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Kendall was revealed to have had a medical setback. Lea questioned if Zach was ready to move forward. JR arranged for Cara's mother and son to live with him, so Cara could be close to Oliver.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on AMC
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Celia congratulated Brooke and Dimitri on the killer ratings from Brooke's interview with David. Celia added that the Talk Tempo website was blowing up with comments from people who either hated or felt sorry for David. Dimitri was thrilled that viewers were talking about the show, and Brooke half-heartedly called it a start. Dimitri urged Brooke to take credit for doing a great job, but she refused to coast, because they had competition. Colby suggested that they throw a party to get publicity, and Brooke assigned Colby to put the event together. Colby insisted that she needed Celia's assistance.

Over the phone, Brooke told the website designer that the home page needed to be splashier, but Dimitri grabbed the phone and said that she'd call back. She argued that she was launching a network, but he implored her to take a break, and he escorted her out the door. Dimitri whisked Brooke off to a restaurant, where they shared drinks. Brooke said that she didn't usually drink in the afternoon, but Dimitri declared that they were celebrating. She thought that it was premature, since a lot had changed since the days of WRCW, and they had to be smarter and faster in the new landscape.

Dimitri didn't want to talk about work, because wealth and power were no good without taking time to enjoy life. Dimitri proclaimed that viewers had had thousands of programs to choose from, and they'd chosen Brooke, but she doubted that she had been the main source of attraction. She credited Dimitri with the show's success, but he toasted to Brooke as one of the most talented, powerful women he'd ever crossed paths with. He realized that he'd known her for a long time as a friend, but he felt as though he was meeting her all over again. He hoped that they had many more celebrations together, and she said that they could make a great team.

Dimitri volunteered to buy another round of drinks, and Brooke stated that she had a stack of notes on her desk, but she conceded that she'd needed to get out of the studio. She mused that she'd almost forgotten what it was like to go to a nice restaurant and have a conversation about something other than work, because she hadn't been out much since Adam had been out of town. Dimitri reminded her to take time for herself, and Brooke apologetically got up to return to work. Dimitri handed her back her phone, and their hands touched. She awkwardly said that she'd see him the next day.

Colby asked Celia what made a party hot, but Celia had no idea. Colby inquired about the last time Celia had been out that had blown her away, and Celia mentioned the club in New York. Colby surmised that Pete's lifestyle had freaked Celia out, and Celia acknowledged that Pete and Colby seemed to be a better match than Pete and Celia. Colby noted that she and Pete had grown up together and had shared the same experiences, so it made sense that they'd gotten so hot so quickly. Colby feigned concern that she'd bothered Celia by talking about sleeping with Celia's ex, but a frazzled Celia said that she was fine.

Colby and Celia arrived at a restaurant to discuss hosting the party there. Colby asked the manager about ordering the best wine and champagne, and she referred to a particular vintage of Dom Perignon. The manager replied that he'd have to place a special order, and he implied that it would be expensive. Colby fibbed that the gala was for a cancer-related charity, but the manager maintained that he still had to charge full price.

Colby chided the manager for not wanting to help sick people, and he scurried off. Celia complained that it was wrong to lie, but Colby told her not to be so uptight. Celia suggested that they actually add a charity component to the event to show that Chandler Enterprises wanted to give back. Colby loved the idea, and she called Celia talented.

At the Chandler mansion, Brooke called Adam and reported that the office had been abuzz about the show's ratings. She seemed disappointed when he had to go, and she asked him to call her back later. Colby entered as Brooke told Adam that she loved him. A forlorn Brooke hung up, and she asked Colby how the planning was going. Colby presented Celia's charity idea as her own, and Brooke called it genius.

Pete and AJ met in the town square, and Pete asked for advice about an online application that he was developing for high school sports. AJ thought that Pete was working with David on the medical technology, but Pete explained that he had another company in California. Pete showed AJ the app's customizability, and AJ was impressed. AJ thought that the app should include girls' sports, and Pete thanked him for the feedback.

At Jane's Addiction, Lea fretted that the Koslovs' dentist hadn't replied to her inquiry, and Zach urged her to be patient. She offered to contact her guy in Moscow if she didn't hear back, and Zach assumed that she would do so to clear Zach's name, but she clarified that she'd do it for the sake of the investigation. He questioned whether his charming handsomeness had changed her mind about his innocence, and she laughed and told him to get them some coffee.

Heather and Miranda entered the coffeehouse with shopping bags, and Jane offered to get them some lattes. Heather complained about the terrible lighting when she'd tried on swimsuits, and Miranda suggested that they share a giant piece of chocolate cake to commiserate. Miranda approached Zach at the counter, and they hugged. He asked if Miranda had talked to Bianca, and Miranda responded that she hadn't, but she was sure that Bianca had been busy.

Zach suggested that he and Miranda go see the work of an artist she liked in New York, and Miranda was excited, but she balked when Zach proposed that they invite Bianca. Zach understood that it was hard for Miranda to be away from her family, but he was certain that Bianca was always thinking of Miranda, and he offered to be there if Miranda needed him. She wondered about his legal issues, but he said that they'd been taken care of. He added that he was glad that they had one another's backs.

Miranda showed Zach the dorky hat that she'd purchased, and Zach plopped it on his head. Zach introduced Lea as his bodyguard, and Miranda worried about the charges against him, but Lea confirmed that there was nothing to worry about. Zach invited Miranda to dinner and a movie, and she mentioned a Spanish film she wanted to see. He said that he'd do anything to spend time with Miranda. Miranda spotted AJ across the room, and she and Zach hugged goodbye. Lea marveled at Zach's paternal side, and he remarked that family meant everything.

Pete and AJ joined Miranda and Heather, and Pete showed his new app to the girls. Heather coldly asked how people who didn't like sports would use it, and Pete huffed that they didn't have to buy it. AJ thought that the program was perfect, and he contemplated how he'd use it if he were pitching the next day. Miranda warned AJ not to get suspended before then, and she and AJ engaged in a playful tickle fight. Heather was uncomfortable by their affectionate rapport, and AJ turned his attention back to the app.

Heather wondered whether the program would include statistics and metrics, and she mentioned that she'd gone to Phillies games since she'd been born. AJ offered to take Heather to a game, and she suggested that they check out a minor league team. Miranda tried to cover her uneasiness. Pete picked up the tab and thanked the teens for their help. Heather snarled that Pete should make an app for being a better boyfriend, because he'd broken Celia's heart.

AJ asked Heather and Miranda if they wanted to see a movie, and Miranda mentioned the Spanish film that she'd told Zach about. Heather wanted to see Superman, and AJ found a theater where it was playing in 3D. Miranda pushed Heather and AJ to go without her, but Heather and AJ insisted that they all go together. Miranda claimed that she had a pedicure appointment, and she promised that she'd catch up with them later. Miranda took off, and AJ hoped that Miranda hadn't gotten the wrong idea, because it wasn't a date. Heather looked disappointed.

At the police station, Lea got an email from the dentist's office, and she compared the file to the one that Jesse had provided. She proclaimed that Uri wasn't dead, because the photos confirmed that Vlad's dental records matched those of the dead man. Zach realized that Uri had killed his own brother, and Lea finally acknowledged that Zach hadn't killed Uri. Lea was sickened that Uri had faked his own death by burning his brother, but Zach's only concern was that Uri had gone after Zach and Cassandra.

Later, Lea reported that the D.A. had dropped the charges against Zach. He smiled at her, and he headed silently toward the door, but he suddenly turned back and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

At the hospital, Angie begged a despondent Cassandra to talk to her. Dixie entered and asked if she could speak to Cassandra, and Angie stepped out. David discovered a distraught Angie, and he comforted her. Meanwhile, Dixie softly stated that Cassandra wasn't alone and that she had options, but Cassandra didn't have to make any immediate decision. Dixie asserted that Cassandra's only priority was to get stronger, and then she would make the decision that was right for her, with all the love and support she needed.

Angie cried that she didn't know what to do, and David said that she'd do what was natural -- she'd love Cassandra. Angie worried that it wouldn't be enough, and David wondered if Cassandra's pregnancy had made Angie think of losing Ellie. Angie pointed out that Ellie had been conceived in love, and David recognized that Cassandra's baby could be a reminder of the horrors Cassandra had endured. David advised Angie to prepare herself for the possibility of abortion, and Angie vowed that she would support whatever choice Cassandra made, but the baby was her grandchild.

David realized that Angie loved the baby already, and Angie couldn't help feeling that she should be the voice that the baby didn't have, but she worried that the fetus could have been damaged by the heroin. David assured Angie that she'd make the right decisions out of love. Angie credited David with keeping Cassandra alive, and she smiled through her tears. Angie thanked him for their talk, and she called him a good man. They hugged, and Jesse spied their embrace.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At the hospital, Angie was hugging David, but the instant Jesse walked in, Angie lit into him about where he'd been. Jesse claimed that police work had pulled him away. Angie said Cassandra needed him, and David added that, though Angie wouldn't admit it, she needed Jesse, too. The defensive Jesse remarked that David had taken it upon himself to fill in.

Jesse was grateful that David had saved Cassandra, but he didn't appreciate David holding Angie's hand like a serpent, waiting for a chance to strike. Angie called David her friend, but Jesse asserted that David had shot JR at point-blank range and hurt Dixie and Tad.

Angie decided that Jesse had said enough. David said it was okay, and he left the room. Once David was gone, Angie said "this" was the last thing any of them needed at that point.

At the station, Zach put his jacket back on, and as Lea rebuttoned her blouse, he asked if she were okay. She nodded and decided they should clean up the papers all over the office. He started to ask her why she'd done it, but with a smile and touch to his cheek, she replied that he knew why.

Jesse arrived and asked if Lea and Zach were okay. They conspicuously acted as if things were fine, and Zach announced that he was a free man. He and Lea explained that they'd used Jesse's computer to figure out that Uri had killed Vlad, and then Uri had used Vlad's dental records to fake Uri's death. Zach and Lea said they'd trace the dental records to find Uri.

Jesse figured that Uri was out of the country by then and added that the dental records had been delivered from Moscow. Lea said that wasn't true, and she requested that Jesse forward her the email for her investigation. He agreed to do it, and Jesse apologized for having to arrest Zach before.

Jesse decided to let Lea and Zach get back to what they had been doing, but Lea said she and Zach were done. Zach looked surprised, but she gave him a knowing stare. Jesse left, and Zach told Lea that she'd missed a button on her shirt.

Zach and Lea left the office, and they sat on a bench in the evening air. Zach said she was good at investigating, and he was a free man. Lea replied that Uri was free, too. Zach intended to find Uri and rip Uri's head off, but Lea thought they might have to accept the fact that they'd never find Uri. Zach responded that Lea didn't know him very well.

Zach and Lea went to their hotel hideout. Zach called it home, but Lea said it wasn't anymore because he was free. Zach joked that they shouldn't waste the government's hotel money, so Lea told him to enjoy it -- alone. As she turned to leave, he asked if that was it. He noted that someone had put the brakes on before, and he was curious about what had happened between them earlier.

Lea said that Zach had put the brakes on. She would have gone for it, but she'd sensed that he hadn't been ready. She figured he wanted her to believe otherwise, but she was sure that he would have stopped it if she hadn't. Zach doubted that, but she asked if he really thought he were ready to be with someone else.

Zach cited that he wasn't trying to get married, but he and Lea liked each other. Zach asked why they'd stopped, and Lea asked how Kendall was. Zach seemed puzzled, and Lea asked if he and Kendall were in contact with each other. He said he and Kendall hadn't communicated in quite some time, and she wasn't in his life except in dealing with their children.

Lea asked why Zach was still wearing his wedding band. Zach sighed, and Lea said that he could let her know when he was ready. Lea left, and Zach stared at his wedding band.

Elsewhere, Jesse called Uri, but Uri asserted that he'd said he'd never wanted to hear from Jesse again. Jesse stated that the authorities knew Uri had killed Vlad to fake Uri's death, and Zach had gone free. "You stupid bitch," Uri yelled. Uri demanded that Jesse fix it, but Jesse said it was out of his hands. "Then your family's safety is out of mine," Uri warned.

Later, Jesse posted a guard outside Cassandra's room, and Angie asked what was happening. Jesse explained that Zach had been cleared, but Uri was still alive after faking his death, using his own brother's corpse. Angie wanted to choke the life from Uri. Jesse apologized for his behavior earlier, but Angie said all that mattered was keeping Cassandra safe. Jesse again said that he was sorry.

At the mansion, Cara arrived in response to JR's urgent message. She was shocked to hear Oliver exclaim, "Mommy!" Oliver and Cara hugged, and Cara saw that her mother was there, too. JR sent the guests to the kitchen for a snack, and Cara promised to make the most of her days with them. JR, however, said that Oliver and Cara's mother would be staying in Pine Valley.

Cara was afraid David would find out, but JR said not to worry. JR had hired Cara's mother as his new cook for his "special diet" and said she'd live at the mansion with her grandson. JR was sure no one would find out that they were really Cara's family, but Oliver couldn't refer to Cara as his mother.

Cara feared people would recognize her mother from her wedding to Tad. JR doubted anyone would remember that from five years earlier, and he suggested that they change her mother's name to Carmen. Cara said it was her mother's middle name and would be easy to remember. Cara asked why JR had done it for her. He said he didn't want her to leave, and Cara hugged him.

In AJ's room, Miranda practiced her guitar and singing. Brooke entered, looking for AJ. Miranda said he'd gone to the movies with Heather, and Miranda thought it had been a date.

Brooke left, and Miranda called her mother. Bianca asked how Miranda was doing while staying at the Chandler mansion, and Miranda indicated that she was being well taken care of. Bianca explained that she might be unreachable for a few days, but she'd try her best to make herself available if Miranda needed her mother. Miranda rolled her eyes but pretended to believe it.

After the call, Bianca turned to a sickly Kendall and said, "I can stay a while longer." Bianca gave Kendall some medication, and Kendall asked if Miranda were really okay with Bianca being gone longer. Bianca said that it was okay, and she was the reason the kids had gone after Miranda anyway.

Kendall urged her sister to go home, but Bianca thought Miranda was doing better because Bianca wasn't around. Bianca said she couldn't bear it if her return caused the kids to bully Miranda again. Kendall asserted that Bianca wasn't to blame for the behavior of the children. Kendall called Bianca an amazing mother, but Bianca felt it was best if she stayed with her sister until they learned if Kendall's heart was responding to the medication.

Kendall insisted that Bianca would go home if she were needed. Bianca urged Kendall to get better and to call Zach, who'd want to know about the medical setback. Kendall refused to drag Zach back into her life after all that time. She figured that they'd each moved on, and it couldn't be undone, "not even for something like this."

Back in AJ's room, AJ arrived and expressed excitement about the movie he'd seen with Heather, the "horror geek." Miranda tried to respond cheerfully. AJ silently noticed she was faking it and said it would have been better if she'd been there. Nodding, she claimed she'd had stuff to do.

AJ decided that Miranda needed some sweets, and it was the perfect time to test out the new cook, Carmen, who'd just moved in with her grandson. When Miranda and AJ made it downstairs, AJ stopped himself short upon seeing JR giving Oliver a piggy-back ride. JR introduced them to Carmen, who said she was ready to get started on some cookies.

JR and Cara took Oliver upstairs to bed, and Miranda suggested that she and AJ head to the kitchen. AJ suddenly decided that he wasn't hungry, and he stomped upstairs to go to bed. He brushed by JR, who was on his way back down, and JR asked Miranda what he was missing about AJ.

"Really?" Miranda cynically asked. She said that, even before the coma, JR hadn't been the father who'd tuck AJ in at night -- let alone play with him. She started to head upstairs to AJ, but JR said that he'd go instead.

Upstairs, JR found AJ on a laptop. JR apologized for upsetting AJ, but AJ grumbled that it was okay. JR apologized for not being a good father before, and AJ admitted that it had been cool that JR had called Hunter's father about the fighting. JR expressed that he had a lot to make up for, and he wanted a chance to do it. AJ said they could start by sharing Carmen's cookies.

JR presented AJ with some Rolling Stones concert tickets, and AJ enthusiastically sprang to his feet. JR said they could also catch a ball game if AJ would hang with his father for the weekend. AJ thought it was great. JR stated that a concert couldn't make up for everything, but he wanted it to be a start. AJ smiled his approval.

JR left, and the stoked AJ did "air guitar" to some music. Miranda entered with some cookies, and AJ readily shared the news about the trip his father had planned. He thanked Miranda for sending JR to talk to him, but she said JR had figured it out on his own. AJ was impressed with how she always knew what he was thinking or feeling, and he asked her to guess what he could be thinking at that moment.

Miranda pretended to hone in her telepathic powers and said AJ would buy a shirt for another huge Stones fan. AJ replied that Heather would love that, and she was the only person who knew that Richards had written "Satisfaction" in his sleep.

"I knew that..." Miranda uttered, but AJ had already hopped up to call Heather.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Friday, July 12, 2013

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