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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 22, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, March 22, 2010

At the hospital, Angie questioned Damon about the missing drugs from the medical cart. Damon pretended to be offended by Angie's suggestion that he might have stolen the pills. Angie reminded Damon that he had been lucky to receive a second chance. She wondered if Damon were willing to risk throwing everything away. Damon remained on the offensive, so he invited Angie to search him.

Before Angie could take Damon up on the offer, Damon began emptying his pockets, carefully avoiding the one where the pills had been stashed. Angie decided to give Damon the benefit of the doubt. After she walked away, Damon popped one of the pills into his mouth.

Jake arrived at the police station at Jesse's request. Jesse explained that he needed Jake's expertise on David Hayward. Jake was reluctant to get involved. Jesse cajoled Jake for tips on how to outwit David. Jake believed that the key was to figure out what David was after. Jake revealed that he had been able to lure David out of hiding once by using Marissa. Jesse appreciated the insight.

Shortly after Jake left, Angie dropped by the police station to talk to Jesse about Damon. Angie wondered when Tad intended to tell Damon about the paternity test. Jesse admitted that he had no idea what Tad's plans for Damon were. Angie hoped that Tad would talk to Damon soon. She worried that Damon was headed for trouble.

Jesse was curious if they could discuss it after work. He explained that he had been in the middle of something when she had arrived. Angie apologized for interrupting Jesse during work. Jesse promised that he would help her figure out what made Damon tick.

At the Martin residence, Tad admitted that he wanted to take a step back from his relationship with Liza. Liza wondered if he was "dumping" her. Tad explained that he needed time to process everything that had happened recently, including learning that he had a new son. Tad confessed that he was also frustrated because of her jealousy over Krystal, and Liza's recent trip to Ohio to see Hillary. He admitted that perhaps it was best that they end things.

Liza applauded Tad for being honest, instead of sleeping with her mother. Tad was shocked; he was curious why Liza would mention his affair with Marian. Tad insisted that it was ancient history. Liza confessed that she would never forget that Tad had once slept with her mother. Tad and Liza continued to argue. Liza had difficulty hiding her resentment over Tad's ongoing close relationship with Krystal.

Tad refused to apologize for being on good terms with Krystal. He reminded Liza that he and Krystal shared a child. Liza suspected that it went deeper; she was curious if Tad had told Krystal about Damon. Tad was forced to admit that he had confided to Krystal that Damon was his son before Tad had told Liza. Liza didn't understand what Tad wanted from her.

Tad claimed that Liza was fun and someone he had felt comfortable cutting loose with. Liza took that to mean that Tad had been interested in her for "laughs and sex." Tad denied it, but Liza didn't believe him. Jake entered moments later. Liza didn't hesitate to let Jake know that Tad had broken up with her. However, Liza conceded that she had known, on some level, that things wouldn't have lasted with Tad.

Tad refused to follow Liza when she walked out. Jake settled on the sofa while Tad quickly filled him in on the breakup. Jake sensed that Tad was hiding something. Tad told Jake about Damon and the paternity test. Jake congratulated Tad on Tad's new teenaged son. Jake was curious if Hillary knew that Damon was Tad's son. Tad was certain that Hillary had known, which was why she had left for Europe.

Jake was curious what Tad's next move would be. Tad didn't know, but he wanted to do more for his son. Jake suggested that perhaps Tad had taken his frustrations out on Liza. Tad tried to dismiss the possibility, until Jake questioned how long Tad had waited to tell Liza about Damon. Tad acknowledged that Jake had a point, so Jake urged his brother to salvage what was left of Tad and Liza's friendship. Tad decided to follow Jake's advice.

At ConFusion, Liza was shocked when she looked up to see Damon trying to order a drink at the end of the bar. Damon decided to join Liza when he noticed that she was sitting alone. Liza pointed out that Damon was underage. Damon proudly produced a fake driver's license, which Liza promptly confiscated. Damon was curious why Liza was in a sour mood; he pointed out that Liza had been drinking beer instead of a fruity drink.

Later, Damon entertained Liza with a story about an incident in a bar. Damon also managed to sneak in two shots of alcohol before Liza could stop him. Liza was curious why Damon seemed mad at the world. Damon reminded Liza that Bailey had returned to Ohio and wouldn't allow him to see Stuart. Damon was also disappointed with his parents' lack off concern for him.

Damon confessed that his father was a "royal jerk." Liza and Damon were unaware that Tad lurked nearby watching them. The expression on Tad's face indicated that Tad was not pleased with what he saw between Liza and Damon.

In the attic of the Chandler mansion, David tried to warn Adam that Annie was the same "opportunistic liar" that she had always been. Adam resented David badmouthing Annie. Adam decided to return the favor by suggesting that Greenlee appeared to enjoy her freedom. After Adam left the attic, David tracked down a phone to call Greenlee. David assumed a British accent and then called Fusion. David was disappointed to learn that Greenlee was out of the office.

David returned to the attic, where he found a television set. David adjusted the rabbit ears on top of the television until he was able to get a local news station. His satisfaction turned to disbelief when the newscaster announced that "Greenlee Hayward" had been arrested. David paced the attic for a few minutes and then left.

In JR's hospital room, JR was livid when Annie announced that she had donated her bone marrow to JR, which had saved his life. JR refused to believe her; he accused her of lying. Annie showed JR her scar, but JR suggested that jabbing herself in the hip fell right in line with Annie's "crazy bag of tricks." Annie accused JR of being ungrateful.

JR shot back that Annie would never be a part of his family despite what her marriage license said. Annie took delight in informing JR that he would always owe his life to her. JR became agitated. Scott raced into the room just as JR started to rise out of the bed to go after Annie. Scott ordered Annie to leave while he tried to calm down JR.

Adam returned to the parlor. He stopped short when he noticed that the liquor decanters were empty. Brooke admitted that she had poured the alcohol out for Adam's sake. Adam grumbled that he was a grown man who didn't need anyone to watch over him. Brooke suggested that Adam act like it. Colby entered the room moments later and then handed the phone to Adam as she explained it was Scott.

Scott requested Adam to meet him at the hospital because JR was upset. Adam ended the call and then explained that he had to leave. Brooke offered to go to the hospital in Adam's place, but Adam refused to hear of it. Colby insisted on joining her father. A short time later, Adam and Colby entered JR's room.

Adam was surprised when he realized that JR was furious because Annie had taken credit for donating the bone marrow that had saved JR's life. Scott, JR, and Colby were stunned when Adam confirmed Annie's claims. JR demanded to know how Adam could have done that to JR. JR accused Adam of putting them in the position of being indebted to Annie for what she had done. Adam refused to apologize for doing what had been necessary to save his dying son's life.

After Scott and Adam left, Colby confessed that it seemed like a "Twilight Zone" moment to know that Annie had saved JR. JR confided that he had an idea about how to get things back to normal. Colby clarified that "back to normal" meant that Annie would be out of their lives. JR decided that they would use Annie's life-saving donation against her.

When she arrived home, Annie demanded to know where Adam was. Brooke revealed that Adam had gone to the hospital. Annie realized that Adam would likely learn that she had told JR about the bone marrow donation. Annie blamed Adam for slipping up in front of JR, which had forced Annie to tell JR the truth about the bone marrow transplant. Annie confessed that she was sick of always being the "bad guy." Annie thought that it was all Brooke's fault.

Brooke was curious how she was responsible for all of Annie's problems. "None of this would have happened if you would have stayed away from Pine Valley," Annie insisted. Annie believed that she had been making progress with Adam's family before Brooke had arrived in town. Annie was confident that, in time, everyone would have warmed up to Annie. Brooke suggested that perhaps Annie was always at odds with everyone because Annie didn't really care about anyone.

Annie denied it; she pointed to her bone marrow donation as proof. "Listen to yourself," Brooke advised Annie. Brooke wondered if Annie had made the donation because Annie cared for JR or because Annie hoped to score some points with Adam. Annie insisted that her "generosity" should be appreciated.

Brooke didn't think that Annie would feel the need to make certain that everyone knew about the donation if it had been about helping JR. Brooke suspected that it was more important for Annie to be the center of Adam's universe. Brooke confessed that she had her doubts about Annie's love for Adam. Annie was determined to prove to everyone that she loved Adam. Brooke thought it was more important that Annie focused on being honest with herself and the family.

Adam arrived home as Brooke prepared to leave on Tempo business. Brooke offered to stay home with Adam, but he declined. After Brooke left, Adam went to the bedroom to confront Annie. Adam demanded to know why Annie had told JR about the bone marrow transplant. Annie resented Adam questioning her motives. She grabbed a suitcase and then began packing. Adam was curious if Annie were actually leaving or if she were just threatening to, so that Adam would beg her to stay.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At ConFusion, Liza admonished Damon for swiping her drink. When Tad marched over and wrenched Liza away from the bar, Damon secretly slipped himself another pill and washed it down with beer. Liza tried to explain Damon's duplicity to Tad, but Tad felt that Liza should never have let Damon saddle up to the bar in the first place.

Tad and Liza approached Damon, who hooted and hollered as he drank Liza's shot and beer. Yanking Damon off his stool, Tad asked if Damon wanted to go to jail. "You think Hill will visit me there?" Damon stammered. Liza watched as Tad dragged Damon out of the bar.

At the Martin house, Angie arrived to discuss Damon with Tad. Krystal assumed that Damon had been caught locking lips again. Angie recounted the pill incident and said the kid had serious problems. Angie felt guilty because she didn't want to cause Tad's son to go to prison.

Tad burst through the door with Damon clinging to his arm. Damon wanted to "hurl," but Tad warned that Damon would do no such thing on Tad's carpet. Angie and Krystal helped get Damon to the bathroom, and Tad spotted an apologetic Liza on the doorstep.

Liza claimed that she hadn't chased Damon from the bar, because she hadn't been thinking clearly after the breakup. Tad dubbed Liza as the same vindictive woman of old. Liza tried to clarify matters, but Tad didn't even care to hear it. He felt that he'd had the guts to say that he couldn't handle a relationship, but she'd tried to get back at him through his son. "Tell Damon I hope he feels better," Liza bit out and left.

Angie and Krystal helped the staggering Damon into the room, and Angie suspected that Damon was more than just drunk. Howling that he wanted to rock and roll, Damon fell face-first onto the floor. Angie revived Damon, and he confessed to ingesting two pills. Angie stated that the drug dosage had been innocuous, but a bad mix with alcohol. She debated reporting to Damon's probation officer. Tad begged Angie to give his "son" just one more break. A doped-up Damon lifted his head from the sofa and asked, "What did you just call me?"

Tad claimed that he'd been talking about JR, and Damon fell back onto the sofa cushions. Angie agreed not to run the toxicology screen or report it to the probation officer. Before leaving, Angie implored Tad to get to the root of Damon's issues.

Tad asked Krystal to make a strong pot of coffee, and while sobering up Damon, Tad lectured Damon on his behavior. Damon retorted that Tad was wrecking Damon's high. Grabbing Damon's lapels, Tad insisted that he was all that Damon had.

At the hospital, JR decided to use Annie's benevolence against her. "Our step-monster is going to become my new best friend," he told Colby. Colby, who'd tried the same plan, remarked it wouldn't work; however, JR was confident that Annie and he would be "hugging it out" in no time. JR figured that he owed Annie, and it was only right that he pay her back.

As Colby made JR "pinkie-swear" on the plan, Marissa strode in. JR announced that he'd soon leave the hospital, and they'd move into the mansion. Marissa worried about JR living in the mansion with a stressful Annie. JR explained that Annie had been his donor. Since Annie had given him a second chance, he was willing to give her one, too. Marissa thought that was wonderful, and Colby deviously smiled. After Marissa left, Colby asked why JR hadn't revealed his plan to his wife. JR figured that Marissa would worry too much about him.

At the mansion, Annie stuffed her suitcase and declared that she was leaving. Adam wondered if she were serious, or just trying to get him to beg her stay. Annie raged that Brooke had caused Adam to mistrust his own wife, but Adam felt that the problem wasn't Brooke; it was the way that Annie related to his entire family.

Adam berated Annie for revealing to JR that she was the donor, but Annie reckoned that Adam had practically told JR the truth when Adam had hinted that Annie had done something wonderful for JR. Annie stated that JR had then summoned her to the hospital to harangue the truth out of her. She raged that JR spat on her every chance he got, and it would be nice if Adam would defend her for once. Adam claimed that he did defend her, but she never made it easy.

Adam sympathized with Annie, and he assured her that she could endure until the family finally accepted her. He sensed that Annie was actually jealous of Brooke. Annie hopped from her seat, and shrieked that she wasn't jealous of Brooke. Adam said that he loved Annie, not Brooke. Annie challenged him to prove it by sending Brooke packing. Insisting that Brooke wasn't a threat, Adam warned Annie to get over her insecurities. "What are you going to do, Adam? You gonna divorce me?" Annie asked.

Annie returned to packing, but Adam slammed her suitcase shut. Refusing to feed Annie's insecurities, Adam insisted that Brooke was a close friend-just as Scott was to Annie. Just then, JR called to tell Adam to prepare the mansion for JR's arrival the next day. Adam announced to Annie that JR was returning home. Annie huffed and stormed out of the bedroom.

Annie went to ConFusion, where she ran into Liza. Annie nervously said that she needed a lawyer. "Again?" Liza responded. Annie almost got up, but Liza said that $1 would buy her confidentiality. Annie slapped a buck on the table and asked what she could get if Adam left her.

As Jesse dragged a handcuffed Greenlee into police headquarters, she admonished him for parading her in front of the press. Jesse was sure that the "love of her life" would soon swoop in to save her. Just then, Ryan arrived and locked eyes with Greenlee. Jesse mumbled that he'd been hoping for David. Ryan pleaded for Greenlee's release, but Jesse ordered his officers to keep a close eye out, because they had something that deeply concerned David.

Jackson arrived and warned Jesse that Greenlee wanted to sue the police station for invasion of privacy and a host of other things. Jesse claimed that he'd operated by the book, but Jackson still figured that a lawsuit wouldn't look good for the station.

In the interrogation room, Greenlee figured that Ryan was in on Jesse's plot, but Ryan claimed that he'd arrived after hearing about her arrest on the radio. Greenlee didn't believe him, and she accused him of taking advantage of their truce to swoop in for the kill. Ryan tried to reply, but she marched into the main headquarters, where Jesse deemed her free to leave.

After Jackson dropped his hotheaded daughter off at Fusion, Greenlee found one of her posters sitting upside down in the room. She charged into Erica's office, but it was dark. Upon flipping on the light, Greenlee was startled to see David.

David had realized that Greenlee's arrest had been a setup; however, he'd been too worried about her to just sit still. She warned that every cop was on the street looking for him, and she didn't know what to do. David figured that he had no choice but to turn himself in.

Greenlee refused to let David do so, but he said that she wouldn't have a moment's peace until he was caught. She wondered about Adam, and David said that Adam had refused to help. Peeking through the blinds at two unmarked cars on the street, David conveyed that there was no way out. Greenlee quipped that there was always a way out.

Later, Greenlee arrived at the Chandler estate with a huge freight box. As security wheeled it in, she told Adam that it was filled with Fusion samples for Colby. Greenlee locked the parlor doors, and Adam claimed that David had already left. Adam was glad to be rid of David, because JR was due home. Greenlee pried open the box, and like a jack in the box, out popped David. "I'm back! Where's my welcome home hug?" David asked.

At the casino, Natalia tried to take credit for Brot's early graduation. After some banter, they settled down at a blackjack table. Randi approached the table and told the pair about Fusion's modeling casting call. Randi wondered where Greenlee was, and Natalia replied that Jesse had hauled Greenlee into the police station. Randi curiously arched her eyebrows.

When Randi told Madison about Greenlee's arrest, Madison took off to make a call. Randi complained to Brot and Natalia about the politics in the Fusion office. Brot suggested that Randi score points with Greenlee by hiring Natalia as their model. Blushing, Natalia knocked the idea, because she already had a job that required brains. Natalia and Brot proceeded to bicker with each other because she couldn't take a compliment, and Natalia left in a huff.

Nearby, Randi tried to talk to Ryan about the modeling call the next day, but Ryan brushed her off. Randi watched as Madison approached Ryan to talk about the situation with Greenlee. Ryan sighed that Greenlee was still covering for David. Madison remarked that love defied reason, but Ryan corrected that Greenlee did not love David. Ryan remembered that he needed to talk to Randi, but Madison told him that Madison was his "go-to" girl.

Ryan stepped away, and Randi approached to accuse Madison of wanting Ryan. Madison scoffed that he was hung up on Greenlee. Randi quipped that such a thing hadn't stopped Madison before. Ryan interrupted to send Madison and Craig off to discuss the shoot.

After working with Craig, Madison thanked Ryan for his help that evening. She wondered if it were okay that Craig had asked her on a date. Ryan replied that it was up to her. She remarked that she hadn't dated in a long time, and she asked if Ryan would date again. He proclaimed that there was only one woman for him. Madison stated that Greenlee was a genius at cosmetics, but not so wise in love. Madison left, and Randi stopped by Ryan's table to render a warning about Madison.

At the police station later, Brot and Natalia called a truce. Jesse told them that David hadn't taken the bait. Brot and Natalia proposed that they insert someone in Greenlee's circle to keep tabs on her. Brot mentioned the Fusion model search and said that Natalia would be the perfect person for the inside job. Natalia hated the idea of "voguing," and she stated that Greenlee knew that Natalia was a cop. Jesse figured that he could solve that little problem. "You're fired!" Jesse declared.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"The hell I am!" Natalia raged when Jesse fired her. Brot and Jesse figured that the firing would be temporary and believable, especially in light of her proclivity to go rogue. Natalia argued that they didn't respect her as a cop; they just thought she'd look good dolled up in cosmetics. Jesse reasoned that it was the fast track to becoming a detective, but she found it humiliating.

The men searched online for an outfit for Natalia to wear to the tryout. Reviewing the skimpy dresses, Natalia asked if Jesse remembered that she was his daughter. As Brot salivated over an even skimpier dress, Jesse popped Brot in the head and said, "That's my daughter, fool!"

Later, Natalia berated Brot for putting the modeling idea into Jesse's head. She said that she wanted a detective's badge and the collar. "Then strut that catwalk and get it," Brot prodded. Natalia quipped that models needed their beauty rest, and she tripped as she strutted off. Jesse approached, and Brot and he discussed Natalia's stubbornness. Jesse assumed that Natalia would feel different with a detective's badge on her belt.

At ConFusion with Liza, Annie plopped a dollar on a table and asked what she could get from Adam in a divorce. Annie was offended when Liza joked that the "romance of the century" had ended. Liza apologized, and Annie ranted about getting no deference for saving JR's life. Annie blamed Brooke, and Liza chuckled that Brooke was history "with a capital H."

Liza, who'd married Adam three times, said that Annie wasn't the first of Adam's wives to seek divorce counseling, nor was she the first woman to be dumped by a man. Liza revealed that Adam had cheated on Liza with Brooke, and he'd cheated on Brooke, too. Liza remarked that if she knew why men liked to live with their ex-wives, she wouldn't be alone at the bar. Annie asked what she should do. "Are you asking me as your lawyer or as Adam's ex-wife?" Liza asked. Annie replied, "Both." Liza advised Annie to do it to him before he did it to her.

Annie didn't want a divorce, because she loved Adam; however, Liza quipped that love couldn't compete with the past. Annie assumed that Liza was just bitter. Annie worried that Adam would crush her in a divorce, but Liza said that Pennsylvania was an equitable property state, and if he'd actually cheated on Annie, then Annie had a case.

Annie wasn't sure if Adam had cheated, but she really wanted her marriage. Liza reckoned that Annie needed to file for the divorce, so that she could keep her self-respect. Holding up the dollar, Liza remarked that it was the best dollar that Annie had ever spent. "Call me when you're ready to fight," Liza said and went to the bar.

As David emerged from the freight box at the mansion, Greenlee asked a glowering Adam to look out for her husband. Adam rasped that he was done helping David. David threatened to tell Annie that Adam's ticker couldn't handle a roll in the hay. Standing firm, Adam said that David had broken their deal when he'd pressured Adam to amend it.

Adam ordered David to leave, or Adam would get the police to haul David out. Greenlee interjected that Adam would be charged with harboring a fugitive, but Adam doubted that such a charge would stick. David doled out more threats, but Adam decided that, because David had been helpful, Adam wouldn't report David to the police until sunrise.

Brooke entered the house, and Greenlee and David slipped into the tunnels. Brooke noted Adam's distraction, but she felt that they needed to talk about Annie. Adam and Brooke informed each other that they'd both been arguing with Annie about Brooke. Brooke felt that Annie had no reason to be jealous, but they had to address it before it got worse.

Adam hoped that Brooke wouldn't leave town, and Brooke admitted that she wanted to stay. Adam playfully remarked on Annie's youth, but he said that sometimes it was good to have someone with some life experience and breadth of understanding. Brooke asked if Adam were committed to Annie, and he affirmed it. "Then let me help you keep her," Brooke replied.

Adam assured Brooke that his marriage was fine, but Brooke felt that if she'd contributed to the problem, then she should help fix it. Annie entered the house, and Brooke left unseen.

Entering the parlor, Annie said she'd heard voices. Adam lied that he'd been watching television, and he decided to head for bed. Annie offered to accompany him, but he claimed that he needed to rest up for JR's homecoming. Adam apologized for the fight earlier, and Annie admitted that she shouldn't have told JR anything. Kissing her, Adam said he'd never forget what she'd done for him, or his son. Annie bade Adam a good night and smiled to herself.

Later, Annie donned a nightie and curled up on Adam's bed. Adam entered, and she smiled like a vixen. "Annie, this isn't what I meant when I said goodnight," Adam stated. Annie explained how much his statements downstairs had meant to her. Annie wanted to renew her vows to him with actions, not words. "I want to show you," she purred and kissed him.

As Annie untied Adam's robe, he thought of David's warning that Adam's ticker couldn't handle Annie. Adam succumbed to his wife, but as they made out, he got winded. He said it had been a long day, and he needed to sleep. Annie promised not to interrupt his rest, if he'd let her stay in the bed. "Straight to sleep!" Adam exclaimed as a flustered Annie rolled over.

Annie fell asleep, and Adam sneaked out of the room. She reached for him and realized that he was gone. Downstairs, Adam encountered Brooke, who was also restless. Adam was happy to have Brooke to confide in, but he didn't want to discuss his worries. He held her hands and said he was glad that she was there. Annie arrived downstairs in time to see them.

At the casino, Randi tried to warn Ryan that Madison was bad news; however, Randi was unable to reveal why. She vaguely said that her family had experienced problems with Madison, and Madison's past had messed her up. Ryan replied that Randi didn't understand abuse survivors. Randi shot back that she'd survived being beaten up daily by a pimp. Ryan said he was sorry, and he expressed his belief that survivors should stick together.

At ConFusion later, Madison and Craig had drinks, and he suggested that they go somewhere else. Eyeing Ryan at the entrance, Madison opted to stay put. Ryan bid them a quick hello and headed for the bar to speak to Liza. As Madison watched Ryan, Craig realized that Madison wasn't really into Craig. She responded that she might be dating too soon after her failed marriage. Craig suspected that there was someone else, but Madison hastily denied it.

At the bar, Ryan noted Liza's gloomy mood. He tried to cheer her up over drinks by regaling her with funny stories. Liza wondered when the last time was that Ryan had laughed over drinks. Ryan offered to listen to Liza's problems, but she preferred to hear another story. He cited that the bar would soon make a last call for alcohol, and she suggested that they take the conversation to her place. Ryan looked surprised. "Oh, God," Liza embarrassingly murmured.

As Ryan and Liza muddled through the awkward moment, Ryan figured out that Liza and Tad had broken up. Ryan hinted that it might be different if he weren't in love with someone else. Liza and he agreed to forget that she'd ever made the drunken suggestion. Ryan invited her to accompany him back to the casino, but she decided to go home.

When Ryan returned to the casino, he spotted Madison working. She said her date with Craig hadn't gone well, but she hadn't expected to run into Ryan again that night. Ryan reminded her that he'd said he'd return to the casino, and Madison pretended that she'd forgotten. Ryan decided to let her get back to work, and she watched him meander away.

Back at the mansion, Greenlee and David strode into the attic, and Greenlee was determined to make Adam change his mind about harboring David. A weary David said that Adam wasn't kidding about turning David in. As Greenlee brainstormed ways to put the screws to Adam, a disheartened David declared that it was over.

Greenlee refused to let David go to jail, but David disliked putting her in danger. He admitted that he'd wanted her to talk him out of turning himself in earlier, but things had changed. Greenlee insisted that they'd beat their enemies together. David asked her to let it go, but she stated that she wouldn't be pushing so hard if she didn't think they belonged together.

Greenlee implored him to let her help, but David had only one word for her: goodbye. He dashed out of the attic and locked the door. As Greenlee banged on it, David said he was sorry, and he took off. After a while, Greenlee freed herself with a key that she discovered on the floor.

Outside Liza's apartment building, Liza encountered a hooded stranger and recognized him as David. David asked where Tad was, because he and Liza were always joined at the hip. "Well, my hip if free," she responded. David prodded her to call the police and make herself a hero to Tad. "What makes you think I want to be a hero to Tad Friggin' Martin?" Liza asked.

David found it odd that Liza wasn't eager to turn him in, and he stated that he needed a lawyer. Though procuring her services was a long shot, he tried to appeal to her competitive side. Liza quipped that winning was fun only if she could live with herself. David started to walk away, but when Liza hinted that she was expensive, he turned around.

David offered Liza a million dollar retainer. She thought it was a good start and said she'd sleep on it. As the tipsy Liza strode away, David remarked that he had no place to stay. Liza responded that it wasn't her problem -- unless she took his case.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Liza strode through her living room and shrieked upon seeing David sitting on her sofa, as he drank coffee and read a newspaper. "You're apartment's not exactly Fort Knox, Liza," David quipped. Liza stated that she hadn't taken him on as a client. "Yet," he corrected.

Tad arrived, and David hid. Liza acted nonchalant about the breakup, and Tad said she needn't pretend that she wasn't hurt. Liza thanked Tad, because ending things had put her back on track. She claimed to have moved to town for Colby, not to traipse around with men.

Tad apologized for how he'd treated Liza. Tad said that Damon had owned up to distracting her to steal her drinks, and Tad rambled about being Damon's father. Knowing that David was listening, Liza prodded Tad to the door. Tad sensed that she wanted to get rid of him. Liza claimed that she had a meeting to go to, and she ushered him out.

David returned to the room and promised that he hadn't heard a thing -- except for the part that another "Martin spawn has apparently come out of the woodwork." Liza tried to toss out David, too, but he wouldn't leave until he got what he wanted: Either Liza would represent him, or he'd tell Damon that Tad was his "sorry-assed" father.

Laughing, Liza said that David could skywrite Damon's paternity for all she cared. She warned David not to play her, because he'd lose and "piss" her off in the process. Leaving, David said he needed to find a lawyer. "Don't bother. You're looking at her," Liza announced.

David wondered what made Liza believe that she'd win his case, and she responded that she'd instructed his enemies on how to take him down in the first place. David warned that she wouldn't make friends by taking his case, but Liza was only concerned with making a name for herself. She felt that his two million dollars would help expand her practice. David only recalled offering her one million, but Liza said that his pitiful attempt at blackmail had doubled her fee. If he tried it again, he'd have to give her five million.

David and Liza shook on the deal, but David remarked that he needed a place to stay. "You have a place to stay. It's called county lockup," Liza replied. Opening her door, she announced that David would turn himself in.

At the hospital before her Fusion tryout, Amanda worried to Jake about getting the modeling job. She whipped open her coat to get his opinion of her gold sequined dress. A passing orderly dropped his tray upon seeing her. "Mission accomplished," Jake said. He assured her that she could model in her sleep.

At the Martin house later, Jake made a house call to check on a hung-over Damon. Tad and Jake discussed Tad's dilemma about waiting to speak to Hillary before telling Damon about his paternity. Tad remarked that he'd taken Jake's advice to talk to Liza; however, he should have saved his breath, because she'd said that he'd done her a favor by leaving her. Tad thought that Liza deserved better than a man on the rebound from his ex-wife.

When Amanda arrived at the casino, an elated Erica gushed over how great Amanda looked. Erica decided that test shots weren't necessary. "I want you to be the face of my new cosmetics line!" Erica announced. Amanda was stunned as Erica cooed that it was a done deal.

As Greenlee readied the casino for the auditions, Ryan approached to tell her that he really hadn't had a hand in her arrest. Greenlee knew that he hadn't, and she apologized for going off on him about it. She decided that she'd only lay into people who deserved it. "Like her," she said upon seeing Erica with Randi.

Greenlee barked at Erica for being there, but Erica insisted that she was just there to observe, not direct. Ryan tried to mediate the bickering women, but once Greenlee got called away, he accused Erica of pushing Greenlee's buttons. Erica noted that Greenlee's buttons had apparently already been pushed, and Greenlee could detonate at any moment.

Greenlee spotted Amanda getting off the phone with Jake, and Greenlee begged Amanda to say that she was there to audition. Amanda replied that Erica had already hired her. A livid Greenlee called Jackson about what Erica had done.

Natalia arrived in a dress that left her no room to bend over. Upon approaching Natalia and Randi, Greenlee suspected that Natalia was obviously there to spy. Natalia explained that Jesse had fired her for going rogue, but Jesse never thought that she could hack it as a cop. Natalia would rather pack "heat than lipstick," but she'd arrived to audition because she desperately needed a job. "No," Greenlee replied and pranced off. Randi said that she had an idea that might change Greenlee's mind.

Randi took Greenlee some photos of Natalia, and Greenlee groaned because Natalia was fabulously photogenic. Greenlee agreed to let Natalia audition, but Greenlee warned that Natalia was wasting her time if she were really there to get the goods on David.

Later, Ryan approached Greenlee, and she raged that Erica had stolen Amanda for Erica's campaign. Ryan noticed Greenlee's stance and asked if her back bothered her. She shrugged, saying that David wasn't around to tend to it. Ryan urged her to sit down, and he massaged her back for her. She tensed up, but slowly relaxed as he rubbed her.

While working, Greenlee snapped at Madison for an error, and Ryan suggested that Greenlee take a break for her back's sake. She insisted that she could handle it. With David gone, Fusion was all she had left. Ryan replied that it didn't have to be that way.

Erica went to her office to find Jackson awaiting her. He announced that she'd violated the spirit of her agreement with Greenlee by poaching Amanda from the auditions. He remarked that Erica didn't play fairly, but she corrected that she didn't play at all in business. Jackson suggested that Erica be her own spokesperson, because nothing said "glamour" like Erica Kane.

Erica appreciated the flattery, but she was too busy to model again. She figured that Jackson was busy running his office in Paris. He revealed that he'd closed that office, and he'd be working in Pine Valley. "Well, let me be the first to welcome you home," Erica said. She assumed that he was staying in town for his daughter, but he said that wasn't the only reason.

As JR, Marissa, and Colby awaited JR's hospital discharge, JR thanked Brooke for supporting Adam and working on the Tempo article about JR's illness. Brooke said she'd be honored if he'd agree to another story about his bone marrow transplant. JR wanted to do it, even if it just helped one cancer patient. Brooke noted that Annie would be heavily involved. "As she should," JR replied. Marissa looked shocked by JR's new attitude regarding Annie.

Brooke headed out, and Marissa asked JR what he was really up to. JR claimed that he wanted to make peace with Annie, especially since they'd be living in the same house. Marissa went to retrieve AJ, and JR told Colby that he hated lying to his wife. Colby suggested that JR take Annie on once he was stronger, because Annie wasn't going anywhere. JR insisted that he was fine and that Annie certainly was going somewhere; Annie just didn't know it yet.

At the mansion, a suspicious Annie revealed that she'd seen Adam and Brooke in an intense conversation the previous night. Adam didn't find that surprising, since JR, who would be home that day, had just beaten death. Annie said it was thanks to her, and Adam asked her not to make it about herself. Annie, however, insisted that she deserved some gratitude. Adam asked if she'd helped JR just to get something in return. "Let's just say that if JR is in need of bone marrow any time soon, I'll just have to say I'm all tapped out," Annie sneered.

Adam was at a loss for words, and Annie feared that she wasn't everything that Adam needed. She wanted to be the person he sought out in the middle of the night, not Brooke. Adam insisted that he wasn't doing anything inappropriate with Brooke. He said that the day was about JR and family solidarity, and he wouldn't let anything ruin it.

Adam exited, and Annie left a desperate message for Liza. Annie said that Liza had been right: Annie needed to strike first. Annie asked Liza to go ahead and draw up the papers. All the while Annie spoke, Colby listened in from a phone in another room.

Brooke arrived home, and Annie demanded that they have a talk. Brooke led Annie into the parlor, where Adam sat, and announced the plans to do the feature article on JR's transplant. "With bone marrow donated by me!" Annie interjected. Brooke said that Annie was a huge part of the story, and she'd be featured on the cover page. Annie gasped in amazement and delight.

Annie's joy quickly withered when Adam expressed his gratitude to Brooke. Adam prompted Annie to thank Brooke, too, but Brooke said that it wasn't necessary. Annie did it anyway, and Brooke left to check on the photographer.

When JR arrived at the mansion, his family greeted him with hugs and laughter. Annie stood off to the side, and JR asked, "What? No hug from the woman who saved my life?" Annie glanced around and timidly strode to JR. She awkwardly hugged him as cameras flashed.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jake surprised Amanda with one of her favorite foods: chili cheese fries. Amanda was dismayed because her new modeling gig made her want to change what she ate. Jake convinced her that a slight indulgence wouldn't hurt. As Amanda caved, a man walked up, handed Amanda an envelope, and told her that Erica wanted to see her right away. Amanda opened the envelope and inside found her contract to be Erica's new face of Fusion. Jake quickly ushered Amanda out of the restaurant to answer Erica's summons.

After Jack revealed his plans to stay in Pine Valley, Erica thought that it was solely for Greenlee. Jack stated that he had other reasons, and then the two danced around exactly what else had drawn Jack back. Erica finally told Jack to confess his true motivation. Jack admitted that the possibility of reuniting with Erica was among his reasons. Jack pointed out that he and Erica had sparks from the moment they'd laid eyes on each other again.

Erica didn't deny Jack's claim, but she said that they had something additional in common when they'd met up at the Yacht Club. Erica reminded Jack that at that moment, they both believed that Greenlee was dead. With that belief in place, the biggest obstacle they'd had in their relationship disappeared. However, with Greenlee's miraculous return, Erica said that they needed to accept that Jack would always choose his daughter over Erica.

Erica told Jack that Greenlee had positioned herself as Erica's mortal enemy. Jack realized that Erica was putting up walls so as to eliminate the possibility of getting hurt again. Jack said that they were adult enough to have a relationship without Greenlee affecting it. Jack believed that after all they had shared, it was finally time for them to be together for good. Before Erica could respond, Jake and Amanda burst into her office. The Martins immediately realized that they had interrupted an intimate moment.

Jack stepped to the side so that Erica could conduct business. Erica thanked Amanda for responding to her request so expeditiously. Amanda thanked Erica in turn for the opportunity to be the new face of Fusion. Erica sensed some hesitation, so Jake noted their concern about what Amanda would be paid. Erica assured them that the contract rewarded Amanda generously, but that no exact dollar figure could be noted. Amanda seemed fine with Erica's explanation and asked where she should sign.

The photographer arrived and while he snapped off shots of Amanda signing her contract, Jack took a moment to relay some advice to Jake. Jack said that women possessed an amazing energy when they were passionate about one part of their lives. He told Jake that the passion could affect other parts of life, but said that Jake needed to be able to handle the change. Jake took one look at his wife and said that he was willing to rise to the challenge.

Amanda briefly looked over the itinerary that Erica gave her. She was amazed that her modeling contract would send her all over Europe. Erica instructed Amanda to call in the morning so that they could cement the details. As the Martins walked out, Jake thanked Jack for the pep talk. Once they were alone again, Erica asked what Jake's comment meant. Jack said that he'd simply told Jake to hang on, as he was about to take the ride of his life.

JR returned to the Chandler mansion and received a warm welcome from everyone except Annie. JR requested a hug from the woman who saved his life and so, for a photo opportunity, Annie obliged. When they parted, Annie noted that when JR found out that Annie had been his donor, he'd been furious. Annie wanted to know what had changed JR's mind.

JR admitted that he and Annie shared a complicated history. JR added that he couldn't ignore that he owed his life to Annie. Brooke asked if she could catch the initial moments of JR's homecoming on video, one that would be streamed live on the Tempo website. Annie was reluctant to agree, as she felt she would have to hide her true feelings. Brooke said that she wanted Annie to be honest. Brooke thought that the complicated nature of the collective Chandler history would make it the perfect piece to promote the article. Annie was overwhelmed and exited for a few moments to collect herself.

Just as Annie left, Scott entered the living room and proclaimed how happy he was to see his cousin at home. The two men embraced briefly before Adam asked to speak with Scott alone. After Adam and Scott left the room, Colby told her brother that she had a hard time watching JR cater to Annie. JR asked his sister to play along, but Colby said there was a chance that JR wouldn't have to execute his plan to destroy Annie.

Before Colby could tell JR what she'd overheard, Marissa interrupted, concerned that JR wasn't feeling well enough to do the interview. JR assured Marissa that he would be fine, and the two walked away. Colby was initially frustrated, but when she spotted Annie's cell phone, Colby hatched a new plan. Colby managed to take the cell phone and duck out into the foyer without alerting anyone to her actions.

Scott told Adam that he wasn't certain how to take JR's reformed attitude toward Annie. Adam thought that they should simply be grateful for smoother waters. Scott then asked how Adam's relationship with Annie had been faring. Adam cryptically said that when he found how things were going, he would let Scott know. In an attempt to change the topic altogether, Scott noted that he wanted to talk about business. Adam insisted that he wanted one night where they talked of nothing but the family.

When Brooke approached Annie again, Annie said that she didn't want to be pushed into doing an interview. Brooke said that the interview offer was her way of assuring Annie that there was no need for Annie to worry about Brooke pursuing Adam again. Brooke thought that by doing the interview, the family could get close again. JR approached the women and encouraged Annie to participate. Annie finally caved in but noted that she would leave at the first sign of a trick. Annie wanted to call a friend first and realized that she'd misplaced her phone.

The interview began as Adam detailed his devastation over finding out how grave his son's illness had gotten. Brooke asked Annie if she'd had similar strong feelings when she heard the news. Annie's discomfort kept her from being able to utter a complete sentence. JR interrupted and said that he had to share information about the Chandler family with the world. As Annie listened, she thought that JR's goal was to assassinate her character. JR asked that she let him finish, and she did so reluctantly.

JR said that the entire family had been suspicious of the young beautiful woman who married the old, rich tycoon. JR admitted that he had treated Annie horribly, and was floored that she'd still chosen to save his life. Brooke thought that they'd reached a good stopping point in the interview. Brooke told the viewing audience to read the upcoming issue for more details. After the camera stopped rolling, Brooke viewed commentary on the website. She announced that the world viewed Annie as a hero.

Once Liza agreed to represent David, David said that he needed a place to stay. Liza told him that he would stay in county lockup because she wanted him to turn himself in. David was irate at the suggestion, but Liza said the longer David stayed with her, the more it looked like she was harboring a fugitive. Unwilling to go to jail for David, Liza said that surrender was the only option. When David fell speechless, Liza placed a call to Jesse.

David took the phone from Liza's hand and ended the call prematurely. David told Liza that he would turn himself in when he was ready. Liza said that David needed her more than she needed him. David was certain that Liza would be hard-pressed to find another case like his that would help to rebuild her career.

The phone rang and ended the conversation. On the other end of the line, Colby insisted that she needed to see her mother. Liza knew that Colby couldn't go to her house, so Liza told her daughter that they would meet at BJ's. Liza ended the call, and before she left the house, Liza told David to stay out of sight.

Ryan expressed concern over how hard Greenlee had been pushing herself. Greenlee swore that she could handle the stress, and said that her work at Fusion was all she had left. Ryan reminded Greenlee that her second chance had landed her in a place where she belonged, where people wanted her to succeed. Ryan told Greenlee that she didn't need to face life alone.

Greenlee knew that she needed to be grateful for what she had been given, but was thankful for the reminder. Madison interrupted their tender moment and said that the photographer was ready to take test shots of the finalists. Greenlee and Ryan reluctantly parted ways, but Ryan stayed nearby and watched Greenlee work.

Greenlee had just started to get a shot set up when her phone rang. She was immediately concerned when she heard David's voice on the other end. David told her that he was fine and that she didn't need to worry. David then insisted that Greenlee needed to leave town. Greenlee said that she couldn't be forced to testify against David, but David thought the authorities could make things hard for Greenlee. Greenlee didn't think that the authorities could come up with anything worse than death, but David was still concerned.

Madison handed the location agreement to Ryan and said that the photo shoot would likely go over the specified hours. Ryan said that he would look it over and get back to her on revisions. Madison thought that it would be good for them to review the agreement together and suggested that they do so over drinks. Ryan didn't think there would be any problems with a time extension and thus didn't see a need for them to meet alone.

As Colby waited for her mother at BJ's, she saw that Liza was attempting to call Annie. Moments later, Liza walked in. Before she joined her daughter at the table, Liza left a message for Annie that the divorce papers had been drawn up. Liza sat down and told Colby that she had been extremely busy at work, and thus couldn't stay long.

Colby cut to the chase and asked Liza if she'd heard anything was amiss in Annie's marriage to Adam. Liza couldn't say anything, but her hesitation told Colby all she needed to know. Liza's cell phone rang again, and Liza stepped away from the table to take the call. Colby took the opportunity to look through her mother's briefcase and found the divorce papers.

Colby listened to the message that Liza left for Annie. When Liza returned, Colby had a new strategy in mind and apologized to Liza for attempting to extract information. Colby confessed that she felt Annie wasn't good enough to for Adam. Liza warned her daughter to be careful while living in the Chandler mansion, as there were a lot of things that could blow up at any time. Colby felt that the possibility of destruction would be defused as soon as Annie moved out. Liza hinted that things might be resolved sooner than Colby knew.

Liza dashed off again, headed for her next appointment. Colby thought a moment, and then dug Annie's cell phone out of her bag. Colby put her plan in motion and texted Liza a message that instructed the lawyer to deliver the divorce papers immediately.

Liza returned home but before she could open the door, a process server approached her. She handed over the divorce papers and asked that they be delivered to the address written on the outside. Once the server had departed, Liza went into her house and was horrified to find David on the phone. She snatched the phone out of his hand and ended the call.

David demanded that Liza give the phone back. Liza indicated that if David wanted representation, he needed to learn to follow the rules. David countered and said that Liza needed to remember that she worked for him. Back in the casino, Greenlee knew that Liza was somehow involved in the abrupt end to her phone call. She ran over to Madison and asked her assistant to finish the photo shoot as discussed. Ryan was slightly alarmed but remained silent as he watched Greenlee flee.

Liza told David that he needed relinquish control, because she was the expert in the situation. Liza realized that she wouldn't make any headway with David until they reviewed her plans for his defense. David was alarmed when Liza said that Greenlee was the key to gaining sympathy from the jury. David admitted that he'd called Greenlee and told her to leave town until the case was over. Liza was livid and said that David needed to let her handle the case her way. David took that right away from Liza and fired her.

Ryan asked Madison if he thought that something was wrong with Greenlee. Madison thought that Greenlee was stressed from the impending cosmetics launch, but Ryan wasn't convinced that makeup was the only thing on Greenlee's mind. When Madison left to deal with a technical issue, Natalia ran over to Ryan. She revealed that she was undercover and needed a favor. Natalia was certain that Greenlee's phone call was from David, and said that she overheard that Liza was involved. Natalia asked Ryan to relay that information to Jesse, and Ryan was happy to help.

Adam approached Annie and said that the emotion JR showed for Annie during the interview made Adam sorry he'd fought with his wife earlier. Adam said that he would never forget what Annie had done for JR. Annie was more than happy to smooth the waters with Adam. Colby arrived in the living room and saw Adam embrace Annie. Furious, Colby approached her brother and insisted that JR couldn't have wanted a reunion between Adam and Annie.

JR said that Colby needed to be patient, but Colby was done waiting. She told JR that she had a bombshell in motion that would destroy everything that Annie had worked for. JR wanted to know what Colby had done, but before Colby could divulge any details, Brooke attempted to snag JR for some interview follow-up. Colby said that she and JR could talk later.

Across the room, Adam was so delighted that things were okay with Annie that he wanted to procure a celebratory bottle of wine. Colby ran over and stopped Adam from leaving by saying that it would be rude to drink in front of JR. Adam agreed and then stepped away to talk to his son. Annie realized that Colby didn't want Adam to leave, and asked what the young girl was up to.

Colby said that Annie had an overactive imagination, but Annie knew something was wrong. The doorbell rang, and a smug look crossed Colby's face as Adam went to answer the door. Annie tried to intervene, but Colby stood in her way. Adam opened the door, and as Brooke watched, the divorce papers were served.

David proclaimed that he had no idea why he'd thought someone so unstable, untrustworthy and inexperienced could handle his case. Liza was unfazed by David's insults and more amused that he believed he could win his case without her. David said that he would take his chances, and started to storm out. As he flung the door open, Greenlee ran into his arms. Greenlee was glad that she wasn't too late to stop David. David was alarmed when he saw his wife, but his alarm turned to horror when Ryan showed up moments later.



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