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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 22, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dusty and Janet talked about her relationship with Jack, and she said a divorce was easy to get, but an annulment was another story. Dusty laughingly suggested that there had to be a bishop or even a cardinal he could pay off, but Janet was not amused at his poking fun at her religion. They kissed, but Janet pulled away and said that she couldn't be with Dusty because she was afraid if she allowed herself a little bit of happiness, it would jinx Liberty's recovery. She declared that she couldn't make love to Dusty while she was still married to Jack.

Dusty understood, and he said that he thought he could make something good happen. He wanted to fly Janet to Santo Domingo for a "quickie divorce." Dusty had arranged for Teri to look after Liberty for 24 hours, but Janet said everything was happening too fast. She admitted that she wanted to be with Dusty and finally agreed to fly with him to Santo Domingo right away.

The two of them boarded Dusty's plane, headed for the Caribbean. Janet said she had not wanted a conversation with Jack, so she had texted him their plans. She relaxed and told Dusty that she was happy and hopeful for the first time in a very long time. Dusty said they were going to have a wonderful life with all their children, and Janet marveled at how he took her breath away.

After Molly warned Holden and Lily that Faith had been suspended from boarding school for using drugs, Holden called his daughter on the phone, but she failed to pick up. Molly said she had sworn to the girl not to interfere, but Lily yelled that she held Molly personally responsible for anything bad that happened to her daughter. Lily told Holden that Molly had been trying to "score points" with him, so she had not revealed what she knew about Miss Gibson's call and Faith's suspension. Molly protested, but Lily claimed that Faith was rebelling because Holden was dating Molly. Holden and Lily left to look for Faith, and Molly agreed to stay at the house in case the girl returned home.

At Carly's house, Faith knocked on Parker's room door and asked to "hang out" with him. Parker was surprised to see the girl, and he asked how she had gotten in the house. Faith said she remembered where Carly kept the spare key, and she had helped herself. Parker didn't quite believe Faith's tale that she had "a few days off school," but he agreed that she could stay. They talked about Liberty, and Faith made a big deal out of what a great "friend" Parker was when someone was in trouble. She declared that she was hungry, and she sent Parker downstairs to get some food. He ran into his mother there, who eyed the amount of "muchies" her son was toting back to his room. Parker told Carly not to worry about Faith, and his mother complimented him on what a "great young man" he had turned out to be.

While Parker was gone, Faith snooped around his room, and she hid a baggie with her stash of pot in it under his bed. Downstairs, Jack walked in Carly's with a shopping bag full of books on pregnancy. He said he didn't want to feel "disconnected from Janet," and he didn't remember much from when Carly was pregnant with Sage. Carly wanted to make a statement to the world that she and Jack were back together, but Jack reminded her that he was still married to Janet. They agreed to wait, and Carly said she had an errand to run.

Jack was looking at the books when the doorbell rang, and his visitors were Lily and Holden. They asked for Faith and explained that the girl was missing. Jack offered to take them to the station, so they left. At the police station, Holden talked again with Miss Gibson at the school, while Lily called all of Faith's friends. Jack talked unofficially with three police precincts.

Faith looked out the window and saw her folks' car, and she got panicky. Parker wanted to know what was going on, so Faith said her folks could not know that she was there because she had been thrown out of school for doing drugs. Parker was disappointed in his friend, and he said that hiding her was not an option for him. He announced that he was taking Faith to the farm because there were lots of good hiding places there. They drove there and walked into the kitchen and found Lily and Holden waiting for them. Faith was furious that Parker had set her up, but Lily told the girl that they had more important things to figure out, such as how to get her back in school.

Parker dropped in the police station on his way home from the farm and talked to Jack about turning in Faith. Jack said he was very proud of his son and how Parker had handled a difficult situation. The teen asked how Jack was going to go back to living with Carly when Janet was having his baby, and Jack said it was all about giving Janet hope for Liberty.

Carly's errand was to find Molly, who was in Al's Diner. Carly warned Molly that Lily was on the warpath, but Molly said that Lily needed to realize that Lily's life with Holden was over. Carly told her cousin that no one would be shocked that Carly and Jack were back together, because it was "just meant to be." Than disturbed Molly, however, because she said that everyone always said that about Holden and Lily, but they were not meant to be together forever.

Holden and Lily took Faith home, and Lily began the discussion about Faith's drug use. The girl declared that she was not an addict, and "It was only pot," she whined. Lily explained how both she and Luke had experienced problems with prescription pills and alcohol, so there was a family history. Faith maintained, however, that the school was "making a big deal out of nothing." She said she had never fit in there, and no one could make her go back.

Holden said there had been a great deal of instability in their lives lately, but that didn't excuse what Faith had done. They needed to figure out where they went from there, and Faith would be staying home with them, but she had to promise never to do drugs again. The girl promised, as Holden went into the other room to take a pre-arranged conference call. Lily continued to talk with Faith, who was still giving her mother attitude. Lily said she did not deem it "appropriate" for her daughter to have a "friendship" with Molly Conlan. Faith called her mother "jealous" of Molly as her dad's girlfriend, and Lily got angry and denied it. "You are completely in denial," cried Faith, as her mother continued to criticize her.

Finally Faith yelled, "Learn how to tell the truth," and she walked out of the room. Lily thought for a minute and then grabbed her coat and purse and rushed out.

Molly returned to the farm and left a message for Holden. Lily marched in unannounced and said that Faith was home. She then cautioned Molly to stop trying to be Faith's friend because it only confused the girl. She said that Molly was not welcome in her daughter's life. Molly retorted that "no way in hell" would she agree to that. Lily claimed Molly was missing the point: Molly could do whatever she wanted with Holden, as long as it didn't include any of Lily's kids. Molly told Lily she sounded exactly like Lucinda, and then she told Lily to "back off."

Holden finished his call and asked Faith where her mother had gone. Faith smarted off and said Lily was probably buying her "a new playpen." She told her dad that Lily didn't want her to be around Molly, and Holden asked her to please stay out of trouble.

Parker talked with Liberty on the phone, and then stumbled upon Faith's stash of pot under his bed. "Damn it," he swore. Downstairs, Carly answered the door and found Dusty and Janet outside. They walked in and asked Jack how he could have done what he did. Carly had no idea what they were talking about, so Dusty explained that Jack had grounded Dusty's plane on a "police matter." Jack grinned and admitted that he had "called in a few favors." He asked Janet how she could divorce him and let him know by a text. Janet said he couldn't tell her what to do, and they began to argue when suddenly Janet almost collapsed from severe abdominal cramps. Carly watched, wild-eyed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Craig was alarmed, and he asked Johnny if he had been playing around "Daddy's desk." He explained that Daddy had some papers that had gone missing, and some "secret" files had been moved around. Craig stressed how important it was for him to retrieve the missing papers, but Johnny promised that he had not gone near the desk.

In the Lakeview lounge, Henry and Vienna walked through and spotted Barbara having a drink alone. Henry suggested they go straight through to the dining room, but Vienna wanted to stick to their plan of having a drink first. Vienna approached Barbara and invited her to join them for a drink since they were "all friends." "Are we?" asked Barbara coolly. Both Barbara and Henry said, at the same time, "I don't think so." Vienna insisted on the drink, however, but Barbara said she was waiting for her date. Henry was stunned and asked who her date was.

Craig walked up to the desk in the lobby of the Lakeview and asked the clerk if he knew had been doing the housework in his suite lately. The clerk said no, and asked what the problem was. Craig said someone had been going through his things and moving papers around, so the clerk promised to look into it. Craig walked into the bar just as Barbara looked over from her conversation with Vienna and said, "There he is now." Then she called to Craig, saying, "Hello, handsome!" Barbara jumped up and announced that Craig was "right on time," and she got him to sit with her while she began a conversation about Carly and Monte Carlo.

Barbara made sure that Henry and Vienna were watching, and she began questioning Craig about the "secret investor" she heard had financed all the money for the start up company. Henry was not pleased to see Barbara so cozy with one of her ex-husbands, but when Vienna suggested that they go elsewhere for their dinner, he announced loudly that "ordering in" from their room sounded even better. Barbara looked disturbed when she heard that, but Vienna got very excited because she assumed that Henry was ready to resume their sexual relationship. They started for the elevator, but then Henry said he wanted to make sure the oysters were fresh, and he sent Vienna on ahead.

Henry made a beeline for Barbara's table and asked Craig if he could have a private word with her. Craig used that as an excuse to escape, so Henry sat with Barbara. He chewed her out for getting mixed up with Craig again, an ex who had married her, stolen all her money and nearly burned her to a crisp. Barbara claimed she was living her life as she chose, and Vienna walked back in and called Henry "a naughty boy" for keeping her waiting. Henry left, and Vienna jumped on him in excitement before they even got to their room.

Henry and Vienna dived under the covers, but the exercise turned futile. Henry said that the mind was willing, but "the flesh was limp." They gave up and got dressed, but Vienna could not leave the subject alone. She worried that Henry no longer found her attractive, but he assured her that was not so. Vienna said that had never happened to anyone she had been with, as Henry tried to convince her that it happened sooner or later to every man. Vienna's solution was to instigate a role-playing game that involved vampires, but Henry was not interested. Suddenly Vienna asked if there was someone else, and she whined that she wanted her "non-stop Henry" back.

Henry did not know what to say to Vienna, so he made up a long story about how he was subconsciously worried that Vienna would run out on him again, and he asked for time and space. Vienna complained that she had given him plenty of both for months, and Henry apologized. Vienna got angry and said she was sorry that she had returned to Oakdale, and she ran out.

Craig went back to his suite, and his financial advisor, Ellis, joined him. Craig said he was not being paranoid, but someone had been going through his papers. He was suspicious because Barbara Ryan had begun needling him to reveal who Monte Carlo's big investor was, and he asked Ellis if he thought Barbara was perpetrating some sort of "industrial sabotage." He was terrified that she was setting him up for using Parker's trust fund to invest in Carly's company. He worried that, as an officer of the company, Carly might get wind of Craig's shenanigans.

At Carly's house, Janet experienced terrible abdominal cramps, and Jack and Dusty argued loudly over which of them would drive her to the hospital. Carly had to take charge, and she ordered the men to shut up and put Janet on the couch with her feet elevated while she called the doctor. Janet's doctor was not available, but a Dr. Morgan was on-call, and she arrived shortly for a house call. The men began talking at once when she arrived, and they carried on like two stooges. Carly wanted them leave so the doctor could examine Janet in privacy, but the cramps had stopped, and the doctor and Carly were able to help Janet upstairs. Carly prepared her own bed for Janet, and Janet, in Carly's bathrobe, got in reluctantly.

Carly went back downstairs, where the two men were still squabbling. She told them they were just making things worse, and then the doctor got another emergency call and said she had to leave. She told Janet that, barring any more cramping or a fever, she should stay in bed for another two days and to reduce her levels of stress. Dusty wanted to take his fiancée back to the Lakeview, but Jack said Janet was not going anywhere. Carly realized that she had a temporary houseguest, whether she wanted her or not, but Jack promised to make it up to her.

Dusty went upstairs, and Janet told him that she did not want to stay in Carly and Jack's bed. Dusty said that they had to be careful, and it was better if she just stayed put. Then he went downstairs and asked for something hot for Janet to drink, and he offered to make her tea. Jack, however, chimed in with the fact that Janet liked to drink hot chocolate when she was stressed. Then men began arguing again about caffeine content, until Carly said for them to cut it out and she would go to market and get what they would need for the next couple of days. She warned them to "fight quietly" while she was gone.

After going to the market, Carly went to the hotel and knocked on Craig's door. He was just finishing his discussion with Ellis, and Craig was very nervous. Ellis said his farewells, and Carly asked why her business partner was "bouncing off the walls," so he said that he feared he was being stalked. He said someone had been messing with his room and moving things around. He asked Carly why she was there, and Carly admitted that she was "hiding' because Janet was "staying put" in Carly's bed. She said she was counting on Monte Carlo to take her mind off things at home. Craig asked Carly is she was sure she wanted to work so hard on Monte Carlo, and she said that work was the only thing keeping her sane. She was concerned about Craig's stalker, however, but he told her he would take care of it.

Carly went home a spoke to Dusty in the kitchen. He said he would get Janet out of Carly's house as soon as it was safe to move her. Upstairs, Jack insisted on checking Janet's temperature every hour, but it was always normal. Janet apologized to him for attempting to fly to Santo Domingo without telling him first. She hoped things would work out for the best for all of them. Carly walked in with a tray just in time to hear Janet tell Jack that a part of her would always love him and to hear Jack return the sentiment to Janet. Carly was angry, but she carried the tray of tea and crackers to the bed. Dusty joined them, and Janet asked him to get her a divorce as soon as possible.

Jack and Carly went downstairs, and she said that she had been to visit Craig, but Jack had nothing to be jealous about. Carly, however, was having trouble thinking of Janet in their bed, and Carly griped that there was never time for the two of them. Jack said he did not just love her upstairs in their bed, but everywhere. He assured Carly that they were "together," and they kissed.

Barbara went to her room and looked at herself in the mirror. She said aloud that Vienna was in "full bloom," while she was ..., but words failed her. Suddenly she fantasized herself as an old crone with gray hair, schlepping her way into the diner on a walker. Henry and Vienna were smooching in there, but Henry kindly showed Barbara to a seat. A hard of hearing Barbara asked to "hear the specials," but she ordered "the usual." Henry and Vienna danced while "the old bat" demanded a glass of water. Henry got her one, and Barbara

dropped a tablet into it, but it turned into a set of dentures.

The real-time Barbara was horrified and declared that she was not ready to "throw in the towel" yet. She went to Fashions and tried to buy back the sexy red dress that Henry had bought her, but she had returned. She and the salesclerk looked through the store, and just when Barbara had given up hope, the clerk held up the dress with a smile and said, "Cash or charge?"

Barbara walked to Henry's room in her red dress, just after Vienna's escape. The door was still standing open, so Barbara went in and spoke to Henry, who was fixing himself a drink. He called himself "a broken man," and then he turned and saw her in the dress. Barbara saw that Henry was upset, so she left and closed the door behind her. She went back to her own room, and waited, and soon there was a knock. She opened the door to Henry, who commented on her dress. He walked in but was at a loss for words, so he turned around and went back to the door. He reached for the knob, but then turned and ran back to Barbara, sweeping her into his arms and kissing her. They fell on the couch and made love.

Afterwards, Henry confessed that he was holding back from the woman who was supposed to be the love of his life and making love to Barbara instead. Henry' phone rang, and it was Vienna who wanted to talk to him. They agreed to meet at the diner, and Barbara gave Henry her blessing. Barbara was upset after Henry left, but then Craig called and invited her to lunch the next day. Her response was, "Oh, hell, why not?" When he hung up with Barbara, he said, "Gotcha!"

An unknown man walked into a darkened Lakeview hotel room and picked up and studied a framed picture of little Johnny.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Henry asked the bartender at the Lakeview for a "breakfast martini." Barbara sneaked up behind him and whispered in Henry's ear, but he was nervous. She said how much she had enjoyed their night together, and if it happened again, so much the better. Barbara watched Henry sip his drink, and then he headed to the elevator and Vienna's room. Barbara's shoulders slumped, and she looked in pain.

In her room, Vienna tried to choose just the right outfit to please Henry. Henry knocked on her door, so Vienna untied her robe, answered the door, and said she wasn't quite ready yet. Henry watched her dress, and Vienna asked him to zip up her dress. She turned around and moved even closer, until Henry decided it was time to go downstairs.

Carly went back to Craig's suite early and wanted to continue to work on Monte Carlo business. She said her house was like Grand Central Station, and she had slept on a trundle bed in Sage's room. Craig said it was not a good day for that because he had appointments scheduled, and Carly wormed it out of him that Craig was joining Barbara Ryan for an early lunch. Carly giggled over that, but Craig explained that he thought Barbara was "up to something," and he needed to find out if she was spying on them.

Carly left, and Craig went down to the lounge and found Barbara drinking coffee. He said that the two of them had once had "an affinity for one another," but Barbara corrected him by remarking that Craig's affinity was for Barbara's bank account. Craig asked Barbara for a tête-à-tête about the fashion business, but she said first he had to reveal how he had gotten his "magic investor" to trust him. Craig said that was still confidential information, and he asked what Barbara was focused on. She replied, "Fun," and she grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

Henry took Vienna to Metro, but she was more interested in dancing than eating. She pulled Henry to his feet and put her arms around him. Vienna wanted to sneak into the coat check room for some privacy, and she was all over Henry. Henry stalled, but suddenly Craig and Barbara walked in and spotted them. Vienna tried to talk Henry into returning to the hotel with her, but Henry had an urgent craving for dessert. Vienna was disappointed, so she moved around the table and sat on Henry's lap.

Barbara and Craig sat at the bar, and Barbara observed what was going on at Henry's table. Craig was still thinking business, and he asked her if she was "gearing up to be the competition." Thinking only of her situation with Henry, Barbara blurted out, "You bet I am!" Craig grinned and said he knew it; Barbara was trying to get some "dirt" on Monte Carlo. Barbara looked at Craig and said it was nothing to do with business, but then she noticed that Vienna was whispering into Henry's ear. Barbara began touching Craig and smiling, and she said Craig was so right when he mentioned that they shared a "certain physical affinity." Craig was disturbed and looked at her as if she were delusional.

Henry began squirming, and Vienna asked him what was wrong. He said he had to go to the bathroom and excused himself. He walked by Craig and Barbara and gave them a long look. Barbara also excused herself, but she went to Vienna's table and sat with her. She asked Vienna if everything was all right because she claimed she could sense the tension. She asked Vienna if she could help, so Vienna said that ever since she had returned to Henry's bed, he just couldn't...and Vienna made a flopping gesture with her finger. Barbara stifled a grin but looked pleased.

Vienna asked for Barbara's opinion, so Barbara said that Vienna had waltzed back to Oakdale and expected to pick things up where she and Henry had left off. She explained that was a lot of pressure on a man, especially one with a broken heart. Vienna asked how to fix that, and Barbara said, "Back way off, and give him time." She also suggested that Vienna let Henry make the first moves.

Henry returned from the rest room and stopped to talk with Craig. He asked if Craig had "designs" on Barbara, and Craig burst out laughing when he figured out that Barbara was using him to make Henry jealous. "Mystery solved," chuckled Craig. Vienna approached and asked Henry to leave with her because the place had "bad vibes." Barbara returned to Craig, and he asked her if she really thought she could compete with Vienna Hyatt. "Give it up," he warned, and then walked out, leaving her stranded.

When Barbara finally got back to the Lakeview, she hunted for Craig and found him in the lobby. She ranted that he had invited her to lunch and then stuck her with the bill and made her take a taxi home. Craig told her to consider it a fee "for services rendered." He accused her of using him as "an emotional cattle prod" so she could get to Henry Coleman. Barbara let loose on Craig and called him nasty names. She also let it slip that she and Henry were "combustible" in bed, but with Vienna, Henry was having "hydraulic problems." Craig protested "TMI," but then he admitted that Henry did appear quite jealous.

Back at the diner, Vienna made a batch of her famous pepparkakor cookies, and she and Henry waited for them to bake. Henry said her pepparkakor was unforgettable, and Vienna told him that in Sweden, she had attracted a rich, handsome, and powerful man, but she had resisted because he wasn't Henry. Life was no fun without Henry, she lamented. Henry talked about how lonely he had been without her after Brad's death, and the two of them kissed.

At that moment, Barbara, buoyed by Craig's assessment that Henry was jealous, passed by the diner and looked in the window. She saw Vienna and Henry kissing, and it burst her balloon instantly.

Dusty arrived at Carly's and found Janet feeling much better and sitting on the couch. He had stopped at the diner and bought her a bacon and egg sandwich, Janet's favorite, with extra-crispy bacon. She was delighted, and, as she was unwrapping it, Jack walked in from the kitchen with a bacon and egg sandwich he had just made her. Janet decided she was a bit nauseated, and took off for the bathroom.

When Janet returned, both Jack and Dusty crowded around her, and Dusty asked her if she still liked the red brick house they had looked at the other day. Janet said she loved it, so Dusty promised to buy it for them, but Jack butted in and asked all sorts of questions. Carly returned then and quizzed Jack why he cared so much about Janet and Dusty's house. Dusty told Jack to go see his lawyer and get a divorce, so that they could all get on with their lives. Jack agreed, so he left to see the attorney, and Dusty said he would make a deal on the house. That left Carly to stay with Janet, and she more or less agreed to do it.

Janet said she was feeling fine with no more cramps, and she urged Carly to do what she had to, but Carly said they were both stuck. Liberty called her mother then, and she sounded a bit teary and said she needed Janet. Janet told her what her doctor had said, so Liberty apologized and said her mom needed to follow the doctor's orders. Liberty hung up in a hurry, and Janet knew that Liberty was still upset. Janet told Carly that her daughter needed her, and she was getting on the next plane to Minnesota. Carly did not try to stop her, but instead offered to go with Janet.

Janet and Carly flew to Minnesota, and Janet walked into Liberty's room. She was amazed to find her father, Rocco Ciccone, sitting there beside his granddaughter. He introduced himself to Carly, who also walked in, and Liberty was overjoyed to see her mom. Rocco asked to speak to Janet in the hall, so Carly offered to stay with Liberty. In the hall, Rocco said he wanted Janet to know that Teri had read him the riot act, and he was there to support his family. Janet told her father that she was pregnant with a child who could possible save Liberty's life, but she backed away from him when he tried to hug her.

Rocco was delighted that his daughter was having a baby "the right way," with her husband at her side. Rocco said he wanted to be a real grandfather to Janet's kids and to be a part of her life. Janet hugged him then, and he asked why Jack was not there. He said he was concerned when he'd learned that Janet had married a cop, because "of you know what." Janet did not "know what," and she reminded him that they did not know each other very well anymore.

Inside Liberty's room, the girl told Carly that she needed Carly help to face reality. Liberty said she didn't know how long she could hang on, and if something happened, Janet would need all the help she could get. She begged Carly to let Jack and Dusty both help her mother if Liberty died. Carly insisted that Liberty was not going to die.

Meanwhile, Dusty drove to the house he and Janet had chosen, and he saw the realtor leaving. She explained that Dusty had never called back, so she had sold the house to another client. She said the deal had just closed, so Dusty asked her to offer the new buyer $50,000 more than he had paid for the house. Just then, the new owner walked down the front steps, so the realtor introduced Dusty to Mr. Cain. Dusty offered his deal directly, but the owner turned him down. Dusty yelled that he had promised that home to the woman he loved, and he grabbed Cain's arm when he tried to walk away. "Over my dead body," shouted the man, as Dusty made a statement about arranging that. The realtor reached for her phone.

Dusty jumped the owner, as Jack arrived and separated the men. He sent Cain on his way and the realtor went, as well. Dusty asked if Jack was going to arrest him and complained that the owner was a real jerk. Jack said being a jerk was not illegal in Illinois, but assault was. Jack looked at the house and agreed with Dusty that Janet would love living there. Then he suggested that Dusty tip off the seller that Mr. Cain was under criminal investigation for securities fraud, and it was a good case. Jack bet that the seller would put the house right back on the market if Cain went down. Dusty thanked Jack for his help, and he headed back to Carly's. When no one answered the door there, he called Janet.

Janet explained that she was with Liberty in Minnesota, and when Rocco heard her talking, he assumed she was talking with her husband. He took the phone from her and said hello to Jack. Dusty identified himself and asked Rocco to tell Janet that he would be there as soon as possible. Rocco was confused, and he asked Janet about it, but she excused herself and went back in with Liberty. She also sent Carly home, since Dusty was on his way.

When Dusty arrived at the hospital, he ran into Mr. Ciccone, who asked him why he was there. Dusty replied that he was supporting his fiancée, but Rocco thought he meant Carly. Dusty clarified the confusion, and Rocco yelled that Janet was a married woman, so Dusty said that Jack was filing divorce papers, and Dusty was going to marry Janet. Ciccone griped that Janet had already ruined one child's life and she was doing it again. He called Dusty an "adulterer," and walked off. Janet ran out of Liberty's room and hugged him. Janet and Dusty shared some time with Liberty, as Rocco looked through the window.

At Carly's Jack was relieved to see her return. She explained that Janet was visiting Liberty, and Carly had just made a round trip to Minnesota. She said it was "a great day, so sorry it's over, you're welcome," with bitterness. Jack thanked her and they cuddled on the couch. Carly said Liberty was convinced that she was dying, but Jack was sure that things would work out. He showed Carly the divorce papers from Janet, and those cheered them.

In his room, Craig rearranged the things on his desk and checked the bedroom. He appeared uneasy and worried.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lily told Faith that her transfer had gone through, and she could start at Oakdale High School on the next Monday. Faith, however, said that she was not ready to go back to school. Lily offered to take her daughter shopping, but Faith said that wouldn't help. She complained that she had no friends there anymore, and she asked her mother to drop her off at the farm so that she could hang out with her father instead of going shopping.

Holden, however, was meeting Luke at Java, and Luke said that, without Noah, he had bad days and worse days. He commented that the only ray of hope was that his former boyfriend would get his sight back, but that depended totally on a doctor who hated Luke's guts.

Dr. Bob was having breakfast at the diner when Reid Oliver entered. Bob invited Reid to join him, but the younger doctor said he was just picking up a bagel to eat on his way to the hospital. Sitting down at a table, he said, was for 600-year-old guys like Bob. Bob ignored the dig and said he had been going over Oliver's plans for the new neurosurgery wing at Memorial, and unfortunately, Henry Coleman's generous donation would not cover everything. Bob handed the plans back to Reid and said he had marked some things that they could "postpone." Reid looked at it in horror and threw it back at Bob and declared that there was no longer any point in building it.

Katie went to the diner and ran into Dr. Oliver as he was walking out. She asked why he looked so gloomy, so Reid explained that they didn't have enough money to build the hospital unit the way he wanted. He griped that Bob Hughes had "gutted" the project, so there was no point in going forward. Katie offered to do a fund-raiser on her television show, but Reid said he needed millions of bucks. Katie next asked if he knew anyone with that kind of money, and the doctor answered that he actually did.

Dr. Oliver walked to Java and spotted Luke at a table. He sat down and asked Luke how his life was going, and Luke was baffled. He wanted to know why Dr. Oliver was trying to be his buddy when he had been calling him "Richie Rich" the day before. Luke said the doctor obviously wanted something, so he should just ask it, so Luke could refuse and then the doctor could go away. Reid said he thought the two of them should "try to get along better," but Luke asked why. He didn't buy the doctor's answer of "for Noah's sake," and he reminded Oliver that he and Noah had split.

Finally Oliver admitted that the new neurology wing was "going to suck," because they didn't have enough money to do it right. Luke figured out right away that the project needed millions more, and, then the good doctor added, "You're loaded."

Luke asked if Reid were going to mention the incident that occurred the other day, and he was referring to the crazed man in the Lakeview who had attacked Reid, but the doctor misunderstood and thought Luke was talking about an electric moment between the two of them. Luke reminded him that the man had called him "a murderer," and the doctor again told the story of the man's daughter who had a brain tumor. Reid was pleased that he had given the girl another year of life, although the conclusion was inevitable. Luke called him "cold" and not compassionate, but the doctor changed the subject and asked if Luke was going to help him or not. Luke said he was entitled to ask questions about Oliver's reputation, but Reid got angry and stalked out.

Back in Memorial, Bob asked Reid if he had calmed down yet, but Reid said no. Bob then reminded him that there were several ways to raise the money needed for the new unit. Then he began what Dr. Oliver called a "home and family sermon," as Chris joined them. Reid went about his routine until Luke hunted him down and asked to speak to him. Luke said he had talked with the executive director of his foundation, and then he delivered the good news that the foundation would donate the money for a Snyder Pavillion. Luke asked how much money Oliver needed, but Reid said that Bob had the budget.

Luke asked him to send the budget over, and the foundation would make up the shortfall. Reid was shocked, and he told Luke that was "really great." Luke stated that there were two conditions, however: first, Noah could never find out that Luke was a donor, and second, Luke wanted to sit on the Board of Directors and be part of the decision-making process. Reid did not see how he and Luke could ever work together, but they shook hands on it.

Katie talked with Chris at Memorial and said she wanted to focus the next segment of her television show on vaccines for babies. Katie gave him lots of written material and then left. Alison walked by and asked Chris why he looked so upset, and the doctor answered that he was terrified of going on TV and making a complete fool of himself. Alison gave Chris a pep talk and advised that Chris just be himself. He asked Alison to go with him to the studio to give him confidence and to signal him when he got too "intense." She refused because she still felt uncomfortable around Kim and the Hughes family.

Bob saw Alison in the hall and overheard her showing great compassion for a fearful patient. Bob told her that he wanted her to replace the head floor nurse, who was retiring. Alison was stunned and pointed out that she was still very young and many nurses had years of experience beyond hers. Bob pointed out that the hospital went by skill, not seniority. He said Alison had earned the promotion, and he urged her to accept it.

Chris left for the studio, and he and Katie prepared to do a run-through prior to taping. Katie asked him the first question about infant inoculations, and Chris went off on a rant until Katie stopped him. He realized that he had been "scary," and Katie urged him to go more for "reassuring." They began another rehearsal when Alison sneaked into the studio. Chris tried hard to give the impression that Katie wanted, but he forgot and called the audience "idiots" if they trusted everything they read on the Internet.

Alison joined them, and she asked Katie if she could pick up Jacob. Katie agreed, so Alison got the baby and handed him to Chris. She told him to just do his job of instructing new mothers how to handle the vaccinations. Chris did a great job, and he smiled warmly at Alison. He got a phone call asking him to return to the hospital then, but Chris promised to return shortly to tape the segment. Katie asked Alison to be part of the show with her and Chris, but Alison refused. Katie said that Alison shouldn't worry about what had happened before, or she might miss out on what could happen next.

When Chris returned, they taped the segment, and it was a great success. Katie said during her sign off that "Dr. Hughes and Nurse Stewart" would be "regulars" on the show, and "Nurse Stewart" tried very hard not to look shocked. Alison left to go back to work, so Katie mentioned to Chris that he and Alison had worked well together on the show, and perhaps something off the show might work well, too. Chris remarked that "that ship" had sailed, but Katie remarked that sometimes even ships turned around.

Since Faith refused to go shopping with her mother, Lily took her to the farm. Faith flew into the kitchen ahead of Lily and found Molly. Outside, Holden arrived home as Lily was getting out of her car, and they walked into the Snyder kitchen together. They both heard Faith ask Molly to take her shopping for new clothes, since she was starting a new school on Monday. Lily was very hurt when Faith turned to her and said she had not wanted to shop with her mother. Lily looked at Molly and said that the woman had finally gotten what she wished.

Faith spoke up and said that it had been her idea because Molly was "cooler" than Lily, who protested that she only wanted to spend time with her daughter. Molly told Faith to go shopping with her mom and declared that she was suddenly busy. Faith was angry and stormed outside, as Molly turned to Lily and said, "You're welcome." Lily walked out in disgust.

Holden told Molly that Faith was having a tough time adjusting to being at home again. Molly said she almost felt sorry for Lily -- almost. Then she suggested that she take a giant step back from her relationship with Holden because she was afraid that she had become the ammunition that Faith needed to drive Lily crazy. Holden reassured Molly that what he and Lily had was long over, and he said that he was connected with Molly and didn't want to lose that. He promised that together they could make anything work. Molly began unbuttoning Holden's shirt and asked him if he wanted "hard work" with Lily, or hot, sexy, and exciting with Molly.

Lily took Faith to Fashions, but they could not even get close to agreeing on what was appropriate for school. Finally Hope told her mother to pick out what she wanted for Faith, so Lily chose three dresses and took them to a clerk. Faith suddenly pulled a dress that she liked off a hanger and then bent down and stuffed it into her tote bag. Lily took over a few more choices, and Faith suddenly became cooperative and agreed to take them all. Lily left again for a moment, and a young man who had been doing some construction work on the shop approached Faith and said, "You know you're going to get caught."

He explained that the garment Faith had stolen had a security tag on it, so he took the dress to the empty counter and used the tag remover to take off the security device. Then he stuffed the dress back into Faith's bag. Lily returned and began talking to Faith about putting their family back together, but soon the girl asked if she could wait for her mother outside. Lily gave her permission, so Faith walked out. She passed through the security alarm okay, but as soon as she stepped outside, Parker assailed her and chewed her out for hiding drugs in his room. Faith, of course, denied it.

Parker threatened to rat her out to her parents if she kept lying to him. The two of them argued as Lily walked out and asked what was wrong. Faith lied again and said that Parker was upset because she hadn't called Liberty yet. Parker asked Lily if he could drive Faith home, so Lily left. Parker turned to his cousin and warned that it was the last time he would bail her out. He ragged on her that his dad was a cop, and Faith was stupid to hide her drugs under his bed.

At that point, the young man from the shop interrupted Parker's tirade and said that the drugs were his. "Who the hell are you?" asked Parker. He introduced himself as "Gabriel," as he told Faith to keep the drugs for her trouble. He went back into Fashions, as Parker softened somewhat and was a bit nicer to Faith before he left.

Molly walked up and warned Faith that the "little game" she was playing between Molly and Lily was not going to work. Faith denied any game, but Molly told the girl to give her mom a chance. Faith said if Molly wanted to be the "cool step-mom," she had to do better than that, and she walked away.

Molly went on to Java and saw Parker at a table. She joined him and asked if he thought Faith as all right. Parker said the girl seemed "ticked off at everyone." Molly suggested that Faith could use someone to talk to, and she asked him to let her know if he thought Faith was headed for trouble.

When Lily got home, Luke was there, and she told him that she thought she and Faith had experienced a breakthrough. She described how rapidly Faith's mood had changed from argumentative to cooperative at Fashions. Luke was suspicious, and he confided that during the crisis with Damian in Forest Hills, he knew that Faith was high on pills. Lily said that the girl had also been suspended from school for smoking pot, and she was horrified that her daughter might still be using drugs. She called Holden, who arrived shortly, and she told him that he needed to hear what Luke had to say. Luke told him, and then Holden said that he and Lily would handle it, so Luke left. Holden asked Lily if she had prescription pills lying around the house, and she took offense at that. Faith walked in then, and she correctly guessed that they were fighting about her.

Holden asked Faith what was going on, and of course she said, "Nothing." Lily said they knew she was taking pills, and Faith got defensive and wanted to know who had told them that. Holden yelled at her to answer his questions, so Faith admitted that she had started taking the pills at school because "everyone did." Then Faith asked Lily if it had ever occurred to her that Faith was taking pills because Lily had brought Damian into their house and "ruined everything." Faith ran outside, and Lily was crushed because she knew that Faith was right. She cried that she had split up their family and driven Holden away. Holden said they would deal with it together.

Faith went back to Old Town and went into Fashions, but Gabriel was not there, and the clerk had no information on him. Faith was disappointed and walked out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

As Craig prepared for the afternoon's open house to show off Monte Carlo's new office space, Parker arrived. Parker told Craig that he was concerned because he'd received a recorded message from the bank that indicated there had been increased activity on his account that his debit card was linked to, and there might have been fraudulent activity concerning his trust fund. Craig told Parker not to worry about it and said he would handle it. Carly arrived and asked Parker whether he still planned to go to Minneapolis to visit Liberty that afternoon; Parker said he was just about to leave and would call Carly after his plane landed. After Parker left, Craig told Carly that she would need to wear a gorgeous dress to accompany him to the Monte Carlo event, but Carly told Craig she wouldn't be going with him.

Carly took the suit bag she was carrying and went to the police station to ask Jack if he could get ready to accompany her to the Monte Carlo grand opening. Jack was exhausted from his 12-hour shift at the station, but Carly assured him that the open house would only be a couple of hours long. Jack said that he had a conflict. Carly was quick to realize it was something that involved Janet and the baby. When Jack saw how disappointed Carly was, he told her he would call Janet to tell her that he couldn't meet her at her doctor's office for her checkup, but Carly insisted that Janet's appointment was more important. Carly did ask Jack if he would try to show up at Monte Carlo if he managed to get through with the doctor appointment quickly, and Jack readily agreed and told Carly that she was "the best" for understanding the situation.

Lily arrived at home and found Faith sitting at the computer and crying. Lily questioned Faith as to what was wrong and why she wasn't at school, as well as why Faith was wearing the dress she'd seen at Fashions the previous day, which Lily had told her wasn't appropriate for school. Faith tearfully told her mother that she'd worn the dress to school, but the other girls had called her a "slut" and were posting hateful remarks on her social networking Web site. Lily tried to encourage Faith to give herself time to fit in at school again, and she told Faith that kids had short memories and would forget all about Faith's faux pas in no time at all. Faith protested that Lily didn't understand because Lily had always been popular and still was, judging from the fact that she'd had Damian and Holden literally fighting over her.

Parker arrived, but when Faith saw him, she yelled that everything was his fault and then fled from the room. Lily turned to Parker and implored him to help Faith. When Faith walked back into the living room, she asked why Parker was there, and he explained that a teacher had asked him to take Faith's backpack to her. Faith told him that he could leave, but Lily said that she and Parker had been talking, and she thought that Faith should accompany Parker on his next trip to visit Liberty. Parker was surprised to hear that, and when Faith asked if her mother was trying to make her appreciate how trivial her own problems were compared with Liberty's, Lily admitted that was exactly what she was trying to do. Lily then offered to call Lucinda so that Parker and Faith could fly to Minneapolis that afternoon and return that evening. Parker was grateful for Lily's offer, and Faith reluctantly agreed with the idea because she thought Liberty could use a girlfriend to talk to.

After they arrived in Minneapolis, Lily left Parker and Faith alone in the hospital hallway while she went to sign them in as visitors. Parker remarked that Faith hadn't said much during the flight, but Faith said there wasn't much to say. Parker asked how Lily had found out about Faith taking pills, and Faith said that Luke had told Lily, so Parker wasn't the only one who was snitching on her. Parker told Faith that she had no one to blame for her problems but herself, and he pointed out that they were in a cancer ward, yet Faith was still acting like her problems were bigger than everyone else's. Faith told Parker she could see the "life lesson" that Parker and Lily were trying to teach her, and she told him to drop it. Lily returned and said the duty nurse had said that only two people could visit Liberty at a time, so Parker and Faith went into the room together.

Parker began taking pictures out of the suitcase he'd taken with him. Two pictures were framed prints of various places like Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. The third picture Parker took out was of dogs playing poker, which made Liberty laugh. As Parker began to hang the pictures up, Liberty began coughing. Parker left to get a nurse to administer something for Liberty's cough.

After Parker had left the room, Liberty told Faith that she was glad Faith was there to visit her. Faith said she didn't think Parker was glad about it, and that it had been Lily's idea for Faith to accompany Parker. Liberty said that without Parker, she didn't think she could have made it through everything, and that Parker was a great guy. Faith looked out the window in the hospital room door and agreed that Parker wasn't so bad.

Later, Parker visited with Liberty alone and told her that after she was better, he wanted to go on a cross-country trip with her, driving from New York to California and seeing all the sights in between. As Parker described all the places they would visit, Liberty closed her eyes and told him she could almost feel the sun on her face through the car window. Liberty asked Parker to promise her that if she didn't make it, he would make the trip without her one day, but Parker refused. He told her that it was their trip, and he wouldn't go on it without her.

Faith watched Parker and Liberty through the window and then turned away. Lily asked how Faith was feeling, and Faith replied, "How do you think?" Lily told Faith that she had wanted Faith to put her problems in perspective, and that it was a good thing for Lily to do, too. Lily said she was blessed to have healthy children, and that she felt lucky, and she wanted Faith to feel that way, too. Faith replied that Liberty was lucky to have someone love her the way Parker did.

Dusty went to the hospital with Janet, but she told him that he didn't need to stay for her appointment, because Jack was meeting her there. Janet reminded Dusty that he had house keys to pick up. Dusty asked whether Janet had heard anything from her father; Janet was surprised but said she hadn't heard from Rocco since she'd seen him in Minneapolis. Janet told Dusty she was used to not having her father in her life, and he would get used to it, too. She told Dusty that she'd be fine and told him to go ahead and leave.

Jack arrived and went into the examining room with Janet to speak to her doctor. Jack pulled out a piece of paper on which he'd written several questions about the pregnancy, including when they would know if it was a boy or a girl and when they would be considered to be past the point at which a miscarriage might occur. The doctor told Jack and Janet that every baby should have such a concerned dad and that Janet was a lucky woman.

Dusty went to Metro to review some paperwork. He called someone on his cell phone and asked whether they had any information about Rocco Ciccone, Janet's father. As Dusty listened, he became very interested in what he was being told, but Teri walked up, and Dusty cut off the caller and hung up his phone. Dusty asked Teri if everything was ready for the catering job at Monte Carlo, and Teri assured him that it was. Rocco walked in and was unhappy to see Dusty. Rocco asked why Dusty always seemed to be wherever Rocco's family was, and Dusty replied that he was the owner of Metro. Teri tried to get her dad to ease up on Dusty, but Dusty told her not to worry about it, and he excused himself and left.

As soon as Dusty had gone, Teri warned her father not to ask her anything about Janet's relationship with Dusty. Rocco asked Teri what Janet's cop husband thought of the way Janet was behaving. Teri told her father that given his long absence from Janet's life, he had no idea of what kind of person she was or what she was going through, and Teri wasn't about to try to explain it to him. She marched out of the room, and Rocco went behind the bar and poured himself a couple of stiff drinks.

Dusty returned to the hospital, and the doctor walked out of the room and announced to both Dusty and Jack that Janet and the baby seemed to be doing well. Jack asked Dusty if he would take Janet home. Dusty agreed, so Jack left. Dusty went into the examining room and told Janet that he was happy to hear that all was going well. Dusty said he had more good news for Janet, and they left the hospital together.

Dusty took Janet for a ride and blindfolded her, then helped her out of the car and stood her in front of their new house. When he lifted the blindfold, Dusty told Janet the house was theirs and that they could move in after he took care of a couple of details. Janet said that Liberty would love the house, and Dusty told her he had already sent Liberty some pictures of it. Janet was thrilled that she would finally have a home of her own, and she told Dusty that for the first time in a long time, she felt hopeful. Dusty handed Janet a key on a heart-shaped key ring and told her to check out the house for herself.

As Dusty stood on the sidewalk, Rocco approached and told Dusty that he was "looking for my no-good daughter." Dusty told Rocco that he could tell Rocco had been drinking. Rocco said that Janet had obviously returned her to old ways. Dusty grabbed Rocco by the lapels and told him to get out of there, but Rocco said he had rights because he was Janet's father. Dusty angrily responded that Rocco had lost those rights years before.

Dusty then told Rocco that he understood that Rocco was still hooked up with Ralph Manzo. Rocco denied it, but Dusty said he knew that Manzo had been greasing Rocco's palm in exchange for using Rocco's business as a cover. Dusty threatened to tell Jack what he knew, and Rocco retorted that Dusty would be sorry he had talked to him that way. Dusty told Rocco that the only thing he regretted was having brought Rocco back into Janet's life, and he made Rocco leave.

After Janet had seen the house, she returned to the farm, where Teri was waiting for her. Teri demanded that Janet show her some pictures of the house, and Janet happily obliged. Teri was excited to see Janet so happy again, and Janet said it was all because of Dusty. She told Teri that Dusty had been a wonderful surprise, and Teri agreed. Janet then repeated what she had told Dusty about feeling hopeful for the first time in awhile, and Janet said she had a lot to look forward to: Liberty's recovery, moving into the new house, and having the baby. Janet said that since her father was back in her life, it was almost too much. Teri agreed that it might be too much, and Janet asked what Teri meant.

Teri evaded the question, and Janet wondered whether Teri was upset or jealous that their father was reaching out to Janet and trying to reestablish a relationship with her. Teri said nothing could be further from the truth. Teri cautioned Janet not to expect too much from their father, but Janet said after years of expecting and getting nothing from Rocco, she truly believed that he had changed and wanted to be a part of her life and her family. Teri pointed out that with all that Janet had to look forward to, Janet should focus on that future, not on a past that she couldn't change.

Dusty returned to Metro and was looking for Teri, but instead, a strange man approached him and pulled out a gun. Dusty started to hand over his cash, but the man said he didn't want Dusty's money. Dusty asked who had sent the man, Rocco or Ralph Manzo, but the man said it didn't matter, that the person who had sent him was simply "looking out for his kid." Dusty said that meant it was Rocco, and he told the man to tell Rocco that Dusty was cool and didn't want any problems, but as Dusty said that, he grabbed a coffeepot that was sitting on the bar and hit the man in the side of the face with it. Dusty wrestled the man for the gun.

At Monte Carlo, the first guests arrived, and Craig greeted them warmly and offered them food and drink. Carly arrived soon thereafter, and the guests were quite impressed with the original designer dress that Carly was wearing. They told her they would be happy to carry her designs in their stores if what she was wearing was a good example of her work. Craig assured them that it was, and as they walked away, Craig told Carly that she had made a good impression. Carly said she was glad to be someplace where she was appreciated. At that moment, Jack walked in, and Carly rushed to greet him.

Teri told Craig that she had found an envelope in the back with his name on it. Craig opened the envelope. Inside was a note pieced together with cutouts of letters from magazines, like a ransom note. The note read, "Nice party. Enjoy it while you can!" Craig led Carly away from Jack and showed her the note and asked her who she thought would have sent such a thing. Carly said it was probably a jealous competitor, and she told Craig that he was being "punked." Craig seemed unsure but then told Carly she was probably right, and he asked her not to bother Jack about the note. Carly laughed and said she wouldn't.

Craig left the open house and went to the Lakeview, where he met with Ellis and showed him the odd note. Ellis told Craig that as far as he knew, no one had found out that Craig was using Parker's trust fund money to start Monte Carlo. Craig told Ellis that Carly thought another designer was trying to punk him, and Ellis agreed that was a possibility. Ellis suggested that Craig have a drink with him and try to relax. Craig went to the bar to place his order, and as he did, someone watched him secretly. After Craig had finished his drink, he bid Ellis farewell and went to the elevator to return to his room. As the elevator doors closed, the elevator suddenly lurched and dropped down.

Back at Monte Carlo, Carly closed the door on the last of the guests and told Jack that the event had gone very well and that she had gotten a lot of orders for her designs. She wondered why Craig had left in the middle of the open house, but Jack said that didn't matter, because the guests had been there to meet Carly. Carly said she'd had a really good time, and Jack admitted he had, too.

Jack said they should keep the celebration going and head over to Metro to try to convince Teri to make some more of the cheese pastries she'd served at the party, then have dinner somewhere. Carly said that sounded like a date, and Jack asked, "Have we had one of those recently?" When Carly said, "Not that I can recall," Jack replied, "We'll have to do something about that." They went to Metro but were surprised when they saw that no one was there. Jack told Carly he would take her somewhere else, and they left, unaware that there was a man lying on the ground beneath one of the tables.

Jack suggested they have dinner at the Black Duck in Old Town. Carly was agreeable, and Jack asked why he had been able to make her so happy that day. Carly replied that it was because he'd managed to take care of Janet and still have time for her. Teri walked by, and Jack stopped her and told her that the catering at the open house had been a big success. Teri said she was happy to hear it. Jack remarked that he and Carly had tried to have dinner at Metro and had been surprised to find out it was closed for a private party. Teri said she was sure they were mistaken and perhaps had just arrived a little too early for dinner.

Teri left, and Carly asked Jack why he looked worried. Jack replied that he'd had a bad feeling when they were at Metro. Carly told Jack there could be no "bad vibes" on their dinner date and that they should go to the Black Duck. Jack agreed, but Carly changed her mind and told Jack he should check things out at Metro to put his mind at ease. When they went back into Metro, there was still no one in sight. Jack told Carly to wait by the door while he looked around. Carly walked over by the bar and gasped in horror. Jack rushed over to her and saw Dusty lying on the ground. He bent down and put his hand behind Dusty's head; when he removed his hand, it was covered in blood.


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