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Roger Smythe
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Actor History

Born March 27, 1953

Died July 19, 2002 due to complications from a gunshot wound


Drug runner for "Proteus"

Importer/exporter for a Dutch company specializing in artwork and ceramics


The Valley Inn

Permanent home is in San Diego, California

Frequents Geneva, Switzerland and other European locales

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Mary Greenlee)

Past Marriages

Mary Greenlee (divorced)




Greenlee Smythe (Raised as his daughter)

Flings & Affairs

"Sandra" (deceased)

Vanessa Bennett

Simone Torres (lovers)

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized after a panic/heart attack [Nov 2001]

Hospitalized after being shot [Jul 12, 2002]

Crimes Committed

Stole money from Greenlee's trust fund

Blackmailed Vanessa into sharing half of Greenlee's dowry, saying he'd tell Greenlee that Leo was out to get her money [Apr 20, 2001]

Blackmailed Leo over his past scams

Installed an illegal drug program on Erica's computer at Enchantment

Drug runner for "Proteus"


Aiding and abetting Vanessa Cortlandt

Lied to Simone about being in a relationship; used her just to write the book over Proteus [2002]

Used Greenlee's credit cards to order Simone flowers and gifts [2002]

Arrested for drug dealing [Mar 12, 2002]

Blackmailed Simone [Jun 18, 2002]

Brief Character History

Roger Smythe and his wife, Mary, lived the life of the extremely wealthy, traveling all over the globe in search of fun and excitement. Unfortunately for their daughter, Greenlee, this meant that they were not there to give her the love and attention she needed growing up. In fact, Greenlee rarely ever heard from them, even on her birthday. Roger did show up in Pine Valley, however, when his father-in-law Woodruff Greenlee called to tell him that Greenlee was in trouble for pushing Laura off a yacht. Woodruff threatened to disinherit Greenlee and Roger stepped in to speak in defense of his daughter. What Greenlee didn't know was that her dad's motives were purely self-serving; he had been raiding her trust fund for years. Leo Du Pres confronted Roger about his treatment of his daughter and tricked him into admitting he'd been stealing from Greenlee's trust fund to fund his lavish lifestyle. Roger quickly left town, agreeing that Greenlee could stay where she was for the time being.

Roger resurfaced in mid-February 2001 after being booted out of his home by his wife. Mary had learned of her husband's dipping into Greenlee's trust fund and filed for divorce. Roger also served as a drug runner for Proteus, a powerful drug lord. What Roger didn't know was that the mystery kingpin was actually one of his former lovers - Vanessa Cortlandt. During his second stint in Pine Valley, Roger also became involved with David Hayward's experimental treatment of genetic heart conditions. A drunken Roger threatened to expose David's drug research during the 2001 Crystal Ball. David slugged Roger before he could blab what he was doing. Fuming, Roger stormed out of the ball - and out of Pine Valley.

Roger did return in March 2002 to try to make amends with his daughter - and to ask her for money to help him get out of Pine Valley. Roger feared that he'd be corralled as part of Proteus' drug ring and wanted to hit the road before he was caught. Greenlee refused and actually turned her father over to the police. Roger was arrested for drug dealing, but later released and he and Greenlee were able to smooth their differences.

Roger went out of his way to dote on Greenlee, but behind her back he resumed a sleazy affair with Simone Torres, his old lover and Greenlee's current best friend. Roger played on her vulnerabilities and convinced her to co-author a book with him about the Proteus mess. When Simone began to have doubts, he blackmailed her by threatening to tell her father about their relationship. Roger pretended to warm up to his ex-wife, Mary, but in truth they detested each other. As the wedding loomed, Leo, Mary, seemingly everyone but Greenlee learned of Roger and Simone. During the ceremony, Roger opened a door at the wrong time and was shot in the chest by Mr. Wolfe, who had come to Pine Valley searching for the Proteus drug money. Roger survived surgery but his prospects were dim. Greenlee visited him, and in a haze, he mistook her for Greenlee and asked her to climb into bed with him. Greenlee was disgusted and fled the hospital room. By the next time she visited, she found only an empty room; he had died several hours earlier. Greenlee mourned for the father who had never truly loved her, not realizing that Roger had never been her biological father at all -- Jackson Montgomery was.

When Greenlee was run over and rendered comatose in fall 2003, Roger appeared to her. He claimed he was visiting from hell, but refused to answer her questions about why he'd lied in regards to being her biological father. After encouraging Greenlee to accept death and forget about life, Roger vanished, presumably never to be seen again.

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