Another World Recaps: The week of December 30, 1996 on AW

Vicky confessed to Jake that she was having trouble letting go of Ryan. Grant coached his Jake imposter. Josie talked a suicidal woman off a roof. Couples, friends, and families toasted the new year.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 30, 1996 on AW
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Monday, December 30, , 1996

Vicky asked Jake if there was something she could get for him and commented that he was looking better. Jake told her he couldn't fake her out anymore and that he was better. Vicky said that she knew all along that he was better. When Jake asked why she didn't throw him out, she replied that the boys were having too much fun beating him at checkers. Jake told her that this would be a great new years for all of them.

Jake wanted to party with Vicky at New Years, but Vicky was afraid that it would send out the wrong message that they were a couple. Jake insisted that his being her date for New Years was only a part of their friendship. Vicky worried that she was leading her on. Vicky only promiesed to save him a couple of dances and Jake figured that she had a date with Bobby.

Michael coordinated the fundraiser and talked to Carl. Carl handed him a generous check and Michael thanked him. Carl told him that he wouldn't be there tonight. Donna came up to Michael and told him that she accepted his invitation to be her date. Michael replied that he didn't invite her and that he already had a date. Donna was angry and walked off.

Vicky tried to explain her plans to Jake when the phone rang. Donna was calling to tell her how mad she was that Michael was taking someone else. Vicky replied that she was the one who was going to be her father's date. This made Donna mad that he was playing games. Jake was happy that she was going with Michael. Vicky said that it didn't matter who she went with because the only man she really wanted to be with was Ryan. Ryan was on the stairs listening.

Jake told her that he knew she missed Ryan and that he used to envy their traditions. Vicky told him that she was having trouble knowing tomorrow wasn't going to be any easier. Jake replied that he thought she was getting better. Vicky told him that she didn't want to get over Ryan because she was afraid of forgetting him. Jake said that he thought it was going to take a long time for her to get over him and that he wished he could do something for her. She told him that she went all out over Christmas for herself, but that she felt empty. Jake told her that he should have been there for her. Jake told her that she could call on him any time she felt like it. He then asked her for the first dance tonight and Vicky gave him a hug. Vicky commented on how a straight arrow such as Ryan could have ever fallen for someone like her and Ryan replied that he couldn't help himself.

Bobby tried to figure out what Grant would be wanting with an Art supplies store.

Gary came up to Bobby and told him that he knew it was a mistake to trust him. Bobby claimed that he wasn't breaking in and Bobby showed him the note about the art supply store. Gary didn't think this was evidence and Bobby pointed out that Jake was mugged less than a block from here. Gary didn't want to know how Bobby got his hands on this information. Gary warned him to be careful. Bobby told Gary that he was going back to Grant's place to check out his safe and asked if he wanted the information he would find. Gary said he wanted Grant as much as he did, but if Bobby got caught he was on his own.

Bobby told Gary he was sure that the safe held the key to Grant's plans. Gary told Bobby that when Jake smelled garlic it could have been sodium pentathol. Gary said he would check it out and left. Michael came up to Bobby and invited him to the party, but Bobby said he had other plans for Vicky.

Jake ran into Bobby. Jake commented that he would have the first dance with Vicky while Bobby was home babysitting. Carl came up and Jake left. Carl wondered how Bobby could let Jake go to the party with Vicky and not go himself.

Jake looked in the window at Carlino's where Chris was on a date. Jake came in and interuppted the two of them. Jake asked Chris's date to leave and Jake asked for the ring back. Chris was reluctant to give it back. Jake told him he wasn't going to propose, but that he needed it tonight. He told Chris that he wanted to show Vicky that life went on.

Jake was angry that Chris had been carrying the ring in his pocket. Chris said that Vicky said no once and that he couldn't go through it again. Jake pointed out that he was the one who Vicky turned down. Jake said that he just wanted her to know that when she was ready that he would be waiting. Chris reluctantly handed over the ring. Jake then left. Chris's date was on the phone with Grant and told him that Jake had just left with an engagement ring.

Gary and Michael discussed who was coming to the party. Michael pointed out which table Grant would be sitting at. Gary told Michael that he was worried about the people around Grant like Vicky.

Grant was pleased with the Jake imposter and coached him on how to dress and act. He gave the impostor pictures of Jake, Bobby, and Vicky to study and commented on how when this was all over, Kirkland would be his and Victoria would be out of the picture.

Grant was impressed with the Jake imposter and gave him a picture of Cindy to memorize before they took their show on the road.

The Jake imposter walked by Cindy who thought it was Jake and called after him.

Cindy visited Grant who told her that tonight was not a social occasion. He asked if she had seen Jake and she replied that she had seen him, but that he had not seemed himself and hand't seen her.

Grant ordered a waiter to follow "them". Jake showed up with the ring.

John told Sharlene that Greg had left today and that they would finally have time alone. This didn't change Felicia's mind, she was angry that he didn't tell her about Greg's leaving. John asked her if she was upset that he was massaging Sharlene's legs. Felicia told him that she was jealous and that they were all denying their feelings. Felicia yelled that this was all because Sharlene was in that wheelchair and Sharlene came out and told them if they had something to tell her, they could say it to her face.

John told Sharlene that it didn't involve her. The three of them bickered. Felicia accused Sharlene of being happy that she and John were having problems and Sharlene told them both to get out. Grant called and told her that he was going to be late. Sharlene told him to take his time.

Sharlene and John argued and John asked them all to try to get along. John asked Felicia to stay and go to the New Years party together. Sharlene said this was fine as long as they weren't at the same table. Felicia and John went to the entryway and Felicia said she was running out of sympathy for Sharlene. John went upstairs to change and Felicia decided to wait in the car. Sharlene asked if Felicia was afraid to be with her.

Felicia commented on how much Sharlene must be loving this and Sharlene said that as a husband John was a bit of a flop and that she could have him. Felicia said she wouldn't be as angry if she didn't have feelings for him. The two of them continued to argue and John came downstairs. Sharlene told them both to get out and John said that he was staying there. Felicia said if he was staying so was she.

Amanda couldn't wait to wear a dress that night and Rachel asked if she wasn't afraid to run into Grant. Amanda replied that she wasn't now that the divorce papers were final and asked if Rachel didn't want to run into Carl. Amanda asked her if she was sure it was really over. Rachel replied that Carl was just too full of hate. The doorbell rang and Amanda answered it. It was Paulina with Dante. Paulina gave Dante to Amanda to hold. Alli came downstairs and greeted Paulina. Alli asked about Paulina divorcing Jake and commented that maybe Jake would marry her when she was older. Claudia took Dante and Alli went to help her. Rachel was happy to see Paulina.

Rachel played the piano as Amanda listened. Amanda brought up Carl again and asked if she wanted Carl out of Cory publishing. Paulina came in and told her that she wasn't going to the party, only as a caterer. Alli came in and took a picture of all of them.

Carl told Vicky he would be babysitting. Vicky asked what about Bobby. Carl pointed out that Bobby was a handsome man and that he wasn't going to wait around forever. Vicky gave up and went upstairs to change. Bobby knocked on the door with the tuxedo and asked for Carl's help in dressing. Carl reasurred him.

Stephen and Kirkland called Rachel and asked her to come over. Rachel agreed which made Carl very happy. Bobby came out dressed up.

Vicky looked at her ring with the sun, moon and stars and commented that they had had it all and their bond was stronger than ever. Ryan told her that he understood. Vicky told Ryan that her heart still belonged to him and that she couldn't let him go.

Tuesday, December 31, , 1996

Josie gave Gary a present while he was at his desk. He opened it and it was date book with all of the days filled in whith activities that they would do together throughout the year. Gary thanked her and they kissed. Josie asked him to make sure that he was by her side at midnight.

Lorna fixed Gabe's tie, they kissed and then they passed by Gary and Josie on their way out. Tibbs told Gabe that he had a call, but Gabe told Tibbs to handle it. Cindy was the one on the other end of the line and Tibbs told her where Gabe would be.

Grant asked the waiter if everything was done yet and told him that after things were finished he wanted him to leave Bay City for good.

Michael thanked Vicky for spending the evening with him and asked if there wasn't someone she would rather be spending New Year's with.

Tomas, Cindy, and Cass discussed the party, Tomas left to look for Grant.

Matt and Sofia talked while Sofia held Dante. They then had to go and change the baby.

Donna told Michael that she wanted to dance, but Michael wanted to work on his speech. Donna went over to Nick who was watching Matt and Sofia change diapers through the window. She then asked for his help with Michael.

Matt and Sofia talked to Paulina who told them that they were officially off babysitting duty. Sofia was afraid to dance and they discussed getting to know each other better.

Jake looked at the ring and Chris came up to him and the ring dropped on the ground. Jake knelt down to pick it up and Bobby was there. Jake asked him what he was looking at and Bobby replied "a desperate man." Jake asked why he wasn't babysitting and Bobby told him that Carl was babysitting the kids. Jake then made fun of Bobby's cowboy boots and left.

Jake went up to Vicky and Michael and pulled her aside for the first dance. He told her how beautiful she was. Jake then informed her that he needed to talk to her later. Bobby cut in on Vicky and Jake.

Grant's waiter ran into Jake and spilled champaign on him. Jake went to dry off.

Bobby told Vicky that he was thankful for her being in his life this past year, but before he could finish Cass came up to them.

The waiter offered Bobby champaigne.

Jake interrupted Chris and his date who were kissing and told him that he thought it was time to give Vicky the ring, but when he reached for it, the ring was gone. Jake suspected Bobby took the ring.

Jake started yelling at Bobby about stealing the ring while being restrained. Gary asked Bobby to empty his pockets and Bobby decided to indulge him. Bobby pulled the ring out of his pocket as a smiling Grant looked on. Bobby told Vicky he had no idea how the ring got in his pocket and accused Jake of setting him up. Vicky got upset and left and Jake yelled that Bobby better stay away from him and from Vicky if he wanted to live through the New Year.

Vicky ran by Michael and told him that she was leaving. Nick ran up to Michael and told him that there was a crisis at the hospital. Michael rushed over there.

Michael entered a darkened room where Donna had planned a romantic evening. Michael asked her for a dance and they kissed.

John, Felicia, and Sharlene argued and John suggested that Felicia indeed move in to the farm. Felicia and Sharlene thought that he must be nuts. John tried to convince Sharlene that having Felicia at the farm to help would be a good thing. John told Felicia that having her around might change the way Gregory feels about her. Sharlene was against it, but Felicia was willing to try it. Grant dropped by and Sharlene told him that she wasn't up for the party. Felicia offered to help her get ready.

Grant and Sharlene showed up and he and Tomas went to talk about the Foundation. Grant told Tomas that he wanted him on the board of the Foundation. John and Felicia danced.

Felicia went to John's office to plan a romantic surprise for him and Sharlene followed her. Sharlene asked her what she thought she would do at the farm and if it wouldn't bother her to live there. Felicia said that she could help out with errands and that it would help her with her guilt concerning Sharlene and also allow her to spend time with John. Sharlene told her that seeing her everyday would be a good motivation for her to recover.

John came by the office and they told him that Felicia was moving in and would be staying in a guestroom. Sharlene left. John told Felicia how incredible she was.

Rachel was greeted at Vicky's house by Stephen and was surprised to see Carl there. Kirkland and Stephen told Rachel how beautiful she looked and that it was Carl's idea to call her up. The kids went upstairs and Rachel told Carl that she was upset that he had used the children to bring her over. Carl told her he wasn't going to the fundraiser because he knew that it would make her uncomfortable. He then brought up the fact that they shared their first kiss on New Year's eve in New York. Amanda then came in with presents. Carl was happy to see her and Ryan appeared.

Rachel went upstairs to be with the boys. Carl asked Amanda what brought her back to Bay City and Amanda replied that she came back to help her mother get over him. They discussed working together at Cory. Rachel and the kids came downstairs and the boys hugged Amanda.

Amanda and Rachel left for the party. Carl read the kids a poem as Ryan looked on and then took them up to bed. Ryan flipped the pages in Carl's book. Carl came back downstairs and looked at the book. It was open to a poem that warned of danger.

Carl tried to figure out what the poem meant and Vicky came home. She told him that she didn't know anyone as well as she thought and that she wished she had stayed home. Carl left and Vicky looked at Ryan's picture and told him how much she missed him. A knock came at the door and Vicky opened it. It was Bobby and Vicky allowed him to come in.

Bobby told her that she didn't know him well enough to trust her word and asked her to listen to her heart. She told him that she wanted to believe what he said. Bobby started to leave when an angry Jake burst through the door and asked her to make a choice between him and Bobby. This angered Vicky so she told him that she told noone and asked them both to leave. Midnight rang and she was alone with Ryan. Vicky commented that it was another year without Ryan.

Amanda commented to Rachel that she liked Matt and Sofia together. Nick came over and told Rachel that Michael had been called away and that he wanted her to make the toast. Amanda saw Grant with Sharlene.

Tomas came up to Nick and wished him a happy New Year.

Grant came over to Cindy and told him that he was making good on his part of their bargain. He then went over to Gabe and Lorna who were dancing and cut in. Cindy then asked Gabe to dance. Lorna told Grant that she preferred to sit that dance out and they went over to Amanda who wasn't happy to see them. Lorna left and Amanda asked Grant how he had been and whether he had tried to kill any of his ex-wives lately.

Lorna cut in on Gabe and Cindy. Cass encouraged everyone to thank the volunteers and thanked the guests for their generosity. Paulina gave Dante to Matt and Sofia so she could spend a few moments with Joe.

Rachel made a toast about wishes for the New Year and Carl showed up, toasted her and left. They started the countdown.

At the precinct Josie answered the phone and talked to a woman jumper. Josie was still trying to talk the woman down at midnight and was succesful. Gary showed up on the dot and they kissed

Wednesday, January 1, , 1996

Another World was not shown today because of Football.

Thursday, January 2, , 1996

Matt paints a provocative photo of Sofia and Amanda walks in. Amanda invites them to the dinner at Carlino's. Matt says he has a meeting but Sofia asks can he get out of it. Matt went to make a call and Amanda inquires about Matt and Sofia's relationship. Sofia doesn't realize Amanda is asking these questions because of the painting. Sofia seems uncomfortable and Matt told Amanda enough with 20 questions and shows her the door. Sofia's tired and Matt takes a break. When he exits, Sofia sneaks a peek and was horrified to see it's a nude portrait. She doesn't understand how he knows what she looks like naked. When he explains how a person knows, he realizes she's a virgin.

Donna was joyous after her night with Michael. Vicky comes to see her about Jake and Bobby. She explains what happened New Years Eve and that she believes Bobby. Donna doesn't put it past Jake to set him up. She then proceeds to tell Donna of her wish to be with Ryan last night and how it should have been. Donna says that vicky was using Ryan as an excuse not to take the next step. Michael announces that he's back and Vicky figures out that they spent the night together. Michael wonders if he made a mistake but Donna says she remembers the deal.

Bobby and Jake both show up at Vicky's but Etta Mae turns them away. Before leaving, Jake warns Bobby to stay away from Vicky or he'll kill him. Bobby returns later to get his tools but vicky was there. Bobby says it's important that Vicky believe him because he's always been honest with her and he expects loyalty from him. She doesn't understand. Bobby tells her that when he needed her to back him up last night, she left him there looking like a thief in front of everyone. He asks does she remember what he told her about never being able to count on anyone. She says yes. He said that's the way he felt about her. They agree not to talk about Jake.

Grant calls Cindy over and gives her a camcorder to record fallout from last night. Cindy went to the Herald where Jake was going beserk. Jake tells Cindy to get the camera out of his face.When she doesn't he loses it and grabs it from her. Chris intervenes and Cindy leaves. When Jake yells at Chris, Chris told him he's not going to put up with it and if he doesn't tell him what's wrong, look for another reporter tomorrow. Jake says Vicky hurt him by not believing in him and can't believe him and Bobby have the same standing in her eyes. Jake then sends Vicky the crown from the tree.

Grant was coming in as Bobby was leaving to pick up Kirkland. Outside, he presses Kirk for information on his mommy. Later at the park, Grant says that he and Kirkland need to plan to get Vicky and Bobby together.

Jake encounters Amanda in his office and says his day just got worse. Someone was playing the tape of Jake that Cindy recorded. As Jake's hand lunges for the camera...FREEZE FRAME


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