Another World Recaps: The week of December 23, 1996 on AW

Jake ended up in the emergency room. Bobby suspected Grant was behind the attack on Jake. Rachel interrupted Matt and Sophia as they were about to make love. Felicia was upset after seeing John and Sharlene together.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 23, 1996 on AW
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Monday, December 23, , 1996

Matt and Sofia kissed and Sofia told him that she had a great night. Matt then led her off.

Matt laced up ice skates for Sofia who hadn't been on skated in a long time. Sofia told him about how scared she was to skate in front of people as a child. Mat reassured her that she would be fine as long as she stuck with him. Sofia commented on how young she felt next to him because of how accomplished he was. He reassured her that she was a beautiful mature woman. They then went off to ice skate on the lake. Sofia left her gloves and Matt went back inside to get them. When Matt came back outside, Sofia had already gone ahead. The ice cracked and Matt saw Sofia fall in.

A drenched Matt and Sofia came back inside. Matt wrapped Sofia in a blanket for warmth and finished unlacing her skates. Matt explained that she had picked the spot on the lake where the river dumps into the lake. He then told her that she needed to get out of her wet clothes and turned his back while she undressed.

Matt and Sofia were clad only in blankets and Matt told her how beautiful she looked and gave her a towel. Sofia couldn't manage both the towel and the blanket so Matt tried to dry her hair off for her her. Matt then hung their clothes in front of the fire to dry them. Matt apologized to her for the skating turning out so badly. Sofia told him that she had a good time and that she wouldn fall in the lake all over again. She then told him how different he was when they were alone. They then kissed.

Matt and Sofia kissed on the floor in front of the fire and Matt asked her if she was okay with this and Sofia replied that she was more than fine.

Bobby saw someone and went chasing after him. While Bobby was gone, Vicky found a cat and petted it. Ryan appeared and told her how much he wanted to wrap his arms around her. Something frightened the cat off and Vicky asked if someone was there. Bobby returned and told him he chased the guy but didn't want to leave her alone. Vicky tried to explain the guy away, but Bobby insisted something was up.

Babby insisted on moving in despite Vicky's objections. Bobby then noticed that the cat had scratched her. Vicky brought up Bobby's family, butBobby told her he didn't keep in touch with them and sometimes wondered about them. Vicky asked why he cared about her and he replied that it was because she didn't cling. Bobby told her he felt that his drifting was what was wrong with his life and that when he looked at her, he couldn't believe nothing mattered.

The phone rang and it was Etta Mae who told him that Jake had never shown up at Carlino's to meet her and the boys like he had promised. Vicky was worried about Jake and told her to take the kids home. Vicky asked Bobby if this could have something to do with the guy who was hanging around.

Bobby and Vicky met by the tree and discussed the plaes they had been to find Jake. Bobby brought up the possibility that Jake had staged a disappearance to interfere with his and Vicky's date. Vicky didn't want to believe it, but thought it was a possibility.

Vicky told Bobby she didn't think Jake would disappear and bail on the kids. Bobby suggested that they find his car and Vicky said that he normally parks in a spot behind Carlino's.

At the tree, Grant ran into the man who was following Bobby and Vicky and asked for information. Grant commented on how she was playing two men against each other. When the man told Grant that Reno had spotted him, Grant wasn't happy that the guy had met him anyway. Ryan was there to overhear the entire conversation.

Cindy came up to Cass at the Harbor Club. Cass told Cindy that the guy she was meeting must be special since she lookes so good. Cass then warned her about working with Grant. Cindy pointed out that Grant's history didn't stop him from being seen in public with Grant and patronizing his resteraunt.

Cindy told Cass that she was grateful for his company but that he didn't need to stay. Cindy then thanked him for his worrying about Grant, and reassured him that she would spend a minimal amount of time with Grant.

Cindy went ot call the hospital and Cass ran into Grant who suggested that they become law partners. Grant then added a little dig about his working from Carlino's. Ryan listened in.

Grant went over to Cindy who told him that she didn't like being summoned. Grant told her that she would do what was he asked if she wanted to keep her secret.

Grant told her that she was to go back to the hospital and work an extra shift. Cindy wanted to know why, but Grant wouldn't tell her. He then made her go. Grant commented on how delightful his plans would be and Ryan caused a glass to shatter on the bar.

Grant was on the phone and asked how Jake was and that he trusted the quality of the work was as promised. Ryan wanted to know what he was talking about.

Jake was hit on the head and dragged off. Jake was put on a table where he was injected with something. Some men used a variety of tools to work on an unconcious Jake.

While on the table, Jake had a nightmare in which Cindy pronounced him dead. Cass discussed dividing up his will as Jake's "ghost" looked on and tried to convince everyone that he wasn't dead. Matt and Sofia came in and expressed what a shame it was what happened to Jake, but that it was for the best because he now had complete control of the Herald. Cass then brought up that Jake had left Paulina all of his Cory stock which Vicky would hate because it was an indication that Jake still had feelings for Paulina.

Vicky and Bobby came in. Vicky was upset at the sight of Jake's body and told him how she just realized how much she loved him, but that it didn't matter now. Bobby then proposed and Vicky accepted which made Jake very upset. Jake screamed "Vicky" and she heard something. She went over to Jake and proclaimed that he was alive. Back on the table, Jake awakened slightly as the men finished working on him.

The men wrappend Jake up and carried him off. They dumped Jake off by his car and emptied his wallet to make it look like a robbery.

Vicky and Bobby saw him and rushed over to him. Vicky tried to wake him up and Bobby couldn't find a pulse.

Tuesday, December 24, , 1996

Vicky cradled Jake while Bobby went to get help. Bobby ran into Cass and told him what was going on. Vicky told Jake that he hadn't opened any present yet. Vicky tried to wake him up by telling him that they hadn't done all they were supposed to do at Christmas, yet. She then said how much she missed having him around. Jake awakened as Cass came up to them. Cass covered him up and Bobby came back with the paramedics. Bobby found Jake's wallet which had been emptied. Cass took the wallet as evidence. The paramedics took Jake to the hospital.

Cass ran into Cindy at the hospital and commented that he thought she was off shift. Cindy told him that she was celebrating Christmas by working. Cass informed Cindy that he was here because Jake had been mugged. Cindy heard this and rushed off.

Jake was in the emergency room and complained of blurry vision. The doctor came in and examined Jake. Bobby told Vicky he was going back to the house and volunteered to stay if Etta Mae or Donna couldn't. Vicky told him that wasn't a good idea. A nervous Cindy came in and knocked over the tray of surgical tools.

Outside the emergency room, Bobby ran into Gary who had heard about Jake being mugged. Bobby told him where to find Jake and implied there was more to this than a simple mugging. Jake related what happened and told him he remembered bright lights and the smell of garlic. He also mentioned a bunch of people and asked if Matt and Sofia were in the alley. Gary told him he would check it out and Vicky remebered the wallet which Cass had taken. Gary said he would look into it and told Jake to listen to his doctors.

As Cindy listened, Jake told Vicky that it was strange that he was hit while putting packages in the passanger's side, but was found on the driver's side. Vicky suggested that maybe he had tried to chase after the robbers. The doctor told Jake that he would be alright. Jake then told Vicky that she brought him back and that he loved her. They hugged. The doctor asked to see her and he told Vicky that he was disturbed by the sudden overemotional behavior. Vicky told him not to worry, that was just Jake. She then noticed the plaque dedicating the building to Ryan and wished Ryan a happy birthday.

Cindy called Grant and left a message asking him to explain why Jake was in the hospital.

Matt and Sofia were about to make love when they heard Rachel who wanted to know who was in there. Matt welcomed his mother who was surprised to see them clad in nothing but blankets. Matt explained that they fell in the lake and Rachel suggested they gather their clothes up and come up to the house to get something warm to drink.

Donna entered the farmhouse and no one seemed to be home. She went straight over to the tree and opened all of the presents which Michael had bought for people. She was upset tha*t Sharlene got cashmere and Clara got a silk scarf while she only got cheap glass from the mall. She had Clara's scarf wrapped around her neck when Nick came in and asked what she was doing.

Donna tried to explain away the open boxes. Nick informed her that Michael had taken everyone to church which bothered Donna. Donna told Nick that she had been looking forward to opening presents in front of the fire with Michael. When she complained about the gift she got, he pointed out it was better than a toaster. They then sat down to rewrap the presents. Nick obsessed about Sofia and Donna gave him some advice on romance in exchange for his future help with Michael.

Gary ran into Bobby by Jake's car. He told Bobby that he thought it was merely a holiday robbery. Bobby insisted that Grant had something to do with it. Gary told him to get concrete evidence and Bobby told him he would work on it.

Carl was in Vicky's house sweeping it for bugs when Etta Mae came home with the kids. Carl explained that he let himself in to help out Santa's elves. Steven asked Carl if he knew any elves and Carl told them a story about how he was once on a mission to stop the "bad elf" from ruining Christmas. Steven and Kirkland told him what a good liar he was. Someone looked in the window as Carl sent the boys off to bed.

Bobby came by and asked Etta Mae if the radio was working alright.

Wednesday, December 25, , 1996

Bobby was wrapping a present when a knock came at the door. It was Carl wanting to know if Bobby's radio had been acting up. Bobby replied no and he was beginning to doubt was was real. Carl suggested that they sweep his room for bugs. Bobby asked why Carl wasn't at home with his family.

Bobby said he wished he'd never told him about the radio and that he might have hallucinated the whole thing. Carl asked if the voice sounded like "Grant's." Bobby replied no, that it was like no voice he had ever heard. Bobby told him that he had Christmas presents to deliver and Carl asked if one of them was for Vicky. Bobby asked him to come with him to Vicky's house, but Carl declined. Bobby advised Carl to confront his feelings for Rachel.

Vicky looked at Ryan's picture and sighed. Ryan made the comment what he wouldn't do for one more hug. Vicky picked the ring Ryan gave her out of her jewelry box and told Ryan that yesterday would have been his birthday and she still ached for him every day. Ryan said " the sun, the moon and stars" and Vicky seemed to sense something. Vicky commented that sometimes she could hear him in her head.

Steven came in, wanting to go downstairs and open presents. Vicky told him not to open any presents until she got down there. She also warned him not to wake up Jake because he was hurt. Steven left. Vicky looked out the window and Ryan commented that it was agonizing to see her so sad and not to be able to do anything about it. When he said he wanted to take care of her, Vicky seemed to sense something and the baseball on the nightstand rolled onto the floor. Vicky picked it up and wondered how it got up there. Steven and Kirkland came in wanting her to go downstairs. Kirkland saw Ryan and told him Merry Christmas before Vicky ushered him downstairs.

Jake put presents under the tree and then pretended to be asleep when the boys came downstairs. Kirkland noticed that "santa" had eaten the cookies they had left for him. Jake pretended to wake up on the couch. Steven told Kirk not to bother Kirk because he was feeling sick. Jake replied that he was feeling much better. Jake asked where Vicky was and the kids pointed upstairs.

When Vicky and the boys came back downstairs, Jake pretended to be asleep again. Jake "awakened" and Steven told him what a faker he was. Jake suggested that they open presents. Kirk asked Jake how long he was staying there and Jake replied maybe a long time. Someone knocked at the door. Kirkland answered it and it was Grant. Vicky asked Grant what he was doing there and Grant said he was there to drop by presents. He asked if he could stay around and Vicky pointed out that it wasn't in the agreement. Grant asked why Jake wasn't looking well and he replied that he was mugged.

Grant and Kirkland went outside as he left and pumped him for information about Jake and Vicky. Kirkland replied that Jake would be there for a long time. Kirk went back inside and Grant ran into Bobby. Bobby told him that if he were Grant, he woudln't make plans with Kirkland for next year just yet. Grant told him that he was a fool for acting as Vicky's protector when Jake was inside acting like he owned the place. Bobby tried nto to let Grant's comment get to him. Ryan told Bobby to protect Vicky.

Jake opened his present from Vicky and it was a pair of miniature boxing gloves. He gave her a hug and gave her his present. Vicky unwrapped it and drew it out of the box. It was an adorable music box which had a boy pushing a girl on a swing. Vicky hugged Jake and told him it was the sweetest thing she ever saw. Steven came over and insisted she open Bobby's present. It was seeds and gardening tools which he explained that they would plant together next spring. Vicky was happy that he would be staying in Bay City.

Bobby was on his way out and Vicky thanked him for remembering her garden. He then started to leave. Vicky forgot to give him his present and rushed out after him. Bobby didn't want to open it there, but Vicky insisted. He opened the present adn it was some chocolate bars. Vicky explained that she had heard they kept bears away and the two of them reminisced about their adventure in the woods. She asked him how his singing voice was and made him go back inside.

At Carlino's, Sofia heard a knock and looked outside. She saw Riley dressed as a reindeer and went over to him and asked what he was doing there. Nick came out and said they were there to change her mind about who she should spend Christmas with. He then gave her a present.

Sofia told Nick that he didn't have to do this. Nick replied that there was nothing in any of the boxes he brought. He went on to explain what would have been in the boxes if he thought she would accept them from him. He then offered her a box with his love in it an asked her to take it. Sofia replied that these romantic gestures weren't going to change her mind, it was over. Nick wouldn't believe her and then the phone rang. Sofia answered it and it was Paulina. Sofia told Nick that she had to go pick up medicine for Dante. Nick didn't want her to leave, but Sofia told him to wait until she got back and they would settle this once and for all.

When Sofia returned, she accused him of putting his feelings before a sick baby and that he was missing honesty and kindness. Nick tried to convince her that she still had feelings for him, but Sofia told him what feelings she had for him were fading and would soon be gone. He broke her trust and they wouldn't be able to get that back again. She then left.

At the Cory Mansion, Rachel came downstairs and took a present that she had gotten for Carl from under the tree. Matt came in and commented on how different things were from last year, but that they were going to get better. Rachel was excited that Amanda, Alli, and Jamie would be calling and didn't want Matt to mention Carl.

Cass and Charlie arrived along with Felicia, Gabe, Lorna, and Cindy. Rachel welcomed Cindy to her first Christmas in Bay City.

Rachel and Felicia talked and Felicia asked if she was feeling any better. She commented on how glowing Rachel looked. Rachel asked where John was and Felicia replied that John was spending time with Gregory. Matt came in to say that Jamie was on the phone. Felicia went over to Cass and whispered to him that she was going to see John.

Sofia went to the Cory Mansion, where Matt asked her how she was doing. Sofia said she was trying to figure out why she felt like a new person. Cass informed Rachel that Felicia had a Christmas present to deliver. The phone rang andRachel answered it. It was Carl who told her he had to hear her voice and wish her a Merry Christmas. She asked him if he was taking care of himself. He replied that he was fine and commented that he was worried about her. Rachel then told him she had to get back and they said their goodbyes.

Matt brought in Rachel's last present which was from Carl. Rachel was reluctant to open it. Mat showed everybody the sketch he had done of Sofia, who thanked him. Matt told her to stick around because he had a big surprise for his mother. He then picked up his cell phone and told someone to "go ahead." Rachel went over and opened the gift from Carl. It was a book of poetry with a particular passage marked.

Matt told Rachel to close her eyes because Santa had brought her a special surprise. When she opened them, Amanda and Alli were standing there. Rachel was ecstatic to see them.

At the Hudson's farm, everyone unwrapped gifts. John noticed that the gifts had been tampered with. Donna came in with drinks for everyone. Michael came downstairs and wanted to know what Donna was doing there so early.

Josie was about to open a gift when Gary came in and said if the gift was from him, she better not open it in public. Gary told her that he had gotten a message from his sister thanking him for a Christmas card that he didn't send. Josie admitted to sending the card and said she sent a few cards to his family. Gary told he didn't want to talk to his family.

Sharlene asked if Felicia was coming and John replied yes and asked if it was going to cause a problem. Sharlene replied that it was Christmas and of course it wouldn't be a problem.

The presents everyone opened were adressed to the wrong people. Gregory got cruise tickets which Donna had gotten for Michael. Michael got Josie's teddy from Gary. Sharlene got rollerblades which Josie had bought for Gary. John suspected Gregory had changed the tags, but he denied it.

Michael asked Donna if she knew how the tags got switched and Donna replied that she was just curious. She commented that she changed the date of the cruise tickets so that they could go whenever they liked. Michael promised her that they would go as soon as Sharlene was well. John gave Greg his last present which he didn't want to open. Greg said that the best present he had was right there because John and Sharlene were together.

Gary opened the door to Felicia. Nick went home and Michael asked him where he had been. Nick said he wasn't in the mood to celebrate and left. Sharlene opened Felicia's gift and it was her manuscript about Frankie's life. Sharlene was touched and wanted to read it. John thanked Felicia for her kindness and Felicia apologized for telling him how to handle Gregory. John replied that she was right in saying what she did. Felicia and John went out on the porch. Josie opened the door to Grant and Sharlene invited him in and asked him to stay. Josie warned Gary not to say anything about Grant. Michael and Donna were upset with Grant's being there and they decided to go to Victoria's for dinner.

Carl listened to carolers by the tree and then went to the phone booth, but didn't make a call. He walked away and passed by Grant. He wished Grant a Merry Christmas in a tone that implied the opposite.

Thursday, December 26, , 1996

Jake walked around Vicky's in his pajamas on the phone with the office telling them he was flat on his back and needed his files sent to him. He heard someone come in and jumped on the sofa. Jake assumed it would be Vicky but instead it was Bobby coming to work on the house.

Jake didn't want him around, but Bobby wouldn't leave. Bobby told Jake he didn't think that Jake had been mugged. Jake was angry and assumed Bobby was accusing him of faking being mugged.

Bobby told him that he thought that Grant was somehow behind it. Jake didn't believe him because while he was unconcious nothing happened to Vicky. Jake then pointed out that Bobby was the only one who wanted him out of the way. Jake told Bobby he was going to the hospital for an exam and when he came back, Bobby better be gone. Jake then commented that if Bobby was so sure that Grant was behind it, why didn't he go take his toolkit and work for him? This gave Bobby an idea.

Gary came by the farm and told Josie he was going to take her to work, but she said she had to wait for her mother's health care worker. Michael came in and asked her to take Greg to the skating rink because he had a meeting. Gary offered to take Greg. They then argued over who was to do what until Sharlene came in and told them that this wasn't working.

They tried to convince her that they were managing. Sharlene told them that she didn't need a babysitter. Gary and Michael then left and Josie pointed out that they were just trying to help. Sharlene told her she wanted her to go also. Sharlene considered going to a rehab clinic, but Josie talked her out of it. Tomas came by for a visit and Sharlene convinced Josie to go and spend some time with Gary.

Tomas and Sharlene chatted about Christmas. Sharlene told him how frustrated she was with her progress and Tomas told her that it would just take time.

The phone rang and Tomas answered it. He told Sharlene that her physical therapist was snowed in and couldn't make it. Sharlene was dissappointed and talked to Tomas about it. Tomas offered to take next semester off to work with her, but Sharlene refused.

Tomas called John to tell him that Sharlene's physical therapist couldn't make it. John said he would be home as soon as he could get away.

Bobby called Gary and told him that he was going to get hard evidence against grant by checking out his apartment. He pumped Gary for information on the place where Grant lives.

Josie wanted to know if Gary's call had anything to do with Grant.

He asked her to believe him, but she accused him of telling half truth's. Gary said he was getting new evidence to prove Grant was working with Cody Mercer. She told him he was getting obsessed and she warned him he would lose his badge again.

Gary was showering and Josie came in and told him she was just worried about how he would feel if he was kicked off of the force again. Gary told her she didn't have to worry and promised her he would keep his badge.

Cass ran into Felicia at the hospital and wanted to talk to her about her book on Frankie's life. He told her that it made him feel close to Frankie again. Felicia told him that she gave a copy of the manuscript to Sharlene to read. Cass asked if she and John were back on track and she replied that things felt good and that she was certain that John would be able to come home soon. They walked to John's office where he was on the phone with Josie telling her that he would be home as soon as possible.

Felicia was upset that John called the farm home and Cass tried to reassure her. John came out and said he couldn't get away for lunch. His beeper went off and he left. Felicia dropped some papers and Cass picked them up. In their midst, was a plane ticket for Bermuda. Felicia explained that she bought the ticket before Christmas and John didn't know about it yet. Michael came in and apologized for being late. They discussed the fundraiser and Tomas came in and told Michael that the therapist had cancelled. Felicia offered to pick up groceries for Sharlene.

Cindy came by to see Grant and he warned her that she shouldn't call him in the future unless it was Foundation business. She told him she was only scared because Jake's getting hurt was more than she bargained for. He threatened to expose her to Gabe and then asked her if she was ready for her next assignment.

Grant gave her the receipt from the hardware store and told her to get Jake to touch the receipt. After Cindy was gone, Grant opened the door to a man carrying a box. Grant was pleased when he opened the box and gave the man money for his good work. The man then left.

John went in to see Jake and told him that he was going to be alright. This upset Jake who was looking for an excuse to stay at Vicky's longer. Cindy came in with the receipt attached to a file folder. John told Jake to get rest, but that he was fine. John then told Cindy to take Jake's vitals and told Jake to be happy that he was healthy. He then left. Cindy managed to get Jake to touch the receipt.

She told him he was free to go and he asked her to right him a note saying that he needed care. Cindy said why not and wrote out the note. Jake came home to Vicky's and called someone to pack his things and bring them over to him.

Cindy gave Grant the receipt and said that she wasn't proud of it. She then left and he told her he would call her. Grant put on gloves and put the receipt in his safe with the bag from the hardware store. The phone rang and it was Bobby who pretended to be a frenchman interested in buying the harbor club.

Grant left to meet with the man he thought was going to buy the club and Bobby saw him leave and broke into his apartment.

John came home and was upset to find Sharlene alone. John started to exercise her legs which made Sharlene angry that he would do that without asking her permission. Sharlene told him that it was humiliating to lean on him. She was upset that she couldn't be there for Gregory. John tried to convince her that as long as she was in the chair, she needed all of their help. She then asked for his help and told him she felt foolish. He apologized for yelling at her. Felicia came by with the groceries and saw the two of them together and misconstrued what she saw.

Friday, December 27, , 1996

Felicia saw John massaging Sharlene's legs and went inside. She dropped the groceries off and started to leave. John stopped her on the porch adn told her to wait for him so they could spend some time together. Felicia told him she didn't think she could do this anymore.

John thought she was overreacting, but Felicia said it was hard for her to see him and Sharlene so comfortable together. Felicia felt there wasn't a place for her and John told her he felt a responsibility to Sharlene and his son, but he loved her. Felicia thought she should go away for a little while. John felt like he was losing her and asked her to promise that she wouldn't go. She said she couldn't unless she came up with another solution and left.

Sharlene told John it was nice of Felicia to buy the groceries. She told him that their ability to get along could confuse a lot of people. John told her she was still family. Sharlene worried that John and Felicia would blame her for their problems. John made an appointment for a neurological exam for Sharlene the next day and they discussed who would take her. Felicia came back ane went to talk to John. Felicia told her she was going away despite John's objections. Sharlene overheard her.

Cass talked to Nick who was playing basketball. Call told him that he hoped '97 would be a better year for him.

Sofia thought back to kissing Matt. Matt asked what she was thinking about and she replied work. Sofia thanked him for his Christmas present. Matt asked to see her in his office. Matt and Sofia discussed being professional. Nick came in. Matt tole her that it would be a lot easier to be professional if they spent more time together outside the office. He then invited her to go out New Year's eve.

Nick knocked at the door and said that he wanted to tell them something. Nick said he had done a lot of thinking and that he was going to respect Sofiea's choice and ws going to start over. He wished Sofia the best of luck and left. Matt didn't believe him, but Sofia hoped she had gotten through to him. Outside, Nick took his frustrations out on a trash can.

Grant waited for the man who was supposed to buy the Harbor Club and Ryan encouraged him to take his time. Grant was getting up to leave when the phone rang. Grant talked to the person on the phone and told him the "merchandise" was in his suite and he would meet him there in 15 minutes.

Bobby broke into Grant's apartment. Bobby searched the place and came across a crumpled photo of Vicky and him together. Bobby took a piece of paper off of Grant's notepad and found Grant's gloves. He discovered the safe and tried to crack it. Ryan tried to warn him that Grant was on his way up, but Bobby insisted on trying to figure out the combination. Bibby heard Grant at the door and left. Grant came inside and sensed something was amiss. Ryan tried to tell Grant that he was alive and could still do a lot of good things, but he just didn't get it. Someone knocked at thedoor and Grant opened it and let the guy in. Grant told the man to try "it" on. The man then put on a mask that made him look exactly like Jake.

Bobby was at Carlino's and rubbed out a message that was imprinted on the note paper. It was the name of an art supply store.

Jake pretended to be asleep when Vicky and the kids came home. Jake got up and Viky wanted to know what John had said about his condition. Jake replied that he was worse that he had thought. He then gave her Cindy's note. Vicky asked how long he would have to stay and Jake replied a week or two. Vicky decided to call John to verify Jake's story.

John was out of the office and Vicky told Jake he could stay. Vicky asked if Bobby stopped by and Jake replied that he had been there earlier, but had left. Vicky told Jake he should go upstairs and sleep in her bed. Jake got into bed and Vicky left him with a bell to ring in case he needed anything. Jake didn't want to stay up there all alone.

Vicky went downstairs and Jake rang the bell. Vicky sent Kirkland up after him. Steven asked how long uncle Jake was staying and Vicky replied until he found out that it wouldn't work. Kirkland came downstairs and Jake rang again. Vicky sent Kirk back upstairs. Vicky and Steven discussed New Year's resolutions and Steven asked what she was going to change about her life. Vicky thought about New Years resolutions and decided she would try to let go of the past and move on. She fell asleep on the couch.

Jake was upstairs ringing the bell and Kirkland came into the room. Jake played with Kirkland and got up to find Vicky. Jake went downstairs and saw Vicky sleeping. He asked why she had to be so pretty. He then asked her what in the world it would take because there was no one like her. She awakened and hugged him. Amanda and Rachel visited the tree and Amanda couldn't believe Jake donated it. Cass came by and they discussed Alli and Charlie.

Felicia went to Carlino's where Cass, Rachel, and Amanda were dining. Cass went to talk to Felicia and Rachel filled Amanda in on what had happened since she left. Rachel discussed Carl with Amanda.

Felicia told Cass she was definately going and wanted to talk to Michael about getting some help at the farm. Cass pointed out that John wouldn't want some stranger running the household.



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