All My Children Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on AMC
Liza and Jake shared a tender moment. David landed a job at WRCW. Mateo stopped Raquel from signing the divorce papers. Palmer destroyed a personal letter from Dixie to Tad. Allie took drastic measures to keep her fake pregnancy a secret. Erica had Kit's background checked out.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, October 12, 1998

Alone at Myrtle's, Allie squatted on the floor chowing down on some junk food. She didn't hear the approaching footsteps signaling that David was coming downstairs. David asked Allie why she was sitting alone, a question that was met with immediate resistance. Allie accused David of stalking,. David, however, explained that he had dropped by to make sure that Myrtle's heart was not acting up again. He looked at Allie's choice of snack and lectured her on the need for a pregnant woman to eat healthy. Allie became defensive, telling David to mind his own business. The reaction was hardly warranted and David instantly knew that Allie must not be pregnant. David smiled cockily as he asked Allie about her condition. After some initial denial, Allie admitted that she's just learned that morning that she was not pregnant. David bent over and picked up the lid from a carry-out coffee cup that Allie had left on the table. The lid was from a cup of regular coffee. David shook his head and stated that the Allie he knew would only drink decaffeinated coffee if pregnant. That, and the fact that Allie had left her "morning after" pills carelessly lying on the floor at the hospital prompted a stern warning from the cardiologist. David told Allie that she'll need to clean up her act if she wants Jake to believe that she's pregnant. Allie smiled sinisterly and mused that David must want her to keep her grip on Jake so that he would have easy access to Liza. David shook his head and denied any such interest in Liza. He claimed that he wanted to see Allie happy-even if it meant having to fake a pregnancy to do it. There was only one roadblock in Allie's mind: How would she get Jake back into her life?

At the mall, Hayley rounded the corner and smiled intently as she listened to Raquel's "sweetheart" laden conversation. Hayley was polite and waited until Raquel had finished her phone call before asking her who she was talking to. Raquel's face dropped. She went on the defensive and accused Hayley of listening to her private conversation. Hayley looked around at her surroundings and reminded Raquel that the mall was a public place. Hayley nudged towards asking Raquel who she was talking to, but she never got a chance to hear the answer. Just as Hayley was accusing Raquel of having a stash of boyfriends scattered around the country, Mateo arrived and asked the two women to stop fighting. Hayley wanted to tell Mateo about what she'd heard, but Mateo could have cared less. He told the two women that he'd just come from a legal tete-a-tete with Trevor. Trevor, he said, wanted to meet with Raquel so that they could discuss their situation. Mateo embellished his tale a bit by saying that Trevor wanted to help him and Raquel work through their problems. Raquel's eyes lit up slightly and she agreed to meet with the attorney, even if he was one of Hayley's relatives. Raquel batted her eyes and asked Mateo to accompany her to Trevor's house. Mateo nodded and said that Hayley would join them too. Raquel went ahead to tend to some errands before heading for Trevor's house. That allowed Hayley and Mateo to have a brief strategy chat. Mateo told Hayley about the "twenty four month" clause in the no fault divorce process. Hayley began celebrating, but then Mateo clued her in to the fact that Raquel's night at Wildwind could nullify that part of the agreement. Hayley decided that it was time to tell Mateo about Raquel's phone call to her "boyfriend." Mateo listened closely, but showed no sign of emotion He told Hayley that he wanted to end his marriage to Raquel so that he and Hayley could be legally married. Before doing that, Mateo said that he wanted to be sure that he did "the right thing" so that he would have no regrets down the road.

At WRCW, Jake gave a practice run of his planned medical segment. Off camera, Jake possesses charisma, charm, and character---on camera, however, he fell flat. He read his lines off of a script, failed to look into the correct camera, and questioned the writing. When Liza breezed onto the stage and asked Jake why he was being so difficult, Jake stated that he wanted a little more say in the segment. Liza rolled her eyes and asked Jake if he wanted out of the segment. Following a deep sigh of relief, Jake told Liza that he thought she'd get around to asking him if he wanted to back out. Jake felt bad about turning his back on the segment, but ultimately he knew it would be the right decision. Liza walked Jake offstage. She stopped mid-stride, her eyes wide open. Jake turned and asked Liza if everything was okay. Liza beamed proudly ad she told Jake that she felt the baby kick. Jake shook his head and told Liza that she wasn't far enough along in her pregnancy for the baby to be kicking. Liza plucked the stethoscope from around Jake's neck and started checking for the baby's heartbeat. She had little luck and asked Jake to check for her. Jake knew that he wouldn't hear a heartbeat, but he humored Liza anyway. To his surprise, Jake did find a healthy heartbeat. He gave Liza the stethoscope and helped her find the heartbeat. Liza and Jake looked deeply into each other's eyes, savoring the moment. Allie entered from behind and asked Jake if she could speak to him for a few minutes. Allie did not acknowledge Liza, nor did Liza make any effort to greet Allie. Allie whispered that she wanted Jake to take her home so that they could have a conversation. Jake nodded and agreed. Liza still held on to Jake's stethoscope and went back on a search for her baby's heartbeat. She was having trouble finding it, but luckily someone was there to help her. David crouched down next to Liza and helped her locate the strong, steady heartbeat of her unborn child. Liza thanked David for helping her. David smiled proudly and sat down at the desk setup for Jake's medical segment. He skimmed over the script and began rattling off an impromptu audition. Liza was impressed and offered David the spot. She did, however, toss in a jab about David's need to take control every time he entered a television studio. As David left, Liza smiled and shook her head.

Back at Myrtle's, Jake noted that Allie had been quiet on the entire ride home. He assumed that the "morning after" pills were starting to work and Allie was suffering from cramps. Allie turned towards Jake and informed him that the pills had not worked---and she was pregnant.

Gillian couldn't believe what Ryan was telling her. "We could be so much better," Ryan said softly as he asked Gillian for the chance to start their marriage over. Gillian reached into her shopping bag and pulled out her sexy negligee. Ryan's eyes nearly popped from the sockets as he told his wife how great she'd look in the negligee. Gillian was furious with Ryan for only being interested in sex. Ryan admitted that he wanted to be intimate with Gillian, but he argued that he wanted more than just physical intimacy. Gillian told Ryan that all he had to do was say that he loved her and she'd be his. Ryan said that he didn't know what it mean to be in love. He said that he wants nothing more than to be with Gillian, but he isn't sure if that's what love really is. Gillian rebuked Ryan's claim that his parents' loveless marriage was the reason for his uncertainty, instead accusing Ryan of holding out hope that he could lure Hayley into bed. Ryan denied the accusation, but still fell short of those three magic words that would bring him and Gillian together. Gillian broke into tears and blasted Ryan for not being able to commit to her. She stormed out of the room and told Ryan to stay away from her until he could tell her that he loves her.

At the Dillon home, Trevor carried Harold into the house. His biopsy had gone well, but the results of the biopsy still had not come back. Amanda begged her dad not to let anything bad happen to Harold. Trevor, Janet, and Tim all knew that they could not promise any such thing to Amanda. Trevor forced a smile and told his daughter that they should all remain optimistic. Mateo and Hayley arrived a short time later. Trevor told the couple that all they had to do was get Raquel to sign the divorce papers and everything would be fine. Trevor asked that nothing be said about the "twenty four month" rule. When Raquel arrived, she introduced her self as "Mrs. Santos," a move that caused Hayley to roll her eyes. Raquel announced that she was receptive to anything that Mateo wanted to do to help them out. Trevor stepped up to Raquel and flashed the "no fault" divorce papers. He explained that by singing the papers, Raquel would agree that her marriage to Mateo was "irretrievably damaged." Raquel looked at Mateo in horror. She was floored that Mateo had duped her. Mateo argued that he hadn't tried to pull the wool over Raquel's eyes because he'd been honest with her from day one about his intention to stay married to Hayley. Raquel was quick to remind Mateo that he wasn't really married to Raquel. Trevor explained that as long as one party in the union wanted out of the marriage and the couple had been separated for at least two years, only one person had to sign the divorce decree in order for it to be valid. In short, the husband and wife both do not have to sign off on their marriage. Trevor explained that Mateo didn't want to pull any legal maneuvers behind Raquel's back. Raquel took a pen in her hand and sadly told Mateo that she would sign the document only if he was sure that there was no way to save their marriage from divorce. Raquel continually told Mateo that he was the only person she could trust to tell her the truth. This eventually got the best of Mateo. He didn't want to face his conscience and the fact that he'd mislead Raquel about the twenty four month portion of the agreement. As Raquel inked the first part of her name on the dotted line, Mateo shouted out for her to stop.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Everyone looked at Mateo in astonishment. For a man who wanted to divorce Raquel so badly, his sudden decision to not have Raquel sign off on the marriage was a bit odd. Trevor pulled his client aside and demanded and explanation for his behavior. Mateo said that he felt bad for misleading Raquel. In the way they presented their case, Mateo felt that they misrepresented the choices Raquel could make. Signing off on the divorce was not the only way to go. Raquel could, Mateo noted, fight the divorce in court. Hayley wasn't thrilled with her husband's decision to forgo a quick and easy divorce for a process that could have them in court for years. Trevor suggested that if Mateo felt that he was misleading Raquel, he should simply be quiet and say nothing. That way, Trevor believed, Mateo wouldn't have the chance to say anything misleading. Mateo didn't like the idea and decided that he had to tell Raquel the truth. Mateo never mentioned Raquel's option to fight the "twenty four month" rule. Instead, he let it be know that Raquel could fight the divorce in court. Hayley rolled her eyes in disbelief. Mateo must have seen his sort-of-wife's reaction and quickly changed his approach. He again told Raquel that he had no romantic feelings for her. What was in the past, he said, will remain in the past. Raquel's eyes flickered with a glimmer of hope. She told Mateo that if their case went to court, she would have more time to convince him to be a part of her life. Mateo vehemently denied that that would ever happen. Trevor stepped in to undo some of the damage Mateo had done. He explained that under the law, one person cannot force another to stay married. The divorce would be granted, he said firmly---it was only a matter of time. Trevor handed Raquel the divorce papers and told her to look them over in her spare time. Raquel told Trevor that she didn't come from a wealthy family and could not afford to hire a big time attorney to fight for her. Raquel was also confused by Mateo's back and forth approach to the divorce. First he wanted her to sign, then he asked her not to sign, and now he wants her to sign again. Raquel took the papers and headed off. Hayley wasted no time in letting Mateo hear her objections to what he'd just done. She explained that she could not patiently wait for Raquel to "do the right thing." Mateo understood, but again asked for some time to resolve his problems. Hayley tried to bring up Raquel's mysterious phone call, but Mateo didn't believe that Raquel had a boyfriend. Hayley had two ideas of what Raquel might be trying to do. The first thought had Raquel looking for a hefty divorce settlement from Mateo. The second, a bit more obscure, hinted that Raquel might be using her "relationship" with Mateo to nudge her other man into marriage. Mateo was sure that Raquel would read over the papers and sign off on her marriage. Trevor and Hayley weren't as optimistic.

The news that Allie might be pregnant stunned Jake. He couldn't understand how the "morning after" pills had failed. Allie reminded Jake that no pill is "one hundred percent effective one hundred percent of the time." Allie explained that she had taken a home pregnancy test and gotten a positive result. Concerned that the pills might have interfered with the reading, Allie supposedly phoned the number on the back of the box and learned from a technician that the pills could not have altered the results. Allie apologized profusely for tricking Jake into sleeping with her. Jake told Allie that she was not totally to blame, hinting that he could have also used birth control. Allie took a deep breath and told Jake that she did not want to terminate her pregnancy. She decided that the only fair thing to do was pack her bags and leave Pine Valley. That way, she reckoned, she could start a new life somewhere else. Jake was shocked by Allie's decision. He told her that running away was not the smartest thing to do. He asked Allie to reconsider and stay in town. His reaction surprisingly calm, Jake told Allie that he would be there for her and their child. Jake and Allie both plopped down on the sofa and stared across the room. Neither knew what to say... or do. Jake tapped his foot and Allie pursed and un-pursed her lips. Finally, Allie broke the silence by asking Jake if he still wanted to marry her. The request came out of nowhere. Jake, however, turned her down. He told Allie that he wanted to build on their relationship---slowly. Jake told Allie that he had to head back to work for a little while and advised her to turn in early. While Jake was gone, Allie lounged around the house sipping some wine and reading a magazine. When she heard a car door close outside, Allie knew she had to scramble to hide her wine. She dumped the wine in a nearby plant and hide the glass behind the bookcase. To cover the smell of liquor on her breath, Allie chomped down on a few pieces of candy. Jake handed Allie a special snack (a glazed donut) and told Allie that he'd made an appointment for her to se Dr. Clader. Allie realized that the obstetrician would know immediately that she was not pregnant. Now, she had to figure out how to make herself "pregnant" by morning.

Gillian paid a surprise visit to David's hotel room. David called Gillian's timing "impeccable," lustfully noting that he was ready to celebrate his new job at WRCW. Gillian did not exactly respond with tears of joy---although she did respond with tears. She accused David of only being interested in her body, an accusation similar to the one she'd made when Ryan mentioned that he'd like to see her in the new lingerie she'd purchased. Gillian buried her head into David's chest and began sobbing uncontrollably. David took the princess by the hand and led her into his room. He offered her a drink. When he tried to wrap his arm around her to provide her with some comfort, Gillian erupted again. She told David that she needed to hear him say that he loved her. David opted for a synonymy , saying that he adores Gillian. David blasted Ryan for hurting Gillian's feelings and remarked that Ryan must be a fool for not appreciating his blushing bride. David leaned over and kissed Gillian tenderly. One thing led to another and the pair ended up in bed. Gillian beamed from the encounter, saying she felt fulfilled, but deep in her eyes she reflected a profound emptiness.

On the phone doing some business wrangling, Dimitri's private business hangout was soon infiltrated by a frustrated Ryan. Still on the outs with Gillian, Ryan hoped that Dimitri had seen or heard from Gillian. Dimitri shrugged indifferently and noted that Gillian never reports in to him. Ryan sighed deeply and commented that his marriage to Gillian was hanging in the balance. Dimitri detected a note of concern in Ryan's voice and asked him what was going on. The last Dimitri had heard, Ryan and Gillian were involved only in "a marriage of convenience." Ryan told Dimitri that Gillian had blown up at him when he failed to tell her that he loved her. Dimitri told Ryan that he knew how he was feeling. Alas, it was not all that long ago when he told Brooke that he loved her---only to have Brooke not return the same emotion. Dimitri, however, never mentioned the name of the woman who had broken his heart. Ryan looked to Dimitri and asked him what they could do to move on and deal with their relationship woes. "Not a clue," Dimitri replied. Dimitri left the room to tend to other matters, leaving Ryan behind to contemplate his plans. He heard the sound of footsteps and mistakenly assumed that Gillian had come home. Hayley slowly walked into the room with her head bowed. Ryan looked at Hayley and asked her what she wanted in a man. Hayley twirled around and gave Ryan a stern look. Ryan quickly explained that he wanted to know what a woman in general, not necessarily Hayley, wants from a potential mate. Hayley sighed and said that at this point in time she's not even sure what she wants. Mateo motioned to Ryan to tell him that it wasn't a good time to be making small talk with Hayley. Ryan nodded and quickly left the room. Hayley was furious with Mateo for the way he'd handled himself at Trevor's house. She asked him how he could expect her to simply "trust" Raquel to do the right thing. Hayley felt that Raquel was up to no good and the phone call she'd overheard only made her more suspicious.

At the mall, Raquel sat alone in the food court. She looked at a picture from her wallet and asked God for guidance in making the right decision. She slowly rose from her chair and headed to the payphones. She picked up the phone and placed another call to her mysterious friend. "I really wanna be with you," Raquel said softly. Being apart from the person on the other end of the line was beginning to take its toll on Raquel. She told the person that she wanted him (or her) to head to Pine Valley as soon as possible.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

In the parlor area of Cortlandt Manor, Palmer sat on the sofa holding an envelope in his hand. Scrawled across the front of the envelope was one simple word: Tad. Palmer reflected a few days back in time and remembered when he'd been given the envelope. Dixie had handed the letter to her uncle and made him promise that he'd pass the letter along to Tad. Palmer nodded and gave Dixie his word that he'd deliver her message. Now, however, Palmer was having second thoughts. He tore open the envelope and read the note that was never meant for his eyes. In the letter, Dixie told Tad that she wanted to stay in New York for a few days so that she could have time to think about what they'd talked about. She assured her former husband that she had no intentions of running away again. Palmer rose from the sofa and headed for the fireplace. He reached for a lighter that had been placed in the mantel and set the letter ablaze. Opal and Tad strolled into the room a few minutes later, neither aware of what Palmer had just done. Tad was surprised to see Palmer back in town and asked Opal why she'd let him back into Cortlandt Manor. Opal called the arrangement "temporary," explaining that she wanted to keep up appearances for Petey's sake. Palmer chimed in that he had a message to give to Tad. Palmer scratched his head as he tried to "remember" what Dixie had asked him to tell Tad. "[Dixie] has decided to stay in New York so that she does not have to see you," Palmer babbled. Tad ordered Palmer to "stuff it." He surmised that Dixie had decided to stay in The Big Apple so that she could take in a few museums and galleries. Petey burst into the room and gave his parents hugs before heading off to school. Palmer walked his son to the door while Opal and Tad finished their conversation. Palmer eventually found his way back to the room and saw his wife setting up a card table. Opal informed Palmer that she had invited Phoebe and Myrtle over to play bridge. Palmer smiled haughtily and noted that four people are needed to play bridge. Adrian hobbled into the room on crutches and announced that he was the four player. Tad's face dropped. He couldn't believe that Adrian was still staying at Cortlandt Manor. Opal smiled broadly and explained that she wanted Adrian as her guest at least until his ankle mended. "Great," Tad grumbled. "You've got James Bond in one room and Jughead in another!" Opal walked her son to the door and assured him that she knew what she was doing. Tad wasn't so sure, but he agreed to let his mother work her own magic. Opal, in turn, urged Tad not to believe the "message" Palmer had supposedly delivered.

The card game got underway and Myrtle and Phoebe were up by at least a hand. Palmer stormed into the room and complained that two bottles of rare wine had disappeared from the wine cellar. Opal shook her head and said that bottles were not missing---she'd given them to "Pheebes and Myrt" as their prize for taking the first hand. Palmer was aghast. Opal also let Palmer know that she had done a little house cleaning and given his Italian suits and ivory chess set to charity. Palmer tried to scurry across the room to fetch his bottles of wine, but Adrian stuck out one of his crutches and blocked Palmer's way. Frustrated, Palmer stormed out of the room intent on getting revenge. In the hallway, Palmer placed an urgent call to someone asking them to help him take care of something as soon as possible. Myrtle and Phoebe laughed wickedly at Opal's performance. The two women also noted the irony of their card game. The last time they'd played, they recalled, the had been gossiping about Mike Roy's return to Pine Valley. Now, they were playing cards with his former partner! Opal beamed. She told her friends that Adrian was the best fashion advisor, chauffeur, and spy in the business.
The card game broke up before noon. Adrian plopped down on the sofa and rested his sore foot. Palmer appeared in the doorway flanked by two burly paramedics. Palmer pointed to Adrian and told the spy that "they've come for [him]" and that she shouldn't try to fight it.

Dressed in a workout outfit, Allie limbered up as she headed out for her morning jog. She made her way down the stairs, but before she could make it to the door Jake appeared. He reminded her that she had an appointment with Dr. Clader. Allie, who knew exactly what she was doing, claimed that she'd forgotten all about her appointment. Knowing that she couldn't get changed and make her appointment on time, Allie announced that she would call the doctor's office and reschedule her examination. Jake felt that it was very important for Allie to keep her appointment. He told Allie that he would call Dr. Clader's office and tell them that she was running a little late. Allie frowned slightly. Allie suddenly remembered that Jake had offered to help Myrtle put up the storm windows. Hoping that Jake would want to be present for the examination, Allie again offered to have her appointment rescheduled. Myrtle popped out of the basement and told Jake that he should accompany Allie to the doctor. Apparently Myrtle has been installing the windows by herself for years. Jake hushed his "landlady" and told her that since he made a promise to her, he would keep it. Allie grinned and dashed upstairs to get dressed. Without Jake by her side, she knew that she might be able to wiggle a way out of the appointment.

Grumpy and still thinking about the message that Palmer delivered, Tad showed up at Myrtle's to have a talk with his younger brother. The Tad of old did shine through, however, as he teased Jake about wearing a tank top in October. When Jake failed to chuckle or snap back, Tad knew that he wasn't the only Martin with a plateful of troubles. Jake told his brother about Allie's possible pregnancy---but that was all the further he wanted to discuss it. Tad pried for more information, but Jake clammed up. "Misery loves company," Tad sighed. Asked about his renewed relationship with Dixie, Tad told Jake that Dixie no longer wanted to be around him. After learning that Tad was basing this sentiment on a message from Palmer, Jake ordered his older brother not to believe a word of Palmer has said. He urged Tad not to "blow it with the best thing that has come out of Pigeon Hollow." Tad believed that Palmer was telling the truth. He asked Jake why Dixie would want to be with him again---the man who had blown apart their marriage. Except for the "brain lapse" with Liza, as Jake called it, Tad and Dixie's marriage was perfect in all other aspects. Jake couldn't see how Tad didn't think that Dixie was worth another try. He did note, however, that Dixie wasn't going to run to Tad. "If you want her," Jake said confidently. "Go get her."

Trevor received the news on Harold's condition before heading off to bed last night. The news wasn't good. Now a new morning, Trevor tried to get Harold to eat a piece of his favorite "junk food," a piece of Janet's raisin bread. Harold didn't so much as lick the bread. Janet slowly made her way down the steps and realized that things were deteriorating rapidly. The vet had called Harold's cancer "aggressive and fast" and explained that there was simply no way Harold's condition could be cured. Trevor and Janet knew that they had to tell the kids as soon as possible. Tim scurried down the steps and knew that he was going to receive bad news just by looking at his father's face. Trevor asked his son to get Amanda so that they could have a family meeting. Tim did just that. Trevor told his children, with particular focus on Amanda, that Harold was "really sick." Amanda argued that Harold couldn't be sick because he wasn't laying in his doggy bed. Trevor explained that whether or not Harold was in his bed didn't change the fact that the doctors had decided that he would soon be "down for the count." Amanda sassed that doctors don't always know everything. Trevor and Janet exchanged glances. This was becoming a lot harder than they had anticipated. "He's going to die," Trevor said gently, but his frustration becoming more apparent. Amanda nodded her head. She remarked that everyone dies, but only when they're "really old." She and Harold, she said, would grow old together. Janet stepped in to try to help. She told Amanda that they were going to have to let Harold go. "Go where?" Amanda asked inquisitively. "To heaven to be with Natalie," Janet replied softly. That appeared to hit home with Amanda. While nothing else seemed to accurately depict what was going on, the image of Natalie and heaven caused Amanda to sob. She refused to let Harold go, saying that Harold's place was with her. In heaven, she cried, she couldn't play with Harold any more. The young girl lost control of her emotions and cried uncontrollably.

When Liza entered Doctor Clader's office for a routine check-up, she found her doctor chatting with another of the doctors in her life---Dr. Hayward. Liza asked David if he was there to get ideas for his segments at WRCW. David shook his head, responding that he was there to consult on a premature baby that had developed a heart murmur. Dr. Clader motioned to Liza and told her that he would see her. David cleared out of the room and Liza and Dr. Clader headed for an examining room. A few seconds later, Allie popped into the room. She rehearsed potential lies that she would use to get out of her appointment. Before she could get one nailed down, Dr. Clader escorted Liza out of his office. He told the two women that he had an emergency delivery to attend to and that he would not be able to finish Liza's appointment. Allie grinned and told the doctor that she would gladly reschedule her appointment. Dr. Clader, however, did not want her to have come all the way to the hospital for nothing. He told her that one of his nurses would start the blood work and that he would be with her as soon as he could. After the doctor left, Allie and Liza shared some uneasy banter. Liza was stunned that Allie had gotten pregnant. Allie picked up on Liza's reaction to the news and used it to toy with her. She gushed endlessly about how much she and Jake were committed to their unborn child. Liza blasted Allie for using "the oldest trick in the book" to get pregnant, but Allie showed no signs of shame. She told Liza that had she not "honed in on [her] turf" by asking Jake to father her child, she never would have had to trick Jake into getting her pregnant. A nurse exited the office area and told Allie that she was ready to start her blood work. Liza hung around in the waiting room for a little while and placed a few calls to the station. Jake entered the room presumably to catch up with Allie. Liza immediately raced to Jake's side and told him how sorry she was that Allie had tricked him.

Down the hall, the nurse drawing blood from Allie made a slight faux pas by remarking that she gets nervous when drawing blood from a doctor. She grimaced as soon as the words came out of her mouth, but Allie assured her that she wasn't offended. The nurse was paged away and asked Allie if she could see herself out of the examining room. Allie nodded, but she was in no hurry to leave. She headed over to the counter which held several vials of patients' blood. Allie picked up her vial and the one that contained Liza's blood. She smiled deviously as she realized that switching the two vials would solve all of her problems. As she readied for the big switch, David entered the room.

In New York, Dixie sat in her hotel room and thought about the kiss she'd shared with Tad. A knock at the door temporarily sidelined those memories. When Dixie answered the door, she was greeted by a smiling Braden. He cleared his throat and asked if he could speak to Palmer. Dixie invited Braden in, but explained that Palmer had returned to Pine Valley. Braden pounded his fist on a small table and repeatedly shouted, "Damn!" Dixie looked a bit frightened by the man's actions and backed off slightly. Braden explained that Palmer had promised him a job at Cortlandt Electronics. Armed with that promise, Braden had quit his current job and was ready to head off to Pine Valley. Dixie admitted that Palmer has often gone back on his word and urged the leather pants-wearing Braden to go back to his employer and ask for his job back. Braden hinted that he couldn't go back and beg for his old job. Even if he could, Braden said that he wouldn't go back because he wanted to "learn from the master." Braden's mood leveled off and he slowly grew a bit nicer. He might have been assuaged by Dixie's inquiries into his life. She asked him why he didn't have any college banners in his apartment or even any family photos. Braden explained that he never liked the college he'd attended and that he wasn't really close to his family. Braden shook off his anger and decided that the warm autumn day in the city beckoned. He asked Dixie to join him for a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop, but Dixie declined. She said that she needed to pick up a T-shirt for Junior at "the motorcycle cafe." The restaurant was just around the corner, so Braden suggested that he walk Dixie there---and then they could get a cup of coffee together. Dixie gave in to Braden's request and the two made their way towards the door. When Dixie opened the door to exit her hotel room, she found Tad standing in the hallway. Dixie smiled broadly and gave Tad a hug. Tad, however, cast Braden a dirty look.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

While she was pleased to see Tad, Dixie was a bit surprised to see Tad standing outside her hotel room. She asked Tad if he'd received the note she'd sent along with Palmer. Tad shook his head and realized that Palmer was up to his old shenanigans. Dixie quietly told Tad that she needed some time alone to sort things out---and assured Tad that staying in New York was not her way of running away from things. It became very hard to speak because Braden was hovering in the background. Tad wondered how Dixie would have "time alone" when she was keeping company with Braden. Dixie asked Braden if he could wait out in the hall while she and Tad had a discussion. Braden remarked that he could use his free time to try to "run down Palmer." Tad grinned and said that he hopes Braden means that literally. Dixie waited barely a millisecond before asking Tad what made him make the trip back to New York. Tad wanted to tell Dixie the truth, but it was difficult for him to put his feelings out on the table. He heard Jake's voice telling him to "go get her," but it was easier said than done. Tad and Dixie resolved to clear up the "fuzziness" in their relationship, but that was about as far as they got. Dixie turned to "interviewing" Tad to try to get some much needed answers from him. It didn't work. Tad was the "master of evasion" according to Dixie and he dodged every question thrown his way. Tad sat deep in thought for a few minutes before coming up with a way to show Dixie why he'd decided to meet up with her in New York. He told her that they were in for a New York adventure. Dixie wasn't sure that she wanted an adventure, but when threatened with more conversation, she jumped to her feet and said that she was ready to go.

In the lab, David ignored what Allie was up to and headed for a filing cabinet containing patient files. Allie turned her back to David and asked him what he was doing. David, still not paying Allie any mind, said that he needed to check up on one of his patient's medical history. Now, David was beginning to watch Allie a little more closely. He didn't play it cute---He let Allie know that he knew exactly what she was up to. He also warned her that switching her blood with someone else's would only buy her a little time. Eventually, someone would catch on that she was not pregnant. Allie blasted David for interfering and warned him to steer clear of her or risk being taken down. She accused David of being the reason she needed to fake her pregnancy in the first place. In Allie's mind, if David had never come to Pine Valley, she would already be married to Jake. She concluded that had she not felt the need to admit to her falsified medical degree, things would never have gone wrong between her and Jake. Allie wondered how David could be high and mighty considering that he had once tried to kill Adam Chandler. David admitted his wrongdoing was a lapse in judgment. He went on to say that he wants Allie to come to terms with her own wrongdoing while there's still time for her to get help. Allie felt that she needed no help. She told David that if planned on exposing her faked pregnancy, he should do jus that. She refused to have a "sword held over" her for months. But somehow she knew that David wouldn't say anything. She told David that would give Adam Chandler a copy of the tape on which he'd confessed to trying to kill him. David smiled and reminded Allie that all copies of the that confessional had been destroyed. Allie laughed and told David that she'd lied. The tape, she said, was "an insurance policy" that she had every intention of cashing in. Allie made a few final adjustments to the vials of blood and headed back to Dr. Clader's office.

In Dr. Clader's office, Liza asked Jake of there was any way that Allie could be faking her pregnancy. "Do women still do that?" Liza asked curiously. Jake shrugged slightly. He admitted that one of the reasons he'd insisted on having Allie see the doctor was so he could find out if Allie was, in fact, telling the truth. Dr. Clader returned from the delivery room and told Liza that he could finish her examination. By the time Allie showed up, Liza was just about done with her exam. Dr. Clader told Liza that she and her baby appeared to be in excellent health and urged her to keep doing whatever it was she was doing. Allie was ushered into the examination room. Liza wished Jake the best and hoped that Allie was not pregnant. The news, however, was a bit bizarre. After the examination, Dr. Clader remarked that Allie's situation was a "medical anomaly." After the physical examination, the doctor determined that Allie was not pregnant. Her blood work, however, said otherwise. Dr. Clader smiled proudly and told Jake that Allie was a "mommy-to-be." Looking for some physical closeness, Allie buried her head into Jake's chest and asked for a hug. Jake gave her a hug, but his deep sigh showed that he was not thrilled by the news.

The two paramedics were urged to use any means necessary in order to subdue the ailing secret agent. Adrian motioned to Palmer and warned him that if the medics so much as laid a finger on him, things would get ugly. Adrian's threat to phone the tabloids and report all of the nasty things going on in Cortlandt Manor caused Palmer to back off. He told the paramedics to leave, but warned Adrian that he would not win. Opal wandered into the room after seeing flashing lights in the driveway. Adrian covered for Palmer, saying that he and Palmer had just been getting to know each other. Opal warned Adrian that he should not get too attached to Palmer because her painting stealing husband wouldn't be around much longer. Opal commented that when she gets through with Palmer, he'll be begging to leave Cortlandt Manor. No more would Opal be playing second fiddle to "tarted up old doodles," those being the stolen paintings. Opal helped Adrian to his feet and told him that the cook had a wonderful lunch planned. Palmer invited himself to lunch, but Opal quickly snapped that the cook had only made enough food for two people---her and Adrian. The doorbell rang a short time later. Palmer called out for someone to answer the door, but no one responded. He stomped to the door and reacted in displeasure when he saw Braden standing on his doorstep. Palmer allowed Braden to enter his home, but he didn't exactly greet him with a smile. Braden stated that it was a shame to see Palmer's financial empire falling apart. The recent distractions, he said, had made Palmer vulnerable to the competition. Had Palmer had a personal executive assistant that never would have happened. That, of course, is where Braden fit into the picture. He asked Palmer for thirty days to prove himself as a valuable part of the Cortlandt empire. Braden ordered Palmer lunch and faxed off a few business proposals. It was nothing impressive, but it was enough for Palmer to bring Braden on board. If after thirty days Braden had not proven himself, Braden agreed that he would leave without so much as a snide remark. Opal and Adrian returned from lunch and were introduced to Palmer's new "ATC," military jargon for "assistant to camp." Opal looked around and commented that they had no camp. Adrian grinned and informed Opal that ATC was a euphemism for "henchman." The sides were set to square off. On one side of the room, Opal and new friend Adrian. On the other, Palmer and his new crony, Braden.

"Harold is very, very sick," Janet told her young daughter. Amanda insisted that there must be a "better vet" who could make Harold better. Amanda dashed towards the front door and raced outside to sit in the yard with Harold. Tim wanted to chase after his sister, but Trevor thought it would be better if he spoke to Amanda. Janet and Tim struggled to fight back tears. Tim commented that it was hard for his sister to deal with Harold's illness. He was too proud to admit that he was aching inside. Janet admitted that while she and Harold had gotten off on the wrong foot, she had grown to love the furry critter. Tim smiled weakly and said that he is sure that Harold cares about Janet, too. "Why does everyone I love always die?" Tim sobbed, now unable to ward off the tears. Janet hugged Tim and did her best to comfort him. Outside, Trevor was still having a difficult time convincing Amanda that there was nothing that could be done to make Harold better. Amanda couldn't see the signs of Harold's illness. He wasn't losing weight and his hair wasn't falling out. Finally, something happened that convinced Amanda that things were not so good. A squirrel ventured into the yard and was playing in Harold's water dish. Harold made no attempt to chase the squirrel away, something that is very uncharacteristic. Amanda asked her father if Harold would feel pain in heaven. Trevor shook his head and told Amanda that no one feels pain in heaven. Tears meandered down Amanda's cheeks as she hoped that there would be "bushes and trees and cool dirt" in heaven so that Harold could have lots of fun. Amanda turned to her father and asked if they had to say goodbye to Harold immediately. Trevor told Amanda that they'd still have time left with Harold, but that the time would come when Harold would need to be put to sleep. Harold would let them know, he said, when that time came. Janet and Tim slowly walked out onto the porch and sat down on the ground with Trevor and Amanda. There, the entire Dillon family sat together. The muffled sniffles reminded everyone that this might be the last time that they'd all be together.

Friday, October 16, 1998

In New York, Tad and Dixie dropped by an unassuming restaurant near the river. Tad asked Dixie to promise him that the would forget all about Tad and Dixie and Pine Valley. This was New York, he chirped, the place where they things can start over. Dixie agreed---and took starting over a bit too far. She put on her sunglasses and pretended to be an overbearing, French actress. She nearly bit the waiter's head off when he would not let her order a rare cheese burger. All the while, Tad did his best to keep from laughing. And things got even more bizarre. A film buff from a nearby table wandered over and asked Dixie for her autograph. He mistook her for famous actress after famous actress. Finally, he decided that Dixie must be Jodie Foster. Dixie had fun teasing the man, but she and Tad ultimately decided to sneak out the back so that they would not be bother by any more fans.

At the local gym, Ryan was partaking in a thorough workout. He started out benchpressing and move on to weights. He toiled away unaware that Gillian had just sashayed her way to the juice bar and was watching him. Gillian ogled her husband for a few minutes before approaching the workout area and doing some weightlifting of her own. Her technique wasn't quite perfect and Ryan was concerned that she might injure herself if she continued her method for an extended period of time. Ryan stepped up behind his wife and gently took her arms. He helped her develop a rhythm and safer listing method. Neither could see the other's face, but both exhibited similar expression. Gillian and Ryan's faces slowly melted as they fought the feeling of love that was creeping over them. For some reason, Gillian opted to pull away. She repeated her accusation that Ryan was only interested in her body. She stomped away, leaving Ryan to shake his head in wonderment. Ryan used the weights to burn off his anger and frustration. Tanzy, a semi-regular at the gym, took noticed of Ryan's buff body and slowly moved in for a closer look. The woman asked Ryan if he could give her some instructions on how to use one of the pieces of equipment. Ryan gladly obliged. Gillian watched the two and suddenly she was faced with some anger of her own. She walked over to a punching bag, which couldn't have been more foreign to the princess, and zapped over a few quick rabbit punches. Later, Ryan was done showing the woman how to use the machine. He wished her well and retreated to the steam room. Tanzy pulled up a chair at the juice bar and struck up a conversation with Gillian. Tanzy told Gillian, unaware that Gillian and Ryan were married, that Ryan was a very good looking guy. Something about her tone, however, indicated that her encounter with Ryan failed to meet her expectations. She remarked that usually she has no problems getting a man's phone number. Ryan, however, showed no interest in her at all. That led Tanzy to the conclusion that Ryan was taken by "a lucky girl---whoever she is." Gillian felt a bit like a heel as she headed for the steam room. She called out to her husband, who appeared in a cloud of steam a few seconds later. Completely naked, Gillian fought the urge to let her eyes roam her husband's body.

Edmund sat at his desk at Tempo working on the computer. Jack filed into his office with a frown on his face. He demanded to know why Edmund was helping Kit with her case. He'd learned that Edmund had asked Tempo's top lawyers to help Kit with her case. Edmund explained that someone has to look out for Kit, and that he might as well be that someone. "What have I done to you?" Jack asked, hoping to find some motivation for what Edmund was doing to him. Jack went way overboard by implying that Edmund only wanted to help Kit so that he could have sex with her. Edmund refrained from firing back, instead opting for a more logical and sane response. He told Jack that he understands how he feels. Jack, he said, has based his entire life upon one minute in time, the death of his sister. If Christine turns out not to be dead, it will shake the very foundation of his life. For Edmund, that moment in time was Maria's death. Edmund said that he lays wake at night wondering what would have happened had he not been unconscious after the plane crash. One thing was certain: Edmund would switch places with Jack in a second---because unlike Maria, Christine was still alive. Christine's miraculous survival, however, was not to the only thing that Jack had to tackle. If Christine had not died, it could only be assumed that Jack would be grateful. But after Christine's death, Jack's family pretty much turned on him. His father never spoke to him again. When the news that Jack's father was slowly dying made its way to Jack, Jack waited and waited for his father to summon him to his deathbed and tell him that all was forgiven. Jack never got that call and his father died without ever giving him that reprieve. Forgiveness played a supreme role in what was going on in Jack's heart. Edmund argued that Edmund wasn't looking for forgiveness from his father, he was looking for it from himself. "If you can't face the truth," Edmund said philosophically, "you can't face yourself."
Jack hung around the office even after Edmund left. Brooke made her way in and shared a cup of coffee with her one-time lover. Jack told Brooke about everything that was going on in his life. Perhaps he wasn't looking for advice as much as he was looking for "an ear." Jack told Brooke that his sleep was now plagued by nightmares. One in particular, he described with disturbing accuracy. In the dream, a young Christine stands by the foot of Jack's bed, her "cold, icy, blue skin" seemingly glowing in the moonlight. Just as she is about to say something, Jack wakes from his sleep. Brooke asked Jack why he is fighting the DNA testing. If he is certain that Kit is not his sister, then a DNA test would vindicate him. She picked up on a vibe that Jack might not be one hundred percent sure that Kit is not Christine. Jack thanked Brooke for helping him and headed off.

Erica met with an unknown man at The Valley Inn. Soon after the man left, a stack of cash freshly placed in his hand, Kit wandered over to the table. Erica had apparently called and asked Kit to meet her. Erica plopped a folder down in front of Kit and smiled. The folder, she said, contained a blow-by-blow report of Kit's "colorful past." Kit's eyes widened as Erica threatened to give a copy of the "lovely dossier of crimes" to the judge presiding over the DNA hearing. There was only one way Kit could avoid having her past exposed---drop her claims that she's Christine Montgomery. Kit insisted that she is, in fact, Christine Montgomery and refused to back down. Erica warned the young woman not to cross her, but Kit had already made up her mind. She announced that she would go to court to prove that she's telling the truth. Kit rose from the table and stomped down the hallway. Erica started to pursue Kit, but Dimitri stepped in and ordered Erica to cool her jets. Dimitri asked Erica why she'd gotten herself involved in the situation between Kit and Jack, noting that Jack doesn't seem to want Erica in his life. Erica bowed her head and bashfully acknowledged that she and Jack are on the outs. Dimitri warned Erica that she could not win back Jack by trying to cause trouble for Kit. If Kit is Christine, Dimitri said softly, Jack will have to rebuild his life from square one. Erica wondered why Jack had bothered to fall in love with her if he had no intention of being their through thick and thin. Dimitri likened a man's love for Erica to a natural disaster. "You are the ultimate law in nature," Dimitri grinned. "It's Erica's world---we just live in." He then compared Erica to a tropical storm that "blows into our lives and wreaks havoc." Afterwards, the men are left to piece their lives together---and then ultimately realize that their lives would have been boring without Erica. Erica put her hand on top of Dimitri's and smiled. From the doorway, Brooke looked on uncomfortably.

In the courthouse, Kit paced nervously in the front of one of the many courtrooms. Edmund entered through the back of the room and asked Kit if she was ready to begin her legal odyssey. The fire in Kit's eyes was now little more than a flicker. She told Edmund that she was facing a dilemma. She was certain that a DNA test would prove that she was Christine Montgomery. If she stayed, though, she knew that Erica would release a copy of the "portfolio" she'd made. Kit handed the copy she'd been given to Edmund and told him to read it. Kit began to explain what Edmund would find in the papers. Edmund handed the folder back to Kit and told her that he didn't need to know about her past. Kit insisted that Edmund continue reading so that he understand the full implications of what he was getting involved in. Edmund reluctantly agreed and read the report cover to cover. He was amazed that with all the charges against Kit she had somehow evaded jail time. "Either you're damn lucky or very smart," the writer remarked. Kit never offered a response as to which one she thought she was. Her main concern was whether or not Edmund now regretted getting involved in her plight. Edmund answered her questions with a question, asking Kit if she was telling the truth about her belief that she is Christine Montgomery. When Kit vehemently denied lying, Edmund told her that he was still on her side. Edmund and Kit took their places as the attorneys filed into the courtroom. On Kit's side of the room, two of Tempo's top legal minds were ready to argue their case. On the other side of the room, however, Jack was a no-show. By the time the judge filed into the room, Jack was still nowhere to be found.

The skies opened up in New York just as Tad and Dixie were dancing in the park. They ran back to Dixie's hotel room but they were still soaked. Tad decided to head back home, but Dixie didn't want him to leave until he'd dried off. She asked him to strip down and let his clothing dry under a heat lamp. Tad smiled devilishly at the suggestion. Later, wearing gray robes provided by the hotel, Tad and Dixie decided to pick up where they'd left off on their dancing lessons. The two waltzed around the room to the tune of "Night and Day." The dance, which Tad called "The Twinkle Step," ended with the pair looking deeply into each other's eyes---and then kissing passionately.

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