One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 27, 2013 on OLTL

Snoop Lion arrived in Llanview. Jeffrey confided to Destiny about his past and offered her some advice. Natalie and Cutter shared a heated kiss. Todd discovered that the wires in Shelter's fuse box had been cut.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 27, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, May 27, 2013

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Matthew entered the apartment and was delighted to see a pizza on the table. Dani entered in running gear and reminded him that they were supposed to go running. He took a bite of the pizza instead. Dani told him that he could keep dreaming about girls he could never get, and Jeffrey laughed, agreeing. Matthew finally agreed, and went to his room to get changed.

A short while later, Dani ran down the street that the coffee shop was on and bragged to a lagging Matthew that she'd won. He told her that he'd buy her a smoothie if she said he'd won -- and dinner if she said that she would never be faster than him. She agreed because she liked not spending her own money.

Matthew finally admitted that Dani had won the race and offered to buy her a sandwich from the coffee shop. She informed him that she was going to figure out a way to get him to take her out to dinner "with real wine and real chairs." She made sure that he had no other plans that night. "I have nothing waiting for me," he said, and they walked into the coffee shop.

Jeffrey was surprised to find Destiny at the door. She was supposed to be dropping off Drew so that Matthew could watch him while she was at work, but she was angry to learn that Matthew was out for a run with Dani. Jeffrey assured her that Matthew would be back. She put her bag on the table, knocking over a pile of mail in the process. She helped Jeffrey pick it up. He was surprised to see a letter addressed to him from "Winterhaven."

Jeffrey decided to call Matthew, but when he did, Matthew's phone rang on the kitchen table. Jeffrey offered to call Dani, but Destiny said she would just wait. She asked about the letter Jeffrey had received in the mail. He told her that the man who'd sent the letter had been his mother's employer. The man had seen something in Jeffrey and sent him to college. Destiny wondered how Jeffrey had felt comfortable taking money from someone that wasn't a blood relative.

Jeffrey knew that Bo and Nora had been trying to help Destiny, and urged her to take the help. She admitted that it made her uncomfortable and related that Matthew should be stepping up. Jeffrey advised Destiny that Bo and Nora cared about her and that they were like family. He warned her not to "starve because you're trying to teach Matthew a lesson."

Destiny decided that she had waited long enough and assured Jeffrey that she could call a neighbor to watch Drew. She spat that Matthew had once again proven that he was useless as a father and friend -- just as Matthew and Dani walked in the door.

Téa entered Shelter and told Blair that she wasn't sure that she was ready for a night out, but Blair was happy to see her. Rama walked over, and Blair introduced her to Téa. Blair sent Rama to deliver two drinks to a table. The girl at the table, who knew Rama, introduced Rama to her older date. Rama returned to the bar and commented that she'd thought he was the girl's father.

A short while later, Rama told Blair that the couple needed two more drinks. Blair was surprised but happy to be selling more. When the couple had their drinks, the man handed the girl a pill, which she took with the drink.

Téa and Blair agreed that they would do anything for their kids. Blair had told Jack what had happened between Todd and Victor, but Jack hadn't believed it. Téa related that Dani said she was fine, but Téa didn't believe her. Téa asked that Blair keep an eye on Dani while she was at the club. Blair added that Todd throwing money around at his children wasn't helping.

Blair said that Jack was becoming withdrawn. "Like Victor," Téa said. She offered to talk to Jack for Blair, and Blair accepted.

Cutter had dinner at Shelter with some of his friends from the club. They talked about the club's new singer, and Cutter reminded the guys that she was only 20. Just then, the singer, Dusky, entered, and Cutter greeted her as his friends appraised her looks. She thanked him for the chance, and he offered to show her around.

Dusky sat at a table with Blair and signed all of the necessary papers. Dusky was excited because "everyone" had been talking about the club. Cutter assured her that the crowds would grow with her singing there.

The guys Cutter had eaten dinner with walked over to the table. Blair called them Dusky's first "fan club" as they introduced themselves as Dean, Bruce from security, and Diego the doorman. Blair informed them that Dusky was a minor and that she worked for Blair. Dusky thought the job at Shelter would be the best job she ever had.

Blair told Rama to stop staring at the couple, who were heavily kissing, because it was making the customers nervous. Rama replied that the couple was making her nervous, as the girl got on top of the guy. Dusky walked over, and Blair introduced Rama and Dusky to each other. Rama complimented Dusky's voice, and Dusky said that Rama was the first person to mention her voice. Rama replied that the men could be dogs.

Dusky asked Rama about Cutter, because he had been the only guy who hadn't thrown himself at her. Rama answered that he was the most dangerous one and could definitely break her heart. Dusky commented that she'd arrived in Llanview to forget about her past. "Welcome to your future," Rama said warmly as Dusky stared at Cutter.

Jack was surprised that Téa was at his house to see him. She wanted to tell him the truth about Victor. He wanted to know where Victor was and when he was returning. Téa responded that she didn't know either of those answers but knew that Victor was damaged and in danger. "Through it all, he loves you," she assured Jack and hugged him.

Nora entered Bo's office, but he told her that it wasn't a good time. However, he made time when Snoop Lion entered behind Nora. Snoop attempted to explain his name change but thought that the screening of his new movie would do it better. A man entered the office and handed Nora a poster. She unrolled the poster, which read the title of the movie, Reincarnated.

Snoop wanted Bo and Nora to be special guests at his movie screening, but Nora told him that she and Bo had their family poker night that night. Snoop agreed that there was nothing more important than family. He assured them that they could catch the movie when it was in theatres. Nora invited him to join the game night, and Bo wished him luck at the screening. Snoop told Bo to remember that Bo had wished Snoop luck when Snoop took all of Bo's chips that night. Snoop left.

A short while later, David and his cameraman, Leo, entered Bo's apartment, and Clint was already there. "No cameras," Bo said, but Leo assured Bo that he was there to play, not film. Nora entered with a visor on her head and a cigar in her mouth. "Not tonight," Bo said. "Tonight it's a man's game." "If I don't play, you don't stay," she warned.

Natalie was happy to see Nigel answer the door at Llanfair. She jokingly asked him to live with her and Liam. Viki entered and refused. Viki and Natalie went into the living room, and Natalie confided that John had called her that morning. Clint entered and demanded to know why he was hearing John's name in the house.

Natalie admitted to her father that John had left her a message. Clint vowed to never let John hurt Natalie or Liam ever again. Nigel told Clint that there was a phone call for him, so he made sure that Natalie would be all right and left.

Natalie quickly realized that she couldn't talk about John to Clint. Natalie informed Viki that John had said that he wanted to see Liam and that Natalie wouldn't stand in his way. She wondered why John would think that she would. She wanted to call him back, and Viki warned her to not say anything she would regret. "I'm still in love with John, and I always will be," she admitted to her mother.

Natalie continued that she had just started to move on when she'd received the call from John. Viki assured Natalie that she had been living the best life that she could. "Without the man I love," Natalie replied. Viki urged Natalie to tell John how she felt that night, because otherwise Natalie would lose sleep over it. Viki believed that her daughter deserved happiness, and Natalie left.

A short while later, Natalie called John but ended the call before he answered. She took a shot. "Screw it," she said. "I'm not going to let you ruin my life again, John," Natalie vowed as she picked a dress out of her closet. A short while later, she arrived at Shelter. She spotted Cutter, who let her in, to the objections and jeers of the large crowd in front of the club.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chapter 5, Part 2, Episode 20

Dani waited for both Jeffrey and Matthew to close their laptops in order to accompany her to the club. Jeffrey bowed out, citing work. Matthew excused himself, as well, announcing that he had a date. He quickly clarified that he and Michelle would be watching Casablanca long-distance. Dani thought that Matthew was pathetic and called him a jerk.

Jeffrey received a call from Viki, who was unable to maneuver online, and he offered to print out an article in order for her to read it the old-fashioned way. He left, and a sulking Matthew headed to his room. Dani apologized for calling him names, and Matthew emerged. He was tired of making excuses for the girl that he liked. He found her to be a good listener who offered good advice and was willing to share.

Jeffrey checked Viki's laptop and agreed that it wasn't her lack of knowledge that prevented her using it. There appeared to be a real problem with the Internet, and he promised to pick up a new router. On his way out, he spotted a folder of papers from the Pellegrino fund. He mentioned them to Viki and appeared unsettled, though he noted that he couldn't recall what he knew about the fund.

Matthew and Michelle were on the phone, watching the movie, as Dani headed to the refrigerator, clad only in a towel. She interrupted Matthew's conversation several times and advised him that he had an addiction.

Bo, Nora, Clint, David, and Leo were ready for their poker game at the loft. Bo refused to give Nora money, so she removed her watch and tossed it onto the pile. The players took turns choosing the games to play. As they began "Screw Your Neighbor," which was David's choice, Nora wanted to discuss Clint's wedding plans. Leo was anxious to film, but everyone yelled "No" at him emphatically.

As the evening continued, the group had several discussions. When Nora mentioned that Matthew had a date, but not with Destiny, Clint spoke up on Matthew's lack of responsibility. Clint stated that he never saw Matthew with Drew. Bo wanted Clint to mind his own business, but Clint offered to speak to Matthew about doing his part.

Again Leo was disappointed at not being able to film the growing argument, and he wanted to get his camera rolling. "No!" everyone shouted in unison. Bo was angry at Clint, and Nora agreed with her husband. Clint felt that the couple would be sorry for being so "soft" on Matthew.

The game ended, and the players left. Bo was surprised to find Snoop Lion standing in his living room. The singer wondered why Bo looked down, and Bo questioned how he would know when it would be the right time to make a move. Snoop felt that each situation would be different. Bo admitted that he wanted to "kick Clint's ass" because Clint had called Bo a bad father.

Bo felt that on some level Clint was probably right. Snoop thought that it was because Bo cared too much. Bo explained that Matthew wouldn't take responsibility for his own son, and Snoop pointed out that it was about Matthew then, not Bo. Bo felt "guilty by association," but Snoop assured Bo that Bo had passed the paternity test. Snoop agreed to visit with Matthew the following day.

Club Shelter was ready to open as the young woman and her much older boyfriend moved to a sofa to continue their makeout session after dinner. Natalie arrived and accepted Cutter's compliments as Nikki muttered that he spoke the same way to all the girls. Natalie still thought that Cutter was a con man, but Cutter vowed to prove that he had changed.

Cutter was anxious for his evening of dueling DJs to get started, though the men began to have words from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Apparently they were known to be mortal enemies.

Todd and Dani arrived separately. Dani quickly downed two shots but turned down a request to get high from the girl on the sofa. The girl and her beau headed to the Palace Hotel. Todd wanted to dance with Dani, but Blair headed him off, as well as refusing his invitation for herself. Todd stated that he didn't know why he was even there.

Natalie danced with Cutter until one of his employees interrupted with a problem. Cutter asked Bruce, his security man, to take over. Natalie and Bruce knew each other from the police department. Another of Cutter's employees shook hands with one of the DJs and handed him a powder-filled packet.

As everyone danced, the club suddenly went dark. Cutter grabbed flashlights as people began to leave. Todd quickly made Dani sit down and ordered her to "stay put." Blair was worried about the financial aspects. She noted that first it was Dani's overdose. Todd suggested that Blair sing and entertain the crowd. Before Blair could refuse too profusely, Todd announced her to the crowd.

Blair sang "No Regrets" and it was obvious that the lyrics affected both her and Todd. Couples made their way to the dance floor. Cutter found Natalie and pushed her against the wall. They began to kiss feverishly. Blair finished her song, but Todd was gone. He had headed to the fuse box. Shining his light, he saw that the wires had been cut.

Friday, May 31, 2013

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