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David held a press conference to make an announcement. JR found steroids in AJ's bag. Uri decided to make Cassandra disappear forever. A porn video featuring Cassandra yielded an important clue that led Zach, Lea, and Jesse to the warehouse where Cassandra had been kept.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 27, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, May 27, 2013

At Jane's Addiction, Miranda told Bianca that her return to school had gone better than she'd anticipated. Miranda mentioned that Hunter had apologized, but AJ had called him out on not meaning it. Bianca warned that AJ had to be careful not to get suspended from school again, but she was glad that Miranda had a friend who loved her. Bianca revealed that Zach was in town and that he wanted to have dinner with them that night, so the three of them could discuss some things. Bianca received an emergency call from the Miranda Center, and Miranda realized that Bianca was bailing on her.

Bianca apologetically explained that the Miranda Center was sponsoring a conference about violence against women in Washington, DC, and she had to fill in for a speaker who'd had an emergency. Bianca decided to take Gabby with her, but she didn't want Miranda to miss more school, and she suggested that Miranda stay with Opal. Miranda thought that it was more logical for her to stay at the spacious Chandler mansion, and the women argued about Bianca's hatred toward JR. Miranda asked Bianca to try to control her emotions, because she didn't want to be forced to choose between her mother and her best friend. Bianca agreed to try.

At the Chandler mansion, Cara put JR through some physical therapy exercises, and she determined that he'd hit the wall for the day. He pushed himself to do more, but she threw a towel at him and declared, "The mistress of pain has spoken." He wanted to start again in ten minutes, and she understood that he wanted to make up for lost time, but his body needed to rest. She implored him to trust her, and he replied that he barely knew her. She pointed out that she had trusted him with the biggest secret of her life.

Cara told JR that he'd done a good job and that she would see him the next day. She ran into Dixie on her way out, and she asked that Dixie ensure that JR didn't work out any more that day. Dixie offered to do her best, and JR called after Cara and said that he trusted her.

JR knocked on the door to AJ's room and called for his son, and AJ replied from the bathroom that he'd be right out. JR sat on the bed next to AJ's backpack, and he spotted the bag of steroids. AJ found JR holding the drugs, and he snatched them back. JR demanded to know if AJ had been shooting drugs, but AJ argued that they were steroids, not drugs. JR maintained that they were still drugs, and he demanded to know how long AJ had been taking them.

AJ growled that the drugs were none of JR's business, and he hadn't planned to take them. AJ continued that he didn't care whether JR believed him, but JR questioned what he was supposed to think when he'd found vials and needles in AJ's bag. AJ repeated that he wasn't taking the steroids, and he accused JR of preferring to believe that AJ was a liar and an addict. AJ snapped that JR was the only person in the room who fit that description.

Downstairs, Dixie greeted Miranda, who explained that Bianca had gone out of town on an emergency for the Miranda Center. Dixie thought that Bianca was amazing for putting her heart and soul into the cause, and she volunteered to track down AJ. Miranda opted to just put her stuff in the guest room, and she'd catch up with AJ later.

Outside AJ's room, Miranda overheard AJ yelling that he wasn't like the other Chandlers, because he didn't lie, kill people, or take drugs. JR swore that he believed AJ, but he needed AJ to believe that JR wasn't "that man" anymore. AJ retorted that he didn't know JR, but Adam and Brooke thought that JR was faking his memory loss. JR asked what AJ believed, and AJ said that he'd tried to be straight with JR, but JR had called him a liar.

JR apologized, and he asserted that as an addict, he knew the damage that drugs and booze could cause. AJ yelled that he wasn't JR, and since JR didn't trust him, JR could get rid of the drugs himself. AJ threw the bag of steroids at JR and stormed out.

AJ found Miranda downstairs, and she mentioned that she would be staying there while Bianca was out of town. She disclosed that she'd overheard him fighting with JR, and AJ grabbed her hand and suggested that they get out of there.

In the hospital corridor, Joe met with David, who politely asked to talk in Joe's office. Joe offered to give David five minutes before he called security. David pitched Joe an opportunity to make the hospital world-famous with a legacy the medical world would talk about for decades. Joe reviewed David's presentation on diagnostic biosensors, and Joe noted that hundreds of companies were already a decade into research on similar projects.

David revealed that during his five years in prison, he had developed a method to use the body's stem cells to fool the immune system into thinking a biosensor was the patient's heart tissue. Joe conceded that David's research could be groundbreaking, and David said that he needed the hospital to step in. David was confident that he could raise financing for the project, and he assured Joe that he had every intention of doing it all aboveboard. David requested that the hospital provide the facilities and the patients to conduct trials, and he asked for the hospital's endorsement. Joe huffed that there was no way the hospital would assist David.

David contended that he'd done his time, and his research had the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives. David suspected that Joe wouldn't be satisfied until David was dead and gone, but Joe replied that he'd settle simply for gone. David vowed to succeed and to show the world what a "petty son of a bitch" Joe really was. David literally ran into Cara on his way out, and he asked if she felt even a twinge of hypocrisy, since she was trying to save a child after she'd killed theirs. He proclaimed that she was the murderer, not him, and he walked away.

In the locker room, Joe consoled Cara, who sobbed in his arms. Joe counseled Cara not to let David get to her, but she said that Joe didn't understand. Cara explained the situation, and she confided that her son was safe with her mother in Puerto Rico. Joe offered to do what he could to keep David from the hospital and from Cara, and he cautioned that she had no choice but to trust JR. Cara worried that not many people did.

From her office, Lea overheard Zach making a scene in the hall. Zach explained that he'd shaken off Agent Lockman, who Lea had assigned to tail him, but Zach had circled back and had bought the agent lunch. Zach advised an irritated Lea that he didn't have to run, since he was one of the good guys. She argued that she had evidence to the contrary, and Zach proposed a wager -- if she won, he would end up in prison, but if he won, she had to strip some more. She glared at him and demanded to know what he wanted. He said that he was there to be with her.

Lea asked if Zach's statement was a pickup line, and Zach found it interesting that she had read it that way, but he clarified that he wanted for them to be on the same team. She reminded him that he was still a suspect in the money-laundering investigation, and he called her stubborn, like his ex-wife, but he meant it as a compliment. Lea countered that Zach's arrogance reminded her of the thick-headed jocks at the academy, and she didn't intend that as a compliment. Zach suspected that Lea had a chip on her shoulder because she'd constantly had to prove herself to be stronger and better than her male counterparts.

Zach requested that he and Lea refer to one another by their first names, but Lea insisted that he call her Special Agent Marquez. He griped that she was making his own investigation difficult, and she questioned whether he was afraid he'd get caught. Zach countered that at least he kept his clothes on while he tended to business. Lea barked that he was a suspect, not her partner. He leaned in close behind her and wondered how he could change her mind.

Zach asked for access to Lea's computer, and she relented. She recognized the strip club's website, but she thought it was little more than a home page. Zach revealed that he'd kept digging, and he asked if she'd clicked on the pictures of the "naughty bits." She surmised that it had kept him busy for hours, but he informed her that it was a code set up as a game to simulate giving the woman in the photo an orgasm, and he dryly quipped that he'd explain what an orgasm was later.

Zach clicked on parts of the woman's anatomy on the screen, and each click was accompanied by audio of a woman moaning in pleasure. Another login screen appeared, and Lea realized that it was a link to a different site. Zach bragged that it had been easy to figure out what buttons to push, but he had been unable to crack the login password. Lea pulled out a flash drive, and as soon as she plugged it in, code popped up on the computer. She wondered what was on the site that warranted such extreme security.

After Lea and Zach reviewed the site's content, Lea remarked that she'd been to some gruesome homicide scenes, but nothing had made her lose her lunch like some of the things on the site. She and Zach watched a video of the porn actor slapping a sobbing Cassandra and forcing her to say, "I'm a dirty girl." Zach bellowed for Lea to turn it off, but Lea was glad that at least they'd found a lead. Zach advised Lea to follow it, because if he got to the guys responsible before she did, he'd kill every single one of them.

Lea learned the site's IP address, and she concluded that it was probably routed through zombie proxies, but she might be able to trace it. She asked if Zach intended to tell Cassandra's parents about the video, but Zach wanted to find Cassandra first. Lea pointed out that at least Cassandra had still been alive in the video, but Zach contended that it was no way to live. Lea planned to have her team run facial recognition software on the guy in the video, and she vowed to find Cassandra. Lea noticed something on a table in the video, and she tried to enhance the picture to help pinpoint Cassandra's location.

Uri threw Tia back into the room with Cassandra and some other girls. Uri confronted Cassandra about keeping the secret that her father was the Pine Valley chief of police, and he hissed that she was a very dangerous piece of merchandise to keep around. Cassandra begged Uri to let her go, and she swore that she wouldn't say anything. Uri menacingly inquired whether she was begging for her life, and he pushed her to her knees.

Cassandra pleaded with Uri not to kill her, and she offered to do whatever he wanted. "Anything?" he asked. She began to unbuckle his belt, but he growled that she was pretty but stupid. He grabbed her and jerked her to her feet. He snarled that she was too valuable to kill, so he would sell her, and she would disappear forever. Uri said that it was a shame, because he'd had plans for Cassandra, and he walked out. Outside, Uri placed a call and said that Cassandra was too dangerous to keep.

Eileen berated Tia for selling Cassandra out, but Tia haughtily defended that it had been an act of self-preservation. Cassandra worried that she'd never be found if the men took her out of the country, and she almost wished that they would just kill her. Eileen hugged Cassandra and told her not to give up hope. Vlad entered and roughly escorted Cassandra out.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In Lea's office, Zach and Lea tried to zoom in on a menu in the sex video, but the words were too blurry to read. Lea thought that Jesse might be able to identify the menu from his past street patrols. Zach insisted that Jesse couldn't know about the development.

"Why not?" Jesse asked from the doorway. Zach claimed that he had been just about to call Jesse, but Jesse said it hadn't sounded like it. Zach offered to get coffee with Jesse to discuss the case. Jesse figured that there was a new lead, and he demanded that Lea and Zach fill him in about it.

Lea told Jesse that they'd located a video on the "Your Every Fantasy" website. Zach said the video wasn't important, but it had a blurry image of a menu from a local restaurant on it. Zach added that Lea would have the screen capture of it examined, but Jesse, who knew the restaurants on the outskirts of Center City, insisted upon helping to identify the menu.

Jesse looked at Lea's computer screen, and he immediately noticed a leg in the video still. He guessed it was a porn video, and that was why Zach hadn't wanted him to see it. Zach tried to deter Jesse from looking further, but at Jesse's insistence, Lea played the video. Jesse gulped and shivered incredulously when he saw Cassandra on the tape, sobbing that she was a dirty girl.

As Zach worked to calm down the enraged Jesse, Lea made out a couple letters on the blurry menu. Jesse figured out that the name of the place was "Adriano's," and he knew exactly where it was.

Later, Lea acquired the delivery records for the restaurant, and Jesse noted that a cash customer at "136 Bleeker" never gave a phone number but seemed to be feeding an army. Zach figured out that the address was near the railroad tracks.

Jesse called Manny, whom Jesse had sent to check out the location earlier. Manny reported that it was an abandoned warehouse with blacked-out windows. Jesse said that it was the same way that Amy had described the place she'd been held. Lea, Jesse, and Zach rushed out of the office.

At the Kaslov hideout, Uri smacked Vlad to impress upon him the mistake he'd made with the police chief's daughter. Vlad insisted Cassandra's passport had been French, but Uri said to shut up.

By the register at Jane's, Robert Smithers was getting coffee when Billy Clyde slinked up and pulled him outside to talk. Billy Clyde pressed to find out why Smithers, one of his best customers, had suddenly become missing in action. Billy Clyde ordered Smithers to say where he'd been taking his business, or Billy Clyde would send naughty pictures of Smithers to his Smithers' wife.

Smithers claimed not to be taking it anywhere because he and his wife were working things out. Laughing, Billy Clyde flicked opened a knife and demanded to get the skinny. Smithers confessed that he needed something kinkier than Billy Clyde's services, but Smithers wouldn't reveal where he'd been.

Billy Clyde hoped Smithers' wife would enjoy an early anniversary present, and Smithers handed over a card with a website address and a password to a secret portal for hookups. Billy Clyde tossed down the card, retracted his blade, and called for fire and brimstone to rain down on the Sodomites.

Later, Billy Clyde met a driver in an alley. The driver handed over a face mask and said they were headed to a secret location. Billy Clyde quibbled about wearing the mask, but the driver insisted upon it. "The things I do for the name of the Lord," Billy Clyde murmured, sliding on the mask.

Later, the gun-toting Billy Clyde arrived in the corridor outside the room where Cassandra had been held. Also in the hallway were Jesse, Zach, and Lea. They drew their guns and asked what Billy Clyde was doing there. He mumbled that he had a bone to pick with the heathens, but Lea quickly cuffed him and dragged him away from the holding room.

Zach and Jesse charged into the holding room, and the women inside screamed.

At the coffeehouse, AJ and Miranda entered, and AJ asked her to grab a table. Miranda saw Hunter and his friends and frowned. She went to a table full of girls and asked them to scoot over. One of the girls claimed they were leaving, but Miranda noted that they seemed to have just gotten there. The girl responded that they were in the middle of something.

Heather called Miranda to her table. The other girls ignored Miranda as she walked off to sit with Heather. Miranda asked how she knew Heather, but Heather replied that they didn't know each other. Heather knew what had happened with Hunter because it had been all over Twitter, and she wondered how Miranda dealt with jerks like Hunter every day at school. "He's not the only one," Miranda murmured, glancing at the girls who'd shunned her.

As AJ got coffees, he ran into Kyle, who wanted to know if AJ had tried the steroids. AJ relayed that his father had found them first, and Kyle freaked out, sure that AJ's father would talk to Kyle's. AJ promised that his father wouldn't do anything, and Kyle said that AJ was lucky because Kyle's dad would have beaten the crap out of him. "Real lucky," AJ quipped, walking off.

AJ joined Miranda and Heather and learned that the other girls hadn't wanted Miranda to sit with them because Hunter had been watching. Miranda explained that Heather attended Bramwell but knew about the Hunter incident due to social media. Heather called AJ a hero.

Hunter and his friends surrounded Heather's table, and Hunter quipped that Miranda was friends with a Bramwell Hall student because they liked to get off on the "V." AJ grabbed Hunter, but Miranda broke the guys apart and reminded AJ of what his coach had said. AJ raged that someone needed to take Hunter down. She insisted that AJ wouldn't do it for her again, and she dragged AJ out of the café.

At the mansion, JR looked at the bag of drugs and placed them in a drawer in the living room. Cara arrived, and he expressed that he was still having problems with AJ. Cara reasoned that JR had been gone a long time, and teens could be a handful. JR hoped that AJ didn't turn out like JR.

JR picked up a bottle of liquor and said he could hold it without wanting to drink it, but people wouldn't believe him. Brooke entered, and he said, "Here we go." He assured Brooke that he wasn't going to drink it, and Brooke said she wanted to believe that. JR quipped that it was guilty until proven innocent in that house. "Oh, my God...AJ," JR said and suddenly strode out on his cane.

Brooke put the liquor bottles away and said they should have been gone before JR had gotten there. Cara then realized that JR was right; everyone was expecting him to fail. Cara explained that it made him feel like not even trying.

Brooke quipped that it hadn't taken long for JR to get Cara to pity him. Brooke asserted that the family had been witnesses of JR's manipulations for a long time, and she'd hate to see Cara's faith in him turn around and bite Cara.

Upstairs, JR found AJ in AJ's room. JR wanted to apologize for jumping to conclusions about the bag, but AJ raged that JR had acted as if it had been heroin inside it. JR contended that steroids were drugs, but AJ insisted that he didn't do drugs. "I know," JR replied. JR apologized because he hadn't realized that until Brooke had thought he'd been about to drink the scotch he'd been holding.

AJ's expression changed, and JR asserted that he hadn't been about to drink the scotch. AJ grimaced, and JR stated that AJ didn't believe JR, either. JR guessed that he deserved it, but he insisted that AJ, who'd never given JR a reason to distrust his son, didn't deserve it. JR apologized for distrusting AJ. With a softer expression, AJ looked up, but JR had already walked out of the room.

At Opal's house that evening, the facial-mask-wearing Opal opened her door, hoping to see Pete. Instead, it was David, who claimed she looked as lovely as ever. David wanted to talk to Pete about some business, but Opal ordered David off her doorstep before she called the police. Opal closed the door on David and went to wash her mask off.

When Opal returned to the living room, she gasped upon seeing David sitting in a chair. He said she'd left the door unlocked when she'd slammed it in his face, and she should be more careful. Opal declared that she was calling the police, but David insisted upon talking to Pete about Cortlandt Electronics' future. Opal had no intention of letting David near Pete and said Palmer would be spinning in his grave if David got involved with the company.

David couldn't understand why he couldn't get points for the good he'd done. He claimed to be the best heart surgeon and said he'd also cured Angie's blindness. Opal asserted that the lives he'd touched ended up in tragedy, and she wouldn't allow him to destroy Pete's world. David said he'd leave; however, David urged Opal to tell Pete to call David before Pete had to kiss "Daddy's dynasty goodbye."

Later, David arrived at Jane's café with a news crew, and Jane asked what was going on. David told her that it was a press conference to announce a game-changer. She recognized David and said he should have checked with her because her patrons didn't want to be on television. David promised that they'd only see his face on-screen, and he said the crew could order what they wanted on him.

Jane left, and the reporter asked if David would be discussing his past conviction. David said that he wasn't discussing the past. He'd discuss the future and how he'd change it.

In New York, Pete missed a call but claimed he didn't need to go back to Pine Valley. He wanted to do something special with Celia on their last night there. Celia wondered what he'd rather be doing if he were there with another girl. Pete started talking about the rain forecast for the evening, but Celia insisted that she knew the kind of girls he was accustomed to dating. She was sure that if one of them were in the hotel room, the girl and Pete would be in bed, not talking about dinner and a show.

Pete agreed that Celia was right, and Celia wondered why he'd taken her there. Pete said that it was because she wasn't like other girls. He was attracted to her, but sex wasn't in the forefront of his mind. Being with her made him happy, no matter what they did. He added that he liked the kind of girl who waited until she was in love.

"I think I might be...falling in love with you," Celia blurted out. She tried to walk away in her embarrassment, but Pete pulled her back to him. He was glad she'd said it because he felt the same way. The two leaned in for a kiss, but Celia shrieked upon seeing the man from her dreams behind Pete.

No one was behind Pete, however, and as Celia tried to calm down, Pete saw David Hayward on television. Reading the captions, Pete learned that David was discussing a new medical breakthrough and mega merger with Cortlandt Electronics. "Son of a bitch!" Pete roared and turned up the volume. Pete called his assistant to tell her to get his legal team to file an injunction and shut David Hayward down.

Back at the mansion, JR had returned downstairs, and Cara was exiting the house when Brooke showed them David's interview on her laptop. JR asked "what the hell" David was doing.

On-screen, David explained that he'd been incarcerated for the accidental shooting of JR Chandler, but David hoped that the citizens would welcome him back to further the research he'd begun in prison. David claimed that his new medical device could be produced in Pine Valley, and it would open up new jobs and revitalize the region.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Friday, May 31, 2013

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