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Josh Madden wants to know if his "father", Dr. Greg Madden, is truly as twisted as everyone thinks. I, Suellen, want to express how TWISTED this whole storyline with Dr. Madden buried alive is. It is ever so dark and just plain creepy. Here I was so excited to be back on board again when Kristine asked me to cover for her the next two times she would be writing Two Scoops. She is on a holiday abroad and will be back with you on July 23rd. Anyway, my points was that I was looking forward to sharing my thoughts on OUR FAVORITE SHOW again but have to admit I have not been watching faithfully for the past few months due to a very hectic schedule. I also traveled abroad with family for two weeks, the first time ever, and enjoyed the experience immensely. Within two weeks of my return, my youngest daughter got married here in Las Vegas. See what I mean about HECTIC?

Thus, I sit myself down and catch up on tapes and SOC recaps and then imagine the horror of seeing someone in the predicament Dr Madden is in. Not that he doesn't deserve punishment and everyone's hatred.......but this kind of torture and visual images it creates turns my stomach. Since the scenes are so dark, all I can see are his white teeth and sweat stained face shining, and why I haven't had nightmares yet is mystifying. Of course it is an interesting mystery as to who is behind the elaborate set-up to get the mad doctor to confess. There have been past AMC mysteries like Who Killed Will Cooney or Michael Cambias? Who is Proteus? And now........Where is Kate Martin? Lots of eluding to who has conspired with the body buried in a public park close to a bench, basketball court, and lawn for picnics and Frisbee playing. Which one or ones do you feel are the culprits? Zach, Dixie, Tad, Del, JR, Julia and/or Jamie? I am still in shock so haven't decided or analyzed it all. The worst part is thinking about someone being the sole sperm donor for hundreds of babies on a secluded island. It is beyond comprehension and not what was meant by naming the show, ALL MY CHILDREN. Fortunately, we know Kate was conceived by Tad and hopefully Ryan is truly the father of his newborn.

On a brighter note, it was nice to see Zach and Kendall reconcile and marry. I always enjoy watching this duo in action. They are quite the pair. If Myrtle is too old for him and Ryan is old news for her, then this is where they should be. ZENDALL. Now newlyweds with a baby, Spike. I know this is an unusual name for a young boy, not as a nickname but his proper name, but it seems to fit due to the unique circumstances. One avid AMC fan shared a theory on how the writers came up with the name. It seems there was a vampire on "Buffy and the Vampire" in love with Buffy, his name was Spike. As you might remember, Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays Buffy, also was the original Kendall many years ago. So is this like that Kevin Bacon game "Six Degrees Of Separation", where you always come back to him????

We can only pray that when Thorsten Kaye's (Zach) contract is up later this year, he doesn't leave the show. What a loss that would be. I saw an informative interview with him in a soap opera magazine where he commented on what a great group of actors they have on the show but he feels that they sometimes are just filling in gaps for the writers. They should be handling human issues instead of just going from event to event. That's what he would love to see happen. I couldn't agree more as they desperately need to get back to the basics that made AMC so popular for 36 years.

I was getting very frustrated with Erica Kane, again. I so wanted her to come clean with Jackson. We have rooted for this duo, they finally have a dream-come-true wedding, and poof........nothing but obstacles ever since. Surprisingly, she did admit the truth to her husband at his insistence and was surprised at his reaction. Personally, I never have liked the way Erica deals with issues and problems, as she can be so hypocritical in her actions. Now she has this big secret about Josh's parentage, Jeff Martin comes back to Pine Valley and is happy with the news, but she still wants to play it all her way. Joe Martin was right; she doesn't have the only say in all of this. Wow, it was great to see John James again, I used to be a big Dynasty/Colbys fan and that is why I adored Michael Nader as Dex and later as Dimitri on AMC. John played a Jeff on that show and voila here he is again as Jeff Martin, long lost son and doctor. This could be an interesting story as now Josh is spinning out of control with the thought of his supposed father being a wacko and his hatred for JR due to loyalty for Babe. I wasn't ready for that scene with JR giving the urine specimen, and saying, "Surf's Up"; it had to be the chuckle of the week. There were so many other inappropriate things done in the hospital this past week, it scares me after being in the medical field myself, like torn jeans worn by interns with scrub tops, dalliances in the locker/bunk room, scuffles in the hallway, etc.

I missed the pairing of Julia and Jamie but got the drift when they had the shower scene this past week. It has given them both something to do now with a little humor, flirting, body heat. Despite the age difference, I don't mind them together. She wasn't right for David or Ryan, and he wasn't interested in Amanda beyond friendship. Meanwhile, Di and Tad are bonding as they work together to find Kate. David might have a clue himself he wants to share with his beloved Dixie Belle. Tad discovered more about Dixie after she left home and lost Kate, she had a rich boyfriend who afforded her the luxury of full time seek and search operations. Aidan and Erin are still a duo. Jonathan is pretending he is still impaired but is back to his old self. That in itself is a scary thought. Lily might not be any safer with him down the road then she was with Terry in NYC. Speaking of whom, Mr. McDermott has hired Aidan to find his long-lost wife, Annie, an old friend of Di Kirby's. It appears Di is not at all happy to see this man and does not want to cooperate in the search. Obviously, their daughter will be Kate Martin and this will open another can of worms.

It has been hard to find much entertainment value in AMC of late with all the anger, taunting, and negative vibes. Hopefully it is a temporary situation. Either everyone has confessed they want Greg Madden dead because of his misdeeds, they are taunting JR for what he did to Kendall/Spike, or condemning Babe for getting her husband free. Whew, it is exhausting to keep up with. Pine Valley must have their own Golden Rule, "Do unto others BEFORE they do unto you"........and then again afterwards.

On Friday's episode the question of the day was, "Don't you have somewhere to be?" I guess that is a veiled clue and definitely my cue to exit for this commentary. It was nice catching up, being back at Two Scoops, and look forward to hearing all your thoughts, theories, and rants.......please feel free to send them my way and catch you back here in two weeks. Have a safe, festive 4th of July weekend as we celebrate all the reasons we are proud to live in the USA. And special hellos to our servicepeople and their families around the world as well!


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