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Pilar is finally gone for good and it was none too soon. This was not the same Pilar that was in Oakdale some years ago. The previous characterization was not evil even though she was the sister of the dastardly Diego Santana. Actually she was a sympathetic character and her relationship with Mike was interesting after he and Rosanna parted ways. Her death was not as dramatic as it could have been - it was great to finally see her go away. I must have missed something because I can't believe she killed Faux Snickers - that was really unnecessary.
I am just surprised that Pilar didn't blow the whistle on Simon since she was planning to kill Katie. So I guess Simon will have to confess on his own now. This was truly a waste of valuable time because this Pilar thing almost ruined the character of Mike and will probably send Simon on his way for good when Katie finds out the truth.

Doc and Jessica
How could Jessica be so stupid? Now it's evident that Doc needs to go away just like Pilar. This guy is just too smug for words. He thinks he can just sleep with any woman he sets his sights on but Jessica was an easy mark. She had an opportunity to change her mind and stop everything. Does she really love Ben if she continues to cheat on him? I don't believe she could have been so upset over that little argument they had that she would just go off and sleep with a guy she didn't really like. This little plot twist could destroy the character of Jessica as she is becoming ... I don't want to call her. I just hope this doesn't become more sordid by her becoming pregnant and her not knowing who the father is - this was just done with Carly. How will all of this effect Jessica's friendship with Margo?

Tom and Margo
Tom showed he is something more than the yes man he has been for the last few years - a man without much to do except pop in here and there for filler time. He really showed his anger towards Margo. I like the fact that he discussed things with Bob first - this is the type of little moves that have always made ATWT the show to watch. I personally like to see people who have a real connection interact. Tom was so right when he told her that he didn't want to go through this infidelity thing again. I certainly hope that Doc doesn't get into any type of trouble where it is up to the DA's office to decide his fate: his goose would surely be cooked.
I just loved the scenes with Kim and Doc. Kim let him know that he would be in serious trouble if she found out that he was going after her daughter-in-law. I like to see Kim be tough - I just like to see any of the veterans to have something to really do. It is happening more and more these days but where is Dr. John Dixon?
Finally, what made Chris finally ask Allison to marry him after all they have been through? I don't hold out much hope for them, it's seems as if more and more that Allison and Aaron might end up together.
Also, how is this foursome of Paul, Rosanna, Jordan and Jennifer going to make being in such closeness these days? We have just don't know what James' next move is going to be and that will determine all of their fates.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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