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Now we have DNA results delivered to Ethan in a bar!! Could this be more implausible? Ethan is anything but happy and wants answers. Answers that just can't explain why Zach lied.

Now we have DNA results delivered to Ethan in a bar!! Could this be more implausible? Ethan is anything but happy and wants answers. Answers that just can't explain why Zach lied. Can't you just see it coming --- now that Ethan knows he's a Cambias, he'll start becoming an unlikable and potentially dangerous man. Similar to the way they changed Michael into a rapist. This will enable a reunion between Ryan and Kendall. Yes, I see it coming down the road. By that time will anyone even care?

Bianca regrets telling JR that his son is alive. Now this doesn't really make her any better than everyone that kept the truth about Miranda from her. In fact later in the week Bianca says every child deserves to know their father about Ethan, why wouldn't this hold true for JR? JR deserves to know his son and his son deserves to know JR. I don't blame JR for preferring to be "like Adam" instead of Tad. Tad is just as manipulative as Adam, but for some reason everyone thinks it's okay.

I'm surprised Greenlee isn't just a little afraid of Jonathan and what he might do since he's found her snooping around. I wouldn't put much past Jonathan as far as what he could do to another human being. Did you notice Jonathan spoke about Kendall laughing hysterically when she was holding the gun on Ryan? Jonathan was nowhere to be found during that time, yet he knows that detail. It must be because he was the shooter able to see everything with that scope. I've wondered for a while if Jonathan was actually trying to kill Greenlee, but missed and shot Ryan instead. Could be since he was poisoning Greenlee afterwards.

Krystal is out of jail courtesy of Adam, but Tad warns her to steer clear of Adam. Again, why would Babe and Jamie be better parents than JR and Babe with joint custody???? The whole scene with Kendall and Greenlee humiliating Krystal was so overacted and far-fetched. I noticed they've put NO blame on Tad who also knew about the deception. My AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Ruth who writes: "Even though I detest Krystal/Babe, the scene in the bar, the public flogging by Greenlee and Kendall was so infantile I had to fast forward my tape...... And, Ethan and Ryan doing their David bashing, who made them so faultless and why should newcomer Ethan care? Yes, David has been a bad boy but you must answer this for me, are the writers 5th graders? The only saving grace was seeing Liza,.....AMC, bring Liza back full steam ahead...the heck with Adam, put her with Tad and get rid of the Carey girls." Boy, do I agree with that.

Babe and Jamie just happen to stop and get there fortunes predicted? Are they both just stupid? I do wonder what Liza was doing in New Orleans, but it was great seeing her. I don't agree with her keeping Colby away from Adam. Colby deserves a chance to get to know her father. I always wonder why no one in PV goes the legal route ..... retrieving Miranda from JR, James/Ace from Babe, Colby from Liza, the list goes on.

So is Bobby blackmailing Zach? Bobby supposedly knows Ryan's shooter was paid by Zach, but I'm thinking he's wrong. Bobby ended up in the hospital confiding this to Edmund who in turn only wants Maria to know the truth about Zach. Hmmmmmmmm.

Edmund wants to try to make his marriage with Maria work now. Guess we'll see how this plays out. Zach heard Maria out and noted that she said the "love we HAD" when discussing Edmund. That Zach is quick on his feet.

The wardrobe department seems to have forgotten what time of year it is again. The women are all sleeveless and exposed while the men are covered. It is wintertime in PA and there are so many pretty winter clothes the ladies could be wearing. Thanks for the emails and you'll hear from me again in 2 weeks as Suellen will be back next week.

Mary Page
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