All My Children Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on AMC
Mike and Jack continued their battle to win Erica's heart. Jake agreed to father Liza's child. Gillian thought that Ryan was still interested in Hayley. Mateo learned that the carnival was heading to town. Dixie managed to get Dimitri to tell her where Brooke had fled to.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on AMC
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Monday July 20, 1998

Jack defended his decision to feign amnesia. He told Mike that he really was telling the truth when he said that he didn't know who Erica was. Letting Erica play "eenie, meeny, miney, mo" was not the way that Jack wanted Erica to choose the man she wanted to marry. Mike agreed, saying that he would rather fight Jack to the finish. Jack jokingly suggested a pistol duel at dawn, but stated that dawn is "too damned early" for him. To Mike, going after Erica was more like a "run for the roses." He objected to the way that Jack was seemingly dropping out of the race; he didn't want to win Erica "by default." Jack, while obviously annoyed that he was embroiled in a fight for the woman he loved, still found time to make jokes about the situation, "Erica, Erica. Who gets the Erica?" he quipped. Mike tried to get Jack to see that deep down inside he really loved Erica and all her games. Erica, Mike said, was known for her unpredictability and the way she made men dance for her. Jack remarked that if he didn't hate Mike so much, he might actually be able to be friends with him. Before leaving, Mike asked Jack to think about what was more important to him---his pride or the love of his life.

On the way back to her hospital room, Liza assured Jake that she understood why he'd decided against helping her conceive a child. Jake felt bad for backing out on Liza and asked her if there was anything that he could do to make it up to her. With a smile, Liza told Jake that she wanted nothing more than to be sprung from the hospital. She cringed as she told Jake that it was "too clean" for her. Jake agreed to talk to Liza's attending physician and light a fire under him. After Jake left, Liza got on the phone and called Marian. Marian wasn't home, so Liza left a message for her mother to drop by the hospital when she could. In the message, Liza made reference to talking "baby talk" with Marian. David, who hovered in the doorway, picked up on the statement. He held a paper bag in the air and told Liza that he'd supply the pickles and ice cream for her. David was surprised that having a baby had become such a high priority in Liza's life. Liza was quick to downplay her mention of having a child. She said that having a baby was something that she'd like to do one day---that and scuba diving. The talk turned away from babies and more towards Liza and David's rocky past. David thanked Liza for forcing him to own up to nearly killing Adam. He said that it was the best thing for him and that it forced him to take "a long, hard look" at himself. David claimed that he didn't like what he saw, but Liza couldn't help but wonder if David was lying to her. "Excuse me while I throw up," she said with a slight laugh. David asked Liza why she didn't believe that people could change. Liza did, in fact, believe that people were capable of changing---but in her mind, David didn't fall into the people category. David's face crinkled as he remarked that Allie didn't believe that he'd changed either. Liza called Allie "a very smart woman" who was capable of seeing through lies. David insisted that he was no longer fixated on Allie. He said that he realized that he wasn't really in love with Allie-he wanted to "possess" her. David went on to say that he felt badly that Allie lost her license to practice medicine. Allie needs to practice medicine, he said, just like other people need to breathe. If David really wasn't interested in getting Allie back, then that still left his return to Pine Valley in question. David explained that he really had returned for a medical seminar, but something else had come up that made him want to stick around. He said that there was a woman whom he wanted to get to know better. He had gotten off to a rather rocky start with this woman, but given the chance David was certain that he could win her over. Liza rolled her eyes and wondered if she should warn the woman that David had his sights set on her. "Stand warned," David grinned. The woman in David's scope was Liza! Liza laughed at David's statement. She told Liza that David could never really want to be with a woman because he didn't respect anyone other than himself. David left the room, but not before comparing Liza to the roses she displayed on her nightstand. Both, he said, were extremely beautiful---but had thorns that needed to be avoided.

On the sun porch, Adam accused Allie of having an unusually "warped sense of humor." Allie accused Adam of being the reason that Liza had turned to Jake. Had Adam not "steamrolled" Liza into a divorce, as Allie put it, they would still be married and possibly have a child together. Adam cast Allie a cold glare and asked her what she had to gain from fabricating such a story. Allie produced a piece of paper that somehow proved that Liza was enrolled at the fertility clinic. If Adam didn't want to believe her, all he had to do was take a look for himself. Adam still didn't believe what he was being told. Allie told Adam that she believed that Jake's services had been bought and paid for. She told Adam about the check that Liza had written to Stanford. She wondered when Adam would believe what she was saying. Perhaps when Liza was "wobbling down the street eight months pregnant out to here?" Adam insisted that Liza had not asked Jake to father her child. Allie advised Adam that conception had not yet taken place and warned him that he was the only one who could stop it. Again, Allie brought up the topic of the way Adam had forced Liza into divorce. Adam insisted that the divorce was a mutual decision. Allie disagreed. She told Adam that she had been in the room when Liza learned that she'd lost her baby. Liza, she said, longed to have a baby with Adam. Allie also pointed to Adam's concern for Liza's welfare at Holidays. Adam claimed that he showed no special concern for Liza and that he would have done the same thing for "a dog lying in the road." Allie begged Adam to find Liza and tell her that he would help her conceive a child. Allie turned when she noticed that he was looking towards the doorway. Allie turned around and saw that Jake had overheard what she'd said. He walked slowly into the room and sternly told Adam to mind his own business. Liza didn't want Adam in her life, he said, and she certainly didn't want him to help her father a child. Jake refused to answer Adam when he asked him if what Allie had said was true. In Adam's mind, Jake's defensiveness proved that Allie was telling the truth. Adam stormed out of the room presumably headed for Liza's room. Jake blasted Allie for telling Adam about Liza's decision to go through the artificial insemination process. He told Allie that while she was blabbing Liza's business, he'd been telling Liza that he had to back out of being her sperm donor. Allie was overjoyed and thanked Jake with a big hug. Jake wasn't in the mood to hear Allie's babbling. He coldly pulled away from her and told her that he needed to make sure that Adam wasn't badgering Liza.

Outside the quarantine room, Keith was about to step inside when Belinda, Janet, and Trevor arrived. Belinda threatened to file charges against Keith for trying to talk to their client without their being present. Keith defended his decision, saying that he needed to prove whether or not Brooke was really sick. Keith decided that the only way to make everyone happy was for everyone to don protective clothing and venture into the room. Belinda and Trevor both agreed, but fortunately Joe arrived in time to thwart the intrusion. He warned the trio that a venture into the room could place them all at risk for disease. Joe slipped into the room and warned Kelsey that Keith was outside the room. Kelsey whispered that she had a foot cramp and asked her grandfather to help her. He walked to the window and started to close the blinds. Outside, Janet looked through the window and caught a glimpse of "Brooke's" toes---blue nail polish and all. A concerned look crept over Janet's face, but she said nothing. Kelsey figured that the closed blinds would allow her some time to read a magazine. Joe scolded Kelsey---Brooke was seriously ill and was too sick to read anything. Back outside, Keith still believed that Brooke was faking her illness to buy time. Trevor said that he'd stake his legal career on the fact that Brooke was really sick. When Joe came out of the room and tossed his protective garb in the biohazard bins, Janet casually walked over and told Joe that they had a problem. Janet and Joe strolled down the hall slowly until they reached an out of the way table. They sat down and Janet told Joe that she'd seen "Brooke's" painted toenails. Brooke, she said, was a trend-setter, not a trend-follower. Blue nail polish was definitely not Brooke's speed; Kelsey's perhaps, but definitely not Brooke's. Subtly, Janet warned Joe that something like blue nail polish could tip off the inquisitive mind of an assistant district attorney hungry for a conviction. Not only that, but it all was not as it seemed, Trevor could get into a heap of trouble as well. Joe said that he understood fully what Janet was saying and assured her that he would take care of things. This was a cagey guessing game as neither Janet nor Joe went on record as saying that Brooke was not the person locked in quarantine. Back down the hall, Keith warned Trevor and Belinda that they had forty-eight hours before they had to reappear in court. He urged them to use their time wisely. Then, completely unforeseen, Keith asked Belinda if she'd like to go out with him one night that week. Belinda chuckled slightly and told Keith that her work takes up most of her free time. Belinda turned and walked away. Trevor told Keith that once Belinda gets hot under the collar, she usually doesn't cool off anytime soon. "I'm counting on it," Keith replied cryptically. Janet returned to her husband's side and when asked where she'd ventured off to, Janet said that she was asking Joe if it was possible that Trevor had been exposed to Brooke's illness. Trevor hugged his wife tightly and told her how wonderful it was of her to be concerned about him. "More than you know," Janet said under her breath.

Dimitri apologized for interrupting Erica's private chat session with God. He said that he had hoped to do a bit of soul searching himself. Erica asked her ex-husband what provoked his search for his "so-called soul." Dimitri told Erica about his spat with Edmund over helping Brooke flee the country. Surprisingly, Erica called Dimitri's decision to help Brooke "selfless." She added that anyone who believes that chivalry is dead has obviously not seen Dimitri in action. Dimitri chuckled and commented that he never would have imagined himself in a hospital chapel having a heart-to-heart chat with his two-time ex-wife. When asked if he believed in miracles, Dimitri nodded his head. Erica told Dimitri that is was good of him to believe in miracles because it was a miracle that she was still talking to him. She then called him "a conniving, backstabbing bastard." Dimitri's head snapped backed and he asked Erica what she was talking about. Erica said that had it not been for Dimitri backing up Mike's lies, she would probably be happily married to Jack. Instead, she's hopelessly torn between two men who mean a great deal to her. Erica said that she used to envision walking down the aisle with Jack, but when Mike returned to her life she began having visions of spending her life with Mike. Unlike her description of like with Jack, Erica said that life with Mike would mean living each day to the fullest. Dimitri mused that Erica didn't have to decide which man she wanted to be with most: She could let the men choose for her. He told Erica that he has a wonderful set of antique dueling pistols that Jack and Mike could use to settle the battle. Dimitri's jokes quickly came to an end. On a more serious note, he told Erica that she needs to take time out before she reaches a decision. If the men in her life couldn't understand that she needed time, then "to hell with them." Dimitri returned to the well of jokes one last time, asking Erica if he got to cast a vote for the man she should choose. Erica smiled and told him that the decision was not open to popular vote. After Dimitri left, Erica sat down in the front row of pews and asked God to give her a sign as to which man she should choose. The doors to the chapel suddenly swung open and two candystripers pushed Jack into the room. He wheeled himself next Erica and told her that he had something he needed to tell her. He leaned over and planted a passionate kiss smack dab on Erica's lips. Without saying anything else to Erica, Jack asked the two volunteers to wheel him back out to the hallway.

Jake carefully poked his head into Liza's room just to be sure that Adam hadn't gotten there first. He hadn't. He had returned to Chandler Mansion and drowned his pain in a glass of brandy. He muttered to himself that Liza was supposed to be having their baby. Jake sat down at the foot of Liza's bed and told her that he and Allie had worked everything out. Liza had no idea what that meant. Jake summed it up in four words, "I'm gonna do it." It, he said, was that he'd decided to help Liza father her child after all.

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Stuart, Hayley, and Mateo peered into Gillian's room through a pane of glass. All three wished Gillian a speedy recovery. Hayley wondered if they would ever find out who was responsible for the explosion now that Camille was dead. Stuart pulled the shark's tooth he found at the cabin out of his pocket and held it up for Mateo and Hayley to see. Neither knew of anyone who wore a shark's tooth necklace, but they both announced that they'd be on the lookout for anyone who fit the bill. Lee slowly wandered down the hospital corridor---that is, until he saw Stuart talking to Hayley and Mateo. He managed to slip around a corner before anyone saw him. When he did, he smacked into Ryan. Ryan instantly recognized Lee, but he didn't know Lee's name or where exactly he knew him from. Lee, who introduced himself as the ubiquitous "John Lee." Lee mentioned that he was just hired to work at Wildwind, but Ryan knew that he hadn't seen "John" at Wildwind. When Lee mentioned that he'd used to work at Holidays, Ryan recalled that "John" was the one who'd told him to let Mateo "handle his woman." The only thing that Lee could do was to change the subject. He mentioned that he'd heard that Ryan's wife was injured in the explosion and said that he wished her a speedy recovery. When Ryan arrived outside his wife's hospital room, he learned that Gillian had asked for a visitor. Naturally assuming that he was the visitor, Ryan was stunned to learn that Gillian had asked to see Eugenia---not him. During her brief visit with her granddaughter, Eugenia> learned that Gillian felt alone. Gillian's spirits were somewhat lifted when she learned that Dimitri, Edmund, Mateo, and Hayley had all dropped by at one time or another to check on her condition. What really hurt Gillian was the fact that her own husband had not stopped by once. Eugenia promptly corrected Gillian, telling her that Ryan had barely left Gillian's side since she was admitted. She also informed Gillian that Ryan had helped save her life in the aftermath of the explosion. Outside, Ryan kicked himself for having treated Gillian so badly over the past few months. Hayley explained that sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring people closer together. Hayley joked that she's missed the sounds of shattering glass around Wildwind. The two shared an embrace, one that was seen by Gillian through the observation window. Gillian's doctor told Ryan that Gillian's condition had been upgraded to stable and that barring any unforeseen complications, Gillian could be released in a few days. Ryan entered Gillian's room with a smile on his face, but Gillian refused to speak to him. Outside, Mateo returned to waiting room and showed Hayley an ad in the paper for the upcoming carnival. Hayley began to cry as she realized that Mateo's vision of her death was now once step closer to reality.

It seemed like barely an hour since Jake had told Liza that he had to back out of helping her conceive a child. Now, he'd come back to her room to announce that he'd reversed his decision. It made no sense to Liza, but she was elated nonetheless that Jake had changed his mind. Liza wanted to know what brought about Jake's change of heart, but Jake dodged the question. He encouraged Liza to rest up and focus on getting out of the hospital. Once released, Jake told Liza that he would "mosey on down" to the fertility clinic to help her get pregnant. As Jake was on his way out of the room, Marian dropped by. Marian was surprised to learn that Jake was back in the sperm donor picture. Liza, not wanting to jinx anything, could barely contain her glee. "We're going to have a baby," she chirped as she bounced up and down in bed. Marian joined in the merriment, but she then realized that she had scheduled an appointment to donate blood. Liza was floored; her mother had never, ever given blood before. Marian smiled somewhat bashfully and told her daughter that there was a first time for everything. Marian wondered if her pending grandmotherhood had caused her to become a better person. Before leaving, Marian handed Liza a book of baby names. Alone in her room, Liza paged through the book. She came to the name Adam and abruptly stopped reading the names. "No," she said emphatically. She continued on through the alphabet.

Lee continued on his way and eventually bumped into Marian, who was on her way to the blood donation room. Marian told Lee that she'd cancel her appointment so that they could go out for a bite to eat. Lee nodded and told her that he'd see her in a few minutes. Marian entered the donation suite with the intention of canceling her appointment. She tried to tell the attending physician that she wanted to cancel, but she never got the chance. The doctor handed her a consent form and told her to have a seat. When Marian looked towards the donor in the next chair, she saw a familiar face. Stuart, as he does so regularly, was also donating the gift of life. Marian was enamored by Stuart and forgot all about her decision to forgo the donation. After they'd finished giving blood, Marian and Stuart both rested in chairs. They made small talk---mostly about how good it felt to give blood. Things got rather sticky when Marian commented that this was the first time that she'd ever donated blood. Marian remarked that giving blood was probably the only thing she'd never done. "I know," Stuart replied. Needless to say, Stuart's reply prompted a sour reaction from Marian. Again, she thought that the comment was somehow linked to her past affairs. Stuart asked Marian how much she knew about her new lover, John. Stuart, suspecting that John might be responsible for the "accidents" that had been plaguing his family, asked questions about John's knowledge of machines and whether or not he was good enough for Marian. Marian offered to introduce the two men and Stuart agreed that meeting John was a good idea. Normally after donating blood, donors are encouraged to have a cookie or a glass of juice to help lessen their feelings of fatigue. Marian, however, decided that she wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. When she exited the room, Marian told Lee about Stuart's desire to meet him. Marian told Lee that she thinks that Stuart is jealous of him---and that was definitely a good thing. She asked Lee if he'd help her make Stuart even more jealous by flirting with her. Lee nodded his head and said that it would not be difficult to flirt with a woman as beautiful as Marian. He then commented that it might finally be time for him and Stuart to come face to face.

Like a whirlwind, Dixie stormed into Chandler Mansion and told Adam that she'd come to an important decision. Since Camille, the person who Adam blamed for the danger in his life, was now dead, Dixie saw no reason why she and Adam Junior could not return to Pigeon Hollow. Adam knew that he had to find a way to convince Dixie to stay in town a bit longer. He mentioned that Junior and Jamie needed more time together. Dixie nearly slipped up when she said that Jamie was out of town. Adam knew that Brooke couldn't leave town because she was on trial and that Tad hadn't gone anywhere either. Dixie covered for herself by saying that Jamie was away at camp. Adam was not acting like his usual self. Dixie noticed that he seemed almost "desperate" to keep Junior around. Adam went on a tirade about how a woman he knows that is turning to a man she doesn't love in order to conceive a child. Adam couldn't believe the gall of the woman who, of course, was Liza---but he never told Dixie that. Dixie told Adam that he was not one to lecture on people who are going overboard to have children. Women, she said, are the ones who actually have children and that they only have a certain amount of time in order to have a child. She also reminded Adam that he had been a tyrant when he decided that he needed to have an heir to the Chandler fortune. She remarked that he didn't care whose lives he destroyed just as long as he had that child. Adam again tried to convince Dixie to stick around. This time he brought up Palmer's name. Dixie had no idea that Palmer had been injured in the explosion at Holidays. When Adam mentioned it, Dixie dashed out the door and headed for the hospital. Adam sat down at his desk and recalled what Dixie had told him, "you didn't care who you hurt to make that baby yours." The last four words of Dixie's statement echoed over and over in Adam's mind. "Make that baby yours," said the echo. Adam smiled devilishly and thanked Dixie for helping him decide that he would make Liza's baby his.

Allie wanted nothing to do with David and she made no attempt to hide that from him. David tried to dig for information on Jake and Allie's fight, but Allie wasn't about to tell the secrets of her personal life. David wondered why Allie had destroyed all of the videotapes of his confession, or "so-called confession," as David called it. Allie replied that she believed that by erasing the videotapes she was effectively erasing David from her life. She demanded to know why David had returned to town. David said that since Allie had been so candid with him, he would return the favor. He told Allie that after his seminar had ended, he decided to stick around a while and try to make up for the bad things that he'd done. Allie didn't buy it. Allie became furious when David confessed that he realized that he never really loved her. Allie, in turn, accused David of ruining her career. David noted that Allie was the one who ruined her career by revealing that she forged her college transcripts. Allie was furious. Jake walked on to the sun porch and order David to leave Allie alone. Allie turned on her helpless mode and began crying frantically about how David was stalking her. David, a wry smile on his face, told Allie that he would not bother her again. On his way out of the sun porch, he managed to do a good deed. He happened upon Dixie just as she was about to faint. David offered to have a nurse or another doctor give Dixie a check-up, but Dixie declined the offer. She surmised that a skipped breakfast was responsible for her dizzy spell. David offered to but Dixie some juice, but that offer was also turned down. Dixie went on her way, but David stayed pat and watched Dixie walk away.

Back on the sun porch, Jake tore into Allie for telling Adam about his plan to help Liza get pregnant. He told her that she never should have brought Adam into the matter. He went as far as to accuse Allie of telling Adam so that Adam could use his muscle to block the process. Allie denied the claim initially, but she later confessed that she did hope that Adam could talk Liza out of getting artificial insemination. Jake made it clear that he was not going to let Allie bully him into breaking his promise to Liza. Allie's eyes bulged at the news that Jake had reconsidered and was now once again willing to assist Liza. She claimed that Jake didn't love her and that no woman in her right mind would let her fiancé impregnate another woman. Jake once again claimed that the process was a clinical one and nothing more. Jake stated that Allie had changed from the first time that he met her. Allie chalked up her transformation to losing her medical license and facing time in jail. She told Jake that the events of the past few months had changed her forever. She hinted that if Jake was no longer in love with her, then they might as well call of their engagement. Jake shook his head and told Allie that he had not asked for their engagement to be called off. Allie, however, continued to press the point that what Jake was doing was wrong and that she would never be able to forgive him if he went through with his sperm donation. Finally, Jake told Allie that it appeared that their engagement was off and he walked away. Tears welled in Allie's eyes, but she made no effort to run after the man that she loved.

Wednesday, July 22ND   , 1998

The mystery of Palmer's secret vault took Adrian back down to the wine cellar. As he poked around the mysterious secret door, Belinda slowly walked down the steps. She watched curiously for several minutes and all the while Adrian had no idea he was being observed. Then for some unknown reason, Adrian "sensed" someone behind him. He left his position by the door and headed over to the sherry rack. He picked up a bottle and headed back towards the steps. There he ran into Belinda. He wondered why she'd found her way into the basement. Belinda said that she had some papers for Palmer to sign. Adrian told Belinda that Palmer was still in the hospital and that Opal was there visiting. When asked why he was poking around the basement, Adrian claimed that he had been watching a cooking program on television and gotten an urge to whip up a soufflé for Opal. Belinda was piqued by Adrian's many talents---dancer, chauffeur, fashion adviser, first aid giver, and now gourmet chef. Adrian offered to cook Belinda something special, but she declined the offer by saying that her work takes up most of her time.

At Wildwind, Edmund and Tad nosed around Dimitri's study. They were trying to find clues that would lead them to Brooke's location. Edmund told Tad that the pilot who'd flown Brooke out of the country had filed a fake flight plan---and that immediately afterward he and his wife both "disappeared." The pair tried to gain access to Dimitri's desk drawer, but the antique desk was locked. Edmund tried to jimmy the lock open with a letter opener, but as he jiggled the lock Dimitri entered the room. Dimitri, a stern expression on his face, tossed the keys to Edmund and encouraged him to look inside the desk drawer. Tad asked Dimitri to tell him where he'd stashed Brooke. "I'm not her travel consultant," Dimitri smirked, adding that Brooke had chosen her final destination by herself. Tad knew that if he didn't leave, he and Dimitri would likely come to blows. After Tad had left, Edmund gave Dimitri an ultimatum: tell him where he'd sent Brooke or face the police. Dimitri opted for choice number two and even offered to call the police himself. Edmund could see that he was getting nowhere and it really ticked him off. He vented his frustration by kicking Dimitri's wastepaper basket. Dimitri rolled his eyes and asked Edmund if he was going to destroy the entire study one piece at a time. Edmund crouched down and started picking up the trash. One piece of paper caught his interest and, out of sight of Dimitri, he tucked the paper into his pocket. Edmund then leapt to his feet and ordered Dimitri to clean up his the mess himself.

Gillian finally broke her silence, but she appeared less than happy to see her husband. Gillian asked Ryan if the police had found out what had caused the explosion and if anyone else had been hurt in the blast. Ryan hoped that Gillian would be well enough to leave the hospital soon. Hospitals, he said, gave him the creeps. "I'm sorry you were creeped," Gillian replied softly. Ryan insisted that he hadn't been put out by having to visit Gillian and added that he truly cared about Gillian. Gillian flashed back several minutes in time and recalled seeing Ryan and Hayley embrace. Gillian told Ryan that after she was released from the hospital, she didn't want to see him again. Ryan's mouth dropped slightly. He didn't understand what he'd done to upset Gillian. Gillian said that she knew that Ryan was only pretending to love her so that Immigration would let her stay in the country. Ryan raised his voice and told Gillian that she was being selfish. He told her that he had stayed by her side and that it was not fair of her to treat him so unkindly. Hayley overheard the shouting and burst into the room. She told Ryan that raising his voice would not help speed Gillian's recovery. Ryan stepped out of the room and Hayley went into lecture mode. She asked Gillian if she was familiar with the "Princess and the Pea" fairytale. Gillian nodded. Hayley suggested that they could write a new story about Gillian entitled, "The Princess with a Pea-Brain." Hayley told Gillian that she knows what it is like to keep vigil by a loved one's bedside. She urged Gillian to soften her anger towards Ryan long enough to thank him for being there for her. Gillian had no desire to speak to Ryan and told Hayley to thank him for her. Hayley was irritated by Gillian's petulance and headed towards the door. There, Ryan offered to give Hayley a ride home. She gladly accepted, saying that her work there wasn't done---but that she had run out of patience.

Dixie entered Palmer's room and was immediately greeted by Opal. Opal chirped on and on about how glad she was to see Dixie and then told Palmer that Dixie had come to visit him. "I'm blind, Opal, not deaf," Palmer groused. Dixie and Palmer have a brief discussion in which both of them danced around the word "se," Palmer nearly told Dixie that it was "so nice to see" her again. When Palmer wanted to have Junior visit, Dixie had to come up with another way to say that she would bring Junior to "see" him. The awkwardness subsided after several minutes and ultimately Dixie told Palmer that she was certain that he would make a full recovery. If for nothing else, Dixie said that Palmer had to see her new hairdo. Opal asked to speak to Dixie in the hallway for a few minutes. In private, Opal told Dixie that Palmer had been down in the dumps ever since the explosion. Opal also explained that Joe had said that Palmer should have regained his eyesight by now and that no one was certain when---or if---he would be able to se again. Then, Opal began to ask questions about Dixie's love life---had she seen Tad since she'd returned and had they spoken. Dixie smiled slightly and told Opal that she had seen Tad, but kindly asked her to back off. Opal returned to the room and Dixie headed on her way. On her way out, Dixie bumped into an obviously dejected Tad. Dixie figured that Tad's search for Brooke had gone nowhere. Tad worried that he would never see Jamie again. Dixie put her hand on Tad's arm and rubbed gently. She assured him that everything would work out in time. Dixie wanted to do more to help Tad since he had always been there during the low points of her life. Tad assured Dixie that just being there to talk was doing wonders for him. He mused that Dixie could go a few rounds with Dimitri for him. Inside Palmer's room, Opal tried to keep Palmer from going crazy. Belinda entered toting the papers that she needed him to sign. After she'd handed over the papers, Belinda mentioned that she found Adrian poking around the wine cellar. Palmer went ballistic. He ordered Opal to return home and check on Adrian---and then demanded that Adrian visit him at the hospital that same night. Belinda apologized for upsetting Palmer and went on her way. Opal agreed to return home and find Adrian. Alone in his room, Palmer remarked that he "must see them again." He then played a visit to his secret vault in his mind. The unknown contents of the vault were revealed: several priceless paintings. One of which carried a brass engraving on the frame: Peter Paul Reubens; 1577-1640.

While Tad was walking around the hospital looking for Joe, Edmund approached him and told him that he'd found a clue in Dimitri's wastebasket: a receipt for The Valley Inn. Tad found it hard to believe that Dimitri would hide Brooke in Pine Valley. Edmund told Tad that Brooke was definitely out of the country, but noted that the pilot probably wasn't. The pair headed off to the hotel hoping to get closer to Brooke's whereabouts.

Kelsey began to go stir crazy from being cooped up in the small room. Kelsey peered through the blinds and noticed that a security guard had now been posted outside the door. She made a disparaging comment to the guard just to see if the room was soundproof. When the guard failed to respond, she picked up the phone and called the security office. She asked the dispatcher to page the guard and have him report to another wing for an emergency call. Several minutes later the guard headed off to pick up the bogus call. Kelsey tiptoed out of the room---still in Brooke garb---to get a candy bar. She hadn't gone more than a few feet when she was spotted---by Scott. Scott started asking a barrage of questions. The main question focused on why Kelsey was wearing a wig and why she was in the hospital. Kelsey began to panic and begged Scott not to tell anyone that he'd seen her. The security guard started to return and Kelsey was forced to scamper into hiding. Scott pretended to be a cleaning person and started mopping the floor. Scott made small talk with the guard and learned that the guard was supposed to have received a call in the other wing. Scott told the guard that he'd keep an eye out on the room while the guard went to see if he'd been given the wrong location of the call. The guard agreed and Kelsey emerged from hiding and dashed back into the room. Kelsey filled Scott in on the details of Brooke's disappearance and made him promise not to tell a soul about what she was doing. Outside the room, Keith approached with a bouquet of flowers. He was about to waltz into the room until a nurse stopped him. She also told Keith that Brooke was not allowed any flowers or plants. Keith smiled broadly and told the nurse that she could have the flowers for her desk or the waiting room. Keith noticed that one of the slats of the blinds to Brooke's room was open. He waited until the coast was clear before bending down to take a peek into the room. When he did, he found Scott tossing mints across the room and "Brooke," he could see only the back of Kelsey's head, trying to catch them in her mouth.

Meanwhile the real Brooke was on the lam in what appeared to be France. She and Jamie were both having trouble sleeping. Jamie worried that he'd never see his friends or family ever again. Brooke tried to get her son to think of their trip as an adventure. She asked him if he was enjoying seeing new places and people. Resoundingly, Jamie responded negatively. He asked his mother if they could call Tad and have him pay them a visit. Brooke shook her head and said that Tad wasn't available for a visit. Jamie was smarter than his mother thought. Jamie knew that he and his mother were on the run from the law. He asked his mother if they would ever be allowed to return to Pine Valley. Brooke shook her head and told Jamie that they would probably never be allowed to return home. Jamie still worried that he would never be able to see Phoebe or Tad ever again. Brooke assured him that Tad would be allowed to visit them---just not any time soon. Jamie headed for bed and Brooke sat by herself for several minutes. In her robe, Brooke fought back tears as she asked herself what she was doing. She walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. She held it to her ear and listened to the dial tone for several minutes. Then she hung up the phone and looked out the window. Her mind recalled her parting kiss with Dimitri.

Back in Pine Valley, Dimitri sat at his desk. Dixie entered the room with a devious smile on her face. She told Dimitri that while they really don't know each other that well, they are going to get the chance to know each other real well. How well? Dixie said that they would be spending "an eternity together" until Dimitri told her where he was hiding Brooke.

Thursday, July 23, 1998

In the parlor at Linden House, Erica practiced a speech she planned to use to let Mike down. As she rambled to herself about choosing Jack over Mike, Mike entered through the back door. He waited until Erica posed a question to the make-believe Mike before announcing his arrival. Erica had forgotten that she'd given Mike a key to her home. She asked Mike to stand clear across the room while she broke the news that she'd decided to go back to Jack. Erica explained that Jack had dropped by the chapel and kissed her. Mike smiled broadly and congratulated Erica. In an odd reply, he actually asked Erica if she enjoyed the kiss. Erica was confused by Mike's reaction. Mike informed Erica that he was the reason that Jack had kissed her. If Erica was confused before, she was even more confused now. Mike said that he had paid Jack a visit to encourage him not to drop out of the race for Erica's affection. Erica shook her head in wonderment How could the men she loved be engaged in such "prehistoric" behavior. Mike explained the rationale behind his reaction. He said that his only wish is to see Erica happy and added that he would dance at Erica and Jack's wedding if marrying Jack would make Erica happy. Somehow Erica doubted that. She was right. Mike swore that he meant what he said---but quickly noted that he knows that Erica would not be happy if she married Jack. Mike compared his battle with Jack to a game of ping pong, which left Erica to believe that she was "the little white ball." Erica claimed that she didn't enjoy playing games when it came to romance. Mike chuckled and asked Erica how many times she been married. Erica dodged the question, saying that it was irrelevant. Mike told Erica that the battle between him and Jack would go on. There would be one difference, though. Mike said that he wouldn't let the battle turn into one of Erica's infamous man-versus-man wars. Mike leaned over and planted a kiss on Erica's lips just as she was about to toss him out of the house. Erica told Mike that he doesn't play fair, a charge Mike disputed. He said that he was just evening the score since Jack had kissed her in the hospital chapel.

Tad and Dimitri burst into a room at The Valley Inn. Their entrance caused the room's occupants to wake from their sleep. Edmund wasted no time in telling the man and his wife why they were there. Edmund knew that the man was the pilot who'd flown Brooke out of the country. He demanded to know where Brooke had gone. The pilot put on his robe and crawled out of bed. He threatened to call the police and report Tad and Edmund for breaking and entering. Edmund encouraged the man to phone the police and instructed him to ask for Keith McLean. Edmund explained to the pilot that Keith would love to get his hands on the man who had helped Brooke flee prosecution. Edmund offered the pilot double what Dimitri had paid him to keep his silence. The pilot refused to offer up any information. His wife told him that if he doesn't tell what he knows, she'll tell the whole story herself. Finally the pilot broke down and told what he knew. The confession, however, failed to provide the leads that Edmund had hoped. The pilot said that he'd flown Brooke to Paris and that at the airport a second "operative" took Brooke on to her next destination. Edmund and Tad left the room with a feeling of defeat hanging over them. Dimitri had really done a good job in hiding Brooke's hiding place. Edmund offered to have his contacts scour France for Brooke, but Tad knew that Brooke wouldn't be found before their time had run out.

Outside "Brooke's" room, Belinda arrived on the scene before Keith could barge inside. Keith told Belinda that he doubted that Brooke was really ill, but he failed to tell her what he'd observed, Instead, he told Belinda to look through the ajar slat and see for herself. Kelsey and Scott had overheard Belinda and Keith's raised voices and managed to scurry into hiding, Kelsey in bed and Scott hiding under the covers next to her. When Belinda saw nothing out of the ordinary, she accused Keith of trying to make trouble. Keith objected to the statement . He told Brooke that as the assistant district attorney, he might be interested in poking around Brooke's room. As a human being, however, he was concerned for anyone who might be in poor health. He explained that he had tried to bring Brooke flowers but that a nurse had told him that flowers were not permitted. Belinda seemed taken by Keith's honesty and sincerity. She asked him if his offer to go out to dinner was still on the table. Keith nodded. Belinda told Keith that if the assistant district attorney and the counsel to the defense could stay home for the evening, she would be quite happy to join him for a bite to eat. Keith smiled and agreed to Belinda's proposal. Kelsey and Scott waited until the coast was clear before making any movement. Scott peered out the window and determined that the coast was clear. Kelsey apologized for dragging Scott into the web of deception. Scott wasn't upset. In fact, he had enjoyed himself. He noted that this was the second time that he and Kelsey had shared the same blanket. Kelsey smiled bashfully and noted that sharing the blanket with Scott was more fun without Ryan and Gillian. Scott promised to keep quiet about Brooke's disappearance and promised to drop by in the morning to pay Kelsey another visit.

Down the hall, Opal escorted Adrian to Palmer's room. Palmer told his wife that he wanted to speak to Adrian in private. Opal was willing to oblige her husband, but Adrian shook his head and told Opal to remain in the room. Since Palmer was unable to see, he'd never know that Opal stuck around. Palmer told Adrian that he was going to reorganize his hired help and that in the shuffle Adrian's job would be eliminated. To compensate for the sudden dismissal, Palmer offered Adrian two weeks of severance pay. Adrian called the offer generous, but he said that he couldn't accept. Since Opal had been the one to hire him, Adrian felt that Opal should bed the one to fire him as well. Palmer chuckled and told Adrian that Opal has no authority---he just lets her think that she does. Opal broke her silence and lashed out at her husband. Palmer was furious that Adrian and Opal had taken "advantage of a blind man." Opal tried to hush her husband, but that did little good. Instead she told Adrian that real reason that Palmer had decided to fire him: Belinda had mentioned that she'd spotted him lurking around the basement. Opal quickly assured Adrian that he still had his job. Adrian told Palmer his tale about wanting to make a soufflé. Palmer must have realized that his anger looked suspicious. He calmed down and told Adrian that he was concerned that by his wanting to make a soufflé, the chef would worry that she was going to be fired. Adrian told Opal that he'd wait for her in the car. Opal took her husband's hands and placed them on her face. She asked him to tell her what he felt. "Your face," Palmer replied in a less than enthusiastic tone. Opal asked her husband to keep feeling. In a short time, Palmer could tell that his wife was smiling. When asked if he knew why she was smiling, Palmer jokingly relied, "because you enjoy making a fool of me." Outside the room, Adrian bumped into Belinda. He asked her why she told Palmer that she found him in the wine cellar. Belinda said that she found it odd to have seen the chauffeur in the wine cellar. She said that everything about Adrian just doesn't add up. Since Belinda had been the one to recommend Adrian for the position with the Cortlandts, she felt responsible for his behavior. She told Adrian that she would continue to keep close tabs on him until she learned the truth. Adrian grinned and encouraged the attorney to "poke on."

Keith dropped by Jack's room and filled him in on what he'd seen in Brooke's room. Jack imagined that Brooke had been given some type of medication that provided her with temporary relief. He failed to believe Keith's scenario that the Martin family was engaging in some type stall tactic. Jack reminded Keith that he'd given him full control over the case---and he urged him to utilize that control. Keith told Jack that in the morning he would appear in court and ask that he be granted permission to meet with Brooke.

Dimitri praised Edmund and Tad for sending "such a beautiful emissary" to press him for information on Brooke. Dixie blasted Dimitri for talking like "the lord of the manor" and wondered why Edmund and Tad hadn't roughed him up. press him for information on Brooke. Dixie blasted Dimitri for talking like "the lord of the manor" and wondered why Edmund and Tad hadn't roughed him up. "You have this empty space between your eyes that's just dying for the heel of a woman's shoe," Dixie sassed. Dixie's feistiness came as a surprise to Dimitri. Dixie lashed out at Dimitri for denying Tad the chance to be with his son. Dimitri assured Dixie that he'd allow Tad a chance to visit Jamie when he felt the time was right. Stella, one of the housekeepers at Wildwind, entered the room carrying a fussing Maddie. She asked Dimitri if he knew where to find Edmund. Dimitri plucked Maddie from Stella's arms and assured her that he'd take care of the baby. Dixie looked on as Dimitri soothed Maddie and eventually turned the baby's cries into gleeful coos. Dixie used the moment to push her agenda. She dug into the past and asked Dimitri about the way he'd kidnapped Maddie. Dimitri confessed to his crime, but didn't see how it related to the matter of Brooke, Tad, and Jamie. Dixie asked Dimitri to recall how he felt when Maddie was taken away from him. She didn't wait for his answer, but instead described the hollow, painful feeling he must have felt. That is the way Tad is feeling, she said.

Tad and Edmund walked through the front door just as Dixie was on her way out of the parlor. Both Edmund and Tad wondered why Dixie had stopped by. Tad was still furious about not being able to get anything out of the pilot and threatened to pummel Dimitri into telling him where he'd sent Brooke and Jamie. "He told me," Dixie said softly, passing a piece of notebook paper to Edmund. Brooke was now located somewhere in the Ukraine. Edmund walked into the parlor and found Dimitri sitting on a chair with his head in his hands. Tad could only wonder how Dixie had managed to get the truth out of Dimitri. He wanted to say something to thank Dixie for her help, but he couldn't find the words to express his gratitude. "You're welcome," Dixie smiled tenderly. She encouraged him to get on his way before it was too late.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Even in Pine Valley it's sometimes hard to find time to get the household chores finished. While Janet vacuumed the livingroom floor, a frightened Amanda entered the house. Amanda asked her mother what it meant when "the hair on the back of his neck stands up" and when "his" gums pulled back so that you can see his teeth. A one time canine phobic, Janet assumed that the display meant that Harold had seen another dog. It would've been a good guess if Amanda had been talking about Harold. Yelling and snarling, Trevor and Keith entered the house followed closely behind by Belinda. Keith had told Trevor about his plan to seek a court order to question Brooke and, needless to say, Trevor wasn't thrilled. Keith explained that he wanted proof that Brooke was not "grandstanding." Belinda called Keith's unwillingness to accept the truth "mule-headedness." She reminded him that Joe Martin, a well-respected physician, had testified in court that Brooke was ill. Keith argued that Joe had a "vested interest" in the case because Brooke was his former daughter-in-law. Trevor wanted the matter resolved immediately and suggested that they circumvent the judicial process and visit Brooke as a threesome. Janet broke her silence and yelped, "No, Trevor. You can't!" All three attorney's heads snapped in Janet's direction. Janet was forced to calm down rather quickly and to explain her concern. She worried that Brooke was tool sick to be questioned and that any aggravation by a gaggle of lawyers could worsen her condition. Keith explained that he wasn't interested in seeing Brooke suffer, but he did want to make sure that someone wasn't trying to pull the wool over his eyes. Trevor decided to play in to Keith's conspiracy theory. If Brooke was faking, how did she manage to get everyone at the hospital to keep her secret? Belinda chimed in that Brooke has nothing to gain by playing possum. Keith disagreed. A faked illness, he said, would stop the momentum of the trial, it would undercut the prosecution's case, and sway the tide of public sympathy towards Brooke. Belinda stepped up to Keith and told him that his bad attitude had made her reconsider their planned date. The date was "red-lined," according to Belinda. Keith seemed to care less. He told Belinda and Trevor that he would see them at the hospital with a court order to interrogate Brooke. After Keith left, Belinda volunteered to take Amanda to day camp. That left Trevor with enough time to question his wife's "flaky" behavior. Janet insisted that she wasn't acting peculiar, but Trevor knew that something was up especially since Janet almost "spilled" when they were outside Brooke's hospital room the day before. Janet plead the fifth and silenced her husband's questioning with a long, passionate kiss.

When Jack woke from his night's sleep, he found Erica sitting on the edge of his bed. Erica wondered what Jack had been dreaming. Since dreams, according to Erica, are the gateway to the unconscious, she could only imagine what was racing through Jack's head. In true Erica style, Erica insisted that Jack must have been dreaming of her. Jack was surprised to see Erica. Less the twenty-four hours before, she had been telling him---and Mike---to go to hell. Erica smiled and downplayed her tantrum. What had drawn Erica to the hospital room was the kiss that Jack had planted on her in the chapel. Erica told Jack that she truly loved him and the pair shared a kiss. After the kiss ended, Jack let Erica know that he hadn't forgotten that Mike was still a part of her life. Jack told Erica that he wants her to be a part of his life, but only when her life is "unencumbered" by the presence of a second lover. Jack told Erica that he was going to check out of the hospital and head to work. Erica tried her best to get Jack to return to bed for a little romance, but Jack turned her down cold. He explained that Brooke's case had taken "a hairpin turn" and that many of Brooke's friends could be in trouble. Erica cocked her said to one side and asked Jack when he and Dimitri had become friends. Almost as soon as the words had come out of her mouth, Erica knew that she was in trouble. Jack's eyebrows raised as he stroked his chin . He'd never mentioned Dimitri's name and he saw no reason for Erica to be thinking of her former husband. Jack warned Erica that if she knew anything about Brooke's case---anything whatsoever---and she failed to report it, she could be facing more prison time. Erica explained that Brooke and Dimitri had grown close as a result of their ordeal with Jim and that she sort of assumed that Jack was referring to Dimitri. Jack knew that something more was going on and he wanted to question Erica, but when the phone rang, Erica made her escape. Keith had phoned Jack to tell him that the wheels were in motion and that he was in the process of getting a court order to meet with Brooke.

Scott kept his promise to Kelsey and made a quick stop by to the hospital to drop off a candy bar. Again, Scott told Kelsey that he would do anything to help her. On his way out of Kelsey's room, Scott got caught---sort of. On a wander down the hall, Jack saw Scott hovering outside of "Brooke's" room and moved in to ask Scott why he had been allowed to be near Brooke. He had been informed that Brooke was only allowed to have visit from her doctors and immediate family. Scott fell into neither category. Before Jack could get any answers, Scott "remembered" that he was due at WRCW. As Scott was leaving, Keith approached and told Jack that he'd spotted Scott with Brooke the day before. Now Jack's suspicions began to mount. He wondered if Brooke was really in the hospital room---and if she wasn't, who was? If this was the case, Jack knew that a lot of his close friends could be facing a heap of trouble.

Edmund knew that dealing with Dimitri over the next few days could be very difficult. He wanted to let his brother know that he was proud of his decision to tell them where Brooke had gone, but he didn't want to seem condescending. Dimitri found little solace in doing the right thing. He worried that squealing might have put Brooke in even more danger. The thought of coaxing Brooke into returning to Pine Valley only to have her go to jail didn't sit well with Dimitri. Edmund was confident that Brooke was not face jail time. He reminded Dimitri of Tad's elaborate plan to buy Brooke time to return. If all went well, no one would ever know that Brooke had left American soil. The two brothers embraced just as Erica entered the room. She mused that she wasn't sure if the two men were hugging or getting ready to kill each other. She didn't want to break up the warm, fuzzy feeling, but she needed to let them know that Jack was closing in on the truth. Dimitri explained to Edmund that Erica had been present the night Brooke decided to flee the country. Erica clarified that not only was she present, but she also encouraged Brooke to run. Edmund shook his head in amazement. He couldn't believe that the two of them had both steered Brooke so far into the wrong. Lecture aside, Erica urged the two men to figure out what they were going to do to stall Jack and Keith.

Somewhere in Ukraine, Brooke sent Jamie off with a babysitter so that she could have some time alone to think about her situation. Soon after Jamie left, Tad arrived---and a series of powerful scenes marked with incredible acting began. Brooke offered to track down the babysitter so that Tad could have some time with his son. While Tad wanted to see Jamie, he decided that it was best to say what he had to say with his son safely out of the way. Tad looked around at Brooke's posh accommodations and figured that Dimitri had provided her with all the necessities of life---and then some. "Not everything," Brooke replied softly. There was no need for her to list the things that her new surroundings lacked. Tad was furious with Brooke two reasons. The primary reason, of course, was because Brooke had taken Jamie from him. The second was a little less apparent: Brooke hadn't had the courtesy to say goodbye to him before fleeing. He wondered if she'd considered writing him a letter: Dear Tad, I'm sorry. Don't worry---I'm fine. You'll never see your son again Brooke tried to shelve the anger by telling Tad how glad she was to see him. She wondered how long Tad would be staying with her. Tad announced that he was not staying and that he'd be leaving within a few hours. He added that he expected Brooke and Jamie to be on the return flight to Pine Valley. Brooke had begun to sob, but Tad's statement couldn't help but evoke a laugh of hopelessness. In case Tad had forgotten, Brooke reminded him that she was a fugitive. If she returned to The United States, she would be apprehended, carted off to jail for fleeing the country, and then found guilty of murder. It wasn't exactly a fairytale. Tad told Brooke about the plan he'd devised to allow him some time to find her and help her return to Pine Valley. Brooke was amazed at the lengths Tad had gone for her and asked why he and his family had stuck their necks out for her. The reason was but one word, "Love." Where Brooke should have been grateful, she stunned Tad with a cold response. "No one asked you [to help]," she snapped as she told Tad that he couldn't make her leave. Tad nodded. He knew that there was nothing he could say or do to make Brooke want to return to Pine Valley. Tad, however, wasn't going to return home empty-handed. If Brooke wasn't going to leave, Tad planned on taking him son home. Tad felt it was unfair to subject his son to a life on the run, a life without family, a life without the love of his father. In the most scathing of comments, Tad asked Brooke if a few years down the line Jamie would pick up a photograph of him and wonder who the man was in the picture. Brooke vowed never to let her son forget Tad. It was little consolation. Tad claimed that Jamie would be plagued by fear and nightmares if he remained apart from his loved ones. "Do you want to know fear?" Brooke snapped. Fear, she said, is looking your son in the eyes when he tells you that he'll go with you to prison so that you'll be protected. Tad could see that his son's pain had already started to accumulate. Dimitri placed a call to Brooke and told her that her that he felt that he had to tell Tad where he could find her. He also assured her that no matter what decision she made---to stay aboard or to return home---he would support her. It was a bold move for Dimitri. His heart had broken when he urged Brooke to leave and he knew that had he been as good a friend to Brooke as she'd been to him, he never would have urged Brooke to break the law and leave the country. When she hung up the phone, Brooke told Tad that Dimitri gad urged her to return home. Brooke was unsure what her next move would be. Jamie returned from his outing and called out to his mother. He ended his sentence abruptly when he saw his father sitting on the sofa. "Are you going to run away with us too?" Jamie asked.

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