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Kendall finally got it --- there is no future for her with Ryan as long as he's married to Greenlee. So Kendall's leaving Pine Valley.

Kendall finally got it --- there is no future for her with Ryan as long as he's married to Greenlee. So Kendall's leaving Pine Valley. David got it --- the DNA results proving that he's Babe's father. This shouldn't even play into the revelation that Bess is Miranda. Adam got it --- Krystal and David know a secret. The old Adam would find out the secret quickly. Erica got it NOT --- her family wants her back home in Pine Valley. Krystal got it ---money from Adam's safe. Babe got it --- caught stealing the money from Adam's safe for Krystal. JR got it --- revenge on his mind. Simone got it --- a company car courtesy of Greenlee. Yeah, sure. Greenlee got it --- Ryan doesn't love her. He loves Kendall. Bianca got it --- backbone to tell off Erica, Ryan and Greenlee. Edmund got it --- crossed lines. Zach got it --- a past with Maria. Reggie got it --- a crush on Danielle. Danielle got it --- the guy interested in her is a drug dealer. Now you've Got It!!

AMC is full of men in PV that are fathers but never knew it before some plot device made it necessary. To name just a few David (Babe), Adam (Hayley), Dimitri (Anton), Mateo (Max). I wonder when Ryan's adventure away from PV will show up as an unknown child. David now knows the truth --- yes, he is in deed Babe's father. Krystal's fiction is fact. Bianca was a little over zealous about it being the best for David as he's always wanted to be a father. Being Babe's father is nothing like being Leora's dad. David would have told Bianca no matter what that Bess is really Miranda but the writers are making sure that doesn't happen and when the truth eventually comes out David will be villainized yet again.

Erica is home but her demons came with her. The shadow is lurking around, scaring Erica at every turn. When will she reach out to someone for help and rehab? I suppose soon since Mark is coming to PV next week. AMC chose to portray Erica as an alcoholic now but has done an extreme disservice to families that have to deal with this issue continually. It seems AMC doesn't have a clue about alcohol or the perils of underage drinking. I say this because last week the drinking game was "enjoyed" by individuals all under the age of 21. This is irresponsible of ABC.

Anita is told off by Erica and she deserved it. There she was assuming that Erica and Bobby were having an affair without even confronting Bobby about it. Bobby deserves someone better --- maybe Greenlee. Bobby is supposed to be showing back up in PV sometime in July. Aiden Turner --- the original Aidan is due back in PV in early July as he has been filming again for a week or so.

On Kendall's way out of Fusion she happens to run into Jonathon (Ryan's brother) and I think anyone can figure out they'll end up in bed. Ryan will find them together and give up on Kendall. Granted I don't agree with Kendall jumping into bed with the first guy she runs into or trying to manipulate Ryan, but Ryan really shouldn't judge. Has he forgotten how quickly he was in and out of bed with anyone that wore a skirt after Gillian died?

JR continues to plot Babe's demise. He is so evil, in fact I think Adam in his prime pales in comparison. Jacob Young is doing a great job in getting people out there to intensely dislike JR. It's interesting because Babe has been portrayed as a conniving, self-serving, lying tramp since she arrived in PV, yet folks think she's worth redeeming. I personally think the young actress had done a great acting job, but she has committed so many sins even in the soap world that redeeming her will be extremely difficult.

David and Maria had a nice exchange while Anita tried to console Edmund. Edmund overheard a murder plot which means this will be a new storyline coming up. This has been done in a classic movie "Sorry, Wrong Number" with Barbara Stanwyck where she overhears men planning a murder (her murder) while she is bed-ridden. This is a great movie, done well and I seriously doubt AMC can redo it any better. If you haven't seen the movie, do rent or buy it.

Since I don't watch OLTL Babe's baby is somewhat "lost" to me. I've heard that Kelly will show up in PV early in July. I doubt seriously that either baby will be returned to their rightful family then, but I wonder if Kelly will figure out whose baby she has during her visit. Apparently she doesn't have any problem with taking another woman's baby anyway since she knows Ace (Babe's son) isn't hers.

I wish they were portraying Derek as a loving and caring father instead of an absent parent. I'm not sure when this "new" image of Derek came along. If he was the old loving Derek perhaps it would help us to warm to Danielle some. I understand that AMC would like Reggie and Danielle to be the next super couple. I don't see that happening. While Reggie has gained lots of support and is an asset to the show, he needs a strong female to play opposite him and Danielle doesn't seem to cut it. Yes, PV used to have teenage super couples --- those being Greg and Jenny and Jesse and Angie. They were wonderful to watch and root for. The current writers don't seem to be able to generate that kind of magic today.

I have two AMC Fan Spotlights this week to commemorate the 4th of July. The first spotlight comes from McKelvin who writes: "Now that David knows that he is Babe's father, he is going to keep the secret of Bess being Miranda and turn his back on Bianca, of course. He already lost one child so he won't want to destroy any chances of a relationship with this one. I don't have children but at least I know that I'd do the right thing. David is just going to be back to his old self, the same guy that drugged Maria and kept it a secret that she was alive, the same guy that only cares about himself and lives to hurt others. Another character that McTavish has ruined! I'm getting closer to just giving up on AMC." The second spotlight comes from Johanna who writes: "I am so angry. When will Krystal stop acting as if the world and Pine Valley owes something to Babe and her? She just waltzed into PV, set up in the Chandler mansion and meddles in her daughter's life. I was just sick to my stomach listening to her tell David not to hurt Babe, not to take the baby away from her. Does she not understand that the baby is NOT BABES? What right does she have to keep that baby away from Bianca? I am so sick of her getting away with all her evil lies. I want to see her squirm when all her lies catch up to her! Hopefully Tad will see Krystal's true colors. I hope Bianca finds out about Miranda soon because I cannot handle much more of Krystal."

The 4th of July is coming up in a week. That means cookouts and fireworks --- fun for all. I'd like to remind everyone to be careful with all the festivities and ensure that your pets are safe and away from any fireworks displays. They could be injured and also truly scared by the loud noises and people all around. Make this Independence Day a wonderful day for all! Remember what it means to America ---- God Bless America!!

Mary Page
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