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David's long gone and leaves via tape to boot. David did get to tell Babe goodbye and profess his love for her even though Babe is undeserving of that love. David also went to Leora's gravesite which was such a moving scene and again proves that Vincent should have never been let go from AMC.

David's long gone and leaves via tape to boot. David did get to tell Babe goodbye and profess his love for her even though Babe is undeserving of that love. David also went to Leora's gravesite which was such a moving scene and again proves that Vincent should have never been let go from AMC. Back at Chandler mansion, good thing Babe didn't see the recording as no one else would have been privy to it. Instead Colby takes the tape to her father which I was a little surprised about. I could see her watching it first and then blackmailing Krystal, but no instead we have everyone, including Tad, sitting down to watch my David say goodbye. Babe is still able to destroy the recording because everyone knows Babe can't let "Mama's secret" out. What a loyal "babydoll" Babe is, as Krystal would say. It turns out Tad is curious enough to ask Dixie about "her ammunition". Even though Dixie tried to avoid Tad's pressure, she did succumb and told Tad the truth. I feel sure it's only a matter of time before Tad finds out David wasn't lying and then Adam will find out he's not going to be a father again. Instead Adam has to watch JR suffer through withdrawal from morphine. I found the exchange between JR and Jamie amusing as they discussed JR's addictions but wondered if morphine was addictive. Duh! I thought Jamie was almost a doctor a while back. I don't even want to see another addiction storyline as we've been subjected to too many of those. Remember Erica as the chorus girl? Considering JR was in critical condition one would wonder how everyone and anyone was allowed into his area. Immediate family, yes, but Erica? Just a way to have Erica threaten JR while building up Josh. Josh, her wonderful son, who is pursuing a married woman that routinely sleeps around. Great family.

You're the Sperm Donor!

That's what Ryan gets donating sperm for money - another child that just happens to land in PV. Wonder how many other children he's fathered? It's ridiculous to even go down the road of Ryan being Emma's father as Dr. Madden was nowhere around PV back then but the writers don't care as they have to tie Annie and Ryan together via Emma. I don't get Kendall's jealousy as she chose Zach over Ryan and should understand Ryan will move on and more children could be an option even if Ryan did have a vasectomy. A reversal or adoption, anyone? Ryan can be a father to both children. I didn't see Kendall concerned when Zach mentioned they'd have their "own" children in time. A line that was thoughtless as Zach supposedly loves Spike as his own. I still don't see much chemistry between Ryan and Annie but am glad Ryan has moved on. Now Kendall needs to keep focused on Zach and their new house. The house that will no doubt bring Zach's demons front and center. Is anyone wondering who sent the note to Zach about Zach murdering her?

Sleeves in November!

Why did TPTB decide to allow Julia Barr to hit the highway? I loved her exchange with Susan Lucci at Thanksgiving dinner. Erica insinuating Brooke can't eat gravy because Brooke would gain weight. Brooke telling Jackson she wants to be a part of his Thanksgiving because it will be so interesting. So many priceless moments! As Brooke said I also "like to wear sleeves in November". Even though Erica has great arms, no sleeves November through February in PA is ludicrous. I've harped on that many times before as the wardrobe department apparently forgets what time of year it is. Considering they film in NY you'd think they'd remember anytime they walk outside. That aside, I will miss Brooke and Erica's bantering very much. So much talent going to waste and out the door!

Rumors and Such!

So many rumors out there about who's going next, with many believing Di and Del are on their way out. I could see that as neither of them have had much of a storyline lately. Granted Di and Aidan have hooked up now but it seems AMC just can't seem to pair anyone up with Aidan. I don't understand this as he's definitely a hunk, even if he's hard to understand. Del hasn't been in any real situations in forever. I wonder if Del will go out with a "bang" maybe become a criminal, be a victim of crime or disappear from the radar screen like Reggie? I wonder about Jonathan as he has been absent from the canvas for a while. I liked the chemistry he had with Annie, but I guess that won't happen now, after all he did sleep with Kendall upon arriving in town (unknowingly but just the same he slept with her) so no need to have the Lavery brothers after the same woman.

Now that the news of Zarf, the transgender, is common knowledge, I just have to ask why? It appears Zarf will be paired up with Bianca (making this couple Barf?). Zarf has already been portrayed as over the top as he was just sitting in the Fusion offices naked. Erin, Simone and Danielle's exchange with Zarf was dim-witted and hard to even watch. Zarf immediately fell in love with Bianca as she entered Fusion. Love at first sight. Guess she'll need to tell him she's a lesbian. Before Zarf could make a fool of himself with Bianca we had to endure Bianca admiring Babe and Babe's "good intentions". The only reason I can even stand to listen to Babe at all is because of Alexis' wonderful acting talent. She deserves much better storylines. She is also such a beautiful woman.

Back to Zarf and his transgender storyline, similar movies have been done about transgenders with probably much more success and quicker results than AMC has any intentions of doing, such as the one with Hillary Swank. In that case, Zarf should not be interested in Bianca or any woman, instead he should be after the men of PV. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Transgender does not refer to a sexual preference. A transgender male can have sexual attractive to other men, women or both. The same applies to transgender women,] It seems Bianca can't be in a lesbian relationship. She's been with Lena, definitely a bi-sexual, she was supposedly with Frankie but Frankie was with JR when she was murdered and we never saw Frankie return any affection towards Bianca, then with Maggie who is at most a bisexual considering she had many heterosexual relationships but when those relationships ended unhappily Maggie decided to try out Bianca. I still don't know why they chose to make Bianca a lesbian, but perhaps they should have her try the bisexual route since they have no problem letting straight people go there. This could give Bianca a love interest for a change instead of pairing her with a man that wants to become a woman, meaning Bianca is really with a man no matter what surgery he has or doesn't have.

Enjoy & Be Careful!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday season, enjoying family and loved ones. Take care out there on the roads as everyone is in a rush. I'll see you back here in two weeks and will be wishing everyone a Merry Christmas then!!


Mary Page
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