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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 23, 1996 on GL
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Monday, December 23, 1996

Peter drew Bridget a picture of Hart, her, and him which she decided to give to Hart. Bridget was looking in her compact when Nola asked if she was expecting someone. Bridget told Nola that Hart had invited her to the ice show.

Hart told Roger that he was glad to be home because Dinah's friends had intruded on their time together in Switzerland. But, he reassured his father that nothing would spoil their time together, today.

Hart told Roger how much fun he, Dinah, and Peter would have at the ice show. He also related how Dinah was starting to think of Peter as her own and remarked what a great stepmother she would make.

Hart came inside and hugged Peter. Bridget showed him the picture and Roger hugged Peter. Hart have gifts to Bridget and Peter. He gave Peter a cuckoo clock and Bridget a beautiful bracelet.

Dinah got the last three tickets to Santa's on Ice. Amanda discussed her plans with Jean Luc. Dinah and Amanda met for lunch and Dinah asked what the occasion was. Amanda said she just wanted company on the holidays.

Jean Luc came over to the table with Claudia and Georgio to surprise Dinah with a present.

Dinah was happy to see them and introduced them to Amanda. They all sat down to lunch. Claudia asked Dinah to open the gift which she then opened. It was a roll of toilet paper with a song dedicated to Dinah written on it. The song had been written by an Italian whom Dinah had once dated. Claudia then asked where Hart was.

Dinah and her friends got their picture taken with Santa Claus. Claudia told Amanda that Dinah changed men as often as she changed shoes. Dinah explained that she ditched them in Switzerland because she and Hart wanted to be together.

They ordered drinks, but Dinah didn't want to drink that early. Amanda convinced her that a little champagnee wouldn't hurt. Dinah asked them to remind her that she had to leave by 2:30. Hart told Roger that he was glad to be home because Dinah's friends had intruded on their time together in Switzerland. But, he reassured his father that nothing would spoil their time together, today.

Hart told Roger how much fun he, Dinah, and Peter would have at the ice show. He also related how Dinah was starting to think of Peter as her own and remarked what a great stepmother she would make.

Hart came inside and hugged Peter. Bridget showed him the picture and Roger hugged Peter. Hart have gifts to Bridget and Peter. He gave Peter a cuckoo clock and Bridget a beautiful bracelet.

Hart tried to track Dinah down by phoning the club and Amanda talked to him. She told her that Dinah was indisposed and that Dinah had had too much to drink. Hart left to go pick her up. He told Bridget as he was leaving that he had thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for Peter and Dinah to spend some time together. Hart wass worried about what to tell Peter.

Peter was dissapointed that Hart couldn't take him to the ice show. Roger told Bridget that the next time Hart bought tickets to go anywhere, one of them was going to be for her.

Hart went to the club and saw Dinah partying with her friends.

Annie went back to the clinic, but her friend Fran didn't want to bend the rules for her again. Fran then apologized and told her that she must first have a physical exam before they could schedule another appointment.

Josh called Reva at the diner and asked her to meet him at Laurel Falls. Reva was reluctant, but Josh insisted and she agreed.

Matt came to the door and overheard Josh telling Reva how much he loved her. Matt asked if it was Reva he was talking to and Josh said yes. Matt told him that he was asking for trouble.

Josh closed the door to the office and explained how he and Reva couldn't deny their feelings for each other anymore. Matt brought up how he had told Josh last spring that Josh wouldn't be able to forget Reva. Josh replied that the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Annie. Matt tried to convince him to try to make his marriage work. Matt asked him what he was going to do and Josh told him Annie was pregnant and that he was afraid of what she might to to the child.

Josh told Mat that he was going to talk to Reva about what to do and asked Matt to cover for him at the office. He then told Matt how Annie had gotten pregnant on purpose. Josh told him he had to find a way out. Matt told him that he wished he could help and agreed to cover for him. Josh was on his way out of the door when Annie came by and asked her where she was going.

Josh told him he had an appointment and Annie assumed it was to get a Christmas present. She told him to postpone it because they had a lunch date with Marah and Shayne and Santa Claus. Josh wanted her to meet them on her own, but Annie insisted and Josh reluctantly agreed to go and the two of them left.

Josh and Annie met the kids at the Country Club. Josh ordered lunch while Annie took the kids to see Santa Claus. Annie whispered to Santa that she wanted to have a baby. Annie and the kids ran into Dinah before going back to the table. Annie led Josh off to the side and told him that she had her first doctor's appointment today. Josh was upset that she didn't tell him about the appointment.

Fran then came by for an office party and introduced herself to Josh. Annie prevented her from saying anything by telling Josh to run off to his meeting. Fran pulled Annie aside and asked her why she hadn't told him about coming to the clinic for the next appointment.

Annie told Fran that it was because she didn't want Josh to get his hopes up again. Fran figured out that Josh didn't know.

Eleni asked Buzz about Jenna's letter. He told her that he told Jenna to come, but hadn't told her about Reva. Buzz went over to Reva. Eleni commented on how good the news about Annie's pregnancy was, but that it was sudden. Eleni forgot about a present for Marina and had to leave Buzz to run the diner alone. Reva volunteered to get the toy for Marina and Eleni gave her the name of the game system and some money. Reva then left.

Reva showed up at Laurel Falls, but Josh wasn't there. She used her cell phone to call the diner and told Eleni that she was having trouble finding the toy and she wasn't sure how long she would be. She then asked if there were any messages from her and Eleni replied no.

Reva had a vision of a happy Josh, Annie and baby while waiting for Josh to show up. Reva started to leave when Josh showed up and told her that he was glad that she waited for him.

Tuesday, December 24, 1996

I am still working on Tuesday's recap. Please, check back later.

Wednesday, December 25, 1996

Griffin was at the Reades, holding Meg when Marcus and Dahlia dropped by. Griffin explained he was babysitting because Holly and Fletcher were out buying toys. Dahlia held Meg and Griffin reminisced about when Marcus was a baby. Marcus wanted to leave and Holly and Fletcher came home.

Fletcher tried to tell Marcus that his father cared about him, but Marcus wasn't listening to him. Dahlia and Marcus then left. As he was leaving, Marcus wished his father a Merry Christmas. Griffin told Holly that he just got his present.

Roger asked Amanda to dance. Amanda wanted to know when she would get her wish to take over Spaulding. He then toasted her and her future. Amanda threatened to fire her and tell Dinah and Hart his plans if she didn't get what she wanted. Roger gave Amanda a legal document and she wanted to go to her father. They got up and left.

Rick and Abby danced and he asked her if there was something on her mind. She explained that Goshen was a lot different at Christmas and that she was glad she was here with him. Later, Rick took Abby home. Outside, she told him that he made every day feel like Christmas and they kissed.

Alan wanted to work on his therapy on Christmas Eve, but Phillip thought he was pushing it. Alan dismissed his therapist. Phillip, who had been drinking, dropped off a present for Alex. Alan apologized for not spending time with Lizzie. Phillip asked why when she didn't even know him. Phillip was sarcastic with his father and Alan pointed out that he was angry with himself for blowing his marriage, not Alan. Phillip came close to hitting Alan. Alan then asked Phillip to help him into his chair so he could give him a present.

Alan told him he was giving him a reminder of who he was and cautioned him that he shouldn't let his anger beat him. Amanda came in with the document which she said gave her the power to replace him with Roger as her partner. Roger explained that there was a clause in Alan's agreement with Amanda that said if one of the partner's was incapacitated, he could be replaced. Alan asked her not to do this, but Amanda said it was already done. Alan then said that in that case he had a gift for her which he wasn't sure he was going to give her until now.

Two men came into the room and Alan explained that they were detectives from California. They then arrested Amanda for pandering and led her off in handcuffs. Roger told Alan that even he wouldn't have his own daughter arrested on Christmas Eve. Alan then explained that if either of the partners of Advantage Systems were arrested all of the assets reverted back to the original partner.

Josh thought of Reva at his doorstep and Frank came by with presents. Frank asked Josh how he was doing. They discussed their kids and Frank told him that he knew he and Reva were at Laurel Falls because someone had called to say tehre were two cars there after hours and Frank had checked the plates. Josh told him it wasn't his business, but Frank said that because Buzz was married to Reva, it made it his business.

Josh thanked him for the gifts. Frank commented that he would do anything for Josh because he saved Marina's life in the Fifth street fire, and asked about Reva. Josh said he wouldn't do anything to harm his family. Josh explained that he was afraid Annie would do something to hurt herself of the baby. He admitted meeting Reva and told him it was about the kids and the new baby. Frank then left.

Josh went to the carousel to look for the kids. The kids and Annie had planned a Christmas surprise there for him. Annie promised Josh it would be the best holiday ever. Annie sent the kids back to the house to get ready for bed. Josh thanked Annie and told her he would be up in a minute. She kissed him and left. Josh was still thinking of Reva. Annie came back looking for Josh who was staring off into space.

Buzz couldn't figure out where Reva was when she walked through the door. Buzz asked if she got Marina's video game and Reva said that they had sold the last one. Buzz told her that he and Eleni had been to the store and they had plenty of games left. He then asked where was really was.

Buzz apologized for jumping all over her. Reva tried to tell him something, but Buzz told her she didn't need to, it was okay. He asked what was going on with her and she told him that she went to Laurel Falls to meet Josh. This made Buzz a little upset. Reva explained that Josh wanted to talk about Annie and about how to tell the kids about the baby. Buzz said he was tired of the lies.

Buzz was angry and went for a walk. Reva discussed how she first met Buzz with Eleni. Frank came in and Reva commented that her history would always be with her. Reva turned out the lights in the diner, but left the sign on. Buzz came back and told her that he wanted peace. They then hugged.

Thursday, December 26, 1996

Phillip opened his present from Rick and it was a list of boarder rules. The doorbell rang and Michelle opened it. It was J at the door who came by to drop off a present for her. Michelle opened the gift and it was a picture that J had taken of her. Ross asked J if he would do a Marler family portrait. Lucy and Alan-Michael arrived. Meta told everybody what to do. Blake wanted to go to her mother's, but Ross wanted to stay for Phillip. Phillip told Rick that he missed Lizzie and Beth.

Meta answered the door and it was Zachary who Michelle was delighted to see. Michelle showed Zachary the travel jewelry her father gave her. Michelle invited him to dinner and Zachary agreed to stay. Michelle gave Zach a present. It was a blanket with a lighthouse on it.

Rick and Abby kissed under the mistletoe. Lucy went over to Alan-Michael who said that despite their differences, he cared about Phillip. Lucy encouraged Alan-Michael to go over to Phillip and tell him he loved him. Phillip replied that he loved Alan-Michael also.

Meta went over to Zachary and told him that she knew he couldn't stay away. She told him that she remebered her other Zachary gave Mary a silver bracelet and she wondered what happened to it.

Abby looked at an ornament on the tree and Rick commented that she must miss her family. Abby replied that she did, but that she was glad to be there with him. Everyone sat down to dinner and prayed.

Blake told Ross that no matter what else, she loved him and he replied that he loved her also and that would never change.

They all decided to go caroling. Zach helped Meta on with her coat and she noticed his bracelet and exclaimed that it was the same one. Zach said that he would explain everything later.

At the Carousel, Josh thought of his meeting at Laurel Falls with Reva. Annie came in and Josh asked her what she was doing out there. Annie wanted him to make her and the kids blueberry pancakes. A man dressed in Victorian clothes dropped by with a special delivery. He handed them an invitation to a party at the Country Club. Annie tried to figure out who sent it, but Josh said he wasn't going to go because he didn't know who was holding it. The kids came by and Annie told them about the party. The kids got excited and begged Josh to go and he relented.

Reva thought of her mother and Buzz came downstairs. Reva wanted Buzz to understand what went on with Josh at Laurel Falls. Buzz didn't want to talk about it on their first Christmas together. The doorbell rang and it was the messenger who delivered another invitation. Reva and Buzz decided not to go. Buzz gave her a present which was a metal nameplate with "Buzz and Reva's Place" inscribed on it. Reva gave Buzz a sweater.

Frank, Eleni, Marina, Marcus, and Dahlia showed up. Eleni noticed that Reva and Buzz had gotten an invitation also and convinced the two of them to go.

Hawk, who was waiting tables at the Country Club, told someone that he couldn't wait to se the looks on people's faces when they saw "him." Hawk put out food and Hart and Dinah arrived. Dinah apologized for blowing it with the ice show. Hart and Dinah talked to Hawk who told them they would have to wait to see who was holding the party. Dinah and Hart were kissing when Matt, Quint, Nola, Bill and Bridget arrived. Josh, Annie, and the kids arrived and Josh was trying to figure out who was giving the party when Billy revealed himself as the host. Josh and Billy hugged and then Billy hugged Bill. Bily explained that he was out on furlough and that beginning next week, he would be living in a halfway house. Bill thought back to talking to H.B. and Henry, Bily went over to Hawk and asked where Reva was.

Bridget took Peter over to Hart and Dinah apologized to him. Peter gave Hart a picture of him and Hart together. Dinah had Hart's gift wheeled in and he uncovered it. The present was an expensive show saddle. Hart sat Peter on the saddle.

Billy told Josh that Hamp told him Annie was pregnant and wanted to know why Josh wasn't excited about it. Reva came up and hugged Billy. Annie and the kids came over and Marah and Shayne hugged Reva. Annie asked Josh to dance. Billy wanted to know what was going on between Reva and Josh. Reva told him to shut up and dance.

Nola insisted Matt dance with her. Matt thought back to the Fifth Street fire and being with Vanessa. Billy came up to Matt and told him that he needed to get on with his life. Billy then asked Josh to read the Christmas story. Billy and Josh talked about H.B. and Josh thought back to H.B.'s visit this past summer.

On a plane, Jenna told little Henry Cooper Bradshaw that she knew Buzz would love him.

The Bauer party came over and sang Christmas carols at the Country Club.

Friday, December 27, 1996

Roger visited Amanda in prison and told her he was there to set her free. Amanda was a little bitter that Alan would have her imprisoned on Christmas Eve. He asked her to consider a small proposal once she was set free. Roger then asked the guard to send for the DA and flashed her a badge.

Roger ordered the DA to release Amanda and told him to check his credentials. The man asked if he was supposed to be impressed and Roger told him to call this important FBI guy at headquarters. The DA called and Roger's story was verified. The DA then said he had made a mistake, and commented that Roger had friends in high places. He then ordered Amanda to be released. Amanda asked what Roger had on the FBI man and Roger replied that the man was very photogenic. On the plane back to Springfield, Roger told Amanda he wanted to be more than her ally. Roger and Amanda toasted their new partnership.

Alex came downstairs and tried to get Alan to eat, but he was intent on working on countering Roger. Alex tried to convince him that he was worrying needlessly. Alan tried to warn Alex that Roger was very dangerous and that Amanda could get out of prison and he wanted to be ready.

Nick and Susan came hime and Alex was happy to see them. Nick said that they flew back because they heard of Amanda's arrest and that Alex deserved better than what Alan had to offer. Nick was angry that Alan would send his own daughter to prison. Nick tried to convince Alex to distance herself from Alan. Nick and Susan then invited Alex to come and travel with them. Alex was flattered and said that Alan deserved what Amanda and Roger dished up after what he did to Amanda. Alex didn't want to make any decisions until she knew Amanda and Roger didn't pose a threat.

At the hospital, a doctor asked Abby if she would come over to his house to type in some files. Rick heard that and told the doctor that she was an employee and wouldnt be going to his house. Rick suggested he ask Dan in data processing for help and the doctor left. Rick said he should have warned Abby about him because he was a known lecher. Abby was upset with him for interfering and told him she knew what the doctor was up to. Rick said he was trying to protect her, but she said he couldn't protect her from everything. Rick apologized and Abigail told him she had a mind of her own. Rick primised to do better. He then kissed her and they left.

Annie and the kids took down decorations and Josh came in. Annie wanted to have New Year's alone with him, but Josh said he wasn't going to be there. The kids went back to the house. Josh told Annie that something had come up. He told her that H.B. had called him from Europe and that he wanted Josh to handle a deal for him. Annie wanted to go with him, but Josh insisted on going alone. Josh explained that he wanted the kids to stay with Buzz and Reva which made Annie upset. She got angry and threw the ornaments at him.

She ws apologetic and agreed to stay home and take care of herself. Josh told her he ws just trying to do what was right. Annie promised to double up on meetings. Annie claimed she was fine with this. Josh said goodbye to Annie and kissed her. After he was gone, Annie called he fertility clinic to talk to Fran.

Reva tried to call her mother's lawyer to find out about her sibling. Buzz came downstairs and asked why she was up so early. Buzz wanted to know what she and Josh were doing at Laurel Falls. Buzz then told her she could talk to him about anything. He sensed she was keeping a secret. Reva filled him in on her mother's deathbed wish to find her illegitimate child. She then said that he was the only one she told this too. He was pleased she confided in him and not Josh, but still wanted to know what she met with Josh about.

Reva said that Josh was worried about Annie's recovery and how it would affect the kids. The phone rang and it was Josh who wanted her to take the kids for a few days while he was out of town. Reva checked with Buzz and told Josh it was fine with them. Buzz asked if she was telling him the truth when she said she didn't say anything to Josh about Sarah. She said yes and he thanked her for trusting him.

The kids arrived and Buzz opened the door to them. Reva hugged them. The kids and Buzz went outside to pick up wood for a fire. Josh thanked her for watching the kids. He told her Annie was afraid of lising him and that he couldn't continue with Annie the way things were. He wanted to be with her, but couldn't walk away from Annie while she was pregnant.

Josh told her he couldn't face life without her. Reva said she didn't want to lead Buzz on for months. Josh asked her to have faith and she said she would. They told each other that they loved the other and Josh left.

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