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Jesse was arrested for helping Uri to frame Zach for murder. Cassandra admitted that she didn't want to keep the baby. Pete assured Celia that she was the only woman that he wanted. Dimitri invited Brooke on a business trip.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 15, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, July 15, 2013

At the Chandler mansion, Miranda grabbed her keys and gazed at her keychain, which displayed a photo of Bianca holding a baby Miranda. Meanwhile, Bianca looked through a photo album of Miranda's baby pictures. Bianca said aloud that she loved Miranda, and she flashed back to telling a newborn Miranda the same thing. Bianca had pledged that no matter how scary the world became, Bianca would be there to help Miranda through it.

Outside Jane's Addiction, Zach offered Lea a cup of coffee, and they both seemed affected when their hands touched. She had expected him to be angry because she'd put the brakes on their passionate encounter, but he admitted that it had been good that they'd stopped. Zach said that they didn't know one another that well, but he didn't want to mess up what was happening between them, and Lea agreed. He asked what was going on with the Koslov case, and she covertly noticed an incoming call on her phone. Lea asked for milk for her coffee, and Zach went inside to get some. She called someone back and asked the person to let her know once they had something.

Later, AJ and Miranda greeted Zach, and AJ went to get snacks for the beach. Miranda asked where Zach's bodyguard was, and he announced that he no longer needed one, since the charges against him had been dropped. Miranda was thrilled, and she wondered how anyone could think that a teddy bear like Zach could have killed someone. Zach wanted to celebrate over dinner with his favorite niece, and Miranda commented that she was the only one who was around.

Zach asked if Miranda was doing okay. She confided that she missed her mom and Gabby, but she was dealing, and she had AJ. Zach reminded her that she also had Zach, and Miranda called him the best uncle in the world. Miranda presented Zach with a sketch of Spike and Ian, and Zach looked forlornly at it. Zach called her very talented, and he asked if he could keep it. Zach called Miranda an amazing woman.

Miranda asked why Lea and Zach were having breakfast if he no longer needed a bodyguard, and Zach replied that they were catching a bad guy. AJ asked if Miranda was ready, and she said goodbye to Zach. Zach told her to call him about dinner, and he advised AJ to wear sunscreen. The teens left, and Lea returned. She called Miranda a sweet girl, and she asked if Miranda's mother was Zach's ex-wife's sister. Zach mentioned that it was more complicated than that.

Later, AJ and Miranda returned to the mansion, soaked from a sudden thunderstorm. Miranda offered AJ a soggy cookie, and he ate it out of her hand. She recalled a time at the beach during their childhood when it had stormed the whole weekend, and AJ remembered that they had built a tent city in their hotel room. He realized that Miranda missed Bianca, and she admitted that she missed the days when it had just been her and her mother. Miranda clarified that she had nothing against Gabby, but Miranda and Bianca had done everything together, and having no father in the picture had made them closer.

Miranda swore that she'd be fine, because she had AJ. AJ said she didn't have ice cream, and he kissed her head and ran to the kitchen to get some of Carmen's frozen yogurt. Miranda looked at the keychain again, and she answered her ringing phone. Bianca said that it was Miranda's mommy calling, and Miranda happily stated that she had just been thinking about Bianca. Later, AJ and Miranda cuddled on the couch and enjoyed their dessert.

Lea and Zach went to the police station, and he couldn't believe that there were no leads on Uri. Lea contended that Uri was smart, but Zach believed that they were smarter. Lea said that they had to wait for Uri to make a mistake, but Zach suggested that they force Uri to make an error. There was a knock at the door, and an agent told Lea that he'd found something in a locked desk drawer in Jesse's office. She opened an envelope and found a flash drive, and she declared that it was the mistake Zach had talked about.

Zach realized that Lea had been investigating Jesse, and she explained that she'd had a gut feeling that Jesse hadn't been telling the truth about the dental records. She concluded that Jesse had obtained the false records from Uri and that Jesse had been serving as Uri's inside man. Zach chided Lea for not telling Zach, but Lea defended that Zach was too close to Jesse and would have been emotionally involved. She asked if Zach felt betrayed, and he confirmed that he did -- by her. Zach walked out.

At the hospital, Angie stroked Cassandra's hair, and Cassandra awakened and turned away. Angie knew that it wasn't easy, but Cassandra was getting better. "Not with this thing in me," Cassandra wailed, and she added that she didn't want to talk about it, because she didn't want the baby. Angie stated that Cassandra didn't have to decide that minute, and Cassandra assumed that Angie wanted Cassandra to change her mind. Angie asserted that it was Cassandra's decision, and Cassandra cried that she wanted it out and gone.

Angie countered that the baby was innocent, but Cassandra declared that whoever the baby's father was had raped her, and she called the child a disease. Cassandra became hysterical as she thought about the thing growing inside of her, and she spat that she hated it. Angie tried to calm Cassandra down, because getting upset wasn't good for Cassandra or the baby. An increasingly agitated Cassandra wished that the baby would die, and she pounded on her stomach with her fists and screamed for Angie to leave her alone. Dixie entered and suggested that Angie go, and Dixie comforted Cassandra.

Cassandra told Dixie that she didn't want to hate her child, but she couldn't help feeling it grow, and it reminded her of the evil men. Cassandra cried that she wouldn't love the baby or sing to it, and she wanted it gone, because she couldn't imagine touching or holding it. Cassandra anticipated that she'd hate her child, and she'd hate herself every time she looked at it.

Angie reluctantly entered Dr. Peterson's office, and she shook hands with the doctor. He understood that she was going through a difficult time, and she explained that her daughter was in a great deal of pain. Dr. Peterson noted that Angie was, too. Angie said that Cassandra had been through a lot and was facing more, and Angie wanted to help. The doctor pointed out that it was natural for a mother to aid her child, but Angie thought that it was working against her. Angie thought that she needed to speak to someone objective, and she'd tried to get Jesse to join them, but it hadn't been a good day for him.

Angie wondered if she should be with Cassandra instead, but Dr. Peterson encouraged Angie to deal with her own issues first. Angie wanted everything to be normal again, but Cassandra was in a dark place, and Angie didn't know how to help Cassandra get past it. The doctor said that love was a good start, but Angie worried that it wasn't enough, because Cassandra was angry and depressed. Angie swore that the last thing she wanted to do was to impose what she thought was best, but she believed that something good could happen in even the worst situation.

Angie said that Cassandra was broken, and she recalled that Cassandra had always been sure of herself. Angie remembered Cassandra as a stubborn little girl who would sit at the table all night, refusing to eat her Brussels sprouts. Angie cried that Cassandra had been drugged, beaten, and raped, and "those bastards" had forced Cassandra into prostitution and making vile pornographic movies. Angie sobbed that the men had degraded and violated her baby in every possible way. "How does someone come back from that?" Angie tearfully questioned.

Angie told Dr. Peterson that Cassandra had never given up, and Cassandra had held on to the hope that her parents would find her and take her home. Angie stated that Cassandra was safe from the monsters, and the drugs were out of Cassandra's system, but the ordeal might never be over, because the pregnancy was just too much. Angie condemned the politician who had declared that a woman couldn't get pregnant from being raped, and she wanted the politician to see the horror and pain in Cassandra's eyes. Angie grappled with how to help Cassandra through it.

Dr. Peterson asked if Angie wanted Cassandra to go through with the pregnancy, and Angie explained that she didn't want Cassandra to regret terminating it. Angie worried that Cassandra had already been through enough to haunt her for a long time, and she didn't want an abortion to weigh on Cassandra on top of everything else, but Angie conceded that the pregnancy could also be extremely difficult to endure. The doctor said that there were no easy answers, but he advised Angie to share with Cassandra that she felt torn.

Angie was afraid that she would alienate Cassandra when Cassandra needed her the most, and she recounted that she had found Cassandra in a Dumpster. Angie called Cassandra her little miracle, and she understood that Cassandra hadn't been conceived or born under ideal circumstances. She added that Cassandra had been a source of love and joy for many people, and she couldn't imagine Cassandra not being there.

In the hospital corridor, Jesse made a panicked phone call to Tad, and Joe overheard. Joe said that no one could reach Tad, and he offered to listen. In private, Jesse told Joe the story of framing Zach for murder, but he claimed that he'd taken the only course of action he could have. Joe pointed out that Cassandra was alive because of it, but Jesse felt guilty that he was a cop who had broken the law. Joe said that Jesse was a father first, but Jesse felt like a "big-ass coward," and he wished that he had found another way.

Joe contended that Jesse had been in a bad situation, but Jesse wasn't a bad man. Jesse worried that his life was about to crash and burn, and he didn't know what to do. Joe advised Jesse to make it right, but Jesse was concerned that Uri would go after the Hubbards if Jesse went to the Feds. Joe pointed out that Jesse's family would be in danger as long as Uri was out there. Jesse decided to tell Angie first, and then go to the authorities.

Angie stepped outside Cassandra's room, and Jesse asked how Cassandra was. Angie reported that Cassandra was struggling, and Jesse apologized for not making the therapy session. Jesse proclaimed that their family meant everything to him, and he started to tell Angie the truth, but a group of agents approached and arrested Jesse. As an officer read Jesse his rights, an incensed Angie questioned what they were doing. She pleaded with Jesse to tell her that he hadn't done anything wrong, but Jesse apologetically informed her that it wasn't a mistake.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At the café, Celia awaited Colby for a meeting. Near the door, Colby messed up her hair and pranced up to the counter as if she hadn't seen Celia. After making a show of how she needed coffee to revive from her wild night with Pete, Colby suddenly turned around and apologized for not seeing Celia.

Celia brushed it off and tried to get down to business, but Colby deemed the flower arrangements Celia had chosen as too sophomoric for their event. Colby asked Celia to brainstorm more, and Colby would catch up with Celia after breakfast with Pete.

Once Colby had gone, Jane joined Celia and murmured that Colby rubbed Jane the wrong way. Celia quipped that Colby rubbed Pete the right way. Jane was surprised when Celia revealed that she wasn't with Pete anymore, but Jane felt certain that Pete wasn't interested in Colby.

At home, Pete was awakened by a noise. He grabbed a bat and headed for the kitchen, where he was startled to see his mother making breakfast. Irritated, Pete said her key was for emergencies only. He claimed he had a meeting in a half hour, but Opal insisted upon making him a proper breakfast.

Opal said she'd never get used to Hayward being associated with Cortlandt Electronic, but Pete corrected that the company name had become Cortec. Opal insisted that Pete prepare to eat, but Pete told her that he couldn't be the center of her universe. He felt that she needed something more.

Opal said Sam had been her last hoorah, and her heart was no longer open for business. Pete suggested that she put her heart and her brain into a new business, like she'd done in the past. Opal admitted that she missed the Glamorama, but she didn't know where to start with a new business. Pete said they'd brainstorm it, and she could think of a time to meet while he showered.

Later, Opal opened Pete's door for Colby. "The Pariah of Pine Valley," Opal murmured. Colby advised Opal to cut the cord before she lost Pete forever. Opal said that Colby shouldn't blame Opal for being a good mother just because Liza had left Colby every chance Liza had gotten. Colby replied that she pitied Opal for trying to be relevant by mothering a grown man who didn't need her anymore. Opal replied that Pete liked having her around, but Opal doubted that Colby could say the same thing.

Pete arrived in the living room in a towel and asked why his place had become Grand Central Station. "She wouldn't go," Colby and Opal responded in unison. Pete asked if his mother had a Tai Chi class to get to, and as Opal left, she gestured to Colby and offered to take out the trash.

The moment Opal had gone, Colby began making the moves on Pete. He claimed he didn't have time because he had a meeting. "What friends with benefits?" she asked. Pete said they'd catch up later, and he headed off to change. Colby strategically tossed her sunglasses on a seat and took off.

Later, Colby and Celia met at Colby's house, and Colby said Brooke had loved the charity angle. Celia guessed Brooke thought Celia had gotten the idea because Celia had been working at the Miranda Center. "Probably," the snickering Colby replied.

Noting that Bianca had been talking about making Dixie the new director of the center, Celia suggested that the gala would be the perfect place to announce the decision. Colby thought it would be good press but figured they needed to have some sort of an auction to accompany it. They brainstormed ideas, and Colby decided they'd auction a date with Pine Valley's most eligible bachelor. Celia loved the idea but wondered who'd be the bachelor.

At the café, Anders met with Pete, who asked Anders if the hospital could back the Hayward biosensor. Anders said Joe Martin had already turned it down, but Pete replied that Joe had based the decision on personal reasons. Anders quipped that he was a doctor, not a therapist, and Pete responded that Anders was a doctor who knew the kind of work David had done. Anders decided to see what he could do, but he thought Pete's best bet was talking to Dr. Hubbard.

After the meeting, Pete took Colby's sunglasses to the mansion. He was surprised to see Celia there and said he was returning Colby's glasses -- after Colby had stopped by his house for coffee only. Celia offered to get Colby, but he figured Colby would be downstairs soon. Pete saw the charity project Celia was working on and wondered what Chandler had gotten into with the charity party.

Pete figured everyone knew that Chandler was out for profit, so the benefit had to be Celia's idea. Celia said she needed to find the perfect guy to auction off at the event. Pete claimed not to want to toot his own horn, but he said he was intelligent and available. "Not that I want to be," he added.

Celia mentioned Colby, but Pete insisted that he and Colby were just friends. He asked why Celia didn't get that she was the only one. From the door, Colby looked heartbroken as she watched.

In Lea's office, Zach was upset with Lea and insisted that Jesse had been blackmailed to get his daughter back. Lea felt that Jesse should have confided in her, but Zach figured Jesse hadn't wanted to plan his daughter's funeral. Zach reminded Lea of how bad off Cassandra had been when she'd been found, and he couldn't believe that Lea had arrested Cassandra's father.

Lea claimed that she'd done her job, but Zach retorted that she'd hidden behind her badge, and she hadn't told him the truth. He'd been in situations like that before; he hadn't liked them then, and he didn't like it happening with Lea. Lea stated that she'd done it to protect him, but he asked how.

Just then, the police entered with the handcuffed Jesse. Jesse tearfully said he'd understand if Zach didn't want to have anything to do with Jesse ever again. Zach advised Jesse not to speak without a lawyer, and Zach asked to speak to Jesse alone. Lea offered her office, and Zach asked if it was bugged. She said that he could trust her, but Zach replied, "Not anymore."

Angie arrived, and Lea left the room. Angie asked why she'd heard from Joe, not Jesse, about what had been happening. Deciding that Zach and Angie deserved the truth, Jesse explained that he'd heard Cassandra's voice on a call with Uri. Angie was outraged that he hadn't told her about it. Jesse replied that he'd had no choice if he'd wanted to succeed in his mission to get Cassandra home.

Jesse next discussed his part in Uri's plan to fake Uri's death in exchange for Cassandra. Jesse explained that he'd had no idea that Uri had pointed all the evidence toward Zach. Zach said he would have done the same thing in Jesse's position, and Zach didn't plan on turning his back on Jesse.

Jesse relayed that Uri had sent out a message that he could get to Jesse's family at any time. Zach figured that Jesse's family needed protection, and Zach left to take care of it. Angie was worried that Uri would send someone after Jesse while he was in jail.

Jesse asked Angie to understand how important it had been to save Cassandra. Angie said she'd kept asking herself why he always hid things from her. She recalled he hadn't told her that he'd been alive for years, and then there was Ellie. Angie couldn't believe he hadn't told her the truth about Cassandra's situation and had made Cassandra doubt herself. Angie asked why he couldn't just tell her.

Jesse said he couldn't stand to see Angie in more pain. Angie asked if a lie had been better, and she conveyed that what had caused her more pain was learning that her husband could go to prison while she was dealing with Cassandra's recovery and pregnancy.

Jesse said he'd deal with whatever his fate was, but together, they'd help Cassandra through it. Angie asked if he'd be there or if she'd be visiting him in prison. Sadly, she uttered that they'd been there too many times.

Later, Zach was at the hotel, clearing out his stuff, when Lea arrived. She insisted she'd been doing her job by arresting Jesse, but she'd wanted to give Jesse the benefit of the doubt. Zach stated that she'd destroyed a good man's life because she'd needed a break in her case.

Zach hoped Lea would get a medal for a job well done. He added that he was glad nothing had happened between Lea and him because he would have hated for her to have done something that hadn't been in her job description.

At the studio, Dimitri made reservations to fly himself and Brooke to Washington, DC, to meet a new talk show host. When he told Brooke about it, she was surprised and said she had a big meeting the next day. He explained that he'd already taken care of her meeting, and he'd bought their tickets. Brooke supposed that made it harder to refuse. Dimitri urged her to ride the wave of David's successful interview and go with Dimitri to meet the potential host.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Friday, July 19, 2013

New episodes of All My Children aired on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes were made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, recaps were posted under Monday and Wednesday, as they had originally been posted.

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