda interrupted, and Faith took off. Lucinda stated that Craig would soon be ousted from Worldwide and from Lily's life. Lucinda tipped Holden off about the spa trip and hinted that Lily would be happy to see him if he "happened" to appear at the spa.

Upon finding Craig at the Lakeview, Gabriel said he knew about the failed Carlisle deal. Suddenly frightened, Craig asked if Blackthorn, the man who was after Craig, had threatened Gabriel. Gabriel corrected that a man wasn't after Craig; it was a woman. "Lucinda Walsh," Gabriel revealed.

Gabriel relayed that he'd overheard Lucinda on the phone with "that French chick," and he recited what Lucinda had told Franšoise. Craig said he'd asked Gabriel to stay away because of Blackthorn, and Gabriel stated that he'd spoken up for Johnny's sake. Guessing that Gabriel cared about Lily, too, Craig requested that Gabriel do something for her.

Later, Craig returned to Lily's house to tell Lily that Lucinda had set up the whole perfume factory scam to take him down. "You were collateral damage," he said and invited Gabriel into the house. Gabriel revealed what he knew to Lily, who was outraged by Lucinda's actions. Gabriel left, and Craig connected the dots linking Lucinda to Blackthorn. "She doesn't want me destitute. She wants me dead!" Craig realized. Lily said it was the last straw. "I'm buying your Worldwide stock-every last share," Lily decided.

At the pond later, Parker caught up to Liberty, who'd reluctantly decided not to call Gabriel. Parker recalled when he'd first met Liberty. He said it had been one of the happiest days of his life. The other happiest day had been when she'd announced her cancer remission. Liberty uttered that she couldn't have done it without him. They discussed their blossoming relationships with Gabriel and Faith, and Parker wondered where he and Liberty stood. Liberty said she wanted to be friends, and Parker wholeheartedly agreed.

As Liberty and Parker hugged, Parker spotted Gabriel approaching and took off. Gabriel explained to Liberty how things had gone with Craig, and she reminded Gabriel that he was lucky to have a father. Gabriel stated that he was lucky to have Liberty.

In the Lakeview lounge, Blackthorn wondered why he'd never heard of Carly's blog. Carly claimed that she wasn't established yet, but her interview with him would change that. Before he discussed his secrets, he insisted that she go first. She revealed that she'd been a stripper. He doubted that he could top her secret, and he asked why she was so interested in him. She claimed that everyone wanted to know about him, especially since no one had even known his name a few years earlier. He claimed that his big secret was that he'd changed his name.

Just then, Janet approached to express her wry surprise that Blackie and Carly knew each other. Carly tried to get rid of Janet, but Blackthorn invited her to join them for drinks. "I'd love to hear what you two have in common," he said. Janet readily explained that they shared an ex-husband, Jack Snyder, and Blackthorn sighed knowingly.

Blackthorn asked how close Carly and Jack were, and Janet figured that they weren't that close, since Carly was flirting with other men. Carly explained that she was writing a financial blog, and Janet burst into laughter. Jack strode up to say that he'd been trying to call Janet about the cabin renovation. Insisting that it required her immediate attention, Jack pulled Janet away

In the lobby, Jack fabricated problems with the cabin, but Janet didn't believe that he'd be so oblivious to seeing Carly with Blackthorn. When Janet threatened to confront Carly, Jack admitted that something was going on, but he couldn't tell Janet about it at that moment. He asked her to trust him and go home. Janet agreed to leave, but once Jack turned his back, she followed him up to his surveillance room. When she stormed in, she heard Blackthorn's voice emitting from the recorder, and she raged at Jack for spying on her friend.

Back at the table, Carly said Jack's possessiveness was the reason she'd left him. An intrigued Blackthorn invited Carly to his room for room service. Sensing her reluctance, he guessed she didn't want the interview. She nervously laughed and followed him upstairs.

In Blackthorn's room, Blackthorn sat on the bed and asked Carly to sit with him. She offered to order room service, but he wouldn't be deterred. She joined him on the bed, and as she questioned his business dealings, he moved in for a kiss. To avoid him, she rushed to the mini-bar for a drink. He stroked her neck and ripped the wire from beneath her bra strap.

Blackthorn dropped the microphone into Carly's soda water, but she claimed that she'd been using the device to record the interview for the blog. He figured she'd forgotten to mention it, just as she'd forgotten to mention her relation to Jack. Blackthorn considered calling his lawyer, but concluded that he could deal with Carly himself.

As Blackthorn wrestled Carly onto the bed, Jack stormed in to rescue her. Blackthorn guessed that Jack didn't have a search warrant, and Janet rush in. She asked what Blackthorn had ever done, besides be her friend. Jack and Carly accused Blackthorn of being a loan shark, but Blackthorn feigned ignorance. When Janet demanded concrete proof, Jack asked her to just believe him. She wouldn't, and Carly quipped that it wasn't Janet's business.

Blackthorn threatened to call the police, and Carly ushered Jack to the door. Jack waited for Janet, but she insisted upon staying. Once Jack and Carly left, Janet ranted about her friends claiming to know what was best for her. Figuring that she'd shown Carly and Jack, Blackthorn thanked Janet for defending him. He slowly kissed her, and she kissed him back.

At Carly's house, Jack complained that their plan had been a total waste. Carly said it hadn't entirely been, and she handed him a wallet she'd lifted off Blackthorn. Jack sarcastically admonished her for the theft and opened the wallet to find some business cards and a Saint Carmelo charm. Carly hopped onto the Internet to find out about Saint Carmelo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At Al's Diner, Katie assumed that Henry's breakfast invitation meant that their friendship was back on track. Henry requested that Katie help him track Vienna down in Sweden. Katie disbelieved that Vienna had anything to do with Barbara's disappearance, but a persistent Henry claimed that Katie owed it to him to go. She asked what she was supposed to do with Jacob. "Bring him with us. He's portable," Henry answered.

Katie claimed that she wanted to stay in town to cultivate her relationship with Chris. Wishing his "Bubbles" happiness, Henry asked if he deserved some happiness, too. She agreed, and he again urged her to go with him to Sweden, because he couldn't be happy without Barbara.

In a hospital room, Reid pressured Chris to get an MRI. Chris claimed that he was hiding his illness for Katie's sake, but Reid quipped that the last thing Katie needed was to trip over Chris's dead body. Chris offered to see a cardiologist if his shots didn't work. Reid cited that Chris was overdue for a shot, and Chris revealed that he'd rented a hotel room, so Reid could administer the medication in private. Reid exclaimed that they were treating a serious illness, not conducting a drug deal.

Katie entered and asked why the men were yelling. Reid and Chris claimed to be arguing about the chief of staff position. Reid left the room, and Katie followed. She was puzzled by why Reid was at Chris's throat after Reid had urged her to pursue Chris. Reid said that he cared about her, and she asked him to be nice to her "sort-of-almost-boyfriend."

Upon returning to the exam room, Katie informed Chris about Henry's invitation to Sweden. Katie hoped that Chris would ask her to stay, but he urged her to leave until things got better. At her quizzical stare, he elaborated that the trip could help mend her relationship with Henry. Disappointed, Katie said she wanted to make up for lost time with Chris. He figured that they could do that when she returned from Sweden. Katie noted that he hadn't even asked how long she'd be gone. When he asked, she retorted, "Until things get better," and she left.

At Java, Luke saw Noah killing time before his grant meeting at the Lakeview. Noah thought he was overdressed, but Luke remarked that he looked handsome. Discussing Noah's move to Los Angeles, Noah admitted that he'd always imagined asking Luke to move with him. Luke said he'd imagined agreeing to go. "I'm asking, Luke. Come to L.A.," Noah proposed.

Luke declined due to family and business obligations, but assumed that Noah was only asking because Luke had moved on with Reid. Noah asserted that it had nothing to do with Reid, but Luke confessed that his decision to stay did have everything to do with Reid, whom Luke had begun dating. Noah uttered that he'd never thought that "this" would happen to them.

Noah and Luke remarked how special their relationship had been, and Luke asked how they'd say goodbye. Noah preferred departing without hugs and kisses, because when he'd later reflect upon his time with Luke, he wished to be "tormented by what was best, not necessarily last."

Reid's call to Luke interrupted the conversation. Reid said he'd be late meeting Luke, because he had to deal with an obstinate patient. "Doctors," Luke said after the call. Noah hated losing Luke to Reid, but Luke assured Noah that Reid was a good man. An emotional Noah abruptly stood to leave. Touching Luke's face, Noah said that when he'd been blind, he'd feared never seeing Luke again. "And now..." Noah said. He shook his head and left.

Later, Luke, overloaded on caffeine, searched for Reid at the hospital. A nurse said that Reid had signed out earlier.

At the Lakeview, Chris panted in the lobby. Reid saw him and attempted to call for an ambulance. Chris threatened to reveal that Reid had been treating Chris against hospital protocol, and Reid hung up the phone. Noah, who'd just concluded his grant meeting in the lounge, saw Reid boarding the elevator with his arm around a man.

Upstairs, Reid administered the medication and gave Chris some pills to take between shots. Reid warned that if Chris's heart muscles were damaged, he'd die before he could call for help. Quipping that dying would certainly prove what kind of doctor Chris was, Reid cited that Chris would get sued for malpractice if he'd treated a patient as he was treating himself.

Later, Noah called Luke back to Java to reveal that he'd seen Reid boarding the hotel elevator with another man. Luke grew indignant, but Noah claimed that he was trying to help Luke see that Reid was a cheater and a user. Luke couldn't believe that Noah, who was on his way to a new life, would try to ruin things for Luke. Noah asserted that Luke deserved to be loved in return, and he urged Luke to find out if Reid genuinely shared Luke's feelings.

Later, Reid tracked Luke down at home, and Luke asked how the "patient" was. Reid said he was fine and asked Luke to get dressed up for a cocktail party that evening with the hospital's board of trustees. Luke didn't budge, and Reid yelled his name to get his attention. "Oh, I heard you. The trouble is, I don't believe a word you just said," Luke asserted.

At Katie's house, Chris invited Katie to the party, but she said he'd just told her to go to Sweden. He hoped that she'd delay the trip, because he wanted her by his side. "No," she replied.

At Fairwinds, Paul saw a robed woman bending over by the sofa. When he slapped her butt, she exclaimed, "Whew! I'm game if you are!" Iris turned around, and a disconcerted Paul cited that she was wearing Emily's robe. He asked where his wife was.

Gwen and Will entered with the exact same question. The couple had made plenty of calls to locate Emily, to no avail, and Hunter had told them that Emily wasn't on assignment. Iris ducked out of the room, and Will again started to suspect Emily in Barbara's disappearance. Paul dismissed the idea, but admitted that he had a bad feeling about things.

Paul received a text message from Emily. It said, "Hey, Baby. Got a lead on another story. Gotta check it out. Be home soon." Paul found it odd that Emily had referred to him as "baby." Gwen wondered why Emily hadn't asked about Eliza.

In Paul's cellar, Barbara noted that the support beam was loose. When she and Emily rocked it, dusty debris rained on them. Iris entered to demand the passwords to Barbara's accounts. She claimed that once she left town, she'd alert Paul to their whereabouts. A bitter Barbara quibbled with Iris, and Emily demanded that Barbara just hand over the passwords.

Barbara's banker called Iris, and Barbara scoffed when Iris answered the phone as Barbara Ryan. After scheduling a meeting with the banker, Iris told Barbara and Emily that she planned to cash the $25,000 check and return for the passwords.

After Iris left, Emily wondered if Iris would cash the check and never return. Barbara doubted it, because the greedy Iris wanted it all. Emily berated Barbara for refusing to cooperate, but Barbara insisted that giving up the passwords would remove Iris' incentive to let them live.

At the Lakeview later, Iris posed as Barbara and met the banker, who informed her that the check had been written against a closed account. Iris cursed under her breath and pretended that she'd mixed up her checkbooks. She said she'd straightened it out, and the banker left.

In the lobby, Henry smelled Barbara's perfume. He followed the scent straight to Iris and was shocked to see her wearing Barbara's clothes. Iris claimed that Will had loaned her the clothes, and she'd naughtily sprayed herself with Barbara's perfume.

Iris hastily left, and Henry went to Fairwinds to confront Will about lending Barbara's clothes to Iris. Henry said Iris had been drinking at the hotel, and Will and Gwen left to find Iris.

Paul mentioned Emily's disappearance, and Henry claimed that he knew Barbara just as well as Paul knew Emily. Henry said Barbara wasn't off playing games, and to Henry's surprise, Paul agreed. Paul and Henry ruled Vienna and Emily out as suspects in Barbara's disappearance, and Henry recalled how closely Iris had resembled Barbara earlier. "She lied about the drinking. Who knows what else she's lying about?" Henry wondered.

Iris returned to the wine cellar to berate Barbara for writing a bad check. Iris demanded the money, because she was running out of time. Iris rasped that Barbara's "stupid cougar hound" had almost busted her for wearing Barbara's perfume. Barbara sneered at Iris, who then threatened to leave Barbara and Emily to rot. Panicking, Emily claimed to know the passwords to Paul and Barbara's joint account. "BRO-T-W-E-L-V-E," Emily revealed, and Iris took off.

Barbara called Emily an imbecile. Emily believed that Iris would tell Paul where they were, but Barbara wondered why Iris would free the two people who could send her to jail. Barbara asserted that Iris would abandon them. "We're dead," Emily uttered.

Barbara and Emily started rocking the beam again. It collapsed, knocking the bound and seated Barbara and Emily onto their sides. Sparks flew from a circuit box that the beam had hit on its way down, and the women screamed.

In Old Town, Iris called a shipping company. She claimed that she needed a huge, durable crate to ship something very heavy to a faraway place. "Somewhere like Madagascar," she supposed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At the hospital, Kim discovered that Bob wasn't dressed for the board of trustees' party that evening. She sensed that Bob was nervous about the board's choice for chief of staff. Bob worried that Chris would drop the ball, but Kim asked her husband to have faith in their son. Bob stated that Chris had to convince the entire board, but Chris was too cocky. "Maybe he's lazy," Bob remarked, and Kim exclaimed, "Oh, Bob!" Bob stated that Chris had to earn the position, and Kim stubbornly asserted that Chris would earn it indeed.

On Katie's doorstep, Chris implored Katie to join him at the party, but Katie couldn't keep up with their flip-flipping relationship. Chris owned up to his erratic behavior and claimed the pressure for the chief of staff job had gotten to him. He convinced her to attend the party with him, and as she changed clothes, a sharp pain hit Chris. He winced as he sat on the sofa.

At Lily's house, Luke accused Reid of lying to him. Revealing that he knew Reid had been at Lakeview, Luke wondered when brain surgeons had started making house calls. Reid claimed that he'd been visiting a patient. When Reid refused to divulge the patient's name, Luke accused him of hiding his cheating behind patient-doctor confidentiality.

Reid asked Luke where he'd gotten his information, and Luke revealed that Noah had seen Reid with his arm around a man at the Lakeview. Reid explained that he'd helped the sick patient to his hotel room. Luke assumed that Reid was saying Noah had overreacted. "He overstated. You're the one that's overreacting," Reid replied. Reid found it discomforting that Luke didn't trust him, and the apologetic Luke decided to prepare for the party, because Reid needed someone to prevent him from insulting the entire board.

At the cocktail party at Metro, Luke and Reid encountered Katie and Chris. They all teased each other about the doctors' professional rivalry, but Katie remarked that the men should be friends no matter what. Glaring at Chris, Reid quipped that friends could tell each other things they didn't want to hear.

Kim and Bob arrived and urged the candidates to mingle. Reid pulled Chris aside to say that he looked like a wreck and needed hospitalization. Reid again urged Chris to reveal the truth, but Chris insisted that he was on his own timeframe.

As Reid and Chris took questions from the board of trustees, Luke whispered to Katie that Reid was mopping the floor with her boyfriend. When Chris couldn't formulate meaningful answers to the questions, Kim asked Bob what was wrong with their son. Reid covered for Chris, and the trustees were impressed with an idea that Reid had attributed to Chris.

Bob called for a break, and Reid pulled Chris aside to warn him that he was doing irreparable damage to his heart muscles. Katie approached in time to overhear Reid insisting that Chris see a cardiologist. Katie expressed her concern, and Chris lied that he and Reid were debating about who should be the new cardiologist on Memorial's staff. Chris stated that he wanted someone local, but Reid preferred John Dixon.

Reid strode off, and Katie questioned Chris about his spacey answers that evening. He assured her that he had a strategy, but she dubiously asked what it could be. Bob and Kim approached with their concerns, and Bob guessed that Chris didn't want the position. Chris asked what would make his father think that. Bob cited Chris's odd behavior and Reid's earlier save.

Chris claimed that he hadn't needed the save, and Kim and Katie reasoned that Reid had made himself look bad by butting in. Puzzled by that conclusion, Bob gravely said that Chris wasn't faring as well as Reid. Chris assured his parents that he'd finish the evening off well.

At the bar, Chris told Katie that he'd done enough schmoozing for one evening. "Are you serious?" she asked. He figured that the board loved him, and Katie skeptically agreed to leave.

Bob and Kim saw the couple duck out, and Bob figured that either Chris didn't want the job, or he thought he had it made because he was Bob's son. Bob declared that Chris was on his own, and Kim said she didn't think Bob wanted Chris to have the job. Bob claimed that he'd dreamed of having his son assume his role, but Chris had to prove that he deserved it. She hoped that the chief of staff competition wouldn't get between her and Bob, and he said they at least agreed that they both wanted what was best for Chris.

Luke approached Reid to find out why he'd helped Chris with the questions. Reid made up excuses, but Luke said he didn't like living with a parade of lies. Reid admitted that Chris was his hotel patient. "He's very sick, and I'm the only one who knows," Reid said. After Reid explained the whole story, he admitted that he wouldn't have cared about his competition that way a few months earlier. Reid felt that he was changing, and he had Luke to thank for it.

At Katie's doorstep, Katie noted that Chris seemed as if he'd recovered from whatever had been disconcerting him earlier. She worried that he might decide to turn cold to her, but he assured her that he wouldn't. As she opened the door, he grimaced through a pain. She invited him inside and said Jacob was with Alison. Chris kissed Katie, and they made out on the sofa.

At Fairwinds, Henry concluded that Iris was behind Barbara's disappearance. Paul stated that Iris had always been "a bit of a mooch," but kidnapping was a big leap. Henry thought they should at least investigate it, and the brothers left to search Barbara's room again.

In Old Town, Gwen and Will confronted Iris about drinking at the Lakeview, running up bar tabs, and dressing like Barbara. Iris called the drinking a momentary lapse. Grabbing Iris' arm, Gwen threatened to take her to an AA meeting or to rehab. Iris quibbled about going, and Will questioned Iris about lying to Henry about Barbara's clothes. Iris admitted that she was jealous and had wanted to know what it was like to wear nice things.

Will stepped away to take a call from Paul, and Iris lied that she'd been on her way to church. Will returned to say that Paul and Henry wanted to meet him at the Lakeview. Iris urged the couple to go, but Gwen insisted that she and Iris were headed to the AA meeting. Gwen warned Iris that it was her last chance. Will ordered Iris to change clothes, and he left.

During the AA meeting later, Gwen forced Iris to introduce herself and tell her story. Iris explained that she'd started drinking at 13, when her mother had been going through husbands like babies went through diapers. She claimed that her mother's fourth husband had gotten her hooked on alcohol, and he'd abused her.

At Fairwinds after the meeting, Gwen sarcastically stated that Iris had told quite a story to the AA members. It was a tale that Gwen had never heard before. Iris replied that she'd always tried to keep the nasty details of her past from Gwen. Iris said she was going upstairs to pray; however, when she got to her room, she packed a bag and called Barbara's bank to set up a wire transfer. They asked if she had the password, and a grinning Iris replied that she did.

When Will arrived at the Lakeview, Paul shared Henry's theory that Iris was behind Barbara's disappearance. Will wouldn't put anything past the peculiar Iris, and Henry supposed that she'd nabbed Emily, too. Margo called to advise Henry that someone had used Barbara's credit card to order chilidogs and bourbon at the Eight Ball Tavern. Will said that it sounded like something Iris would order.

The men tried to track Iris down at the AA meeting, but it had already ended. Will called Gwen, who said she and Iris were at Fairwinds. Will warned Gwen not to let Iris leave the house.

When Will, Paul, and Henry arrived at Fairwinds, they apprised Gwen of their theory about Iris. A worried Gwen went upstairs to get Iris, and Paul suddenly smelled smoke. The men deduced that the smoke was coming from the cellar.

In the cellar, Emily and Barbara managed to bicker with each other as the circuit box on the wall crackled and popped. Emily exclaimed that they'd be burned alive, and it was Barbara's fault for suggesting that they move the beam. Still bound to the collapsed beam, Barbara and Emily shimmed across the floor, to no avail. Smoke billowed from the circuit box, and the coughing women realized that the broken smoke detector had fallen in the crash.

Emily and Barbara argued more, and Barbara decided that they shouldn't use their final breaths fighting. Barbara sincerely apologized for her unfair treatment of Emily, but in return, a shocked Emily only rendered a halfhearted apology for her misdeeds. Barbara snapped that Emily couldn't cut her any slack, even in death. Barbara wondered if they could be friends if they ever escaped. Emily said it wasn't possible. Barbara begged Emily to let her make amends, but Emily said she couldn't.

Suddenly the cellar door opened. Will, Paul, and Henry charged into the room to find the women tied up on the floor. Coughing, Barbara thanked God. As Will went to the fuse box, Henry and Paul untied the women and held them closely. Emily and Barbara rattled off the details of their ordeal, and Paul asked who'd held them captive. "Iris!" the women both asserted.

Will rushed upstairs and encountered Gwen, who'd just returned to the study. Will explained that Iris had held Emily and Barbara hostage, and Iris might have tried to burn down the house. Gwen informed him that Iris had packed her bags and disappeared.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Paul's wine cellar, Paul and Henry wanted to take Emily and Barbara to the hospital, but the women insisted upon catching Iris first. Emily and Paul left, and Henry prattled on about how relieved he was to have Barbara back. He swore he'd never leave her again. "Henry Coleman, I never want to see you again for the rest of my life," Barbara replied and stormed out.

Upstairs, Will filled Gwen in on events, and she blamed herself for trusting Iris. When Emily charged in, she was ready to drag Iris by her hair to the police station; however, Gwen announced that Iris had fled. A raging Emily chastised Gwen for believing that Iris had changed.

Barbara and Henry arrived upstairs. Paul said an ambulance was on the way, but Emily and Barbara refused medical attention. Barbara told Henry to stay away from her, but Will said Henry had been the reason they'd found her and Emily. Henry asserted that he'd spent every waking moment looking for Barbara. "After you married Vienna," Barbara added.

Paul defended Henry, who'd needed to be plastered at his own wedding. Unimpressed, Barbara hissed that everyone had enabled Iris, the lush. Barbara admonished Emily for being unforgiving in the cellar when Barbara had tried to make amends. Barbara exclaimed that she wouldn't befriend Emily even if they were the last people on earth. Emily said the feeling was mutual. Gwen ordered the quarreling women to be grateful that they'd survived a horrible incident, and she told Will that she had to find Iris.

Outside on a shop-lined curb, a raging Iris pounded on the doors of Barbara's closed banking institution. Realizing that she couldn't get any money, Iris went to the Lakeview to raid Barbara's jewelry. She sprayed herself with Barbara's perfume and exited with a rolling suitcase.

In the lobby, Iris decided to have one last drink at the bar. She toasted to "underhanded, underappreciated me." Turning to leave, she heard Gwen say, "Hi, mom."

Confronted by her daughter, Iris made excuses for her drinking, but Gwen called her a lying sociopath, who'd kidnapped Emily and Barbara. "Is that what they said to you?" Iris innocently asked. Gwen said she was glad that Hallie would never know what a psycho Iris really was. Iris stated that she'd given Gwen life, and Gwen owed her. Gwen ordered Iris out of her life. Iris said that if Gwen turned around, she'd never have to see her mother again.

Gwen suddenly pretended to be sympathetic, and Iris inadvertently admitted to the kidnappings. Will rounded the corner with a police offer, and Gwen asked if they'd recorded everything. The police handcuffed Iris, who told Gwen to consider herself an orphan.

In Katie's bed, Chris and Katie kissed after making love for the first time. She slipped out of the room to call Alison to check on Jacob. Chris popped some pills and hissed through a pain. Katie returned and asked what was wrong. He claimed that his doctor had put him on a daily aspirin regimen. Katie guessed that the regimen was for his heart. He claimed that his heart was fine, but she asked if he'd told the doctor that he'd passed out.

Just then, Kim called Chris to say that Henry had found Barbara. Since Kim and Bob had gone to Chicago that night, Kim requested that Chris go to Memorial to check Barbara out. Katie scrambled to get dressed and exclaimed that Henry must be over the moon with happiness.

At the hospital later, Barbara told Henry that he wasn't welcome in her exam room. Henry believed that destiny had caused him to hear her calling to him on Jacob's monitor, but Barbara quipped that she'd believe it if Henry had actually located her. "The monitor doesn't come with a GPS, Barbara," he reasoned. She warned that he'd get hurt if he didn't leave. When he invited her to hit him, she threw a pillow at him.

The pillow hit the door as Chris entered, and he deduced that his feisty patient was feeling better. Barbara told Chris to find a real patient, but Chris feared that he'd be disowned if he didn't follow through with his mother's orders. After Chris examined her, he declared that she was fine, but he'd run some tests just to be sure.

Chris left, and Henry vowed to work things out with Barbara. He asked what the point of being stubborn was. She admitted that she'd thought a lot about him while she'd been locked away. She'd concluded that if Henry had really loved her, he wouldn't have given into Vienna. He replied that wasn't so simple. Barbara decided that she was meant to be alone. She knew Henry wanted her to move on, but it wasn't easy to put everything behind her.

Barbara asked Henry to leave, but he wouldn't go until she heard him out. Henry retold the story of his joy and anguish during Vienna's first pregnancy and miscarriage. When he'd learned of the second pregnancy, he'd been determined to be there for Vienna and the baby. Henry stated that Barbara would walk through fire for own children, so she should understand that he'd feel the same way about his unborn child.

Henry conveyed his misery and anger upon discovering Vienna's lie. While in pain, he'd also felt relief, because the lie had freed him to make things right with Barbara. Though it might be too late to salvage the relationship, he needed her to hear that he loved only her. He believed that she already knew it, and his love had helped her survive her ordeal.

A tearful Barbara recalled that she'd been a muddle of confused emotions, and she'd only had a stupid clown to talk to. She confided that the clown had assumed Henry's voice, and it had been a friend to her. She felt silly, but Henry claimed that the clown had led him to her.

Henry declared that he and Barbara were meant to be together, and Iris and Vienna couldn't stop them. Barbara said that those women hadn't kept them apart; they'd kept themselves apart. She claimed that even without Iris and Vienna, Barbara and Henry were still as unreliable as before. Barbara decided that she was going home-alone.

Chris examined Emily, and in the corridor, he told Katie that Barbara wasn't happy with Henry. When Katie found Henry, he said he deserved Barbara's wrath, because he hadn't been man enough to stand up for her. Barbara was the one for him, but he'd lost his chance with her.

Katie left, and Chris entered to encourage Henry to hang in there, because patience paid off. Henry noted that Chris had the same goofy look on his face as Henry had seen on Katie's face earlier. Chris said there was hope for everyone, "even when you think there isn't."

A paint-blotched Barbara returned to the Lakeview to find that her room had been trashed. She grabbed her perfume bottle and noted that it was empty. "Just like my life," she uttered. After she straightened up and showered, she sighed to find Katie on her doorstep.

Katie, a former hostage victim, commiserated with Barbara and assumed that shock had caused her to reject Henry. Barbara accused Katie of aiding Vienna, and Katie owned up to it. Katie figured that if she hadn't hung onto the past, Henry could have protected Barbara from Iris. Katie insisted that Henry was madly in love with Barbara, and he'd even donned a dress to solve her disappearance. "It was just a typical day in his life," Barbara half-heartedly quipped. Katie insisted that Henry had been the only one who hadn't given up or done anything wrong in the entire situation. "Welcome back, Barbara. You were missed," Katie said and walked out.

Later, Henry went to his hotel suite and saw Chuckles. Realizing that Barbara and the clown had grown close, Henry asked if Chuckles had some tips to win her back. Just then, the fabulously dressed Barbara arrived on his doorstep, and the captivated Henry wondered if her presence meant that she'd forgiven him. She said that she was working on it. "Work on it as my wife. Will you marry me, Barbara?" Henry asked.

At Barbara's silence, Henry assured her that he was serious. "Then you'd better get on one knee and start over," she suggested. Immediately dropping to one knee, he asked again. She told him that there would be no children, but he said everything he wanted was standing before him. He implored her to marry him, and when she agreed, he swept her up and kissed her.

Later, Chris returned to Katie's house. He started to let himself in with the spare key, but an excruciating pain sent him reeling. He downed some pills and took himself back to the hospital. In an office, he called Reid and said they needed to increase Chris's dosage.

Katie went home, and as she searched her place for Chris, she remarked that the message he'd left her had made her blush. To her disappointment, Chris wasn't there.

At Fairwinds, Paul searched the house for his wife and found her scrubbing a stain on the cellar floor. She said that she'd only wanted to have a family with Paul and Eliza; however, karma had caught up to her for putting Jennifer, Will, and Gwen "through hell." Emily revealed that she'd shunned Barbara's attempts to make peace, too. Sobbing, Emily wondered what kind of person would be unforgiving in the face of death.

When Paul helped Emily to the study, they saw Will and Gwen enter. Revealing that Iris was in custody, Gwen said that she should have listened to Emily. Emily apologized for snapping at Gwen, who'd also been a victim. Emily regretted what she and Paul had done to Gwen years earlier, but Gwen said that it was in the past. Paul remarked that they sounded like a family. He called for a toast, but Emily preferred not to get their drinks from the wine cellar.

Friday, August 20, 2010

In Lucinda's office, Lily ended a phone call after completing her purchase of Craig's Worldwide stocks. A clapping Craig hailed the end of the Lucinda Era and hoped that Lily would use her new power for good. Lily said she merely wanted the whole mess behind her, but Craig wondered if a little revenge wouldn't taste good after all Lucinda had done.

Lily decided that she'd be a better person than Lucinda, who was surely expecting Lily to cower in a corner. Lily claimed that she didn't need her mother anymore. In lieu of revenge, Lily intended to return Craig's money, so that he could repay Blackthorn, and they could move on.

Lucinda arrived after rushing to the company upon hearing about the stock transfers. Craig and Lucinda immediately clashed, but Lily intervened to ask Craig to meet her at the Lakeview. Glad that Lily had booted Craig out, Lucinda asked to hear the failed perfume factory story, so she could fix it for Lily. Lily quipped that Lucinda had done more than enough already.

Lily revealed that she knew that Lucinda had used her to get back at Craig. Lily figured that crushing her dream hadn't mattered to Lucinda, who'd undoubtedly planned to hand Lily a big, fat check for the damages. Lucinda advised Lily not to believe Craig's vengeful lies, but Lily said that Lucinda was far worse than Craig was. Lily quipped that it took a special monster to use her children as pawns in her sick little games.

Lily accused Lucinda of demolishing Lily's dreams, just to bleed Craig dry. Lucinda knew that Lily was hurt, but said she'd eventually understand that sometimes a mother had to do things for her daughter. "Don't call me that. I am ashamed to be your daughter," Lily seethed.

Lucinda was sorry that Lily felt that way, because she was proud to be Lily's mother. Lily said a manipulated daughter growing up in her shadow was nothing for Lucinda to be proud of. Lucinda claimed that hurting Lily had been an unfortunate necessity. Lucinda vowed not to rest until Lily was away from Craig and back with Holden. Lily asserted that if she had to choose between Lucinda and Craig, Lucinda would lose.

A hurt Lucinda didn't believe that Lily had meant it. Lucinda suggested that they go to Avalon as planned, and after Lily relaxed, she'd realize that Lucinda had acted in Lily's best interest. "They don't give massages deep enough for that," Lily retorted. Lily congratulated her mother on making Lily's connection to Craig deeper. Lily vowed to live her own life, and there was no room for Lucinda in it. Lily left, and Lucinda sobbed in her chair.

In the Lakeview lounge, Craig asked the bartender if he were attractive. The male bartender quickly replied that it wasn't that kind of bar. "If you were a woman, you wouldn't kick me out of bed, right?" Craig asked. The bartender requested to hear the next question. Craig revealed that he'd known a classy and sexy woman for years, but she'd suddenly taken his breath away. He felt that they'd make an incredible couple, if it weren't for her mother. Craig said that she had to hold strong against her mother. "Or I'm dead," Craig concluded.

Lily arrived, seemingly empowered by her blowout with Lucinda. When Craig hugged Lily, she sobbed. Lily had wanted to stand up to her mother for so long, but after finally doing it, she felt like a pathetic, crying baby. "No, you're magnificent," he said, hugging her again.

Lily wished her mother were still Mary Ellen Walters, who'd never choose revenge over family. Craig tried to strengthen Lily's resolve, but she pitied her mother, who'd amassed a great fortune. "But at what cost?" Lily asked. Craig could relate, because he'd done terrible things to and for his children, too. He declared that he and Lily had a chance to make a fresh start.

Craig called Blackthorn to arrange a repayment meeting and learned that Blackthorn was headed to Avalon Castle. Lily remarked that she and Lucinda had planned to go there. Figuring that he could repay the money in person, Craig said it'd be a shame to let the room go to waste.

At the farm, Dusty saw Janet packing. When she explained that she was taking a short getaway to Avalon Castle, Dusty assumed that Liberty would accompany her. Janet revealed that she was going with Blackthorn, and Dusty scowled. He didn't want her going away with another man, but she said it was too bad for him, because they weren't together.

Dusty said he'd arrived to apologize about Lucy, who'd left town, and he guessed that Janet's trip was her revenge for what he'd done. Janet claimed that the weekend was purely about her own need to be pampered. Dusty was suspicious of Blackthorn's motives, but Janet insisted that she could look out for herself. She sent Dusty away, so she could finish packing.

Blackthorn called and noted that Janet sounded teary. She claimed to be tired and asked if she could take a nap before they hit the road. He said he'd pick her up in an hour. As Janet wrote a note to Liberty later, she spotted a photo of her and Dusty in a drawer. She threw it in the trash.

At Carly's, Carly was enraged that the sting operation had fallen apart. She claimed that Jack had jumped the gun in rescuing her, because she'd had Blackthorn right where she'd wanted him. Jack asked how far she would have gone to get the dirt on Blackthorn. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do," Carly said, and Jack wondered what that meant.

Carly ranted about having nothing left after losing the perfume company. Jack figured that she could do whatever she wanted to do next, and she didn't have to do it alone, because they were a team. She recalled the "teamwork" they'd been doing before Holden had interrupted them in the interrogation room, and Jack moved in for a kiss.

Just then, Dusty arrived to say that they had to do something about Janet's "pampering" trip with Blackthorn. Jack and Carly apprised Dusty of their botched investigation, and Jack stated that Janet wouldn't be going away with Blackthorn if Dusty hadn't slept with Lucy. Carly looked shocked, and Jack decided that they'd work together to get Blackthorn out of Janet's life.

Carly presented the Saint Carmelo medallion, and after Dusty left to investigate it, Carly asked why Jack hadn't told her about Lucy and Dusty. Jack joked that he thought Carly would enjoy it too much, and seeing the look on her face, he said he'd been right. Carly thought Janet deserved it for taking Dusty for granted. Carly wondered how long a man should wait for a woman to love him back, and Jack said he asked himself that all the time.

At Metro later, Johnny and Teri prepared for a trip to the lake. Dusty entered to say that he had work, but he'd join Johnny and Teri on their secret getaway in a few days. Once Teri sent Johnny to the kitchen, she wondered why she was lucky enough to finally get a vacation. She figured that something was up, and Dusty showed her the Saint Carmelo charm. He asked what she knew about it, and she revealed that Rocco had owned one.

Teri said that the Saint Carmelo Society was an old school burial society, and the members ensured that even the poorest people had proper grave markers. Ralph was also in the society, and Dusty guessed that Blackthorn worked with Ralph. Teri assured a mistrusting Dusty that Blackthorn was just a nice guy from the neighborhood who cared about Janet.

Dusty went to see Lucinda and demanded to hear everything she knew about Blackthorn. He said Lucinda had led that man into their lives, and Janet was going away with him. Dusty feared that a possibly mob-connected Blackthorn was friends with Ralph. Since Dusty had put Ralph in jail, Dusty feared that Ralph would exact his revenge on Janet.

Though she'd enjoyed the conspiracy theory, Lucinda figured that Blackthorn just had a thing for Janet. Dusty said he'd never forgive Lucinda if something happened to Janet. Lucinda told him to check the mirror if he wanted someone to blame for Janet leaving with another man.

After Dusty left, Lucinda called Blackthorn to her office. She'd hoped send him packing with a stack of cash, but Blackthorn said he'd leave Oakdale when he was good and ready. She thought he should be wary of Dusty, but when he wasn't, she reasoned that he was a big fish in need of a bigger pond. Blackthorn said he liked the town, and after he returned from his trip with Janet, he might make it his new home. Blackthorn left without the money, and Lucinda growled.

Later, Dusty called Carly and Jack to tell them about the Saint Carmelo Society. Upon hearing about Ralph's involvement in the society, Jack worried that Blackthorn might be a "made man." Dusty said there wasn't much time because Janet and Blackthorn were on their way to Avalon Castle. Jack readily agreed to meet Dusty at the castle.

When the call ended, Carly refused to let Jack go. He insisted that he had to protect Janet and the baby, but Carly, who'd seen the look in Jack's eyes at the mention of Ralph, had deduced that it was about Brad's death. Jack denied it, and Carly offered to go with him. He said that if Ralph were involved, then it'd be too dangerous. He didn't want to lose her, like he'd lost Brad. Carly warned that she would be "so mad at him" if he didn't return to her in one piece.

As Dusty accessed his trunk in a parking lot, a few guys hopped out of an SUV and nabbed him. They dragged a struggling Dusty back to their vehicle, and drove off with him.

When Janet and Blackthorn arrived at Avalon Castle, they groaned to see Jack in the lobby. Jack claimed that he was there to find Dusty. An irritated Janet said that Dusty wouldn't show up there. Jack strode upstairs and rounded the corner to a stone balcony, where he saw a blonde woman enjoying the view. "It's good to see you, G-man," Carly uttered, turning around.


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