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Maggie, Asa, and Max smoothed out a situation with a grumpy Santa and a little girl. Viki and Todd spent some holiday time with Starr. Patrick assured Blair that he'd be involved with their child. Antonio's palm print matched the print found on Andy's gun.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 23, 1996 on OLTL
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Monday, December 23, 1996
Courtesy: Susan Richmond


Max and Al are in Logan's deptartment store Christmas shopping and discussing whether Al is too old to sit on Santa's lap, when they hear a loud, familiar voice. It's Maggie, telling the Logan's department store Santa he should be ashamed of himself. Santa's out to lunch, sitting in his chair eating Chinese take-out. He tells Maggie he's got a headache and he doesn't need to deal with these little brats. Maggie's threatening to get the store manager and have Santa fired when Max steps in and asks why she's beating up on Santa Claus.

Santa's full of complaints, his knees hurt, his back aches, his stomach aches. He's sorry he ran out of candy canes, but he offered the girl a balloon and she wouldn't take it, she wanted a jet plane. The girl's name is Joy, and she didn't want a real jet plane, just to sit on Santa's lap, Maggie says. Joy signs back to Maggie that she did want a real jet plane, so she could fly to the North Pole and see the real Santa, not some fake. Santa suggests that Maggie take Joy over to see the Santa at Burger World. Maggie looks ready to deck Santa when Max pulls her aside. Maggie explains that Joy's parents are getting divorced and it's going to be a tough Christmas. Maggie apologizes to Joy, but Max tells her to hold on a minute, he's going to go talk to someone. He goes over to Asa, who is having a dozen blank $1000 gift certificates made up as Christmas presents. Max sarcastically tells Asa he's touched to see the amount of care and thought that goes into his gifts.

Max asks Asa if he will do a good deed. Asa finally agrees, but he's only doing it for Maggie's sake, not for Max. Max tells Asa he owes him one. "Wrong Holden, you owe me 30 million and one, but who's counting", Asa replies. Maggie, Al and Joy are still waiting for Santa to come back from lunch. Santa's elf brings Santa a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Max comes back after consulting with a 'grumpy angel' and has good tidings. Max tells them to go outside, Asa's limo is waiting for them.

Al, Joy and Maggie are taking a ride in Asa's private jet. Joy wonders when they are going to get to the North Pole. Max comes in, dressed in a Santa suit, trying to sign Ho! Ho! Ho!. According to Maggie, it came out more like Who! Who! Who! Max, signing, welcomes Joy to the North Pole Express. Joy smiles.

Maggie covers Joy, who is sleeping, with a blanket. Al is sitting in a chair playing a video game. Maggie goes back to sit next to Max. Max went through a lot of trouble today for a girl he just met. Max is glad that he could make Joy happy, but he really did this for Maggie. Maggie takes Max's hand and kisses it.


Alex is in Logan's near Santa, who is now sleeping in his chair, when she runs into Asa. Alex tells him that divorce hasn't changed her feelings for him, and she's sure that Asa still has feelings for her, too. Asa has very strong feelings for her(and not good ones, either). Alex reminds him of the times they've shared together, she wishes they could turn back the clock. Alex gives him the present she bought for him. Asa opens the package, "Oh goody, a tie, I'm touched", he says putting it back in the box. Asa then hands her a velvet jewelry box and asks her to open it. There's a diamond broach inside. He snatches it away and says he showed it to her just to show her what's she's missing. If Alex liked it, he's sure Renee will like it, too. Asa doesn't want anything from Alex. Did she really think he was so hard up that he would sleep with her again. He knows what she wants in return, Asa to speak to his judge pals and pull some strings to get the charges against her dropped. Alex won't stoop to his vindictive level, she tells him. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and walks away.


Antonio and Cristian are taking a break in the coffee shop, but Antonio is anxious to go finish their shopping. Antonio wants this Christmas to be perfect, the best one ever. Cristian wants to know what's wrong with Antonio, he's been acting strange for weeks now. Antonio denies that anything is wrong. Then why isn't he back together with Andy, Cristian asks. Carlo's been dead a month and nothing else has happened, when will the whole thing be over? Antonio asks him to let it go, it's Christmas and everything will be fine. Cristian reluctantly agrees.

Cristian and Antonio are leaving the coffee shop when they stop to help a woman with lots of packages open the door. Unfortunately for them, it's Alex, who acts delighted to see them. Alex hopes he has a wonderful holiday, despite the cloud of suspicion that's hanging over him regarding Carlo's murder. She hopes the police haven't been giving him too hard of a time. Antonio admits he has talked to the police, it was no big deal, though. Alex claims she's doing everything she can to get Bo and Hank to wrap up the case quickly. She wishes them a Feliz Navidad and walks away. Cristian says that he's obviously not the only one who thinks Antonio's hiding something, even the mayor thinks he's hiding information about Carlo's murder.

Antonio wishes he did know something about who murdered Carlo. The sooner the police find Carlo's killer, the happier he will be. The two of them leave the coffee shop. Cristian says he's close to broke, but Antonio has all the money Carlo gave him for presents. Antonio tells him that he gave all the money he got from Carlo to the Salvation Army. He'll use the money he had put away from working at the diner. Max comes over and Antonio has Cristian go ahead to Logan's. Max warns Antonio that he gave him only one week to go to the cops and admit he was on the ship and the clock is ticking. If Antonio won't tell the police, Max will. Max walks away, and Cristian, who didn't go to Logan's, wants to know what is going on. What did Max mean by time is running out, he demands. Antonio claims that Max was talking about Christmas being here and tell Cristian to move, they're going shopping.

Antonio, with several bags of presents, says he's not worried about the bills, the only thing he's thinking of now is Christmas. Antonio wonders if he can do anything for Cristian. Yes, Cristian replies, but Antonio's not ready to tell him yet. It's alright for now, Cristian will wait. The presents are great, but it's knowing that all their problems are behind them that will make or break this Christmas, says Cristian.


Viki stops Todd as he is about to leave Viki's office with Starr. Todd says Blair doesn't have custody and he can take Starr wherever he wants to. Blair trusted Viki to take care of Starr this afternoon. Todd is not taking Starr anywhere, Viki tells him. It isn't a crime for him to spend some time with his daughter around the holidays, is it? Viki reminds him that the last time he took Starr he had passports made and almost took her out of the country. Todd claims he was only going to take Starr to Logan's to sit on Santa's lap. If Todd took Starr without Blair's permission, he would hurt his chances in the custody battle, Viki tells him. Todd says he has much better lawyers, to which Viki responds, "Your lawyers have an idiot for a client." Viki finally agrees to go with them to Logan's and they leave Viki's office.

Todd and Viki bring Starr to see Santa, who is drinking Pepto Bismol straight out of the bottle(see above). Todd comments no wonder there's not a line to see this Santa. Santa says Starr can sit on his lap as long as she's dry and doesn't cry. Todd tells Santa he better be jolly, or Todd will give Logan's a free ad to find a new Santa. Santa replies that he's looking forward to unemployment. Starr starts crying (as if on cue) and Todd decides to take his daughter somewhere else, she deserves better than this. Viki follows, asking where they are going.

Todd, Viki and Starr go back to Todd's apartment, which is totally decorated for Christmas. A huge tree, wreaths, the works, all in white and gold. Viki is amazed, even more so when Todd tells her he did it all himself. There are lots of presents under the tree for Starr. Todd sits on the floor with Starr to help her open them. Todd tells Viki that Christmas hasn't meant much since he was a little kid. He tells her the story of one Christmas where he accidentally broke his dad's camera and was beaten with a belt because of it. Todd wants Christmas to be fun and happy for Starr, something she can share with her father, who cares about her.

Todd and Starr are on the floor playing with her toys when Viki tells Todd she needs to take Starr back now, Blair will be picking her up soon. They decide to leave all the presents at Todd's, he tells Starr she can come back and play with them, she will be back. Todd reaches out, touches Starr's face and tells Viki to be careful. He thanks Viki and says Merry Christmas. Viki invites him to the church Christmas pagent, C.J. and Sarah will be there. Todd doesn't answer one way or another, and Viki tells him it's an open invitation. Viki and Starr leave.


Blair grabs her stomach in pain and thinks that she may be bleeding. Marty offers to help, but Blair refuses to let Marty touch her. Marty goes to look for Blair's doctor. Patrick helps Blair sit down and Marty comes back with the doctor. The doctor and Patrick help Blair down the hall to an examining room.

Patrick finds Marty in the waiting area and asks her what she did to set Blair off. Blair was accusing Marty of enjoying the mess Blair was in, Marty explains, and the whole thing escalated from there. This is why Marty has to stay out of this, Blair knows how to push all her buttons. It doesn't change what she and Patrick have, Marty loves him. Marty leaves to go back to work. In the examining room, the doctor asks Blair some questions and Blair explains why Starr was born premature. Blair got upset and went into premature labor. The doctor recommends she avoid stress and tells her the baby is just fine. She shows Blair a printout of the ultrasound and says Blair will need to take care of herself to delivery a healthy baby. Blair doesn't respond and the doctor asks, "that is what you want, isnt' it?"

Blair informs the doctor that she has been considering not having the baby. The doctor suggests that they go to her office and talk. Walking down the hall, Dr. Anderson is called away to a delivery and she asks Blair to wait. Blair goes over to Patrick in the waiting area. She tells him that the baby is fine, no thanks to Marty. Blair doesn't seem quite so positive that she wants to have an abortion. Patrick says he'll be there for Blair and the child. But Patrick's first commitment is to Marty, Blair reminds him, and with Marty and Blair not being friendly, the whole thing will be very hard. She just doesn't know what she's going to do about the baby, but she has to decide soon.

Patrick knows it's not going to be easy, but he thinks they can work it out. Patrick will try to give the child everything it needs and be a good father. Blair, who had her back turned, turns to face him and sees Marty standing on the other side of the waiting room. Blair suddenly changes her mind and says maybe Patrick is right, they can work this thing out together. Dr. Anderson comes back, after delivering a baby boy, to talk to Blair. Blair has changed her mind about having the baby, she's decide that she wants it very much. Patrick tries to find Marty and is disturbed to find she left without him. Marty is at home decoration the tree. She picks the angel for the top of the tree and recalls how Patrick calls her 'Angel'. As she goes to put it on the top of the tree, it slips and breaks into pieces as it hits the ground.

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Tuesday, December 24, 1996
Courtesy: Janice Beydler

Max, Al and Maggie come home and tell Andy about their trip to the North Pole. Max and Al go see the twins while Maggie and Andy go into the living room to talk about her and Antonio. Maggie asks Andy if Antonio's in trouble.

Al and Max join the two and try to get Maggie involve the discussion if there really is a Santa. Maggie declines.

Antonio comes home to find Abuelita still there. Cris takes off to see Jessica. Carlotta asks Abuelita and Antonio what's going on between the two of them. Did Abuelita have a vision about Antonio. Antonio is evasive.

Linda and Dylan stop by saving Antonio for the moment in answering any more questions. Linda is going with Dylan to the Christmas Pageant at St. James and he's going to midnight mass with her. Carlotta asks Linda if she's changing faiths which Linda responds no, but maybe she can work on Dylan.

Joe, Kelly, Renee, Clint and Jessica are decorating the tree. Tina, CJ (one of the three kings) and Sarah (Mary) have come up for the holidays. Todd drops by with presents for them. Viki tells Todd to give the children their gifts himself. The kids see Todd and drag him into the library.

Bo and Nora show up at the Buchanans. Drew's with Becky Lee and Rachel's with Hank. Nigel and Asa show up as well as Cris. Asa questions Bo about any information on Carlo's killer.

Viki gives Todd a present catching him by surprise. He offers her the gift he was going to give Blair. Viki refuses it and tells Todd to give it to Blair. Asa gives Renee a gift and tells her she was the only wife that ever treated him decent. Cord shows up and Asa asks him if they have found Cameron.

Kelly tells Joe that they both need a vacation from both families. Joe says he needs a kiss for now. Kevin shows up with Rita and Todd is about to leave. Viki asks Todd again to come to Christmas services and asks Kevin to invite Todd, too. Kevin reluctantly invites Todd to come to the services then takes Rita into the library to meet more interesting family members.

Taking a break from decorating the church, Andrew and Cassie are necking when Blair and Starr show up with Dorian. Dorian asks if she can stay. As Dorian is making her apologies, Starr adds her little jabberings at appropriate times as if to give her two cents to Dorian's comments. Alex makes an entrance during this time with another poinsetta. Cassie relents and Dorian stays.

Marty is picking up the broken angel when Patrick is knocking on her door and calling out her name to answer. Patrick asks Marty why she left. Marty tells him she figured that he needed time with Blair and she didn't want any part of that. Patrick tells her that at some time she will have to become involve.

Patrick sees the broken angel. He assures his angel that he can mend it. Patrick gives the restored angel back to Marty and tells her it has some nicks and cracks in it just like life. But she should not see this as a bad omen. As long as they believe in their love it will be.

Patrick gives Marty a water globe of a cottage. Patrick tells Marty it's the cottage that he promised her on her wedding day if she would go with him that day instead of marrying Dylan. This is all he can give her for now.

Marty tells Patrick that she believes in their love. He tells her not to lose faith and they kiss with the mended angel watching over them.

Carlotta tells Antonio to call Andy. Antonio tells her that Max isn't happy about his calling Andy. Carlotta realizes that Antonio is still in danger and Antonio tells her she's right and it's not safe for Andy either. Andy in the meantime is at home by herself decorating the tree.

At the church, Blair, Dorian and Starr take the back row. Dorian asks if Blair is concerned about someone showing up. Blair thinks Dorian is referencing Todd but Dorian tells her Patrick and Marty. Blair tells Dorian it wouldn't bother her if Marty did. Todd comes in late and sits across the aisle from Blair.

R.J. gets a Christmas hug from Rachel who's showed up with Hank. R.J. goes and sits next to Alex who tells him she's not about to surrender. Alex tells R.J. that Hank has Carlo's "will."

Andrew points out to Cassie that Kevin is with someone. The pageant begins and Jessica reads the story of little Jesus.

After the pageants over, people leave to get some punch and cookies. Linda tells Dylan he doesn't have to go to Midnight Mass but he assures he wants to go. Blair tells CJ and Sarah that maybe next year Starr could be in the pageant. Todd joins the group and Blair nervously backs away.

Cord tells Kelly not to feel responsible for Cameron getting away. Dorian jumps on Kelly after Cord leaves and asks if she told anything to Cord. Kelly assures her she didn't. Dorian reminds her family comes first.

Todd is in the foyer when he overhears Hank and Bo talk about Andy's service revolver being the murder weapon. Dorian is saying her goodbyes to Cassie and Blair and Starr go out to the foyer. Todd stops Blair and tries to talk to Blair and give her the gift. When Blair is about ready to listen to Todd, Dorian jumps in and tells him to stay away from her. Blair then tells Todd just talk to her lawyer. Todd becomes angry and the next parishioner out the door gets Blair's gift - a beautiful diamond bracelet.

Cord's reading the Night Before Christmas to CJ and Sarah. Cord gets a call to tell him that they have found Cameron at St. Martin as Olivia Fisher.

Kevin tells Viki he's glad that Todd didn't come back to Llanfair. Viki tells Kevin that she believes Todd is still in love with Blair. Kevin retorts "as if either are capable of love." Cris, Joe, Kelly, Kevin, Rita, and Jessica sing Christmas carols as Clint/Viki and Bo/Nora talk about how much they have to be thankful for.

Al is determined to stay on the couch in the living room to watch for Santa. Maggie tells them goodbye and Max walks her to the door and kisses her under the "mistletoe." Later Max takes Al up to bed but not before Andy tells Max that she's glad they're spending Christmas together. Andy goes outside to watch the snow outside and Antonio surprises her. Andy gives Antonio a Christmas kiss and tells him that she's scared for him.

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Wednesday, December 25, 1996

by Soap Central

There will be no episode of One Life to Live today - Merry Christmas!!!

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Thursday, December 26, 1996

by Soap Central

Jessica's trying on a revealing shirt she received for Christmas when Cristian stops by. Jessica is embarrassed, but Cristian admires the new style. Cord promises Asa he will catch Olivia, who has been spotted running a scam on a Carribean island. To do this, Cord asks for Max and Maggie's help. Max, after seeing the article about Andy's gun in the paper, wants to go to the police immediately about seeing Antonio on the ship the night Carlo was killed. After talking to Maggie, he decides to give Antonio the rest of the week he had promised. Fearful that Dorian would be sent to jail, Kelly keeps quiet about Dorian's involvement with Olivia.

Hank visits Carlotta and questions whether she saw Andy's gun the night of Carlo 's murder. Carlotta warns Antonio that his hostile attitude toward Hank is making him look guilty. Alex tells R.J.of her new plan to get Antonio arrested, to splice together an incriminating tape of Antonio and Carlo talking. R.J. warns that she should just sit back and relax, overplayng her hand could blow everything.

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Friday, December 27, 1996
Courtesy: Susan Richmond


The four of them are on Asa's jet flying down to St. Martin(sp?). Maggie's excited about going, it's like a vacation. Max and Asa are very grumpy and sniping at one another. Cord tells them to knock it off. Asa reminds Maggie that this is not just a vacation, she and Max have work to do, catching Cameron/Olivia. Maggie assures him it will be a "piece of cake."

Maggie tells them the story she's thought up to lure Cameron/Olivia into trying to scam them. Maggie will be Daisy Butler, who's strict father just died, leaving her with a ton of money burning a hole in her handbag. Asa's not sure it will work, he feels that C/O will go for a man, not a woman, as her mark. That's why Max is going to be her brother, Reggie, who's "financial naive" when it comes to investments. Max and Asa start sniping at each other again. Maggie wonders if they catch C/O, does Cord really think she'll come clean about Dorian's involvement. C/O won't take the fall for Dorian. Cord doesn't care about C/O at all, all he wants is to catch Dorian.

At the hotel, Maggie's thrilled with her room, which adjoins with Max's room. She loves everything about it, the ocean view, the bathroom done in marble, even the fruit basket. Max thinks the reason she's so excited is because anything can happen. Maggie worries if Max will be OK in the casino. Max assures her that he will be fine, Maggie will be doing all the gambling. There's a knock at the door, it's Cord coming to tell them that C/O has been spotted in the lobby. Maggie leaves the room to go and change. Cord has been thinking about it, and he thinks they should pull the plug on the whole operation.

Cord is still worried about Max going near the casino. Max assures him that it won't be a problem, Maggie will take care of all the gambling. Despite what Asa said, both he and Cord really appreciate what Max and Maggie are doing for them. Cord comments that things seem to be going well between Max and Maggie. Max agrees, but says that Maggie is still a little afraid that she'll take off and leave Max with a broken heart, just like she's left everything else. Cord wonders if it's a good idea for Max to get involved with her since the kids would be hurt if Maggie gets close and then takes off. Max loves her and he's going to try and make her so happy she doesn't even think about wandering off. Max goes to get dressed.

Max is looking very handsome(IMHO) in a white tuxedo jacket and black tie. He calls for his 'sis' to hurry up. Maggie comes out in a long black dress, causing Max to say "no wonder they call this place Paradise."


Antonio has come down to the police station with Hank to have his palm print compared to the one found on the murder weapon, Andy's gun. Hank says he's not trying to harrass Antonio, anyone with access to the gun will be printed. Antonio demands Hank leave his mother alone and stop giving her the third degree. Hank tells Antonio to take a seat and he walks away. Linda comes over to Antonio and asks him what he's doing there, is something wrong? No, it's just Hank looking for anything he can find to lock Antonio up for murder, he tells her.

Linda tells Antonio that the police have a whole list of suspects and she's pretty sure Todd is their main suspect right now. Hank comes back in and Antonio demands to talk to Bo. Bo's not available, he's at the hospital for a follow-up. If Bo was here, he'd be doing the same thing, taking Antonio's print, Hank tells Antonio. "Except you think I'm guilty", says Antonio.

Antonio has his palm print taken just as Andy walks in the room. Hank tells Antonio he's free to go and Antonio leaves without speaking to Andy. Andy tells Hank she can't believe he hauled Antonio down here like that. Hank replies that Andy shouldn't tell him how to do his job. Andy leaves and catches up with Antonio in the hall. Andy's upset that they're treating Antonio like this and says she would have stopped them if she had known. Antonio replies that there is nothing she could have done.

Andy doesn't think that there's any way Antonio's prints could be on the gun, but Antonio reminds her they used to live together, he could have touched the gun at any time. Andy knows how long prints could stay on an item, possibly even for years. Antonio tells her to stay clear of the whole thing, her job is on the line. Antonio can feel that the tide is starting to turn toward him and he doesn't want Andy caught up in it. Antonio leaves.

Andy's sitting at her desk when Hank walks by. She asks him why she wasn't informed that a print was found on her gun when everyone else, including Emilio, knew about it. Emilio isn't Antonio's personal cheerleader, Hank tells her. Hank doesn't want Andy's feeling for Antonio to affect the evidence in the case. Hank is handed the results from the lab, Antonio's palm print is a match. Andy insists that the match by itself doesn't prove anything. She and Antonio used to live together and he could have touched her gun at any time. Hank presses her to recall any specific time when she saw Antonio touch her gun, but Andy can't recall any. Hank's going to take this print match of Antonio's along with all the other evidence collected and see where it takes him. Andy replies that it won't lead him to Antonio. Andy leaves.

Carotta shows up at Antonio's apartment and asks if he can drive Abuelita back home tomorrow. Antonio agrees, he'll do anything for his Abuelita. Carlotta's very worried about Antonio, but Antonio insists that it's just Hank fishing. Carlotta leaves and Antonio (finally) finds the bloody shirt in the bag at the bottom of his cabinet. Antonio's staring at the bloody shirt when there's a knock at the door, it's Andy.


Andy and Emilio, the police officer, enter the diner and smell something burning. Carlotta comes over and tells them a batch of flan burnt because she was worrying about something else. Hank came to her house and questioned her about Andy's gun, she positive Hank thinks Antonio is guilty. She asks Andy to let her know if Andy hears anything and then rushes off to wait on a customer. When Emilio called in, her was told that a partial palm print was pulled off Andy's gun. He figures they didn't give that information to Andy when she called in because she's close to Antonio. Andy leaves to go to the police station.(see above)


In Marty's living room, Patrick is lacing a pair of ice skates on Marty's feet. They're going to go skating, even though Patrick hasn't gone in years. The doorbell rings, it's Blair. She needs to talk to Patrick about something important. She tried to call, but the answering machine kept picking up. We didn't want to be disturbed, Patrick points out to Blair. Blair needed to talk to him because the doctor was concerned about their RH factors. Marty explains breifly what it means and then says it's not a big deal. If necessary, the problem can be solved by giving the mother a shot during the beginning of the third trimester. Patrick tells Blair he'll get a test right away.

Blair really appreciates that Patrick will be there for the baby, that she doesn't have to raise the new baby alone. Blair apologizes for snapping at Marty the other day, she's been so afraid about this whole thing with Todd and the custody suit. Marty tells her not to worry about it. Blair is thanking Patrick for talking her out of not having the baby when Blair's phone rings. It's Dorian, and she need Blair to meet her at Logan's right away.(See below) Blair leaves. Marty knows she said she didn't want to be involved, but she sees she can't ignore what's going on anymore. Patrick's glad that she wants to discuss things.

Patrick promises the situation with Blair will not come between them. He talked to Blair about keeping the baby because he thought it was the right thing to do. Marty understands and agrees with that, but she wonders how it's possible that Blair and the baby won't come between them. It's not the baby that's the problem, Marty explains, it's Blair herself. Blair's going to use the baby to pull Patrick back into her life. Patrick can see that, and Blair's not fooling him. But he made a promise to take care of the baby. Blair's not going to settle for Patrick's support, Marty insists, she'll want a whole lot more of him than that. Patrick says that he and Marty will have to fall back on their love of each other. The only way Blair can drive a wedge between them is if they let her.

Marty won't let Blair wreck what she and Patrick have. Then there's no way that Blair can come between them, not the way they love each other, Patrick says. They kiss and Patrick suggests that they go back to what they were doing before Blair came and go skating. They hug.


Dorian and Starr are at the mall, returning an outfit that Starr got that was too small. The clerk mentions seeing Starr at the store on Christmas Eve with Todd and Viki. Dorian insists the clerk must be mistaken, Todd hasn't seen Starr in several weeks. The clerk is positive, Todd bought out practically the entire store for Starr and everyone knows Viki Carpenter.

Blair arrives at Logan's(see above) and the clerk repeats the story about seeing Starr with Todd and Viki on Christmas Eve. Dorian thanks the clerk and they walk away a little bit. Dorian wanted Blair to come down and hear the story for herself so she wouldn't think Dorian made it up. Blair's upset, she left Starr with Viki to be protected from Todd, not to be handed over to him. She can't believe that Viki betrayed her. Dorian's glad that Blair now can see Viki for what she really is, and she's not some patron saint of Llanview. Viki's a "two-faced, conniving tyrant", Dorian says, and Blair can never let Viki take Starr again. Viki is obviously working with her brother to take Starr away from Blair. Blair swears she will fight Todd and Viki.

Dorian warns Blair yet again that Todd will do anything or use anything to get custody of Starr, even the baby Blair is carrying. Blair knows that, Todd is ruthless and she's sure he will try to use the baby against her. Something good will come out of this pregnancy though, Blair says. She was over at Marty's earlier today and she can see that the pregnancy is making Marty miserable. No matter how much she tries to ignore it, Marty knows that Patrick's heart will never be 100% hers again, Blair gloats.

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