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Will she or won't she? Will Maria Santos-Grey succumb to her old feelings for Zach Slater? Will she be able to continue resisting his charm and that magnetic pull? Mr. Slater has pulled out all stops when he re-created the "casitas" the lovers shared five years ago right in his hotel in Room 313. The memories are obviously still very vivid for both of them and hard for us not to react to the HEAT. This duo is very hot and as a woman, I got sucked in a little myself with the scene where they first find their casitas (love nest, anyone?) and he gives her the keychain with the compass. It was the way he held her, talked to her, and massaged her arms/hands while giving eye contact. Very sensual. I was just happy to see some romantic moments on the show.........topping it with Jack and Erica reuniting. Finally back in each other's arms, I can hear the cheers from the Jackson Posse now!!! And, how can we forget when Ryan gives Greenlee her weekly surprise, A BIG FAT ROMANTIC KISS? In a gazebo, which is one of my favorite settings. They both responded, and of course, Kendall and Bobby witnessed it. They in return start their plot to break up the "married" couple by sabotaging the moment. It saddened me to see Kendall still so desperate and vindictive especially after her mother's touching intervention.

Erica really hit it on the head when she told her eldest daughter how she was addicted to hurting people. She always needs a good dose of payback but it is never enough, and never will be. It was a great scene and such a turning point for both characters. But Kendall being Kendall, she wouldn't listen to her mother or her sister, and only sees GREEN or is that GREENS? She can't/won't lose Ryan to Greenlee. It was a bit unrealistic to see Greenlee fall into the Bobby trap, but I'm sure there will be lots of repercussions for all parties. Anita will not be a happy camper after she finally regained her trust in her husband and reunited with him. She will definitely have a safety net with Aidan nearby, how could she forget that random but unforgettable kiss they shared? Aidan and Anita have bonded and are once again "friends." Did I mention how happy I am to see Aidan back? Okay, something's are worth repeating!!!

Ethan Ramsey, who is fighting to prove he is a Cambias heir, is very upset in finding his Uncle Michael's body is buried under 50 feet of garbage. I am sure it is very disturbing for someone raised in London coming to America to get what he feels is rightfully his, and find nothing but obstacles and road blocks. He doesn't know who to trust, he has to deal with the anger and hatred towards his murdered "rapist" uncle, and still have no proof of who he really is. I am certain most of you have figured out that he is legitimate (okay illegitimate only in his conception) as Alex Jr's son. Plus making Zach, the man with no past, his father. We have received tons of mail on this, so everyone sees where this is going. An interesting twist, but why is Zach so determined to get back at all the elite of Pine Valley? Is there a murder mystery unfolding? Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week came from Alan who shared, "Supposedly Michael Cambias' brother died in a horrible car crash and was burned beyond recognition. Ryan stated this last week when Ethan arrived in Pine Valley claiming to be heir to the Cambias billions. Don't be surprised when it turns out that Zach is Michael Cambias' brother and Ethan is Zach's son." She and I got lots of mail on this scenario and also what fans think of the pre-mentioned triangle of Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall. The actor portraying Ethan has said on Soap Net that he will also be related to another PV resident, could it be his fellow "countryman" at the Pine Cone Motel? We always appreciate you sharing your thoughts on what is happening on our favorite show and any inside tips you discover. I have some very nice fans that always keep me up on what is happening in Llanview with Baby Ace and also on the Cambias men. Many thanks to all of you and keep them coming!!!!

Julia Barr never ceases to amaze me, she truly showed the pain and anguish of a mother in shock over seeing her son viciously stabbed and dealing with the aftermath. I could relate to her angst and loved when she slapped Adam, cried/laughed when she realized Jamie was going to survive, and interacted with Tad. They are great parents and you didn't even mind Tad sharing his relief and happiness with Krystal. Jamie, having a big heart, reached out to Babe. Another nice touch, I must be a softie for those small gestures of love and tenderness. Meanwhile, Babe has finally realized her husband is not the man she thought he was and does want to get rid of her. DUH. She had her father, David, test the orange juice and the drug in question was birth control. Imagine JR's surprise when she announces she is pregnant and feels this could be a son. Sweet justice, even if only short-lived. She doesn't want to see JR have Bess. The ironic part to me is when Babe was talking to Krystal or Bianca and kept justifying keeping Bess (a.k.a Miranda) as a gift to JR and a way to keep them together. Her conscience is bothering her but yet she can live with the fact she has been raising her best friend's infant child and only regrets it when JR is scheming to take Bess away. Is this perverted? I find it difficult to put my mind around and although I am not crazy about the way JR is handling all of this with the baby, Babe, or even his brother.........I can't understand how Babe/Krystal/David could keep this secret so long. I can't say that enough and got an interesting theory from Catherine, a devoted fan. She said, "What if Adam and JR hired a FAKE priest/minister to perform Babe and JR's wedding and Bess' christening? Every time the Chandler men mention getting rid of Babe, they never mention divorce. JR has already told Babe, Krystal, Bianca, and David that no one crosses him. Since she lied to him in the first place about her marriage to Paul Kramer, it wouldn't be much of a stretch for them to cook up the whole fake wedding thing." I must admit it wouldn't be beyond that father/son team!!!

The fundraiser for the Miranda Montgomery Center is still underway as guests come and go and sneak off to private (obviously not too much so) rooms to deal with personal issues, or enjoy the twinkling lights out on the gazebo patio. Erica received a stunning bracelet inscribed ONE DAY AT A TIME, a great way to live your life. Palmer was classic with his comments when he was introduced to Zach and later Ethan. Unfortunately, he is one of the photos Zach has posted as a "target" in his office. Maria was unsuccessful in finding clues or what he is hiding and then later beckoned to Room 313 under the assumption it was to meet her husband, Edmund. Aidan has secret security to protect Ryan and all guests from whatever might/could happen. Zach makes a mysterious call that cancels the entertainment and has a better idea for the evening. If this is Alexander Cambias Jr, the son Sr loved/admired/worshipped, we are in serious trouble if he is truly devious and has so many hidden agendas. Maria will need that compass not so she will never get lost again, but to lead her as far away from Zach/Alex as she can get.

Ryan has admitted to Jonathan (who Greenlee found is a fraud, no MBA for this guy) that he has truly fallen in love with his wife, he also tells Kendall which she won't accept or ever believe. Now she fakes a faint to pull him on the sofa and voila, Bobby shows that moment on the surveillance tape and Greenlee falls apart. She thought Ryan was really falling for her, that he was sincere, that his kiss meant something. We all know that it was, but the fickle finger of fate struck again and voila, Bobby is there to follow-thru on his debt to Kendall and provide comfort for Greenlee as her heart is yanked out by what she saw. Yet another stabbing, this time without a real knife. Whew, way too unbelievable and difficult to absorb. Enough already. Take me back to those sweet moments at the GAZEBO with Jackpot (He feels he's lucky, but I would say Erica is just as much so) Montgomery and Erica Kane OR when the Laverys shared a deep kiss before the interrupters. We need these small morsels of romance and the possibility of a happy ending to keep us watching and wanting more. It will keep us from getting off course with our compasses and always coming back HOME!!!!


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