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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 30, 1996 on GL
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Monday, December 30, 1996

Jenna Bradshaw and her baby arrive in Springfield.

Buzz is at home stumbling over toys that Mara and Shayne left on the floor. He is really aggravated about the mess that the kids have left in the house. Frank arrives and says he needs to talk to Buzz. Buzz says that if it is about Reva that Frank can't tell him anything about her that he doesn't already know.

Alan is talking to someone on the phone telling them that he wants the papers regarding the dissolution of the partnership executed and on his desk right away. He said that he didn't want an loopholes because he's afraid Amanda will find one and regain her position. Alex enters with Alan's lunch. Alan makes a remark that he thought that Nick and Susan may have gotten to Alex and swept her out of town. Alex responds, no such luck, why would she want to miss the action going on with Alan. Alan says that he is just trying to cover himself for every possibility with Amanda. Alex asks what could Amanda do – isn't she in a Los Angeles prison for three to six years. Alan says that Roger has had her released and that they are both on their way to Springfield. Alan says that when Amanda comes back she will be gunning for him, but he is ready.

Nick arrives and says that Alan is not concerned with lunch – he would rather devour his young instead.

Roger and Amanda are flying back to Springfield and he asks her what she thinks about his plan. She responds that she guesses it is okay if there is really no other way. Roger says that she will catch everyone off guard and she'll get everything she ever wanted. Roger massages Amanda's shoulders and tells her she looks tense. She said that the last twenty-four hours has been hard, but that's okay because she is going to get everything she ever wanted.

Roger tells her that she is going to be great at what she is going to do to her father. She says that she wants to take every dirty trick she has learned from Alan and use it against him. Roger says that Alan is a fool not to take Amanda seriously. He said that she will do anything because she has no shame. He says that she reminds him of himself. Amanda says she is not sure whether to take that as a compliment. He says that is how he meant it. Roger says that was what first attracted him to her – that she will go to the ends of the earth to get what she wants – just like him. Amanda says that Roger hasn't yet gotten what he wants. He says that he is about to. He tells her that she has only until they land to give him her final answer.

Alan and Nick argue. Nick begs Alexandra to reconsider going with he and Susan. Alan says that he is just trying to stop Amanda and Roger from destroying the family. He asks what is more important than that. Susan enters and tells Alan that love is more important. She says that the battles that Alan is engaged in are just a poor substitute for what he lacks in his life – the love of his children, a true partner or someone special you can spend his life with. Alex says that that special love like Nick and Susan's is difficult to find. Alan says that some people are not as fortunate as she and Nick. Nick says that it is possible for everyone to find it. Nick asks Alex again to change her mind and go with them.

Buzz and Frank are talking. Frank tells Buzz about Josh and Reva being at Laurel Falls. Buzz tells Frank that Reva had already discussed this with him. He said that they were discussing Annie's situation privately. Frank asks Buzz if he really believes this. He asks Buzz if he is in denial and that there is something going on in front of him and he just isn't seeing it.

Buzz asks Frank if he had ever been in love so much or done something so stupid that you don't even know who you are? They start reminiscing about past mistakes that they both have made in the name of love. Buzz asks Frank if he regrets a minute of the crazy stuff that he has done. Frank says no because things turned out fine for he and Eleni. Buzz says that he could never regret loving Reva either. Buzz says that he has been very lucky in love. He has loved the best women in the world – and Reva is at the top of the list. He says that he loves her with his heart and soul. He says that if that makes him lose perspective, that he is not rational or that he has lost suspicion, then so be it. He says that is the way that he wants it to stay.

Matt is sitting at a table with a pretty blond woman. J approaches Nola at Company and asks her what is up with Matt. Nola explains that the woman's name is Natasha and she is Nola's latest attempt to fix Matt up with a woman. J tells Nola that he doesn't think that Matt is going to get over his feelings for Vanessa that quickly. Nola agrees, but says that Matt needs to get on with his life and that she promised Vanessa that she would help him. J says he thinks that trying to fix Matt up is ridiculous and it is a complete waste of time

Nola says that the way he moons over Michelle all the time, especially when she is with Zachary, is also ridiculous. J denies that he is after Michelle.

Jenna comes to Company and looks in the window. She enters and Michele greets her. They talk briefly and Matt walks up and asks to be introduced. Michele introduces them. Jenna says "Vanessa's Matt" and Matt responds "and you are her Jenna." He tells her that Vanessa has died and says he is so glad to finally meet her.

Zachary is looking at a picture of Michelle. The fisherman enters and asks when the engine is going to be finished. Zachary says that the part he needs is on special order. The fisherman hands him a part and tells him that now he can leave in a week or so. Zachary says he never promised he would leave when this over. The fisherman says that they both know that this is the deal. He says that Zachary has to tell Michelle that he is leaving and convince her that this is truly going to happen.

Alex hugs Nick and Susan and tells them that Alan needs her so she can not go. She says that she and Alan have always been there for each other. Nick says that it seems all one-sided to him. He says that Alan has lost all his children and he is going to go on being so destructive that he will finally lose his sister to. Nick says that he and Susan are going to leave.

Amanda and Roger enter. She asks Alan what he has planned for New Year's for her after he had her locked up for Christmas,. Alan asks what she has planned for him. Amanda asks to talk to Alan alone.

Alex and Roger exit. Amanda holds out her hand and asks for a truce. She dares him to accept it. She said that he has killed the love that she had for him by what he did to her. He accuses her of bringing the oldest enemy the family has into the company as her partner. He says that if they shake hands it means that they are even – he thinks she betrayed him and she thinks he betrayed her. Alan and Amanda shake hands and declare a truce. He then starts to tell her how to get rid of Roger. She says that a truce does not mean she is going to give him her soul or her autonomy. She then calls for Roger and asks him to lunch.

Alex enters and says that Alan should have thrown her out. He says that he and Amanda have a peace treaty of sorts. He says he knows she is up to something and he is going to find out what it is.

Buzz and Frank are talking. Buzz says that when you love someone you leave yourselves vulnerable. But he is not a victim. He has to have his eyes open and hope for the best. He says that Reva is his wife and he has to believe what she tells him. He says that when he lost Jenna he thought that he would never love again and then he found Reva. He said that it would kill him to lose Reva.

Jenna and Michelle are talking at Company. Michelle goes to get coffee and Matt comes to sit with Jenna. They talk about Vanessa. Michelle joins them and they talk about people in town.

Zachary comes in and tells Michelle that it is time to let Snow Bird go. She asks him if this means that he is still going to leave. He responds "soon." She gets her coat to go with him to let the bird go.

Nola is talking to Natasha the girl that she fixed up with Matt. Natasha says that Matt is a nice guy, but he is living in the past. She tells Nola to let her know when he is ready to step into the present.

Matt and Jenna reminisce about Vanessa some more. Janna remembers a conversation she had with Vanessa about telling Buzz about the baby. She leaves.

Nola approaches Matt and says that she is sorry that he didn't like Natasha, but she is glad that he is showing an interest in this new young lady. He explains that they were talking about Vanessa. He tells her that the woman was Jenna Bradshaw, and that it meant more to him to talk about Vanessa than all the blind dates in the world. He asks Nola to stop worrying about him and let what happens to him happen. Nola says that nothing happens unless somebody makes it happen. She says that she is not going to stand by and let him live his life in the past. He tells Nola that he is tired of this same conversation, but he hugs her and tells her he loves her anyway. He leaves.

Michelle and Zachary arrive at the lighthouse and talk briefly about emotions. She asks him how he really feels about letting her go. He says that he hates it. Michelle tells him that she wants to be with him. She asks him if he has to leave when his work is through. They kiss.

J asks Nola what you can do if you know a friend of yours is going to get hurt. She figures out that he is talking about Michelle. She says that if you really care about someone and that you know they are going to get hurt, then you should do anything to stop it.

Buzz and Frank are at the diner. Buzz thanks Frank for worrying about him. They talk about family for a minute and Frank leaves.

Jenna arrives at the diner and looks in the window. She comes in a sits at a booth. Buzz comes out from the back room and asks what she would like. She tells him a cup of coffee and turns around. He is shocked to see that it is Jenna.

Roger is looking through papers at the Spaulding mansion. Amanda asked him if he found anything. He said that he didn't expect to. Roger asks how her talk with her father was. She says that she knew that Alan was no more sincere than she was. They hear Alex and Alan are approaching. Amanda tells Roger to let the "play" continue. She kisses him. Alex and Alan enter and Roger and Amanda are kissing passionately. They ask what is going on. Amanda and Roger announce that they are engaged.

Tuesday, December 31, 1996

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Wednesday, January 1, 1997

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Thursday, January 2, 1997

Michelle and Zachary are kissing at the lighthouse. He tells her that he has wanted to kiss her for a long time. She tells him that she has also wanted this for a long time. He kisses her again.

Buzz greets Jenna at the diner. She tells him that she is in town because there is something that she has to tell him. They are interrupted by a customer. When Buzz returns she says she has to talk to him about something important. Reva and the kids walk in.

At the Spaulding mansion. Hart and Dinah, Phillip, Lucy and Alan-Michael arrive. Roger and Amanda have a shocking announcement for everyone. They are engaged to be married. As Hart starts to congratulate them, Alex says that this is one wedding that will never take place.

Roger says that he hoped that everyone would be happy for them. He said that he and Amanda saw something in each other and just connected. He said that they are just trying to get some happiness. Amanda tells everyone that she is happy for the first time in her life. Alexandra takes Amanda aside and tries to warn her about the perils of being married to Roger.

Michelle and Zach tell each other that they don't want anything to get in the way of their being together. Michelle tells Zachary that she doesn't want him to stop kissing her. He says that he doesn't think he can. They kiss passionately. They hear footsteps. J enters. Michelle is angry with J and stalks off.

Buzz introduces Reva as his wife to Jenna. Jenna looks shocked. Reva says that she didn't know that Jenna was coming back to town. Jenna says that when Buzz called her last week she didn't know her plans. Reva looks shocked. Buzz explains that he had not had a chance to tell Reva yet.

Zach and J follow Michelle into the other room. J tells them that he has a photography assignment and wants to take photos of them letting the bird go. Michelle tells J that they have decided not to let the Snow Bird go. J tells her that she is putting off the inevitable and he doesn't want her to get hurt. He asks Zach if he can take photos of him caring for the bird. Zach says no.

Amanda thanks Alex for her concerns, but asks her not to spoil this for her. She says that she has finally found a man that loves her for who she is.

Roger walks over and brings Amanda champagne. Diane gives a toast to the happy couple. Alex continues her tirade and tells Amanda to remember that Roger tried to kill Diana and he did many other horrible things. Roger answers that yes he has done some terrible things, but he has his memory back and he is back to normal. He tells Alex that Amanda is marrying the same man that she did.

The kids come and ask Buzz something and he leaves with them. Reva and Jenna talk. Reva asks if Jenna is back to stay. Jenna says that there were things that happened to her in this town that have affected her whole life. She then admits that she is back in town because of Buzz.

Diana is upset and questions Roger about whether he has been lying about being a changed man. Roger tells them that his memory has gradually started coming back. He says that just because the memories have come back it doesn't mean that they are going to rule him. Alan-Michael accuses Roger of an attempt to rip the family apart.

Alex tells him that he just wants to bring down the Spauldings and destroy them all. Roger tells Alex that he knows she loathes him, but he hopes that in time she will change her mind. She tells him that that will happen when hell freezes over. Roger says that this experience has had a profound effect on him and he intends to bring what he has learned to his new relationship.

Roger starts to toast Hart and Diana. Hart and Diana say they have to leave. Roger follows them to the door and tells them that he has asked Leo to hurry up the divorce. It should be final very soon.

Roger asks Alan what he has to say. Roger asks Alan to join him in raising a glass to his daughter – the girl he is going to marry.

Zachary says the bird is going to be leaving after all. He tells Michelle that they were just being selfish – that holding on is just making it harder. Zach leaves with the bird. J tells Michelle that everything is going to be all right. He tells her to listen to Zach that he knows what he is saying. Michelle asks J why he had to come and that he has wrecked everything.

Reva says that she knew that she and Buzz were always close and asks Jenna to tell her about the relationship that she had with Buzz. Buzz comes back to the table and tells Reva about the beauty cream business that he and Jenna started.

Jenna said they had such a good time and that he made her laugh. Buzz says that he is a different man now – that he is a much better "catch" than he used to be. The women laugh.

Jenna reminisces about she and Buzz in their earlier days. Reva tells Buzz that if he would shut up that maybe Jenna could tell them why she is back in town.

All of a sudden the door opens and Dylan enters. Reva jumps up and hugs him.

Reva is so excited and says "look at you" over and over again. Dylan responds with "I can't – I'm too busy looking at you." It takes Reva a minute to realize what he said. Reva is so excited and asks him if he can see. He says that yes he can see, but not 100 percent. He says that the nerve damage is healing and with the laser surgery he has had his sight is getting better everyday.

Reva tells Dylan that she is mad at him for not letting her visit him at the rehab center. He says that he just wanted to handle it himself.

Buzz and Jenna watch Reva and Dylan. Jenna says that Reva must love her children very much. Buzz responds that he is so happy now and that he finally has everything he has ever wanted. Jenna tells him she is glad. She leaves abruptly.

Dylan tells Reva that he tried to come to Italy when Sarah died, but the people at the rehab center wouldn't let him go. He says that he was glad that she and Josh were there.

Buzz comes to greet Dylan after Jenna leaves. Dylan congratulates Buzz about his marriage to Reva. Dylan asks how Harley is. Buzz says that she is good, but he doesn't hear from her often enough.

Reva asks Dylan if he is staying. He says -- "it depends" – he pauses and says -- I left some unfinished business here in Springfield. Reva answers "yes, Bridget Reardon, right."

Diana and Hart arrive at Company. They stand on the porch kissing and talking about how glad they are that the divorce will be final soon. They go inside and tell Bridget and Peter that they have good news. They tell them about Roger and Amanda getting married. Diana speculates that if Roger remembers everything that he will revert back to his wicked ways. Hart says that he is just glad that he and Diana will be able to be married sooner. Bridget looks stunned.

Roger hands Alan a champagne glass. Alan asks Amanda to come closer. Alan-Michael, Lucy, Phillip and Alex wait for what Alan will say. Alan tells Roger and Amanda that he wants to offer his most sincere congratulations and that he couldn't be happier. Everyone in the room is stunned, especially Amanda.

Zach, Michelle and J are on the beach getting ready to let the bird go. Michelle says that she is not going to say goodbye and that the bird has nothing to do with them. She starts to cry and Zach tries to comfort her. J tells her that he is leaving and asks Michelle if she needs a ride. She says no and he leaves. She then tells Zach that she loves him more than she has ever loved anyone and she is not going to let him go. She kisses him and runs away. Zach stands and watches her go with a pained expression.

Dylan says that he just walked out on Bridget when he lost his sight. He says that he felt like the world was against him at the time and took it out on the one person who loved him the most. He says that he knows he hurt her and he wants to make it up to her somehow. He says he wants to find out if there is still a chance. He asks if there is anyone in Bridget's life right now. Reva says that it is just Bridget and Peter. Dylan says that he is going to go over there right now to see her.

Reva asks Buzz where Jenna went to. He said that she had something to do and had to leave. Reva gets a curious look on her face.

Alan says that he wants the future to find them exactly the way that they are today. Alan-Michael asks what in the world Alan is doing. Alan says that he has learned his lesson about interfering in his children's life. He said that Amanda will marry Roger whether he approves or not so he is just going to be happy for them.

Amanda and Roger say that they have a lot to do and leave. Roger tells Amanda that he thinks that they actually convinced the family that he is going to marry her.

Hart, Diana and Peter are at a table at Company. Peter wants to show Diana a picture that he drew and they walk away. Hart walks up to Bridget. She tells him that she is glad that they are going to be able to get married soon.

Diana's friends walk in. Diana walks back in and greets them. She tells them that she and Hart are going to be getting married soon. They say that they want to celebrate. Hart acts like he doesn't want to go, but Diana talks him into it.

Hart walks over to Bridget to tell her goodbye. She kisses him on the cheek. Dylan walks in and sees this. He reminisces about a conversation that he and Bridget had a long time ago when he told her he loved her. He tries to decide whether to speak to Bridget or not.

Alan tells Alex that he is going to stop the wedding and that she is going to help him.

Amanda tells Roger that she is not sure that they got to her father at all because he took the announcement so well. Roger says that he is sure that they did. He says that he thinks that Alan is vulnerable and he will need his family more than ever. Roger says Alan alone is a much easier mark.

Reva tells Buzz that she is glad that things have turned around for Dylan. She says that she has gotten a new lead on the baby her mother had. She says that she was able to locate the name of the doctor that was there when the baby was born. Buzz congratulates her. He asks her how that makes her feel. She says excited. He tells her that 1997 is going to be the best year ever for them.

Jenna is back at the hotel and putting her baby to bed. She tells him goodnight. Then she says to herself that Buzz already has everything he wants and she wonders how she will ever tell him that he has a son.

Friday, January 3, 1997

Diana and her friends arrive back at the farmhouse after a night of celebrating. Someone is videotaping their joking around. Jean Luc mentions that Hart was a good sport celebrating with them all night, but he saw him yawning many times. Diana explains that Hart gets up very early to work with the horses. Jean Luc asks where Hart has gone. Diana explains that Hart has a "depressed" horse that he is trying to comfort. She and her friends are laughing about this as Hart walks in.

Alex and Phillip are at the Spaulding mansion. They are talking about Roger, Amanda and the wedding. Phillip says that if Roger and Amanda go through with the wedding then Roger will get half of everything she owns. Alan-Michael arrives and shows them the Business Section of the paper. Spaulding stock is rising and sources say that it is all because of Roger's name being linked with Spaulding. Alex says that this is ridiculous because that was all a ruse to get Alan back on his feet. Phillip says that it has blown up in their faces because if they lose Roger, then they lose millions of dollars.

Roger is asleep in bed. Amanda enters and takes off her coat. She leans over to look at him. He pulls her on the bed and rolls over with a hand to her throat. Amanda has a very shocked look on her face.

Dinah asks Hart what he would like to drink. He says he doesn't want anything. Her friends try to convince him to continue partying. He says that he has business to take care of. His mare is running a fever and the vet is on the way. Dinah tells him that she will change her clothes and come outside with him. He is very pleased that she would do that for him.

Dinah tells everyone that there is a change in plans and she is going to the stables to sit with Hart. Her friends try to convince her to keep partying and to have a cigarette. Diana tells them that she is trying to quit because Hart doesn't like smoking. They keep trying to talk her into having one. She takes the cigarette and takes a drag as Hart enters.

Amanda tells Roger that her neck is not one of her erogenous zones. Roger tells her to never sneak up on him again. He says his training is very hard to forget. She denies sneaking up on him – she says she was just pulling up his blankets – after all, what are partners for – or should she call him fiancée? He asks if they are alone or is everyone there She tells him that Dinah, Hart and the gang just arrived. She says that Diana and her friends seem to have had a great time. He speculates on the kind of evening Hart had. She says that he seems to have taken it quite well. Roger says that he thinks that it won't be long before Hart sends Diana's friends packing – along with Diana.

Amanda says she certainly hopes so. She says she is sick of him dividing his time between her and his "little domestic dramas." She wants to know when he is going to start helping her take over everything with the Spaulding name. Roger tells her that the investors are clamoring to have him back at Spaulding. She tells him to get up and get started. He tells her that he has to get dressed first – she continues laying in bed – he tells her that "he is very shy." Amanda gets off the bed and gives him his pants. She turns her head as he gets up and puts them on.

Alex, Phillip and Alan-Michael are talking about Roger and their present predicament. Alex says there is no way they can stop the merger now. Alan-Michael and Phillip say there is no way they can go through with it. They were just involved with this to help get Alan back on his feet. Alex says that they must go through with it now that it has become public.

Bridget is at Company waiting on tables. Dylan is sitting at a table and tries to stop her as she passes. She tells him that she will be with him in a minute. He says "well, I've waited this long, I guess I can wait a little longer." She recognizes his voice, turns around and runs into his arms. She asks him why he didn't tell her that he was coming back. She adds, "of course, you didn't tell me that you were leaving either -- so why would you tell me that you were coming back." He tells her that she has every right to be angry and doesn't have to speak to him if she doesn't want to. But, he tells her that he would hate to lose someone that looks as fantastic as she does. It takes her a moment to realize that he said he could see her. She grabs him and hugs him letting him know how excited she is that he can see.

Alan wheels himself into the room asking Alex and his sons if they have lost their minds. He heard the comment that bringing Roger into the company was a ruse. Alex tries to convince him that he misunderstood. Alan-Michael tells him the truth. Alan is angry and arguing with Alex. Alex tries to convince Alan that they did it for him. Alan and Alex are arguing about the possibility of Roger getting his hands on Spaulding stock. Alex suggests that they all join forces. Alan said that if they did work together that they would be a force to be reckoned with. Alan-Michael and Phillip say that there is no way that they are going to work with Alan ever again. He tells them that Roger will rob them blind and steal from their children's inheritances. Alan says that he can prevent this from happening, if they let him.

Hart enters the barn and Roger is there. Roger brings up the fact that he told Hart that he would be out of his house as soon as he was healed from the beating. He tells Hart that he knows it is hard for him to live in the house with someone who tried to drive his fiancée insane. Hart says that he won't forget. Roger says that he meant what he said the night before. He may remember what happened but he is not going to be that way again. He tells Hart that they have gotten closer now that he has let go of the anger. He says he wants to continue a real father-son relationship. Hart says that now that he has Peter in his life he realizes what it is like to love a son; and, he would really like to be Roger's son. They agree that everything is okay between them.

Hart asks Roger if he remembers a conversation they had about Diana. Roger says that he remembers, it was the first time that Hart opened up to him and he thought it was great. Hart tells Roger that he is having trouble with Diana's friends. He says he thought she wanted to live the life that they had planned. Hart says that he guesses that he really didn't know her like he thought he would. Roger assures him that everything will be all right.

Hart leaves. Leo enters. Roger tells him that he wants the divorce to Diana to go through as soon as possible. Leo is confused because Roger told him to stall it. Roger says that he has new information – Diana and Hart are self-destructing on their own. Roger says that he is about to become a married man. Amanda enters and asks what they are talking about – she says "we aren't really getting married – are we?"

The Spauldings are talking about the present situation. Phillip and Alan-Michael are saying they don't have a very good choice between Roger and Alan. Alan tells them that they don't have the power to overcome this themselves – they need him. Alex reminds them about their futures and that of their children. Alan-Michael asks Alan where they start.

Roger tells Amanda that they are not really getting married, but they have to make it look real. Roger tells Leo to take care of the divorce. Leo leaves. Roger asks Amanda why she is so quiet – she didn't really think that they were getting married did she? She says no that there is no way that she would actually sign over her fortune to him. Diana joins them and they get closer together as Roger puts his arm around Amanda. They make small talk.

Dylan and Bridget are talking. He says that he picked up the phone a million times to call her, but he decided to surprise her. Bridget introduces Nola to Dylan. She asks Peter if he remembers Dylan. Peter says no, he does not. Dylan is amazed at how big Peter has gotten. Nola leaves with Peter. Dylan and Bridget talk about how he got his sight back. Bridget says that it is great that he has gotten everything he wanted. He says "almost." He says that he came by the other night and just wanted to see how she was doing.

She tells him that she came by the rehab center but left before she saw him. She says that she figured that he was just trying to get on with his life. He tells her that he was surprised to see Hart there the other night. He says that Hart is not a good influence for Peter. She tells him that Hart is a great father for Peter and that they are trying to be a family.

Diana's friends join Diana, Roger and Amanda. They take Diana back into the house. Amanda asks Roger how they are going to take Spaulding from Alan. Roger asks her what is Alan's greatest obsession besides power. She says that it is his family. Roger says that his family is also his greatest weakness. He says they are going to isolate him and then when he has no one to turn to – they get Spaulding. Then Amanda will get what she wants – her spot at Spaulding. She asks Roger what he gets from all this. He says satisfaction and his place beside her at Spaulding.

Diana is going through a bridal magazine with her friends. Jean Luc starts talking about all of them going on vacation together. Diana says that it sounds good. They ask her to go with them as one last fling before she is married. She agrees as Hart walks in.

Dylan and Bridget are talking. He tells her that he thinks she feels the same way about Hart that she felt for him before he let him down. Bridget says that she got over that. She feels that Hart is a great dad for Peter. They argue and she accuses Dylan of just not liking Hart because he slept with Julie the night before Julie and Dylan were supposed to marry. Dylan agrees that he doesn't like Hart. He says he thinks he is a user and a con man. Bridget says that Hart is a good man, that she has faith in him now. Dylan says he can't believe the way she looks when she talks about him, does she really think that she has a chance with Hart.

Bridget tells him that Hart and Diana are engaged. Dylan asks what that means to her. She says that Diana is not right for him. And he asks her if she is? She tells Dylan that he is not the only one who has been to school, she has too – the school of hard knocks. Also, she says that Hart has been there and Dylan has not. She said that it has also taught her that she doesn't need Dylan. She says that Dylan, of all people, knows that the wedding is not over until the bride and groom say "I do." He asks her if she is going to charge into the wedding and stop it, too. She says that she won't resort to that, but that Diana and Hart won't be married.

Diana sees Hart and apologizes for not coming to the barn yet. He tells her not to worry that the vet is there with the horse and that she is going to be okay. He asks to speak to her alone. He questions her about what he just walked in on. She said that she was agreeing to go on the vacation only if Hart went. He tells her that he is not going because this is his home. He agrees that maybe they can go there next year. She thanks him for being patient with her friends. He says that his "halo is getting a little ragged and that he would like to see her friends out of there soon." She tells him that he just has to be patient for a little while longer. Jean Luc walks out and tries to convince her to play cards. She tells him that the trip is off. Hart leaves.

Alan says the only way to save Spaulding Enterprises is to let the merger happen. Phillip, Alan-Michael and Alex start to object. But Alan says that they are the ones that got them into this mess – not him. He says they have to protect their assets. Phillip and Alan-Michael say to forget about it – let Roger go and let the stock prices drop. Alex says they could lose everything. Alan-Michael asks her if the company hasn't hurt the family enough. Phillip says they can stand to lose it because they are knee deep in servants as it is. She says they are talking about survival. Phillip says that they will still have a company. Alan says that Roger is already in – let him stay in and then they will neutralize him by appealing to his colossal ego. Roger always wants more. They want to welcome him to the company, let him believe he is indispensable and when he starts believing it, then they strike. Phillip asks him if he plans to let his daughter marry him – is he going to allow that. Alan says no, but they aren't going to let Roger know it.

Amanda and Roger come to the door. Amanda tells them to congratulate her fiancée because he has single-handedly given Spaulding Enterprises the largest quarter they have ever seen. Alan smiles.

Dylan tells Bridget he hopes she knows what she is getting into. She says it is too late, she is already in it. Hart walks in. He asks Dylan when he got back in town. Bridget tells him that Dylan has his sight back. Hart says that is great. The tension is great between the two men.

Hart looks solemn and Bridget asks him what is wrong. He says that it is nothing he wants to bore her with. Dylan tells Bridget if she changes her mind about what they talked about, let him know. He leaves. He reminisces about making love to Bridget.

Alan toasts Amanda and Roger. Alan tells Roger that they were just discussing their wedding present. Alan asks them to join them for lunch. Roger says he can't think of a better way to spend the day than being with his future in-laws. The family goes to the dining room for lunch. Amanda and Roger stay behind. Amanda tells Roger that Alex is going to be difficult, shouldn't they eliminate Alan-Michael or Phillip first. Roger says that Alex is the easy one, she acts like she despises him, but she doesn't, he can still get to her. Alex walks in and tells them lunch is ready.

As they start to go to the dining room Roger's cellular phone rings. It is Leo and he says he has started the ball rolling on the divorce. He then tells Roger that he guesses it doesn't matter since Roger will be rid of Diana, but he has finally located her mother. Roger says "Vanessa – you've found Vanessa." Leo asks him if he still cares. Roger says "You bet!"

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