One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 22, 2010 on OLTL

Allison kidnapped Sierra Rose. Kelly received a phone call from an unknown caller who divulged that Melinda had been murdered. Kelly and Todd went to Statesville to question Mitch. Markko overheard Hannah talking to Cole about Langston and Ford. Marty fainted. Cristian reluctantly hired Jessica for stage crew to keep an eye on her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 22, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, March 22, 2010

At the cottage, Rex was stunned when Gigi asked him to marry her. Gigi related that she had an excellent chance of gaining custody of Sierra if they were man and wife. Noticing Rex's apprehension, Gigi acknowledged that she had chosen Schuyler over Rex, and apologized for doing so. Stating that she had betrayed Rex and Shane, Gigi was convinced that she could make things up to her family if she and Rex were wed, and begged Rex to reconsider.

Recalling his past marriage proposal to her, Rex insisted that Gigi had turned to Schuyler because she had lost trust in Rex. He was convinced that they would continue to hurt each other, until they learned to get over their issues of trust. Informing her that he didn't fully trust her, Rex insisted that it would be a mistake for them to get married. Gigi pleaded with Rex to reconsider, but he stressed the fact that they would be headed for trouble if they got married at that time. Rex promised to stand by Gigi's side and help her gain custody of Sierra. Gigi confessed that she didn't know how she would handle losing Sierra, but Rex urged her to have faith -- in gaining custody of Sierra and their relationship.

At Schuyler's apartment, Allison pointed a gun at Schuyler and announced, "I need your baby!" Allison threatened to shoot Schuyler when he refused to hand over Sierra. As a screaming Sierra Rose lay in her crib, Schuyler demanded to know why Allison wanted his daughter. Holding Schuyler at gunpoint, Allison exclaimed, "I don't want her! I hate babies! Mitch wants his grandchild and he sent his favorite disciple to do his bidding!" A confused Schuyler stood helplessly.

Elijah and Téa were caught off-guard when Blair stormed into Elijah's hotel room and demanded to know what was going on. Elijah explained that he and Téa had plans to discuss Sierra's custody case over dinner. When Blair demanded to know if Elijah and Téa were going on a date, Téa questioned why Blair was concerned. Annoyed by Téa's presence, Blair blurted out, "I just jumped out of your date's bed! Check the sheets, they're probably still hot!"

Shocked to learn that Elijah and Blair were romantically involved, Téa announced that she was leaving, but Elijah insisted that Téa keep her promise to have dinner with him. Elijah claimed that his relationship with Blair was only sexual, but Blair poured her heart out to him. While Téa listened, Blair related that she had decided to remove Todd from her life. Blair stated that she wanted to pursue a serious relationship with Elijah. Unconvinced, Elijah maintained that he had dinner plans with Téa. Unwilling to become involved in another love triangle with Blair, Téa quickly excused herself. Before leaving, Téa informed Elijah that he was going to lose the custody case.

Elijah wondered if Blair had made her decision based on yet another confrontation with Todd. Relating her conversation with Jessica, Blair admitted that Jessica had forced her to realize that Blair should forget about Todd and move on with someone new. With a seductive grin, Blair insisted, "I'd like to move on with you!"

As they toasted to a new beginning, Elijah asked Blair about her past. Blair detailed her days as a teenage runaway. Surprised to learn of her humble beginnings, Elijah stated that he would one day thank Jessica for helping Blair realize that they deserved a second chance. The two embraced a shared a loving kiss.

Back at Schuyler's apartment, Schuyler tried to explain to Allison that he was Sierra's father, not Rex. As a crazed Allison continued to hold him at gunpoint and demand that he hand over Sierra, Schuyler questioned why she wanted his child. At the very moment that Allison decided to give Schuyler an explanation, there was a knock at the door. When Schuyler didn't answer the door, Téa called out to him. Placing the gun in Schuyler's back, Allison warned him to get rid of Téa. Allison hid behind the door and threatened to kill both Schuyler and Téa if he alerted Téa.

Peering through a half-opened door, a nervous Schuyler made every attempt to get rid of Téa. When Téa questioned if Schuyler was all right, he claimed that he had to care for a sick child. Téa appeared suspicious, but agreed to check on Schuyler at a later date. Once Téa had left, Schuyler closed the door and turned to face Allison. As Schuyler made an attempt to reason with her, Allison plunged a needle into his arm. Schuyler tried desperately to fight the effects of the drug, but was unable. As Schuyler's limp body lay on the ground, Allison placed Sierra in her arms and headed out the door.

At Llanview High School, Brody observed Jessica's troubled state, and offered his support. Initially, Jessica referred to Brody as a nice guy, and stated that she didn't want to lead him on. When Brody refused to leave her side, Jessica lashed out at him. Jessica expressed anger over being stuck in the past. Insisting that Cristian was unwilling to admit that he still loved her, Jessica refused to give up on her former flame. Brody was adamant that he wouldn't give up on her.

Jessica was surprised when Brody asked her out on a date. Brody had a wager for Jessica. If he beat her at a game of hoops, Jessica would accompany him on a date. Although Jessica played a good game, Brody managed to overtake her. Afterward, Brody reminded Jessica that she owed him a date.

Inside Hannah's dorm room, a distraught Hannah insisted that Cole should've let her die. A sympathetic Cole insisted that Hannah had made a mistake; she responded by giving him a hug. Afterward, Cole announced that it was time for him to return home to Starr, but a needy Hannah begged him to stay. Stating that she didn't want to be alone, Hannah maintained that it was necessary for them to complete their project, or else they would receive a failing grade. After accessing the situation, Cole ordered a pizza and agreed to stay awhile longer.

While Cole continued to console Hannah, he received a call from Starr. When Hannah begged Cole not to tell Starr that he was in her dorm room, an uncomfortable Cole agreed. Cole answered Starr's call and told her that he was studying at the library. Cole listened as Starr elated that she had changed her mind about allowing Langston to base her musical on their lives. Citing that their story was an amazing one, Starr maintained that their relationship was strong because they trusted each other.

Before ending the call, Starr stated, "I just wanted to tell you about the musical because we tell each other everything!" Cole appeared troubled by Starr's words. Moments later, Karen, a fellow student arrived with the pizza delivery. Karen left after Cole gave her a generous tip.

Before entering the apartment, Langston placed a call to Ford. Rolling over in bed, a shirtless Ford observed Langston's number on the caller ID, and chose to ignore her call. Opening the door to the apartment, Langston left Ford a voicemail and requested that he return her call. As Langston ended her call, Starr appeared and questioned what was going on with Langston.

Reminding Langston of their recent conversation, Starr pointed out that Langston appeared to be experiencing problems in her relationship with Markko, and offered to help. Citing that Starr and Cole had a perfect relationship, Langston admitted that her relationship with Markko was in trouble, due to a mistake on her part. Denying that her relationship was perfect, Starr begged her friend to confide in her. As Langston attempted to open p to Starr, Markko entered the apartment, and the girls quickly changed the subject.

Alone with Langston, Markko wondered what was going on with his girlfriend. Langston claimed that she was worried about her upcoming musical. Thankful to learn that the problem wasn't serious, Markko commented, "You were acting so sneaky, I thought something else was wrong!" Pleased that Langston appeared to be feeling better, Markko decided to order a pizza.

While Markko placed his order, Langston received a call from Ford. Lying in bed, Ford acknowledged that he had received her call, but claimed that he had been busy. In a demanding tone, Ford instructed her to pay him a visit. Watching Markko closely, Langston made up an excuse and ended the call. After noticing Langston's weird behavior, Markko presented her with the button that he had discovered inside Ford's office. When Langston admitted that the button belonged to her, Markko informed her where he had located the article. Langston quickly made up an excuse and rushed off. A suspicious Markko watched as Langston left the room.

Later, Karen arrived at the door with the pizza. Upon encountering Starr, Karen asked if Hope missed her father. When Starr questioned how Karen knew that Cole wasn't at home, Karen told her that she had run into Cole at the dormitory, just moments before. Starr argued that Cole was at the library, but Karen maintained that she never forgot a good tipper.

Afterward, Langston listened as Markko reassured Starr that Cole was trustworthy and would never lie to her.

When Hannah blurted out that Ford was the ex-lover who had caused her to attempt suicide, Cole suggested that she move on and find another guy. Hannah stated that she would never find a good guy like Cole. Hannah thanked Cole for lying to Starr on Hannah's behalf. Consumed with guilt, Cole told Hannah that he didn't feel good about lying to Starr. Pleading with Cole to keep her secret, Hannah said that she had no idea how she would handle the situation if Starr ever learned about her relationship with Ford and her suicide attempt. Reaching for a slice of pizza, Hannah promised to help Cole receive a good grade even if they had to study all night.

Back at the apartment, when Markko stepped away to shower, Langston placed a call to Ford. As Langston tried to explain whys she had abruptly ended his call, Ford told her that he was busy and hung up. Afterward, Ford rolled over in bed and kissed Karen, the pizza girl.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Auditions for "STARR X'd LOVERS" began at the high school. Dani arrived late and sarcastically asked Cristian about getting his girlfriend to sign up. He quickly stressed that Jessica wasn't his girlfriend because he had one. He added that he thought the conversation to be inappropriate. He was surprised to see Dani there. but she confessed that the musical was about her sister, so it couldn't be that bad.

Dani spotted Matthew and Destiny and headed to an empty seat near them. Matthew explained that the audition for the boys wouldn't be held until later in the day. Dani confessed that she had decided to audition, and it would be great if she could play Starr and Matthew won the part of Cole. Darren, a student working on crew, advised Cristian he was only doing it in case the crazy blonde showed up to help.

As Natalie worked on her taxes in the kitchen at Llanfair, Jessica walked in and blurted out, "Does it bother you?" Natalie looked at her blankly, so Jessica added, "Stealing someone's boyfriend." She thought that Natalie was a troublemaker. Natalie insisted that she had not been bothering John and Marty, but Jessica noted that she had been referring to Cristian.

While Natalie pointed out that Jessica hadn't been with Cristian when Natalie had begun to date him, Jessica was sure that Natalie must have stolen Cristian from someone else. She and Cristian had loved each other, Natalie assured her sister that Jessica had even given them her blessing. Sullenly, Jessica stated that while the relationship might have been okay with her in the past, it was no longer sitting well with her. She knew all about Natalie's past, and she was sure that Marty would not be happy that Natalie was pursuing John.

Natalie insisted that she was not after John, and she had been a different person when she had first arrived in Llanview. She explained that while she knew that Jessica was angry and barely cared for her, Natalie cared about Jessica and was upset that she had lost her sister and best friend. She hadn't told Jessica about her marriage to Cristian because she wasn't sure how Jessica would react. She didn't know what she could do to gain Jessica's love and trust. "Help me get Cristian back," Jessica proposed.

Cole arrived home right behind Marty and John, who had wanted to share their news with him. Ecstatically, they announced that they were going to have a baby, and a speechless Starr and Cole hugged them with joy. Marty disclosed that the news had already spread on its own among their friends and acquaintances. Starr frowned when Cole made it known that he had been out all night with his sociology partner, but she bid her goodbyes. She had promised to help Langston with the auditions for the musical.

Cole reminded her that he wanted final approval on whoever was cast as him in the show. Starr forged ahead and asked Cole if he had been in Hannah's dorm overnight because, according to Karen, the pizza delivery girl, Karen had seen him there. He assured her he hadn't, and he thought that Karen was a "stoner" anyway and not someone to be believed. Starr agreed that Markko had said the same thing.

Marty asked John where the two of them plus baby would live, and he joked that John and Marty could move in with Starr and Cole. Marty had to leave, and she handed Hope to John, who held the baby awkwardly. Later, quite uncomfortably, he changed Hope's diaper. He thought he would actually do better defusing a bomb and hoped he would have as much success at fatherhood as Cole had. He thought that Cole and Starr would make it as a couple if anyone would. Cole admitted that he was keeping something from Starr.

He told John about the friend of his who had a problem and was depending on him to help get her through it. John thought that Cole should tell Starr all about it in exactly the same way that he had explained it to John. Cole explained that the girl was going through a difficult time, and she had asked Cole not to say anything. Since Starr knew the girl, Cole was afraid things would be worse if it got back to the girl.

Cole further explained that he hated lying to Starr, but he had promised the girl he wouldn't tell anyone. He and Starr didn't keep secrets from each other, though, and he felt guilty. John felt that Starr was smart and would understand unless there was something more complicated going on. Cole promised that he loved Starr and Hope and would never leave them for anyone else. There was nothing else going on.

Cole divulged that it was very difficult for him to make some of his decisions. John admired Cole and thought that Cole was doing a great job, though Cole disagreed. He wouldn't listen to himself if he were John. Cole felt like he never knew if he was making the right choices.

As Rex and Gigi waited for Sierra's custody hearing to begin, Rex admitted that he understood Gigi's determination to win. She was sure that Schuyler was at a distinct advantage in the case, but Rex promised to support her.

Inside the courtroom, Elijah voiced his belief that Téa's case was full of holes. He remarked that Schuyler hadn't allowed the social worker inside of his apartment when she visited because Elijah hadn't received the report. Téa was perplexed since Schuyler had advised her the social worker was there when Téa was at his front door. Téa remarked that Elijah had been too busy romancing Blair to keep track of the events of the case. Elijah wondered where Schuyler was and thought that Téa wasn't on top of things either.

The court was called to order and Elijah quickly pointed out that Schuyler was missing. The judge agreed to give Téa five minutes to locate her client.

Schuyler awoke and found himself lying on the floor. "Sierra," he called out. He managed to pull himself to a standing position and frantically began to search the apartment for his daughter. He picked up the social worker's identification badge from the floor and recalled the chain of events that led to his unconsciousness. He stumbled to the phone to call the police, but there was a note attached that read, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

He received a message on his cell phone and it was a video of Allison and Sierra. Allison urged him not to do anything stupid and to wait for instructions. Hearing a noise at the front door, Schuyler grabbed an implement and stood waiting. As Rachel entered the apartment, he almost bashed her head in but stopped himself in time.

Fervently, he asked her if she had seen any strangers or anyone suspicious. Rachel declared she hadn't and had been busy with her ex-boyfriend all night at the counseling center. She had planned on flying to Chicago to help him settle there. She had returned to the apartment to shower and pack some of her things. She immediately sensed that something was wrong with Schuyler but he assured her he was only trying to protect his daughter. Rachel asked where Sierra was.

Stuttering, Schuyler explained that Sierra was asleep in the bedroom. She had been awake all night and had finally fallen asleep. He hadn't slept, either, which was the cause of his odd behavior. Rachel suggested that he take a nap while the baby was sleeping. After her shower, Rachel offered to watch the baby, but Schuyler insisted that she get going. Once she was gone, Schuyler impatiently waited for the phone call from Allison.

Roxy staggered into her salon and realized she needed to have some coffee. She decided that more vodka would be better. As she puttered about, someone watched her from the back room. Suddenly, Roxy heard a noise and grabbed an umbrella as a weapon. She began to look around. "Back here," she heard someone mumble. Shocked, Roxy encountered Allison, who said she had big plans. She wanted her hair done. Roxy proclaimed that she would call the police, but Allison advised her, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Allison promised to "rat" Roxy out if Roxy called the police. "Don't you remember what happened when Rex was born?" Allison prodded Roxy's memory. Roxy recalled that the baby was born in a cabin; he was ill and went to the hospital. Suddenly, Roxy heard a baby, and Allison retrieved Sierra. "Isn't she precious?" Allison cooed. She gushed that she could eat the baby up, which caused Roxy to comment that she was surprised Allison hadn't done that very thing already. Allison admitted that she had a bad habit and had stolen another baby.

She told Roxy who the baby was. It was Roxy's opinion that Allison and babies didn't mix, and Allison should not be around any babies. Allison sneered that it was usually the other way around as far as mixing babies went.

Natalie didn't think Jessica's plea was a very good idea since she didn't think Cristian would listen to her. Besides, she didn't feel very comfortable. She asked Jessica about Brody instead. Jessica insisted that she didn't love Brody and wondered if Natalie was comfortable going after John. For the last time, Natalie insisted that she wasn't after John and wasn't about to take him away from Marty, especially since Marty was pregnant. Just then, Marty walked through the door.

Jessica danced around, excited to hear about Marty's pregnancy. Natalie apologized for telling yet another person. Marty noted dryly that she would call Natalie if she ever needed a publicist. Natalie asked Jessica if they could continue their conversation soon as Jessica moved towards the door. Jessica responded indifferently, "Right. Whatever." After Natalie was gone, Marty confessed to Jessica that she wasn't worried about Natalie and didn't expect any problems to arise over John.

Téa took her five minutes and called Schuyler. He answered gruffly, as he had expected to find Allison on the other end. Téa demanded to know where Schuyler was and pleaded with him to show up for his case. She sensed that something was wrong as Schuyler told her that he wouldn't be able to get there and he didn't care. Téa turned to the judge and advised her that Schuyler's babysitter had cancelled and he was unable to get to court. Against Elijah's protests, the judge agreed to a continuance. She was extending a one-time grace period for the next 24 hours. As Téa rushed from the courtroom, Gigi and Rex wanted to know what was wrong.

They thought it strange that Schuyler hadn't shown up, and Gigi was worried that Schuyler had taken the baby and left town. Rex suggested that they check it out.

Téa arrived at Schuyler's place but he wouldn't allow her through the door. Angrily, she wanted to know what was going on. He wouldn't tell her at first but reluctantly, he revealed that Sierra had been kidnapped.

Starr got to school late and told an annoyed Langston that she had been waiting for Cole to get home. He had been away all night. Starr promised that she was okay, though Langston didn't think that was true. Destiny was called to the front of the room and she performed the song "The Climb," by Miley Cyrus. As Dani began to sneak towards the door, everyone applauded when Destiny was finished singing.

Dani was called next and Cristian cornered her as she was about to escape through the door. She made various excuses for not being able to audition, but she grew confident with everyone's shouts of encouragement. She headed to the stage and performed the same song that Destiny sang. Starr whispered to Langston that Dani wouldn't be a bad Starr.

The teacher in charge announced that there were lots of tough decisions to be made due to the large amount of talented students. He thanked everyone for showing up as Matthew praised Destiny's audition. He was surprised at Dani's performance and didn't know she was able to sing. Cristian attempted to nab students for crew as they filed out. Jessica showed up and offered her assistance.

Natalie headed to her mother's salon, in need of someone to talk to. She called out for Roxy but did not receive any answers. Finally, she found Roxy in a back room as she worked on a customer named "Vera." Roxy urged Natalie to leave, since she was using some products with heavy fumes as she straightened the woman's hair. Suddenly, Natalie heard a cry and asked if there was a baby in the shop. She was met with silence from the two women.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In his office at the police station, Bo examined Allison Perkins' case file. As John entered, Bo informed him of the reason for their briefing - Allison had awoken from her coma and escaped Statesville Prison several weeks prior, and was likely on the loose in Llanview. Bo assumed she would once again target the Buchanan family, and told John they needed to alert Natalie and Jessica in particular. John remembered Allison's last rampage in 2008, and recalled how she'd claimed to have a huge secret about the Buchanans on a mysterious DVD, which was shattered in her fall from the balcony of the Palace Hotel ballroom. He hoped to question Allison about her long-lost secret, and Bo said they'd get to the truth once they found her.

Brody arrived, and Bo filled him in on the situation, and emphasized the potential danger to Jessica. John warned Brody that Allison had to be considered armed and dangerous. Bo emptied an envelope full of Allison's possessions upon her hospitalization; the pile of knick-knacks included the smashed DVD, which had been snapped in two. John wondered if the DVD had contained an old message from Mitch, but Bo felt sure that with Mitch back in circulation, Allison was likely following all-new instructions from the Messenger himself.

The boys in blue examined Mitch Laurence's visitors list from Statesville, and looked through the names for any sign of Allison; they found Brody's visit, and many entries for Roxy, but no Ms. Perkins. John had sent for the prison's surveillance tapes to be sure, but Bo reminded him that Allison's father had once been the warden at Statesville, and she'd broken out herself, which meant she was amply capable of evading prison security. Brody headed into the bullpen to call Llanview High and check for sightings of Allison, while Bo checked in with Oliver on patrol at Llanfair, and John called Natalie. Oliver reported no sign of Allison or the Buchanan sisters at the house, while John got Natalie's voicemail, and urged her to call him back - "it's about Allison Perkins."

John joined Brody in the bullpen where they continued looking over the Statesville visitor records. John was surprised Roxy had visited so many times, but Brody's mind remained on Jessica's safety. John told him to head to Llanview High and check on her.

After Brody left, John sat down with one of the prison guards from Statesville, and asked him to identify the woman who'd repeatedly visited Mitch. The police technician brought up Roxy's picture on the computer, but the guard said the face was close, yet somehow "different." Sensing a lead, John had the tech pull up a picture of Allison, and the guard said that was the woman he'd seen, but with different hair. When the technician superimposed Allison's face onto Roxy's picture, the guard identified her as the woman who'd visited Mitch. The only question, John mused, was where Allison had gone since then.

At the Sun, Todd entered his newly shared office, and listened in as Kelly chatted on her phone in an attempt to track down the mystery man who'd called her about Melinda's death. After she hung up, Todd pressed her for details, and Kelly explained that Dorian believed Melinda's death was no accident, as her mother didn't have a heart condition. Kelly admitted she suspected Mitch, as well, but dismissed her phantom caller as a prank, and wondered if she was just being paranoid. She told Todd she hadn't informed Dorian about the call, and wasn't going to.

Just then, Dorian swooped into the office and told Kelly she didn't have to tell her anything, as she already knew all about it. Kelly assumed Dorian had overheard them talking about the phantom caller, but was surprised and relieved when the oblivious Mayor Lord started in about her niece accepting Todd's job offer instead. Kelly thought Dorian would be pleased she was staying in Llanview, and Dorian said she was overjoyed, but working at the Sun under the yoke of Todd was no place for her. Dorian ordered Kelly to quit, but Kelly said she wouldn't; she wasn't going to be under Todd's thumb, or Dorian's.

Dorian accused Todd of having no interest in Kelly or her journalistic talent, and said he'd only hired her to stick it to Blair. Todd disagreed, and said Kelly was a talented asset who would elevate the paper. Dorian laughed at his high-minded rhetoric, and pointed out his newest sleazy front page layout, which detailed the Sierra Rose custody fight with a crude cartoon and a headline reading "Morasco Fiasco." She warned Kelly that oil and water didn't mix, and that Kelly was too good to work for such a rag. "Todd is Todd," Dorian proclaimed, and stalked out.

Todd asked Kelly why she hadn't told Dorian about the phone call, and Kelly said it was pointless, as she had no way to trace the caller's point of origin. Todd told her not to give up so soon, and set his private investigators onto the case. Surprised and touched by the gesture, Kelly asked Todd why he was helping her. Todd dismissed his generosity, and said he simply didn't want his latest asset distracted from work by personal considerations.

Todd asked Kelly if she was ready to get to work, and she agreed. Her first move, however, was to tear up his front page layout. "This is disgusting," she declared, and told Todd that with her help, the Sun would change for the better.

In the Llanview High gymnasium, Jessica surprised Cristian with her request to join the musical stage crew. Tired of her games, Cris flatly refused, and Jessica responded by suggesting that Todd would pull his financial support from the school arts program if he learned they'd denied his niece's request. Cristian asked Jessica if she'd really resort to blackmail, and Jess countered by asking him why he was afraid to be alone with her. She told Cris to relax; he'd made it clear he was with Layla, and Jessica claimed she was ready to move on with Brody, who'd asked her out. She asked Cristian to let her prove that she was moving on by working alongside him, and rekindling the platonic friendship they'd had before they began dating.

Just then, Brody arrived outside the gym, and was struck by the sight of Cristian and Jessica together. As he entered and greeted them, he asked to speak to Cristian alone. Taking Cris aside, Brody explained that Allison Perkins was on the loose, and he didn't want to alert Jessica and possibly jostle her fragile mental state. Instead, he asked Cristian to let her join the stage crew as a means of keeping a protective eye on her, while Brody and the police continued their search for Allison. Reluctantly, Cristian agreed.

Reentering the gym, Brody said his goodbyes, and told Jessica he'd call her about their date soon. After he walked out, Jessica asked Cristian what they'd been talking about, but Cristian covered, and told Jess she could join the crew after all. As Cristian and Jessica walked off together, Brody watched from the corridor with a heavy heart.

At the courthouse, Gigi stopped Rex from making a beeline for Schuyler's apartment. She didn't believe Schuyler would run off with Sierra Rose, and sympathized with the babysitter excuse Téa had given to the judge. Rex didn't buy it; he was sure Schuyler had another secret. Gigi insisted they give Schuyler the benefit of the doubt, but Rex didn't understand why she was being so decent to a man who wanted to take her niece away from her.

As they continued to argue, Kim sashayed in, dripping with jewels and swaddled in designer duds. She asked about the hearing, and Rex told her it was postponed. Kim said it was just as well, as Schuyler and Gigi's battle would amount to nothing, since Kim would be raising Sierra.

Rex and Gigi were taken aback by her wild assumptions, and Gigi told Kim that Kim wasn't mothering material. Kim shot back that she was the mother Stacy had wanted for Sierra, and that her new husband, Clint, and his crack legal team were on the case. She said she'd learn how to be a mother, and that together, she and Clint could provide a family for Sierra, something Rex and Gigi had tried and failed to do on their own. When a call from her interior decorator interrupted the confrontation, Kim walked off into the nearby courtroom.

Turning to Rex, Gigi was fearful, afraid that Clint Buchanan's money and power could take Sierra Rose away from them forever. Fed up, Rex told Gigi he'd take care of it, and hurried away.

When Kim returned to the hallway, Gigi asked again why Kim was making a play for Sierra. Kim replied that she had been Stacy's true sister, the only one that had really been there for Stacy. She and Clint could pay the bills and care for Sierra in the lap of luxury, while Schuyler could barely pay his rent, and Gigi remained a barmaid. "Give Sierra Rose to people who can treat her right," Kim ordered, headed down the hall, and left Gigi alone and confused.

Soon, in the neighboring lobby, Kim found herself sitting and pondering an old photo of her and Stacy; speaking to the picture, she promised to raise Sierra Rose as her own, and keep the baby's true paternity a secret. Just then, Dorian breezed past, screaming orders into her cell phone. Noticing Kim, she stopped to offer her condolences for Stacy, and tossed in a compliment for what she was sure was a skillfully made knockoff purse. Kim told her it was no knockoff, and that Clint Buchanan wanted only the best for his bride. "You're married?" Dorian sputtered, and Kim triumphantly brandished her wedding ring.

At Schuyler's apartment, Téa was horrified to learn that Sierra Rose had been kidnapped. She asked who was responsible, and Schuyler said that the woman had called herself Allison Perkins. He was sure it had something to do with Mitch Laurence, and Téa decided they had to call the police. But Schuyler refused, and showed her Allison's video message warning him not to contact the authorities. He feared that if he disobeyed Allison's instructions, she'd kill Sierra.

As they continued to argue, Téa noticed the social services badge Allison had left behind; she wondered what had happened to the real social worker, and insisted that as an officer of the court, she was obligated to call Bo and the police. Ignoring Schuyler's pleas, she called the station and asked for Bo, but as her call was transferred to Bo's office, Schuyler asked her what she would do if it had been Danielle in Sierra's place. As Bo answered the call, Téa froze, then covered and told him she'd had a legal question, which had just been answered.

Hanging up, Téa turned back to Schuyler and grudgingly told him she'd play it his way for the time being. As they waited for Allison to call with more instructions, Schuyler grew increasingly frightened for his "daughter." When Gigi arrived at the door, knocked, and called for Schuyler, both Téa and Schuyler scrambled to figure out what to do.

Back at the police station, Bo wrapped up a call to Clint's voicemail, to warn him about Allison Perkins. No sooner had he hung up than he was confronted by Rex, who ordered Bo to get Kim and his brother off Gigi's back.

At Foxy Roxy's, Allison hid behind her facial mask as Natalie began to search the hair salon for the crying baby she heard. When Allison trained a gun on Natalie from behind, Roxy scrambled to get her foster daughter to leave. But Natalie wouldn't be deterred, and discovered Sierra Rose hidden in the corner. Charmed by the adorable baby, Natalie asked whose it was.

Roxy claimed she'd taken up babysitting as a side gig, but Natalie didn't understand why Roxy would have hidden the little girl from her. Keeping an eye on Allison and the gun at all times, Roxy spun a yarn, and said she hadn't wanted to upset Natalie with thoughts of John and Marty's pregnancy. As Allison gestured at Roxy with the gun, Roxy attempted to maneuver Natalie towards the exit. Unfortunately, the mention of John cued Natalie to begin talking about her mixed emotions regarding her ex, and how they'd never considered children. When Sierra began to cry again, Natalie returned to the baby's side and picked her up; she asked Roxy for the baby's name, but failed to notice "Sierra Rose" monogrammed on the child's pink blanket.

Roxy said the baby's name was "Angel," and again attempted to get Natalie to leave, but instead Natalie began to talk about how her John issues had led her to clash with Jessica, whose amnesia had created a rift between them. Roxy urged her to head home immediately and work things out. When Natalie set Sierra Rose down, however, she spotted the name on the blanket, and asked Roxy what she was doing with the child of two people she despised. As Roxy struggled to think up an explanation, Allison crept through the shop and quietly locked the front door. Roxy told Natalie she was doing Schuyler a favor by watching the baby, but Natalie didn't believe it.

Panicked, Roxy ordered Natalie to leave immediately, but Natalie said that if Roxy wouldn't talk, Natalie would call Bo. Natalie rushed over to the phone, only to feel the muzzle of Allison's pistol pressed against her back. Allison ordered Natalie to put the phone down. When Natalie turned, she asked the woman in the facial mask who she was. Wiping the lotion from her face and pulling off the towel wrapped around her scalp, Allison reintroduced herself to Natalie: "Great to see you again, for the last time!"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Starr arrived home, and was excitedly chatting to her mother on the phone about the school musical. Inside the apartment, Langston and Ford hurriedly dressed. Ford remarked that it was his opinion that Langston loved the thrill and danger of having sex in her place, but Langston snapped that she hated it and it wouldn't happen again. Ford reminded her that she had said the same thing the last time. As Langston hustled Ford to the door, they ran right into Starr, who was on her way in. Langston quickly covered and advised Ford that he'd be able to find Markko at the diner.

Starr wondered why Ford had been there, and Langston responded that he had been looking for Markko. Starr was perplexed and wondered why Ford wouldn't have just phoned Markko. As Langston raced around cleaning up the apartment, she advised Starr that she had no idea what Ford had been up to. She needed to work on casting for her musical and plopped herself down into a chair. Horrified, she spotted a condom wrapper on the floor.

Starr followed Langston's gaze and noted that the wrapper did not belong to her. Langston fidgeted and admitted that she and Markko had taken advantage of the fact they had been alone. Starr understood but was leery as Langston grew agitated and voiced concern over the possibility that Ford had seen the wrapper.

Angrily, Langston accused Starr of giving her the third degree. "Don't you have enough to worry about in your own life?" she asked her friend sarcastically. "Ford wasn't here to see Markko, was he?" Starr asked slowly. She wanted to know if Langston had been having sex with Ford.

At the diner, Markko expressed his annoyance at Cole because Cole was working entirely too much on a school project. Cole admitted that it was "intense," and Markko wondered whether it was the actual work or having Hannah as a partner. He couldn't help but notice that Cole had spent an awful lot of time with the girl. Apologetically, Markko explained that he had felt paranoid since he had found Langston in Ford's office. He filled Cole in on Langston losing her button on the way to school and the fact that he had found the button in Ford's office. Unknown to the boys, Hannah arrived and stood by the kitchen door and listened to the conversation.

Cole asked Markko if he thought that something was going on between Langston and Ford, but Markko was sure that it was his imagination. He trusted Langston. Cole hastily interrupted and shouted that he didn't trust Ford. Markko was confused, but Cole clarified that he thought Ford was the type of guy who would try to get Langston into bed. Markko asked if he should be worried about Langston and Ford. As Hannah continued to listen in, Ford walked through the front door of the diner.

Hannah approached Ford, but he tried to brush her off. He had to leave but he'd call her sometime, he told her. Hannah didn't buy that for a second, since he had told her previously that it was over between them.

Cole advised Markko that he had to leave, and Markko needed to get back to work anyway. Cole suggested that Markko stop worrying. Markko agreed, citing the fact that he and Langston just needed to spend more time together. As Cole walked out of the kitchen, he spotted Ford and Hannah, and heard their conversation even though they spoke in low tones. Ford thought that Hannah should stop embarrassing herself, but when Hannah called him a user, Ford suggested that they go somewhere private to talk. Hannah shrieked that she knew he was sleeping with Langston. Startled, Cole stared at them.

Kelly ripped up Todd's layout page about Schuyler in the office at the Sun. She told him it was disgusting, but she had plans for the business to change for the better. She pointed out that Schuyler was trying to take care of his daughter, and she wanted to know why Todd didn't have any compassion for another father. She created different scenarios to explain to Todd what she meant. She wondered how he would feel if the paper said that Starr was a tramp for having a baby in high school. Her examples backfired as Todd angrily told her to leave his family out of it.

Kelly continued that the people involved were real, and Sierra was an innocent baby. Todd declared that trash sold newspapers, but Kelly informed him that his sales were trash, and the paper needed something for people to relate to. She thought maybe Todd had hired her as a "cry for help" because of what Dani thought of him and his terrible relationship with Dani. Todd was annoyed that Kelly had included Dani in the conversation, but she stressed that Schuyler was like Todd in that he was a father who had redeemed himself.

Kelly wanted the paper to have fair articles and just report the facts, not take sides. She thought that she would interview Schuyler in order to obtain an impartial article. Todd felt that it was necessary for him to accompany Kelly in case Schuyler was dangerous, but Kelly put her foot down. She ordered Todd to stay out of her way. Just then, she received another phone call from the unknown man who told her that her mother was murdered.

Todd thought it was probably a "crackpot" from the home where Kelly's mother had resided, but Kelly explained that Dorian was sure that Mitch was behind Melinda Kramer's death. Todd called his private investigator and learned that there was no information on the call that Kelly had just received. He asked the P.I. to investigate the care facility where Melinda lived at the time of her death. Todd promised Kelly that he would get answers for her. Kelly thought there was another way to get an answer.

She would go straight to the source and get the answer, she explained to Todd. He advised her that he would not allow her to visit Mitch. She retorted that he could not tell her what to do, and she would go to Statesville to find out if Mitch murdered her mother.

Gigi arrived at Schuyler's apartment and continued to knock on the door, while shouting for Schuyler to open it. She wanted to visit with Sierra Rose. Téa and Schuyler stood on the other side of the door, at a loss as to what to do. Schuyler whispered for Téa to remain quiet, but when Gigi called out and asked if Schuyler had left town with the baby, he couldn't help himself. He called out that he was there. Reluctantly, he partially opened the door as Gigi asked him what was wrong and why he wasn't in court. He informed her that his babysitter had cancelled, but Gigi didn't believe him.

She pushed her way in, but Téa stopped her and announced that she wouldn't be able to permit Gigi to see the baby as it was inappropriate. Téa didn't think the judge would like it and, even though Schuyler told Gigi she could visit, it wasn't his place to tell her so. Gigi appealed to Schuyler and insisted that he owed it to her for all they had been through. Schuyler admitted that he loved her, but he had to put Sierra first. He would not allow Gigi to visit the baby because he didn't want Sierra to be upset. Gigi cried out that she and the baby had bonded, but Schuyler was sorry and he couldn't allow it. Téa stepped in and advised a distressed Gigi that the issue would be decided in court. Gigi didn't think it was possible for Schuyler to hurt her more than he already had, she told him as she left in a huff.

At the police station, Rex implored Bo to talk to Clint about Kim's petition for custody of Sierra. Bo informed Rex that Allison Perkins was on the run and all of her actions always revolved around Mitch. Rex was upset as they recalled that Allison had wanted to reveal a secret before she went into her coma. Bo assured him that security at Statesville would be tighter around Mitch, but he felt that Rex could be in danger. Bo wanted Rex to be careful and to keep watch over his loved ones.

In the outer office, John pressed the prison guard for anything he may have heard in the conversation between Allison and Mitch, but the guard admitted that he hadn't been paying attention, since he thought Roxy was the actual visitor. As he headed for Bo's office, Oliver wondered aloud why Allison would have pretended to be Roxy. John recalled that Roxy was jumpy when Allison was around, and he thought that Roxy would be able to provide some insight.

Rex was happy that at least the baby wasn't involved in the latest turn of events. Oliver advised Bo and Rex that they had learned that Allison had impersonated Roxy at Statesville, but the guard hadn't heard any of her conversation with Mitch. Rex offered to investigate further and visit his father at Statesville. Perhaps Mitch would confide in him. Firmly, Bo maintained that Rex could not see Mitch because Mitch wouldn't tell him anything. He contended that DNA didn't make a father, but stepping up did. Oliver appeared to be deep in thought.

At the beauty salon, Allison pointed her gun at Natalie and Roxy and herded them into the back. She advised Natalie that while it was the fist day of the rest of her own life, it could very well be Natalie's last day. Natalie wanted to know why Allison had the baby and informed her that the baby was not Mitch's grandchild. "Guess again," Allison answered. She refused to say anything more, though Roxy piped up that Allison had mentioned that the baby was related to Roxy. Natalie tried to talk Allison into giving up the baby but the fanatical woman insisted that the messenger wanted the infant. John arrived just then and, finding the front door locked, began to look around outside of the building.

Allison ordered Natalie to take care of John, or she would kill everyone. Natalie raced to the front door and slowly opened it. John spotted her and forced his way inside. She advised him that she had no idea where Roxy was, and her own phone was dead, which was why John had been unable to reach her. She was supposed to stay away from him, anyway, because of Marty's pregnancy, she told him. John looked at her suspiciously, pulled out his gun, and began to wander around the salon, as he looked into all of its nooks and crannies.

Natalie followed him around, but he found nothing. Putting his gun away, he informed her that Allison was on the loose, and she had disguised herself as Roxy. He was sure that Roxy knew something. Uneasily, Natalie claimed that she had not seen Allison, and she certainly would have told John if she had. She figured that Allison had left town. John looked at Natalie suspiciously again, and advised her that Allison had visited Mitch more than once. Natalie urged John to track Allison down. He thought Natalie should leave town to be safe, and Natalie agreed swiftly. John commented that she had gone along with the plan too quickly. He asked her what was going on.

Stuttering, Natalie revealed that she had been planning on leaving ever since she learned that Marty was pregnant. It was difficult on Natalie and on John, too, she assumed. Natalie felt something for John and knew she shouldn't, so she tried to avoid him. She couldn't get between John and Marty, and she thought life would be easier and there would be one less target for Allison if she left. John was speechless and brushed Natalie's hair out of her face gently. "I don't know what to say," he stated simply. "I do," Natalie replied. "I'll miss you," she added.

John wanted to walk Natalie out of the salon, but after she hemmed and hawed on various excuses, she settled on the fact that she needed to leave a note for Roxy. They said goodbye to each other. "John?" Natalie called. He turned around and "Take care," was all she could manage to say. "You too," he replied. "Damn you Allison," Natalie growled as soon as John was gone. She wondered where Allison had taken Roxy and the baby.

Allison escaped through the back door of the salon with Roxy and Sierra in tow. The trio wound up at the Angel Square Hotel, where Roxy let them all into a room. Roxy contended that Natalie would spill the truth to John, but Allison didn't think that was true. Roxy was sure that John would find out everything on his own if he didn't hear it from Natalie. Allison duct-taped Roxy's hands and feet as the hair stylist sat on the couch. Roxy had a flashback to the time when her baby was born and Allison had taken the baby from her at the hospital.

Rex made some calls and learned that both Shane and Natalie were safe. Gigi arrived, upset that Schuyler wouldn't let her see the baby. She advised Rex that Téa had done all the "dirty work" for Schuyler. Gigi wondered what kind of father would put himself first before his child. Oliver sat at a desk nearby and contemplated the notion.

Schuyler was thankful that Téa had been at the apartment to help him get rid of Gigi though he hated sending her away. Téa was ready to call the police, but Schuyler begged her to allow him to wait for Allison's phone call. She stressed that Schuyler needed to appear in court, and she thought that Elijah would probably send another social worker since the first report had never been received. Schuyler wanted Téa to deter Elijah. He would do anything to get his daughter back and asked Téa if she would do the same.

Téa spoke to Schuyler on the phone as she marched into the police station. She assured Schuyler she would file a motion to stop Elijah from procuring a second visit by a social worker. "What's wrong with you?" Rex blurted out to her. "Excuse me?" Téa responded. Rex wanted to know how Téa could stop Gigi from seeing Sierra when Téa herself was a mother. Téa assured him they'd meet in court. "Let's blow this place," Rex yelled at the top of his lungs. Bo bolted from his office to see what the yelling was about. He spotted Téa and asked her if she were all right.

Téa explained that custody battles were different, and this time she had to help the baby's father. "Are you sure that's all?" Bo inquired.

The phone rang and Schuyler answered hastily. "Poppy Joplin, you ready to rumble?" Allison asked him. She promised that the baby was fine and would be as long as Schuyler didn't call the cops. Schuyler demanded to know where the baby was because he wanted to see her. Allison assured him that there was one simple thing for Schuyler to do before he saw the baby. She wanted him to break Mitch out of Statesville, and he would follow her instructions if he wanted to see the baby again.

Friday, March 26, 2010

At Starr's apartment, Starr questioned Langston about whether Langston had sex with Ford, and Langston evaded the question by stating that Starr was her best friend and that Starr should trust her. Starr wondered why Langston was unable to look her in the eye to tell her that Langston was not sleeping with Ford. Langston overreacted and said that she would move out, but Starr refused to let Langston go anywhere until Langston informed her of what was going on. Starr exclaimed, "I love you. We all love you. You're pushing us away right now -- even Markko." After Starr said that Langston could tell Starr anything, Langston finally admitted to sleeping with Ford and that it had happened in Starr's apartment. After Starr stated that Langston must have been forced or drunk, Langston denied it.

In the kitchen of the Buenas Dias Café, Cole told Markko not to worry about Langston, and Markko agreed that he and Langston just needed more time together. As Cole left the kitchen, he saw Hannah accuse Ford of dumping her to sleep with Langston. When Hannah asked Ford if he was sleeping with Langston while sleeping with her, Ford questioned if Hannah was having a problem and stated that he had always used a condom. Hannah asked how a condom was supposed to protect someone emotionally but stated that she could have a problem the way that Ford slept around. Cole confronted Ford on his treatment of Hannah, and Hannah explained to Cole that Ford dumped her to sleep with Langston.

Hannah also wanted to reveal that to Markko but Cole stopped her. Cole wanted to know if Hannah had witnessed Ford and Hannah together, and Hannah admitted to overhearing them talking about finding a button in his office and revealed that she knew that "he takes girls there to have sex with them." Hannah then claimed that she heard Ford and Langston having sex in his office as Markko entered from the kitchen into the café and cried, "What?" Hannah related to Markko that she knew that Ford preyed "on young girls who don't know any better." Ford explained to Markko that Hannah "has a thing for him" and that she had turned into a stalker.

Ford yelled at Hannah to get over it and left. Hannah apologized to Markko and explained that Ford was a serial user who did not care about Markko or anyone else. She walked away. When Markko told Cole that Hannah did not know Langston, Cole reminded Markko that Hannah did know Ford and his track record. Cole presented to Markko that Hannah was a really nice girl who got hurt and that she had misunderstood. After Markko left, Hannah hugged Cole and apologized, but Cole informed her that Ford was not worth it. However, Cole also warned Hannah that Langston would never do that to Markko because she loved him.

After Langston admitted to sleeping with Ford, Starr responded that she was trying to figure out how it could have happened and continued with, "How -- how could you end up having sex on our couch with Markko's teacher?" Langston admitted that it had been going on for quite a while, and when Starr asked for how long, Langston answered for a couple of weeks or even a month. Langston clarified that she was able to relate to Ford because of the musical and then he kissed her and held her and that it continued to happen over and over again. However she emphasized that it was just an accident but that she could not stop.

Starr related that Ford was not a drug but just a guy and that Langston could stop. Starr also reminded Langston that Markko gave up film school in Los Angeles for her and that he also stood by her when he had problems with his parents. Langston stressed that she loved Markko, but Starr emphasized that Langston had to stop cheating on Markko. Langston replied, "What if I don't want to?" Starr stated that things with Ford were not going to go anywhere, and Langston agreed that maybe she had made a mistake. But she also explained that she was only 18 and since she had only been with Markko, she did not know what she wanted or who she would want to be in ten years.

Starr reminded Langston that it was still not fair to cheat on Markko and that Langston should tell Markko what was going on. Frustrated, Langston pointed out that Markko already had the future mapped out for them, but Starr stressed that cheating would not solve all of their problems. When Starr asked Langston if she still loved Markko, Langston was not sure of her feelings. However, Langston did not want to break it off with Ford but at the same time, did not want to lose Markko. Langston explained that she and Ford could connect while Markko worshipped her and put her on a pedestal, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Starr maintained that it would kill Markko to find out and that Langston was going to have "to choose because you can't have it both ways." Langston begged Starr to keep everything a secret and to please not tell Markko -- just as Markko entered the room.

John, in search of Roxy, rang the bell in the lobby of Roxy's boardinghouse, but Roxy was nowhere to be found. Marty greeted John in the lobby with a kiss. John asked about Roxy and explained that he wanted to inform Roxy that her "old pal, Alison Perkins, is on the loose." Marty remembered Alison as being violent. John admitted to fearing that Alison was targeting Roxy, Jessica, and Natalie and said that he suggested that they go to London to visit Bree. Marty exclaimed, "Good!"

When Kyle entered the lobby, John asked first about Roxy and then about Mitch Lawrence. Kyle did not know where Roxy was but informed John that Mitch still had maximum-security in prison. John requested that Kyle have Roxy call him, but Kyle wanted to know if Roxy was in trouble. Marty seemed shaky and mentioned that she was hot. John asked Kyle to check on her but Marty refused. Marty told Kyle that she had just had a checkup and that everything was good. Kyle was satisfied with this information and left.

Marty told John to go find Roxy but John insisted that he would not leave her and to "get used to it." Pleased, Marty described John as the town hero that people counted on to keep safe. John agreed to go to work if he could take Marty to the hospital first. As John received a phone call relating that Roxy was nowhere to be found, Marty fainted in his arms.

As Alison was holding Roxy hostage in Kyle's apartment, Alison showed Sierra Rose a book of fairy tales and indicated to Sierra Rose that she would read about a little girl who grew up to be a princess "just like you." Alison explained, "I care about Mitch, and this little brat is going to save his life." When Roxy asked what Alison meant, Alison replied that it was not what Sierra Rose would do for Alison but what Schuyler would do for Sierra Rose. In order for Schuyler to get Sierra Rose back, he would have to break Mitch out of prison. Alison revealed that Mitch had a message to deliver, and Roxy suggested that he deliver it from prison. Alison replied, "His gifts are wasted in prison but he won't be there long because I'm going to free him."

When Roxy asked why, Alison claimed that she was loyal and had a foolproof plan to break Mitch out of prison. Alison explained that Schuyler would do that for Sierra Rose, and all that Schuyler had to do was to get into Statesville and Mitch would do the rest. Alison told Roxy to sit back and prepare for the arrival. Roxy reflected, "The arrival -- that's what you said the day that Rex was born. You said to prepare for the arrival and you would take care of everything." Roxy also observed that it was a miracle that Rex was even alive the way that they were rushed to the hospital.

Alison yelled, "You believed the lie I told you the day your son was born. That precious, little baby -- the boy who almost died -- that lie!" Roxy inquired about the lie that Alison had talked about that Mitch did not know. Alison claimed that the lie would "blow up your life" and Roxy hollered, "Lay it on me, dirtbag!" Alison told Roxy not to say that Alison did not warn Roxy just before Alison revealed lie.

At Statesville, Schuyler entered the infirmary where Kyle was treating a patient. Schuyler announced that he was taking over Kyle's rounds and needed Kyle's badge. Relieved, Kyle gave him the badge and left. Schuyler unlocked the medicine cabinet and removed some drugs.

Roxy cried that what Alison told her could not be true, but Alison said to think back and that Roxy would remember. Roxy admitted to maybe knowing but never wanting to believe it. Kyle entered his apartment and found Roxy crying. Alison entered the room and introduced herself to Kyle as "Alison Perkins -- the escaped mental patient." Alison then demanded that Kyle shut up and lock the door. Alison accused Roxy with "You told me that lover boy wasn't due for hours and now here he is -- using all of my rope. I'm at the end of my rope." After Alison was done laughing, she informed Kyle that he would do as he was told because she had something that he wanted.

Todd and Kelly went to the prison to visit Mitch. On seeing Kelly, Mitch exclaimed, "Hmm...the lovely and talented Kelly Cramer. To what do I owe this pleasure?" Kelly replied, " I have a question. Did you kill my mother?" Mitch could only reply, "I'm sorry for your loss, Kelly." Mitch also observed, "Melinda was quite a woman, that is, until she lost her mind -- but that seems to run in the family. Tell me, my dear, how is your mental health?"

Todd defended Kelly with his reply that it was better than Mitch's. Kelly demanded to know if Mitch put the hit on her mother but Mitch only wanted to know if Todd used the Marty Saybrooke method to win over another Cramer woman. Kelly informed Mitch that she only worked for Todd, but Mitch stated that Todd had a tendency to blur the lines of the boundary of issues to where a lady could start out working for Todd but end up working under him. When Kelly questioned him further, Mitch admitted to nothing but stated that did not mean that Melinda was not murdered or that he did not know who did it. As Mitch started to tell Kelly what he knew, he collapsed in pain.

Kelly screamed, "Tell me -- what do you know?" Mitch continued to roll around in pain. Todd told the guard to let Mitch die as the guard was calling for help. Kelly begged, "Please, Mitch, who killed her?" Mitch replied, "Not yet -- there's so much left to do." As Kelly was asking the guard to let her into the cell, Schuyler arrived with his medical bag. When the guard indicated concern for Schuyler's safety, Schuyler announced, "Don't worry. He won't hurt me. He knows it's my job to save him. Don't you, Mitch?" The guard and Schuyler took Mitch to the prison infirmary.

After they left, Kelly convinced Todd to "toss his cell" in search of evidence of what happened to her mother. Kelly found Mitch's Bible with a note stating "3/26 = D day." As Kelly asked Todd for the date, they left the cell. After Schuyler and Mitch arrived in the infirmary, Schuyler got rid of the nurse first and then the guard. Schuyler said to Mitch, "Alison sent me." Todd and Kelly wanted to enter the infirmary, but they and the guard were locked out. In the infirmary, Mitch stated, "I assume our transport is waiting at the ambulance bay." Schuyler responded, "No, you are not going anywhere. Not until I get my daughter back."

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