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David kissed Rama. Michelle admitted that she had been lying to Matthew. Clint confessed that he had replaced the money that Viki had lost in the Pellegrino Fund, so Viki returned Clint's engagement ring.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 8, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, July 8, 2013

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Episode 36

As Dorian tried unsuccessfully to reach Frank Baker on the phone, Blair walked into the room, searching for Jack. Dorian noted that the boy had left the house early, which left Blair perplexed. Jack usually slept late. Blair admitted that she didn't want to phone him and sound like a hysterical mother, but Dorian advised her that it was too late for that. The comment annoyed Blair, but she decided to phone her son anyway.

Jack was lying in bed with Kate when he received Blair's phone call. He explained that he'd wanted to get an early start at the coffee shop with his homework. He added that he'd "lost track of time."

After Blair ended the call, she noted that Dorian looked upset. Dorian admitted that she was annoyed with David, who had been flirting with the "exotic floozy" who worked at Shelter. Blair assured her that she had nothing to worry about, as Rama flirted with everyone but was happily married. Dorian also declared that she couldn't allow some people to get away with breaking the law.

Dani and Jeffrey listened to Matthew's end of the conversation as he spoke to Michelle on the phone. They rolled their eyes and looked at each other, though Jeffrey thought it was a good thing that at least they'd found out that Michelle was a real person. Dani wasn't too sure, given the lies that Michelle had already told Matthew.

Dani gagged and said that she had to throw up as Matthew continued to flirt on the call. Jeffrey accused her of being jealous, but when Dani received a phone call from Arturo, she looked over at Matthew and quickly accepted Arturo's invitation to join him in Briana's hotel room.

Arturo had been having a difficult time going through the dead woman's belongings and was hopeful that Dani could help him out. "I'll be right there," she said.

Nora informed Bo that she was concerned about Dorian because Dorian would do anything to go after Viki. Nora detailed the conversation that had occurred during her dinner with Viki and Dorian's declaration of sorrow over Viki's loss of money. Nora was certain that Dorian had been gloating. It had gotten worse as Dorian had phoned Nora afterwards and had complained that Viki's actions in getting her money back were not "kosher."

Bo felt that Viki's affairs were not anyone else's business, but Nora stated that she couldn't look away if a crime had been committed, even though Viki was her friend. She was worried that Viki had engaged in insider trading, which would be illegal.

Bo promised to call Clint to see if he could find out anything, but he thought that Nora should stay away from all of it. Nora announced that she was headed to La Boulaie to speak to Dorian, though Bo urged her to take along some garlic and a stake.

At Llanfair, Clint informed Viki that he'd visited Natalie, and she'd forgiven him for getting between Natalie and John. He was hoping that Viki would forgive him as well. Viki said that in all honesty, she couldn't forget that Clint had tried to destroy Natalie's relationship.

Clint stated that Viki made him a better person, and he thought it would be fun if they could take a trip to New York. Viki replied that she was still too upset with him, and she was having a difficult time getting over Clint's actions. She wasn't certain if things were good between them.

Dani arrived at Briana's hotel room and found Arturo immersed in Briana's things. Dani began to help and admired a colorful scarf. Arturo draped it around her neck and suggested that she keep it, but Dani refused. She stated that she would bag the items and have them ready for Goodwill.

Dani turned down Arturo's offer of payment as he tried to hand her some money. He informed her that she was beautiful and deserved nice things. After Arturo left, Dani picked up the scarf again as she looked at herself in the mirror. She repeated Arturo's words.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and a woman announced that it was housekeeping. Dani opened the door and gasped. Michelle was standing there in a maid's uniform. "Aren't you supposed to be in Toronto?" Dani asked. An embarrassed Michelle pleaded with Dani not to tell Matthew, who thought that Michelle worked in insurance.

Dani agreed, though she wasn't happy that once again Michelle had been lying to Matthew. She told Michelle to work on her "catching a man strategy," because Michelle's methods were terrible.

Nora arrived at La Boulaie and waited for Dorian to talk. The women sat and stared at each other. "How can I help you?" Nora finally asked. Dorian responded that she'd heard about Viki pulling her money out of the Pellegrino Fund shortly before its collapse, and she wanted Viki investigated.

Claiming that she had merely been following the "see something, say something," rule, Dorian added that if Nora didn't open an investigation, Dorian would report it herself. She urged Nora to choose sides, because things were going to get "ugly."

Bo phoned Clint for information, and Clint assured his brother that Viki had received her money back all "thanks to good timing." He promised that nothing devious or illegal had occurred.

Bruce ushered Jason Murray into Bo's office. Bo explained that Jason had been the last known person to have seen Briana alive, so he was curious about the young woman's last moments. Jason stated that they'd been at Shelter, but assured the police commissioner that he hadn't noticed anything unusual.

Bo continued to push for details. He asked the man about drugs, but Murray claimed that he was unaware of Briana's involvement, especially since he was not into that scene. He wondered why Bo had so many questions, and Bo replied that he had a suspicious death to investigate.

The man seemed to offer conflicting stories about whether he'd been in Briana's room. Bo wondered if they'd had sex, but the man denied it and stated that he'd gone to another pub after seeing Briana to her room. Bo thought the man was being vague and hiding something, and he said that Briana had been a prostitute.

The man admitted to being married, but he swore that he hadn't gone to bed with the woman. He wondered if he needed an attorney, but Bo advised him that he was free to leave. Bo promised that he would be checking into the man's story. "I did not kill that girl," Murray declared as he left. Bo did not see the tattoo on Murray's arm. He would have noticed that the tattoo was exactly like Victor's.

Jeffrey returned home, and Matthew handed him a letter. It was from Jeffrey's benefactor, Carl Peterson. The rich man, who had enabled Jeffrey to go to school in London, had written to inform Jeffrey that he was on his way to Llanview. Jeffrey seemed perturbed.

Nora stopped at Llanfair and told Viki about the conversation she'd had with Dorian. Viki promised that according to Clint, there was nothing suspect about Viki's money. "Do you trust Clint?" Nora wanted to know. Viki admitted that she wasn't sure.

Clint descended the stairs as Nora headed out the door. He assured Viki that there was nothing to worry about, as her money hadn't even made it into the fund. Viki told him that she didn't want anything hidden from her, but Clint swore that everything would be fine. Viki informed him that her engagement ring would be tossed into the nearest lake if she ever found out that he had been lying to her.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New episodes of One Life to Live now air on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes. Each week's new episodes are made available on Mondays. In an effort to keep the recaps as consistent as possible, we will continue to post the recaps under Tuesday and Thursday, as they had originally been posted.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blair walked into Todd's hotel room. She told him that Jack had been gone very early in the morning and that she'd practically had a heart attack. She wondered how much longer she would have to worry. Just a few more days, he assured her. She wondered where Jack was, because the security cameras couldn't possibly follow him everywhere. Todd made a phone call and informed Blair that Jack was at the coffee shop with a woman.

Jack sat at the coffee shop with Kate, and she talked about giving him extra homework and "private tutoring." Shaun entered the coffee shop and sat down, staring at Jack. Noticing the shocked look on Jack's face, Kate wondered if he knew Shaun. "Yeah, I think he was hired to follow me," Jack told her, but he assured her that it had to do with the danger at Blair's club. Kate didn't want to lose her job, so she got up to leave. "Don't forget about that book report," she said, and she left.

Blair called Jack and wondered who the woman was that he had been with. He snapped that the woman was his English teacher, and she had been helping him study. He demanded that Todd "call off the goon" and hung up on Blair. Blair relayed the message to Todd, but Todd refused to stop having his children followed.

Blair reminisced about the first time she and Todd had taken Starr home, and she remembered all of the exhausting nights. Todd remembered what Blair had said: "Nobody told us there would be days like this." Blair only wanted to protect her children, but she knew that Jack hated his parents. "Jack hates everyone," Todd added, promising to "take the heat" from Jack.

Blair told Todd that he was being a good father, a side of Todd she hadn't seen in a long time. Blair turned to leave, but Todd stopped her. He whispered that the kids were all safe, so Blair should stay with him. A short while later, Blair and Todd shared a meal in his room. He held out his hand to her, and she allowed him to hold her hand.

David excitedly ran down the stairs at La Boulaie, calling out for Dorian. He found her in the living room and told her that he had secured a meeting with a television network in order to pitch his reality series. He wanted to take Dorian to Shelter to celebrate. She wanted to but couldn't because she had "important things to do." David left as Dorian made a phone call.

Dorian finally reached Frank and wondered if he'd been avoiding her. She demanded to know how much Clint was paying Frank for his silence. She offered to pay him double if he told her how Clint had gotten Viki's money out of the Pellegrino Fund. He reminded her that it was unethical to reveal another client's information, but he did say that Viki had lost everything in the fund. Dorian wondered why Viki had told people that she'd gotten her money out in time, and Frank suggested that Viki didn't want to look bad.

A confused Clint picked up Viki's engagement ring from the front table in Llanfair. Just then, Viki walked by and opened the front door for Jeffrey. Viki asked if Jeffrey had the papers for her, and Clint went upstairs. Putting the ruse aside, Viki wondered how quickly Jeffrey could find out the names of the Pellegrino Fund investors.

Jeffrey said he would only need a short time to find out the information. Viki insisted that it was for a personal reason. She summarized Clint's story about how her money had supposedly never been invested, and she needed to know if Clint had been telling the truth. She reminded Jeffrey that it was just between the two of them, and he left.

A short while later, Viki was on the phone with Jeffrey. She asked if he had been able to get the list. Her face fell with his answer, and she thanked him for getting the information so fast. She hung up as Clint entered, and he wondered why Viki had taken her ring off. She explained that she sometimes took it off when she "tidied."

Clint inquired if Viki had had a change of heart. In response, she asked one more time if Clint had been keeping anything from her. "Absolutely not," Clint stated. He told her that he couldn't survive without her as the doorbell rang.

Viki was exasperated to open the front door to Dorian. She told Dorian that Nora had told her all about Dorian's threats to go to the SEC. She added that there was nothing to find. Dorian informed Viki that Clint had betrayed her. Dorian threatened that if Clint didn't tell the truth, she would go to the media. Clint wanted to be alone with Viki, so Dorian left.

Clint finally confessed that all of Viki's money had been lost and that he had covered for it. She informed him that she already knew. She felt Clint had betrayed her and accused him of trying to control her. He said he had only wanted her to save the Banner. She told him that he needed to stop trying to fix every problem that everyone had. "Because of what you've done, I've lost the most important thing of all," Viki said. She handed the engagement ring back to him and walked away.

At Shelter, Dani explained to Matthew the job she'd actually done earlier. She admitted that she'd helped Arturo clean Briana's things out of the hotel room. As she started to tell Matthew about the maid at the hotel, Michelle entered. He wondered why she wasn't in Toronto. She told him that she had ended up not going, and she felt awful about lying to him.

A short while later, Michelle had explained everything. Matthew was livid that Dani had known, but Michelle insisted that she'd begged Dani not to tell Matthew that Michelle worked as a maid. She apologized to Dani for putting her in a bad position. She explained that she had thought that Matthew, as a Buchanan, wouldn't like that she worked as a maid. Matthew reiterated that honesty was the most important thing to him, and he forgave Michelle. The two got up to dance, and a shocked Dani gagged.

David had explained to Rama about his meeting with the television network, and she was very happy for him. She poured champagne for the two of them and congratulated him. She thought that his reality show would be good for business. "Dance with me," he said, and the two went to the dance floor. A moment later, Bruce grabbed Rama and told her that there was a problem.

Natalie and Destiny set up Natalie's apartment so that it didn't look too romantic. Natalie wished that Liam and Drew were there as extra "buffers." Destiny explained that Nora thought the two women needed an "adult night" and didn't mind babysitting. Natalie teased Destiny about liking Jeffrey, but Destiny gave it right back to Natalie about Cutter. "Is it too late to call it off?" a nervous Natalie asked. However, there was a knock at the door.

Natalie opened the door to Jeffrey. Destiny and Jeffrey began flirting, and Natalie reminded them that the night was supposed to be "casual fun." There was another knock on the door. Natalie opened it to Cutter, who was surprised to see that the date was actually a double date.

A short while later, Cutter told Natalie, Destiny, and Jeffrey about the "crazy series of events" at the club over dinner. Jeffrey thought he could write a story about the club, but Cutter warned that his words were "off the record." Cutter's phone rang. Seeing that it was Rama, he picked it up. She told him that there was a problem at the club, and he promised to be right there.

Cutter apologized for having to leave and promised to let Natalie know if everyone was all right. He left. "So much for romance," Natalie said. "I'm still here," Jeffrey reminded her. Destiny told him that she'd made her famous chocolate cake just for him. Natalie related that she felt like a third wheel at her own party.

Cutter found Rama at Shelter, and she told him that the icemaker had broken down. He wondered how Rama thought that qualified as an emergency. She explained that Cutter was the only one who had the repairman's number. Cutter related that he would have sent someone to get a bag of ice and then called the repairman to fix the ice machine in the morning. She apologized but reminded him that he'd hung up the phone before she could tell him what the problem was.

A short while later, Natalie, Destiny, and Jeffrey were eating the chocolate cake. Natalie thought that Cutter had missed the best part of the night. However, Destiny confided that she thought Cutter had had something else in mind for dessert. The two women laughed, and Jeffrey wondered if he'd have to put up with their "dirty girl talk" for the rest of the night.

Natalie's phone rang, and she answered it to Cutter. He apologized to her because the problem at the club had been a false alarm. He felt like he'd missed the best part. "Yeah, dessert," she said suggestively. He asked for a rain check -- but without the "chaperons." "You're on," she promised.

David watched Rama from across the club as she took a shot. Seeing that he was heading towards the dance floor, Rama met him halfway. The two danced closer and closer, and David kissed her. Dorian entered and caught the end of the kiss. She stormed over to them and pushed them apart. "Back off, bitch -- now!" she screamed, and Rama ran away.

Dorian was furious that David had kissed another woman. She had gone to Shelter to share David's good news. David apologized for the mistake. "I will have the image of you kissing that slut forever imprinted on my brain," she yelled.

Dorian called herself a "crazy fool" for thinking that David loved her as much as she loved him. He told her to stop acting ridiculous because he did love her. Dorian told him that "something was broken tonight that can never be fixed," and she walked away from him.

Friday, July 12, 2013

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