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Pierce returned to Pine Valley. Holidays opened with a New Year's Eve bash. Amanda wanted to meet Janet's daughter. Brad asked Michael to move in with him. Skye pressured Andy for the paternity results. Erica got stunning news from Joe.
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Monday, December 30, 1996

The work on Erica Kane Beyond The Pain was done. Edmund informed Erica that their collaboration is now heading to print and that the books should be on the shelves in a very short amount of time. Skye entered the office and congratulated Erica on her book. Skye said that the entire office is buzzing with excitement over the autobiography's completion. Skye wasn't so thrilled when she heard that Erica was planning on dedicating the book to Dimitri. While Skye didn't voice any opposition, she wasn't exactly doing backflips either. Erica suggested that she and Edmund arrange a surprise party where they could announce that the book was being dedicated to Dimitri. A jubilant Erica left the office to return to Wildwind.

At Wildwind, Maria received a phone call from a health clinic. Dimitri overheard the call and assumed that the paternity tests had been delivered. As it turns out the results are not yet in and will not be in for a few days. The phone call was work related.

Liza and Jake stumbled to explain why there were meeting in private. Tad spelled everything out for them by saying that he and Liza both work at WRCW, but that Jake just doesn't fit into the picture. Liza came to Jake's aid and said that Jake was there for a possible guest spot on The Cutting Edge. Tad laughed and said that he hopes Jake does not plan on breaking the news to Joe and Ruth about his dropping out of medical school on the national airwaves. Liza didn't know that Jake had dropped out of school and was quickly silenced. Jake said that he would meet with Tad later and discuss matters with him. After his brother left, Jake accused Liza of not being completely honest with her feelings. He told her that he saw "the real Liza Colby" the night they decorated Priscilla. Liza nearly laughed in Jake's face. She told him that her personality that night was contrived---an act. Liza picked up the phone and told Jake to "get the hell out" of her office before she calls security. Jake said that Liza's performance was "cool" with him and turned and walked away.

Adam's attorney suggested that Adam offer Liza some sort of settlement. He said that since there was no prenuptial agreement or even a contract to seal their scheme against Brooke and Tad, there is little that Adam can do to keep from losing some part of his financial empire. Adam refused to give any money to Liza to "satisfy her bloodlust." Adam was informed that he has no legal grounds for divorce. Adam didn't care. He said that he wants to be freed of Liza immediately.

Edmund told Adam that Tempo was the proud winner of a Sinclair award, but Adam showed little concern. All he could do was think of his possible financial crisis named Liza Colby. Adam continually asked Edmund for Tempo's budget information in between Edmund's small talk. Edmund hinted that Adam must be pleased with Skye's performance at Tempo and went as far as suggesting that Skye was an integral part of Tempo's being given the Sinclair award. Adam was again emotionless. He said that he only gave Skye a job at Tempo to "keep her out of trouble." Adam probably would have rephrase his comments if he knew that Skye was listening at the door. Edmund assured Adam that he was not praising Skye because she's the boss' daughter. He said that Skye is very skilled. Skye smiled sheepishly as she heard the object of her crush praise her at no end.

Tad was the next visitor to Adam's office. Tad announced that The Cutting Edge was now the number one rated talk show in syndication. As he handed over some financial information that Adam had requested, Tad asked Adam if he would be playing with his numbers on New Year's Eve. Adam shook his head and said that he would be spending the evening with his "beautiful wife." Tad laughed and said that there is an office pool at WRCW to see who comes the closest to guessing how long Liza and Adam's marriage will last. Adam looked sternly at Tad and warned him to watch his mouth. He then pointedly commented that while he would be spending New Year's Eve with Liza, Tad would be spending it with one of the ex-Mrs. Chandlers (Gloria). Adam advised Tad to spare no expense in trying to woo Gloria because she had been spoiled by the vast Chandler fortunes. Tad left the office and Adam got on the phone and made arrangements for a New Year's celebration at a spiffy restaurant.

Hayley panicked as the plane continued to lose altitude. Mateo warned Tanner that he had better not be playing some sort of immature joke. Tanner swore that they were in a legitimate crisis and struggled to regain control of the plane. Tanner took several quick altitude drops to try to generate some heat on the wings to melt the ice that had accumulated. After several "dive bombs," he manage to regain control of the plane and they continued their flight to Pine Valley.

Anita and Bobby waited inside Holidays for Matt and Hayley's return. When the couple (and Tanner) arrived, Hayley flipped. The lights were out for dramatic effect and Hayley feared that the electric bill had not been paid. One by one Hayley's fears were put to rest. Tanner was the first patron of the new bar (which still wasn't officially opened) and he urged Matt and Hayley to tape their "first dollar" to the cash register to bring them good luck.

Holidays looked unlike any other nightclub I've seen. Their original plans to incorporate a holiday theme to every both seemed to have been scrapped from a much more upscale motif. A small dining section of tables and chairs merged into a rather intimate fireplace setting with several trendy sofas and a coffeetable. Off to another side was the bar. Too bad Noah isn't around to offer his bartending expertise.

Erica returned to Wildwind and found Maria reading a bedtime story to Sam. Erica advised Maria to enjoy every moment of Sam's childhood because he'll be "all grown up" before she knows it. It looked like a tense moment when Erica began lecturing Maria on how to be a good parent to her new baby, but no one seemed to upset. Erica said that one of the most important things a mother needs is a "good hairstyle and wardrobe." Erica offered to hook Maria up with some of Enchantment's new cosmetics. Maria said that she would talk more to Erica about beautification when she gets back from her evening out with Edmund. Erica told Maria to tell Isabella to stay home because she would like to be Sam's babysitter instead. Maria was surprised that Erica wanted to "play house," but gave her the green light.

Jake met up with Tad at McKay's, but Jake didn't offer very many words. Tad said that Liza must have "gotten to" Jake. Jake's eyes bulged and he feared that Tad knew that he liked Liza. Tad really meant that Liza must have gotten Jake to agree to do the WRCW show. Jake shook his head and said that he is not doing the show and that he will not believe anything Liza has to say.

Edmund asked Skye if she had plans for the evening. The look of disappointment when Skye learned that Edmund was asking her to tag along with him and Maria was very evident. Skye couldn't very well say that she just wanted to be alone with Edmund, but she did accept the offer. Edmund said that Tempo had won a journalism award and that it would be presented to Tempo in New York that evening. He handed Skye two tickets and told her to bring a date to the reception. Skye smiled weakly and nodded her head.

After Edmund had left, Skye called Andy at the clinic and asked him if the paternity test results were in yet. He said that he should not be talking to Skye about the results, but when she told him that her boss is counting on her to get a story done for Tempo, Andy broke his silence. The results will be in at the end of the week.

Belinda told Liza that she would be well advised to try to stay married to Adam as long as possible. She said that she had an off the record discussion with a judge and learned that the longer Liza is married to Adam, the better her case would be in divorce proceedings. Adam entered the office and Belinda said that she would talk to Liza later. Adam presented Liza with a present. She opened the box and found that she had been given membership to an exclusive "clique" organization for wealthy business people. Adam said that he pulled some strings and waived the usual approval hearing that is required for membership. He then told Liza that she should get ready for a night on the town. Liza mused that Adam was being nice to her so that she would agree to a divorce. Adam laughed and said that he wants to show Brooke that he can be happily married to Liza. "Some people get married for love. Some people get married for money. Some people get married for the fun of it." The two linked arms and walked out of the office together.

Tuesday, December 31, 1996

Not that I'm complaining, but there was little action on today's show. It seemed like they crammed everything noteworthy into the last two segments of the broadcast. Nevertheless, here is today's summary.

Maria called the health clinic to see if the results of the paternity test were in, but she was told that she would have to wait until the end of the week. Maria seemed peeved that Dimitri's monetary bribe to speed up the results wasn't making things go any faster. As she finished up the phone call, Brad sneaked up behind her and nearly scared her out of her skin. Brad was pleased to see that someone else was going to have to work the holiday. Maria shook her head and said that her shift was winding down and that she was headed to New York to spend some time with Edmund. Maria's plans were cut short when a multi-car accident on the highway sent dozens of patients to the hospital. Maria phoned Edmund to let him know that she would be late in arriving at the banquet.
In New York, Edmund and Skye sipped champagne. The topic of their conversation turned to their romantic interests. Skye said that there is someone in her life who she finds very special. Edmund smiled and said that he hopes to one day meet the mystery man so that he can shake his hand---and warn him to take care of Skye. Skye asked Edmund how he met Maria. Edmund told of how he was caught in a love triangle with Maria and Brooke. This seemed to give Skye the notion that she does have a chance at landing Edmund,
The excitement surrounding the influx if crash victims proved too stressful for Maria. She hunched over in pain and clutched her stomach area. After an examination by Dr. Clader, Maria was told that she'll need to stay off her feet and cut her work load.

Brad called Michael and told him that he'd be unable to join him at Holidays for New Year's Eve, but that they'll have plenty of holidays to spend with each other.

Maria phoned Edmund and told him that she would not be able to join him for a night out because of a busy schedule at work. Edmund insisted that he would drive home to be with her, but Maria ordered him to stay put because there are too many drunk drivers on the roads. Brad overheard that phone call and asked Maria why he did not tell Edmund the true reason why she was unable to join him. Maria said that since her health is fine she did not want to worry Edmund unnecessarily.

Stuart visited Brooke to see if she would join him at Holidays' grand opening bash. Brooke declined the offer and said she would be more comfortable at home. Scott and Laura tried to convince Brooke to get out of the house, but Brooke turned them down as well. Scott and Laura went ahead to the party and Stuart stuck around to try to change Brooke's mind. Brooke knew that Stuart was going to ask her if she was upset that Adam was married to Liza. Brooke informed Stuart that she has no intentions of falling in love because it only opens the door to disappointment. Stuart questioned Brooke as to whether or not she was referring to Adam or to any man in general. Stuart told Brooke that she needs someone in her life to make her laugh and feel loved, someone to do what Cindy did for him.

In Santa Fe, Pierce found himself sketching a portrait of Brooke. He called the school's administrator and asked if someone could cover his classes for him because there was "someplace" he had to be.

Isbella, Rosa, and Anita arrived at Holidays and were pleased to see that Tanner was in town. Tanner expressed his feeling of loss when he learned that Hector has passed away. Michael and Jack arrived on the scene and told Mateo that someone was loitering in their parking lot and would probably cause trouble. Matt was about to walk outside when the troublemaker entered the club. Trevor, now using a cane, walked into the club and stunned everyone with his ability to walk. Hayley asked him how and when was regained his mobility. He gave her a hug and said that he owed it all to "an angel."
Isabella got caught up in the moment and her thoughts turned to not having Hector, Julia, or Noah with her for the holidays. Matt convinced his mother to stick around.

Adam and Liza arrived. Hayley didn't look thrilled with her stepmother's presence, but did seem pleased when Liza praised the job Hayley had done in decorating the club..

Andy searched for Skye, but couldn't find her. Dimitri saw Andy and became nervous. He approached the man and asked him if he was there to talk about the paternity tests. Andy shook his head and said that he was an invited guest
Tad walked over to Liza and asked her why she is avoiding him. Liza insisted that her schedule has been so busy that she just hasn't had time for him.

Jake told Joe and Ruth that he dropped out of medical school. Joe was furious, but Ruth managed to calm him down by telling him that they could discuss the matter later. Jake promised to repay every dime that his parents gave him.

Kelsey was feeling neglected and asked Kevin if he would dance with her. Later she smiled and told Jake that she "supposes" that Liza is an attractive woman. Jake shook his head and asked what Kelsey was talking about. Kelsey said that it was obvious that Jake was infatuated with Liza because he had been staring at her all night.

Ruth tried to tempt Joe with a romantic evening spent at home by the fireplace to clear Joe's mind, but he was still upset that Jake hid dropping out of school from them.

Dimitri toasted Erica's completion of her book. Erica told Opal, Phoebe, and Myrtle that she would be inviting them to a party to celebrate the book's released. Opal said that Palmer would be joining her before midnight, but he never showed up.

Grace told Belinda that she hopes the New Year will bring a man into Belinda's life. She said that it can be difficult waking up to an empty bed and that she wants to see Belinda happy for a change.

Out of nowhere, Bobby pulled a ring from his pocket and proposed to Anita. She gladly accepted.

Adam asked his attorney if he would have legal basis for a divorce if he could prove that Liza has been unfaithful to him. "Dame chance would definitely" be on Adam's side, the lawyer responded.

As the countdown to midnight arrived, Adam pulled Liza close to him and plant a kiss on her. When Tad saw that Adam and Liza were kissing, he decided that it was time to kiss Gloria.

...3....2...1.... Happy New Year from the entire AMC Pages Staff!

Wednesday, January 1, 1997

All My Children will not be shown today because of the New Year's holiday. Regular programming will resume tomorrow, Thursday the 2nd of January.

Have a safe and happy holiday and we wish you nothing but the best in 1997.

Thursday, January 2, 1997

The gears in Adam's mind spiraled feverishly as he thought of ways to "nudge" Liza into having an affair. Adam took a break from masterminding his plan long enough to congratulate Hayley and Mateo on the hard work they had put into making Holidays a reality. Adam even went as far to admit that he was wrong when he initially blasted Hayley for her night club pipedreams.

Tad tried to talk to Liza, but she brushed him off. She said that he is more than welcome to chat with her during regular business hours.

Gloria told Michael that she was uncomfortable watching Tad swoon over Liza. Michael wasn't as concerned as Glo. He told her that his money is "on her" as the woman who Tad will choose as his romantic interest. Brad finally got away from his work at the hospital. As he and Mike toasted their new year together, Brad told Mike that he'd like to make their relationship a bit more permanent and told Michael that they should move-in together.

Gloria asked Adam why he was watching Liza from across the room rather than dancing with her. Adam said that he is giving his new bride some space, something that he has recently learned how to do. Adam turned toward Gloria and told her that he is worried that she might get hurt. He said that Tad obviously still has some interest in Liza and that it could result in Gloria getting her heart broken.

Kelsey caught sight of the diamond engagement ring on Anita's finger and seemed surprised that Anita and Bobby had gotten engaged. Needless to say, she was not thrilled. Bobby said that the wedding would take place the day after their high school graduation. Opal told Anita that she would make a beautiful bride and made plans to fix up the gazebo at Cortlandt Manor for the wedding. Palmer looked on without saying a word. Bobby asked his grandfather if he had an objections. Palmer looked down on the floor and nervously shook his head, He announced that only one out of every ten young couples to get married actually makes it in the long run. He continued on and said that he thinks Bobby and Anita have the magic to be that one special couple. Kelsey continued her jealous rampage. Anita order Kelsey to stop being a petulant little brat and to "get over" her marriage debacle to Bobby.

Tanner mused about losing another chance to marry "a Santos girl." Hayley suggested that he hold out a few years for Rosa. As they talked, a police man entered and asked for the location of Tanner Jordan. Tanner was order to turn around and was arrested for "grand theft airplane." A frantic Tanner made a phone call to the plane's owner and said that he could bring the plane back immediately if he would drop the charges. The offer was accepted, but Tanner was short on cash. Matt pulled $400 out of Holidays' cash drawer and told Tanner to use the money for plane fuel. Hayley and Matt gave their friend a farewell hug and said that they hope to see him soon. Somehow I don't think that Tanner will be gone that long.

Erica and Dimitri returned to Wildwind and noticed that Maria was in pain. Erica ordered Maria into bed and began fluffing pillows and giving breathing instructions. Maria flipped. She order Erica to leave her alone because she was about to lose her mind. Erica agreed and left the room. Maria told Dimitri that he had better keep Erica out of her room. Dimitri told Maria that their stress would subside as soon as the paternity test results came in.

In New York, Skye led Edmund to believe that he had landed an interview with the prime minister. When Edmund approached the prime minister, he was told that an interview was never scheduled. With egg on his face, Edmund retreated and asked Skye why she had lied to him. Skye insisted that there must have been some sort of translation error because she could have sworn that the prime minister agreed to an interview. Edmund told a story from his college days and how he mistook the wife of his college advisor's pleasantries for a display of affection. Skye was furious. She told Edmund that he was "dead wrong" if he thought that she had "designs" on him. Edmund asked Skye if she had a date for New Year's. Trying to use sarcasm as her defense, Skye told Edmund that she "finagled the whole thing just to get" him alone for an evening. Edmund apologized if he was off base.

Their discussion turned to Skye's hostility towards Dimitri. Edmund repeatedly asked Skye why she dislikes his brother. "You don't wanna know," Skye replied. Obviously he did want to know or he wouldn't have asked. Skye said that she has had the "rug ripped out" from under her and does not want to do that to someone else. Edmund excused himself for a few minutes. While he was gone, a call came in over his cellular phone. Skye answered the phone and had to explain to Erica why she was answering Edmund's phone. "Did you creep into Edmund's bedroom?" Erica asked. Skye warned Erica to stop insinuating that she has the hots for Edmund and asked why she called. Erica told Skye that Maria is in jeopardy of losing her baby and that she thinks Edmund should return home. When Edmund returned Skye told him that Erica had called and seemed very, very upset when Edmund decided to leave for home.

At Tad's house, Gloria hinted that Tad might still have some feelings for Liza. As she rambled on and on, Tad no longer wanted to talk. He asked her why they were talking about Liza and Adam when they could be doing "this." Tad gently kissed Gloria's neck. She turned around and the two engaged in a passionate kiss.

Adam and Liza returned to Chandler Mansion and bragged about their performance at Holidays. Adam felt that their creative talents were wasted because Brooke was not in attendance. Liza disagreed citing Tad's seemingly convinced attitude to their act. Liza warned Adam that their evening fun had to end because she turns into a pumpkin at midnight,. Translation: There will be no romance in Chandler Mansion tonight. Marian, wearing a fur lined nightgown, waltzed down the steps and welcomed Liza and Adam back to the house. It was quite obvious that Marian had had a few too many martinis. When asked why she was at the mansion, Marian explained that the new tenants at Liza's condo wouldn't be happy if she slept on their couch. Liza explained to Adam that she let the lease on her condo expire and that Marian does not have a place to stay. Adam permitted Marian to spend one night in the green room but that in the morning Marian would have to find a place of her own to stay. Marian offered her creative energy to help do some interior designing in exchange for room and board. Adam adjourned for the evening leaving Marian to offer some motherly advice to Liza. Marian said that she overheard "the servants" talking about how Liza and Adam are not sleeping together. Liza told her mom that she and Adam are "taking things slow." Marian was stunned. She told Liza that she had better consummate her marriage to Adam immediately or that Adam would give her the boot.

Friday, January 3, 1997

At the Insomniac Cafe, Brooke and Laura prepared for their day in court. Brooke informed Laura that most of the adoption process was already complete. All that would need to be done would be to answer a few of the judge's questions and then wait for the final approval. Laura asked Brooke if she could bring someone along with her to the hearing. As Laura asked the question, Scott wandered into the coffeeshop and Brooke said that it would be fine if Scott went along with them. From the look on Laura's face, however, I don't think that she was referring to Scott. Brooke allowed the two young lovebirds to have some time alone, saying that she had something to tend to. Scott told Laura that he enjoyed their New Year's Eve together and that he really enjoyed kissing her. Laura was anxious to have her adoption finalized and told Scott that she "knew" that she would find a place in Brooke's home. She said that ever since the first time she walked into Brooke's home she felt that she would one day be a part of her family.

Julia Barr demonstrated why she has been nominated for Emmy. Brooke returned home and held her daughter's handprint close to her heart. Brooke spoke to her daughter and told her that she is "always in [her] heart and in [her dreams." She went on to say that "my adopting Laura Kirk is not about filling your space in this family." Brooke said that it was her daughter who taught her "what a gift a child is."

Michael and Trevor met up after one of Trevor's counseling sessions. Mike broke the news to Trevor that he might be moving in with Brad. Trevor said that Laurel would be proud because Michael's boyfriend was a doctor. Trevor continued on and told Michael that now that the holidays are over he will no longer allow Amanda to visit with Janet. Michael wasn't so sure that barring Amanda from Janet was such a good idea. As the two talked, Trevor caught sight of Pierce entering the hospital and called her him to chat with them. Mike gave the two men some space to chat. Pierce told Trevor that he has been seeing a psychiatrist to deal with the painful memories of his murdered lover Christina. Trevor seemed surprised that Pierce never told Brooke about his lost love. The discussion was cut short when Pierce was called for his appointment with the doctor.

Erica took a tumble on the ice, but insisted that she did not injure herself in any way. Dimitri finally convinced Erica to pay a visit to Joe and get a check-up. Since Erica agreed to do a favor for Dimitri, she felt that Dimitri "owed her one." She asked Dimmie to check in on Maria and to make sure that she is feeling better. She said that since they all live in the same house, she feels as though she has an obligation to the baby.

Janet showed up for work and learned that Erica plans on launching a new perfume. As Erica praised her new aromatic idea, Janet drifted off into space. She later revealed that she is distant because she misses Amanda. She told Erica of how she was allowed to visit Amanda on Christmas Eve. In spite of Erica's encouragement for Janet to seek a more active role in her daughter's life, Janet insisted that the best choice she can make is for her to gradually move out of Amanda's life.

Someone from Enchantment's labs brought a sample of the new perfume up to Erica's office for a "test sniff." Both Erica and Janet loved the scent (that included sandalwood), but Erica suggested that they give the perfume to a test group before heading to market. Janet was impressed by Erica's business savvy and asked her if there is anything she isn't good at. If so, Erica smiled, she doesn't think about it. Erica tried to impress upon Janet that she can have happiness in her life and that Amanda is the stepping stone to this happiness. Janet disagreed. She said that she does not want Amanda to learn about her mother's sordid least not right now. "You owe her all the love that is in you," Erica told Janet. "She needs you." Erica warned Janet that she needs to think twice about walking away from Amanda because it would be a decision she would always regret.

Maria told Edmund that she feels responsible for her near miscarriage because she has done a sub-par job of taking care of her baby. Edmund couldn't figure out why Maria was beating herself up over something that she had nothing to do with. Dimitri arrived for his promised visit just as Edmund was leaving to take Sam for a walk. Maria suggested that karma was responsible for her health crisis and said that she knows she will lose the baby because of her one night of infidelity. Dimitri did his best to convince Maria that she was not a bad person, but I'm not sure if his efforts were successful. Dimitri told Maria that he was going to go to the health clinic and get the results of the paternity test.

When Edmund returned from his walk, Joe called to check in on Maria. He said that he was concerned for Maria because she was his "favorite doctor." Maria said that she felt better and that she would follow the doctor's orders and take it easy. After the call and as Maria and Edmund talked, Maria felt the baby move.

Trevor picked up Amanda from daycare and was asked if they could go see Hayley. Trevor told Amanda that Hayley no longer works at Enchantment, but the young girl had to check things out for herself. After realizing that her daddy was right, Amanda asked if she could see Janet. Trevor said that Janet was probably busy with work and unable to pay a social call. Sure enough, Janet walked in at the exact moment. With some prodding from Trevor, Janet agreed that she was very busy with work and would probably have very little free time to visit with Amanda. Amanda then asked Janet if she could meet her little girl.

Skye begged Andy for the results of the paternity test, but Andy refused to breech the patients' privacy. Even when Skye promised to change the names of the people involved he still declined to help. The reasons for Andy's response became obvious. He said that he bumped into "Mr. West" at Holidays and when he saw who his wife was, he knew that the man was a man of power. Not only that, but the woman Mr. West had accompanied to the clinic was not his wife. Andy said he feared retaliation if he were to give Skye the results. Skye was impressed by the answer. Okay, she wasn't really impressed, but she gave Andy that impression. She said that the focus of her article has changed and that she wants to put the spotlight on Andy---the trusted keeper of genetic technology. Andy was flattered and apologized for losing his temper. A call came through on the phone to announce that Dimitri (Mr. West) was there to check on the results of the paternity test. Skye hid in an adjacent room while Dimitri put the pressure on Andy. Mr. West asked Andy if his presence at Holidays was, as he had said before, a "coincidence." Andy nodded and said he had no way of knowing that Dimitri would be at the party. Dimitri was pleased and said that he would hate to have to get even with Andy if the results of the paternity test were ever made public. Dimitri left after learning that the results would be in within twenty four hours. Skye emerged from hiding and told Andy that she now knows why he is afraid of Mr. West. As the two talked, the printer began printing something out. That something could very well be the results of the paternity test.

Erica kept her appointment with Joe even though she knew she was in perfect health. Joe asked Erica if she felt numbness or pain. Erica shook her head. "I'm fine," she insisted. Joe insisted that Erica have an x-ray taken just to be on the safe side. He asked her a series of routine questions including whether or not she could be pregnant. Erica said that she wasn't pregnant, but that she could be. Joe ordered a pregnancy test and when the results came back, Erica was stunned. "It's a good thing we did the test," Joe smiled. "You're pregnant. You're going to have a baby!"



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