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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, March 15, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, Adam realized that he had taken the wrong medication. Moments later, Adam clutched his chest and then staggered to the couch in an effort to reach the phone. David stepped forward when Adam collapsed. "Looks like you're a dead man, Adam," David observed. Adam tried to buzz the guards, but David warned him that the guards couldn't help Adam.

Ryan returned to the mansion to fetch something that Emma had forgotten. Ryan decided to check in the parlor when a search of Emma's room had failed to yield anything. Emma called out to her dad just as Ryan had prepared to open the parlor door. Emma had found what she had been looking for.

David locked the door and then checked Adam's pulse. Afterwards, David walked to the wet bar. David quickly emptied the fruit bowl and then filled it with ice water. Next, David returned to the sofa to help Adam stand up. Adam was shocked when David shoved Adam's head into the ice water. Adam sputtered when David allowed Adam up for a breath of air seconds later. Adam demanded to know if David was trying to kill him.

"Shut up, you old fool," David ordered Adam, "I just happen to be saving your life." David dunked Adam's head into the water a few more times and then helped Adam back to the sofa. David explained that he had tried to induce the diving reflex, which stimulated "a sudden slowing of the heart rate." Adam realized that his pulse was back to normal.

Adam demanded to know what David was doing in the mansion. David admitted that he was hiding out. David confessed that he had been watching everyone for a while, so he knew how sick, weak, and vulnerable Adam was. Both men turned when Annie tried to open the door. She pounded on the door when she realized that the door had been locked. David noticed that Adam appeared alarmed, which David used to his advantage.

David offered to be Adam's personal physician, provided that Adam followed David's instructions starting with no sex and no drinking. In exchange, David wanted a place to hide while he figured a way out of his legal troubles. In the foyer, Annie frantically called out to Adam. She decided to fetch Scott when Adam didn't respond.

Moments later, Scott forced his way into the parlor. David was gone. Annie demanded to know why the door had been locked. Adam claimed that he had fallen asleep; he had splashed some cold water on his face to wake up. Annie relaxed and then suggestively offered to help Adam wake up. Adam declined the invitation because he was too tired.

After Adam left the room, Annie blamed Adam's rejection on Brooke. Scott was confused. Annie explained that Adam had been furious when Annie had ordered Brooke to leave the mansion. Scott didn't think that Annie had anything to worry about since Adam loved Annie. Annie was confident of Adam's love, but she didn't trust Brooke. As if on cue, Brooke entered the mansion.

Annie and Scott went to the foyer to greet Brooke. Brooke apologized for letting herself in with the key that Adam had given to her. Annie tried to hide her annoyance behind a fake smile. Annie apologized for the "misunderstanding" that had led to Brooke moving out. Annie claimed that she had overreacted. Annie tried to enlist Scott's support, but Scott asked to be left out of the discussion. Annie tried to hide her scowl behind another brittle smile.

Brooke suggested that they cut the "BS." Annie happily agreed; she was curious if it bothered Brooke to be staying where Brooke wasn't wanted. Brooke admitted that she was at the mansion as a favor to JR. JR wanted Brooke to watch over Adam. Brooke made it clear that she intended to honor JR's wishes. Brooke then turned to Scott to ask him to help her with her luggage. "Anything you need," Scott offered as she retrieved Brooke's luggage. Annie glared at Brooke and Scott's backs.

Adam went to the attic, where David was waiting. Adam claimed that he had sent David to the attic to bide some time, so that Adam could figure out what to do with David. David suggested that Adam didn't have many options if Adam hoped to hide the extent of his illness from the family.

At Fusion, Greenlee requested Madison's help to find a safe place for some mockup ads. Madison realized that Greenlee's true intention was to hide the ads from Erica. Greenlee appreciated Madison's insight. Madison confessed that she was tried of the conflict between Greenlee and Erica. Greenlee assured Madison that things would change once Greenlee and Erica hammered things out with Jackson. Madison admitted that she didn't think that Greenlee and Erica were meant to be business partners.

Madison wondered where Erica was. Greenlee noted that Erica was ten minutes late for the meeting. Greenlee warned Madison that Erica had two minutes to arrive or Erica could forget about working at Fusion. Randi arrived in time to hear the tail end of Greenlee's comment. Randi revealed that she had seen Erica eating in ConFusion. Randi had the impression that Erica hadn't been in a rush to get to Fusion. Greenlee was livid; she turned to Madison to enlist Madison's help with something.

Jack was curious why Erica was relaxing in ConFusion instead of preparing for their meeting with Greenlee. Erica explained that annoying one's adversary was part of Negotiation 101. Jack suggested that if Erica wasn't serious about the mediation then perhaps they should all go home. Erica assured Jack that she was "dead serious" about Fusion's future. Erica confessed that she had wanted Jack to oversee the meeting because he understood Erica's dedication to Fusion.

Jack warned Erica not to expect preferential treatment because of their history. Erica was confident that Jack would be fair. Jack wondered if Erica had spoken to Kendall about the situation with Greenlee. Erica reminded Jack that Kendall couldn't be reached because Kendall was focused on repairing her marriage. Jack pointed out that Kendall didn't even know that her best friend was still alive.

Erica didn't think it would be a good idea to tell Kendall about Greenlee; Erica was certain that Greenlee wouldn't be happy to reconnect with Kendall because of everything that happened between Kendall and Ryan. Erica decided to respect Kendall's wishes by taking care of Fusion. Greenlee entered ConFusion moments later. Greenlee pretended she was surprised to be running late. Erica and Greenlee pasted on false smiles and then followed Jack to Fusion.

At Fusion, Randi wondered what was going on with Madison and Greenlee. Madison acknowledged that she owed Erica a debt of gratitude, but Madison also admired Greenlee for everything that Greenlee had overcome. Randi accused Madison of sitting on the fence until Madison saw which way the wind blew. Madison promised that Randi was not her enemy. "Until you need someone to pin a crime on," Randi snidely suggested.

Erica, Greenlee, and Jack entered Fusion moments later. Greenlee pulled Madison aside to check if Madison had followed Greenlee's instructions. Madison nodded her assurance. Jack was curious where Erica and Greenlee wanted to have their meeting. Erica quickly volunteered, "My office." Greenlee smiled as she followed Erica. "What in the world?" Erica asked when she opened the door to her office.

Posters of Greenlee had replaced the ones of Erica. Greenlee announced that she had decided to change things around in the spirit of "new beginnings." Greenlee claimed that she didn't think that Erica would mind. Jack groaned when Erica and Greenlee began arguing about who would get the office space. Eventually Jack suggested that a desk be moved in, so that the ladies could share the office. "No!" Erica and Greenlee objected in unison.

Opal entered the office as Greenlee, Erica, and Jack tried to reach an agreement about the company's budget. Greenlee resented Opal's presence during the meeting, but Erica insisted that Opal could remain. Erica trusted Opal's judgment. Frustrated, Jack offered a solution: Erica and Greenlee should see whose new line was more successful and then "divvy up" the budgets accordingly.

Greenlee embraced the idea when she sensed Erica's hesitation. Opal advised Erica not to agree. Greenlee suggested that they make it a "winner takes all" contest; the person whose new line was more successful would take control of Fusion. Opal warned Erica not to consider it. Opal feared that it would be too risky. Erica decided that it might be the best way to resolve everything.

Erica agreed to Greenlee's offer. Jack promised to draw up an "ironclad" agreement. He warned Greenlee and Erica that neither of them would be able to back out once they signed the contract. After Greenlee and Jack left, Opal wondered why Erica would take such a big risk. Erica insisted that Greenlee had handed Fusion to Erica on a silver platter.

Erica confessed that it was what she had wanted all along, but she had been unsure how to broach subject in a way in which Greenlee would be receptive to the idea. Erica was confident that she would win because Greenlee was motivated by revenge. Erica, on the other hand, was focused on expanding the company.

Ryan invited Emma to order any dessert of her choice on ConFusion's menu, since Emma had eaten all of her dinner. Madison overheard the offer as she strolled by. Madison recommended the sundae with vanilla fudge. Emma sprinted off to order the dessert. Ryan wondered how things were going at Fusion. Madison admitted it wasn't the same without Ryan.

Ryan mentioned that he was on a manhunt for David. He explained that he wanted to make certain that David didn't cause any more harm. Madison confessed that Erica had confided that Ryan still cared about Greenlee. She immediately apologized when she realized that she might have crossed the line. Before Ryan could respond, Emma walked up to announce that she had ordered three sundaes.

Madison appreciated Emma's invitation, but Madison insisted that she didn't want to intrude on Ryan and Emma's time. Ryan assured Madison that she was welcome to join them. Madison capitulated. As Madison sat down at the table with Emma and Ryan, she asked if Ryan had any advice on how to survive Erica and Greenlee. Ryan suggested, "If the two of them are ever in the same room together, leave." Emma giggled.

In ConFusion, Greenlee thanked Jack for his help. She sensed that Jack's hesitation to leave stemmed from a desire to make another appeal for Greenlee to annul her marriage to David. Jack admitted that he just wanted Greenlee to realize whom she really loved. After Jack walked away, Greenlee approached the bar.

Emma ran up to Greenlee and then hugged Greenlee from behind. Greenlee was delighted to see Emma. Ryan and Madison approached while Greenlee knelt down to return Emma's hug. Emma wondered why Greenlee hadn't stopped by for a visit. Greenlee floundered for an answer. After several heartbeats, Greenlee blamed it on a busy work schedule. Ryan announced that it was time to leave. After Ryan and Emma walked away, Greenlee asked Madison to be on her team.

At the police station, Tad was surprised to see Opal waiting for him when he returned from the judge's chambers. Opal explained that she wanted to make certain that Tad was okay with sticking his neck out for Damon. Tad assured Opal that he had made the right decision. Opal didn't want Tad to be left holding the bag if it turned out that Damon wasn't sincere about cleaning up his act. She insisted that Tad wasn't obligated to help Damon because of what had happened between Tad and Hillary. Jesse approached moments later.

After Opal left, Jesse wondered why Tad hadn't told Opal that Damon might be Tad's son. "Why should I?" Tad wondered. Tad was more certain than ever that Damon was not his son. Their heads turned when Damon entered the squad room. Jesse wondered if Tad had called Hillary. Tad confirmed that he had called her; however, Tad didn't think that Hillary would want to stir up the past with "stupid irrelevant" questions.

Damon approached Jesse to hand over some court papers. Jesse pointed out that Tad had gone out on a limb for Damon. Damon appreciated what Tad had done. Damon didn't expect to hear from his father, but he had hoped that his mother would have gotten in touch with him. Tad reluctantly admitted that Hillary might have stayed away from Pine Valley to avoid Tad.

Damon was stunned when Tad confessed that he had known Damon's mother. Tad revealed that he had broken Hillary's heart. Damon wondered why Tad hadn't mentioned anything to him sooner. Tad admitted that he had just learned about the connection. Tad confided that one of the reasons that he had offered to help Damon was because Tad felt that he had owed it to Hillary.

Damon was filled with questions, but his phone rang before he could ask them. Damon ended the call and then announced that he had to drop some court documents off at the hospital. Tad promised that they could continue the conversation later, but he warned Damon that there wasn't much more to add. After Damon left, Jesse offered to run a paternity test for Tad. Tad wondered what the point would be. Jesse suggested that it would be the easiest way to get to the truth.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breakfast at the Martin house was jovial until Damon joked about cleaning bedpans for his community service. Tad raged at Daman and lectured that Damon would get real jail time if he didn't take his punishment seriously. Later, Krystal encouraged Tad to talk about why he'd been so abrupt with Damon. Tad stated that Damon might be Tad's son.

Tad revealed to a shocked Krystal that he and Hillary and he had gotten together to "resolve" the past right before she'd gotten remarried. He suspected that Hillary didn't know if Tad or her husband was Damon's father; however, Tad had asked Angie to rush a paternity test, and the results would soon be ready. Krystal wondered how Liza felt about it, but Tad hadn't told Liza, because he saw no reason to dredge up past hurts until he was sure about Damon.

Liza arrived and wondered if Tad had heard anything from Hillary about why she hadn't gone to Damon's trial. A nervous Tad replied that he hadn't been able to reach Hillary. Liza invited Tad to lunch to celebrate her court victory, but Tad murmured that he had to go to the hospital. He left abruptly, and Liza asked Krystal what was up with Tad. Krystal claimed that Tad had rushed out to avoid housework, but Liza didn't appear to believe that.

Opal entered and Krystal left to check on the kids. Liza asked Opal about Rob. Opal said they hadn't seen Rob since the "accident." Liza asked if Krystal had a new man in her life, and Opal realized that Liza was concerned about Krystal and Tad's relationship. Liza claimed that she was just curious, but Opal said she could hear Liza's divisive wheels spinning again. Opal warned Liza to get a grip on the "green-eyed monster" before she lost what she had with Tad.

After Liza left, Opal warned Krystal that Liza wanted what Krystal had. "Two small kids and no love life?" Krystal joked. Opal clarified that she'd meant Tad. Krystal insisted that she and Tad were just friends, but Opal pointedly asked if Krystal were certain of that.

At the hospital with Damon, Tad apologized for being a jerk earlier. The men called a truce, and Damon reeled from the news that his mom had been with Tad. Damon asked what Hillary had been like, and Tad said that she was a spectacular person. In conversation, Tad opened up about his past screw-ups, and he revealed the events that had led the Martins to take him in. Tad emphasized that second chances were precious, and Damon said he'd much rather clean hospital bedpans than prison bedpans. "I'll see you at home, son," Tad said.

Damon returned to mopping. Tad walked away, startled that he'd called Damon "son." Before leaving the building, Tad stopped by the nurses' station to pick up the DNA test results.

Jesse took breakfast to Angie at the hospital. She grimly stated that she might have to fire their son. Budget cuts were forcing her to let go of three surgeons, and Frankie hadn't performed a procedure since his hands had been crushed in Iraq. Frankie had a minor procedure to perform that day, but if he didn't do well, Angie had to fire him, or be accused of nepotism. She remarked that she hated the cold bureaucracy of it all. Jesse reminded her that she was a hero. "Don't let this upstage your gifts," he said.

As Frankie prepared to conduct surgery, Randi asked if he'd taken his pills. He said that he couldn't do that before a procedure. Randi expressed her weariness of the war at Fusion, but she was confident that she and Erica would wipe the floor with Greenlee and Madison. After Randi left for work, Frankie painfully flexed his hand.

Angie strode up and noticed that Frankie seemed a bit unsettled. She said that she had every confidence in his operating abilities. Frankie felt that, though Angie had taken the blame, she was still burdened by the truth that Frankie had caused Mr. Wilson's death. Angie began questioning Frankie about his hand, and he told her not to worry, because he wouldn't embarrass her. She said that Frankie could never embarrass her.

Angie wished Frankie luck. He worried that his inability to do major operations was another burden on his mother, who had to guard his job for him. Angie believed that he'd do well in his procedure that day, and his surgical privileges would be reinstated soon. Angie left, and Frankie pulled out a pain pill. He sighed, put the pill away, and entered the O.R.

After the procedure, Angie congratulated her son. She made him smile, but he said that it wasn't like he'd done heart surgery. Angie said that the chief of staff was pleased, but his mother was "tickled pink and bursting with pride." After Angie left, Frankie threw his pills in the trash.

Later, Damon happened along to empty the trash. He stuffed Frankie's pills into his pocket. Angie caught Damon, who claimed that he'd planned to turn the pills in. She wondered if he'd actually intended sell them, or use them himself.

In his hideout at the Chandler estate, David delighted in seeing Adam serving David breakfast. Adam touted that he'd made the eggs himself. As David dug into the meal, he tasted some sort of spice in it. "I may have pulled the trigger, but you're the one who put the gun in my hand," Adam ominously stated. David stared at the eggs and set the plate down.

Adam stated that Gayle had changed her story and was claiming that David had directed her to drug Adam on the night of Stuart's death. David stated that Gayle had tried to make Adam look unstable, because she'd hoped to get AJ for David. David figured that Gayle had recanted her statement to get revenge on David for marrying Greenlee.

Unconvinced, Adam suggested that David have more eggs. David insisted that he could help Adam with his heart before anyone suspected that it was a problem. Adam replied that he could poison David and bury him in the tunnels. "No one would ever know," Adam concluded.

David shoveled more eggs into his mouth and said that Adam wouldn't risk facing murder charges while JR was in recovery. David figured that Adam and he needed each other, and they should leave the past where it belonged. Adam said that he'd promised to move on for the sake of Stuart's memory, but Adam warned David never to say Stuart's name again.

Suddenly, Adam doubled over in pain. David gave Adam a carotid massage and advised that he keep his blood pressure down. As David retrieved a list of Adam's medications from Adam's jacket, David stole Adam's cell phone. David asked if they still had a deal. "You let me live, I'll let you live," Adam agreed.

At Fusion, Madison seemed reluctant to turn on Erica. Greenlee stated that the choice was Madison's; however, if Madison wanted a job, she'd work for Greenlee. Madison explained how Erica had helped Madison build a new life after her husband and father had abused her. Greenlee quipped that Erica never did anything unless something was in it for her.

Later, Greenlee announced that they'd name the new product line "Fusion Natural." As Randi arrived, Greenlee snickered that it was nice that Erica let Randi keep her own hours. Greenlee received a text message from Adam's phone. It asked "Bathsheba" to get to the Chandler mansion ASAP. Greenlee asked her employees who Bathsheba was, and when Randi replied that it was King David's wife, Greenlee practically flew out of the office.

As they worked, Randi and Madison discussed the Erica and Greenlee situation. Randi thought it was all-out war, but Madison believed it to be friendly competition. Madison hoped that it wouldn't cause her and Randi to compete, though. Randi wondered how Madison could be Erica's point person, but then switch over to Greenlee. Madison said she couldn't help it if both women liked her. Randi warned that she'd be watching Madison.

Later, Greenlee barged into the Chandler mansion and told Adam that she'd gotten there as quickly as she could-as his text message had requested. "That son of a..." Adam exclaimed, patting himself down. Adam rushed to the attic and found his phone on a pillow. He checked the call log and hissed that David was a weasel.

Back downstairs, David pulled Greenlee into the secret passageway in the parlor and told her about his agreement with Adam. Greenlee didn't like to see David hiding out alone with the man that he'd been accused of drugging, and she didn't think that anyone would believe it if she said that she kept returning to the mansion for coffee with Annie.

Adam returned to the parlor to find Greenlee having coffee. He demanded to know what she was doing there. Just then, Jesse entered and asked if Adam had David Hayward hidden in the "magic walls" of the house. Greenlee accused Jesse of following her, but Jesse said that he had people to do that for him. Jesse put the estate on lockdown and asked Greenlee why she was there. She claimed that she was talking business with Adam, but Jesse didn't buy it.

To Greenlee's dismay, Adam stated that David had been there looking for cash; however, after Adam had brandished a gun, David had taken off. Jesse asked to search the place for clues as to where David had gone, and Adam replied that he'd do anything that would help them catch David.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At the mansion, Adam showed Jesse the tunnel passageway, and after Jesse crept down it, Greenlee lit into Adam for betraying David. "If he can't find some place to hide in a 40-room mansion with a labyrinth of tunnels..." Adam reasoned with a shrug. Adam figured that Jesse would search the place and be satisfied that David wasn't there. Greenlee asserted she'd be at the mansion all the time to discuss Adam's "investment" in Fusion. Adam agreed to the ruse, but he said that she was delusional if she thought he'd actually invest in her "has-been" company.

The police searched the attic, but didn't find David, who'd hidden in the furnace supply. Jesse thanked Adam for his unusual cooperation. Greenlee ordered Jesse to stop tailing her, but he reminded her that she was married to a felony suspect. Jesse left, and Adam went for a nap.

Greenlee eventually found a soot-covered David in the attic. David assumed that Adam had ratted him out; however, Greenlee explained that the police had followed her there. Adam had cooperated with the police, so that they wouldn't return. David thought that he should move on from the mansion, but Greenlee reasoned that David should get as much as he could out of being in such a powerful man's house. David said that she'd just given him an idea. He called her amazing, and as she laughed, he kissed her.

Greenlee seemed taken aback by the kiss. David apologized, and the two agreed that they were "married friends." He said that he'd just gotten excited, because Adam really was the key to getting what they wanted. Greenlee's phone rang, and she headed back to Fusion.

In the parlor later, David startled Adam, who quipped that David was supposed to save Adam from a heart attack, not give Adam one. David suggested that they renegotiate their agreement, and he asked Adam to find away to get the charges dropped. "Since you're living in fantasyland, is there anything else I can do for you?" Adam asked. David replied that he wanted to keep his medical license, too. Adam chuckled, and David left to let Adam think about it. Adam glared at David as if he were a rat climbing back into Adam's wall.

When Angie confronted Damon about the pills he'd found, Damon insisted that he wasn't trying to get into any trouble, because the chief of staff was a "hard-ass." He read Angie's nametag and grimaced when Angie said that she was the chief of staff. He realized that she was the police chief's wife, too, and Angie stated that her husband was a "hard-ass," too.

Angie was about to lecture Damon, but stopped upon seeing Frankie's name on the prescription bottle. Damon cited that the pill bottle belonged to a "Hubbard." Angie quipped that Damon ought to be grateful that she was giving him a second chance. He tried to apologize for his remarks, but she ordered him to get back to work before she called his probation officer. Damon took off, and Angie left a message for Frankie to find her right away.

Frankie met Angie at the nurses' station, and she confronted him about someone finding his prescription pills in the trash. Frankie swore that he didn't need them anymore, and he promised to properly dispose of them. Damon was mopping nearby and overheard Angie expressing pride in Frankie. Damon looked sad when Angie said, "That's what mothers are for."

Elsewhere in the hospital, Tad opened the DNA results and recalled Dixie telling him that he would be in the lives of all his children. Bewildered, Tad stared at Krystal, who slowly approached him. "He's my son. Damon's my son," Tad uttered.

Tad had wondered why he'd been so drawn to Damon, but Tad had never considered that Damon was "his boy." Tad grew angry that Hillary had cost him 18 years with Damon. Krystal figured that Hillary didn't know the truth. Tad felt that Hillary must have suspected it; however, she'd allowed Damon to be raised by Paul Miller, a man who treated Damon like dirt. Tad didn't know how to handle the situation, but Krystal assured him that he'd find a way.

Damon approached and asked Tad if they could talk. Krystal took off, and Damon explained what had just happened between him and Angie. Tad agreed to have a word with Angie, and Damon remarked that Tad was saving Damon's "ass" yet again. Damon noted Tad's strange expression and wondered if JR was okay. Tad absently murmured that JR was good, and after Damon returned to work, Tad left Hillary an urgent message to call him back.

A frazzled Tad found Angie, and she figured he'd gotten his paternity test results. She congratulated him, but he said he was a long way from passing out cigars. Tad brought up Damon's pill incident, but Angie told Tad not to worry about it.

Later, Tad jerked Jesse into a private waiting area to get advice on how to handle the DNA results. Jesse asked where Hillary stood on the issue, but Tad said that Hillary was conspicuously absent from the equation. Tad asked Jesse to watch over the Martins, because Tad intended to go to Ohio and beat down Hillary's front door.

At ConFusion with Jake, Ryan announced that he'd just bought Zach's casino. Ryan figured that Zach had put the casino on the market because Zach wanted to focus on his family. Upon learning about the sale, Ryan had decided that the only peaceful way to get the casino was by creating a dummy corporation with which to buy it.

As Jake discussed how much he liked married life and how much Amanda enjoyed domestic bliss, he and Ryan spotted Amanda tending bar in a skimpy outfit. Ryan made himself scarce, and Amanda explained to Jake that she was just helping the short-handed manager. When a customer called Amanda "hotness," Jake promptly corrected that her name was Mrs. Jake Martin. "Your skirt's a little high... nothing a few hundred yards of fabric wouldn't fix," Jake murmured after the customer walked away.

Amanda sensed that Jake was upset about her working, but he denied it. She announced that she was considering getting a job. Jake remarked that she had her "mom gig," but Amanda saw no reason that she couldn't do both. Jake groaned upon realizing that he was turning into a man who didn't want his wife to work. Jake acknowledged that he was being archaic, but he wasn't ready to give up their nest. Amanda reasoned that they'd still have the nest while she worked. Jake hoped that the new job would involve more clothing.

Elsewhere in the bar, Ryan encountered Madison, who was brooding because she'd failed to book a Fusion location shoot. Madison worried that Greenlee would fire Madison and kill her. Ryan offered Seasons Casino for the shoot and pitched a Monte Carlo theme for the Natural campaign. Madison was reluctant to revisit the casino after her past there, but Ryan figured that the odds might be on her side if she chanced it.

As Madison and Ryan departed, they encountered Jake and Amanda. Amanda asked Madison if Fusion had any job opportunities. Madison mentioned the launching of the new line and said that Amanda should call Greenlee, because they needed a spokesperson.

After Madison and Ryan left, Amanda glimmered with excitement. Jake didn't seem to like the modeling idea any better, because it didn't necessary involve more clothes. Amanda said that doing something beyond diapers and dinner would make her feel as if she were contributing to the world. Though Jake was nervous about the idea of her working, he said he wouldn't stand in her way. The couple kissed, and Jake called a leering man at the bar a "jackass."

When Madison and Ryan arrived at the casino, bad memories flooded her mind. She told Ryan that she was ashamed of the things that she'd done there while using the place to escape her marriage. Ryan urged her to confront her demons head-on and put the past behind her.

Ryan asked if the casino would work for Fusion's shoot, and Madison said that she was still trying to figure out how to tell Greenlee that they'd lost the first location. Madison asked if Ryan could handle it if Greenlee agreed to use the casino. Ryan felt that Greenlee and he were adult enough to be in the same room, but he suggested not even telling Greenlee that he owned the place. Ryan offered to hire Madison, if Greenlee fired her over the mistake.

Madison left, and Ryan asked the manager, Craig Burnett, to gather the staff, because Ryan wanted to secure them in their jobs and announce his ideas. After the staff meeting, Ryan saw a couple winning at a casino table, and he gave them a free bottle of champagne.

At Fusion, Greenlee stared expectantly at Madison as she exited the elevator. Madison admitted that she'd forgotten to book the photo shoot location, and Greenlee seethed that if Madison couldn't take things seriously, then Madison would be out the door. "Before you fire me, I have an idea," Madison quickly interjected. Greenlee warned that it'd better be good.

As Madison pitched her casino campaign, Greenlee imagined meeting Ryan for the first time at a casino table. They exchanged sly glances as they played a card game. Greenlee bet away her chips and jewelry, but after she left the table, Ryan returned her bracelet to her. "And then they kiss," Madison said as Greenlee and Ryan kissed in Greenlee's dream.

When Greenlee snapped out of her dream, Madison assumed that Greenlee hated the pitch. Greenlee said it was pure fantasy and something that could never, ever happen. "Let's do it," Greenlee decided.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Adam's bedroom, Adam refused to help David with his legal problems, and David warned that making love to the curvaceous Annie might eventually kill Adam. In the hallway, Annie jiggled the locked door and demanded to know who was in Adam's room with him. David slipped into the secret passageway, and Adam let Annie into his room.

Adam claimed that he'd been on speakerphone. Annie felt disillusioned because he'd sent her to sleep in the guest room the previous night. Adam claimed that JR's situation was keeping Adam up nights, and Annie suggested that she keep Adam up instead. Adam reminded her that her doctor had ordered her to take it easy, but he promised that they'd return to normal soon.

In the parlor later, Annie encountered Brooke, who'd cleaned out the bar and had worked with Lucretia on a healthy diet for Adam. Annie scowled at Brooke's desire to care for Adam. Brooke said that it was the least that she could do. "Yeah, I'll bet it is," Annie retorted.

When Brooke left to get coffee, Annie scrolled through Brooke's cell phone. Adam entered, and Annie claimed that she'd had Lucretia prepare him a special breakfast. Annie said she was going to retrieve a sweater for him, but she really went to snoop in Brooke's room. Annie noted that the secret passageway in Brooke's room had been opened. Grabbing a flashlight, Annie slipped behind the wall.

Once Brooke returned to the parlor, Adam asked her to keep Annie busy at work, but he wouldn't divulge his reasons for the request. Brooke pressed Adam about his health, and she eventually agreed to help him with Annie, but only if he'd be proactive about his health.

As David listened to Adam and Brooke's discussion, a flash of light startled him. Annie wandered through the tunnels, stopped behind the parlor wall, and heard Adam tell Brooke not to let Annie get suspicious. Annie heard a noise, gasped, and shined her flashlight in its direction.

In Erica's office, Erica signed the contract that Jackson had drawn up for her and Greenlee. Erica threw Greenlee's photo in the trashcan, and Jackson asked Erica to stop warring with his daughter. Erica cited that Greenlee had started it, and Erica would never surrender to anyone. Erica asked him not to tarnish their relationship by blindly taking Greenlee's side.

Randi entered, and Erica learned that Greenlee had changed the location shoot to the casino. Erica hoped that Greenlee wasn't stepping on Erica's concept, but Jackson reasoned that it was just a photo shoot. Erica claimed that it was war, and it had started the moment that Greenlee had planted her flag in Erica's office. Erica had Val call the casino for her, and when Craig got on the line, he informed Erica that Zach no longer owned the place.

Greenlee and Madison checked out the Seasons Casino, and Greenlee decided that Madison had saved her job with a nice alternative location for the shoot. Ryan approached and wondered if his ownership of the casino would change Greenlee's mind. Greenlee replied that she and Ryan could work together without letting the past interfere. He asked about David, and she said that her husband was off-limits. Greenlee congratulated Ryan on the casino, but wondered how Erica felt about Ryan tricking Zach out of it.

Ryan received a call from Erica, who said that Zach and Kendall would certainly be surprised to learn that Ryan had been their buyer. When Erica asked about the photo shoot, Greenlee snatched Ryan's phone from him and ordered Erica to keep her nose out of Greenlee's side of the business. Greenlee doled out threats, but Erica clicked off the line without listening.

Ryan wondered if bickering with Erica was worth the stress, and Greenlee quipped that ripping Erica's manicured nails out of Fusion would make it worth it. Ryan reasoned that Greenlee was battling more than living. He said that she had to trust someone, but Greenlee retorted that she'd trusted David, who Ryan had driven away.

Ryan claimed to understand that Greenlee just wasn't ready to let her guard down after going through the hell of being dead for a year. He assured her that she'd find people who could help her work through the pain and anger. Greenlee grew uncomfortable and strode away from Ryan. She told Madison that it was time to leave, and they boarded the elevator.

Back in Erica's office, Erica remarked to Jackson that it didn't take much to set Greenlee off. Jackson stated that Greenlee could hear Erica's battle cries, no matter how quietly Erica made them. Erica claimed that she had more important goals than taking down Greenlee.

Jackson asked about Erica's relationship goals, and she conveyed that gratifying moments were rare. He asked if she missed having a man in her life. As Jackson pulled her to him, she said that a man would happen along, but she wasn't doing the chasing. He recited her "carpe diem" philosophy, but Erica uttered that it meant, "seize the day, not seize the man."

Jackson moved in for a kiss, but Erica merely pecked his cheek. She claimed that it would be wrong to strain his impartiality with anything more. He suggested that she find another lawyer, so that they could throw impartiality out the window. Erica wondered who'd fill his shoes. Stroking his face, she said she had to get back to work. Jackson reluctantly left.

At the hospital, Angie told Krystal that JR was doing well. Angie and Krystal discussed Tad's intention to visit Hillary in Ohio to talk about Damon. Just then, a giggling female volunteer tumbled out of a nearby closet, followed by Damon, who adjusted his shirt. "Evolutionary proof that behavior is genetic," Angie told Krystal.

Damon explained that the volunteer had been over 18, and all he'd been doing was "lending her a hand" to help her "find a tongue depressor." Angie scowled at Damon and ordered him back to work. Watching Damon hightail it out of there, Krystal asked if Tad had really been that bad in his youth. "You have no idea," Angie replied.

During further conversation, Krystal revealed to Angie that she might be making Liza feel threatened regarding Tad. Krystal swore that Liza had no reason to feel that way. Angie recalled how Liza had been about boys in high school, and Angie warned that Krystal had better be ready to go to the mat if she crossed Liza.

Liza arrived at Tad's house just as he headed out the door for Ohio. Liza had just returned from seeing Bailey and Stuart in Ohio. While there, she'd decided to talk to Hillary about Damon; however, Hillary wouldn't discuss Damon, and she certainly didn't want to hear from Tad. When Liza said that the Millers had taken off for Europe, Tad hissed that Liza had no right to interfere in a situation that she had nothing to do with. Liza tried to understand what Tad's problem was, and he blurted out that Damon was his son. Liza looked stunned as Tad said that a DNA test had proven it.

Liza was shocked by the news, and she wasn't happy that Tad had already told Krystal about it. Tad said that it wasn't about their feelings; it was about Damon. Tad didn't even know how to approach Damon without first talking to Hillary. "But you've made that impossible," Tad told Liza. He asked her to leave it be and give him some time to sort it out. Though Liza pretended to be okay, she left the house hurt.

Krystal went home, where Tad raged about Hillary running off to Europe. Krystal reasoned that Hillary might not know about Damon's paternity, or Hillary might be trying to save her marriage. Tad felt that it didn't matter what Hillary knew; she was still putting Tad and Damon in an impossible situation by remaining out of touch. Tad felt stuck because, until he found out why Hillary had fled the country, he couldn't tell Damon the truth. Tad feared that Damon would hate both Hillary and Tad for hiding the truth.

Later, Liza called Damon to cancel their lunch date. A disappointed Damon said he'd been looking forward to hearing about Stuart and Bailey, and Liza promised to reschedule. Damon ended the call and pounded on a wall.

Colby approached, and Damon raged about Liza's lunch cancellation. He said that all he'd wanted was one photo of Stuart. Colby figured that Liza must have had a good reason for canceling. Damon wished that he could have gone to Ohio himself, but he'd been stuck in that dump of a hospital.

Damon couldn't stand working at the hospital anymore, and he asked if Colby could get Adam to persuade someone to put Damon on valet duty. Colby tried to reason with Damon to be patient with his position, but as he grew more enraged, she agreed to talk to Adam. She also said she'd find how Liza's visit with Bailey had gone. Damon calmed down, and he remarked that Colby was the only friend that he had.

Later, Angie found Damon listening to music, and she asked if he were trying to get himself fired. Damon admitted that he hated janitorial work. Angie pulled out her phone and said she was calling his probation officer to say that Damon preferred jail to working at the hospital.

At ConFusion, Colby found Liza sulking over her coffee. Colby berated Liza for canceling lunch with Damon, but Liza said that she couldn't see Damon at that moment. Colby pressed Liza for a reason why, and Liza cautioned Colby to stay away from Damon, because his life was about to explode.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tad confessed his fears to Krystal about revealing Damon's true parentage. Tad said that Damon would likely go on the run again once he heard that Tad was really his father. Krystal wondered how Liza had gotten involved to the point of talking to Hillary. Tad said that lately, Liza felt the need to be involved in every part of Tad's life. Tad was unsure why Liza felt that way. Krystal said that Liza had fallen hard for Tad.

Tad thought that he and Liza felt similarly about their relationship: two friends that enjoyed intimate encounters with each other. Krystal revealed a warning that Opal had delivered about Liza's jealousy. Tad recalled the look on Liza's face when Tad told her that Krystal knew Damon was his son. Unable to process the possibility that Liza's feelings could be stronger than his, Tad put a kibosh on the conversation.

Liza tried to convince Colby that she was too good to hang out with someone like Damon. Colby refused to take her mother at her word and wanted to know Liza's reasoning. Liza stalled momentarily and, frustrated, Colby started to leave. Liza begged Colby to stay, and concocted a story to appease her daughter. Liza said that she met Damon's parents while in Ohio and realized that Damon was damaged goods.

Liza said that Damon had been summarily ignored from birth and such treatment was the root of all of his problems. Colby asked if Liza viewed her as damaged goods. Liza didn't think that Colby was anything like Damon, but fell silent when Colby listed all of Colby's misdeeds since she moved back to Pine Valley. Liza tried to blame Colby's failings on Adam, but Colby said that both Liza and Adam used Colby as a weapon.

Liza thought about Colby's words for a moment. Liza apologized for all the times she'd treated Colby the same way that Hillary had treated Damon. As tears welled in Colby's eyes, Liza said that she was proud of the woman that Colby had grown into. Colby said that she was proud of Liza, as well, and they hugged. Liza noted that sometimes an apology made all the difference. That thought caused Liza to think of another situation in which the sentiment would apply, and abruptly departed.

Damon insisted that there was no reason for Angie to call his probation officer. Angie said it was clear that Damon wasn't interested in doing his community service in the hospital. Damon said that he'd acted in a stupid manner and that it would never happen again. Angie stated that Damon would be allowed one more chance, and said that if he blew it, he would go to jail. Damon kept up the ruse of being appreciative but was less than enthusiastic once Angie walked away.

Krystal suggested that Tad go to Europe to find Hillary. Tad rejected the idea because he didn't want Damon to feel abandoned. Krystal likened Hillary's secret to her own about Marissa. Krystal said that perhaps Hillary would welcome the chance to let go of her twenty-year-old secret. Tad was certain that Hillary's behavior up to that point made her intentions clear. Tad said that Damon had to know something was wrong after years of living in a house with a man that treated Damon horribly.

At that moment, Damon walked in the door for lunch. Damon told Tad that Angie would be calling because Damon had screwed up again. Damon said that he got irritated when Angie bossed him around. Tad reminded Damon that Angie was his boss. A wry smile crossed Tad's face when he realized that he was looking at a carbon copy of himself at that age. Tad offered to go to bat for Damon again, but reminded the young man that community service was not an option.

Damon questioned what he would do once he had served his time, since no one would hire him. Tad offered to make some calls to see what he could find. Damon changed tacks and asked if he'd received any messages. Tad wasn't aware of anything and asked why. Damon said that he'd tried to contact his parents, to no avail. Tad told Damon that his parents had gone to Europe on an extended trip. Damon was clearly hurt by the news. Damon tried to joke his way out of the emotion by wondering aloud if his parents would stay overseas.

Liza showed up at the Martin house, and Krystal greeted her. Krystal told Liza that Tad wasn't available to talk. Liza was irate that Krystal knew so much about Tad's schedule. Meanwhile, in the living room, Tad told Damon that he knew what it felt like to be abandoned. Tad told Damon that he didn't need to feel alone because there were a lot of people in Pine Valley that were on his side. Damon revealed that his parents were notorious for taking off and being angry upon their return when they realized that Damon had acted out. Damon swore that he would have been a better-behaved son if his parents had just chosen to stay with him.

Krystal told Liza that they weren't in a competition for Tad. She suggested that Liza wait until Tad was finished talking to Damon before going into the living room. Krystal exited the house and left Liza to consider her next move. As she did, Damon decided to head back to the hospital for the rest of his shift and left the house as well. Liza took the opening and asked if she and Tad could talk. Tad told her that he wasn't really up for a heart-to-heart.

Liza proceeded anyway and apologized for tracking down Hillary. She initially blamed it on a lawyer's insatiable need to mediate, and then confessed that she wanted to know more about Tad's first love. Liza apologized for making things more difficult with respect to Damon and begged for the opportunity to make up for all she'd done wrong. Liza moved in close and wrapped her arms around Tad. Tad shocked Liza when he extracted himself from her embrace.

Tad said that he appreciated Liza's apology but he couldn't deal with her in addition to everything with Damon. Liza said that she just wanted to help the way Tad had helped her with Stuart. Tad said that Liza's actions were more about her jealousy over his relationship with Krystal. Liza was stunned when she realized that Tad wanted to break up with her.

Angie stopped by to see JR and was pleased to tell him that the transplant had worked well enough to take JR out of danger. JR wanted to know what they needed to do to speed up his discharge. Angie said that they still needed to proceed slowly, but that his prognosis was good.

From the tunnels, Annie overheard Adam tell Brooke to keep his wife busy. There was a sudden movement in the tunnels and it spooked Annie so badly that she yelped and ran out into the living room. Stunned at her sudden arrival, Adam asked Annie if she was okay. After Annie confirmed that she was fine, Brooke asked what Annie had been doing in the tunnels. Annie was more concerned with the topic of discussion between Brooke and Adam. Annie said that she'd overheard that they didn't want Annie to be suspicious and demanded to know specifics.

Adam said that he and Brooke were discussing Annie's first assignment at Tempo. Adam embellished to make sure that he addressed all of Annie's questions. Brooke again questioned why Annie had been in the tunnels. Annie said that she wanted to hone her research skills and had decided to practice on the house. Annie asked what Brooke knew about the tunnels and if she had been in them lately.

Adam knew that a fight was brewing between his past and present. Adam said that he was headed to the hospital to check on JR. After his departure, Brooke confronted Annie about spying on the conversation Brooke had been having with Adam. Regardless of how Brooke phrased the question, Annie managed to avoid giving a direct answer.

Brooke gave up and asked if Annie wanted to go into the Tempo offices to work on the upcoming issue. Annie initially said yes, but soon had a daydream in which Brooke and Adam talked about cutting Annie out of the family and its money. Unable to rid herself of the image, Annie changed her mind.

Annie ran into Scott and unloaded all of her fears about Brooke's supposed ulterior motives. Scott reminded Annie that Brooke was wealthy in her own right and was certainly not trying to take over Annie's life. Annie said it felt like everyone was against her. As David listened in from the tunnels, Scott told Annie that he still cared about her.

Adam visited JR at the hospital, and was full of joy that JR's health had improved greatly. Adam told his son that when JR was discharged from the hospital, Adam wanted JR and his family to move back into the mansion. JR thought it sounded like a great idea, and told Adam that family was the most important thing. When JR's cell phone rang, JR was reminded of the many opportunities Chandler had missed. JR felt he needed to resume helping Scott out with Chandler. JR promised that once he was back to full strength, he wouldn't let anyone stand in his way -- including Annie.

JR noticed that his father looked worn out and surmised that Annie was to blame. JR said that Annie was likely biding her time until both Adam and JR succumbed to their respective ailments so that she could get her hands on Chandler money. Adam said that JR couldn't be farther from the truth and noted that JR should be grateful for all Annie had done. JR demanded to know what Annie had ever done that benefited him.

While she stood out in the hall, Angie heard raised voices from the Chandler men. She went into JR's room to separate JR and Adam. Before she dragged Adam out of the room, Angie ordered JR to get some sleep. Out in the hall, Angie told Adam that his heart condition needed to be monitored by a top-notch cardiologist. Without thinking about the implications, Adam noted that he had that part of his health taken care of.

David listened in as Scott told Annie that their friendship couldn't make Adam think they were having an affair. Annie said that she needed someone to talk to so she didn't feel so alone. Scott suggested that Annie talk to her husband, but Annie said that hadn't worked. Annie said that Adam got angrier the more honest she was about Brooke.

A phone call interrupted the conversation. Annie answered the call and, upon hearing JR's voice, tried to pass the phone to Scott. JR quickly told Annie that he wanted to talk to her in person. He told Annie to visit him at the hospital -- alone. When she arrived a short time later, JR informed Annie that he would be moving back into the mansion once he was discharged. Much to Annie's surprise, JR said that one of the first things he planned to do was lay down some ground rules.

JR said that the first rule would be that Annie always had to tell the truth. Annie was incensed at the implication, but JR said that Annie had yet to be 100% honest. JR used the huge favor that Annie had supposedly done as an example. Annie tried to act like she didn't know what JR was referring to, but JR saw right through her. JR continued to push all of Annie's buttons until she blurted out that she had been JR's bone marrow donor.

Adam returned home and told David that JR was making remarkable progress. Adam added that once JR moved back into the mansion, David needed to vacate the premises. David said that Adam might want to rethink his demand, and Adam was unclear on David's meaning. David revealed that much had happened with Adam's two-faced wife while Adam was at the hospital.

David informed Adam that Annie was jealous of Brooke, but Adam thought that just proved Annie's devotion. David countered that and said that all Annie talked about was Adam's money. Adam thought that David was making it up until David mentioned the merit trust. David said that Annie practically threw herself at Scott but that Scott resisted. However, David revealed Scott's assertion that he and Annie could not betray Adam again. This knowledge caused Adam to experience chest pains.

David apologized for getting Adam so upset, but said that he felt obligated to tell Adam the truth. David went on to note that in addition to tending to Adam's heart condition, he could be useful in other ways. David believed that Annie was the enemy, and that Adam could use someone to be his eyes and ears in the mansion and deliver reports of things Adam missed.

Colby found Damon at the hospital. Colby belatedly remembered that she was supposed to see about getting Damon's community service changed. She assured him that one call from Adam Chandler would fix everything. Angie heard Colby's claim and told both of them that special favors were not granted in her hospital.

A short time later, the nurse that Damon hooked up with earlier tried to lure him in again, but in his fury over a missent message, he harshly rejected her. After the nurse left, Damon wanted to blow off steam. When a patient started to crash, another nurse briefly abandoned a cart of medications. Damon snatched a bottle of pills and stashed them in his smock. Angie and the nurse returned and wondered where the bottle of pills had gone. Angie spotted Damon and demanded that he stop walking away.

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