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Monday, August 16, 2010

On the rooftop, Colby shouted to the world that she was in love with Damon, just as the railing gave way. Luckily, someone managed to pull Colby to safety before she plunged to her death. Colby was shaken by the incident, so she threw herself into Damon's arms when he returned to the rooftop seconds later. After Colby told him what had happened, she turned to thank her savior. Colby recognized the young man from the park who had been looking for his lost dog.

Colby immediately suspected that the young man had followed her, but he explained that he had been on the rooftop before Damon and Colby arrived. Colby wondered why he hadn't said anything to them. The young man admitted that he hadn't wanted to ruin their moment. Damon was curious why Colby's savior had been hanging out on the roof to begin with. The young man claimed that it had been to check out the view. Damon noticed the backpack, so he quickly surmised that the young man was homeless.

Colby was stunned when Damon invited the young man to stay at the Martin house until he could get on his feet. The young man quickly accepted the offer and then introduced himself as Asher Pike. After Damon and Colby introduced themselves, they all left the rooftop. A short time later, Colby entered the foyer of the Martin residence to find that Asher was in the middle of changing his shirt. Colby became uncomfortable when she noticed Asher's naked torso, so she quickly turned around while he finished pulling on a clean shirt.

Colby apologized for being "bitchy" to Asher earlier, but Asher assured her that he understood. Asher imagined that Colby had a lot of guys following her around. Asher confessed that he had been interested in her until she had mentioned that she had a boyfriend. Colby smiled uncomfortably and then offered to rent him a room at a hotel if he needed a place to stay. Asher appreciated her generosity, but he didn't want money for doing the right thing.

"Who are you? Spiderman?" Colby quipped as she followed Asher into the parlor. She assured him that she could afford it because her family was wealthy. Damon confirmed that the Chandlers were rich as he entered the parlor with a couple of sodas. Asher smiled, but didn't comment on Colby being a Chandler. Later, Colby and Damon went outside. Colby wasn't thrilled with the idea of Asher staying with Damon, but Damon reminded Colby that she had given Damon a place to crash not too long before. Inside the house, Asher carefully went through his backpack.

At the hospital, Kendall talked to Zach on the phone. She assured her husband that she missed him and the boys. Zach was curious if she missed them enough to get on the next flight. Kendall explained that she would love to fly home, but she explained that Ryan's recovery was slow. She also wanted to spend some time with Bianca and the girls. Kendall promised to call Zach the following day with an update and then ended the call.

Kendall was furious when she returned to Ryan's room to find him out of bed. She reminded Ryan that he might have faked a relapse, but he was still recovering from an aneurysm. Kendall insisted that Ryan had to get back into bed to rest, but Ryan was more interested in figuring out a way to break into the safe in David's hotel room. He was certain that it contained evidence that would prove that David was blackmailing Greenlee. Kendall assured Ryan that Greenlee was capable of taking care of herself for the night, but Ryan continued to pace around the room.

Kendall groaned when she received a text message from David requesting her to join him and Greenlee for dinner. Kendall wasn't interested in going, but Ryan thought that it was a perfect opportunity for Kendall and Greenlee to work on their relationship. Kendall reminded Ryan that she wasn't entirely convinced that Greenlee had nothing to do with the plane crash that had nearly cost Erica's life, but Ryan was adamant that Greenlee had nothing to do with it. Ryan suspected that deep down inside, Kendall knew that Greenlee was innocent. Kendall remained reluctant to go to dinner, but Ryan urged her to reconsider because he was certain that it would help Kendall and Greenlee move closer to forgiveness.

Eventually, Kendall relented. After she left, Ryan carefully arranged the pillows on his bed to make it appear that someone was sleeping under the blankets. Once he was satisfied with the results, he slipped out of the hospital. A short time later, Ryan showed up at the Yacht Club and then proceeded to break into David's room.

Greenlee spotted the butterfly ring, which Ryan had given to her, in her jewelry box. She slid the ring on her finger as memories of receiving the sentimental gift assailed her. Greenlee quickly removed the ring when she heard David enter the room. David was eager to go to dinner because he'd planned a surprise for Greenlee. Greenlee tried to find out what David was up to, but he would only tell her that he hoped to show her how much he was trying to trust her.

Later, David led Greenlee to a table at the Yacht Club just as Kendall arrived at the restaurant. David explained that he had invited Kendall to join them because he had hoped that dinner would help clear the air between Greenlee and Kendall. While David went to check on the champagne, Greenlee seized the opportunity to find out why Kendall had agreed to join them for dinner. Kendall explained that she wanted to help; she suggested that their unresolved issues could wait until after Greenlee had convinced David that Greenlee had fallen in love with him again.

David returned to the table moments later. As he sat down, Kendall mentioned Erica's plane crash. David assured Kendall that he and Greenlee had nothing to do with it, so he looked forward to her investigating it because he was confident that it would clear them. Greenlee changed the subject to let Kendall know that she had been angry about Kendall's role in the motorcycle crash. However, Greenlee had eventually realized that it had been an accident. Kendall confessed that she had been deeply haunted by the accident for a long time.

David was pleased by the progress that Greenlee and Kendall had made. After a toast, they began to eat dinner. David casually asked how Ryan was doing. Kendall explained that Ryan was in pretty bad shape, but she was saved from elaborating when she received a text message. Kendall read the message and then quickly excused herself. David announced that he wanted to call the hospital, but Greenlee stopped him.

Greenlee realized that David wanted to check up on Kendall. David didn't deny it, but he claimed that he was concerned. Greenlee assured David that the text message probably had something to do with Zach or the kids, so she urged David to sit down to have some dessert with her. David hesitated for a minute, but then relented. He confessed that he enjoyed seeing Greenlee smile again. Greenlee didn't know how she could be so angry with him one minute and yet so hopeful at the same time.

David admitted that was how she had made him feel during her recovery from the motorcycle accident. He had been certain that he had lost everything, but she gave him hope that he could get it all back and end up on top. David wanted to do the same for Greenlee. Greenlee smiled and then excused herself to go to the restroom.

Ryan managed to gain access to David's room, but he had difficulty figuring out the combination to the safe. Ryan was surprised when he heard someone knock on the door. Moments later, Kendall demanded to know if Ryan were inside. Ryan quickly opened the door for Kendall. Kendall explained that she had tracked him down after Jake had paged her to let her know that Ryan had left the hospital room. Ryan was delighted that Kendall was there because he needed someone to stand guard while he tried to crack the safe.

Kendall didn't want to help Ryan, but she realized that he wouldn't leave until he gained access to the safe. Eventually, Ryan figured out the combination to the safe; however, he was disappointed to discover that the safe was empty. Kendall and Ryan were startled seconds later when Zach suddenly entered the room. Zach revealed that he had talked to Jake, who had advised Zach where Ryan could be found. Zach was concerned that Kendall had deliberately deceived him about Ryan's health.

Kendall and Ryan quickly filled Zach in on what was going on between David and Greenlee. Kendall assured Zach that she had sincerely believed that Ryan had suffered a relapse. After they filed out of David's room, Ryan left while Kendall remained behind with Zach. Kendall and Zach went to the Yacht Club's restaurant to continue their discussion. Zach remained troubled because he suspected that Kendall missed all the drama of living in Pine Valley. His concerns were put on hold when Kendall realized that she had left her phone in David's room.

Greenlee was shocked when she bumped into Ryan as she was leaving the restroom. She immediately demanded to know what Ryan was doing at the Yacht Club. Ryan explained that he was determined to help her, but Greenlee didn't want any part of it. She reminded Ryan that she knew what David was capable of when she had married him. Greenlee told Ryan not to worry about her, but Ryan insisted that he couldn't do that. Greenlee realized that Ryan wouldn't be dissuaded, so she asked him to update her on what he had been doing. As Ryan filled her in, she was surprised to learn that Zach was in Pine Valley.

At the Chandler mansion, Scott pleaded with Marissa not to tell Annie and JR about their one-night stand. JR and Annie entered the parlor seconds later, but it was clear that they had not overheard Scott's request. JR announced that it was time for them to get everything out on the table once and for all. JR understood why Marissa believed that JR and Annie had been carrying on an affair and that something had happened at the beach cottage. JR didn't blame Marissa for thinking the worst because he had let his wife down. JR knew that it was difficult for her to trust him, but he promised her that he was willing to do whatever it took to convince her that nothing had happened.

JR was stunned when Marissa admitted that she believed him; however, Marissa wanted to discuss it later because she had to pick up AJ. Meanwhile, Annie swore to Scott that she had gone to see JR at the beach cottage to help Scott. Scott went to the sideboard to pour himself a drink while Annie and JR exchanged a meaningful glance. Annie tried to talk to Scott about what happened at the cottage, but Scott wanted to speak to JR alone. JR was equally eager to have a word with Scott.

After Annie left, JR chuckled. JR thought it was priceless that Scott had such a squeaky clean image when he was nothing more than a thief. Scott insisted that the nanotechnology blueprints had fallen into his lap. JR wondered if Scott ever considered that he might have put the family in financial ruin if it had ever been revealed that Scott had stolen Palmer's idea. JR was furious because they had leveraged everything for a device that didn't belong to them. JR was also angry because Scott had greatly undervalued Cortlandt Electronics before they had bought the company.

Scott argued that JR would have jumped at the chance to steal the nanotechnology. JR conceded that perhaps he would have, but JR would have been smarter about it by not leaving any loose ends. JR insisted that Scott was not devious enough to run the company. Scott wasn't proud of what he had done, but he refused to grovel for forgiveness. JR suggested that he might notify the authorities, but Scott didn't think that JR would risk destroying Chandler Enterprises to spite Scott.

JR assured Scott that there were other ways to make Scott pay. Scott accused JR of trying to take the high road to impress Annie, but JR vehemently denied it. JR insisted that everything he did was for Marissa. JR intended to take charge of the company and then run it the way that it was meant to be run.

Annie was zipping up the garment bag that contained her wedding dress when Emma entered the bedroom. Emma was curious if Annie were nervous about exchanging vows with Scott in front of a lot of people. Annie explained that she and Scott had decided to elope, so that wouldn't be a problem. Emma noted that Annie had been married quite a few times. Annie didn't deny it, but she assured her daughter that she and Scott loved each other, so they would be happy.

Moments later, AJ raced into the room to show Emma a new toy. Annie stood in the doorway with a stony expression while the kids played on the bed. Annie realized that Marissa was upset; she wondered if there was anything that she could say to make Marissa feel better. Annie wanted to keep things peaceful for the sake of the family. Annie started talking about her wedding to Scott and then suggested that Marissa and JR could focus on repairing their marriage, but Marissa had heard enough. Marissa made it clear that she didn't want marital advice from Annie. Marissa called out to AJ that it was bedtime and then left.

Marissa found JR in the bedroom. He revealed that he had a gift for Marissa, but she didn't want him to shower her with gifts. JR explained that he had purchased the present before the incident at the beach cottage. Marissa sat down on the bed as JR pulled out a huge box from beneath the bed and then presented it to her. Marissa opened the box to discover a black leather bag inside. JR admitted that the bag was for her new job with Caleb.

JR wanted to earn Marissa's trust, so that she could one day trust him the same way that he trusted her. "Damn you, JR," Marissa cried as she threw the bag across the bed. She insisted that he couldn't buy her an expensive gift and then expect her to forget what had happened. JR promised that he was not trying to buy her forgiveness. "What do you want me to say?" Marissa pleaded. JR wanted Marissa to promise that she would try to work on their marriage and to agree to move back in with him and AJ. Marissa explained that it would never again be just the three of them.

Marissa went to the parlor to warn Scott that she had no idea how long she could keep their secret. Annie entered moments later. Marissa quickly explained that she had just been saying goodnight to Scott and then left. Annie wondered what Scott and JR had discussed. Scott assured Annie that JR intended to keep quiet about the nanotechnology. Annie was thrilled. She wrapped her arms around Scott's neck and then confessed that she couldn't wait to marry him because she loved him so much.

Scott was touched that Annie had gone to bat for him with JR, so he was deeply sorry that he had doubted her. Annie admitted that it had hurt, but she quickly forgave him. Scott reminded Annie that he wasn't perfect. "Since when?" Annie innocently asked. Scott recalled the passionate encounter that he had shared with Marissa, but he pushed it aside to answer Annie's question by claiming that he had regretted making harsh accusations about her. Annie insisted that it was behind them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Annie was surprised when Scott broke away from their kiss. Scott claimed he needed to get back to work, since JR was scrutinizing him more closely. Annie said they could save their passion for later, though Scott still seemed distracted. "Confession time," Annie declared.

Annie explained that she was more scared than angry that Scott had confronted her about her being with JR at the cottage, even though nothing had happened between them. She didn't know what she would do without Scott, as he kept her steady and sane. Scott asked her not to put him on a pedestal, though she continued to compliment his loyalty and integrity. She told him not to let JR make him feel guilty.

Upstairs, JR told Marissa that he missed everything about their relationship. He begged her to tell him what he could do to fix things. She claimed the problem was with her, not him. Marissa said she had turned into someone she didn't recognize anymore and cited the recent extremes in her behavior. She asked for time to figure out what she wanted. He reached out to her, but she used checking on AJ as an excuse to leave the room.

Annie assured Scott that everything would be all right and that JR wouldn't use Scott's theft of the nanotech project against him. She suggested that they write their wedding vows to take their minds off of their troubles. As Annie grabbed a pen and paper, AJ entered and complained of a stomachache. Scott realized the boy had eaten too many cookies and comforted him. Annie gazed at Scott fondly as she imagined them forming their own family with Emma. Annie started telling AJ a story as Marissa and JR arrived in the doorway.

Marissa made a beeline for AJ. She suggested flat ginger ale as a remedy for AJ's ailment. JR complimented her mothering skills, but she pushed him away. Annie offered to help by getting some ice, but Marissa snapped at her. Marissa remembered that AJ was almost out of his allergy medication and insisted on running out to get more. As she left, she and Scott locked eyes.

Scott went to the office and left Annie and JR alone at the Chandler mansion. Annie expressed her concern about Marissa's behavior. JR defended Marissa and explained how difficult it was for his wife to be constantly faced with reminders of how he had broken her heart. Annie lamented how they were still having problems in their relationships even though Annie and JR had been proud of their restraint. JR asked if Annie and Scott were all right. Annie said they could be better and asked for JR's help.

Annie requested that JR burn the evidence that proved that Scott stole the nanotech project from Palmer. JR resisted at first but ultimately agreed to destroy the evidence to protect Chandler Enterprises, not Scott. Annie said she was counting on him. "If I ever meant anything to you," she started, but he cut her off by murmuring, "You know you do." Later, JR contemplated throwing Palmer's nanotech notes into the fireplace but locked them inside the safe instead.

At the Yacht Club, Greenlee asked if Ryan was okay. Ryan implored her to remember how tough he was. Ryan left to get back to the hospital before either David or Madison realized he was gone.

Kendall fretted to Zach that she'd left her cell phone in David's room. She wanted to try to retrieve it, as Greenlee's life depended on it. Zach followed Kendall to David's room, and she knocked on the door. No one answered, but while they discussed how they could break in, David showed up and demanded to know why they were outside his room. Zach claimed he wanted to talk about Erica's safety and asked that they go inside. David let them in and insisted he had nothing to do with Erica's plane crash as Kendall covertly retrieved her phone from the coffee table. Kendall tried to rush the Slaters out, but David commented that Zach hadn't even seen Greenlee yet. David suggested they meet Greenlee downstairs for a drink to toast Zach's return to -- and imminent departure from -- Pine Valley.

Zach, Kendall, and David returned downstairs, where Zach and Greenlee greeted one another warmly. David asked whether Greenlee had known that Zach had planned to arrive in town. Greenlee explained that Zach had called her to check on Ryan and that she had given him Ryan's contact information at the hospital. As Zach had just provided David with a different reason for being in town, David surmised someone was lying.

Zach and David bickered over Zach's true intentions for returning to town. When David mentioned it must be something important to cause him to neglect his children, Kendall intervened and stated that David took paranoia to a new level. David questioned Kendall's change of attitude, as she had just given him the benefit of the doubt that evening at dinner. David said he preferred when people were honest, and Zach agreed. Zach swore that if he found any evidence that linked David to Erica's crash, Zach would return for David. Zach ushered Kendall out. Greenlee asked if David was okay, and he replied that he wished one person in the town didn't loathe him. "Surprise -- you're looking at her," Greenlee retorted.

Frankie helped Madison carry groceries into Ryan's penthouse. Frankie commented that it was nice of her to stock Ryan's place with food despite not knowing when Ryan would be released from the hospital. Madison was optimistic that Ryan would be home soon, but she offered to take any unused food to Frankie and Randi. Frankie complained that all he'd eaten lately was takeout food due to Randi's busy schedule. Madison volunteered to cook but wouldn't guarantee the food would be good. Frankie laughed.

At the hospital, Ryan was back in bed when an ecstatic Madison arrived to visit him. He said he needed to tell her something. She thought it had to do with his medical condition and became worried. He confessed to her that his "relapse" had been staged. She became upset when she realized he had led her to believe that he was dying.

Madison lashed out at Ryan, as she felt that she had taken care of Emma and had sat by his bedside because of a lie. She wasn't surprised when Ryan informed her that the ruse was for Greenlee's benefit. He explained how David was blackmailing Greenlee into staying married to him. Ryan apologized for not filling her in earlier, but Madison was still irritated as she realized that if Ryan's plan worked, Greenlee would be free. Ryan clarified that Greenlee would be free to live her life, not free to be with him. Madison doubted his words.

Greenlee and David arrived at the hospital, where Greenlee continued to express concern about her husband while he picked up some files. David excused himself when he saw an upset Marissa. David approached Marissa and asked why she was at the hospital. She babbled about picking up AJ's medication, but she grew increasingly upset as she sarcastically thanked him for his advice to play dirty. She wailed that he was responsible for everything that had gone wrong with her life.

Greenlee used the opportunity to visit Ryan, and she pretended to be shocked to see that Ryan was awake. Ryan told Greenlee that Madison was in on the plan. Madison offered to leave, but Ryan asked her to stay. Ryan and Greenlee brainstormed about where David had left the fabricated evidence. After Madison promised she wouldn't tell anyone about their plan, Greenlee left before David could find her. Madison didn't like what they were doing but didn't expect Ryan to change the person he was. Ryan said he understood if she wanted out of their budding relationship, but she silenced him with a kiss. Frankie stopped to watch through the window as they continued kissing.

Greenlee discovered a despondent David, who worried that he had lost his daughter again. Greenlee comforted David over his blowout with Marissa. He blamed himself for not being a good parent. She recalled her own father-daughter battles but stated she still loved Jack and always forgave him, even when they fought. David hoped her words also applied to their own relationship.

Scott found Marissa at Krystal's restaurant. Marissa accused him of following her. Scott saw that she was freaking out and begged her not to tell JR about their affair. Marissa cried that she was angry with JR for having sex with Annie and then lying about it, and she felt guilty about doing the same thing after cheating on JR with Scott. Scott rationalized that keeping quiet was the only way to save their relationships. Marissa said she'd do it for Scott.

Annie entered the restaurant and was surprised to see Marissa and Scott hugging. Scott lied that he had attended a late business dinner. Marissa said that she had been upset after her confrontation with David and thanked Scott for listening. After Marissa left, Scott told Annie how happy he was to see her, but as they embraced, she looked skeptical.

Kendall and Zach arrived at Wildwind, where Spike and Bianca greeted them. Bianca explained that she was glad they were visiting, as it was good for her daughters to have some testosterone around. Caleb entered, and Bianca introduced him as her "roomie." "I'm not a 'roomie,'" Caleb deadpanned before exiting. Bianca asked how long the Slaters were going to stay. Kendall raved about how it was her favorite time of year in Pine Valley, but she quickly clammed up once she caught Zach staring stonily at her. Sensing the tension between the two, Bianca took Spike on a tour of Wildwind to give the couple some privacy.

Once alone, Kendall thanked Zach for not telling David about Ryan's plan. Zach said he would have been happy to help Greenlee but was angry that Kendall had told him that Ryan was dying. Kendall apologized and insisted she trusted him. Zach hated how she got caught up in everyone else's problems whenever they were in Pine Valley.

Kendall believed that Zach didn't always think rationally where Ryan was concerned. She had thought that Zach might not have been able to put his feelings aside to do what needed to be done to help Greenlee, but she admitted she was wrong. As Bianca called Kendall out of the room, Caleb returned and commented on how things were quiet for a change. Caleb wished Zach luck with getting out of Pine Valley.

Kendall confessed that she wanted to attend the end-of-summer party Palmer had arranged for in his will. Zach understood that she had been going stir-crazy on the boat. She declared that she was willing to make sacrifices to make their marriage stronger, but Zach didn't want her to give anything up. He urged her to stay in Pine Valley for the rest of the summer while he went to Europe to take care of some business. She was overjoyed. As they started to get passionate on the couch, Bianca walked in and teased them. Kendall asked Bianca if it would be all right if she stuck around for a while, and a thrilled Bianca asked if she was staying. As Zach looked on, Kendall embraced her sister and answered, "Not for long, but you never know."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At home, Randi prepared for a photo shoot, and Madison arrived to pick up the last of her things. Randi invited Frankie to go with her, but he opted to stay at home to await news about Angie's sonogram that day. Randi, who'd regrettably forgotten about the sonogram, offered to cancel her shoot. Frankie figured that the sonogram would go well, but he promised to call her if he received bad news. Randi asked Frankie to send her love to his mother, and she left.

At the hospital, Dr. Shepherd was optimistic about Brot's reconstructed eyelid. Removing the bandages, he said Brot would have to wear a patch on his left eye for a few weeks. Natalia arrived with a litany of questions for the doctor. Brot told her to chill, but she said she'd hoped to report good news to their fellow police officers. Brot guardedly said not to worry about it.

Natalia apologized for overstepping, but stated that the other officers thought she knew everything, since she was Brot's friend. Though Brot appreciated everyone's concern, he said he needed to concentrate as his doctor explained his complicated post-op regimen.

Natalia left, and Dr. Shepherd told Brot that the regimen actually wasn't complicated. "I know, Doc," Brot replied. Dr. Shepherd gave Brot some instructions, and Brot wondered if they'd have to operate again. The doctor said that they would if the graft didn't take; however, they had every reason to be optimistic.

The doctor stepped out, and Brot saw Randi limping in the hallway. She entered his room and guessed that he'd had his surgery. He confirmed it, and she prattled on about how she'd twisted her ankle during her photo shoot. He wondered if she planned to ask him how his surgery had gone. Shrugging, Randi said she hadn't wanted to pry. She asked if she were wrong to assume that he'd tell her if he wanted to. "No, no, that's exactly right," he replied with a smile.

Brot explained that it had been five years since his last surgery, and he'd forgotten how much his family and friends could worry about him. Assuming that Natalia was concerned about Brot, Randi said Natalia wouldn't be, if she didn't care. Randi commented that she understood feeling pressure, because she could tell that her photographers were relieved that she'd twisted her ankle, and hadn't bruised her face. Brot reasoned that her face made a lot of money. Dr. Shepherd gave Brot his medications, and Randi offered Brot a ride home.

Back at Frankie's house, Madison asked what was wrong with Angie, and Frankie snapped that he didn't need Madison broadcasting anything that she'd heard. Not one to meddle, Madison assured him that he had a friend, if he needed one. He admitted that he'd been harboring the burden about his mother alone. He figured that if he shared the problem with Randi, she'd halt her modeling career to be there for him.

Madison changed her mind about meddling, and Frankie confided that Angie was going blind. After he revealed Angie's entire situation, Madison promised to keep his confidence. He said his mother had lived to witness pivotal moments in his life, and he feared that the blindness would rob her of seeing the new baby's special moments.

Later, Madison carried out her last box and asked Frankie to stop talking to himself, because he had her. Frankie said he expected an invitation to her new place, and she remarked that the first invitation would go to Ryan, who'd be released from the hospital the next day.

As Frankie and Madison hugged goodbye, Natalia walked in. She backpedaled upon seeing the embrace, but Frankie ushered her inside. Madison departed, and Natalia wondered where Randi was. Frankie stated that she was at a photo shoot, and there wasn't any news about Angie's sonogram. Natalia received a text message, which caused her to abruptly leave.

When Randi dropped Brot off outside his door later, Natalia awaited them, and he figured that Randi had called Natalia. "You can thank me for that later. It's okay to let someone care for you," Randi said. Once Randi left, Natalia remarked that she hadn't seen the inside of Brot's house. He deterred her from entering by saying that it was a typically sloppy bachelor pad. He stated that her concern really meant a lot to him; however, he turned to enter his apartment alone.

At Krystal's restaurant, Amanda and Trevor met Jake for breakfast. Jake said he'd been carrying around a file that contained a big request from Angie, but he couldn't bring himself to read it. He explained that Angie wanted him to take over as chief of staff; however, he believed that Angie should keep her position. Amanda remarked that Angie could go blind, and Jake reluctantly said that he'd do whatever Angie needed him to do.

At home, Angie pretended that she was going to work, but as she kissed Jesse goodbye, she admitted that she was actually going to a sonogram appointment. She said she should have known she couldn't do it without him, and he asked if she really thought he'd prefer not being there. She explained that she hadn't wanted to mar the memory of the sonogram by broaching their stalemate over her refusal to take the experimental medication.

Jesse said he wouldn't force her into it, but he wouldn't apologize for being concerned about her. He felt that they were meant to be side-by-side to hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time, and he insisted upon driving her to the appointment.

Amanda, Trevor, and Jake arrived to invite the Hubbards to the beach, but Angie said she had a sonogram appointment. Handing Angie maternity items, Amanda invited Angie to go maternity clothes shopping in the future. Amanda tried to be gleeful, but suddenly said she was sorry. Angie told Amanda not to be, because Angie wasn't. Angie gave Jake some files, but Jake insisted that she was keeping her chief of staff position.

Jesse expressed surprise that Angie was stepping down as chief of staff. Angie reasoned that she couldn't hide the pregnancy or her illness indefinitely. She insisted upon locking in a replacement, before David put in a figurehead to do his bidding. Angie knew that she was asking a lot of Jake, but it would take a huge load off her mind to know that it was settled.

Amanda said she had more things to get from the car, and Jesse and Angie left the Martins to lock up the apartment. Touching his face, Amanda noted that Jake really didn't want the job. "I do not want the job," he sadly confirmed.

As they walked in the park later, Amanda sensed Jake's stress and figured that he wouldn't stop worrying about Angie's request until it was resolved. Jake stated that he'd been the chief of staff before, and he really didn't like it. He was allergic to paperwork, and he just wanted to be a doctor. Amanda urged him to tell Angie his true feelings, but Jake didn't want to disappoint Angie-or Amanda.

Jake reasoned that it wasn't the right job for him, and it would detract from his family time. Jake felt that because he was a Martin, people expected him to be like his father, who had an amazing tolerance for paperwork and bureaucracy. Jake was nothing like that. He desired to be in the field with the patients, not stuck behind a desk. That was why he'd enjoyed "Doctors Without Borders." He wondered how he'd tell Angie that he didn't want the borders. Thinking more, Jake said that there might be another answer.

In a hospital exam room, Angie told Jesse that she'd gotten her friend, Bonnie, to perform the sonogram off the record. Jesse seemed curious, but subdued, as the procedure began. Angie cooed upon hearing the baby's heartbeat. As Bonnie told them about their healthy baby, she spoke about the instantaneous bond that parents formed with their unborn children. Jesse stared at Angie, who was shedding tears. Angie asked Bonnie to let her stare at the baby for as long as she could, and Bonnie gave Jesse the wand to wave over Angie's stomach.

At home after the sonogram, Angie noted that Jesse had seemed off during the appointment. Citing that he'd appeared to be merely going through the motions, she reasoned that her illness prevented him from fully enjoying the pregnancy. As Jesse tried to explain his view, her sight disappeared. He asked her to sit down, but she raged that she didn't need to sit down, or see, to have a conversation with him.

Angie expressed that she'd almost gone to the sonogram alone because Jesse seemed to only be with her half way. He insisted that he was supporting her, but she thought that he was isolating himself and suppressing his real feelings. She said that they'd always leveled with each other, and she urged him to tell her if her blindness would cause him to resent the baby. Jesse said he loved the baby, but her sacrifice was killing him. His helplessness and inability to carry the burden for her would eat at him each day of the baby's life.

Angie's sight returned, and she said that Jesse was her rock. Jesse still felt powerless, but she told him to draw upon his faith and hang onto her. She imagined that it would all be worth it once they had their baby in their arms. Angie believed that they could do anything together, and Jesse smiled, touching her face.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

David kissed a sleeping Greenlee and then exited their room at the Yacht Club. After he left, Greenlee bolted out of bed, grabbed her keys, and ran out the door. She followed him to the park, where she overheard him talking on a cell phone to the mechanic who had sabotaged Erica's plane. David promised to transfer more funds, but the mechanic had to keep quiet about what really caused Erica's plane crash.

David threw the phone into a garbage can and began to walk away, but he saw Greenlee emerge from behind the bushes. He asked if she had followed him. She admitted she had but that she had just gotten there. She claimed that she had rushed after him to give him a message from one of the hospital board members, who had called to discuss urgent business regarding Angie. David suggested they go meet with the board member right away, but she pointed out that she was still wearing sweats and wasn't presentable. After he left, she retrieved the cell phone from the trash.

Madison escorted Ryan home from the hospital. When they arrived at his penthouse, Ryan claimed that he didn't recognize the place. Madison worried that he could be suffering memory loss from his surgery, but he was just joking because she had decorated the place with so many things to welcome him home.

Ryan went through the things Madison had given him to keep him occupied while he recovered at home. Madison said that she understood that he wanted to be out helping Greenlee, but she begged him to wait a few days to ensure he was healthy.

Madison presented Ryan with a blanket with sleeves. Madison giggled when he made a fuss about trying it on and ended up wearing it backwards. As she helped him put it on correctly, he grabbed her, and they kissed. She broke away because he needed to take it easy and she had to pick up his prescription at the hospital, but he kissed her tenderly again.

Greenlee arrived at Ryan's penthouse to tell him about David's phone call. She handed him the phone but said she couldn't get it to work. Ryan guessed that David had sabotaged the phone before he had discarded it but wanted to take a closer look. Greenlee commented on all the changes that had been made to the penthouse since she had lived there.

Jesse sorted through clutter in the Hubbards' living room. He found the baby's sonogram photo and stared at it lovingly as Angie looked on from the doorway.

Jesse was startled to find Angie watching him. She observed the messy room and joked about his cleaning skills. She complained about her stomach being upset but was comforted by the sonogram photo. Jesse decided that they should both take the day off and started to justify his reasoning, but Angie informed him that she had already called in sick. She admitted that she had been up all night thinking of baby names. She suggested Jesse Jr., if the baby was a boy. Jesse thought it was too soon to talk about names.

Angie took out some hospital paperwork, and Jesse tried to get her to put it aside. She conveyed the urgency of Jake's appointment as chief of staff before David learned of her pregnancy and vision loss. Jesse wanted her to take it easy and to not worry about work. Angie promised that she'd be able to handle things. There was a knock at the door and Jesse opened it to Krystal, who offered to take Angie to lunch. Jesse hovered over his wife but left to run some errands after Krystal agreed to stay. Krystal wondered why Jesse was so overprotective of Angie, and Angie announced that she was pregnant. Krystal congratulated her friend but was surprised when Angie suddenly broke down in tears.

After Angie updated Krystal about her vision loss, Krystal asked Angie how long it would be before she lost her sight completely. Angie couldn't give an exact timeframe but said that one day she would wake up and wouldn't ever be able to see again. A sympathetic Krystal asked how Jesse was dealing with the situation. Angie told Krystal that Jesse had finally confessed that he was scared, but she had yet to admit to her husband that she was scared, too.

Angie told Krystal that she had been putting up a brave front for everyone. Angie had been able to get through her bouts of vision loss but realized she wouldn't be able to hide them forever. Krystal commended Angie's courage but told her it was time to allow others to be strong for her. Krystal asked if there was anything she could do to help and suggested a few fun ideas to take Angie's mind off her troubles. Angie said she could use a new wardrobe but stressed the importance of hiding her pregnancy. Krystal offered to go shopping for Angie but didn't want to leave before Jesse returned. Angie assured her friend that she would be all right. The women hugged, and Krystal left. Angie looked at the sonogram photo as her vision faded again.

At the hospital, Natalia overheard Frankie on a call with a bill collector. After he hung up, she greeted her brother and explained she was there because the police department required that she get an annual physical. "At least you have a job," Frankie grumbled. Natalia asked how far Frankie was behind on his bills. Frankie said he'd get through it, but Natalia blamed David's cutbacks at the hospital for his financial problems. Frankie was surprised when Natalia blasted David for also causing Angie to lose her eyesight.

Frankie questioned how David was responsible for Angie's ailment. Natalia explained how Angie caught the infection because necessary supplies weren't available due to David's budget cuts. An irate Frankie threatened to harm David, and Natalia tried to calm him down. She suggested they try to nail David themselves so that Angie could better focus on her health. They bickered over Angie's choice to go off the medication that could keep her eyesight from deteriorating. Natalia worried about how difficult Angie's potential blindness would be on both Angie and Jesse, but Frankie insisted it was Angie's decision. Natalia asked Frankie to talk sense into Angie, but Frankie was incensed that Natalia thought that Angie should abort the baby.

Natalia explained that she didn't want Frankie to put any pressure on Angie but worried that Angie was being too selfless, to the point of becoming selfish. Jesse entered and overheard their conversation. He defended Angie's decision because he knew she was at peace with it, but he admitted that he was still coming to terms with it. He implored his children to be supportive and to help Angie any way they could. Jesse was determined to find a way to make everything work. Jesse went to the medical library to do some research about Angie's disease. He recalled when he had held a baby Frankie and had sworn to always protect his family.

Someone knocked on Angie's door and she blindly made her way across the room to answer it. She thought it was Krystal, but once she opened the door, she was alarmed when she heard David's voice. Angie told him it wasn't a good time, but David blasted her for going behind his back to request private meetings with hospital board members. He became irate when he saw her blank stare and ordered her to look him in the eye.

Angie tried again to get David to leave. David commented that she looked like hell. As he demanded to know what was wrong with her, Jesse returned and threatened to throw David out. David wondered why Angie couldn't even look at him and was surprised that Angie was allowing Jesse to speak for her.

David said that he had held off firing Angie as chief of staff because he had made a promise to Greenlee and because he didn't want to shake up employees. David claimed that he had grounds for dismissal, and if Angie made just one more mistake, he would oust her for good. Jesse physically forced David out the door and slammed it shut.

Jesse handed Angie a cup of tea as she commented that the episode of blindness was lasting longer than usual. She was adamant that she do everything possible to ensure that Jake was named as her successor before David fired her. She asked if Jesse had finished his errands. He said he had picked up something for her, and she insisted on using her working senses to determine what it was. He presented her with a box. She felt its contents and realized that he had purchased a frame for their baby's sonogram picture. She called him the best husband in the world.

At the hospital, Madison picked up Ryan's medication. She ran into Frankie and informed him that Ryan had loved everything she did to welcome him home. Frankie jokingly told her not to get Ryan too excited over board games, but he also urged her not to neglect taking care of herself. Madison reminded Frankie she was always available if he needed to talk. Madison kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for getting Ryan's prescription ready so quickly. Natalia spied the kiss and after Madison left, Natalia approached Frankie and demanded to know what was going on between them.

Frankie insisted that he and Madison were just friends and that Ryan and Madison were a couple. Natalia was skeptical and told Frankie to remember he was a married man. Frankie was upset that Natalia wouldn't believe him. Frankie recalled that Jesse had lived with Jenny in New York as "just friends" and that was all they ever were. Frankie inquired about how Brot was doing after his eye surgery and teased her about Brot's feelings for her. Natalia doubted that anything would ever happen between her and Brot. Frankie assured Natalia that nothing would get between him and Randi.

Ryan fixed the phone and plotted to call the mechanic by pretending to be David. Greenlee scoffed at his ability to pull it off. He went to the terrace, where the noise outside would help disguise his voice. Madison returned and was surprised to find Greenlee there. Madison warned Greenlee to back off Ryan to allow him time to heal, if she really cared about him. "You have no idea how much I care," Greenlee retorted.

Ryan returned from the terrace and insisted to Madison that he needed to help Greenlee. An upset Madison handed him his prescription and started to leave. He tried to stop her, but she said she saw that he was busy and that she had to get to the office. After Madison left, Ryan told Greenlee that his scheme was successful and that he had set up a meeting with the plane mechanic. Greenlee didn't want him to go through with it.

Frankie stumbled across a depressed Madison in the park. He was concerned about her change in demeanor, since she had been all smiles earlier in the day. Madison said that she wanted to hate Greenlee and the fact that Ryan couldn't stop playing hero to his ex-wife, but she couldn't because that's who Ryan was. Frankie consoled her with a hug.

Ryan told Greenlee that he understood that he had to watch his health, but he knew what he could handle. Greenlee didn't want her problems to get between him and Madison. Ryan claimed his motivation was to stop David, who had hurt so many people. Greenlee agreed to let Ryan meet with the mechanic. Ryan regretted that David had saved Greenlee after her motorcycle accident, but this time, Ryan was determined to be the one to save her. They hugged and almost kissed, but Greenlee broke away from their embrace and abruptly left.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Greenlee left a voicemail for Ryan regarding his trip to see the airplane mechanic. Greenlee thought they should discuss what Ryan planned to say. Greenlee started to say more but she heard the door handle rattle. She managed to hang up and set her phone down just as David entered the room.

Greenlee asked how David was feeling, and he admitted to a frustrating morning. David said that he'd had a meeting scheduled with a board member, but it was cancelled at the last minute. David suspected that Angie was attempting to turn all of the board members against him.

Greenlee suggested that she call a board meeting. Once she had their undivided attention, she could remind them that she and David had saved them from financial ruin. David didn't think Greenlee would go against her friend to stand up for him. Greenlee assured him that she would. David said he wanted to believe her, and Greenlee asked what was stopping him. Instead of answering the question, David asked whom Greenlee had been talking to when he walked in, and why she'd hung up so fast.

Greenlee told David that she had called Kendall. Greenlee said that she'd hung up quickly because she'd gotten Kendall's voicemail and lost her nerve. David still seemed skeptical, so Greenlee handed her phone over to him, and said that David could check her call log. David declined, and handed the phone back. Greenlee explained it meant a lot when David arranged for the two of them to have a meal with Kendall. Greenlee said that she wanted to honestly try to repair her friendship with her best friend.

Greenlee appreciated that David knew how much Kendall meant to her. In turn, Greenlee said she knew how much the hospital meant to David, and wanted to help. Greenlee reminded David that he wanted her to trust him. She said that David needed to learn to trust as well. If he didn't, their marriage should end. David said that not being married to Greenlee was the last thing he wanted. Greenlee abruptly suggested that they go out for breakfast, and David agreed.

Angie made another recording regarding the status of her illness. While her eyesight had worsened, the baby Angie carried had escaped any ill effects from the anti-fungal medication she had taken. Jesse walked into the room and overheard Angie rejoicing over the baby's health.

Jesse asked how long Angie had been making recordings. Angie told Jesse that the recordings initially had a medical purpose. However, Angie had continued making them as a way to express her feelings. Jesse apologized for not being there for her. Jesse told Angie that she could always talk to him if she needed a confidante.

Angie played some of her earlier recordings for Jesse. Jesse was pained that Angie had dealt with her illness on her own for so long. Angie was glad that she finally had someone to lean on. Angie asked if Jesse was going to stick by her during the pregnancy, despite the vision loss. Jesse said that he still needed to take things on a day-by-day basis, but said he would get there.

Jesse asked about what was happening at the hospital. Angie said that she needed to secure Jake as her replacement before David found out about her pregnancy or the illness. Jesse suggested that Angie leave the hospital fight to him and Jake. Angie said that she needed to take charge one last time, as a legacy to the doctors that would continue working after she stepped down.

At a table in Krystal's restaurant, Caleb helped Marissa review for the bar exam. Marissa took a moment to berate herself for not passing the exam the first time. Caleb pointed out that Marissa had a lot on her mind the first time she'd taken the test. Caleb added that he wanted to get all of the prerequisites out of the way so that they could take care of business.

Marissa asked if Caleb still wanted to take back control of Cortlandt Electronics from JR. Caleb told Marissa that if they were going to work together, he had to be sure that she would keep all of their work confidential. Marissa said that there was no need to be concerned about her giving information to JR. She told Caleb that she and JR had split, and that they weren't living together. Caleb thought it was for the best.

Krystal showed up at Caleb and Marissa's table and wanted to know if they were hungry. Caleb said he wanted to order something but needed to make a call first. After he left the table, Krystal took a moment to catch up with Marissa. Krystal thought that the job with Caleb couldn't have turned up at a better time. Krystal said that the job could remind Marissa how smart and savvy she could be. Krystal also pointed out that the job gave Marissa some much-needed independence.

Marissa admitted that she missed JR, and wondered how she had become the person she saw in the mirror. Krystal said Marissa knew everything that had already happened. According to Krystal, Marissa needed to figure out what her next step would be.

JR called Marissa, but had to leave a voicemail. He asked Marissa to let him know that she was okay. JR said that he wasn't sure why Marissa left, and had no idea what to tell AJ. JR ended the call and attempted to start on some work. He caught sight of his family picture with Marissa and AJ, and decided to focus on a different task.

As she slept, Annie had a nightmare that Scott left her. Marissa taunted Annie for Annie's inability to keep a husband. Annie was frantic and called out for Scott. Her screams broke through to reality and woke both Scott and Annie from their sleep. Scott asked if Annie wanted to talk about the nightmare, but Annie rejected his offer. Annie sprung out of bed and said that she was ready to plan the rest of their elopement. She started to dash out of the room, but saw JR when she opened the door.

Annie changed her plans and decided to take a shower. She went into the bathroom, and left the two men to talk. JR told Scott that Caleb was preparing to file a motion that would void the sale of Chandler. JR felt that if the motion were granted, it wouldn't be long before Chandler would be ordered to open their books. Scott assured JR that he had covered all connections between Palmer and the nanotech project.

Scott thought that JR needed to take a break from work and focus on what was really bothering him: Marissa's abrupt departure. Scott suggested that JR call Marissa. JR said that he had, but that Marissa hadn't called him back. JR said he didn't know why Marissa left. JR noticed the guilty look that fell over Scott's face, and asked what Scott knew.

Scott denied knowing Marissa's reasons for leaving. JR suggested that Scott had used his friendship to influence Marissa's decisions, in hopes that JR might not focus on the nanotech theft. Scott said that he wished he could help JR, but JR wasn't convinced. Annie returned to the bedroom, and JR said that he would wait for Scott downstairs.

After JR exited the room, Annie said that Scott couldn't meet with JR. She reminded Scott that they had appointments to look at houses. Annie didn't feel like they could start off their marriage in the best way if they had to constantly deal with tension. Scott remarked that he wasn't sure Marissa would move back in. Annie was incredulous at the thought that Marissa and JR wouldn't work things out. Scott hoped he was wrong.

Marissa stopped by the Chandler house, and found JR in the living room. Marissa said that she wanted to visit AJ, but JR told her that AJ had gone to the park for the day. Marissa started to leave, but JR quickly stopped her. JR said that they couldn't save their marriage if Marissa continued to run away. JR said that it was his turn to show the strength, love, and support Marissa showed when JR was sick and when he let her down.

Marissa flashed back to the night she slept with Scott. Tears sprung anew in her eyes, and Marissa told JR that things between them couldn't be fixed so easily. JR continued to try to convince Marissa but his words only upset Marissa more. Marissa said that she couldn't talk things out with JR at that moment, and ran out of the living room. She ran into Scott in the foyer, but didn't want to talk to him either. Marissa ran out of the house, and Scott followed her in short order.

Scott caught up with Marissa at the park, and asked if she'd told JR what they'd done. Marissa said that she had kept quiet, but was still struggling. Scott swore that they could move on from their indiscretion, but Marissa wasn't so sure. She reminded Scott that she'd torn JR apart for cheating on her, and then did the exact same thing. Scott said that what they'd done was different because it didn't mean anything. Marissa questioned Scott's claim, as Scott continued to find reasons not to marry Annie. Scott said that he had no hesitations, and dashed off to prove he was telling the truth.

Annie showed up in the living room of the Chandler house, looking for Scott. JR told her that Scott had never showed up. JR said that it was obvious that Scott didn't care about the future of Chandler Enterprises. Annie pointed out that JR wasn't the only one concerned. She reminded JR that what happened to the company affected her and Scott as well.

Annie got lost in her thoughts, and admitted her fear out loud that she would never find true happiness. She told JR about the nightmare she'd had. Annie also told JR that she had denied herself things she'd wanted, and worked really hard to prove her worth to Scott. Annie said she was afraid that despite her efforts, Scott would wake up one day, realize Annie wasn't who he wanted, and walk away like Adam and Ryan had before Scott. JR approached Annie and wrapped her in a comforting embrace.

JR told Annie that Scott wouldn't abandon her. Annie wanted to know how JR could be so sure. JR said that he'd tried to walk away from Annie, but something about her always pulled him back. Before they could delve any further, the front door slammed and Scott called out Annie's name. Scott rushed into the living room, and Annie ran into his arms.

Annie started to tell Scott how worried she was that Scott had left her. Scott clasped Annie's face in his hands, and told her that he would never leave her. Scott added that he wanted to get married as soon as possible. He told Annie that if she wanted, he could call a judge over to the house so that they could be married right away. Annie was overwhelmed with joy. As JR glumly looked on, Annie hugged Scott tightly and elatedly pointed out that Scott had read her mind.

Scott kissed his bride-to-be again, and then said that he would call the judge. Scott realized that he was supposed to meet with JR and apologized. JR gave Scott a pass, so Scott quickly exited to get in touch with the judge. Alone again, JR asked if Annie really planned to marry Scott. Annie nodded mutely, and then said that her impending marriage meant that she and JR had to say goodbye to each other -- for good.

Annie told JR that she and Scott planned to move out of the Chandler house after the wedding. Annie started to leave so she could finish getting ready. JR stopped her when he pointed out that Annie seemed to be getting everything that she wanted. JR warmly grabbed Annie's arm and stepped in close. Annie worried what would happen next, but JR said he only wanted to offer the bride-to-be his best. JR placed a kiss on Annie's cheek that lasted a few moments longer than necessary.

Caleb returned from making his call, and found that Marissa had left. Krystal admitted that while she encouraged Marissa to leave JR, she acknowledged Marissa's right to do what she needed. Jesse and Angie walked in just then, and Krystal excused herself briefly. Krystal greeted the couple near the door and offered to find them a table. Jesse said that they were planning to place a to-go order, so Krystal decided to catch up with them first.

Angie told Krystal that she was feeling pretty good, and was thankful for the clothes Krystal had given her. Angie was sure that the clothes would help hide her pregnancy a little longer. Krystal wondered if there wasn't a loophole that would oust David from his position at the hospital. Angie and Jesse said they would be interested if Krystal found one. Krystal didn't think she could help, but thought Caleb might.

Krystal called Caleb over and introduced him to the Hubbards. Krystal gave a brief sketch of Caleb's legal background and suggested that Caleb could help. Caleb got an earful about the trouble David had caused at the hospital. Caleb asked if the David at the hospital was the same one that was accused of sabotaging Erica's plane. Once his thought was confirmed, Caleb asked if anyone in Pine Valley minded their own business.

After Angie and Jesse left, Krystal thanked Caleb for agreeing to help them out. Caleb wondered how Krystal could hate David so much when he had fathered two of her children. Krystal didn't want to talk about David, but realized she might not have a choice when Caleb told her that David had just walked into the restaurant.

Krystal approached David and Greenlee at the door and said that she couldn't seat them. David was genuinely shocked that Krystal would refuse to serve him. Krystal reminded David that as the owner, she had a right to do as she pleased. David slid into his comfortable routine of insulting people when he felt disrespected.

Caleb fell in beside Krystal and repeated Krystal's request that David leave. David stood his ground, and Greenlee jumped to David's defense. Greenlee said that she was tired of people treating David poorly, and said she wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior any longer. Krystal said that David wasn't a victim, and Greenlee agreed. Instead, Greenlee called David a hero for all of the lives he'd saved. Greenlee said that instead of crucifying David, the people of Pine Valley should be grateful for what David had done.

Greenlee said that she didn't like the food at Krystal's and turned to walk out. David stopped her and noted that Greenlee didn't have to defend him the way she did. Greenlee said that she wasn't willing to stand there while David was attacked. Before David could ask, Greenlee told him that she meant every word she'd said.

Greenlee and David went to the Yacht Club for breakfast. David spoke freely of the first time Greenlee had defended him. It had been during a confrontation with Jack. David said that as he'd listened, he thought that he was very lucky to have a woman like Greenlee on his side. Greenlee raised her coffee and offered a toast to the two of them. They gently clinked their mugs together and took a drink.

Suddenly, Greenlee realized she was late for a Fusion meeting. She told David she would see him that evening and started to leave. David grasped Greenlee's arm and pulled her back so he could kiss her on the cheek. Greenlee then left in earnest, but visibly considered the gravity of her situation on the way out.

On their way home, Jesse took Angie to the park. Angie was grateful because she knew she might not be able to see the same things in a year's time. They sat down on a bench, and Jesse said that he wished he could go through the illness for her. Jesse didn't think that he would be as brave as Angie had been. Angie admitted that she was scared. Angie said that she wasn't the only person that had been given both a blessing and a curse. Angie said that all of the things she had experienced in her life and through her work had led her to believe that everything would be okay.

Jesse found some flowers that matched Angie's dress and sweetly presented them to his wife. As a thank you, Angie kissed Jesse. Jesse admitted that sometimes he felt like he was 16 again when Angie kissed him. As if dredged up from their memories, an ice cream truck like one they used to frequent stopped nearby. Jesse asked if Angie wanted some ice cream. When Angie agreed, Jesse dashed off to do as asked. Shortly thereafter, Angie's vision started to fade.

Angie dropped her flower and attempted to find it. When she heard footsteps approaching, she instinctively thought it was Jesse. She announced what she was looking for, but became alarmed when Jesse didn't respond. Angie stood up and unknowingly looked directly at David. She asked if Jesse was in front of her, and was startled when she heard David's voice. David asked Angie what was wrong with her eyes.

Krystal and Caleb went to Wildwind and hoped that Marissa would meet them there. Krystal thanked Caleb again for agreeing to help Angie. Caleb blew off the accolades. Krystal asked why Caleb acted as though he didn't care, when he probably cared more than most people.

Greenlee stopped by to see Ryan. When Ryan didn't respond to her knocks, Greenlee found the spare key under the plant in the hall. She let herself in to the penthouse, and briefly wondered what she was doing. She closed the door behind her, and started to refamiliarize herself with the place.

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